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At & Per Cent. Complete set
of Abstract of Title to all
Lands and Town Lots in Au
dubon County
With the German Havings
Bank at S per cent interest.
Optional Payments.
8ucceed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and' female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
flf t.
Continental of New York
Queen of New York
8 Fidelity-Phexix of N. Y.
Capital, M. fe B., Iowa
8 Royal of Liverpool
Iowa State of Keokuk.
Security of Davenport
Hanover of New York
2 Des Moines of DesMoines
2 Estherville Hail
A Treat For Your Palate
Connecticut, Conn.
Farmers, Cedar Rapids
2 Over 25 years experience.
Theo. Patty
Phone No. 67 EXIRA, IOWA
Spending Time Over
Now.It's Time ft.
To Save wwrfWl
There is surely no better way
tion for a possible future in-
vestment or a nest egg for ai
"rainy day" than by opening
insure a neat accumula-
First National Bank
nf-f" mmm HSIISll^Si mm
5 «•**t4 1 (j
Delicious Meats and
Fresh Fish
Hides Purchased at
Highest Market
City Meat Market
H. T. KROEGER, Proprietor, Exira, la.
Fine Ice Sold and
Delivered Every
•. 4
Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer
5 Years Experience
Day Phone 10 Fviffi /nillfl
Night Phone 106 LXirU, lUWU
Cbmm. Van Oorder, President
John Mc.Daniela, Vice President
Ed Delahoxde, Caahter
Eocira, Iowa.
Collection* promptly attindad to.
Money to loan on good ••curltlM.
Bxchangt bought and aold.
"Too Late"
By L. B. G. M.
"So you won't marry me?"
"I do think it's a sin, Jack, for you
to Insist, when you know this Is my
first season, and I have looked for
ward to at least two years more of
"Very well, Dorothy, 1 won't say an
other word. I trust your seasons will
be bright, and I will endeavor to do
my best to make them so."
"Oh, Jack, you are a dear! We'll
not be sweethearts for some time
we'll pretend we're only chums."
Dorothy Madden was considered the
prettiest girl in the state, tall and slen
der, with laughing eyes, auburn curls
and a chin and mouth that were the
envy of all the girls around.
Col. Madden had at one time been
prominent in politics, but after losing
his wife his health had failed and little
by little his immense fortune had dis
appeared. It was quite a blow to the
family when they found they had only
their hojue and a few thousands left.
Jack Churchill was the heir of his
uncle, Robert Vaughn, the Michigan
millionaire, and was much sought
Two gay seasons had passed. Jack
did everything to make Dorothy have
pleasant time. The many late eve
nings, dancing, etc., began to show on
Dorothy she was thinner, her eyes
failed to have the brilliancy that at
one time made them so beautiful. And
Jack had never In the entire two years
mentioned marriage to her.
Col. Madden, seeing the change in
his daughter, and knowing that Jack
had not been to him to ask for Doro
thy, supposed she was grieving. Call
ing his daughter to him one morning,
he said "Dorothy, does Jack seem to
be as attentive as ever, or have you
lost your heart to another and refused
the boy? You know, my dear, how
we're situated. Margaret is old enough
to 'come out.' You were a year her
senior when you made your debut, and
It isn't doing her justice. You must
make up your mind to marry, and give
your sister an opportunity. I cannot
kegp two daughters in society."
"Father," said Dorothy, "two years
ago Jack asked me to marry him 1
begged him to wait I hated to settle
down since then he has never men
tioned it, but I will try to look my
prettiest to-night and see what 1 can
While Dorothy and her father were
talking in the library, Margaret was in
the summer house—but not alane!
"Sweetheart, though you haven't
made your formal debut, you can mar
ry me and we'll tour the continent and
you'll have just as nice a time as any
of the debutantes."
It was Jack who was pleading, and
the girl he wanted this time was not
Dorothy, but her younger sister.
"Well, Jack, dear," said Margaret,
"guess you're right. Dad hasn't the
money to keep us both in society, and
Dorothy won't marry. Come, we'll g#
to the house and tel) them the news.'
There was quite a contrast between
the sisterc Dorothy, tall and fail
Margaret, petite and dark, with largv/
gray eyes and the beautiful Maddetf
Dorothy had just finished her tali*
with her father, when the door sud
denly opened and Jack and Margaret,
hand in hand, stood in the doorway.
"Father, Col. Madden," called botft
of them, "we've come to tell you," coa
tlnued Jack, "we're going to be mar
Col. Madden tried to hide his buP
prise, for he had thought it was Doro
thy, npt his little Margaret, whom
Jack wanted.
"Margaret." said her father, "you
couldn't have looked the world over
and have pleased me better. Jack,"
he continued, "you can have her, but
remember, she is nothing but a child."
Dorothy, in the meanwhile, was try
ing to control her feelings. It seemed
as if lier heart would break, for she
loved Jack dearly.
