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Our Platform
Politically the Journal is indepen
dent and strictly non-partisan. This,
however, does not mean that it has
no views and stands for no fixed
The man who is able to see only
one side of things is narrow minded.
The voter who can think only along
Republican lines or Dmocratic lines
is not a safe man to decide public
questions, since in the very nature
of the case he can not be fair. A
prejudiced mind cannot see justice
and whoever can not see justice is
disqualified to act as judge.
A man should be broad minded
enough to see both sides, and candid
enough to admit right whenever he
finds it. A person who has no mind
of his own, but is really simply a
part of another man's mind, is of
little use or worth as a citizen. Yet
there are men who can think only as
other men direct or give permission.
An election is near and the time
is ripe for political tricksters to get
in their work. There are two safe
rules for voters at large to follow.
The wire manipulator is a danger
ous citizen and should be cast out
from our midst. Machine politics is
by him and through him and he
and his kind should be passed by on
the other side. The very fact that a
man is known to be skilled in in
trigue and political chicanery should
brand his name with dishonor. Can
didates, who are straight forward and
upright, should be brought forward
j^nd all others should be swiftly
turned down.
Also, political lines should be
largely disregarded in the choice of
county officers. A man's stability
of character, his integrity, and his
ability to fill well the place he seeks,
these are the vital considerations in
the election of the officers who are
to serve at home. We submit that
it is of little or no consequence
whether a man is a Republican or a
Democrat, provided he is the BEST
man that can be had for the place.
And as we see it, neither party has a
corner on the BEST men among us.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the office of County supervisor,
subject to the decision of the Republi
can primaries. T. J. ESSINOTON
Subject to the decision of the Re
publican primaries of Audubon coun
ty, I announce myself a candidate
for the office of Conuty Superinten
Upon the earnest solicitation of my
friends, I announce myself a candi
date for the office of County Superin
tendent subject to the decision of the
republican primaries.
I am a candidate for nomination
for County Superintendent, subject
to the decision of the republican
To the Republicans of Audubon
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the office of Re resent at
subject to the decision of the repub
lican primaries. 1
am in hearty sym
pathy with the policy of the Presi
dent for control of the corporations,
and all other legitimate reforms in
both the stale and national govern
ments. I am also in favor of the re
-election of Hon. Jonathan P. Dolliver
who has so ably and faithfully repre
sented our people in the Senate of
the United States. If nominated and
elected, I will do my best to give you
honest and faithful service.
I am a candidate for the ollice of
County Supervisor subject to the de
cision of the republican primaries.
fel am candidate for the ollice of
County Supervisor subject to the de
cision of the republican priniHrien.
I desire to be considered a candidate
for re-election to the board of super
visors. subject to the will of the voters
at the republican primaries.
I announce myself a candidate for
the office of representative for Audu
bon County subject to the decision of
the republican primaries.
Announce my name for the
'"aftlce of County Supervisor
subject to the decision of the
republican -primaries.
(-iKOKCK M. Ross.
Please announce my name for the
of Sheriff of Audubon County
suJbiect to the decision of the republi
can primaries. D. W. FI'LLKIITON.
I am a candidate for Sheriff of And
ubon Countv subject to the decision
of the republican primaries.
I am a candidate for the office of
County Treasurer of Audubon county
aubjeo't to the action of the republi
can primaries.
name as' a
of Sheriff of
Please announce my
candidate for the office
Audubon County subject to the will
ofjthe republican primaifes.
Mark Nelson,
WANTED:—A few head of cattle or
horses to pasture by the month or
season. tn 3
Mr. ,lohn McGuire, that success
ful farmer of Melville township,
was down Saturday and purchased
a tine car load of fat cattle from
August Wahlert which he shipped
to market that evening.
Joe Gearheart and wife received a
letter from Peter Reesgaard whom
it was reported was killed some
time ago out in Wyoming, saying
thathe is still alive and kicking
which is good news to his child
who lives at the Gearheart home.
Bertha Channon, who has been
passing two months with her
grand parents, John Young and
wife of Ankeny near Des Moines,
returned to the home of her parents
James Channon and wife up in
Greeley, Saturday.
Edwin Delahoyde put the cement
sidewalk builders to work this week
and had a curbstone laid the entire
length of his residence lots up in
the Heights, the fence turned down
in front and the ground graded
down to the curbstone, which
makes a very pretty appearance.
George McClain and son, Earl
McClain, returned from Canada,
Saturday noon. Mr. McClain will
remain about one week but Earl
will not probably go back, the
country not agreeing with him, the
young gentleman being sick all the
time he was up there.
