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Audubon County journal. (Exira, Iowa) 1884-1993, February 16, 1911, Image 2

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No. I--Genuine Leather Bill Book.
This necklace is not made, as might be supposed
of pearl finished beads, but of real tish pearls instead.
It has two strands, is about 13 inches in length, and
has patent clasp. It is not cheap but shows up
beautifully even in the cases of the finest jewelry
stores It is an exquisite holiday gift for a,young
lady or a younger miss.
It will be sent postpaid for 82 on subscription
and 25c additional. If sold the price is $1.75.
No. 4-Genuine German Water Hone
If not, you have missed something for you must understand
has ever prepared
A Unique Collection oi Exquisite Gifts
Perhaps you don't know wliat the Journal Jollies are. They are a unique col
lection of beautiful things, valuable, durable, useful—all three, mind you—which
are being
parts of the world, scott free, to readers of the good old Journal. The collection
is magnificent, it is exquisite, it is gorgeous in fact, in the classic language of
the circus, it is—shall we say it?—almost "amazing, stupendous." For it is true,
and the Journal wants it understood that these articles are of first class quality
and honest workmanship. Otherwise they would not be good enough for the
Journal Circle, and the Journal would assuredly
And this is true, notwithstanding they are free as the air to Journal readers.
This bill book is eight
inches in length and
three and a half inches
wide. It is made of
seal grain leather with
glazed leather edges.
It has four full size
gusset pockets, cloth lined and is well made through
out. It is a durable article, though like all other
leather goods it is difficult to make a definite guar
antee regarding it.
It is sent postpaid for $1 on subscription. The
price if sold is 75c.
No. 2—Butcher Knife
This butcher knife has beveled cocobola handle,
three steel rivets, lapped bolster, high grade forged
tempered steel blade polished, regular shaped 7 inch
given for $1 on subscription.
No. 3--A Beautiful Pearl Ne cklac
This hone is of
the finest quality
that can be pro
cured. It cannot
be used with oil: but when used with water, it is
generally believed by the Germans to give a finer,
smoother cutting edge to the razor than the best
oil hones. It is six inches in length by one and one
eighth inches wide. Only a trial is necessary to con
vince the average man of the superior quality of the
stone. A small rubbing stone accompanies it. Also
the Journal includes with it a stick of Coutoline
such as is used by barbers to stop bleeding.
Both hone and coutoline are sent postpaid for
$1 on subscription. They are not for sale at all.
No. I0--The Boy's Wonder Packet
The boy's won
der packet con
tains a jack knife
a pocket magin
fying glass, and a
three-inch horse
shoe magnet with armature. The jack knife has
two blades, is three and one half inches long, and
has japanned stag handle. It is an imported article
and of fairly good quality. The magnifier has a
good clear lens, that is quite powerful, and folds in
to a sheath like frame. The magnet is a first class
article and with the knife and glass will prove a per
ennial source of pleasure and instruction to a boy of
an enquiring mind.
The packet is sent postpaid for $1 on subscrip
tion. If sold the price is 75 cents.
Have You Beep Jollied
over Audubon county, and some other
No. 5. New Christy Knife Sets
This splendid set consists of a bread knife, cake
knife and paring knife. All are made of warranted
steel, with black enameled handles, and polished
steel ferrules. The bread knife has an eight and
one-half inch blade with serrated edge, while the
cake knife is somewhat smaller. The paring knife
had beveled edge. It is a set that should be in every
The Journal mails the set free to every person
who sends $1 on subscription, whether old or new.
It is not for sale, and orders cannot be accepted for
it on any other terms than given above.
No. 8--A Boy's Reliable Watch
ular crown and bow, jeweled balance, and lever es
capement. It is fully guaranteed, and will be ex
changed or money refunded if found defective.
While it is primarily a boy's watch, it would be good
business for the average man to carry it and leave
his expensive watch at home.
It is sent postpaid for $2 on subscription and 30c
additional. The price if sold $1.80.
That the gifts above are yours just the same whether you pay arrearages or pay in advance. In fact all dollars look alike
at the Journal Office and all receive an enthusiastic ovation. The coupon is prepared especially for your convenience. To
fill it out is the work of one short moment but that moment will be one of the most profitable ones of your life. Thus
saith the Journal. Therefore let it be the present moment,
They are
This watch
is one of the
wonders of
of modern
ing, and is
really bet
could have
been bo't
a few years
ago at sev
eral times
the price
It has If)
size nickel
case, Rom
an or Arab
ic dial, sunk
sec'nd hand
milled edge
stem wind
and set reg­
No. 7==Crown Razor Special Product
The Ciown lazoi is a special product of the razor makers art and the solution of the razor user's troub
les. It is strictly high grade and made from the best decarbonized steel. It is hollow ground and has an
evenness of temper and cutting quality rarely found en en in the highest grade razors of other makes. To
the man who knows how to take care of a razor, it will prove a constant source of pleasure.