"We're to be married on my birth
day," said Margaret, "which is two
months from to-day."
"I am glad you have appointed an
early date," said Dorothy, "for my ad
vice to you is not to be foolish, like 1
was, and wait until it is—too late."
Scattered Joss Worshipers.
A peculiar accident happened at San
Francisco recently, when an immense
box kite used for advertising pur
poses, suspended high over the city
suddenly broke loose from its lofty
mooring and sailed with great con
fusion down into the heart of China
town. It fell with a thundering crash
on the roof of a Chinese josshouse,
and instantly, its wi« iaving crossed
several live wires, there began a ter
rifying spluttering and flying of
sparks. The whole building jarred
when the mighty kite struck the roof,
and the fireworks that succeeded sent
terror to tlie hearts of priests and
Worshipers, who made a iiiild rush for
the st! cot.
Goose Thirty-Two Years Old.
John Henry Mattox, whose home is
In Goosepond district, is possessor of
a goose 32 years old. Its next birth
day comes in June. The goose stands
a good chance of living quite a while
longer. And, doubtless, Mr. Mattox
would not part with the fowl that has
been a member of his barnyard fam
ily for so long for any consideration.
There is also among his collection a
peafowl that if he lives to celebrate
its next birthday, will be !5 year* old.
--Oglethorpe Echo.
Alias Edith Gsbeck has returned
from Atlantic.
Dr. Soe of Elk Horn visited at the
Muller home Sunday.
Anna and Kristine Jorgensen made
a trip to Atlantic Tuesday.
Railroad meeting for A. N. & S.
was held in Atlantic Tuesday.
E Simonsen has moved the house
to town in which Peder Madsen used
to live.
Rev. and Mrs* Jorgensen visited
with their son, Makon Jorgensen
Peder Juel, manager of the Nelson
and Juel Lightning Rod Factory, is
hereon a visit.
Rev. Rasmus JeBsen of LookiDg
Glass, Neb. lectured at the S
Hall in Kimballton Tuesday night.
Peder Pederson has moved the
house he bought of Chr. Rasmussen
over on the lot opposite Hans Peter
sen's bouse.
Young People's Society of Kim
ballton will hold their next meeting
at Rasmus Petersons Sunday after
noon, May 1st. f'
Hans J. Jorgensen
Julius Larsen
For two years,
.VM V-H 7. r.r
Mr. and Mrs. Hjalmar Ra9mussen
went to Omaha the first part of last
week. Mrs. Rasmuseen will andergo
an operation while there.
Rev. and Mrs. Jorgensen and Kam
ma and Johannes Jorgensen made a
trip to Harlan Wednesday and Thurs
day. While there they called at Al
bert Hansens' and Norregaards.
a Petersen, Emil Tvenstrup and
Holger Petersen met with an acci
dent while on their way to Manning
in Mr. Petersen's auto. None ot them
were severely injured tho they all
were more or less bruised.
A secret meeting was held Friday
at the Farmers Lumber Yard to
chose two special men for the school
board election to be held op Satur
day. Mr. Oluf Hansen and Nels Jens
sen were chosen to go in the field for
the campaign.
Schoolboard was elected at Kim
ballton Saturday, April as follows
For one year,
G. S. Faaborg11 t
re a
H. C. Madsen
West & Bonueson, the Main Street
Blacksmiths, claim that somebody
has foigotto bring their lawn mow
ers to get them fixed but they are
still waiting tor them. You know
they have the machinery for fixing
those handy things and they know
how to ute it. So just bring them
along next time you come to town.
Aye! There's the Rub.
The amateur sociologist was airing
his views to an admiring and high
browed audience. A professional poli
tician, cleverly disguised as an East
side settlement worker, had managed
to pass the sacred portals, and was ob
scurely ensconced in a dark corner.
"Graft Is the curse of the American
government!" exclaimed the amateur
sociologist. "The rich man can buy
his way to political power, not that
he wishes to serve the people, but
simply to increase his wealth."
"Hear! Hear!" cried the high
browed audience, after the manner of
the English.
"Huh!" came a grunt from the cor»
"We don't want the "rich man In
politics," continued the speaker.
"What this country needs in offlce is
the poor man."
"How are you going to keep him
poor?" came a strident voice from the
And the amateur sociologist was
forced to admit that he hadn't thought
of that.
Royal Witticism.
In a biography of Leech the paint
er, who at one time acted as draw
ing master to Queen Victoria, the
late Mr. W. P. Frith related an amus
ing story, illustrating her majesty's
One day, in the course of a lesson,
the queen let lier pencil fall to the
ground. Both master and pupil
stooped at the same moment to pick
it up, when to the horror of Leech
there was a collision, the master's
head striking that of his royal pupil.
Before he could stammer out an apol
ogy, however, the queen smilingly
"Well, Mr. Leech, if we bring our
heads together in this way I ought
to improve rapidly."