We will have our Pacing Stallion
Rapid Wing at Henry T. Kroeger's
livery stable, in Exira, every day in
the week at the same old fee of
$10.00 to insure. Seeing his colts Is
all the ad he needs.
,• ^n""37v i'*v ^--.
eath has had a string1 of
cement sidewalk laid in front of
his home down in Middleport.
Mrs. S. N. Jensen, of Newhall. is
here having a good visit with her
sister, Mrs. Chris Tensen.
Doctor Newlon and E. D. Powell
drove up to Audubon, Saturday
and passed the day calling on
Charles Scharff went to Des
Moines Saturday to visit his wife,
who is studying music at Highland
Park College.
Little beds of flowers,
Little coats of paint,
Make pleasant cottage
Out of one that ain't.
George Knees, of Audubon town
ship, sold a fine Short-horn bull to
John Hay, who lives a little way
east of town, last Thursday.
William Delahoydeand wife went
to Audubon, Saturday afternoon to
visit with his sisters, Mesdames
Lena Walker and Charles Van
Mrs. Minnie Andersen and sister,
Verna Croy, came home Saturday
from a good visit with their brother
Albert Croy and family over about
We noticed Don Preston, Frank
Tharnish, John Jones and Lu Loss
also some other Audubon people
intently watching the ball game
between Brayton and Exira.
The injury Walter Nelsen sustain
ed one night last week when his
pony ran away was much more
severe than it was at first supposed.
His leg and ankle continued
bothering him so Doctor Jacobsen
was called who found that the leg
was broken in two places and the
ankle was dislocated besides.
William Thielen, of Brayton, and
William Van Aernam, of Exira
were in the city for a short time
while enroute home from Chicago
where they had been with some
stock that they had marketed. They
both report plenty of etock for sale
at the yards in Chicago, but both
were well pleased with the prices
leceivedfor their stulT.—Thursday
Atlantic Telegraph.
The farmers around Breara have
subscribed $150.00 to assist in pay
ing the expenses of making a sur
vey for the interurban liue which
is headed that way. We hope they
will be successful in securing the
road but someway The Tribune
cannot grow very enthusiastic over
these proposed roads there are too
many of them built on paper and
blown away with the "wind" be
hind them—Anita Tribune.
Major S. H. Harper, Commander
of the Department of Iowa for the
(irand Army of the Republic, has
sent out, from Ottumwa, his annual
order calling for the observance of
Memorial Day, on May thirtieth. In
this he asks all patriotic citizens of
the state, the school children and
Wonians' Relief Corps Societies to
co operate with the Grand Army
Posts in making the day a success.
He urges a sacred remembrance
of the spirit of the day and repeats
Commander-in-Chief Tanner's rec
ommendation as to the graves of
Confederate soldiers, that should
any of them be buried in the ceme
teries near you that you see to it
that their graves are strewn with
garlands of sweet wildwood flow
to At-
... -.is week
a tters.
N. L. Petersen, living west from
Exirn, has a man at work laying
tile on his low farm lands.
Henry Heckman made a husiness
pilgrimage to Atlantic last Thurs
day evening.
Miss Ellen McGuire, of Melville
township, was in Kxira Saturday on
The workman did soaie repair
work upon the Congregational
parsonage, this week.
Merchant Fred Vermilya, of
Audubon, was down Friday
afternoon calling upon his friends.
Thoroughbred Barred Plymouth
Rock hatched chicks for sale.
Mollie Delahoyde came home,
Friday morning, from Atlantic,
where she had been on a short visit
with friends.
H. R. Smith was up on the streets
Saturday morning, the first time
since he got hurt which was many
moons ago.
Miss Ethel Riley was at Atlantic
over lastThursday night calling on
friends and attending Episcopal
J. D. Herrick has had a long
string of cement sidewalk laid
along the north side of his residence
lots just west of the Journal office.
The trustees of Bowman Chapel,
just northeast of Greeley township,
have decided to make some repairs
upon their church building, this
Mrs. Lizzie Gault has had a
cement walk laid in front of her
brick business store, which is
occupied by Oluf Jensen with his
stock of general merchandise.
Misses Maurine Jensen, Ina Bru
ner and Messrs Neal Jensen and
Charles Hockenberry drove over to
Anita, Sunday morning,and passed
the day calling upon relatives and
We are informed that Mrs. Sarah
Bailey is not at all satisfied with
Oklahoma and may soon return to
Exira to make her home with her
daughter, Mrs. William Fulton
down in Kickapoo Park.
