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Mr. Caepereon went to Exira Mon
day on business.
Rev. Christensen went to Des
Moines Tuesday
Mrs. H. J. Manlz went to Atlantic
Monday to visit.
Charles Bagley went to Atlantic on
business Sunday.
Chris Mikkelson went to Omaha
Thursday to visit.
J. A. Nash went to Des Moines on
business Monday.
Dr. R. F. Childs went to Council
Bluff's Wednesday.
Judge Green went to Council Bluffs
Monday on business.
Editor A. C. Ross went to Creston
Monday on business.
Vern Culver returned Tuesday from
a trip to Des Moines.
Miss Ethel Kuhn returned Thursday
from a visit in Atlantic.
Charles Stocking and wife went to
Atlantic Tuesday to visit.
Miss Edith Rucker returned Friday
from a visit in Des Moines.
Miss Minnie Christensen went to
Atlantic Tuesday to visit.
Mrs. McNary and children went to
Brayton Wednesday to visit.
Mrs. Chris Hanson and children
went to Exira Saturday to visit.
Mrs. Nels Mungaard retutned home
Tuesday from a visit out of town.
Mrs. A1 Harmon and children were
south bound passengers Saturday.
Judge W. R. Green returned Satur
day from a business trip to Atlantic.
N. P, Christensen of Atlantic came
up to Audubon Saturday on business.
Mrs. Owens and daughter, Mattie
Parsons went to Casey Thursday to
Mrs. L. B. Colwell returned home
Friday from a few weeks visit in Cali
R. J. Creveling received word Mon
day that his brother WBsdead in Penn
We were pleased to see the smiling
face of Editor Lancelot in Audubon
Miss Nettie Johnson went to Atlan
tic Tuesday to visit her sister, Mrs.
Ren Phelps.
Mrs. Ed Moyer and two children of
Boone are here visiting her sister, Mrs.
E. C. Carlson.
Mrs. Preston of Des Moines arrived
Saturday to visit her son, G. W. Pres
ton and family.
County Superintendent Ella Steams
went to Des Moines Monday to visit
and on business..
Miss Nellie Foley of Atlantic came
up Sunday to Visit her parents, M, T.
Foley and wife.
Rev. Father McDonald returned
Thursday from CaBey and Stuart
where he had been to visit.
The new garage tor Emil Bilharz to
put that new auto in is being pushed
tote ready for the machine.
Fannie Brainard who teaches school
near Exira, came up Friday to spend
Sunday with her grandmother.
Mrs. Ed Bilharz and son, Emil
turned home Sunday from a three
months stay on the western coast.
Marriage Licenses were iseued to Ot
to Petersen and Sena Christensen,
Sam J. Kopp and Ella May Smith.
Mrs. F. M. Zion who has been visit
ing her daughter, Mrs. Will Parrott in
Dowd, Iowa, returned home Tuesday.
Wm. O'Connell of Long Beach,
California arrived here Saturday to
visit and on business, returning Tues
While J. M. Cole was waiting with
his bus at the depot Friday the team
made a start and ran up the street
frightening the. passengers and doing
damage to the bus making it neces
sary to use the Bearers Carriage since.
"Written So Yon Can Understand If
300 Pictures
400 Articles ..
250 Pages
wonderful story of the Progress of this Mechan
ical Age. Instructive, but more fascinating than
any fiction. A magazine for Bankers, Doctors,
Lawyers, Teachqf-s, Farmers, Business Men, Man*
ufacturere, Mechanics. Has 1,200,000 readers every
month. Interests everybody. When you see one
you understand why. Ask the man who reads it.
Your newsdealer will show you one or write the
publishers for a free sample copy.
The "Shop Notes" Dept.
things—How to make repairs, and articles for
liome and etc.
"Amateur Mechanics"
furniture, wireless, boats, engines, magic, and all
the things a
boy loves.
$1.50 per year, single copies IS cents
223 Washington St., Chicago
Miss Holloway took her class to
Nashs' Grove Friday for the first pic
nic of the season and they eDjoyed it
Miss Lela Zaner who is attending
college in Iowa City, came home
Monday to visit her mother, Mrs. A.
A. Zaner.
Frank Green returned to his home
in Nebraska Sunday after a visit here
with relatives and attending to some
A. H. Roberts and wife returned
Friday from Chariton where they had
been to attend the funeral of his broth
George E. Kellogg has removed his
Real Estate and lusurance Office to
the second floor over the F. W. Smith
Drug Store.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Bell of Exira visit
ed at theG. W. Preston home the first
oft he week. They will move to Anita
next week.
