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Win. Olsen is laid up
tick of lumbago.
1 in the Fair Boob.
with an
George Scott has been drawn as a
Federal Grand Juror.
Tom Bruhu wa3 out in the country
for a short time Tuesday on business.
The lumber dealer unloaded one car
of coal and one ot lumber this week.
The Missionary Society met at the
home of W. A. Clark last Thursday.
S. C. Petersen and wife were guests
of Mr. and Mrs.Hans Carstenseu Sun
Peter Nelson received tvo cars of
coal this week and shipped out five
cars of ho}s.
Mortensen and Juel are enjoying a
good country trade now which keeps
them pretty busy.
Mrs. Alex McGuire visited last
week with her relatives at Maxwell,
Iowa returning Saturday.
Miss Grace Fair, sister of Mrs.
Heileman, returned to her hotue last
week after a lengthy visit.
Elmer Pigg witnessed the ball
game at Brayton Sunday and pro
nounced it a very nice game.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Thomas were
in Exira one night last week attend
ing the Queen Esther Cantata.
Clement Petersen started for west
ern Nebraska Tuesday to take a look
at the country and visit friends.
Miss Ella Olsen started Tuesday
for Chapelle Neb. to visit an aunt
residing on a ranch near that town.
P. Petersen, of near Kimballton,
had a car of World's Fair lumber on
track Tuesday to build a barn on his
Mr. Andrew Jacobsen left on Tues
day for western Nebraska where we
were informed he intends to take a
LOST—Saturday between Hamlin
and my place, package containing set
of side curtains. Finder please re
turn to Jens P. Christensen. lw
Frank Pfeifler was in town Tues
day and reports his machine as doing
good work, but not much of it now
owing to the almost daily rains
Hard, Soft, Nut and Threshers Coal
always on hand at the Elkhorn and
Kimballton bins in Hamlin.
tf Olvf Hansen, Manager
—rcifiteu a*fai'frerr"g¥nr~lyegt"J"oT
Audubon and wants to move there
before cold weather.
Arthur Godwin over in north west
Greeley accidentally shot himself
through the hand with a 22 rifle
Monday. A doctor from Audubon
was called who dressed the wound
Chris Johnson and wife drove out
to Elkhorn last Thursday where they
visited relatives a few days when
Chris getting homesick returned
leaving the good wife to continue her
Those interested in a rural route
west of Hamlin are now engaged in
looking over the ground and the
probability is that the route will be
established and the carrier at work
before cold weather.-
Hans Cartensen went over Tuesday
morning to the Botna where he had
bated his hook and soon returned
with a channel cat-fish which when
laid on the scales pulled down a lit
tie over four pounds.
.George B. Gill has purchased and
is hauling out the lumber for a new
house 28x30 feet with 18 foot posts.
When the building is finished and
reuly for occupancy we have the
promise to print the wedding invi
Hamlin markets—Cattle, butcher
stuff, 2} :P.t, tops, 5 hogs, 5.^
wheat, 07 o7c corn, 42c oats, 18ic
barley, 27c potatoes, :K)l- Cr. butter,
20c dairy butter, 15 eggs, 15c,
chicks, 11c hens, Oc ducks, 7c geese
tic turkeys, 10c.
J. P. Christensen lost a pair ot side
curtains lor a buggy last Saturday
as he was going to Kimballton with
a load of goods. The curtains were
for M. N. Esbeck and when found
should be returned to him as Mr.
Christensen can but poor.ly afford to
pay for them which of course he will
have to do if not returned.
Take Kodol After Eating.
After a hearty meal a dose of Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure will preventan attack
of Indigestion. Kodol Is a thorough
digestant and a guaranteed cure for
Indigestion, Dys epsia, Gas on the
Stomach, Weak Heart, Sour Risings,
Bad Breath and all Btomach troubles.
Sold by Nick Dotting & Co.
iSJ? h"iVd
£re gaining flesh
and strength by regular treat
ment with
Scott's Emulsion
tlnue the treatment
'JI,H^i^.eatheri smaller dose
and a little cool milk with It will
*£.. with any objection
which is attached to fatty
-ty pro
Send for free sample.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists,
409-415 Pearl Street, New York.
50c. and $1.00 all druggists.
If you suffer from the effects of
eye strain
No matter who has failed on your
eyes before. Thousands of people
are sutfering from numerous com
plaints and do notsuspect the cause
—eye strain—but when it is remov
ed their trouble at one disappears.
