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J. H. Jones left Tuesday oa a visit
to Morrisburgti, Missouri.
Nelson & Kjagaard shipped out two
cars of hogs this week to Des Moines.'
CarpeBter Nel* Jeuseu is working
the new addition to the imple
ment store.
V. B. Crane visited the pa9t week
in Exira, returning to this station
Our implement deilers are taking
numerous orders for twine this early
in the season.
Our genial blacksmith, Mr. Skanu
iug and family visited friends at Elk
horn Sunday.
.1. II. Jones has 82 calves he has put
on special feed we presume for the
veal market later on.
Asa Johnson was electad sub-direc
tor in No. 2 Greeley last Monday and
J. F. Settlcmire in No. •'!.
Mrs. Johnson the mother of J.O is
out at Elkhorn, where her relative,
Mr. .James lies critically ill.
The Elkhorn and Kimballton Lum
ber Company received 2 cars of lum
ber and 3 cars of posts this week.
Miss Clara Fredersen is visiting at
her relatives, J. P. Nelson and wife
at the Oiktield township creamery.
John McNutt was elected director
in school No. 1 at Old Hamlin, Geo.
Kyhnn in No. 5 and Anton Baker in
No. (.
Fred Heilman, our good natured
butter maker is in good spirits over
the outlook for first class butter the
coming season.
Albert Johnson left thejstation Tues
day with his car of goods and stock
for Orient, Iowa, where he moves to
one of N. P. Christensen's farms.
Peter Ivjargaard, J. C. Johnson,
OlufOlsenand Hans Mortensen all
went to Omaha one day last week,
the later selling a car of fat cattle.
A horse trade en'ivened the monot
ony of a dreary day the first of the
week, the parties in the swap being
Jens S. Petersen and Oluf Hansen.
Peter Kjargaard after pos ting the
linn who succeeded him in the Mer
cantile business will about May start
for Denmark to visit his father for a
Frank Duvall over east of town is
feeding 135 steers and 200 hogs. This
gentlemen is a big stock raiser and
feeder and is making money in the
business. .•
Johnson Carstensen are busy
building a large shed back of their
implement building in which to store
the two cars of implements they have
just received.
Rasmus Nelson has moved to town
and occupies the Peter Rasmussen
house and will haul lumber for the
Kimballton & Elkhorn Lumber Co.
this spring and summer.
George Egan was in town Tuesday
with twenty-five head of hogs which
were sold to our buyers. They were
hauled in loads of five to the wagon,
and five Eagans were the drivers.
Landlord Olsen .was out in the
country Tuesday butcheriug hogs to
supply the Market he runs in con
nection with the hotel, so we did
not have the pleasure of his acquain
J. II. Jones' boys had the misfor
tune to break their buggy Monday
while going to school. It was either
walk or borrow so the boys did the
latter and got a buggy which an
swered their purpose.
Jens A. Ostergaard. Peter Lykke,
and Chris Nelson were busy invoicing
the store goods Tuesday and Morten
sen and Juel will at once go into the
business,.carrying a general tocu of
all things usually found in a country
Missllixie Nolle who has beeu
teaching in the Frank Duvall dis
trict, closed her sell ool last Friday
and startel for her home at Earl ham
Tuesday. The lady taught her first
and second terms in that district and
was well liked by parentsand pupils.
Hamlin market report corrected
weekly by Nelson & Kjargaard:
Cattle, butcher's stntt", 2
V"* #.
wtin?* ..u
'f.r^m\wy7r^)*x":*..*,-° ""•••v-v-'K'v:s
Qjf, -.-J]c:
cattle, tops, 4ic: hogs, $4.40 wheat,
$i2c corn, :)6c oats, 2Go barley, 27c
potatoes, 30c butter, creamery, :i()c:
butter, dairy 20c egg*, l(ic hens, 7c
ducks, 7c: geese, c: turkeys, 12c.
Rattenborg is making pre­
parations to build a large barn soon
on his farm west of town.
