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*t:t 5 Per Cent. Complete net
of Abstract of Title to all
Lands and Town Lots in Au
dubon County
With the German Havings
Bank at S iter cent interest.
Optional Payments.
Audubon, I on1ft
Physician Surgeon
Office Phone 53 House Phone 57
Office first door east of
Corner Drue Store, upstair* yv:-
George Weighton V.S.
Audubon, Iowajjj^P
Night Phone 106
4 iV.-
Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer
:s 5 Years Experience
Day Phone 10
Continental of New ork
Queen of New York
Fidelity-Phexix of N. Y.
Capital, M. & B., Iowa
Royal of Liverpool
Iowa State of Keokuk
Security of Davenport
Hanover of New York
Des Moines of DesMoines
Estlierville Hail
Connecticut, Conn.
Farmers, Cedar Rapids
Oyer 25 years experience.
Theo. Patty
Phone No. 67 EXIRA, IOWA
To the Junk Shop!
Many a dollar lias gone to the rag
man because the owner always car
ried money in his pockets, but none
in the bank.
Money in your pockets does notli
ing for you, while if deposited in a
good, sound savings institution it
yields ever increasing returns. De
posit with the
AlTreat Fi Your Palate
Nice, Mild, Juicy
Delicious Heats and
Fresh Fish
Hides Purchased at
Highest Market
Fine Ice Sold and
Delivered Every
City Meat Market
H. T. KROEGER, Proprietor, Exira, la.
pYirfl Inillfl
Chat. Van Oorder, President
John McDaniela, Vice President
Ed Delahoxde, Camhier
Eattira, Iotva.
ColUctloaa promptly attended to.
Money to I
Ma on good eecarltlee.
Exchange bought and laid.
The Charm of
Mrs. Gable wondered if any other
mother ever had such a difficult
daughter as her Isabel. Isabel was
fourteen and had always been a docile,
easily managed child till she sudden
ly developed a demoralizing fondness
for her schoolmate, Lillian, who was
a year older than she.
"Let me have the French heels,
mother!" Isabel had pleaded one day
when they were buying footgear.
"These square ones are so ugly! They
haven'^ any style! You ought to see
the lovely heels Lillian has on her—"
"Lillian! Who is Lillian?" her
mother had demanded.
"She's the sweetest, loveliest girl
you can imagine!" Isabel had breath
lessly explained. "I'm crazy about
her! She has eyes just like those you
read of in novels, with delicately pen
ciled brows
"What novels?" again demanded
her mother, aghast.
"Lillian lent them to me," Isabel
said a little petulantly. "They are
very nice books. Her eyes are just
like the eyes of the heroines, mother!
And' she walks just as though she
were trailing silken skirts across mar
ble halls, you know
"I'm quite sure I don't know!" broke
in Mrs. Gable in displeasure. "You're
not to read books without first asking
me and French heels aren't the thing
for a schoolgirl, Isabel. Do be sen
Isabel therefore wore square heels
and a mutinous, injured expression.
One morning Isabel came down to
breakfast flushed and a trifle hesitant,
with her blonde locks wonderfully and
fearfully crimped and puffed out
around her childish face. In that first
amazed glance her mother decided
that a tape line laid across the top of
the structure would measure at least
a yard from side to side.
"It's like Lillian's!" Isabel burst out.
"Her hair looks perfectly beautiful
and is so stylish! She says you can
curry your head better when it's done
so! She says your head should sway
like—like a lily on its stalk and—"
"Isabel," said her mother, "I'm sorry,
but you'll have to go upstairs and put
it up in your usual braids and rib
"Oh, mother!" Isabel wailed. "You
are so cruel! If you could see Lil
Isabel's passionate admiration for
Lillian threatened to become a serious
affair. She squandered all her pocket
money on candy and flowers to take
to Lillian. She sung Lillian's praises
morning, noon and night. She was
broken-hearted Fridays because she
could not see her divinity till the
next Monday, her mother refusing to
let her go to Lillian's house. And she
was continually breaking out in the
most unexpected directions and ex
plaining that Lillian did so. If her
divinity had a blue dress Isabel art
fully contrived that her own next
dress should be blue. Once her mother
found her ripping the hem in her
school dress.
