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Audubon County journal. (Exira, Iowa) 1884-1993, May 17, 1906, Image 2

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In $100 Optional Payments
At Best Rates.
Uncle Mike Scharff, of Atlantic,
was courting last week.
A large shipment of cattle left here
last week.
Ex County Attorney J. M. Graham
attended court matters in Guthrie
Center last week.
Ed Freeman was down from Rock
well City on business last week.
Mrs. Anderson, of Denver, Colorado,
was in the city visiting her friend,
Mrs. E. J. Freeman.
Fred Budde is recovering from his
fall. The sprained wrist is some bet
ter but still very inconvenient to
With the German Savings
Bank at S per cent interest.
Optional Payments.
Audubon, loiea
More than $200,000,000 of American
capital is invested in Mexican rail
Dr. Fulton was in Des Moines last
week attending a convention of phy
sicians of his "school."
The good mother of our popular
attorney, Joe H. Ross, is making her
son a visit.
It is now proposed to make men's
suits out of paper so that they can be
thrown away when spoiled.
The movement for a two cent world
postage stamp has failed. They no
doubt thought it was another "Yan
kee trick."
We have secured the exclusive agency for tlie celebrated
"Camel Skin" line of mens' and boy's footwear. This line
cannot be surpassed in wear, fit and appearance, and to
gether with our famous "Buffalo Calf" lines, makes a com
bination hard to beat. The "Camel Skin" shoes made in
Blucher and straight lace, single or double soles, gusset
tongues, and reinforced with extra back stays and sewed
with extra quality of silk, reduces the chances of ripping
to a minimum. Try a pair of these for your next pair
of work shoes.
Rasmussen & Jensen
Reliable Footwear
Dannebrogs Bazaar
D. B. S. Hall
1. Piano Solo Nonnens B0n
2. Piano Solo Stars and Stripes
3. Det Serte T0j
4. Piano Firehandig
5. Sumbien
('). Foredrag af Smaa Folk
7. Sang af Capt. Grant's B0rn med Alt solo
8. Komisk Foredrag
9. Kobbersmedens Vise
10. Baronen og bans Oppasser
11. Engelske Sooialister
12. Farvel lille Gretlie
Salen aabnes Klokken 2 Efftermiddag,
og fortssettes til Alter udsolgt og Pro=
grammet tilende. Der vil blive
serveret, Forfriskninger hele Tiden og
musikalsk Underholding af bekjendte
Musikere. Alt vil blive gjort for at Alle
kan tilbringe en baade morsom og
behagelig Dag.
Overskudet vil blive Anvendt ved
Oprettelse af et Godt Dansk Bibliotliek
Koni Alle og li.ja)io et Godt Formaal.
Graver Modtages^MedTak.
Day Phone 160
Night & Sunday 249
Dr. Lauritzen has been absent from
business a few days recreating in the
Mrs. O. C. Donaldson has returned
from her visit at Broken Bow, Ne
braska, where she went to attend the
wedding of her son, Wesley.
Andrew Carnegie says the United
Statea and England are destined to
become one nation. We want to
know which one, please.
"What do you think of our new
foreman, Jimmy?"
"Say, dat fellow could print all he
knows in display type on a postage
stamp widouc cancelling de stamp."
Cement is the popular material with
which to replace the old and worn
out board sidewalks. The popular
man to do the work is Wils Staley.
If Staley has charge of the work, it's
a guarantee that it will be attended
to right.
Chris Haderer has completed the
Gene Johnson house and if an honest
job was ever done, this is one of them.
Mr. Haderer has the reputation of
practicing honesty in all his work
and the people have found it out. In
consequence, he has all the work he
can do, contracted, for months ahead.
Mr. John A. Nash was very much
pleased with the surgical ability prac
ticed by the Rochester, Minnesota,
surgeons in his case, and reports
patients coming to the infirmary from
all over the world. They are eminent
men of the country, and their ser
vices are in great demand.
The reminiscences of bygone days
were all gone over last week with our
Clerks of the Courts, Charles White,
and Attorney, H. J. Mantz, when
their old chum, the baseballist, foot
ballist and hazer, Attorney F. J.
Ehrhardt, of Des Moines, called just
to stay over Sunday." And still the
hoys are alive to tell the tales.
John Weighton has in course of
construction anew building near the
C. R. I. & P. depot in which he ex
pects to manufacture c-ment blocks,
bricks and other specialties along
that line. He has engaged the ser
vices of Mr. Bert Eaton, an exper
ienced cement man. If there is any
thing that's first class John is after
it. The cement industry is in its in
fancy, but must be respected.
What have women contributed to
ward the upbuilding of our city?
Many, many things,—-yea, more than
can be enumerated in the brief space
at command. There was a time in
the history of the world, 'way back
in Paul's day when woman was
looked upon with disfavor,—that was
the unchristian era. Today the situa
tion is vastly different, and instead of
woman being inferior to man, she has
proven herself to be his equal,—if not
his superior.—in many of the virtues
that make good citizenship.
