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Audubon, Iowa, Xovember 19,
Br-r-r-r! How is this for Winter
Now's a good time to buy some of those
Blankets and Underwear we've been "yelling"
We have those nice, large, warm cotton blankets
for $1.00, $1.25, $1.35, $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00, then
we have the nice small "postage stamp" size for 47c
or a little better for 60c or still a little better for 75c.
We can sell you a 5 lb. wool (cotton warp) blanket
size 72x84 for $3.00 a pair. Then we will sell you an
all wool, 5 lb., full size, North Star Grey Blanket for
$5.00. Others up to $7.00.
You will find, by comparison, that our blanket
prices are quite a little less than the majority of stores.
We buy them with the Herchants' Association
and get them cheaper.
New Dress Goods.
We have just received some more of those
Scotch Mixtures. The swellest stuff going at
per yard $1.25.
A lot of new effects in wool waistings at 6oc.
New Cloaks.
We received four shipments of Cloaks last
week. Our stock at this writing is in the best
shape it has been this season.
REMEMBER: You can save from 25c to $2.00 on
Children's Cloaks, 25c to $1.00 on Infant's Cloaks.
Our $7.85, our $9.85, and our $12.50 Ladies' Cloaks
will cost you at least $2.00 more anywhere you
may go.
696 Pictures, ioc each.
We have just received a large assortment
of those popular ioc pictures—Matt and Gilt
You save just 2c a yard when you buy that
Outing Flannel we are selling at 8c.
We offer a lot of new Mercerized Cotton
Waistings, worth from 50c to 75c for per yd 38c.
SuperntltlouH "uaarnrtan "Pcaxants.
A queer ease of superstition which
resulted in the loss of two lives is re
ported from Hungary. A peasant liv
ing in Nosztany died of heart disease
while attending market in Kurd. His
relatives started to take the body home,
but were forcibly prevented from car
rying the body through the village of
Iharos. whose inhabitants believed that
the passage of a strange corpse through
their town vould bring endless misfor
tune to it. The procession returned to
Kurd, and the next day it set out again,
this time with an escort of gendarmes.
When it reached Iharos it was met by
the whole population of the village,
armed with scythes, pitchforks, axes
and anything that could be used as a
weapon. The gendarmes were forced
to lire three volleys before they could
get through the place. Two of the vil
lagers were killed and many wounded.
IF IT IS GOOD, You will find it .at Russell's.
Value of the Kangaroos Tail.
So important is the kangaroo's tail in
his rapid progress that experienced
hunters with guns are accustomed to
fire at the point where this appendage
Joins the body, when, the tail being dis
abled for its office of balancing, the
animal is as effectually stopped as if
hamstrung. Ilit elsewhere, except with
a rifle bullet or at point blank range,
the kangaroo Is pretty likely to get off.
One peculiarity of the kangaroo is
that, after being started up, he very
rarely swerves from his course, through
which peculiarity he is easily "potted"
by hunters, who conceal themselves
•while a man on horseback drives the
herd toward them.
°2V Early Risers
The famous little pills.
Spring Suits
I now have my spring
samples and am ready
to show them to all
who are in need of a
spring suit. We make
them in the latest
styles and do good
work. Come in and
see our work and ex
amine our goods.
Wm. Mehle
Mrs. Lois Stuart got home last week
from Stuart where she has been visit
ing her brother.
Word comes back from Chicago that
Judge Green is improving nicely
which all his friends will be glad to
Mrs. Belle Lyman-Fisher left Mon
day for her home at Malvern after a
visit of some time with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lyman.
Justice Joe Ross joined in wedlock
Henry Tando and Sarah L. Shay at
his office last Monday and sent them
happily on their way to their home in
Miss Mattie Finland who has been
teaching school in the country the fall
term went to her home near Winterset
last week but will return to teach the
winter term.
Bob Kelly has been laid up at the
home of Ben Gaston the past week as
he was quarantined out of his own
home. His folks are all up and well
again now but in order to run no risks
they keep up the full time.
A Good Name.
From personal experience I testify
that DeWitt's Little Early Risers are
unequalled as a liver pill. They are
rightly named because they give
strength and energy and do their
work with ease.—W. T. Easton,
Boerne, Tex. Thousand of people are
using these tiny little pills in prefer
ence to all others, because they are so
pleasant and effectual. They cure
biliousness, torpid livid, jaundice,
sick] headache, constipation, etc.