It's just as important that you be clean
inside as outside—more so, in fact. Un
less your system is entirely cleaased of
all impurities, you cannot be one hun
dred per cent healthy, physically or
mentally. Hollister's Rocky Mountain
Tea is the greatest systemic cleanser
known. Niek Doffing.
This Fact that in addressing Mrs. Pinkham you are con.
fiding your private ills to a woman—a woman whose ex
perience with women's diseases covers twenty-five years.
The present Mrs. Pinkham, daughter-in-law of Lydia E.
Pinkham, was for years under her direction, and has ever
since her decease continued to advise women.
Hans Hansen was up from Hansen
Heights Thursday.
1 ./
Paul Nelson has been busy acting
as census enumerator the pist week.
Haas Rattenborg of Atlantic call
ed on friends in town last Thursday.
Holgar Jorgensen came up from
Atlantic and spend Sunday at his
homci here.
Mips Marie Buries has returned Iroin
Exira after having taken a six week's
course in dressmaking.
Miss Anna Carlson arrived Satur
day fr-^m Denver, Colorado after a
long absence from home.
Miss E. Soholm and K. Anderson
made the trip to Atlantic Tuesday
afternoon returning the following
Rev. A Laursen made bis regu
lar trip to Atlantic Sunday to con
duct divine services at the Danish
Church there.
Mrs. Marie Shack celebrated her
eighty-first birthday anniversary
Tuesday. A number of her frieods
took that occasion to call and offer
her congratulations.
John Petersen celebrated his birth
day last Monday by entertaining a
large party ot friends at his home
through the evening. Various enter-,
tainments were indulged in and dain
ty refreshments were served.?
Wilhelm Larsen who has been
spending the last four months here,
departed Monday morning for the
East where he will engage in work
as a sculptor. The many friends he
has made during his stay here wish
hirn success in his new field of labor.
The wedding of Miss Christine
Christecsen and Andrew H. Kroman
was solemnized at the Elk Horn
Church Thursday afternoon at 2:00
o'clock. Rev. Th. Jersild performed
the ceremony in the presence of rela
tives and friends. The guests then
repaired to the home of the bride's
sister, Mrs. Thomas Christensen
where a delicious wedding dinner
was served. The afternoon and even
ing were speut in asocial way. The
young couple will make their future
home in the village.
Foley's Kidney Remedy will cure
any case of kidney and bladder trouble
not, beyond the reach of medicine. No
medicino can do more. Sold by all drug
Many women suffer in silence and drift along from bad
to worse, knowing well that they ought to have immediate
assistance, but a natural modesty causes them to shrink
from exposing themselves to the questions and probable
examinations of even their family physician. Such ques
tioning and examination is unnecessary. Without cost
you can consult a woman whose knowledge from actual
experience is great. ,»r -f V,
Women suffering from any form of female weakness are in
vited to promptly communicate with Mrs. Pinkham at Lynji,
Mass. All letters are received, opened, read and answered by
women. A woman can freely tafk, 'cff' her private illness
to a woman thus has been established this confidence
between Mrs. Pinkham and the women of America which
has never been broken. Never has she published a testi
monial or used a letter without the written consent of the
writer, and never has the company allowed these confi
dential letters to get out of their possession, as the hun
dreds of thousands of them in their files will attest.
Out of the vast volume of experience which Mrs. Pink
ham has to draw from, it is more than possible that she
has gained the very knowledge needed in your case.
She asks nothing in return except your good will, and her
advice has helped thousands. Surely any woman, rich or
poor, should be glad to take advantage of this generous
offer of assistance. Address Mrs. Pinkham, care of Lydia
E- Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.
"Mound City Paints may cost a
trifle more, but—!"
Nele Hanson, Druggist.
The Sonnd Sleep of Qood Health
The restorative power of sound sleep
can not be over estimated and any ail
ment that prevents it is a menace to
health. J. L. Southers. Eau Claire, Wis.
says: "For a long lime 1 have been un
able to sleep soundly nights because of
pains across my back and soreness of my
kidneys. My appetite was very poor
my general condition was much run
down. I have been taking Foley's Kid
ney Pills but a short time and my gen
eral condition is greatly improved. I eat
and enjoy my meals ands eep as sound
as a rock. I can honestly recommend
Foley's Kidney Pills as I know they
have cured me." Sold by all druggists.
House Cleaning
Housecleaninghas no terrors for
thehousewife who uses this won
derful, all-'round Cleanser. It
keeps everything in and about
the farmhouse in spick and span
condition in half the time
and with half the labor re
quired by old-fashioned .clean
ers. This one cleanser
In the kitchen, dining
room, sitting room and
bed rooms, and does it
quicker and better.The
best thing for pots.kettles,
pans, floors,iin the dairy,
etc. No caustic or acids.
Hygienic. This ideal
cleanser works mechan
ically not chemically.
Try It Now

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