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Pranging, for a'
given sometimp sobn.
£"tM~H»ton*i,d'wire Sundayed
the old tolkfe, in the edge or Cass.
l'Uweek the Oakfleld Township
«ltlfry^8hSpped sixty-nine tubs ol'
tter, 3,800_pitend9.
#S^m--.fiftpentef and u-ifo, of Exiro,
with l)ave Carpenter
'family, lastSuiidav.
^.ey unloading -a carload ol
^a'c®®'d"To wnshi Cream
IP, Hi Urayton, Tuesday.
''*8.mother ami bn.th
digglnj{8 last week to
puild anew home in Colorado.
Hort«n, a son of Uncle Asu
has sold his property near
Bridgewater and moved to Anita:
-Qui' Mith irieoils enjuved them
TJ8 ®1 "(dancing party on" I lie EUbe
Haiiwn farm* the other evening.
P- Hoegh, A. leuver, Jons
Christofl'evson and George IlaiM
purchase! liewcorn planters lately.
and -Ward Smiih said I heir
hennery'? was-too small and have
built atwenty-four foot addition lo it.
Merchant Slender and wife and
their ^ueat will drive to Cass county
to. vigil' frlerkhytlielaftt of this week.
Missl^iriilie «®tPliov, of Audubon,
is visiting at Uje home of tier friend,
Mrs. "It. L.Kasmusseii, in OalUield
We learn that -George P9wers has
a .leCn
promoted in llie bank where his
l^^lll^jl^^^JJJg^JKssniore, works at
Uuole Janies EAsingtou. proposes to
"take corn pl6tyi44g easy aud has pur
chased one df those celebrated Ohio
-!aii cultivators.
Sv Mr. G: W. Smith, representing
Marshall Field & Company, of Chica
go was-inpi-ayton, ®&eeday, and sold
J6u«^"A Vall:« nice bil 1 of goods.
Mr&aiii'Mr.s. Johti Gray and (J. E.
Bren%nan and- Miss Anna Brau u, of
Exiw^ware fftfests of Mr. and Mrs,
'B-8^ ^und(ty afternoon.
ofie of those Daniaii
^°'8 °f goaheaditive
cars of cattle and
to Chicago, Saturday.
inon was visited last
J1 dispenser
fiSuIthWfiouse el lines with
Wde like1 a barn door on a oold
frost j:.naoriiing.-
Jake uQWilliams and Harry Wood
Canae back from their southern trip,
Saturday and tJucle McGuire says he
iS'lool^hg for George Cotton to roll
in 'long abput the Fourth of July.
jiiiB/ Bauer, butcher at the Peter
Petersmeat market at'Exira, will be
at Brayton twice a week with a fine
of choice meats. He guar
weight, lowest prices and
"tit"--"' 6ince last
We& MoGovern purchasecf forty
W four head of hogs of N. P. Petersen,
g£&1{K" twenty-two head of S. C. Nelson, ten
*ofGeorgeFitzemeyerand twelve head
^-of Martin Nelson. They shipped two
\'v carloads to Chicago last Saturday.
There will be a sociable at school
liouseNo. 1, Oakfleld tp"\vnsliip, wliere
Miss Ida 1 2Ckci 1
bcr,l• teaches, on
Friday'~SfvftlJiing, May 21st, proceeds
to be UBed in puuchasing books for the
school library. You must all cotne^
Mrs. D. W. Miller, Mrs. Samuel
Brown, Mrs. J. B. Connrardy, Mrs.'
Will Woodwyrd, Mrs. Frank Gault
and Miss Anna Dorr drove down troin
Exira Tuesday afiernoon and met
with the Ladies' Aid Societv in the
'pai lors of Hotel de Jenkins.
I have forty-five acres of excellent
past-tire, with a stream of never fail
ing spring water running through it,
to rent. Forty bushels of tested seed
corn, at fifty cents a' bushel. One
hundred oak split posts to sell at ten
7 cents each. If you need any of these
y, things call and see me at my farm
south of Exira. G. T. POAGE.
The Oakfleld and Brayton Band are
making active preparations to cele
bi ate Independence Day. They have
secured the beautiful grounds belong
tt iug to I. P. Hal lock, on the west side
vy of the road, above the old mill dam,
2.j- Oakfleld, where the celebration
will', be held on Saturday, July 8.