They do not purge and weaken, but
cleanse and strengthen. Sold by
Nick Doffing & Co., Exira C. L.
Bisom, Bray ton.
Having purchased the
Benton Livery atoclt I
expect to Jreep it as it
always lias been—the
Best Barn in Town.
Good Rig-s and Drivers,
Stable and Feed for
Farmers* am a Licens
ed Veterinary and at
tend all calls*
North Washington St.
5 Per Cent. Interest once a year,
f100.00 optional payments with
Davenport Savings Bank.'
A. F. Greenwaldt is in Guttenberg
this week visiting with his home folks.
John Hunter of Exira, was up the
first of the week looking after busi
Miss Alta Crow went to Gray Sun
day and spent the day with friends
and relatives.
The mother of Mrs. Doctor Wilson
on Church street, is visiting this week
at their sanitarium.
Mrs. Frank Wilson living on North
Church street, has been very sick the
past week but is now improving.
Mrs. John Garber, of Gray, was
down Sunday and spent the day with
her daughter, Mrs. Chat Dustin.
Mrs. Scott, who has been visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Humiston, return
ed to her home at Cedar Rapids Fri
Mrs. L. J, Hill returned home from
Ute last Sunday where she had been
'ttending the wedding of Miss Elena
B. S. Phelps and family spent Sun
day in Atlantic with his brother,
ulian, and visiting his brother from
Frank Leet made a business visit up
to Manning- Tuesday to talk over busi
ness matters with the financiers of
that town.
A. A. Talbott expects to come down
from his home at Carroll Sunday and
spend the day with his son, Charley,
and family.
Peter Schwab and John Elhert, two
of south Greeley township farmers,
were up the first of the week transact
ing county seat business.
Mrs. E. Frick is here from her home
in Minnesota, visitine with her daugh
ter, Mrs. C. F. Childs, and is gladly
welcomed by her many friends.
Miss Jessie Lyman and Dell Ander
son went to Gray Saturday evening
and out to the S. C. Bandies home for
a day's visit with the young friends in
that home.
Miss Maude Doak entertained her
teacher associates and a few outside
friends last Friday evening and gave
them an evening's enjoyment they
will not soon forget.
Dr. Fulton has a very interesting
article in the November Medical Cen
tury that shows him to be an interest
ing writer and a man attaining recog
nition in his profession.
The Columbian Club library have
added the following books to their
shelves: Twelve vols. John Stoddard
Lectures and thirty vols, of The
World's Gieat Master Pieces.,
The county board appoint^ John
Butterton steward of the poor farm,
his official duties to begin Jan. 1.
John is a good farmer and will attend
to the farm as if it were his own.
Marriage licenses for the week 1
ing Wednesday: Carlton Corliu
Whittedand Mildred Bectold, Henry
Tando ana Sarah L. Shay, Herman
Geo. Mendenhalland Alta Burger.
Smutney, Undertaking department.
latest and best special attention
given terms to suit all. Day 'phone
160 night, 100. 11-5
WANTED.—A Danish butter maker
to take charge of the Gray creamery.
Good opening for a capable man.
Write Louie Groteluschen, Gray, la.
The Gun Club of this city have
arranged for a big county shoot to take
place Thanksgiving. Any one who
wishes to know particulars should
write to Fred Verinilya, Audubon, If.
D. S. Freeman, C. E. Talbott, A,
Currier, Walter Brainard, Frank
Drake, Joe Ross, Fred Searles and
Nelson Cowles all went down to Ex
ira last Saturday night to attend some
of the work in the masonic lodge.
Mrs. Dawson of Atlantic came up
Friday evening for a short visit with
her friend, Mrs. Jones. On Saturday
Mrs. Jones entertained 3 few of her
closest friends in honor of her guest
giving one of her famous repasts so
enjoyable to all who participate.
John Bon well up in Viola township,
has had extreme bad luck this fall
with his cattle as he has lost about
eighteen head of good calves with
black leg. This means a loss of
considerable monetary value for that
many at current prices would foot up
quite a good lot.
Revival meetings will begin at the
M. E. church in Ross Monday evening
Nov. 23rd, and earnestly ask the help
and influence of every child of God in
the community regardless of church
relationship. Come and let us work
together with the Lord for the
strengthening of our own lives and
the bringing of the world to Christ.
