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Lots of twine going ont of town
these days. .«,
There was no preaching in town
last Sunday.
Frank Stough was away a couple
of days last week.
Mr. It. C. Spencer was in town
one day last week.
Mrs. Ed Newell is supplying the
town with fine blackberrys.
There was a big party out at Mrs.
O. Welchs last Friday night.
Mrs. Edison Farrell played for a
dance in Manning one night last
A good looking rain is so much
needed here for the corn at the pre
sent time.
Mrs. C. E. Mertz spent several
days last week with friends, Mr. and
Mrs. Spurgeon.
Elmer Ellis went out to Mr. Brid
enstines Tuesday night to help in
the harvest field.
Miss Irene Creveling is spending
a few weeks with her grandmother,
Mrs. John Cameron.
Dr. and Mrs. Beers, Clio and
Ormsby spent last Sunday with
Edna and husband.
Elmer Audas is expected home a
bout the first of August having giv
en up his place at Vail,
Miss Clio Beers started Tuesday
for Salmon, Idaho, the doctor going
as far as Omaha with her.
Mrs. Higgins and Mrs. Iv. G.
Lancelot spent last Friday night
with Jesse Higgins here in town.
Rev. Hayes of Carrollton will
preach in the U. B. Church next
Sunday night, eomo out and hear
Mrs. Edison Fa IT oil is now pre
pared to civo instructions on the
piano. Correspondence answered
promptly. Gray, Iowa.
Pete TJvnlwig wont to Carroll anil
saw his Fil ter. Mollie ami Peter
Perion married Tuesday of last,
week. They went, to Sioux City to
buy their furniture.
Mrs. Lilly's body was sent from
Washington to Stuart Tuesday, and
miried Wednesday. Ora Corner
and wife attended
funeral, ahe
being liis grandmother.
Misses Stella and Esther Hepp
^started Wednesday for Dos Moines
where they expect to meet Mtiylon
and visit there a few days then go
oil down to Jasper Co. for a week
|or two visit before returning home.
You Can't Afford to
Pass Them By.
No. lf)2. HiO acres at $-0. Uniin
proved, all in blue, grass pasture. Lays
well, fi'ooil land, none ever broken, one
Shalf mile to school, $,'!UOO mortgage, can
run any'length of time at live per cent.
Uvill take$1000 to §:20(J0 and balance lu
the paid at rate of $2.50 per acre yearly
for if purchaser wants to improve to
(amount of $800 to $1000, there need he
[no payment, down. Owner will take
I care ot the mortgage. A grand chance
to get a home on easy terms.
1 QQ OQO Qpaf Y\ 1p nn TTfi Y1 rfl
Audubon Township.
Fred Boehme is on the sick list.
Henry llobson sold hogs in Exira
Roy Call marketed porkers in Exi
ra Thursday.
Charles Boehme marketed hogs in
Exira Friday.
Mies Clara Schwenneker is working
for Mrs. Lou lleckman.
Mrs. Minnie Petri is still quite ill
and is under the doctor's care.
Walter, the little son of William
Tibben and wife is on the Blck list.
Mrs. David Dutler is again serious
ly ill but is a triflle better at present.
Joe Vais and Lawrence Christen
sen marketed hogs in Exira Thurs
There was a pleasant dance at the
the A. F. Probaeka home Saturday
Lou Heckman is to return today
from Iewa City and is much im
proved in health.
We are glad to state that Mr. An
dersen is improving in health and is
able to sit up again.
Sarah Schwenneker celebrated hea
17 th birthday by giving a party to
her young friends Saturday evening.
A. F. Littlefield shipped a car
load of hogs to Omaha, Wednesday,
he accompanied them returning Sat.
Mrs. Mary Weguert of Adair has
been visitiDg with her relatives, Mrs,
Minnie Petri and the Charles New
man family.
Ross News
Chris Sievers Sundayed at the
home of his brother.
Miss Hattie Ehlert spent Sunday
at her parental home.