The boys will spare no pains to make
the day a howling success and assure
yon that if you come to Oakfleld to
celebrate you will have a good time
Piogram will be along later.
Wedding bells are again ringing,
•j I-asi Sunday, May 9,1897, at (he hour
of live o'clock iu the afternoon, occur
led the marriage of Miss Surilda
Anna Horton, daughter of Mr. and
Mis. Samuel Horton, to Mr. George
E. Thurman, the ceremony being per
formed at the home of the bride's
-v parents, near Auitn, only a few guests
being present to witness the ceremony.
After heartily congrati|l:Ui»g the
newly wedded folks and parlaking.of
X~~ an elegaut supper, all returned to
iS their home-well pleased with their
visit to the Horton home. We have
added our blessing to those already
bestowed upon Mr.and Mrs.Thurmnn.
The .Oakfleld aud Brayton Band
was reorganized this week and now
contains the following well known
Tom'bard wick. Tuba
Elmer Young, Baritone.
Louis Loss, First Tenor.
-S Willis Jenkins, Second Tenor.
Frank Devlne, Third Tenor.
^^^rnMt^Cotton, Sclta Alto.
lten Clark, First Alio.
Clyde Bowen, Seuotid Alto.
Percy Hallock, SecoW Alto,
Jien Howell, Slide Trombone.
Moses Brinkerholl, Solo Coriiet.
Dick Powers, Solo Cornet.
W. 11. Pdtu'sou, First Cornet.
''barley Jenkins, First Cornet.:
*k Myers. Sec""' ~""i'
ne DCNuevi umu
A? Living Object Lesson for Dr. Mlltt' New
Heart Oure.
DISEASE is curable. "For over
forty years," Daniel Myers of
Two Pa., Aug. 10, '1896*
"I suffered with heart disease. First a slight
palpitation, gradually growing worse. Then
shortness of breath, sleeplessness, smother
ing sensations and much pain in the region
of the heart alarmed me and I consulted a
physician. Receiving no benefit I tried
others and a number
of remedies, spending
a large amount of
money, but finally be
came so bad that it was
unsafe for me to leave
home. I commenced
using Dr. Miles1 Heart
Cure two years ago.
For eighteen months I hav%been well. Al
though 72 years of age I can go where I wish
and I sleep all night and wake up as cheer
ful as a babe and completely rested."
Dr. Miles Remedies are sold by all drag*
gists under a positive guarantee, first bottle
benefits or money refunded. Book on Heart
and Nerves sent free to all applicants.
DR. MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart. lad.
Louis Loss was ill all of last week,
M. E. Jeiikins is once more a famil
iar figure at Brayton.
Charlie Jenkins was an Exira visi
tor Monday, and Tuesday.
Stender now ships on ah average of
thirty cases of eggs a week.
George McGuire was prescribed for
by Dr. Koob the past few ^fays.
George Johnson is helping Jake
Bendixeu in his hardware store.
"Bill Brink" was down from
Exira fitting spectacles, Tuesday.
I.'H. Jenkius went to Atlantic last
Friday aud bought anew buggy.
Mrs. John Kelley is visiting ber
friends hereabouts for a few days.
Bendixen was bavins the interior
of his hardware store painted Tuesday.
Charley White, the insurance man,
Sundayed with friends at Des Moines.
Frank Jenkins and Simmons have
pitched their tout at Kirkmyif for a
tew davs.
Chris Peterseu was making fence
last Mouday when zip went a staple
his best leftJinee. He limps.
isses CliS^iiii^^'oss and Lena
were with
us week.
ith sweat on his
nd a spade in his hands, was
juilding a croquet ground, Tuesday.
Mrs. Olson finished her visit here
with her sister aud returned to her
home, at Omaha, one day last week.
Mrs. Young's daughter, Mrs. Brew
er, of Omaha, will arrive .the la.tter
pirt of the week to visit her mother.
D. W. Powers has secured the con
tract to do the county road work In
this section aud will begin operations
The last heard from George Cotton
he was at Vaii Buret) where he was
going to dispose of his team and then
proceed a short distance further south
to the city of Mena, Arkansaw.
A letter from Ed. Cotton reports
him well and says he attended a re
ception the other evening and met
Senator and Mrs. Gear and a number
of others of the Iowa Delegation.