"Please let me wear it longer!" she
had begged. "If you could see Lil
lian's! She looks so graceful!"
For the hundredth time Mrs. Gable
helplessly wished the fascinating Lil
lian were thousands of miles away.
She was losing all control of her
"Lillian says I am so sympathetic,"
Isabel announced one day. "Why, she
confides In me, mother! She says we
are twin souls. She is perfectly
happy when she is with me and so am
I with her! She has the most beauti
ful thoughts! Why, she's perfectly
After Lunan had permeated the
very atmosphere for months, invading
every conversation and upsetting all
Mrs. Gable's rules and regulations
and discipline, that much-tried woman
of course noticed it when a whole day
passed with no mention of Lillian's
name. For Isabel to refrain from
singing her adored One's praises was
almost too good to be true.
A whole week, however, went by
and Mrs. Gable saw Isabel actually
returning to her usual state of child
hood naturalness. It was as though
she had emerged from some malign
spell. Curiosity finally overcame her
mother's caution.
"I don't hear you mention Lillian
much of late," said Mrs. Gable.
"What's the reason?"
Isabel tossed her braids contemptu
ously. "Oh, that girl!" she said, with
scornful accents. "She deceived me,
mother! I thought she was perfectly
lovely and liked me, but what do you
think she did. She dropped me the
minute Ed. Griffith began hanging
around her! And he's just a common,
ordinary boy! I'm so disappointed in
her! She won't pay any attention to
me and I never liked her very much,
anyway. Are we going to have cus
tard pie for dessert tonight?"
Then Mrs. Gable knew she had her
daughter back again.
Taking a Car to Europe.
The Initial cost of transporting a
motor car from New York to Europe,
including shipping and crating, is
about $200. Most steamship lines
have their crating departments and
though attempts have been made to
dispose of crating, that seems to ba
a necessary safeguard—Travel Mag
The Eternal Motion.
Nature never stands still, nor souls
either. They ever go up or down,—•
IMMMM 'Julia G. R. Dorr.
What One Thorough Wetting Does
For Gliechen Farmer.
Quarter Section Of Winter Wheat
Irrigated Last Summer Will
Turn Off Fine Crop.
Those who are competent to judge
state that the record yield of winter
"'heat in southern Alberta this year
will be harvested on the farm, of F. W.
Crandall, which is situated near Glie
chen. It is stated that the general
average of this field of 1(30 acres will be
at least 40 bushels to the acre.
Last fall, Mr. Crandall decided to
demonstrate the value of irrigation.
His action was taken with a view to
determing the cost of irrigating Bow
valley land, and also to make a com
parison of crops grown in the same
districts, under irrigation and under
natural rainfall conditions.
Put Water On Once
The story of this, which may prove
to be the banner crop of Alberta Red
for the year 1910, reads as follows:—
The plowing was done in the spring of
l'.lOO, the water being turned on July
7 by the 30th the field was thorough
ly irrigated and the water turned off.
The irrigation materially assisted in
the rotting of the sods and when sow
ing commenced on August 15th it was
found that the soil was quite mellow.
No irrigation, other than the first, was
necessary, but this spring, the field
was packed with a view to saving the
The Cost
In speaking of the cost of irrigating
this laud, Mr. Crandall says:
A. P. Hansen out on the creek
northeast of town marketed a {food
bunch ot hogs with our stock buyer,
Theo Morteneen and Edward
Juncker west to Decorah, la. Friday
to secure work for the rest ot the
Eric Hansen butchers for the Far
mer's Syndicate and twice a week for
himself and one day in the week mar
kets flsh both in town atdcouutry.
John Christiansen, who some
months ago went to Denmark on a
visit returned here one day last week.
Two cars of lumber and one of
coal were unloaded here last week by
the Lumber Company employes.
Miss Emma Hansen, who has been
teaching school at Marquette, Nebr.
returned home one day last week.
Iiasmus Nissen shipped three cars
of hogs to market the latter part of
last week.
Removal Sale at Marqueseu's, Elk
Horn during month of August.