The Modern National Reserve was
organized last Wednesday night with
the following officers, C. E. Breniman
president Geo. E. Brown, vice presi
dent: O. B. Train, secretary and
treasurer Frank Carper, guide Aus
bery Herndon, inside guard L. W
Lee, outside guard Carl Bailey, chap
lain Mrs. S. C. Curtis, Lady Priscilla
Mrs. Dennis, Lady Goodwin.
Eugene V. Debs, the great socialist
leader and radical reformer lectured
last Monday evening to a fair sized
audieuce in the M. E. church. While
a few agreed with the thoughts of the
speaker, all admit that he handled his
subject 011 "Socialism" in an able and
comprehensive manner and with none
of the lire eating qualities usually at
tributed to him. His lecture was an
eloquent appeal for the common broth
erhood of man, believing that labor
should get a more equal share of the
products of her brain and brawn and
that the government should own and
control the greater part of the agen
cies of food, light and transportation
with the German Suving*
Hank at S per cent interest,
Audubon, Iowa
Isaac Welch was over from Harlan
this week closing up some deals in the
marble business.
Miss Ada Bonwell, of Viola Center,
is down this week visiting with her
friend, Miss Maude Doak.
Read the ad. for the Hereford cattle
sale in the Exira department and then
come in and buy you a good animal.
O. C. Donaldson has we understand,
sold his farm out east of town,
realizing a good margin on his invest
Mrs. Etta Kiser will leave tomorrow
for her home at State Center, after
visiting her parents for a couple of
Miss Hattie Cahill got home from
Carroll Sunday where she has been
for sometime visiting her friend, Mrs.
J. F. Luse.
Tom Davis departed Wednesday for
Rock Island to look after business as
he has a farm there and also to visit
old time friends.
Mrs. J. A. Nash and daughter,
Gretchen, got home Tuesday from Des
Moines where they had been for a few
days visiting friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Wright, liv
ing just east of town are the parents of
a baby girl that made Its appearance
in their home last Thursday.
Frank O. Niklason has advertised to
sell his stock at public sale Nov. 19, at
the old-time Geo. Stetzel place, out
eight miles southeast of town.
Get our prices on doors and windows
and water tanks and all kinds of mill
work before buying,
For the best furniture see W. A.
Smutney and pay one profit. No
jobbers, no large rent. You pay one
profit instead of three. South Park.
The Junior League will give
Hiawatha the 27th. The young peo
ple have prepared an excellent pro
gram and all will be well repaid to go
and hear it.
Today is the day for the Fair at the
Presbyterian church. It has become
an annual feature of the society and is
generally looked to with great
expectancy by the people.
Mrs. Geo. Gerard and daughter, Jes
sie, were up Tuesday from Exira visit
ing friends. Geo. has purchased a
farm over by Guthrie Center and they
will move there in the spring.
Mrs. Millard of Des Moines, who
has been visiting her niece, Mrs. C. W.
Marlin of Exira the past week, arrived
Wednesday evening for a visit with
her sister, Mrs. H. W. Wilson.
Wm. Cloughly got home last week
from Ute where he had attended the
wedding of his niece, Miss Miller. He
expected Mrs Cloughly and daughter,
Mrs. Quinby, home Wednesday.
A girl was born to the home of Mr.
and Mrs. James Andrews, living out
northeast of town last Monday. All
the parties are doing nicely and the
little one is growing rosy, fat and
L. D. Phelps and family went down
to Atlantic Saturday and remained
until Monday visiting relatives. His
father and mother being there and
who left this week for their home in
Ludvig Hansen, liviug two and one
half miles north of Kijhballton, has
advertised to sell all his property at
public auction, Nov. 27. He is coming
to town to go into business with his
son-in-law, Nels Jensen.
TodO'Brine, well known to all the
people east of town was married last
Tuesday to aMiss Brady, of Illinois.
Tod is a worthy young fellow and is
dejerving of all the happiuess his
many friends here wish him to have.
The K. of P. lodge did some first
degree work last Tuesday night and
voted upon several new applications.
They also appointed a committee to
arrange for a banquet and social some
time in January expecting to have a
royal good time.