EYE STRAIN affects the nervous
system and is the indirect cause of
mote ailments to the human body
than anything' else.
Some of the Most
Common Systems
HEADACHE of any kind. Pains in
the top of the head or down the
back of the neck. NERVOUSNESS
dizzy spells, exhausted feeling:, e*c.,
or WATERY EYES, floating specks
etc. If you are wearing glasses
that do not stop such troubles, that
is the best proof that they are not
properly fitted.
Come to me and I can fit them to
stop all nerve drain and strain.
This is my one specialty, I do and
think of nothing else, and I am
successful when others fail. That
is why I continue my visits to your
city year after year while othej
specialists have made a few visits
and stopped.
Cross Eyes Straightened.
Diseases of tlie EYE. EAE,
NOSE and THROAT cured
Dr. AH. WEliER
at Park Hotel. Consultation
Thursday September 7th
Nine Deaths and Sixty-one New Cases
at New Orleans.
New Orleans, Aug. 22.—Yellow fe
ver report: New cases, 61 deaths,
9 total cases, 1,446 total deaths,
205 new foci, 16 total foci, 322
cases remaining under treatment, 328.
Though there was an increase both
in the number of cases and of fatal
ities, hopefulness continued to per
vade the federal headquarters touch
ing the local yellow fever situation.
Prisoners, court attaches and hang
ers-on at the second criminal court
were thrown into something of a
panic when a genuine case of yellow
fever was discovered in the dock.
The man was found ill among a num
ber of prisoners and the doctor who
was called promptly diagnosed the
case as yellow fever. The screened
ambulance immediately carried the
man to the emergency Hospital. A
flying squad was sent for and the
dock and court room thoroughly disin
fected. The patient was an Italian,
who was arrested on Saturday night.
Tiie jail will therefore be fumigated.
The situation outside of the city is
not so encouraging. Surgeon Guiteras
made an inspection of the Riverside
plantation in St. Mary parish and re
ports 100 cases. At Hanson City eight
cases were reported. Kenner also re
ports four cases.
Death of
Italian From South
Great Excitement.
Gregory, Mo., Aug. 22.—Three cases
of yellow fever have developed here
within the past twenty-four hours.
All are Italians. One victim has died
and the two other cases are said to
be very low. The three infected Ital
ians, with others of the same na
tionality, were brought up the river to
Gregory recently from Greenville,
Miss., and employed at track work
by the Burlington railroad. Monday
one of the men, taken suddenly ill,
was reported dying, and when physi
cians arrived they promptly reported
the patient was suffering from gen
uine yellow fever. He was isolated
promptly, but died within a few
hours. Two more of the Italians
were reported infected with the dis
ease. They were also isolated, as
were the other Italians brought from
Mississippi. Excitement is intense
and much indignation is "expressed
that the Italians were permitted to
slip through the quarantine lines.
Gregory is a lumber camp on the Mis
sissippi river, fifteen miles from Keo
kuk. la.
Soothing and Cooling.
The salve that heals without a
scar is DeWitt,s Witch Hazel Salve.
No remedy effects such speedy relief.
It draws out inflammation, soothes
cools and heals all cuts, burns and
bruises. A sure cure for Piles and
skin diseases. DeWitt's is the only
genuine Witch Hazel Salve. Beware
of counterfeits, they are dangerous.
Sold by Nick Doffing & Co.
Aged Woman Cuts Her Throat.
Atlantic, la., Aug. 21.—Mrs. Ann
Marie Beck, aged seventy-two years,
committed suicide by cutting her
throat with a razor. Ill health Is
thought to have been the cause of her
taking her life.
Was Wasting Away.
"I had been troubled with kidney
disease for the last five years," writes
Robert R. Watts, of Salem, Mo. "I
lost flesh and never felt well and doc
tored with leading physicians and
tried all remedies suggested without
relief. Finally I tried Foley's Kidney
Cure and less than two bottles com
pletely cured me and now I am sound
and well." During the summer kid
ney irregularities are often caused by
excessive drinking or being overheat
ed. Attend to kidneys at once by us
ing Foley's Kidney Cure. Sold by
Nick Doffing & Co.
Predicts Big Corn Yield.
Des Moines, Aug.-19.—P. G. Holden
of the state agricultural college stated
that he had visited cornfields in near
ly every section of the state and he
predicts a yield of 400,000,000 bushels
this year if favorable weather contin
ues. Last year the yield was about
325,000,000 bushels.