Another Bid From Smutney For Your Business
This is another urgent invitation from Smutney for your patronage,
If you haven't been in yet, you don't know what you are missing.
If you have been in, call again and you will find new bargains. Sup
pose you were to see a bunch of silver dollars rolling toward you.
Would you run from them? Then go to Smutney's.
The women of Audubon have labor
ed earnestly and long in an endeavor
to maintain truth and sobriety in the
home, teaching their sous and daugh
ters that these are cardinal virtues,
and are to be prized far greater than
rubies. They have recognized the
fact that home life is the foundation
of all life, aud that municipal, state
and national existence is pure. The
women of Audubon have been the
silent force,—the undercurrent, that
has been working so effectively thru
the years, the result of which has
meant the ushering in of social con
ditions that are extremely wholesome
Audubon to Celebrate.
The general committee having in
charge the Fourth of July celebration,
met at the call of the president, Fred
Vermilya, and appointed the follow
ing sub committees to proceed with
the preparations
General Committee: A. H. Roberts.
P. A. Rasmussen, E. 8. Van Gorder,
J. F. Russell, E. F. Bilnttrz.
President of the Day: Geo. Cosson
Marshals of the Day: E. M. Jolin
Bon and Dan Kerwin.
Speakers: George Cosson and H. J.
Finance: J. F. Russell, E. S. Van
Gorder, P. A. Rasmussen, J. M.
Salute: H. W. Wilson.
Grounds and Decorations: F. S.
Watts, Nels Jensen, Dan Freeman,
W. H. Cowles, C. C. Harper, O. B.
Muttic: A. H. Roberts, F. H.
Adams, Mrs. Dr. Brooks.
Advertising: R. C. Spencer, A. C.
Ross, F. W Smith.
Program: J.A.Nash, R. C. Rice,
Joe Ross.
Privileges: It. ('. Spencer, W. C.
Elliott, E. F. Hilharz.
Amusements: E. L. Finch, F. M.
Rice, F. Vermilya. 'ZZTZ
Novel Attractions: J. F. Russell,
Simon Hansen, F. S. Watts.
Fireworks: E. F. Bilharz, Nels
Jensen, H. C. Hansen.
I desire to be considered a candidate
for the office of Auditor of Audubon
county subject to the decision of the
republican primaries June 20th. I
took charge of the office January 1,
o. B.
For skilful work with a penknife,
probably Mr. Ed Smutney has the
most complete specimen of the handi
work of a Geni Homo that this con
tinent can produce. Call at his store
everybody, men, women and children.
He will charge nothing to show the
Arthur Farquhar.
Mr. Farquhar has lived, farmed and
caught school twenty odd years in
Melville township, where he still
owns real estate. Seven years ago, he
was brought out by the republicans
for County Superintendent and has
since held that office. Mr. Farquhar
has given good satisfaction as a coun
ty officer and oeing a young man
thirty-eight years is naturally ambi
tious. now asks the support of the re
publican party for the office of Repre
sentative from this district. He
places his name before you and asks
your kind consideration at the pri
maries June 20th. See his announce
ment on first page.
Nothing in this world gives us
more pleasure than to see our young
men and women so far mindful of the
conditions they have to meet, that
tbey will properly prepare themselves
for the responsibilities. Miss Eva
Luse, daughter of our respected citi
zens, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Luse,
of ss, was, for her superior scholar
ship, honored by being elected to a
membership of one of the societies of
the Slate University at Iowa City.
Miss Luse is certainly to be congratu
lated for her persistent efforts by
which she has ascended the ladder of
fame, as also are the lady's parents
for the early training that prompted
this noble effort. Go on, Miss Eva,
and gather in the honors that are in
store for you.
AVING purchased the store
of J. J. Quinby & Co., former
known as the Pioneer Drug
store, m. Cloughly], I hereby sol
icit your patronage.
I will keep a clean and up-to-date
stock in drugs proprietary medicine*,
toilet and sick room articles, per
fumes, stationery, etc.
Attention is especially called to
the Prescription department. My
long experience here and abroad is
your best guarantee for correct and
properly compounding.
A Borjesson
Registered Pharmacist.
The "Homestead" had a meeting
Monday night and initiated fourteen
new members after which they spread
a feast that was fit for a king. After
supper the boys partook of choice
HavanaB and finished the evening in
pleasant conversation.
On account of the Backward Season we
are overstocked with Men's and Boy's
Spring aud Summer Clothing. We
must turn them into Cash at once.
It is really a shame to sacrifice
new and stylish Clothing. As
we overstocked
lice TMs Sacrifice.
If you miss this great money sauing op
portunity blame yourself not us. If
you want good and reliable Men's
and Boy's Clothing, and for less
money than you can buy them
anywhere in Western Iowa.
Go to the Forced Sale.
The One Price Clothier, Audubon, Iowa
Phone 50
Wicklift, Kentucky, in extent about
two acres, has sunk over four feet and
the residents of that place are con
siderably alarmed over the strange
phenomenon. There has been no
earthquake, but the sunken territory
has every appearance of such a sies
mic disturbance.
•••-. rs.'-:-, -i~.v

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