John Rutherford was a Ross caller
Monday of this week.
Harry Bates and wite visited Evert
Mates and wile Sunday.
Willie Johnston assisted John Eh
lert make hay last week.
Miss Goldie Cozine spent Monday
at the Clint St emu home.
Misses Anna and Lena lloust Sun
dayed with Miss Anna Swanson.
'Jaines Uutherford was at Vail over
Sunday calling upon his lady friend.
George Norlliup, wife and daugh
ter were excursionists to Lake View,
Albert l"'est and family spent Sun
day nt. the hoi.io of her mother, Mrs.
I'". Boers.
Mioses Anna Su anson and Anna
Boost were excursionists to Lake
View Tuesday.
Me*d.ames linhp, Hart, Shingle
decker and Elilurl were Audubon
callers Saturday. 1
Martha Bonnet, of Viol* Center,
visited at the A. Cjrwin home
Monday of this week.
1'nutan Sherman and family return
ed Monday from vi-dting relatives
at Kirl man and Jelfersou.
Miss Mary Smith, of Audubon,
waH visiting at the William Swansou
home tha latter part of the week.
Jay Shingledeeker and Nels Oleen
returi.ed home Monday from Canada
where they had been looking at land.
Mrs. Allie Qninby, who lias been
visiting her mother at Kirnhallion
returned last week. Mr. Quinby
drove down and spent Sunday with
Drain Tile, Hollow Block White Oak
and White Cedar Posts, Pittsburgh
Perfect Field Pence.=
A reaper's sweet lay in the dim
Rev. Charles Sloan made some pas
toral calls in east Greeley, Fridav,
July 19.
Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Berry were en
tertained in the Jamea Egan home,
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Anciaux spent
the Sabbath at her father's home in
Mr. Brown, of Guthrie county, was
rustling butcher stuff in Greeley,
Many farmers made vain efforts to
gather in their hay last week, but
weather was prohibitive.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boehme. of
Audubon township, were in Rev.
Griffin's audience at the (J. B. church
Tom Adair's faithful old family
horse "Dick" laid himself down on
a grassy bank by the water tank and
died last week.
It seems that but a glimpse of Min
nesota was sufficient to send the
Misses Eva and Essie Goochey hurry
ing back to Iowa.
Some people could not resist the
temptation to go out and monkey
with their hay last Sunday. This
does not seem so muoh of a desecra
tion as does ball playing.
Miss Lottie DeLaney, of Viola, is
spending a pleasant week with her
old friend, Mrs. John Shoesmith.
Miss DeLaney was once Little
Valley's successful teacher.
The indications are that the Repub
lican party will emerge tramped,
bruised, and bleeding from the state
convention. It reminds one of the
rabbles of Rome during the decline of
the empire.
Oh! Give
Oh, God! canst thou recover
This feeble life from blight,
And in this heart rekindle
A love for truth and right?
Oh! give to me the power
To think and love apart,
Like Jesus in the cesert,
From the wild world's wicked
Oh? give to me the meekness
And sweet humility
That shone across the bleakness
Down by Gethsemane.
After Sermon Thoughts.
-,. The embodiment of all that Is evil
would constitute a personal Devil
and, reversely, the embodiment of
everything good would constitute a
personal God. We inherit a pagan
bias to give both God and the Devil a
material existence each in a definite
and limited domain of his own but
enlightenment-i» forcing us to relin
quish this idei, and Reason rejects it.