Nothing on the iYIarket Equal to
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
This fact is well known to druggists
everywhere, and nine out of ten will
give their customers this preparation
when the beat is asked for. Mr. Obe
Wituier, a prominent druggist of
Joplin, Mo., in a circular to his cus
tomers, says: ''There is nothing on
the market in the way of patent med
icine which equals Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
for bowel complaints. We sell and
recommend this preparation." For
sale by Nick Doffing & Co.
Child Killed by Threshing Machine.
Webster City, la., Aug. 21.—Violet
Lundgren, the five-year-old daughter
of John Lundgren, residing west of
this city, was killed under a threshing
machine. The machine was being
moved and the little girl, who was
playing about it, fell under the rear
wheel. Her head was crushed to a
A Warning to Mothers.
Too much care cannot be used with
small children during the hot weather
of the hot summer months, to guard
against bowel troubles. As a rule it
order of the bowels. Do not use any
substitute but give the old-fashioned
castor oil, and see that it is fresh, as
rancid oil nauseates and has a tend
ency to gripe. If it does not check
the bowels give Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedv and
then a dose of castor oil and the dis
ease may be checked in its incipiency
and all danger avoided. The castor
oil and this remedy should be procur
ed at once and kept ready for instant
use as soon as the first indication of
any bowel trouble appears. This is
the most successful treatment known
and may be relied upon with implicit
confidence even in cases of cholera
infantum. For sale by Nick Dofllng
& Company.
Father Cuts Off Child's Leg.
Tingley, la., Aug. 21.—While cut
ting weeds with a scythe Mr. Collins
of Tingley terribly injured his three
year-old child. The babe was playing
in the weeds and was entirely hidden.
The scythe struck the child just above
the ankles. One foot was severed and
the other badly cut. The child's con
dition is favorable.
Drunkenness Cured to Stay Cured by
No taste. No odor. Any woman can
give it in a glass of water, tea, coffee or
food without Patient's knowledge.
White Ribbon Remedy will cure or de
stroy the diseased appetite for all alcohol
ic drinks, whether the patient is a con
firmed inebriate, a "tippler," social drink
er or drunkard. Impossible for any one to
have an appetito for alcoholic liquors
after using White Ribbon Remedy. It
has made many thousands of permanent
cures, and in addition restores the victim
to normal health, steadying the nerves,
increasing the will power and determina
tion to resist temptation.
Write Dr. W. R. Brown, 218 Tremont St.,
Boston, for trial package and letter of ad
vice free in plain sealed envelope. All let
ters confidential and destroyecl as soon as
answered. White Ribbon Remedy sold by
druggists everywhere also sent by mail in
plain package, price $1.00.
Editors Wind Up Their Session.
Council Bluffs, Aug. 21.—The West
ern Iowa Editorial association brought
its midsummer meeting to a close
Saturday. While the attendance was
not as large as had been expected, the
meeting, however, was declared a suc
cess in every other respect. The
feature of the afternoon session was
an interesting talk by D. M. Harris,
the veteran journalist of Missouri
Valley, on "Forty-two Years in Iowa
G. B. Burhans Testifies
i* ,' "-fe
after Four
G. B. Burhans, of Carlisle Center,
N. Y., writes, "About four years ago
I wrote you stating that I had been
entirely cured of a severe kidney trou
ble by taking less than two bottles of
Foley's Kidney Cure. It entirely
stopped the brick dust sediment, and
pain and symptoms of kidney disease
disappeared. I am glad to say that I
have never had a return of any of
those symptoms during the four years
that have elapsed and I am evidently
cured to stay cured, and heartily re
commend Foley's Kidney Cure to any
one suffering from kidney or bladder
trouble." Sold by Kick Dofiing &
How to Avoid Appendicitis." I
Most victims of appendicitis are
those who are habitually constipated.
Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup cureB
chronic constipation by stimulating
the liver and bowels and restores the
natural action of the bowels. Orino
Laxative Fruit Syrup does not nause
ate or gripe and is mild and pleasant
to take. Refuse substitutes. Sold by
Nick Doffing & Co.
Mary Mapes Dodge Is Dead.
New York, Aug. 22.—Mrs. Mary
Mapes Dodge, poetess, editor of St.
Nicholas Magazine and of several
stories for children, died at her sum
mer cottage in Norrisville, N.
Qiven Up to Die.
