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Evangelical Church.
Sunday School 10 o'clock a. m.
Preaching 11 o'clock a. m.
Young People's meeting 7 o'clock
p. m.
Preaching 8 o'clock p. m.
Prayer meeting every Wednesday
8[o'clock p. m.
J. WIRTH, Pastor.
Presbyterian Services.
Sunday School 2 o'clock p. m.
Preaching 3 o'clock p. m.
Christian Endeavor 8 o'clock p. m.
Prayer Meeting at the parsonage
every Wednesday night.
Sunday School 10 o'clock a. m.
Preaching 11 o'clock a. m.
Alec McGuire was calling on
friends here recently.
Oluf Hansen called on his parents
at Elkhorn on Sunday.
Peter Nelson shipped a car of hogs
to South Omaha last week.
N. E. Crane has put in a new set of
farm scales down on the farm.
Chris Johnson made a business trip
to Audubon Tuesday morning.
Miss Emma Wells is working in
Kxira for Mrs. D. E. Shrauger.
Miss Myrtle Justesen visited Sun
day with her friend Miss Eva Davis.
Miss Matilda Carstensen, of Elk
horn, is visiting at the Johnson home
this week.
Our dealers have their large bins
full of coal and are able to supply
all present demands.
Charley Wells has received his
butcher outfit and can do a vfiry slick
job of steak slashing.
The meetings over in Greeley at
Fair View still continue and the in
terest is unabated.
James East and wife, of Old Ham
lin, visited with their son, Frank,
Friday and Saturday near Atlantic.
Services at the usual hour but none
in the evening on account of the re
vival meeting at Fair View Sunday.
Full blood Plymouth Rock cock
erels for sale. Mrs. R. W. Mullenger,
Hamlin, Iowa. 11-5-tf
E. Byrd and family were visiting
her mother, Mrs. Lizzie Barnes on
Sunday. They reside east of Audu
Peter Rasmussen, wife and family
are home for the winter now after
several weeks visiting friends out in
Miss Lorena Fair, sister of Mrs.
Heiltnan is now visiting her parents
at Maxwell, Iowa, but will return
shortly and then
.Peter Sorensen, the new butter
ui&'ker at the West Hamlin creamery,
purchased a fine buggy and harness
while in town last week.
When the butter won't
come put a penny in the
churn," is an old time dairy
proverb. It often seems to
work though no one has ever
told why.
When mothers are worried
because the children do not
gain strength and flesh we
say give them Scott's Emis
It is like the penny in the
milk because it works and
because there is something
astonishing about it.
Scott's Emulsion is simply
a milk of pure cod liver oil
with some hypophosphites
especially prepared for delicate
Children take to it naturally
because they like the taste
and the remedy takes just as
naturally to the children be
cause it is so perfectly adapted
to their wants.
For all weak and pale and
thin children Scott's Emulsion
is the most satisfactory treat
We will send you
the penny, /. e., a
sample free.
Be sure that this picture in
the form of a label is on the
wrapper of every bottle of
Emulsion you buy.
409 Pearl St., N. Y.
and $1.00 all druggists
The Elkhorn Lumber Co. received
a car of lime and one of Van Meter
brick this week which Oluf Hansen
and Charley Wells were unloading.
But few farmers were in town
Tuesday all being at home getting
out their corn and preparing for win
ter which Tuesday morning seemed
to have come to stay.
The Union Thanksgiving services
at Old Hamlin will be held this
Thanksgiving in the evening in the
Presbyterian church. Everyone
should attend and assist in this ser
Oluf Hansen has been invited most
sweetly and bewitchingly to have his
new office at the Elkhorn yards in
ducted into use by giving arousing
dance, but so far has given no definite
The following farmers marketed
hogs here the past week: Hans Mor
tensen 20 head, Peter Nissen 20, Ras
mus Petersen 9, Jorgen Denison 1,
Laurilzen Laurifzen 3, Jorgen Han
sen 4, Julius Kopaska 1, Hans J. Pet
ersen 6, Otto Larsen 12, Miles Knees
3, John Burr 7, Peter Taft 9.
Mrs. J. Wirth was called to Naper
ville, 111., last Friday to attend the
funeral of her mother whose sudden
and unexpected taking off occurred on
Thursday. Mrs. Wirth and family
have the sincere sympathy of their
friends and neighbors in this her hour
of bereavement and sorrow.
The Presbyterian people of- Old
Hamlin and vicinity feel justly proud
of the looks of their parsonage and
church since they have been repaired
and painted. They have also pur
chased nice hanging lamps for the
church which will add to the light
ing capacity greatly when put in
Hamlin markets for Tuesday of
this week:
Wheat 59c corn 30ic oats 25 barley
malting 32c hard coal 9 50 Illinois
5.00 Centerville 4.75 creamery but
ter 22£c dairy 16c eggs 20 potatoes
Si .00 hens 7c ducks 7c turkeys Sic
geese 5Jc cattle, butcher stuff 1
2 1-2 top 4 hogs 4.00®4.15.