Wm. Bintneraud family came home
on the morning train, Tuesday, from
the east where they witnessed, the
ceremony of their daughter, Bessie,
taking the veil.
The JOURNAL- one year and the HOriE.
STEAD to Jannary &• 1898, (or $1.00, spot
cish, provided you are not now a subscriber
For Cash iP
Sugar at Cost I
Hand picked Navy beans per lb..$ 02
Best bulk Rolled Oats.. .02
Battle Axe Tobacco
Old Style Smoking Tobacco
White Fish, 10 lb for
Arm and Hammer, per package..
Parlor Matches—12 boxes
Lion or XXXX Colfee, a package
Best Rolled Oats, two lb packager.
Yeast Foam
Lily Gloss Starch
Corn Starch 06
Good Vinegar, per gallon
Country* Sorghum
Our Best Sugar Syrup
Atlantic Canned Corn, per can..
White Russian Soap, 9 bars for.
Double LL Muslin, per yard..
Best White Salt, per barrel 100
Glidden Barbed-wire, per 100 lb.. 2 20
Shoes, Dry Goods, Groceries, Queeus
wure, Hardware and Patent Medicine
3 SMITHS', in Oakfleld
Made a
litiiiir. Man
pf Me.
PXUIN'OB aFtTTtvmxyar
produce* the above malt*
ln'30 day*. Ituta
powerfully ud quickly. Con* wlwn HI other* fitiL
Youugmeu will regain their loet mtn!wo4,*t4pM
xnea will recOTer their youthful visor by
REVIVO. It quickly^ndstirelyrestoresNervou*
ness, Loat Vitality, Impotency, Nightly Eraiulons,
Loet Tower, Frtllng Memory, WoetluR Dlftewei, and
tfl «fleets ot self-abuse or excess and ludlaoretlon,
WbMl unit" one
for study, bmlncail or nairlafe. It
fWtop)yaqrMily starting at the seat ot dTsMae.tHtt
ijiaBreal nurvu tonl$ Hid blood builder, brine
lag back the pink glow to pulp phwlcs and re*
atoririg the lire of youth, jr|tds off insanity
and Consumption. Insist on Saving- JIBylVfRM
oa«»i» ®r Aran®
Kimballton and Elkhorn.
Live business tntn at Kimballton and Elk
horn who patronize the newsy Journal:
Hans Marquesen, General Merchandise.
Bsbeck Bros., Hardware and Implements.
Hans Madsen, Harness, Boots and Shoes.
P. H. Miller, Photographer.
Skroedder & Bertelsen, Blacksmiths.
Dr. L. Slamborg.
N. A. Wright, Hotel and Livery.
Dr. L. Slambori
Welghton Lumber Y'd„ Hans Petersen, Mgr
N. B. Anderson, Contractor and Builder
Danish Separator Creamery Co.
Sharon Separator Creamery Co.
Qeo. Marcusen, Justice of the Peace.
Hansen & Petersen, Generalilerchandlse.
Elkhorn College.
Chris Hansen, Harnessmaker.
S. C. Petersen, Hardware.
Danish riutual Fire Insurance Co.
Elkhorn Separator Creamery Co.
"**•8 lit,
Ask Peter Mathiesen about that
Chris Brodei-sen'is riding" a brand
new bike.
Miss Nelson is the teacher at No. 2,
Sharon township.
Esbeck Bros, received an invoice of
new goods Monday.
Hans Madsen marketed two fat
hogs at Audubon Monday. .-.
The Danish social society met at
Peter Lykke's again last Sunday.
Carl Skroeder and wife of Kim
ballton w.ere at Audubon Tuesday.
Martin Christensen and Peter
Bjemsen were Audubon visitors
Jens Verncr of North Sharon sold
four big steers to Lars Kslieck Salur-,
day at $4 20 per cwt.
Peter Simonsen near Kimballton is
having some breaking done. John
Miller is doing the work
Anders Jensen, the carpenter, is
pulling up a neat stand for the Kim
balllou band, near the band hall.
Albert II. Jofgeusen is putting a
neat wove wire.fejice around llev. C.
C. Soreusen's residence at Kimball
Hans Petersen, the genial manager
of the West Hamlin creamery, is the
proud papa of a'new boy baby born
Abel Stone of West Hamlin, has
lightning rods placed on his spacious
house. Clias. Jensen of Atlantic did
the work:
Harald Hansen, the Atlantic art'
painter, is in Kiiuballtoii this week
putting.the finishing touches on the
outside of the church and parsonage.