B. Spiegel, 1204 N. Virginia Si.i
Evansville, Ind., writes: "For over
five years I was troubled with kidney
and bladder affections which caused
me much pain and worry. I lost
flesh and was all run down, and a
year ago had to abandon work entire
ly. I had three of the best physicians
who did me no good and I was prac
tically given up to die. Foley's Kid
ney Cure was recommended and the
first bottle gave me great relie'f, and
after taking the second bottle I was
entirely cured.'' Sold by Nick Doffing
& Co.
Congressman Laudenslager
Camden, N. J., Aug. 22.—Congress
C. Laudenslager of the First
New Jersey district is in a critical
condition at his home in Paulsboro.
Mr. Laudenslager was taken ill about
a week ago with kidney and stomach
Another Good Man Gone Wrong.
He neglected to take Foley's Kid
ney Cure at the first signs of kidney
trouble, hoping it would wear away,
and he was soon a victim of Bright's
Disease. There is danger in delay,
but if Foley's Kidney Cure is taken
at once the symptoms will disappear,
the kidneys are strengthened and you
are soon sound and well. A. R. Bass,
of Morgantown, Ind., had to get up
ten or twelve times in the night, and
had a severe backache and pains in
the kidneys, and was cured by Foley's
Kidney Cure. Sold by Nick Doffing
& Co.
Eli Titus.
Kansas City, Aug. 22.—Eli Titus,
for twelve years general live stock
agent for the Atchison, Topeka and
Santa Fe, died here of locomotor
ataxia, aged fifty-nine years. He was
stricken with paralysis seven years
ago and had not walked since. S
Cured Hay Fever and Summer Cold.
A. J. Nusbaum,Batesville, Indiana,
writes: "Last year I suffered for three
months with a summer cold so dis
tressing that it interfered with my
business. I had many of the symp
toms of hay fever, and a doctor's pre
scription did not reach my case, and I
took several medicines which seemed
to only aggravate my case. Fortu
natelv insisted nnnrj .Fflltyj'i'
me. My wife has since used Foley's
Honey and Tar with the same suc
cess." Sold by Nick Doffing & Co.
London Editors Not Very Hopeful.
London, Aug. 22.—The morning
newspapers are nqt very hopeful of
the result of today's peace confer
ence at Portsmouth and rather place
reliance on President Roosevelt's ef
forts to secure the prolongation of
the negotiations than on a disposition
of either side to concede something
toward securing a peaceful settle
ment. It is felt here that unless the
president of the United States is able
to prevent a complete collapse of the
negotiations, peace prospects are
most remote, since, if the present con
ference fails, it will be very difficult
to persuade the belligerents to send
plenipotentiaries to another confer
The Only Way.
There is no way to maintain the
health and strength of mind and body
except by nourishment. There is no
way to nourish except through the
stomach. The stomach must be kept
healthy, pure and sweet or the
strength will let down and disease
will set up. No appetite, loss of
strength, nervousness, headache, con
stipation, bad breath, sour risings,
rifting, indigestion, dyspepsia and all
stomach troubles that are curable are
quickly cured by the use of Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure. Kodol digests what
you eat and strengthens the whole
digestive apparatus. Sold by Nick
Doffing & Co.
Woman Bites in
Iowa City, la., Aug. 19.—Badly bit
ten by an infuriated woman, Mrs.
Winfield Carpenter, whose husband
committed suicide a few months ago,
is in the hands of a surgeon, the vic
tim of one of the most remarkable as
saults ever committed here. Mrs.
Carpenter alleges that Mrs. Patrick
Lynch struck her during a neighbor
hood quarrel and when they were
clinched knocked her down and bit
her in the arm and thigh. The wound
in the arm is long, deep and serious,
threatening to superinduce blood poi
Was in Poor Health for Years.
Ira W. Kellsy, of Mansfield, Pa.,
writes: "I was in poor health for two
years, Buffering from kiduey and
bladder trouble, and spent consider
able money consulting physicians
without obtaining any marked bene
fit, but was cured by Foley's Kidney
Cure, and I desire to add my testi
mony that it may be the cause of re
storing the health of others." Refuse
substitutes. Sold by Nick Doffing &
AT- 1
.-v »'.V
&& t.
Vr c.,
Send for free, illustrated literature concern
ing the locality that interests you and list of oppor
tunities now open. .*»•*
War against Consumption.
All nations are endeavoring to check
the ravages of consumption, the
"white plague" that claims so many
victims each year. Foley's Honey
and Tar cures coughs and colds per
fectly and you are in no danger of
consumption. Do not risk your
health by taking some unknown prep
aration when Foley's Honey and Tar
is safe and certain in results. Ask
for Foley's Honey and Tar and insist
upon having it. Sold by Nick Doffing
& Co.