It is possible, however, for a' human
being to embody so much evil as to
make him intolerable to civilization
and society. His influence is a deadly
poison to Virtue. He ignores the ex
istence of law in his endeavors to live
his evil life, in consequence of which
he is confined behind ironed walis.
lint all human devils are not crimi
nals, nor art' ill criminals Imimiu de
vils. The laws of nnn are deplorably
detect iv« mid inadequate, often
thrustinv' fairly ioort fellow into
prison, wirle they permit a writable
unman devil to run at large, besotted
libertiue-i that exuale a demoralizing
virus wherever they go. It is possible
for human society to reach perfection
in its osganizuiion only by conform
ing to the laws of God, which asser
tion brings us into the presence of the
following conclusion: When the
lavsof man and the laws of (iod are
identical, then will the human race
reach a painlt-ss equilibrium. Then,
ami not. until then can the hells of
heaveu ring over a world redeemed
and made happy by the fulfillment of
the mission of Ohyist. How many
significant inferences hover abput the
and m0re
9 ilwiUtt thinking you cannot get the tile. WE HAVE THEM
and the PRICE IS RIGHT. See those Hollo' Blox for foundation or £mall buildings of any kind-—you can do the work
yourself. Call and see them, and anything else you can think of we have and plenty of it, and the PRICES ARF RIGHT
Resolution of Necessity
Be it resolved by the town council of
the incorporated town of Exira, Iowa,
that it is deemed advisable and neces
sary to make improvement by con
structing permanent sidewalks to be
built from gravel and cement, accord
ing to ordinance, Number 48 of
this town on the following
streets and parts of streets, fronting on
the following premises to-wit: V.
W. Delahoyde, lot 2 of 11, Park street
Elizabeth Martin, lots 1 and 8, block 19
Jeannette House, lots 5 and 0, block 17
Jas. A. Guest, residence property on
Edgerton street Alex Kline residence
property, on Edgerton street Mrs. Gray
residence projierty on Edgerton street
May Repass-Bruner, residence prop
erty on Edgerton street Eva
line Heath, all lots in Hous
ton's Addition on south side of Wash
ington street on west side of J. G.
Gates property in block six on Carthage
street all situated in the town
of Exira, Iowa. All costs of construct
ing said sidewalks, assessable by law
against abutting property, to be assess
ed against said property, in accordance
with the law governing the same. Be
it further resolved, That the town coun
cil will meet on the 20th day of August,
1906, at 7:30 o'clock
P. m.,
at the town
hall in said town of Exira for the pur
pose of considering objections to said
resolution, and that notice of said reso
lution and passage be published as pro
vided by law.
Passed July 9, 190(5.
Published July 12, 19. 26, and August
2, 1906.
Attest: J. O. HOWARD,
London'* Comic Paper,
London Punch was concocted in the
back parlor of a public house behind
Drury Lane theater. The first editor
of Punch was the landlord of that tav
ern, and in that room assembled al
most every night some of the most
lively wits of the day—more noted, as
Dion Boucicault tells, for wit than
money. The landlord made punch, and
around the bowl those men would sit
drinking, smoking and cracking jokes.
The landlord proposed that their
jokes should not be wasted, that their
wit should start a comic paper. A
good idea, but what name to give it?
What name? The child should have
its father's name. And the landlord
pointed to the bowl of punch. And
the paper was started. It struggled on
for about a year and then was sold
for £100 to Eradbury & Evans, the
Arm that printed it. The best writers
In England hastened to their standard.
It lias the notoriety of being expelled
from several kingdoms on the conti
nent of Europe.—Sunday Magazine.
The San Not Iturii(-(1 Out.
It :'.s been stated by such authorities
us Kelvin, ".N'owconib and Ball that the
fnture of the sun's activity will ba
comparatively short—not more than 10,
91)0,000 years—and some have even sug
gested that the sun's activity already
shows si^ns of waning. So far is this
from being the case .that only one
i'ourth of our supply of energy has been
expended, and three-fourths are yet in
siore for the future life of the planeta
ry system. This opens up to our con
templation a decidedly refreshins? view
of the future and will jcive renewed
hone to-a!! who believe that the end of
nuuulaiw prpgrcss is not yet in sight.
Not. only should tlm future possibilities
of sei.eutiilc progress ln» vastly extcud
e.l, but there will in all probability he
the most .ample time for the further de
velopment of the races of beings in
aabitinvj this planet. According to this
view, the evolution of our earth is ?titl
in its infancy, with the zenith of its
spieu:.! far in ttie future.—T. J. J. See
lu 'Atlantic.