A weary Willie came along Mon
day niglit and ensconced himself in
the Stanley schoolhouse, slept sound
ly until the arrival of the teacher the
next morning.
Bertel Jensen was visiting a fair
friend at Elkhorn Sunday. We are
of the opinion that Bertel will not
keep bachelors hall at the Sharon
ci'eiimery much longer.
At the meeting of the West Ham
lin creamery compauy last Tuesday
it was decided to pay the milk haulers
one cent more per cwt. during the
months of April and May.
The Sharon creamery is enjoying
more prosperity than ever before and
is running full blast every day in the
week and perfect hannony^ reigns
among all parties interested.
A farmer south of Elkhorn last
week sold 20 steers that weighed over
1700 pounds each at $4.25 per cwl
One steer aloup brought $77, Stock
raisers are more than lucky this year.
Otto Bruhn.aud family relumed to
Elkhorn Mouday from Washington
where they went last November.
Mr. Bruhn does not bring very en
couraging reports from the Pact lie
coast and says Iowa is good enough.
From dispatches we notice that
on May lOili the Postofiice Depart
ment appointed Hans Madsen post
master at Kimballton vice Hans Mar
quesen, removed. This will be pleas
ing news to Mr. Madsen's many
Miss Elenora Miller has decided to
aqcompany her brother Peter to Cali
fornia. They intend to leave- next
week. These two pleasant young
leople are among the elite of Kim
mllton and their many friends regret
their departure.
The Fifth of June, the Danish na
tional holiday will be fittingly cele
brated at Kimballton this year. A
shooting match for cash prizes will
be on the program besides various
other sports in" the afternoon, in the
evening a grand ball.
A. Berggreu of Kimballton went
to Des Moines Wednesday to com
plete arrangements for taking a job
with the New York Life. He was
accompanied by Miss Carrie Petersen
who go to Des Moines to accept a po
sition with the family of A. L. Olm
8 tend.
COPENHAGEN, May 11.—A crisis oc
curred in the Ministerium of Den
mark today. Tlie premier and minis
ter for foreign affairs, Baron Reedtz
Tliott, tendered the resignation-of ihe
cabinet this morning, and the king
summoned ex-Premier Estrup to
form anew cabinet.
One day last week while Jorgen
Miller of Sharon was-moving his
house, one of the large roller
slipped out. Mr. Miller's twelve
year-old son was beliiud the building
and just near enough to get his toe
caught under the heavy roller and
badly mashed. Dr. Brooks is in at
tendance on the unfortunate little
For ihe first time since his return
from Denmark, we called on John
Sclioubo at his home in Sharon Tues
day. John is as fat and jolly as ever
and reports a very pleasant visit at
his old home. He says that wage
earners get very good pay aud that
market prices are very fair. While
across the sea Johu also visited difter
ent points iu northern Germany.
Audubon County Journal for et belt Aar og
Iowa Homestead til Januar ist, 1898, begge
for $1.00 betalt 1 forskud*
Notice to Contractors.
Tiio school board of the district
township of 8harou, Audubon coun
iv, Iowa, will meet, on Monday, May
24th. 1897, at 1:30 P. M. at sohool
lioiiac itfa'ij/t\i-di8lrict No. 2, in said
l|01| sc.
ha sepn
tpneen, S$
A Glazier's 'Trick That Pro
red Futile la
the Long Ban.
A small boy had thrown a stone
through the basement window, and
the landlady sent the maid of all
work around the corner to a gla
cier's. There was only one corner
of the sheet of glass broken, but it
would have been unsafe to leav#it
"It will be $2," thei, glazier said,'
looking the job over, and after a lit
tle wrangling 'over the price the
landlady told him to go ahead.
When he was gone for the glass,
the landlady said to the girl:
"You see, I can get a'glass for
that picture in the dining room out
of this and will be just that much
There was a good deal of "clutter
ing up" about the work, but it was
done finally, the glazier was paid
and went. Ten minutes later the
landlady went out to look at the
piece of glass that was left, but it
was gone.
He took 'it with him," the girl
"Well, go right over there and
bring it back," she said tartly.
You knew I wanted'the glass."
The girl was gone five minutes,
and she returned without it.
"He won't give it up. He says ac
cording to the rules of the shop-Ehat
it belongs to him."