The trustees of the Exira Congre
gational church have decided to
place a new lighting plant in the
church and have ordered the kind
that is made in Minneapolis, Minn.,
and they are used in most of the
business houees of our city.
SUBJECT: SJU1 and Body.
GOLDEN TEXT: ''Christ is the
head of the church and he is the
saviour of the body." Epbesians,
fifth chapter and twenty-'hird verse
Fred Beck, the hustling farmer
and milk hauler out west of town,
was in Brayton last Saturday after
noon and took with him thirty
eight bushels of potatoes which hs
will plant on his farm. Mr. Beck
will raise quite a sprinkling of po
tatoes this season.
A little Exira girl was requested
by her teacher to write an eBsay
containing two hundred and fifty
words about a bicycle and submit
ted the following: My auntie went
out for a ride on her bicle the other
afternoon and when she was about
one mile from town the chain broke
and she had to carry her bicycle
home", (iuess that is about fifty
words and 1 think auntie said the
other two hundred while she was
carrying the wheel home.
He strolled up the street at night
fall and noticing H. E. Menefee,
our new base ball pitcher standing
near with his ball cap on his head
he exclaimed What, have you got
a base ball club in this town' 1
should say we have, replied Mene
fee." I'm a ball player myself said
the stranger and a pitcher." Well,
by gum, said Menefee you're just
the fellow we've been looking for,
come down to the grounds and let's
see you throw few." He went
down and what he did, Beemed to
pleaae the captain of our team
so he quizzed him, found out that
his name was Erb and by throwing
out strong inducements he was
prevailed upon to remain and pitch
a few games for our team.
One of the largest attended
meetings that was ever held in
Exira by the Eastern Star Lodge
was the one that was held last
Friday evening, every member but
two being in attendance. Rev. and
Mrs. Aten, of North Branch Fred
Searles and wife, of Hamlin town
ship Mrs. Chandler and Mable
Keith, of Audubon were all here to
enjoy the occasion, the latter lady
being one of the officers of the
Ladies Chapter of this city. Mrs.
Crooks, Deputy Grand Matron of
the state, was present, watched the
ceremony of conferring the degree
upon Professor F. A. Nims, and
paid the ladies a high compliment
upon the efficiency of the work and
the professor said the ceremony
was so fine, beautiful and impress
ive that he was delighted with the
degree as conferred. At the conclu
sion of the work. Worthy Matron
and Mrs. M. .1. Riley announced
that luncheou was ready and all
present enjoyed the jolly fine spread
which the ladies had prepared.
Exira has as fine a working team
in the Star aB can be found any
where in the state and we are all
proud of them.
tf. £$
ft «--',rY
W. J. Lancelot, Editor W. H. Lancelot, Publisher
Horatio P. Smith, of Ohio, was in
the city a little while, Saturday,
calling on his friend, Hon. H. F.
John_ Crane came home Friday
and will remain until about the
first of June when he will again go
on the road for the Perry Nuraery
All those wanting work done by
The Cemetery Association on their
lots before Memorial day please
leave orders with Mr. and Mrs, L.
E. Born or Mrs. Anna McAninch
not later than May fifteenth.
J. C. Powell is having a good time
hob nobing around with "Teddy
Roosevelt", this week at Washing
ton D. C. and will be at home
tomorrow or the next day.
Adam Seibert is in receipt of a
letter from his sister, Maggie
Seibert, whose home is down in
Oklahoma, which says that the
corn is all up there and just looks
Mrs. Theodore Gearhart and baby
arrived from her home out at
Neola, Saturday evening, to visit
her sister, Mrs. Charles Spencer, of
this city and other relatives in the
Someone made a common error
in reporting the number of cases of
eggs, Hansen, Lohner& Company
shipped out of Exira during the
mouth of April. The number of
cases should have been three hun
dred and seventeen not two hundred
and sixty seven as published last
Bert Parrott and wife have decided
to locate in Atlantic for the present
at least until he can find a place
that just suits him. He went out 10
Omaha to look at a residence but it
was outsixmiles from the business
part and decided that was too far
for him.
Frank Beers, of Greeley township,
was upon our streets Saturday but
he had to resort to a pair of crutches
to help him navigate successfully
because he accidentally let his
footing slide off the roof of one of
his buildings and sprained one of
his ankles badly.
Frank Navratil, of Audubon
township, started Saturday noon
for Torrence, New Mexico. He will
first go down where the W. R.
Bruner family reside then go up
along the Pacific coast from
southern California as far as
Washing-ton state trying to find a
spot that beats good old Audubon
Therewasauotherhappy birthday
party at the home of Peter
N. Lauritsen and wife, a few miles
out northwest of town, Sunday.