Mrs. L. B. Jennings and daughter,
Laura went to Brayton Wednesday
to visit at the Calvin Dlmick home a
couple of days.
Mrs. John Dudd of Anita, better
known here as Miss Glass, former
teacher here, visited in the city last
week with friends.
Neola Reynolds who had been here
visiting her parents, C. II. Reynolds
and wife, returned Thursday to Burt,
Iowa where she is making her home
with her sister.
Bamuel Kopp and Miss Ella May
Smith were married Wednesday by
Rev. Freedline of the Methodist
church and will go to housekeeping at
once in town and will later go on one
ef Sammy's farms.
A meeting was held at the school
house Tuesday evening with Mrs. El
la Heckart of DeB Moines to lecture.
She is a prominent club woman of
western Iowa and is highly recom
mended. The meeting was a succcess
and enjoyed by all.
Charles Tramp, the King of the
Brick ards made a flying trip to Ne
braska City, Nebraska visiting bis
son, Charley who has a nice brick and
tile plant there. Charles hired two
young men who returned with him
to work in his Audubon yards.
Misses E la and May Farquhar re
turned to Audubon last week from Ft.
Dodge where they have been in the
employ of J.F. Russell. They were
compelled to come home on account of
the poor health of Miss May and will
remain here until she has fully recov
The team driven by Jens C. Jensen
in the delivery of fish to customers
took fright at the depot last Friday
and ran up Broadway as far aB the
Park wnere tqey collided with a tele
phone poet and broke the tongue of
the wagon which threw and stopped
them with little other loss except in
the fish.
Was the Real Thing.
Mrs. Gnaggs—I'll never forget the
night you proposed to me. You acted
like a perfect fool.
Mr. Gnaggs—That wasn't acting.
Cautious Estimate.
Curious Friend—Is your wife a
good cook?"
Careful Husband—Well, she is good
on stews and broils.
The Prospect.
CaHer—Is your mistress engaged to
Maid—No, sir but she hopes to be
next week.
Will Be Back Soon.
"How long does your husband ex
pect to be in New York?"
"Oh, not long. He only took ?f00
with him."
Comb Rhode Island
Eggs for hatching from a
selected pen headed by Bril
liamt Beauty 92$.
Per 15, $1.00.
Mrs. W. J. Lancelot,
Exira, Iowa.
His Wife's
Brother's Wife
Some men—most men, the cynics
have it—may adore their wives prop
erly and yet not be blind to the fact
that in the world are other attractive
women. Tunsley was an exception.
Any of his acquaintances could have
assured you that if the earth had sud
denly been depopulated of its femi
nine inhabitants, with the exception
of Mrs. Tunsley, he would have gone
right on blissfully unaware of the fact.
Tunsley came to Chicago on busi
ness. The second day he dutifully
telephoned his wife's brother's wife,
who informed him that her husband
was away on business.
"Then you must come downtown
and have dinner with me," said the
sympathetic Tunsley. "And, say, we'll
do the auto show afterward!"
"Oh, how nice!" said his wife's
brother's wife. "I haven't been any
where since Tom's been gone!"
Thus it came about that Tunsley
found himself placidly dining that
evening at one of the fashionable
cafes with his relative while they dis
cuBsed family gossip.
Suddenly his wife's brother's wife
spoke. "What a horrid man!" she mur
mured. "Why should he keep staring
over here in that condescending way?"
"Where?" inquired Tunsley, looking.
"Oh," he said, "that's Samson—a busi
ness acquaintance of mine here!" He
bowed cheerfully to Samson. "I won
der why he doesn't oome over and be
Something about Samson's smile dis
tracted Tunsley. Then he became
slowly aware that his wife's brother's
wife across the table was really not
so old as she might have been and
that her apparel was decidedly be
coming. Tunsley also found as he
stared at her that she was good to
look upon, though why Samson's smile
should have made him discover this
was to him a mystery. When Samson
strolled over to the next table but
one to speak to somebody and studi
ously kept his back turned on Tunsley
and his companion Tunsely felt a sud
den rush of embarrassment. It was
quite plain that Samson thought he
didn't want to be seen!
'John," said his wife's brothers
wife at this point, "was there ever ap
oplexy in your family? Your face is
so red that It's purple!"