As noted last last week Willie
Christensen went to work and put up
a new house on the north of the Jus
tesen & Son's store, but the feed stable
has turned into a veritable blacksmith
shop with Mr. Christensen at the
head of it and Mr. S. Jeppersen, a
practical blacksmith, to do the work.
It may be alright but the community
can't see where two shops can both
run and make it profitable.
Miss Bonita Bryan, a graduate from
Drake College of Oratory and English,
gave a pleasing recital at the M. E.
church, Tuesday evening, under the
auspices of the Epworth League.
Her audience was not what her en
tertainment deserved, but was a
highly appreciative one, our best
literary people being in attendance.
She is pronounced by far the best
elocutionist appearing before a Coon
Rapids audience. She has excellent
talent in this line and her platform
work is of the best. The audience
was delighted with her well chosen
selections, and should she again de
cide to come before our people she
can be assured of a full house.—Coon
Rapids Citizen.
Mrs. Isaac Worley Dead.
Rebecca Holden was born in Bed
ford county, Penn., in the year 1817
and died on the 4th day of November
at her home five miles west of this
eighty-six years and six
In 1838 she was married to Isaac
Worley in Bedford county and soon
after they removed to Blandinville,
111. Here two of their sons, Jesse and
Marion were taken from them by
death. Four or five years later Mr.
and Mrs. Worley removed to this
county where they have lived ever
since. In 1888 their son, Edward
Worley died. The children now re
maining are John L. Worley of For
mosa, Kansas Will II. Worley of Au
dubon Mrs. W. II. Warner, of Ham
lin and their daughter-in-law, Mrs.
Maggie Worley, of this city.
Mrs. Worley was a good woman,
one who strove to follow in the foot
steps of Him who died that men
be saved. Through all the four score
years and more of her life she followed
His teachings and at all times was a
consistent Christian, a good wife and
mother. The world can ill afford to
lose such women as she. The funeral
services were held yesterday (Thurs
day) at the home and the interment
made in the Atlantic cemetery.—
Cass County Democrat, Nov. 12.
Ont can accomplish but little when
all is said, for, make no mistake about
it, however much we pose and strut In
the world, in the solitude of our own
studies there .ire few of us but know
how the faults and blemishes of our
craft stand out and stare us In the
face to remind us that we are small
enough and halting enough to be al
ways learning, never quite gloriously
A little chap four years of age met
with the misfortune to have his hat
blown into the river. When he reached
Home bis father said to him:
"It's a wonder you didn't blow over
board too."
"I couldn't," was the quick response.
"I was fastened to my feet!"—Presby
Auditor's office, Audubon, la.. Nov.
9, 1903.
Board of Supervisors met in regular
session. Members present J. C. Bon
well, Niels P. Hoegh and J. Shingle
At twelve o'clock Noon the Board
organized as a Board of Canvassers
and proceeded to canvass the returns
of the vote cast at the last General
Election held in Audubon county,
Iowa, on the 3rd day of November,
On motion Board adjourned to meet
again at one o'clock p. m.
One o'clock p. m.
Board met pursuant to adjournment
and continued to canvass the vote, and
after completing said canvass the fol
lowing county and township officers
were declared elected:
C. E. Breniman, treasurer William
Northup, sheriff Arthur Farquhar,
Supt. of Schools H. S. Wattles, sur
veyor C. W. Baker, coroner N. D
Hamlin, member of Board of Super,
Chris Wedemeyer, trustee, Audubon
Joe E Morgan, const Audubon
township, (to fill vacancy).
E Gustin, justice of peace, Audu
bon township, (to fill vacancy).
Thos Scott, trustee, Cameron town
Hans Andersen, trustee, Douglas
Chris Larsen, const., Douglas town
ship, (to fill vacancy).
John N Esbeck, justice of peace,
Douglas township, (to fill vacancy).
HH Dlmicfe, trustee, Exira town
W Temple, trustee, Exira town
ship, (to fill vacancy).
Geo Freeman, const., Exira town
ship, (to fill vacancy).
S Ham, const., Exira township,
(to fill vacancy).
A W Harvey, clerk, Exira township,
(to fill vacancy).
Smith, justice of peace, Exira
township, (to fill vacancy).
W Dawson, trustee, Greeley town
Peter Madsen, trustee, Hamlin
Nels Christensen, const., Hamlin
township, (to fill vacancy).
Chris Justesen, justice of peace,
Hamlin township, (to fill vacancy).