J. H. Hersman & Son finished the
invoice of their furniture stock Wed
nesday and the new firm, Nels Jen
sen & Co., immediately took
possession. Their advertisement in
this issue will tell something of the
line carried. Mr. Hersman is retiring
from business activity and will remain
in Audubon and take life easy. He
has been in business here for years and
has made many friends in his rela
tions with his patrons. The new firm
are thoroughly competent and reliable
men and will give good treatment to
their customers. They have already
ordered more stock and expect to keep
an up-to-date, reliable class of goods
on hand at all times.
Next Thursday is Thanksgiving.
How many are going to be thankful
for even the small blessings they en
joy? Is life roseate or gloomy to you?
It is as you have willed it. When our
Pilgrim fathers assembled on that
first memorable Thanksgiving day,
and solemnly and earnestly returned
thanks to Almighty God for the
preservation of the few who yet re
mained, for the crops and boundless
liberty they enjoyed it was a solemn
and reverent day. It was not a time
of frivolous merry making or
exhibition of strength or clothes or
good time. Have we desecrated the
altar they established and set up in
the wilderness, by our rushing 20th
century gait? Our foot balls, our
dance, our light hearted, selfish feast
ing? Are you this year going to make
one over whom the pall of
despondence, poverty or bad luck has
fallen, glad by some act of unselfish
denial of your own pleasure to make
them happier? Try it. The world
will move smoother for the coming
Dr. Lauritzen Moves to Audubon.
Calls for Warmer Wearables
Remember we sell the Staley Wool Underwear,
the underwear that keeps you warm.
In the 50c fleeced underwear we think we give
you a heavier and closer knit garment than
you usually get for that price, double front
and back.
We have a nice ribbed cotton underwear in
white and salmon color at 50c
Fleeced lined for Boys' all sizes for 25c
Fur Coats from $12.50 to $50.00, all first-class
coats and guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Dr. N. P. Lauritzen and family
arrived from Exira Wednesday and
are now nicely settled in the Andrews
property on Church street, just north
of the Presbvterian church.
After nine years of successful prac
tice in Exira the doctor has been im
pelled by the demands made upon him
from the north part of the county to
enlarge his opportunities by moving
to the county seat. He has opened
his office in the rear of F. W. Smith &
Co.'s drug store. He has from time to
time gone to Chicago and other
schools and taken post graduate work
and specialized on the branches needed
most in his practice and may be
counted upon as being thoroughly
read and up-to-date upon all points.
Do You Need an Overcoat?
We show the best and swellest coats in the county
and can satisfy any of you.
In losing Dr. and Mrs. Lauritzen
from Exira the city loses two of her
most popular people and Audubon
gains for her society a family that
will soon hold a high place in their
affections and esteem. Tbey have a I
ways been actively to the l'ront. in all
progressive movements of their town,
and taken their share of the burdens
naturally coming to such movements.
As a member of the Thursday Club,
Assortment in suits is still good. If interested
come and take a look. Our H. S. & M. suits are
winners—they've got the style and wear of merchant
tailors' suits costing twice as much as we ask for them.
Try one on and be convinced and save yourself some
of your good money.
Yours Truly

the popular club of the town, Mrs.
Lauritzen was active in planning the
work outlined for this year and will
be found a capable and willing worker
along this or any line.
We heartily commend them to the
community believing and knowing
they are worthy people and will meet
the recognition due them.
San Drunkenness.
To become sun drunk is a conaiuon
into which any one may fall in the
tropics. Exposure to the sun's rays will
reduce a man to a condition almost ex
actly resembling drunkenness. He stag
gers about and is usually compelled to
lie down and "sleep it off." Sun drunk
enness is. sometimes accompanied by
nausea. Another curious fact in con
nection with life in the tropics, where
tlie sun risos at the same time all the
year round, is that if you do not get up
before sunrise you do not feel well all
day. You fe heavy, out of sorts and
liavo a tendency to sickness.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat*
See Smutney
We are in it. Eleven Smutneys
in the Furniture business. All re
lated, All buy together. We sell
to the consumer cheaper than our
competitors can buy of the jobber.
Don't be fooled by close out sales.
We defy any kind of a sale.
Suit Given Away Free.
See Us. Get Our Prices.
W. A. Smutney
Day Phone 160, Night 00, Audubon, iowa
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