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|3r \jP
Cement Contractors
We desire to receive sealed bids
•$$iot the construction of cement side
.'Sfewalks and crossings in the incor
porated town of Exira to be con
jfV&Btructed during the summer of 1910.
^sfeBide must be received on or before
thirty days from this date, May 12,
1910. Satisfactory bonds must be
?|s iurnished insuring good work and
..is^bmaterial. The Council reserves the
r^right to accept or reject any or all
BplbidB. The time set for opening
bids is June 13,1910.
Object of Normal Institutes
The importance of the Normal Institute as apart of
our school system cannot easily be overestimated. To
many teachers it is the
Schools to be Closed
SECTION 2773. No school shall be in session dur
ing the time of holding Institute, except by written
permission of the County Superintendent. We are
opposed to schools being in session at this time. Yet
permission has been given if no objections have been
made by patrons. But in our opinion any school kept
in session so late as to conflict with the Normal Insti
tute is a case of time and money thrown away.
Regulations Governing the Issuing of Uniform
County Certificates
f. '0
-Regular examinations for uniform county certifi
cates are held on the last Friday and Wednesday and
Thursday preceding of the months of June, July and
October. See section 2734-c, School Laws of 1907.
When Admitted Under Age
Candidates who are under age will receive no re
port of the examination, nor will their answer papers
be returned. Should one under age be admitted to
any examination, the fee collected from such a candi
date should be refunded.
Program of Examination
The examination shall be strictly in accordance
with the following:
A. M.
8:00 to 8:30—Preliminary.
8:30 to 10:15—Didactics.
10:15 to 11:10—Orthography.
11:10 to 12:00—Reading.
p. M.
1:15 to 3:00—Geography.
3:00 to 5:00—Arithmetic.
5:00 to 6:00—Or at convenience of conductor
Oral Reading.
A. M.
8:00 to 8:10—Preliminary.
8:10 to 10:10—U. S. History.
10:10 to 12:00—Physiology.
Fred Smith,
Town Clerk.
school in which they can
get any training in the best means of discipline and
the most approved methods of instruction. To many
others it is the only place in which they can go annu
ally for new draughts of inspiration and enthusiasm
to refresh themselves for another year's work.
The most important thing to be done in an insti
tute is not to impart information that will assist in
securing a certificate, nor alone to drill in the latest
and best methods of teaching, but to inspire the life
less, strengthen the weak, encourage the discouraged,
and elevate the teachers' ideals of their work and life.
Monday, Jun6 13th, will be enrollment day. No
recitations on that day. The committee on enroll
ment will be at the high school building Monday from
10 a. m. to 11 a. m. and from 4 p. m. to 6 p. m. Be
ready to enter upon the regular work promptly Tues
day morning, and in order to do this it will be neces
sary to enroll sometime Monday.
M. E. Church Notes
Sunday School at 10:00
Preaching at 11:00 and 8:00 each
Children's meetingevery alternate
Sabbath at 3 p. m.
Prayer meeting Thursday eve.
Preaching at Old Haailin every
alternate Sabbath at 3:00 o'clock p.
m. and Sabbath School at 2:00 p. m.
Our Sunday School at Hamlin has
taken on new life. We invite all to
attend these services.
Children Cry
V,: r.-._ ... rtv. 7, .^.--:' -i -. '-"-.V"'.-.' --'^i~'~ 1. L»w •*. .''it
:r':. •.. /U
'i«l »-r-r i. \T* .' .. .v —^''V^ '. .-ir^T4*.- T*- "J- 'A.- :r L'
for Admission to Regular
^Examination ",
(a) If written in the January examination, the
eighteenth birthday must be reached by tlie first day
of next July.
If writing in the October examination, the eigh
teenth birthday must be reached by the first day of
the next February.
(b) An applicant under eighteen years of age
must write on the preliminary paper the day and
month he will be eighteen, and any papers submitted
from an applicant who fails to give this date, or whose
eighteenth birthday falls after the date given as pro
vided in (a) such applicant will receive no report of
the examination. (Rule 8.)
(c) Persons admitted to the examination under
(a), whose examination entitles them to a second grade
certificate shall receive the same at once. Those
whose examination entitles them to 3d grade certifi
cate shall receive "the same on the date the 18th
birthday will be reached.
