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Two oars ot grain left, the Station
this week for southern points.
Mrs. Henry Young will start on
Friday for her Ottawa, Kansas home.
Hans Oarstensen had business re
quiring attendance in the county seat
on Tuesday.
There will be a dance out at Evan
Pray's residence south west of town
tomorrow night.
Peier Gregersen, one mile south
and five miles west of Exira will have
a sale on Thursday, February 13.
Miss Caddie Oonyer, of Valley
Jnnciion, is daily expected here on a
visit to her sister, Mrs. Thomas Gill,
of near this town.
Harm Rice arrived in town for his
week's mail last Tuesday after an ex
haustive-tussle to clear the. road so as
to make it passable.
Tom Gill has done but little the
past week assessing as the weather has
been too severe to get around with
any degree ot comfort.
John Zion has bade Hamlin adieu
and has centered all his interests at
present in Audubon. We did not
learn his future intentions.
Mrs. Mary Flvnn residing three and
one-half mites west of Hamlin will
have a public sale on Tuesday, Febru
ary 11. Read the sale notice in this
George Spencer struck a very good
market for his sheep and cattle which
he shipped to South Omaha last week.
He says he has no reason to complain
of the prices received.
Henry Wells passed through town
on Tuesday going out west to the
Pray farm to get eleven head of brood
sows purchased at the sale, the lot
cost him eighty-eighty dollars.
Johnson & Oarsteusen are prepar
ing to put up a ware house forthwith
to hold their vehicles and agricultural
implements. It will be located just
south of McNallv's blacksmith shop.
Frank PfeifTer was a passenger
from this station, last Tuesday, to
Brayton t.oattend the Wordmen lodge
of which he is a member. He says his
family are nearly all sick with colds
and the grippe.
After many sad adieus and fervent
hand clasps Henry Young and the
boys left, on Tuesday for their new
home recently purchased, besides his
household effects he took his horses
and some other live stock.
Asent Percy arrived on time from
his home in Audubon last Tuesday
and although .considerably flushed in
the faCe"By old Jack's incessant nips
after a few turns around his office he
promptly proceeded to business.
Tom Bruhn.of Brayton, was in town
on Tuesday trying to negotiate for
a lot on which to build a dwelling
as Jhe first of March he is to begin
niB contract hauling lumber for fhe
Elbh orn Lumber Company and time
is pressing in order to be ready for
Wilt Young started oti Wednesday
for points in Missouri, near the Kan
sas border, to look at some farm land
for which J. F. Luse is agent, and if
the land suite he will rent a tract. He
will be gone about two weeks and
will likely go on dowh to Ottawa
and help his brother get settled in his
new possession.
Rev. J. Wirth will preach next
Sunday in Hamlin Station at eleven
o'clock in the morning. At Fairview
at three o'clock in the afternoon
and at, Champion Ridge at half-past
seven in the eveuing. He will go to
Harlan the first of the week to assist
the pastor of the church there in
holding a revival
One more score from Frank PfeifTer.
Tie saj that after 28 years laborious
work and no extra pay lie has sold
his entire threshing outfit and like
the man on New Year's day has sworn
to never no never buy or invest in any
thing having a resemblance to a
thresher from this time on forever,
and he says he means it—just now.
Johnson & Oartensen are receiving
their cargo of hardware now and plac
ing it on their shelves. They in
tend to keep a general stock in that
line besides keeping a full line of ve
hicles Mid agricultural implements,
one car of wagonsnnd buggies arrived
at the station on Monday. It is un
fortunate that at thi* particular time
Mr. Johnson is confined to his home
in the rear of the store by some throat
trouble to which he is subject, we here.
James Elrod now that he has dis
posed ot his real estate interests in
this city has sent in his resignation as
postmaster and as soon as relieved he
will most probably take up his resi
dence in Audubon. James has made a
good postmaster and those who had
transactions with him as such all speak
well of him and hate to have him
leave, but a man without some other
business connected with it, cannot af
ford in a pecuniary sense to hold on to
the oflice so he very properly seeks to
step down and out.