Editor Journal—
Dear Sir—We would like to have
the creamery patrons report the num
ber of cows in each herd to the haul
ers. As we desire to make a table of
cows and the average amount of but
ter lat produced by each cow in any
herd. This report could be at the
annual meeting and may be of in
terest in making comparisons. There
has been considerable speculation in
the past as to which creamery is turn
ing out the most and the linest butter,
why not mix up the daiymen in the
business and get down to the real
thing. There is considerably more
difference in comparing different
herds than creameries, relatively
speaking, aud a yearly report ot same
like the creamery report, may lead
to a better understanding all around
and help herds which would make
a'creamery patron a satisfied patron
without regard to any creamery. The
hand seperator has enlarged the scope
of the creamery, reduced the price of
hauling aud lerseued the work and
expense at the creamery, liut they
have brought outside competition in
to contact with the creamery. Let
us make intelligent comparisons ac
cording to established rules as laid
down by law and custom. Better
herds, careful attention to feeding
and selecting cows and a more
thorough organization would defy
any competition which a co-operative
creamery may meet. Respectfully,
Fnici) Hkilkman.
Little Helen QUI Dead.
Little Helen, the infant child of
Thomas R. Gill and wife from near
Hamlin, passed away, March 3rd.
She had never been very rugged and
a severe attack of the grippe brought
the little life to a close.^ The funeral
services were held at the house at
11:00 o'clock Sunday morning, con
ducted by G. E. Nichols, pastor of
the Christian church of Exira, after
which the remains were laid to rest
in the Maple Grove cemetery at Au
dubon. Helen Pauline Gill was born
June 13, 1904 and died March 3, 1905
age eight months and twenty days.
"We may long for the voice that's still
For the childish prattle of by-sone days
It may le hard to submit to his will
When we can not understand his ways
And yet while earthly ties are broken.
And here our hearts are tilled with sor
No words more Itender have e'er been
Than these, "we may meet again to
So father, mother, brother, sisters dear.
He brave, face the future without fear
For in these bright mansions above
We may dwell where all is joy and love
Night Prowling Thieves.
Croup and Whooping Cough come
like a thief in the night, stealing in to
fasten the fangs of mortal disease up
on the children as they peacefully
sleep in their little beds, Kennedy's
Laxative IJoney and Tar, the new dis
covery for Coughs and Colds, will
drive out these deathdealing' demons
before the doctor can arrive. It pro
tects the lives and health of the little
ones. Contains no opiates. Keep it
handy. Sold by Jsick Doffing & Co.
Only Art.
The stuillo ''tea" had been a great
success. The one small and very
youthful member of the company had
walked softly about, lvoking at the
pictures. Just before the party broke
up the artist discovered him surveying
a picture of a lion wltli awe and in
"Don't be- afraid, little chap," said
the artist
putting his small
uest on the head. "He won't hurt
"Oli, I'm not afraid at all," came the
response in a clear treble that caused
every one to listen. "He doesn't look
a bit as if lie were alive, you know."
Sickening ShiveringJFits
Hides Wanted
of Ague and Malaria, can be relieved
and cured with Electric Bitters. This
is a pure, tonic medicine of especial
benefit in malaria, for It exerts a true
curative influence on the disease,
driving it out of the system, It is
much to be preferred to Quinine, hav
ing none of this drug's bad after-ef
fects. E. 8. Munday, of Henrietta,
Tex., writes: "My brother was very
low with malarial fever and jaundice,
till he took Electric Bitters, which
saved his life. At Nick Doffing &
Company's drug store price 50c, guar
We don't lay down when prices advance. We pay the
highest market prices every month in the year.
If you want your hides tanned and lined as robes, rugs,
etc., we will do it for tor you.
If you have hides to sell or want tanning done call on
hen yoti^ feel Constipated, Sick Head
ache or Biilious, ask for Berg's Little
Liv»r and Stomach Pills. Tliev do the
work. KKJ IJills 25 cents. J.F.Kerry
W. Doack
If troubled with weak digestion,
belching or sour stomach, use Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
and you will get quick relief. For sale
by Nick Doffing fc Co.
Louis Tuscher Is Dead.
Burlington, la., 'March G.—Louis
Tuscher, the oldest Mdson in Iowa,
died at his home here, aged eighty
eight years. He was a pioneer settler
and business man.
If taken this month, keeps you well
all summer. It makes the little ones
eat, sleep and grow. A spring tonic
for the whole family. Hollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea. 35 cents, Tea
or Tablets. Sold by Nick Doffing & Co.
Taylor Jury Disagrees.