1:00 to
2:00 to
4:00 to
y* j- K*
Greeting to the Teachers of Audubon County:—On the 13th day of June the Teachers of Audubon County will again
assemble in the capacity of a Normal Institute, TJ
p. M,
2:00—Elements of Vocal
4:00—English Grammar
8:00 to 8:10—Preliminary.
8:10 to 10:15—Elementary Algebra.
to 12:00—Elementary Economics.
1:00 to 2:45—Elementary Civics.
2:45 to 5:00—Elements of Physics.
Each Half-Day a Unit
If a candidate completes a subject before the time
set for the examination in the next subject is to begin
(rule 9), the County Superintendent may permit sucli
candidate to begin work on the next subject at once,
but work scheduled for any half day may not be tak
en on any other.
The conductor may also permit candidates who
•are unavoidably late to divide the remainder of the
half day between the subjects to be written that half
No Change in Program .V
The examination in any subject may not be writ
ten at any other time than that indicated in the pro
gram of examination as set out in rule 9 and modified
by rule 9 a.
Examinations May Not Be Divided
No examination or list of questions may be divid
ed into parts to be taken at different sessions of the
same examination. Having begun to write in any
subject the applicant shall finish it before intermis
sion and when an applicant enters an examination
he shall write in all subjects necessary for him to take
to secure the grade of certificate for which he applies.
^Answer papers must bear number but not name of
1 applicant.
i'J I -v'4 «, »y
First Examination—Subjects Required
A candidate appearing for the first time at a reg
ular examination must write in all the subjects re
quired for the grade of certificate desired.
examination may not be divided. A portion of the
subjects may not be written at one time and the re
mainder at another. See rule 18.
Second or Subjects
To The Public
a re a re to re
Gleaning of all kinds, gentlemen's
or ladies wear. Satisfaction guar
anteed. Prices reasonable. Laundry
basket at the Bishop Barber Shop.
Mrs. Henry Schwenk writes: "I had
eczema on my face for over four years.
We tried about a half dozen doctors, but
never found any enre. I have been tak
ing Hollister's Rooky Mountain Tea for
about three months and it has done me
more good than all the doctors' medi
cine." Winfrey & Chantry.
Re-Exam nation.
Required rv
At a second trial made at a regular examination
within a year from the first, the candidate will be re
quired to write only in such subjects as are necessary
to enable him to meet the requirements for the grade
of certificate be desires. See rule 27.
Options *,
When the candidate writes the entire examina
tion at the second trial, he may elect whether to com:
bine the results of such examination with the "first
examination" (Rule 22) or to consider it as a 'first ex
amination" of anew attempt. The choice must be in
dicated on the grade sheet and when made may not
be changed. When the grade sheet indicates nothing
it is understood that the candidate desires this exam
ination to be considered with the first.
The Third Examination
If the applicant appears in a third regular exam
ination all subjects required in the first examination
must be written, unless such applicant holds a second
grade uniform county certificate and is writing for a
first grade certificate, in which case the examination
need not be taken in subjects which have black ink
grades of 85 per cent or above, or red ink grades of 90
per cent or above on such second grade certificates.
See rule 44. The third examination is the first trial
of another attempt to secure a certificate.
Experience Necessary,
Candidates for first grade certificates shall have
had thirty-six weeks of successful experience. For
other grades of county certificates no, previous exper
ience is required.
Passing Grades-Regular Certificates
The average and minimum standing for each
grade of uniform county certificate shall be as follows:
First grade, average 85 per cent, no grade below
75 per cent.
Second grade, average 75 per cent, no grade below
70 per cent.
ELLA M. STEARNS, County Superintendent
City Steam Laundry
Audubon, Iowa.
Auto For Sale
Are you interested in a good four
passenger automobile —second
hand—that will 'get there and back'
for $325?" Car is in good condition
and is good for several year's ser
vice. It ia one that holds the re
cords for cheapness of repairs, thir
ty cars having averaged less than
$4 in repairs for each 5000 miles tra
veled. Inquire at Journal Office.
Would you lmve better health, more
strength, clearer skin, stronger nerves,
more elastic step? Use Hollister's liocky
Mountain Tea, the great vegetable regu
lator and tonic. One 35c package makes
105 cups tea. Winfrey & Chantry
When in the judgment ofsthe
v|h ,v.
en*. t*v .* Mi, 'A ./.•••
-tf' V.»