Last Monday the train running south
SK stalled in a snow drift and after try
ekf1 ing to back out or proceed a messenger
SfT./ was dispatched to Atlantio two miles
^4 off and another engine was sent to
their relief but it was soon hopelessly
stuck in thedrift, when another mess
enger was sent to the city for a shovel
ing gang who went out aud after
shoveling uutil after midnight suc
ceeded in releasing the train which
arrived in Atlantic about 1 o'clock a.
in. To keep from freezing the pass
engers all gathered in the smoker and
by vigorom firing ip managed to
come through without framing.
The Crees boys had a big time last
Sunday, 9outh and west of the O. P.
Tyler farm, bucking snow. They aud
their families went to visit at the
home of Joel Crees and when near
their destination got into the large
drifts that choked ttie narrow road,
getting one team down and complete
ly covered with the beautiful, and the
oilier team tared nearly as bad. The
families were all unloaded aud dug
and crawled to where they could once
m'ire reach solid footing aud after
working, tramping and lifting, the
horses once nioie guined their footing
and an opening hud to be made in the
fence alongside lie road in order tor
thein to pi on their journey.
Tne hor.-e-i were newly shod and the
great, wonder is that, they were not
cut np more ihan they were.
Frank McNallv and family are once
more free from quarantine for scarlet
fever One of the children contracted
itie disea.se on the train while going
to Atlantic some six weeks since, a
physician was called who recognized
the symptoms as those predominating
in that tever aud promptly ordered a
quarantine which was entirely success
ful as no further cases have broken
out in the town. The child was quite
ill for a day or two after which the
esse manifested a mild form and they
are very happy over the fact that it is
so. Quarantine seems bard sometimes
but with the welfare of the whole
community at stake it becomes abso
lutely necessary that the rules in sncli
cases be promptly put in force. Mr.
Mi-Naliy was permitted to go aud come
from his home under ceriain restrict
ions which all say were duly and con
scientiously observed, hence the
stamping out of the disease.
On last Saturday Henry Young and
family were surprised to see several
teams driven into the barn yard and
upon investigation they found a num
ber of Audubon Free Masons aud their
wives had driven down to pass the
evening with the family on the eve of
its departure for a more hospitable
climate. They were soon all cosily
seated aud enjoying themselves to the
utmost in cial pastime, conversing
on things past and present and in tne
midst of their mirth, hilarity and
reminiscences they were invited to
take seats in the dining room where
a delicious oybter stew had been pre
pared by Talbot, the famous resiau
ranter, of Audubon, awaiting their
will and pleasure and soon all were
busily engaged in the glorious pas
time of catering to their various appe
tites. After this agreeable task was
accomplished they all adjourned to
the parlor where sociability and broth
erly love prevailed for a time when
Mr. H. W. Manna arose and in a neat
aud feeling speech presented Mr.
Young, in behalf ot his fraternal
brethren, with a beautiful Masonic
apron highly ornamented and symbol
ized on the front, the back of the
apron containing a complete Masouic
history of the brother up to date. Mr.
Young was completely surprised and
agitated on receiving this token rep
rooorrtiog- eo muok only familiar to
Masons but at last, in a few well cho
sen words, thanked the brethreu for
this demonstration of their brotherly
feeling, and now nothing can part
Henry and this beautiful keepsake,
not even death, lor without doubt it
will be laid on his coffin when the
final parting with frieuds and fraters
shall come.
Kick a dog and he bites you.
He bites you and you kick him.
The more you kick the more
he bites and the more he bites
the more you kick. Each
makes the other worse.
A thin body makes thin
blood. Thin blood makes a
thin body. Each makes the
other worse. If there is croino:
to be a change the help must
come from outside.
Scott's Emulsion is the right
help. It breaks up such a
combination. First it sets the
stomach right. Then it en
riches the blood. That
strengthens the body and it
begins to grow new flesh.
A strong body makes rich
blood and rich blood makes a
strong body. Each makes the
other better. This is the way
Scott's Emulsion puts the thin
body on its feet. Now it can
get along by itself. No need
of medicine.
This picture represents
the Trade Mark of Scott's
Emulaioa and is on the
wrapper of every bottle.
Smd for free sample.
409 Pwui St* New York.
30c. and $u ail druggist*.
Lee is losing some of his
T. R.
Western fever is about to depopu
late North Branch.
If that ground hog did not see his
shadow we may safely conclude that,
he is a blind pig."