Treasury Balance Lowers.
Des Moines, Aug. 21.—The balance
in the hands of the state treasurer is
now $950,000 and according to Deputy
Treasurer Willis will continue to de
crease. Giving all credit for the Oc
tober receipts Deputy Willis stated
that the malance in the liands of the
state treasurer next April, when the
legislature will pass its regular appro
priation bill, will be only about $400,
000. The amount will be lower than
it has been for many years.
Pleasantly Effective.
Never in the way, no trouble to
carry, easy to take, pleasant and nev
er failing in resultsare DeWitt's Little
area certain guarantee against head
ache, biliousness, torpid liver and all
of the ills resulting from constipation.
They tone and strengthen the liver.
Cure jaundice. Sold by Nick Doffing
& Co.
Tragedy at Iowa City Result of Pa
rent's Treatment of Son's Wife.
Iowa City, la., Aug. 18.—Thomas
Higgins of Chicago is in jail here,
charged with an attempt to murder
his father, John Higgins, custodian of
the Johnson county court house,
whom he shot in the face at noon.
Higgins fled after the shooting and
was pursued by the sheriff and posse,
to which he surrendered, waived ex
amination, and was held. Higgins
says he acted in self-defense and that
his father was about to attack him,
and that he fired impulsively under
the great excitement. They had
quarreled over the old man's treat
ment of the son's wife, who died re
cently in Chicago. The prisoner ad
mits writing a threatening letter to
his father from Chicago and that after
coming to Iowa City this week he car
ried a revolver constantly.
A little forethought may save you
no end of trouble. Anyone who
makes it a rule to keep Chamberlain,s
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
at hand knows this to be a fact. For
sale by Nick Doffing & Co.
The miserablest day we live there is
Da Hey8
to do than
They Appeal to Our Sympathies.
The bilious and dispeptic are con
stant sufferers and appeals to our
sympathies. Tnere is not one of
them, however, who may not be
brought back to health and happiness
by the use of Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets. These tablets in
vigorate the stomach and liver and
strengthen the digestion. They also
regulate the bowels. For sale bv
Nick Dofiing & Co.
Tho brightest blaze of Intelligence Is
of incalculably less value than the
smallest spark of charity.—Nevins.
Tim© Table
Exira* Iowa
341 8:10 a. m,
3W.„ .,..3:45 p. ra.
342 12:45 a. m.
344.... .5:00 p, m.
Sunday train 12:03 P. M. and 1:05 P. M.
I 4
September 5 and 19
A little more than half rate for the round
trip. Now is a good time to look the country over
and see for yourself what it can produce. It's the
most wonderful section of the United States from
an industrial or agricultural standpoint.
Div. Pas. Agt., Cedar Rapids.
$2.50 per hundred goes
for 5 years insurance in
the best companies. No
other represented in this
agency. If you have a
loss in the next 24 hours
we want to be in a posi
tion to pay you.
Continental, N. Y.
Queen, N. Y.
Phoenix, Brooklyn
Security, Iowa
Capital, Iowa
Merchant and Bank
ers, Iowa '/J
Iowa State, Iowa
Esterville Hail, Iowa
Phone No. 67 EXIRA, IOWA 8
12 to 38 inches in diameter.
C. M. PATH, Route I. EXIRA
An absolute epecllle and antl-*eptlc prop
•ration for all kinds of
A aura cura for HoarjaneM, Tonitlltla, Qulaiy,
In.'lamad, Ulcaratad and Catarrhal SoraThraafc
A praventlva of Croup, Whooping Cough aai
Xndorna bj tha lion Eminent Tbroat Bpoolat*
lata in the oouatiy.
•tumid ba kept In every home. Frloa
An Outing Guide
Before deciding where
to spend the summer,
secure and read "Un
der the Turquoise Sky
in Colorado." It will
serve to show you how
pleasant, healthfuland
economical a sojourn
in the ideal vacation
land may be.
bold by luck Dofiing & Co. "Ask fur the 1905 Kodol Almanac and 200 Year Calendar.
SB Cnlfc
Berc Uedlolno Co., Daa Uolnaa, Iowa
Sold by J. F. BERRY.
Mailed on request
Passenger Traffic Manager,
736 La Salle Station,
1. jA
The $ .00 bottle contains 2K times the trill site, which sells for 80 cents.
srs m'u

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