Third grade, average 65 per cent, no grade below
percent. ,H
Provisional Certificate
dent additional teachers are necessary for his county,
provisional certificates may be obtained. To be en
titled to a privisional certificate, in addition to the
request of the County Superintendent, the applicant
must have an average of 65 per cent, with no grade
below 55 per cent, all or part of which are earned in
an examination in the county for which the certificate
is desired, except as provided in rule 39-e.
When the average is 70 per cent or more, the Coun
ty Superintendent may request a provisional certifi
cate even though the minimum grade is less than 55
per cent.:
1. ».^v- v"
Provisional Certificates To Candidates
From Other States.
When a teacher of another state of well estab
lished experience and efficiency, of which fact the
County Superintendent may require proof, is chosen
to a public school position in this state and must en
ter upon the duties of such position before the date
of the next regular county examination, a provisional
certificate will be issued without examination upon
the recommendation of the County Superintendent
provided the person so recommended has within three
years taught on a certificate of at least the second
grade or has such a certificate in force in another
state, or has in force in another state a certificate, the
average standing of which is not less that 75 per cent.
This provision will also apply to graduates of stan-,
dard colleges of other states, where such graduates
cannot be granted an Iowa state certificate,
The Test Of Education
A professor in the University of Chicago told hia«
pupils that he should consider them educated in the
best sense of the word when they could say yes to
every one of thirteen questions that he should put to
Has education given you sympathy with all good
causes and made you eager to espouse them?
Has it made you public spirited?
Has it made you brother to the weak?
Have you learned how to make friends land keep
them? Do you know what it is to be a friend yourself?
Can you look an honest man or a pure woman
straight in the eye?
Do you see anything to love in a little child?
Will a lonely dog follow you in the street?
Can you be high-minded and happy in the meaner
drudgeries of life.
Do you think washing dishies and hoeing corn just
"as compatible with high thinking as piano playing or
Are you good for anything to yourself? Can you
be happy alone?
Can you look out on the world and see anything
but dollars and cents?
Can you look into a mud puddle by the wayside
and see the clear sky? Can you see anything in the
puddle but mud?
Can you look into the sky at night and see beyond
the stars? Can your soul claim relationship with the
iV if a
Want apiece of land near home.
Will exchange two fine residences
in Exirn and will pay the balance
cash. Journal, quick.
Scared Into Sound Health
Mr. B. F. Kelley, Springfield, 111.
writes: "A year ago I began to be trou
bled with my kidneysand bladder which
grew worse until I became alarmed at
my condition. I suffered also with dull
heavy headaches and the action of my
bladder was annoying and painful. I
read of Foley Kidney Pills and after
taking them a few weeks the headache
left me, the action of my bladder was
again normal, and I was free of all dis
tress." Sold by all druggists.
School officers" and patrons are especially invited
to attend any of the exercises of the Institute. If you
happen to be in town come over and make us at least
a short call. A great educator has said "The Normal
Institute should be looked upon as one of the great
events of the year in that county in which it is held."
Send us questions for the question box.
As was stated last year that owing to a small
stitute fund in this county we are obliged to try
make "one dollar do the work of two." Yet it is our
plan to make the work of this institute as far as oud
limited means will allow such as will give to the tea
chers of this county professional inspiration and uplift
for their work of the coming school year.
i'- Teachers of Audubon county we again take thisw
opportunity of thanking you for your hearty co oper
ation in the work of the past year. We fully realize ..
that without this most splendid co-operation our work
must largely come to naught. We hope we may say.
the past has be^n good in its way. yet let us strive for
greater things in the future.
Fine Auto Offering S
We have a four cylinder, 35 h. p.
touring car for sale. It has Sche
bier carburettor, honey-comb radi
ator, selective transmission, three
speedB forward and reverse, multi
ple disc clutch, drive, storage|I
battery, etc.
equipped with top,s|
clock, electric side and tail lamps,
gas bead lights and generator,
French horn, Gabriel h'oru—four?
chime, pump, jack and tools. Dri-'
ven about 5000 miles. Car is in ex
cellent condition. Will demonstrate
to your satisfaction. Will take $610
cash. Inquire at Journal Office.

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