Hia brother-in-law, H. P. Petersen,
of the firm of Hansen, Lohner and
Company, headed by a party of
friends from Exira, who went out
there that day to pay their respects
to the worthy couple, and get a
taste of the good dinner which the
housewife knows so well how to
prepare. The neighbors for miles
around gathered at the farm home
and one of those real down right
visiting bees was indulged in by
the invading gueBts.
Exira Model Creamery.
The Exira creamery is under the
able mauagement of C. C. Nelson
assisted by his brother, L. P.
Nelson. The creamery is one of
the few in Iowa where its patrons
have learned for themselves—and
dearly too—that it pays to patronize
home institutions rather than the
out of town concerns. The much
cherished—by their owner—consol
idated plants, did well and lost lots
of money, trying to draw the trade
away from our home creameries, by
giving high tests and a few cents
above the market per pound for
butter fat. They had hoped by
this method to freeze out the small
creameries and in fact have done
so in hundreds of cases in Iowa
but the deception is so apparent
now as their patrons have learned.
The cream they sent awav lately
is reported to be poorer than the
last can was, it only tested :oj
instead of 40 as had been done
heretofore. The can was not so
full, having only 8I-! pounds in it.
The market was off '1 cents la«t
week so that we cant pay but IS
cents. This is the consolidated
plants method of squeezing the
farmers. The loss on this one can
is otf in test, 2 pounds shrinkage
and 2 cents off market value. The
separator was not changed for a
thinner cream and the same hand
had turned it as for the previous
shipments. The same can carried
it to the plant as it had been doing
for some time and it was filled and
weighed by the same person before
its shipment and the weight had
never varied before. The home
creamery paid the same as usual
and why should the consolidated
deduct two cents per pound. The
loss on this can figures just $1.58
less than has several before it.
The loss to the farmer is the gain
to the consolidated. Multiplied by
their hundreds of patrons, gives
this Trust, that the farmers are
themselves building, the dividends
that the farmers are entitled to.
This is not one particular case,
Audubon County is full of them.
About 35 new patrons have come to
the Exira creamery this spring.
Their output is about a ton of
butter more than it was last year
for April. The cow is the mortgage
lifter provided you get the profit.
A dandelion is every bit as pretty
as a daisy or a chrysanthemum.
Mt. Hecla, the noted Icelandic
volcano, is in a state of eruption.
Jerez, Spain, although a city of
inhabitants, has no street
Every girl thinks her mother's
ideas about love and sweethearts are
old fanhioued.
Lake Tchad, of Africa, is drying
up. It is so shallow that it is no
longer navigable.
Mutton sometimes sells for two
cents a pound in Australia. There
is no meat trust in that country.
If husbands had to do the spring
house cleaning there might be some
excuse for them losing their tempers.
The debt of the city of Paris is
the largest of any city in the world,
amounting to §400,000,000.
Sarah Bernhardt got $1,500 for two
hours' acting in Des Moines recent
ly although she is 02 years old. Her
company was paid besides.
"The instruction of the young
must be a delightful occupation! Is
it not, Professor?"
"Yes, Madam, it is not."
In England it is becoming difficult
to rent houses on roads used by au
tomobiles, because of the dust raised
by the machines.
The salary paid the head of one
life insurance company is greater
than the combined salaries of the
presidents of fourteen leading uni
versities of the United States.
A person who writes an objection
able book in China is punished with
100 blows of a heavy bamboo and
banished for life. Those who read
the book are also punished.
"Our bookkeeper has some very ec
centric ideas."
"Yes, she enters our messenger
boy's wages as 'running expenses.'
Last year the animals in the Lon
don Zoo were fed 207 horses, 270
goats, 84,921 pounds of fish,
25,190 eggs, 6.S55 quarts of milk
and 137 loads of hay.
The waste of sugar cane is first
rate material fur paper making. All
kinds of paper can be made from it.
The same can be said of corn stalks
and cotton plant stalks which are
usually burned.
Kelbesk, Russia, is located under
ground and is cut entirely from rock
salt. It is a town of 3,000 inhab
itants, all workers in the salt mines,
and the houses and streets are of the
purest white.
An extensive cave with a lake in
it licr enough to navigate a boat has
been discovered beneath tlio town of
Charlestown. Ya. Since the dis
cover j, the peuplo of the town are
alarmed lest they tumble in.
Zinc is the only material capable
of withstanding the peculiar climate
of Uarrira. East Africa. Hospital
church, arsenal and every dwelling
in the town is of zinc: the dead are
buried in zinc coffins and most of the
railway cars are of zinc.