"The rules of the shop indeed I
I'll show him," and she put on her
bonnet with a little toss which look
ed bad for the glazier.
But be stood his ground unex
pectedly. There was the glass on
the counter, but he stood close over
it, protesting:
"It vhas der rules of der shop."
"Well,*you'll see when my hus
band comes home," she said at last,
backing out of the door, but the
glazier only smiled.
Sure enough, the husband was
bent on having the glass.
"Come over and point it out to
me, and I'll- fix him," he said dog
The glazier saw them coming,
but he was defiant.
"See here," began the husband,
you've stolen a piece of window
glass out of my house"—
"No, no. It vhas der rules of
"Hang the rules! Where is the
glass?" turning to his wife. She
pointed to it lying under a work
bench. The husband reached for it
and started out of the shop.
In an instant the proprietor waa
on the sidewalk, dancing on one leg,
waving his arms and shouting:
"Bolice, bolicel"
Bather than, face the trouble the
man laid the glass down, and the
two left the shop, walking briskly
till they turned a corner...
"But'just wait'" muttered the lit
tle woman.
Two days later there was- a ring
at the bell which the landlady an
swered. A boy in a tradesman's
blouse was hesitating in the door.
"Mr. Glazingstein wants the ham
mer he left here the other day."
"Oh, no," chuckled the landlady
it's the rules of the shop that I
never give hammers back when
they are left here."
The boy looked abashed.
"I'll tell you," said the landlady.
'You go back and say that when
he returns my glass we'll talk about
the hammer."
The boy went, and in a few min
utes he came back with the glass.
"That's more like it," said the
landlady, taking the pane from him.
Now go back and tell that old skin
flint that I haven't seen'his old ham
mer I"
And she hadn't, for a little later
she saw the boy come out of a house
on the opposite side, of the street
carrying the missing article.
But the glass is now in a'picture
frame on her dining room wall.—
Chicago Tribune. S
British Naval Nomenclature.
A correspotdent of a London pa
per laments the "swaggering no
menclature of the British navy.
Another correspondent suggests
such names as Bouncer and Insolent,
which have erewhile adorned the
list, should be replaced by some
thing in a different tone—the Rit
ualist, for instance, or the Thought
ful Badical. Some years ago a clas
sical poet in England likened the
ironclad to a rhinoceros, and it is
rather a wonder that the admiralty
have not before this adopted tjie
nnme of that powerful and self as
serting animal. These are his lines
O concentration of brute foroe,
Rhinoceros of the deeps
O ugly Delos, on whose shores
No soft Latona sleeps
Beant room in thee for birth or love
Mid monster's furnaoe born—
The iron throated gons above:
pelow, the ripping born I
"Rapid eating," explained the
traveling physician at his free lec
ture, "is the curse of American civ
ilization. Two-thirds of the sick
ness is caused by our national habit
of eating a full meal in lS.minutes."
"I s'pose," interjected Mr. Dismal
Dawson, "that that there is the rea
ion I'm eo healthy. I ain't eat a
full meal in IB days. "—Indianapolis
Baked Orsages.
Baked granges are an unusual but
pot unknown method of serving the
fjruit. They are pricked well and
baked slowly iu their skins in a
moderate oven. Make a sirup of
two ettps of BUgar to a pint of wa
ter, into which are put a couple of
i^uMt 'Oesi... •».«
to bnBte the OTCmaea
ting a winegluss of
the sirup. This ree
wan received with
High Checking Cruel and Illegal.
The Motion* Yerslon of the Vunooa Old
Testament Narrative.
The Koran tells us that "Yumis
(Jonas) was of those who 'were sent'
when he fled into the loaded ship,
end they oast lots among tliein-"
selves, and he was condemned, and
the fish swallowed him, for he was
worthy of blame."—Chapter xxxvii.
The Moslems have their ancient
Scriptures, giving & history of the
world from Adam down through
their great prophet Ibrahim (Ahra
ham).- Professor Edwin Johnson of
London undertakes to prove in his
"Rise of Christendom," 1892, that
the Hebrew Bible is 1C0- years youn
ger than the Moslem chronicle of Ai
Tabani, which was redacted about
A. D. 900, 'and that the New Testa
ment was composed after A. D. 12C0.