N E Crane, justice of peace, Hamlin
township, (to fill vacancy).
Garduer, trustee, Leroy town­
W E Kennels, trustee, Leroy town
ship, (to fill vacancy).
E Moon, justice of peace, Leroy
township, (to fill vacancy).
OS Welch, trustee, Lincoln town
Frank Powell, const., Lincoln town
ship, (to fill vacancy).
Arthur Kitson, justice of peace,
Lincoln township, (to fill vacancy).
Chas Tunmann, trustee, Melville
Maharg, trustee, Melville town
ship, (to fill vacancy).
White, const., Melville town­
ship, to fill vacancy.
Harry Oliver, const., Melville town
ship, to fill vacancy.
Estes, justice of peace, Melville
township, to fill vacancy.
Clark, const., Oakfield town
ship, to fill vacancy.
Jens Hansen, trustee, Oakfield
Chris Christensen, trustee, Sharon
Ole Jacobsen, trustee, Sharon
township, to fill vacancy.
W Boysen, justice of peace, Sharon
township, to fill vacancy.
Chris Christensen, const., Sharon
township, to fill vacancy.
W W Perrine, trustee, Viola town
S Mulford, justice of peace, Viola
township, to fill vacancy.
K. C. S.
Kansas City
Southern Railway
Straight as the Crow Pile*
Through the cheapest land now open
for settlement in the United States.
A magnificent country adapted to the
cultivation of small grain, jrn, cotton,
rice, sugar, cane, apples, peaches, ber
ries, commercial truck farming and
the raising of horses, mules, cattle,
hogs and sheep at prices ranging from
FREE Government Homesteads
To Twenty-Five Dollars and more Per Acra.
Through Pullman Sleeping
Car Service
Write for a copy of CURRENT EVENTS
published by the
Kansas City Southe'n Ry.
H. D. Dutton.T. P. A. S. G. Warner,
F.N. Boesler, T. P. & I A. G. P. & T. A.
Kansas City, Mo. KansaB City, Ho
Doesn't Respect Old Age.
"I was taken severely sick with
kidney trouble. I tried all sorts of
medicines, none of which relieved me.
One day I saw an ad. of your Electric
Bitters and determined to try that.
After taking a few doses I felt relieved
and soon thereafter was entirely cur
ed, and have not seen a sick day since.
Neighbors of mine have been cured of
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Liver and
Kidney troubles and General De
bility." This is what B. F. Bass, of
Fremont, N. C., writes. Only 50c, at
Nick Doffing & Co., Druggists.
E Hale, const., Viola township,
to fill vacancy.
Gilbert, const., Viola township,
to fill vacancy.
On motion Board adjourned to meet
again at 8 o'clock a. m., Nov. 10th.
Eight o'clock a. m., Nov. 10.
Board met pursuant to
On motion fees were allowed election
officers as follows:
Hugh Farrell, judge, Audubon town
ship $ 4 25
W Graham, judge, Audubon
township 4 25
W Tibben, judge, Audubon
township 4 25
Rose, clerk, Audubon twp 4 25
Hans Marquesen, clerk, Audu
bon township. 4 25
Frank Buckner, judge, Cam
eron township 4 50
Sheley, judge, Camerpn
township 4 50
Amos Fancher, judge, Cam
eron township 4 50
Miller, clerk, Cameron
township 4 50
W McMichael, clerk, Cam
eron township 4 50
Courtney, constable, Cam
eron 4 50
Dickey, judge, Douglas
township 3 75
Nat McFaddeu, judge, Douglas
township 3 75
Andersen, judge, Douglas
township 3 75
Arch Davidson, clerk, Douglas
township 3 75
Kerwin, clerk, Douglas
township 3 75
£. Trunnel, constable, Doug
las township 3 75
Hans Andersen, const., Doug
las township 3 75
OF Ide, judge, Exira town
ship 5 00
Samuel McGaffiu, judge, Exira
township 5 00
Barhan, judge, Exira twp 5 00
Otto Witthauer, clerk, Exira
township 5 00
W Temple, clerk, Exira twp 5 CO
N Marietta, const., Exira twp 5 CO
S Weaver, judge, Greeley
township 5 00
Geo McCall, judge, Greeley
township 5 00
Wm Rucker, judge, Greeley
township 5 00
Fred Reynolds, clerk, Greeley
township. 5 00
Albert Frederick, clerk, Gree
ley township 5 00
Chas Minersman, const., Gree
ley township.. 5 00
Peter Madsen, judge, Hamlin
township. 4 50
Geo Scott, judge, Hamlin twp 4 50
Searles, judge, Hamlin
township 4 50
W Stanley, clerk, Hamlin
township 4 50
Cog]an, clerk, Hamlin twp 4 50
Everts, udge, Lincoln twp 4 00
McLaughlin, judge, Lin
coln township 4 00
Albert Polzin, judge, Lincoln
township. 4 00
E Weston, clerk, Lincoln
township 4 00
E Puck, clerk, Lincoln twp 4 00
Frank Rogers, const., Lincoln
township 4 00
A Miller, judge, Leroy twp 5 00
E A Bates, judge, Leroy twp 5 00
Taylor, judge, Leroy twp 5 00
Wicker, clerk, Leroy twp 5 00
Freeman, clerk, Leroy
township 5 00
W Fullerton, const., Leroy
township 5 00
Anderson, const., Leroy
township 5 00
A Drake, janitor, Leroy twp 5 00