'Either apoplexy or smallpox—I for
get which," mumbled Tunsley. "Let's
hurry to the auto show."
'Oh, what a stunning car!" said Tun
sley's wife's brother's wife some time
later, pausing before an exhibit.- "Look
'Yes, yes," said Tunsley, uneasily
as he edged away. "There's a much
nicer one over here!"
His companion refused to move,
standing entranced before the ma
chine of her dreams. What Tunsley's
awakened fears had dreaded soon hap
pened. The exhibit in question was
from his home city and the man in
charge knew him and Bpled him. He
descended on the unhappy victim with
outstretched hand.
"Hello, John, old man!" he cried,
gayly. Then he glanced at his com
"My sister, Mrs. Urgrum-m-m, Mr.
Mummsmm," muttered Tunsley
"I am very glad to meet you," said
the man In charge, Impressively. He
was a good-looking man and there
was a surprised twinkle in his left
eye which infuriated Tunslej. He
continued to smile on Tunsley's wife's
brother's wife. "I'm glad," he said,
"that John told me you are his sister!
I didn't know he had a sister in Chi
cago! it's lucky, because I'm a friend
of Mrs. Tunsley's and I was going to
run straight to her when I got home
and tell her how shockingly John acts
when he gets away from home! Ha!
Ha! Good joke!"
"Har! Har!" barked Tunsley, hol
lowly, his face crimson. Somehow he
had the awful suspicion that the man
in charge doubted his word. But his
wife's brother's wife only laughed with
tho man and offered no soothing
word of explanation. She seemed to
regard it as a joke and Tunsley felt
cold prickles creeping up his spine.
If only his wife's brother's wife had
had the common sense to be ten years
older or to have boles in her gloves
of to talk about getting home to the
But she didn't She had the time of
her life wandering among the exhib
its Tunsley met exactly seven other
persons who knew him at home and
every one of the seven beamed at
him with the same lurking twinkle
when he introduced his wife's broth
er's wife.
"Thank you so much, John," said
his wife's brother's wife when finally
she let him take her home. "I've had
a perfectly beautiful time! When are
you coming again?"
"When?" echoed Tunsley, mopping
his still fevered brow. "I think I may
be In Chicago again In about twenty
five years!"
Romantic Ruth—Since Billy became
•o bloodthirsty and joined the lnsur
reotos, there Is a gulf between us.
Practical Prue—Of course, there Is.
It'» the Gulf of Mexico.
Casey's Strange Feat
Mike—The boss Is givln' Casey a
gfeat call down, an' Casey Is takln' It
like a lamb.
be la, but 0111 bet be
to grtttto's hi* teeth behoind bis back.
jVf W
The bards of spring
Will wftrtile soon,
Of birds awing
Anl golden June.
Tlio' a po'try mill
But poorly pays.
We'll have our All
Of roundelays,
And sonnets, too,
And triolets,
When rhymsters woo
Their Juliets.
Anil flood the world
With needless sighs
'Bout rose leaves curled
Where Cupid lies.
Too Slow.
A Chinese laundryman in Oakland,
Cal., recently had his troubles with a
watch that habitually lost time. So
he took the timepiece to the nearest
"Watchee no good to Charlie Lee,"
said he, briefly, pushing it across the
counter. "You flxee him, eh?"
"Certainly," said the watchmaker.
"What seems to be the trouble with
"Oh, him too much by 'n' by,"
said Charlie Lee.—Woman's Nationai
"What do you think lovey?" cried
Mrs. Younglove, while Mr. Younglove
was taking off bis rubbers. "I baked
a pound cake today."
"Oh, did you, darling? What have
you done with it?"
"It's still in the oven. I couldn't
lift it out alone."
Following the Seasons.
Some grief for a Joy that Is lost
We'd trade, as each season discloses.
In summer we're sighing for frost
And In winter we hanker for roses.
Perplexities of History.
Lady Godiva was in despair.
"I'd be perfectly willing to do it,"
she cried, with wild, staring eyes, "to
please my cruel husband, if I were
only sure that Laura Jean Libbey
would approve."
Still she took that memorable ride,
and all mankind applauded.
Author—Well, how did you like my
new play?
Critic—Ah, it was very nice.
Author—Didn't you think the
church scene realistic?
Critic—Intensely so. Why, a great
many of us actually went to sleep
while It was on!
The Constitution Provides.
"I suppose they are never troubled
with irrigation problems in king
"What has the government to do
with it?"