This Will Interest You.
A good livery barn i.\ a town of 2000
inhabitants. Barn covers one-fourth of
a block and will feed one hundred teams
at one time. Worth every dollar they
ask lor it.
so not be
The Word "Cannibalism."
The word "cannibalism" is really the
name of a people. It is identical with
Carib, many of the Caribs, who for
merly flourished in the West Indies,
having been consumers of human flesh.
The letters "1," "n" and "r" are Inter
changeable In certain aboriginal Ameri
can languages, so that Columbus found
one West Indian Island saying "Cani
ba" where another said "Carib," while
Shakespeare's Caliban Is another va
riety of the same. Columbus' own con
jecture was that the name was con
nected with the great khan, and later
philologists of the old slapdash type as
sociated with "canis," a dog. Ap
parently, however, the meaning of
"carib" was brave and daring.
No Faith In Him.
"Guess that freckled daughter ot
Thompson's must have a steady young
"What makes you think so?"
"The old man was in here yesterday
to buy one of these newfangled con
trivances that make a big saving In
the gas you burn."
"I don't believe the young man's a
steady. If he was they'd save all the
gas."—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
There Are No Certain Ones.
"The only objection 1 have to this
story," said the cynical bachelor, "is
the frequent use of the phrase 'a cer
tain girl.' The phrase is grossly inac
curate, as everybody well knows that
all girls are exceedingly uncertain."—
Chicago News. s,c.
Love when true, faithful and well
fixed is eminently the sanctifying ele
ment of human life. Without it the
soul cannot reach Its fullest height or
holiness— Ruskin.
Comfort and independence abide with
those who can postpone their desires.—
Success Magazine.
Only $40. per acre. 700 acres six
miles from St. Paul, Minnesota,
stock yards. 400 acres under plow,
300 fine timber pasture, near town,
railway switch on farm, large house,
large barns, plenty of water, all
under fence, must go, worth $60
reason for selling. No other agent.
E.xlra, Iowa.
to start
But chop into clean cut, uniform
pieces, all kinds of meat, raw or
cooked, also vegetables and fruits
fins or coarse as wanted.
All parts nicely Finished and Accurately Kited.
1 Four Knives with each Chopper.
the ditch
Cameron Township.
Charlie Farnham visited at the
Tho. Rutherford home Sunday.
Miss Carrie Kraul went up to the
lakes on the excursion train Tuesday.
Willie Johnston is helping Mr.
Eblert of Ross put up hay this week.
Mrs. Tho. Rutherford is enjoying a
visit from her sister Miss Hunt of
Harry Northup and family were
Sunday visitors at the home of
Wallace Bolton.
Mrs. Mabel Dreher is working for
William Schrader during the illness
ot May Schrader.
May achraeder was taken quite ill
last week aDd Or. Brooks was called
to prescribe for her.
Mrs. Charlie Zion came up from
Audubon on Monday for a visit with
friends and relatives.
The hogs are still going to market!
William Neitzel delivered a load of
iiae hogs Sat. at Ross.
Mrs. William Perrine was a visi
tor at the Joseph Johnston home
laBt Sund?y afternoon.
Miss Clara Cyrka and Miss Minnie
Xeit/.el visited at the William Ballou
home Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Mav Schrader went down to
Andubon, Monday to consult a phy
sician in regard to her health.
Miss Minnie Teesmau is assisting
her brothers, Herman and Otto Tess
man during the haying season.
William Schrader and William
Neitzel and wife, were Sunday visi
tors with Amos Posshen and wife.
Put Gorman's mother, Mre. Luz
wisty, ot Audubon, is assisting Pat
with bis household duties during har
Mrs. Parrott and Mrs. Harry
Northup were visitors at the County
Sfrt' Sfit. and Mrs. Patron's mother
Mrs. M. Zion returned home with
her to visit tier daughter and Mr9.
Parrot t.

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