This razor is one of the Journal's special offerings, it is worth $3, in fact this price is stamped in gold
on the case but the Journal sends it postpaid for $2 on subscription. If sold, the price is exactly the same
neither more nor less, kis
h* A I
No. 6 -A Superb Carving Set
To tlie housewife who chooses quality and dur
ability rather than a flashy appearance, this set will
come as a delightful surprise. It consists of three
pieces, a carving knife, fork, and an emery sharp
ener. The knife has an eight inch blade, scimitar
shaped with swedged back. The fork has spring
steel guard and the sharpener also has steel guards
on the handle. Knife and fork are made of superior
warranted steel, and all have polished ebonized han
dles. The fact is that no one has any need of any
better carving set than this.
It is sent free to every person who sends
apply on subscription to the Journal and 25c addi
tional. It can be sold outright, in which case the
priee is $1,75.
No. 9-A Splendid 17-Jewel Watch
This is a watch
of re a a
timeke'p'ng qual
ities and fault
less workmanship
that it is the Most Delightful Experience that the Journal
for its friends.
Coming to Yon in a Golden Flatter
"premiums," for they go to old friends as well as new. It mak"s no
difference whether your account with the Journal is behind or ahead when it is
changed, the Jolly, selected by jou, is
It is a thin mo
del 1(5 size, 17
jewel movement
in a guaranteed
20 year gold filled
case. The dial is
double sunk Ar
abic or Roman,
exposed pallets,
cutextension bal
ance, Breguit h'r
in a
re at or
double roller es
capement, compensating balance wheel and exposed
winding wheels. It is fully guaranteed to meet all
the requirements of a high grade watch. It is man
ufactured by a concern not in the Trust. Otherwise
it would be quoted at double the price named.
jr -*sr I I
The Journal will send this splendid watch post
paid for $5 on subscription and 87.50 additional. If
sold the price is $12.50.
To proceed further
it belongs to
You are not to regard it as a premium, or an "inducement,"
for the Journal doesn't offer inducements, or need to do so. It is rather simply a
token of appreciation, a symbol of the Journal's good-will. So now you have
been made ready and prepared to hear just exactly what Journal Jollies are. A
true and faithful description of them is given below. It is written here that he
who runs may read and he
that is to say, it
No II—Every Day Cook Book
This book meets the
requirements of the
housewife who wants
recipes that can be used.
It contains 315 pages,
which is really large
enough. It has recipes
for all styles of cooking
is printed from clear
type on good paper, and
is substantially bound
in green oil cloth. For
practical every day use
it is easily superior to
books that have been
sold at high prices by
subscription in the past. In this respect it seems to
be properly named.
It is given free for $2 on subscription to the
Journal but 10c must be added to partially pay the
postage. The price if sold is $1.50.
No. 12—Sugar Shell & Butter Knife pjp
"J* riySi
Of course these two pieces are not of solid silver.
Neither are they silver plated. Rather they are
made of the same metal throughout, and so large a
proportion of this metal is silver that it looks and
wears exactly like solid silver. In fact it will never
wear out, and being harder than pure silver it will
wear much longer. Both sugar shell and butter
knife are of most beautiful design and are buffed to
a polish equal to the finest Stirling silver.
The two pieces are sent free for $1 on subscrip
tion and 10c additional. The price is sold outright
is $1.
No. 13—Eight Piece Silver Set
This magnificent table set consists of six tea
spoons, one sugar shell, and one butter knife- They
are not plated but made ol a heavy silver composi
tion throughout, and are guaranteed to wear fifty
years, or as long as metal may be made to last when
in use. The design is most beautiful and as the com
position is quite hard it will give as satisfactory ser
vice as sterling silver. Tne Journal can recommend
this splendid set unreservedly as one that will bear
the test of the hardest wear.
It is sent free for $3 on subscription and 30c ad
ditional. The price if sold is 82.75
ExiroL, Iowbl -if
Gentlemen:—Please find enclosed $.
for which give me credit on subscription/
Send me Jolly No for which I
enclose cents extra.
it:J j*

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