Henry bunbergr, judge, Mel
ville township 5 00
Maharg, judge, Melville
township 5 00
James Hunt, judge, Melville
township 5 00
Black, clerk, Melville twp 5 00
Turner, clerk, Melville
township 5 00
W Law, const., Melville
township 5 00
Geo Hansen, judge, Oakfield
township 4 75
Eli Hansen, judge, Oakfield
township 4 75
A Hansen, judge, Oakfield
township 4 75
Hans Nymand, clerk, Oakfield
township... 4 75
Paul Petersen, clerk, Oakfield
township 4 75
A Jorgensen, judge, Sharon
township... 4 75
Ingerslew, judge, Sharon
township 4 75
JensPSchouboe, judge Sharon
township 4 75
Jorgen Marcussen, clerk Shar
on township 4 75
Chris Hansen, clerk, Shar
on township 4 75
Kred ChristofTersen, constable,
Sharon township 4 75
E Bowman, judge, Viola
township 4 00
W Yager, judge, Viola town
ship 4 00
li Gilbert, judge, Viola
township 4 00
W Moreland, clerk, Viola
township 4 00
Aaron Anderson, clerk, Viola
township 4 00
Gilbert, constable, Viola
township 4 00
On motion all taxes on W. A. John
son were abated on account of charity.
On motion Hettie Croy was abated
$13.20 taxes on account of soldier's
On motion Board adjourned to meet
again at one o'clock p. m.
One o'clock p. m.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
On motion the following claims
were allowed:
Hill, postage and office ex
pense 5 48
O Train, delivering ballots
to Exira township 2 00
Alex Ferguson, repairing co
bridges 2 25
Spencer &Co., publishing
official ballot 30 00
Spencer & Co., publishing
Board proceedings 60 28
Mott & Mills publishing terms
of court 34 37
Mott & Mills publishing board
proceedings 60 28
Mott& Mills publishing pro
clamation 54 80
Mott & Mills publishing offi
cial ballot 30 00
Mott & Mills, supplies and
printing 75 76
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You can depend on Ayer's
Hair Vigor to restore color to
your gray hair, every time.
Follow directions and it never
fails to do this work. It stops
fallingofthe hair, also. There's
great satisfaction in knowing
you are not going to be disap
pointed. Isn't that so?
Mv hair faded until it was about white. It
took Just one bottle of Ayer's Mair Vigor to
restore it to its former dark, rich color. Your
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it."—A. M. BOGGAN, Rockingham, Is'. C.
£1.00 a bottle.
AH druggists.
Lowell. Mass.,
Fading Hair
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tirely of the cough, btrenghtened my
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Bisom, Brayton.
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Indigestion Causes
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For many years It has been supposed that
Catarrh of the Stomach caused Indigestion
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opposite. Indigestion causes catarrh. Re
peated attacks of indigestion inflames the
mucous membranes lining the stomach and
exposes the nervesfvof the stomach, thus caus
ing the glands to secrete mucin Instead of
the Juices of natural digestion. This is
called Catarrh of the Stomach.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
relieves all Inflammation of the mucous
membranes lining the stomach, protects the
nerves, and cures bad breath, sour risings, a
sense of fullness after eating, Indigestion,
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Kodol Digests What You Eat
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Bottles only. Regular size, $ .00, holding 214 time*
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Prepared by E. O. DeWITT^& OO., Chicago, IIL
'-pHE Burlingtoln offers
very low Colonist
rates to the westl $25
from Missouri river to
Tacoma, Seattle, 1 Port
land, San Francisao and
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$20 tp
flot Springs
The North-Western line will haves
some exceedingly low round trip
Tourist rates to this famous resort
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In addition to Tourist rates to
Hot Springs throughout the year,
the North-Western line sells excur
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Ask any agent on the north-west
ern for particulars, or address, ,M
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Helena, Salt Laljce City.
Correspondingly low
rates to hundreds of
other points. [$?£}
Folder mailed free \on request
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ttngtr Ag§nt,

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