Jens Hansen received a car of ia
inch Vanmeter tile, which he unload
ed last week to be used in tiling a
small stream running through his
Elk Horn and Kimballton base
b.illists crossed bats last Sunday in a
nine inning game, the score standing
5 to 1 in favor of our home team.
Peter Jorgensen, our pitcher struck
out 18 men.
Buy shoes for the whole family at
Marqueseu's Removal Sale. It will
Walter Olsen and wife and Hans
Boe aud wife are back from Canada,
leaving on account of the dry spell
in that country but the former we
learn is not discouraged but will re
turn in time for next year's farming.
that the cost of this work was 42A cents
per acre. I paid $2.50 per day for one
man and $2.75 for another, neither
seemed to know the first thing about
the distribution of water.
For the making of the small distri
buting ditches I paid $S a day for a
man with four horse* all the prices
for labor were the average for similar
work. Much work was done unneces
sarily on account of inexperience, and
under more favorable circumstances,
as far as labor was concerned, I am
satisfied the same area eould be irriga
ted for an amount not exceeding 40 cts.
per acre.
what Will It Bring
When estimating the profit on this
crop, Mr.|Crandall said: "From this
100 acres I expect to secure 6,400 bu
shels of No.
1 Alberta lied and there is
every reasonjto believe that this crop
will be sold at $1 p#r bushel at the ele
vator, giving me
a gross return of $6400.
The total expense connected with this
crop will not exceed $10 per acre, which
will givef mc a profit of $4,800 or a sum
exceeding the price I paid for this
land. This is, of course, based upon a
price of $1 per bushel, and I believe
that this year's crop will sell at a figure
in advance of $1 per bushel.—Weekly
Herald, Calgary, July 21, 1910.
Farmer's Association
The farmers in this vicinity are
talking of purchasing the elevator
here it is alleged and starting a grain
and Shipper's Association, and also
of starting a Cc-operative Store,
Walter E. Potts west of town l* said
to be at the head of the proposed or
Landlord N. J. Christenseii, wife
and family are talking of taking a
rest from their labors in a short time
and speeding a week or two at Lake
View, la.
Andrew Rattenborg, after his trip
west to the ocean and thence to Can
ada again entered the service of our
meat market men, ©hen and Nissen
last week. I-Ie understands the meat
cutting business to a dot and always
gives satisfaction to his patrons.
The boys got too stout one evening
last week, while playing football and
sent the ball skyward and descending
broke two paues of glass in Miller's
Studio skylight' which they prompt
ly ofi.-red to pay for.
Ole'Jensen and wife are the proud
parents of a little baby girl born to
to them Tuesday, July 26th.
Caroline Christensen is home from
a two months stay at Drake Univer
sity, Des Moines.
Our Kimballton boys defeated Har
Ian ball team Sunday. The score
stood 9 to 12, at the close.
Miss Helga Jacobsen, who has
spent apart of the summer at Johan
nes Faaborg's returned to her heme
in Nysted, Nebr. last week.
Marius Christensen returned Satur
day from S. Dakota, where he lia9
been looking after Real Estate Busi
Saturday night a dance was given
by Holger Petersen, Simon Hansen
and Eddie Esbeck, all report a pleas
ant evening.
George and Albert Jorgensen and
two sisters, Carrie and Sadie atten
ded the evening lecture at the Chau
tauqua at Audubon Sunday.
The Ladies Aid Society of Kim
ballton surprised Mrs. W. Boysen on
her birthday, Wednesday July 27th.
They presented her with a beautiful
Marius Christensen and wife and
Ole Jacobsen and wife took in the
Sunday programme at the Audubon
Mrs. Dr. James and Mr. and Mrs.
R. Larsen took in the Chautauqua
Friday in Audubon.
Miss Alma Maasen gave a small
partv Saturday night in honor of
ber friend, Marie Sandager.
Miss Bertene Petersen entertained
some of her young friends at a party
in her home Sunday.
If you have a farm or town prop
ty for sale, list them with us. We
will sell it.
Myrthu & Christiansen,
Elk Horn, la.
Sigrid Jorgensen attended Chau
tauqua the lat'.er part of last week
in Audubon.