According to the Moslem Scrip
tures Jonab, a prophet of the chil
dren of Israel, was sent to a city of
the territory of Moussoul, which
embraced Antioch and several other
towns, all given to idolatry. The
people refused to believe, and Allah
threatened a chastisement should
they not repent. On the day ap
pointed Jonas departed, and Allah
Bent a red cloud filled with fire,
which hovered over the city in the
night. The king and the people
gathered together and the king said.
"Seek for Jonas that we may believe
Allah, for what he has told us is the
When Jonas, heard that thoy
sought him, he said in anger, "Why
do they not believe this day I" So
he would not return.
The king caused all ihe people to
go forth out of the city, with their
quadrupeds, and birda There they
covered themselves with dust, end
the king said: "O Lord, though
Jonas, thy prophet, be gone, we
lose not confidence in thee. We be
lieve on thee, Allah, and thy proph
et." The "rayers and so"bs of the
multitude aiade the angels in heav
en weep, and Allah pardoned the
But Jonas was not there. He had
embarked on a passing vessel and
was far out at sea. Allah caused a
big fish to stop the vessel. The crew
prayed and wept and prepared for
death. Then%Jonas knew that he
had committed a sin, and he said to
the sailors: "It is I whom the fisL
desires. Cast me to- it.'' When they
knew he was a prophet of Allah
they refused to do it, but they cast
lots, and the lot fell on Jonas. Them
he cast himself into the sea and waa
swallowed by the fish. This species
of fish," says the Koran, "has a
raised back like the roof of a house
and to this day is held sacred from
pursuit." The Greek word both in
Matthew and the Septuagii^t is ke
tos, properly translated "whale,"
but there are only two or three
small species of cetaceans in the
Mediterranean sea. The description'
in the Koran answers to a porpoisu.
After 40 days Jonas was inspired
with the thought of prayer. Allah
Bent an angel to lead the fish ashore
at the place where Jonas had em
barked. Then he waB cast up, r.B
weak as a newborn child. Allah
inspired a doe to como and give hiia
milk. The sun scorched his body,
and Allah inspired a gourd to spring
up around a dry trunk and put
forth leaves, which gave shade to
Jonaa Fo- 40 days was he suckled
by the doe until he was able to rise
and pray.
At last the gourd withered, and
Jonas was aggrieved. Then Allah
reproved him for not being grieved
for the many thousands of people
he. had deserted.
Jonas was Bent anew to the now
repentant people. He met a shep
herd, who told him they were seek
ing him. He bade the Bhepherd go
and tell them he was fiere. "Where
shalt thou be?" said the shepherd.
"In this mountain," answered Jo
naa "Who will show me the road
to thee)" said the shepherd. "This
she goat," answered Jonas. "Who
will bear witness that I have seen
theel" said the shepherd "Thy
dog," answered Jonas. Then the
shepherd departed, And Jpnas enter
ed the mountain.
The shepher4 wpnt and told the
king and people, and they came
forth to find Jonas. "Bear witness
for me," said the shepherd to bis
"aB the prophet commanded:
The dog responded distinctly, say
ing, "Jonas, eon of ffafrri
Farmer to Hired Help," Hi which tho tjiiostion Is treated from almost
every standpoint, and It Is shown, amonc oth»r things, "How Some Hired
Hands ^Work,"
and "How
They Respond When They Hear the
Dinner Bell."
WfiSF practical topics iure dJscnMed by practical Iowa fanner*, such as
"Fattening Cuttle and How to Make High Priced Beef," "Will it Pay to
Plant as Much Com This Year?" "How to Make Good Bntter Oil the
Farm, etc., ttie dtecnsslon being participated in by John Cownle, G. W.
J^kiln, H. O. Bishop, D. A. Kent, Richard Baker Jr., A. A. Berry, W.
M. Conch, J, R. Standley, Arnold Bros., C. M. Mather and many outers.
Free sample-ooples of either the Regular issue or
of the Special Institute Edition or both upon appll*
oatlon to this office or by postal card direct to the
It is not difficult t? see how it
might be extremely inconvenient,
if not impossible, for a conductor
change $5 notes for 5 cent fares.
The conductor starts out with but
small amount of change, and it
might occur that a number of per
sons had no small bills.