Mr. Baker went to Audubon, last
Friday, returning Saturday with a
big load of flour for his North Branch
Rev. Mrs. Mnckev is kindly minis
tering to the Union Baptist church
during its pastorless period, but a
permanent minister will soon be se
Thomas Adair sold a fine bunch of
beeves to Henslev Brothers, last week,
to whom he also delivered an excel
lent batch of swine, last Monday.
Elmer and Charley Covalt will
jointlv dispose of their personal effects
by public sale on February 4, after
which they will take a bee line for
that honev-ladeu hive, Washington
Ireland, Sweden, England, France,
Denmark, Germany and America
were all fully and creditably repre
sented in the merry crowd that gath
ered for a social dance at. the pleasant
home of Mr. and Mrs. John Eagen,
last Friday night. Greeley is the
most cosmopolitan township in the
L. Baker and O. Seihert have re
turned from their prospecting tour in
the west and the reputation of Wash
ington State suffers naught by their
visit. They both invested liberally in
Washington land and are now making
hasty preparations to say farewell to
Iowa an
take up their abode in that
promising trans-Rocky home. There
is promise in their report for him
who has no footing in Utopian Iowa.
About twenty-five years ago Henry
Mapes carved a little farm out ot fhe
wild prairie of north-east Greeley.
He had scarcely erased the foot-prints
of the buffalo when he sold it at a fair
profit. Since then it has changed
hands seven times and, as yet, each
seller has realized a snug little sum
out of his investment in spite of the
fact that land has been growing poor
er all the while. James Eagen, who
recently gave George McCall $50.00
per acre for it is the present owner.
Farewell, old Iowa, farowoll,
I'm (joins to cross the Rocky Range,
And settle in somo quiet dell.
Long have I dreameu of such a change.
Good-bye, old boy. you'll dream again,
Benoath the cold Pacific fogs,
You'll dream of Iowa's golden grain.
Sleek, fat kine and lolling hogs.
God laid his hand upon the earth,
Where over chaos crept a calm
And when he said "Bless homo and hearth"
Old Iowa was 'neath his palm.
Frost Bites And Chilblains
quickly cured by BANNER SALVE,
quickly cured by BANNER SALVE, the
best healing remedy in the world. Nick Doff,
ing & Co.
s- Where Amber la Found.
The largest quantity of amber
found on tEe*southern shore of the
Baltic between Memel and Konigs
berg, where It is cast up by the action
of the ground swell after the norther
ly gales. It is also found on the coast
of Sicily, 011 the shores of the Adriatic,
on the English beach of Norfolk and
Suffolk and at Cape Sable in Mary
land. Mining for amber In beds of
brown lignite or wood coal Is carried
on in Prussia, and it is found in ex
cavations all over Europe.
Piles of People
testify to the merit of BANNER SALVE in
curing piles. It immediately relieves and quick
ly cures. No other salve so hoaling. Nick
Doffing & Co.
Pueblo* and the Compass.
Among tlio Pueblo Indians six points
of the compass are recognized, and
each has its color. North is yellow,
west is blue, south is red, east Is
white, the upper regions are many col
ored and the lower regions are black.
All the prey gods are represented by
their Images in these six divisions.
For example, tjiere is the yellow
mountain lion of the north, the blue
mountain lion of the west, the red
mountain of the south, and so on.
Likewise it is with the other beasts,
and thus a very considerable number
of deities Is formed. All of them must
receive worshipful attention lest they
get angry and revenge themselves for
the neglect
J. A. Lambert, of Rachel, N. C.. writeH: "1
heartily endorse FOLEY'S KIDNEY CORE. It
does what you claim it will do, and there is
nothing equal to it, and I thank you for the
good it has doue me. Accept no substitute.
Nick Doffing & Co.
We Grow Old In 1'iecea.
The general impression is that the
body grows old uniformly. Prom birth
till the age of twenty-five it grows in
Size and weight, from twenty-five to
fifty it remains stationary, and from
that period it decays. Observations of
expert physiologists show us that this
impression is not a correct one.
Each organ begins to age inaopeud
ently, each has its period for the
change, and these periods differ with
the various organs and do not take
place colncidently, as we may have
supposed. The body attains its great
est size during the third decade and
remains In about the same condition
during the fourth and fifth dccades,
that is true, but the brain readies its
greatest size in the second decade, the
kidneys reach their maximum size dur
ing the third decade, the muscles, skel
eton and intestines during the fifth, the
heart and lungs in the eighth decade.