Des Moines, March 3.—The trial ot
ex-Governor Taylor of Kentucky for
the murder of Senator Goebel, had bo
fore the Drake university law stu
dents, resulted in a disagreement.
If you cannot eat, sleep or work,
feel mean, cross and ugly, take Hol
lister's Rocky Mountain Tea this
month. A tonic for the sick. There
is no remedy equal to it. 35 cents.
Tea or Tablets. Sold by Nick.Doftiug
& Co.
Wife Murderer Declared Insane.
Sioux City, March
Dorewilt. a prominent Sioux
Factory at Waterloo Burns.-
Waterloo, la., March 6.—Fire de
stroyed the large factory of the Bovee
Grinder and Furnace works. Its ori
gin is unknown. Loss, $15,000 insur
ance, $7,500. The factory will be re
huilt at once.
Pleasant and Harmless.
Don't drug the stomach to enre a
cough. One Minute Cough Cure cuts
the mucu', draws the inflammation
out of the throat, lungs and bronchial
bubes, heals, soothes and cures. A
qnick cure for Croup and Whooping
Cough. Bold by Nick Doffing & Co.
Thomas Guilty of Murder.
Des Moines. March' 6.—The jury in
the Mabel Schofield murder case
brought in a verdict finding Charles
Thomas guilty and fixing the penalty
at life imprisonment. The defense
at once moved for a new trial.
Inflammatory Rheumatism Cured.
William Shaffer, a brakeman of
Denison, Ohio, was confined to his
bed for several weeks with inflamma
tory rheumatism. "I used many
remedies, "he says. Finally I sent
to McCaw's drug store for a bottle of
Chamberlain's Pain Balm, at which
time I was unable to use hand or foot,
and in one week's time was able to go
to work as happy as a clam." For
sale by Nick Doffing & Co.
Debate Ends in a Drav».
Iowa City, la., March 4.—The
twelfth annual debate between univer
sities of Iowa and Minnesota ended
in a draw, one judge failing to appear.
Minnesota affirmed that the govern
ment should fix railway freight rates.
Favorite Remedy for Babies.
Its pleasant taste and prompt cures
have made Chamberlain's Cough
Itemedv a favorite with the mothers
of small children. It quickly cures
their coughs and colds and prevent*
any danger of pneumonia or other
serious consequences. It not only
cures croup, but when given as soon
as the croupy cough appears will pre
vent the attack. For sale by Nick
Doffing & Co.
Caught in Belt §nd Killed.
Cedar Rapids, la., March G.—Frank
lioemer, an employe 'of the Sinclair
Packing company, was killed while at
work in the plant. He was caught
in the machinery of a pulley belt and
liis body literally pounded to pieces.
•_ Spoiled tier Beauty.
Harriet Howard, of 209 W. 34th St,
New York, at one time had her beauty
spoiled with skin trouble. She writes
"I had Salt Rheum or Ec/.ema for
years, but nothing would cure it, un
til I used Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
A quick and sure healer for cuts,
burns and sores. 2oc at Nick Doffing
fc Company's drug store.
Des Moines River in Flood.
Keokuk. la March 4.—Because of
the ice gorge the'high water in the
Des Moines river is flooding the ad
jacent Missouri bottom lands, cutting
a new channel. Alexandria, Mo., will
be inundated in case the water over
flows the Egyptian levee, wlncn is
By the Tonic Route.
The pills that act as a tonic, and
not as a drastic purge, are De Wilt
Little Early Risers. They cure Head
ache, Contipation, Biliousness, etc.
Early Risers are small, easy to take
and easy to act—a safe pill. Mack
Hamilton, hotel clerk at Valley City,
N. D., says: "Two bottles cured me
of chronic constipation." Sold by
NiclTlSoffiiig & Co.
murdered his wife Tues­
day, was declared insane and sent
the Cherokee hospital for the insane.
It will bring rich, red blood, firm
flesh and muscle. That's what Hol
lister's Rocky Mountain Tea will do.
Taken this month, keeps you well all
summer. 35 cents, Tea or Tablets.
Sold by Nick Doffing & Co.
'f? Death of Editor G. W. Hunt.
Sioux City, March 6.—G. W. Hunt,
who fclaimed to be Iowa's oldest ed
itor. died of pneumonia in a hospital
here. He was the editor of the Salix
Sittings or Saiix, la., an"iconoclast.i'.