Some years ago a conductor oil
street railroad in a western city,
who-was understood as not particu
larly obliging, was made the victim
of a practical joke that nearly upset
him. A couple of young women
boarded a car on their way down
town. They really had no change
and nothing smaller than $5. They
offered it, and the conductor rather
rudely declined to take it. There
was no law or rule limiting the
omovuil He was to make change for,
so the girls insisted, and the wa
had no alternative but to stop his
car at a corner and go into a store
and get the change. He was delayed
and came brick very angry, in con
sequence of which he made some
remarks not strictly in accordance
with the usages of polite society,
ending up with the declaration that
if those girls came on his car again
with a $5 note to change he would
put them off. A few days afterward
a demure looking damsel boarded
his'car ut along distance up town.
She offered a $5 bill with an apolo
gy, saying it was the smallest sh6
had and would he please ohange it
He attempted to do so and succeeded
only after all the other passengers
had paid in thoir fares.
A few blocks lower down, on came
another miss with another 5 note,
This the man was obliged to get
change at a store near by where he
always stopped to water his horses.
Some distance farther this expe
rience was repeated, untilj before
the shopping district was reached,
seven $5 bills had been presented by
seven young women, who from all
appearances would never- so much
as permit butter to melt in their
mouths. Long before No. 7 made
her appearance the passengers had
caught the little game, and as the
conductor was known to be of an ex
ceedingly irascible disposition they
had their own fun over it. The girls
did not even look at one another,
nor did they give a single bint that
they were acquainted.
It is doubtless incidents of this
sort that have made the restriction
to $2 necessary.—New York Ledger.
Johnny Hicks
1 11
of Allah, wasj^gpg^" Then the Bhep
herd said to (£0 goat," Be our guided'
and she led tijem j0natt, who was^
found deep in prayer. He rose and
went with them+Q the city and there
remained until2his death.*
1 ijij^atji juj .1
v* JJ cr.-~-5
"VWLI11 Ol LulnLO Humane department of the arrott and CO!ivtction of Hon. C. O.Cole,formerly itti*eof tiie-
Invites you to call at the
Are Issued monthly and are made up of the PRACTICAL EXPERIENCES
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announced In advance. They area grreat hit In agricultural Jour
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(INF flF THF RFflFNT CPFPIAI contains lunnr Interesting f«Uur«!, miion* which may be menUoned the narrative iu tta
l'«vlngtokenplaoeat Dos Moin«, Io.a, fceb. 29, HS7.
How Some farm liatuto
Pa in advance for the HUDOBON COUNTY JOURNAL and receive the IOWA HOMESTEAD ontil Jinnary lit, 1898,: Frtf.
The court of appoals of the city of
New York, in the matter of making
change-on street railroads, has de
cided that conductors nfced not
change $5 in order.to collect a single
fare. All street railroad companies*
are required to have a rule to the
effect that the conductors furnish
change to the amount of $2. Beyond
this they need not: go unless they
choose. If the conductor demands
{are and the passenger has nothing
less than $5 with which to pay it,
the conductor is upheld by law in
stopping the oar and requesting the
passenger to get off. Failing to do
this, he can use reasonable force in
ejecting the delinquent. Actions for
assault and battery whibh under
almost any other circumstances
would hold are not admitted in
cases like'this in New York state.
How They Hi wpond TJMy
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JOHN W. CRAY, Cashier,
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I i, Ton Off Hay Now. -4 viCv
Noemi Saumon, a middle aged
woman, arrested for -shoplifting in
Paris, went off in a fit when she ar
rived at the station, and an inspeotoi
tried to revive her by applying
smelling.-salts to her nose. The
woman remained-in a state'of com*
and'showed no signs
of returning to
consciousness. Then'the inspector
tweaked her by the nose, and, t6 bis o*.
horror, that: organ came off-in'Wi
hand, being made of papier m&che..
The Blue Lotwter Is Bare. g1
One of the very rarest of ai
rine creatures, the''
wandering fish/
not excepted, is the cruBtaceaj
known as the indigo lobster. Durinj
the years 1890-1 the lobster men
New London, Conn., caught five o]
these wonders, two of "them in tli
Fisher Island sound. Lobsters,
that variety are so exceedingly rar
that it is not known that more th
two of that kind had ever been ca'
tured before in the- history of tl
world. The capture of two blue lo
sters off the coast of Maine 'in 18
was reported, but on good author!
it is said that the report was nav
verified.—Philadelphia Press.
Ladies, take the best. If you
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