"Because in kingdoms, they are al
ways sure of reigns."
A Mistake.
"The hand that rocks the cradle Is
the hand that moves the world."
"I beg your pardon. The hands that
move the world are the storage com
panies' hands."
Art Is Short.
Artist—Only $1.50! Why, the frame
cost three times that!
The Broker—Veil, dot is all right,
my frendt. Ve only loans on der
Ethel—Grace asked George whether
he would love her any more if her
balr were some different color.
Edith—And what did George say?
Ethel—Why, he merely asked her
what other colors she had.
Not the Same Thing.
Thus spake the busy milliner:
"From experience I find
That a hat off a woman's head
May still be on her mind."
Between Kids.
"I'm taking dancing lessons."
"They're fer girls."
"Aw, all champeen pugilists go Infer
'em. They help yer footwork some
thing great."
Quite 8o.
"No baby talk among the 400, I sup
"Plenty of that language in use.
Most poodles «nder»tand no other."
To Our Audubon Readers
As a matter of convenience to our
Audubon friends and those living on
the Audubon Routee, the Journal de
airee to inform you that Mrs. James
Chand er of Audubon h»9 heen en
gaged to louii after the collections and
any other business pertaining thereto.
Settlements made with her will be ap
Yours Very Respectfully,
Audubon County Journal.
Safe Medicine For Children
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound is
a safe and effective medicine for child
ren as it does not contain opiates or
harmful drugs. The genuine Fo'ey's
Honey and Tar Compound is in a yel
low package. Sold by all druggists.
That Carving Set
Warranted Steel, finely tempered,
and of superior workmanship,—that is
the description of the Journal's Carv
ing Set.
The set is nicely packed in a box and
its quality is such thut no housewife
would need to be ashamed of it. Do
you need one? Now is the time to get
one for practilly nothing. It's price is
$1.75 cash, and it is worth all of it. But
it is given for $2 on subscription and
25 cts additional. Send now.
120 Acre Farm at
Two miles east and two miles south of
Monday, May 1. 1911
Sale held at Farm, 2:00 P. M.
On the above date the farm known as the Chris
Keldgard farm, laying about two miles east and two
miles south of Harlan, Iowa, will be sold at public
auction, without reserve, to settle the estatate of the
late Chris Keldgard, now deceased.
This farm, comprising 120 acres of Iowa's best soil
is gentiy rolling with good drainage, is well improved,
thus making it one of the choicest moderate sized
farms of Shelby county. 45 acres is in pasture and
hay, 20 acres seeded to small grain this spring, and
the remaining 55 acres for corn land. Every foot of
this farm is tillable and in a good productive condi
A good two story 7 room house in good condition,
with basement. Barn 44x32, good double corn crib,
hog house, chicken house and tool shed, all in first
class condition. The water supply is excellent—two
wells, one fitted with windmill. 240 rods of hog fenc
ing on the place and all fences well kept. The build
ings face south on an eastern elope, making a fine ap
pearance. Only a half mile to Windy.Knoll school.
Rural delivery—in fact has all the conveniences that
are had by any farm in Shelby county.
Possession can be had immediately after th^Me
or any time during year, all to be optional with buyer.
Liberal. Part cash and balance on time. Details
made known on sale day.
This Farm Sells Absolutely Without Reserve
Makes Home Baking Easy
Elmer Keldgard
For further details inquire of either the clerk or
the auctioneer.
Cullison & Cullison, Attorneys.
Absolutely Pure
Tho only baking powder
mado from Royal Orapo
Cream of Tartar
Foley Kidney Pills contain in concen
trated form ingredients of established
therapeutic value for the relief and cure
of all kidney and bladder ailments. Fo
ley Kidney Pills are antiseptic, tonic
and restorative. Refuse substitutes.
Sold by all druggists.
Shelby Cullison, Clerk.
Col. N. G. Kraschel, Real Estate Auctioneer.
and Pacific Northwest
Very low fares will be put in effect April 18, 19, 20,
May 12, 13, 14, affording unusual opportunity for a
tour of the Golden West.
De luxe Trains
via Rock Island Lines
Provide every comfort—you'll find nothing lacking
that tends to make your trip a pleasant one.t1
Superb Dining Car Service.
Two choice routes—via El Paso and New Mexico, via
Colorado and Salt Lake.
J. S. McNally, Division Pass. Agent,
Omaha, Neb.
R. G. Nancarrow, Agent, Exira, Iowa.
,,fc 7

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