Two great deposits of asbestos
have recently discovered in this
country, one of them at the bottom
of the Grand Canon of the Colorado,
and tno other about fifteen miles
from Casper, Wyoming. In tho lat
ter locality, it is said, as much as
82ti,000 tons are in sight. Hereto
fore our supplies have been obtained
mainly from Canada.
Tho highest balloon ascension on
record was made by (ilaislier and
Cox well in September, 1S(52.
They reached an altitude of seven
miles. The cold at this height was
about twelve degrees below zero.
(Jlaisher became insensible and Cox
well's hands were frozen but by the
aid of his teeth he managed to open
the valve in the balloon and descend
in safety.
$1.00 PER YEAR
A volcano in tho Canary Islands
that has long been dormant is in a
state of violent eruption.
O, don't the days seem lank and
When all goes right and nothing
And isn't your life extremely fiat
With nothing whate'erto grumble
at ?—Pathfinder.
The public school authorities of
Columbus, Ga., has ordered all
teachers to hold special exercises on
the Confederate Memorial day, June
3, and on the birthdays of Lee and
Davis, and to explain their meaning.
A farmer smiles to himself when he
Afield of whe.it that is due to his
A city man who can raise a sick
Expands his chest and brags to his
"You must find that impediment
in your speech very inconvenient at
times, Mr. Biggs."
"Oh, no. Everybody has his pe
culiarity. Stammering is m-mine,
what is yours
"Well, really, I am not aware that
I have any."
"Do you stir your tea with your
r-right hand?"
"Why, yes, of course."
"W-well that is y-your p-p-pecu
liarity. Most p.people u-use a t-tea
Kathryn Crane's music class has
been added too by a number of
scholars, who came .from the Oak
field neighborhood.
Burr Oak
cents each.
Fence Posts, seven
Steamship tickets to all parts of
theworld. N.J. Boose, west Exira.
Exira Won The Qame
The base ball eeaBon was begun
in Exira one day this week by a
game between the home team and
the Brayton club, played upon the
east side grounds in anything but
ideal weather for out-door sport, a
cold wind blowing from the north
west which chilled the players and
spectators alike, many of the men
wearing their overcoats buttoned up
to the chin and the ladies appearing
in furs and heavy wraps. The Bray
ton boys started off in a whirlwind
fashion and in the firstthreeinnings
piled up two runs while the home
team went plugging along with
only one up to the sixth inning
when they made two tallies but in
the next inning Brayton made one
more making the score sheet read
three and three right here Mr. Erb,
Exira's new twirler, tightened up
like a high water clam on dry land
and allowed the visitors no more
runs but in the last half of the
ninth inning they chased Claude
Kelsey across the home plate with
the winning run. The Brayton boys
play ball all the time and when they
are getting the worst of the deal
dig in all the harder, which iB the
only system upon which to play
the national game. They are all
perfect gentlemen and indeed it ia
a pleasure to have them come up
to our town and play ball then, too,
"Spooney" Freeman is a whole
circus, clown and all, and keeps
everybody in a jolly mood by his
quaint actions. When you take into
consideration the fact that that
was the first time our new battery
ever worked together and had nev
er practiced with the rest of the nine
we think they played a very strong
game and when warm weather
comes will be able to show much
improvement in their play. This
is the first litne Kxira has ever had
aemi-professioual players and
Messrs lirb and Menefee are cer
tainly like a boiled egg, hard to
beat. Then, too the Matt Thielen
pasture is a rough piece of ground,
cannot be scraped and put into an
ideal lield, which hinders good
playing. There was a fairly good
attendance for the first game, the
people seemed evenly divided and
rooted as much for out niue as for
the other. J. F. lierry umpired the
game and gave the best of satisfac
tion and Randall Hunter was the
official scorer. With Messrs. Erb
and Meuefee as our battery and
when they have taught our boys a
few of the tricks we will be able to
hold our own with any of the towns
in a radius of fifty miles. We've
got a chip on our shoulder who
dares to knock it off The score by
in uings:
Kxi it A
Dyer, :i 1
Knox cf
Kminor. ss
W Ivoob.
II Perry
Yarney lb
I' May '.ib
Kclsey... If
10 Piut ._
1* Ilailock
BHAYTON 1 1 0 0 0 1 ()—.'{
EXIKA 0 1 0 -2 0 0 1—4
Batteries: Brayton, Percy Free
man and Hunter Perry Exira, Erb
and Menefee Umpire, J. F. Berr*
Scorer, Randall Hunter.

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