Increase or decrease in the size
weight of the body consequently 1b
not due to simultaneous increase or de
crease in all Its parte.
Tried Five Doctors.
Mrs. Frances L- Sales of Missouri Valley,
Ia.,.'igritea: ''C had severe kidney trouble for
ears, hid tried five dootora without benoflt,
three bottlea of FOLEY'S KID
onrgd)p«,'^Niok Doffing Co.
Saved Him From Torture.
Thero is no more agonizing trouble than
pilos. The constant itching and burning rualte
life intolerable. No position. iB comfortable.
The torture is unceasing. DeWitt's Witch Haz
el Salvo euros piles at onco. For akin diseases'
cuts, burns, bruises, all kinds of wounds it is.
unequaled. J. 8. Gerall, St. Paul. Ark., says:
"From 1865 I suffered with the protruding,
bleeding piles Jand could Jflnd nothing to
help me uutil I used DeWittTa Witch Hazel
Salve. A few boxes completely cured me."
Beware of counterfeits. Nick Doffing & Co.
It is human nature tc desire to be
equal to your superiors and superior to
your equals.—Chicago News.
Millions Put to Work.
The wonderful activities of the new
century is shown by the enormous de
mand for the world's best workers—Dr
King's New Life Pills. For constipa
tion, sick headache, biliousness or any
trouble of stomach, liver or kidneys
they're unrivaled. Only 2oc at Nick
Doffing & Co's drug store, Exira.
Somctliing Like One.
"Did you notice how she jabbered
away when she sat there between those
two men?" "Goodness, yes! It made
me think of a tongue sandwich.—Phila
delphia Bulletin.
Recommends Chamberlains'
I have used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for a number of years and
have no hesitancy in sayiug that it is
the best remedy for coughs, colds and
croup I have ever used in my family.
I have not words to express my confi
dence in this remedy."—Mrs. A. J.
Moore, North Star, Michigan. For sale
by W. A. Hamler, JSxlra and all the
Golden Kitchen Pots.
In the royal kitchen at St. Petersburg
not only are the walls and ceilings of
black marble covered with valuable or
naments, but many of the kitchen pots
and pans, which originally belonged to
the Empress Catherine, are of solid
Mr. Wheeler Qot Rid of Rheumatism.
During the winter of 1898 I was so
lame in my joints, In fact all over my
body, that I could hardly hobble
around when I bought a bottle of
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. From the
first application I began to get well
and was cured and have worked stead
ily all the year.R. Wheeler, North
wood, New York. For sale by W. A.
Ilamler, Exira, and all druggists.
The Aromatic Clove Tree.
A peculiarity of the clove tree is that
every part of it is aromatic, though the
greatest strength is in the bud. Be
sides the buds, the stems are gathered
and form an article of commerce com
manding one-fifth the price of cloves
and having about the same percentage
of strength. To this is due the fact
that ground cloves can be purchased
in the home market at a lower price
than whole cloves.
Clerk's Wise Suggestion.
"I have lately been mnch troubled with dys
pepsia, belching and sour stomach." writes M,
8. Mead, leading pbarmaoist of Attleboro,
Mass, "I could eat hardly anything without
suffering several hours. My clerk suggested
1 try Kodul Dyspepsia cure whioh did with
moBt happy results. I have had no more
trouble and when one can go to eating miuce
pie. cheese, candy and nuts after such a time,
their digestion must be pretty good I endorse
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure heartily You don't
have to diet. Eat all the good food you want
but don't overload the stomach. Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure digests your food. Nick Doffing
& Co.
LOTS Marriages.
It a love marriage, do you
"Isn't that rather a sweeping state
"Not at all. There are love of adven
ture, you know, love of luxury, love of
advertising and various other kinds of
love. There is no need of going into
details when one speaks of a love mar
All marriages are love
Saved Her Child's Life.
In three weeks our chubby little
boy was changed by Pneumonia to
almost a skeleton," writes Mrs. W.