Best Remedy For Constipation.
"The finest remedy for constipation
I ever used is Chamberlains Stomach
and Liver Tablets," says Mr. Eli But
ler, of Frankville, N. Y. "They act gent
ly and without any unpleasant effect,
and leave the bowels in a perfectly nat
ural condition." Sold by Nick Dotting
& Co.
A Dinner Invitation.
After a hearty meal a dose of Kodol
Dyspepeia Cure will prevent an attack
of Indigestion. Kodol is a thorough
digestant and guaranteed cure for In
digestion, Dyspepfia, Gas on the
Stomach, Sour Risings, Bad Breath
and all stomach troubles. N. Watkins,
Lesbus, Ky., aays: "I can testify to
the efficacy of Kodol in the cure of
Stomach -Trouble. I was afflicted
with Stomach Trouble for fifteen
years and have taken six bottles of
your Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, which
has entirely cured me. The six bottles
were worth $1.QOO to me." Sold by
Nick Doffing & Co.
Found Dying by Tracks.
Marfehalltown, la., March 6.—A man
who has not yet been identified was
found lying beside the Iowa Central
track, four miles south of this city.
He was alive, but unconscious and
was taken to St. Thomas hospital. A
note book contained only the name
H. S. Collins, Eldora, la.
vi The Original.
Foley & Co., Chicago, originated
Honey and Tar as a throat and lung
remedy, and on account of the great
merit and popularity of Foley's|Honey
and Tar many imitations are offered
for the genuine. Ask for Foley's'Honey
and Tar and refuse any substance of
fered for the genuine. Ask for Fol
ey's Honey and Tar and refuse any
substitute ottered as no other prepera
will give the same satisfaction. It is
mildly laxative. It contains no opi
ates and is safest for children and
delicate persons. Sold by all Dealers.
Miners Elect Officers.
Des Moines. March 6.—The United
Mine Workers of America elected offi
cers for the new year. The result of
the referendum vote was reported by
the tellers as follows: President, J.
PI White, Oskaloosa vice president,
L. P. Joyce, Des Moines secretary
treasurer. Edwin Perry, Oskaloosa
auditor, John Reed, Boone.
Cured Hemorrhages of the Lungs.
"Several years since my lungs were
so badly aftected that I had many
hemorrhages," writes A. M. Ake,- of
Wood, Ind. "I took treatment with
several physicians without any bene
fit. I then started to tyke Foley's
Honey and Tar, and my lungs are
now as sound as a bullet. I recom
mend it in advanced stages of lung
trouble." Foley's Honey and Tar
stops the cough and heals the lungs,
and prevents serious results from a
cold. Refuse substitutes. Sold by
all Dealers.
Whitnah Is Found Guilty.
Clarinda, la., March 3.—Ferton W.
Whitnah was found guilty of man
slaughter in connection with the
death of Charles Middaugh, a young
farmer living near Clarinda. Three
other men indicted for manslaughter
for Midrtaugh's death were acquitted.
Middaugh was killed jn a row'near
the cemetery here early one Sunday
mornins last October.
A Grim Tragedy
is daily enacted in thousands of
homes, as Death claims, in each one,
another victim of Consumption or
Pneumonia. But when Coughs and
Colds are properly treated, the trag
edy is averted. F, G. Huntley, of
Oaklandon, Ind., writes: "My wife
had the consumplon and three doc
tors gave her up. Finally she took
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds, which
cured her, and to-day she is well and
strong." It kills the germs of all dis
eases. One dose relieves. Guaranteed
at 50c and $1.00 by Nick Doffing & Co.,
druggist. Trial bottle free.
Welcome Freight Rate Adjustment.
Des Moines, March G.—Grain men
of Iowa are welcoming the readjust
ment ot the freight rates on grain,
and with a rate of
cents from
Missouri river points to Chicago ex
pect a rate of 10 cents from Des
Moines. They state that a permanent
rate is more essential to the business
than a low rate and that the war of
the^ railroads crippled the grain trada,
Woman's Kidneys.
Women are more often afliicted
with kidney disorders than men, but
attribute the symptoms to diseases pe
culwr to their sex, while in reality
the kidneys are deranged. Nervoi
ness, headache, puffy or dark circles
under the eyes, pain in the back, are
signs of kidney trouble that must not
be Ignored, or a serious malady will
result. Foley's Kidney Cure has re
stored the health of thousands of
yeak, nervous, broken down women
It stops irregularities and strengthens
the urinary organs. It purifies the
blood and benefits the whole system
Sold by all Dealers.