Rev. Hakon Jorgensen spent Tues
day with his parents in Kimballtou.
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Jessen's oi
Nysted, Nebr. are visiting with So
ren Faaborg's.
We make them in all sizes and
finishes and at reasonable prices. See
us for anything in this line.
Miller's Studio
Elk Horn, la
Orders can be left with Exira
Journal. Satifaction guar
anteed. MANNING, IA.
C. A. Petersen
Auctioneer and Breeder of
Single Comb Rhode Island
Reds Poultry. Eggs for sale
at $1.00 for setting of 15 at
home, when shipped 25c ex
tra. Now is the time to get
some early chicks. Don't miss
a setting of these good lay
ers. Yours for business.
Evergreen Poultry Farm
Exira, Iowa.
Man to sell gasoline engines, a
No. 1. Good proposition to right
man. No experience needed. Good
chance tor advancement. Call at
Park Hotel trom 0 to 7:30 p. tn. and
aek for L. H. Ridnour.
2-J. A \k S If5* nV
I"-*! Jii
The P. C. Knudsen Family Have A
Re-union At Their Home Out ,,
South-east Of Elk Horn
A lovely and long to be remem
bered family reunion took place last
week at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Peter C. Kninlsen out south-east of
Elk Horn on R. Rt. 1 Brayior. when
tbe children and grand-children to
the number of 84 were once more as
sembled at the parental home per
haps for the last time to do honor to
father, mother, grand-father and
grand-mother. One family came from
Toledo, Ohio another from Osage,
Kansas and still another from Lin
coln, Neb., besides those near home.
And such a time they did have, rela
ting to their childhood days and up
to the times when they dropped out
of the family circle and went forth
to found other homes aud do battle
with the world. It goes without say
ing thot during all this merry mak
ing there was feasting as well. The
parents, their children and their
grand children came to Elk Horn
during the day and repairing to Mil
ler's Studio the parents all sat as a
tainily group for their photos and
then a group of all the grand-child
ren was taken which mementos will
be highly prized as the years roll by
and thoughts of this reunion come
looming up before tbem.
Sight Seeing
A majority of the male population
of Elk Horn were gathered at differ
ent times last Friday in front of Dr.
Soe's residence to view with admira
tion, the touring car "Mathesen" a
seven passenger 4 cylinder 40 horse
power car costing $0000, owned by
no. A. Swanson, a representative of
the King—Swanson Clothing Com
pany of Omaha. The owner and
party had been to Des Moines on
pleasure and business and halted near
the noon hour ai Dr. Sue's who en
tertained them for a couple of hours.
Willids llittenborg purchased a
line "Reo" last week, in which he
proposes to enjoy many a nice ride.
Miss Annine Poulsen of Council
Bluffs was in town last week, the
guest of Miss Olsen, clerk in tbe Elk
Horn Mercantile Co's store. She will
al90 visit out ill the country with a
450 young men and boys to fit
Clothing at J. J. Esbecki Clothing
Store at of regular price. all
Bring in your small boys aud have
them fitted out with a nenr suit at
greatly reduced prices at Elk Horn
Clothing Store. all
Say Old men, come in and get a
new suit 67 cts. on the $1, just a few
left at J. J. Esbeck. all
S. C. Pedersen, wife and family
and Thos. Sorenson returned last
week from a nice ®uting at the lakes
aud have no large fish stories to re
late but they had a good time all the
Mr. and Mrs. Marquesen were in
Atlantic Thursday laying in a stock
of millinery goods.
Thos Jorgensen was out west of
town last week decorating the inter
ior of a church. Walter Gregersen,
his partner was able to be in the store
during his absence.
Miss Gudrun Marquesen went to
Des Moines Tuesday to entera whole
sale milliuery store for a term of
three or four weeks practice
the business and the latest styit
head gear worn by the ladies
Work on alt the new builitw
progressing rapidly and ere long
most ot them will be ready for occi
Myrthu & Christiansen have ano
ther excursion now and anyone con
templating purchasing lana should
go with them and take advantage of
the temporary scare.
Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it 1b tin beat medicine ever sold
otw a draggfat's counter.

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