Watkins, of Pleasant City, Ohio. A
terrible cough set in that, in spite of a
good doctor's treatment for several
weeks, grew worse every day. We then
used Dr. King's New Discovery for
consumption and our darling was soon
sound and well. We are sure this grand
medicinesaved hislife." Millionsknow
it's the only sure cure for coughs, colds
and all lung diseases. Nick Doffing &
Co. guarantee satisfaction 50c and
$1.00. Trial bottles free.
A singles "Well.
A singing well is one of the natural
curiosities of Texas. In fine weather
sound like that of an seollan harp Is
given out by the well. At times the
sound is clear then it recedes, as if
far away, and then it reaches the ear
very faintly. These changes take place
every few minutes aud with great reg
ularity. With an east wind blowing
the water in the well gets very low,
and the mysterious musical sound Is
faint. A strong west wind causes the
water to rise and the sound to increase
in volume and clearness.
Something That Will Do You Good.
We know of no way in which we can
be of more service to our readers than
to tell them of something that will be
of real good to them. For this reason
we want to acquaint them with what
we cousider one of the best remedies on
the market for coughs, colds and that
alarming complaint, croup. We refer
to Chamberlain's Cough Remedy We
have used it with sucn good results in
our family so long that it has become
a household necessity. By its prompt
use we haven't any doubt but that it
has time and again prevented croup.
The testimony is given upon onr own
experience and we suggest that our
readers, especially those who have
small children, always keep it in their
homes as ^safeguard against croup.—
Camden, 8outh Carloina, Messenger.
For sale by W. A. Hamler. Exira and
all druggiote.
mi SI!
Favorite Nearly Everywhere.
Constipation means dulness depression,
headache, generally disordered health. DeWitt's
Little Early Risers stimulate the liver, open
the bowels and lelieve this condition. Safe,
speedy aud thorough They never gripe. Favor
ite pill. Nick Doffing & Co.
Hln Anililllon.
Young Joues— 1 mean' to so live that
when 1 die nil the great cities of the
earth shall ijunrrel over the question
»f my birthplace.
Young Brown—Yes each oue will lay
•the blame on some other.
Lingering La drenpe Cough.
u. acher, 157 Osgood St Chicago, says:
"My wife had a very seveae case of la grippe,
and it left her with a very bad cough Slie
tried a bottle of FOLEY'S HONEY AND TAR
and it gave immediate relief. A 50 cent bottlo
cured her cough entirely." Take no substitute
Nick Doffing & Co.
Ditremi'ii Meet.
Peter Ciimiigliam wus telling one
evening where he had been dining and
what lie got. "We had a tiling I never
saw before—a soup made of calves'
"Extremes meet," was the remark
of Douglas .Terrold. at that time the
nrince of wits In England.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best and most famous
in the world to conquer aches au ill
pains. Cures cuts, heals burns and
bruises, subdues inflammation, masters
piles. Millions of boxes sold yearly.
Works wonders in boils, ulcers, felons,
skin eruptions. It cures or no pay: 25c
at Nick Doffing & Co's drug store.
The Iiiner of Cheops.
Cheops was the builder of the pyra
mid which bears his name, and, as if
to make the structure perpetuate his
deeds for all time to come, the very
stones and bricks of which it is com
posed are stamped with his name.
Cheops lived nearly 2,500 years ago, his
great pyramid being an antiquity in
the days when the great nations of old
were in their youth, and yet we of this
twentieth century can have the satis
faction of looking upon the very ring
he wore so proudly upon his finger!
The hieroglyphics on the ring are mi
nutely accurate and beautifully execut
ed, the ring itself being of finest gold
and weighing nearly an ounce. The
oval signet bears the name of Cheops,
which is in hieroglyphics in perfect ac
cord with the stamp on the bricks of
the great pyramid. This remarkable
antiquity was found In a tomb at Old
zeh. It now reposes In the museum of
the New York Historical society.
The Last Heard Of It.
"Mv little boy took the croup one night and
soon grew so bad vou could hear him breathe
all over the houeie, "says D. Reynolds,
Mansfield, O.' We feared he would die, but
a few doses of One Minute Cough Cure qnick
lv relieved him and he went to sleep. That's
the last we heard of the croup. Now isn't a
cough cure like that valualbe?" Oie Minute
Congh Cure is absolutely safe and aots immed
iately. For couehs. colds, croup, grip, bron
chitis aud all other thraoat and lung troubles it
is a certain cure Very pleasent to take. The
little ones like it. Nick Doffing & Co.