Big Deal Falls Through.
Des Moines, March 3.—According
to a rumor that has grained considera
ble currency in this city, the Armours
of Chicago are at the head of a syn
dicate that ha3 made an effort to pur
chase the gaslight, electric light
waterworks and street car systems of
this city. The deal is said to have
failed because the street railway
would not give an option on its piant
Such an attempt was made recently
in Sioux City, but failed there.
Proper Treatment of Pneumonia.
Pneumonia is to dangerous a disease
for anyone to attempt to doctor him
self, afthough he may have the proper
remedies at hand. A physician should
always be called. It should be borne,
in mind, however, that pneumonia
always results from a cold or from au
attack of the grip, and that by giving
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy the
threatened attack of pneumonia may
be warded off. This remedy is also
used by physicians in the treatment
of pneumonia with tbje best results
Dr. W.J. Smith, of Sanders, Ala/,
who is also a druggist, says of it.
have been selling Chamberlain
Cough Remedy and prescribing it in
my practice for the past six yfears. I
use It in cases of pneumonia and
have always gotten the best results.''
Sold by Nick uoffiriglk Co.
•q-%- \v&\
i^pwywwww^payipip^Mjii^i i» a r-„
is the
The manufacturers of Royal
Baking Powder have had 40
years of scientific experience.
Every method of bread-and
cake raising has been exhaus
tively studied in this country and
abroad. ,*
The result is a perfect prod
uct in Royal Baking Powder.
There is no substitute for it.
The purity and efficiency of
Royal Baking Powder have
been commended by the highest
authorities of the world.
These facts mean two impor
tant things to all housekeepers:
First: that Royal Baking1
Powder is healthful and .,
makes wholesome food.
Second: that Royal Bak
ing Powder makes food
good to taste.
POVAT baking
Fatal Elevator Accident In Arsenal.
Davenport, la., Feb. g5.—A falling
elevator in the Rock Island arsenal
killed Edward O'Toole and injured L.
W. Hunt and August Abel. The three
were workmen in the gun carriage
Does your system need help? Mart-Er
Vine Tablets is the greatest nerve tonic
known medical science. These tablets
build up the nerves, and make good rich
red blood. SO cents. J. F. Berry.
fair treatment. Satis-
isfaction (ruarasteedat
the Au­
dubon Titarblf Worksof
Deen & Welch,
Audubon, Zowa.
Licensed Embalmer
X-fcense Ao. 589..
Store Phone 35 House Phone 37. •&.
iV. JP. hauritxen
Physician Surgeon
Special Attention Oiven To The
Diseases of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Physician Surgeon
Office Phone 53. House Phone 53
Office first door east of
Corner Drug Store, upstairs
Attorney at Law
Thirty years experience. Will practice In
all courts of the state. Does a general
law business. Give him a call.
Exira, Iowa.
Attorney -at Law
Money to loan and abstracts made.
.Office over the First National Bank
Physician Surgeon
Office ist Door West First National Bank
Office 'phone 63. House 'phone 3a.
Peter A. Miller.
Livery and Feed Stable
Bus to and from all trains,
The North-Western line will have
some exceedingly low round trip
Tourist rates to this famous resort
during the summer months.
In addition to Tourist rates to
Hot Springs throughout the year,
the North-Western line sells excur
sion tickets to Deadwood, Lead and
many other points in the Black
Ask any agent on the north-west
ern for particulars, or address,
J. A. Kuhn, A. G. E. & P. A.
Omaha, ebr.
Dist. Pass. Agent
'-'v -V?
One way and round trip tickets, Feb. 7 and 21, March 7
and 21. About half—in some casgs considerably less than
half—of what it costs ."you ordinarily.^Special sleeping
cars on these dates.
If you want to go to almost anyjpointjin the Southwest—
the country where you can' work out of doors all the year,
and the laud works with you—this is your opportunity.
Splendid climate, cheap lands, rich soil, mild |open win
ters, varied crops aud good marketsre making the South
west the most prosperous section of the United States.
Valuable information anil illustrated booklets^for'the asking.
Exira, Mwa

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