Has thirty years of experienced. Will practice
in all courts of the State. Does a general Law
BuBiness. Give him a call.
Exira. Iowa.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains all of the
digestants and digests all kinds of
food. It gives instant relief and never
fails to cure. It allows you to eat all
the food you want. The most sensitive
stomachs can take it. By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everything else failed. Is
unequalled for the stomach. Child
ren with weak stomachs thrive on it.
First dose relieves. A
diet unnecessary.
Cures all stomach troubles
Prepared only by E. O. DeWitt&Oo., Chicago
The |1. bottle containaSH times the 60c. size.
are the most fatal of all dis
"I have always used FOLEY'S ITONEY A.N*.
TAR cough medicine, and think it is the besV
in the world," says Chas. Bender, a newsdeal4
er of Erie Pa. Nothing else as good Jfiek
Doffing & Co. •••••:.
ChaB. Van Gordcr, President
John McDnniclB, Vice President'
Ed Delahoyde, Cashier
1, Iowa.
Collections promptly attended to.
Money to loan on good securities.
Exchange bought and sold.
It a
0 6uar»t8id Rmidy
or money refunded. Contains
remedies recognized by emi
nent physicians as the best for
Kidney and Bladder troubles.
2 '1
"You are an iceberg!" exclaimed her
elderly but well preserved adorer, pale
with anger and mortifh-atlon. "A dozen
Cupids, with a hundred arrows each,
could never find a vulnerable place in
your flinty heart!"
"Not If they used an old beau to
shoot with," coldly replied the beauti
ful girl.
W. W. Umbargor, grocer of Marshall, Mo
writes: "FOLEY'S HON EX AND TAR is the
best cough cure on tho market I have used all
kinds and am
that thoro is no other sa
good for both young and old, and especially
for children. Wo are novor without it in the
house." Nick Doffing Co.
Some Expressions tlie Use of Which
Sliould Be Kcformed.
"Extra" is au abused word. People
say "extra good" or "extra cheap" In
order to intensify "good" and "cheap."
But "extra" has no such force. So-far
from intensifying a given condition, it
denies it by indicating that the thing
so described lies outside the sphere or
quality named. Thus, "extra judicial"
does not mean more than ordinarily ju
dicial, as though a judge had dredged
his conscience in giving an opinion, but
outside of judicial and therefore inca
pable of being judged at all in the pre
scribed way.
A grievous fault is the use of "iden
tify" in a phrase like this, "He is iden
tified with the antivaccination move
ment." A man can only identify him
self with another man or set of men.
He can identify himself with the op
ponents of vaccination—and even here
the word carries a shade of meaning of
its own, distinguishing the phrase from
such a one as "he joined the opponents
of vaccination."
One should not speak of "high" or
"low" caliber but, remembering the
meaning of "caliber," one should apply
to it only such adjectives as "great" or
It is wrong to speak of a "consensus
of opinion." The word "consensus" it
self means an agreement of thought
and should stand alone.—Academy,
A Legacy of the Qrlp.
Is often a run-down system. Weak
ness, nervousness, lack of appetite, en
ergy and ambition, with distorted liver
and kidneys often follow an at*
tack of this wretched disease. The
greatest need- then is Electric Bitters,
the splendid tonic, blood purifier and
regulator of stomach, liver and kid
neys. Thousands have proved that
they wonderfully strengthen the nerves
build up the system and restore to
health aqd good spirits after an attack
of grip. If suffering try them. Only
50c. Perfect satisfaction guaranteed by
Nick Doffing & Co.
When in Atlantic
stop at the
Commercial House.
Good barn in connection. The
only Danish Hotel in the city.
A. LASTINE, Prop Atlantic
Dr. John Riley,
Physician and Surgeon,
0*Qgq, first door east of drag store, np stair
I3xira lowa.
Best Personally Conducted
Tourist Excursions
Leave CHICAGO -"^1
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Tourist Car via Southern Route
leaves Chicago every Tuesday.
Dally First Class Sleeper Through
Between Chicago and San Francisco.
Crossing the best scenery of the Bookiei **J
Sierra Novadaa by Daylight. Direct cooneo
ton to
Angeles. Best Dining Gar Serrto*
Write for information and literatnre t*
Foley9s Honey
cure* colds,

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