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•S 4*- •.
"4 -L^
4 5
George and Ella Gude attended a
dance iu Hamlin last Saturday
Mies Marie Olsen t8*a"9siitiag
Mrs. Geo.Mjlliman with her house
hold duties.
•Mrs. L. W. Hansen ,'4£i: Atlantic
was visiting relatives between
trains here Tuesday.
The very heavy rain of last Bun
day soaked the ground to a con
siderable depth, and drowned hun
dreds of young chickens thro the
L. D. Phelds and daughters were
the guests of Cashier Ed Delahoyde
and family last Sunday. They re
turned to their home in Audubon
Monday morning.
John Riley of Marathon, Iowa
came down Monday and returned
Wednesday with his wife and little
daughter Dorothy, leaving the
baby with her grandparents, Dr.
and Mrs. Riley.
fc- $3 ~T~V.,•
For Rent
.Good house, story and half, city
water, good cellar, two lots, soft
water, bara, coal, cob and wood
house. Call on Wm. or Theodore
Patty, Exira, Iowa.
Say! Listenl
Terry's Uncle Tom's Cabin Show
will be in Exira, Saturday May
18tb, with two bands and 60 actors.
Admission 35 cents, Children under
ten 25 cts,
A Burglar's Awful Deed
may not paralze a home so completely
as a mother's
long illness. But Dr. Kings
New Life Pills are a splendid remedy
for women. "They gave me wonderful
benefit in constipation and female trou
ble," wrote Mrs. M. C. Dunlap of Lead
ill. Tenn. If ailing, try them. 35c at
Winfrey & Chantry's.
s**~ flj*'
"56* •*L" /«nh
Howard Kittell and Jp'ife of Audu
bon visited Tuesday night with her
parents, Ebbe Hansen and wife
We have 160 acres near Greenfied
all nnder plow with the necessary
quildings on ii that we can ex
change and take au 80 or 120 on it.
Niels Barentsen, wife and child
ren of Audubon visited from Tues
day until Wednesday with ber pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jensen.
w* --L'-fi
A hot, flavorful, bracing beverage that you can
drink morning, noon and night with only good
comes to you pure and clean, bringing
you the sunshine and fragrance of the Tropics,
its tempting aroma, delicious flavor, satisfying
Nothing but the meat of wholesome bananas
peeled, dried, granulated and roasted.
A teaspoon to a cup of water, boiled one min
ute, served with cream and sugar, gives you
the incomparable drink, not like any other.
Let your children have it regularly.
Not sold in unsanitary paper cartons, but in
dust-proof, moisture-proof cans. Seventy-five cups
for 25 cents. Economical and good.
Order of your grocer.
Chicago, 111.
Tom Gill is assisting E. C. Wileon
with work on hie farm this week.
For Nursery stock, write or photie
"W. M. Bomberger, Harlan, Iowa.
Have You Prepared
For Emergencies?
A Savings Account will provide
for you under all conditions of
adversity, and if regularly added
to while you are young, will pay
you wages when you are old and
gray. Every man owes it to those
who are dependent upon him to
make adequate provision for the
"rainy day. A Savings Account
draws 4 per cent interest com
pounded semiannually in the
First National Bank
ft* y\T
Charles White of Audubon wae a
business visitor in this city Mon
Miss Goldie Watterson went up
to Audubon Tuesday morning on a
business visit
Benton Jensen spent Sunday in
Audubon with his sister, Mrs. Geo.
Dye and family.
Miss Edith Quist of near Exira
went to Brayton Monday to visit rel
atives until Friday. /'J'-lI
Miss Dora Gill left Tuesday noon
for Anita, where she will work in a
hotel this summer.
Mrs. Louie Bartelt, who resides
near Coon Rapids came down Mon
day to viBit relatives.
Mr. Earl B. Thomas went
Audubon Tuesday morning for a
short visit with friends.
The Ladies Mission Circle will
give a Sock Social" in the Chris
tian Church Friday evening, May 5.
Mr. and Mrs. Dee Bell moved their
household goods to Anita Monday
where they will make their future
Miss Clara Nelson retnrned home
Monday afternoon from Griswold,
where she has been visiting for a
week with relatives and friends.
The way to convince a man of
the truth of your philosophy of
government Is to let him into an or
chard when the plum tree is shaken
Buy your batteries, automobile,
gas engine and machine oil of
tf John Nelsen.
Mrs. K. G. Lancelot and little
daughter, Lowene spent Tuesday
in Hamlin with her brother, Chap.
Higgins and family. She returned
to Exira in the evening.
We are glad the farm papers get
theilow postage rate. The boy who
spends bis evenings reading about
the price of turnips will pay more
than a poll tax some day.
Miss Mabel Bush returned to
Sioux City last Saturday after a
week's visit here with relatives. She
was accompanied as far as Audu
by her cousin, Mr. Henry Bush.
Bonano will delight the children,
give them nourishment and pleas
ure. They will like it better than cof
fee for the child's normal appetite
instinctively prefers that which is
good for the system.
George Guernsey was a south
bound passenger Tuesday.
Mrs. Kirk Knox was a business
visitor ia Atlantic Saturday.
Fre Anders is having a cement
walk laid in front of his house.
Miss Ellowene Dimick went to
Audubon on business Saturday.•'
Madero may agree to peace if he
is made vice president of Mtxico.
Come and see the Holy Land at
the Christian Cburch Sunday even
Mrs. Nels Hansen went up to Au
dubon Saturday and viBited rela
tives until Monday.
Misses Flora Belle Houston and
Mary Powell went to Audubon Sat
urday ou business.
Ed Bartlett and family spent Sun
day with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. A. Birtlett north of Exira.
Miss Muriel Koob will board and
room at the Jack Coe home during
the rest of this, term of school.
It is a great triumph to persuade
President Diaz to let the Insurrec
tos print their speeches in the Re
A dance was given at the Lou
Klever home last Friday night. A
large crowd attended and all report
a fine time.
As a five days armistice has been
declared in Mexico, our people on
the line will at least get a chance to
plant the vegetable garden
Terry's Uncle Tom's Cabin Snow
will be in Exira May 13th and will
exhibit in monster waterproof can
vas tents. Be sure and come.
Bonano will give you a clear eye,
calm nerves, rosy cheeks and a
feeling of "go." It ruakeB red blood,
an active brain and vigorous mus
The naval academy people have
apologized for excluding a worktng
girl from a dance but they still seem
to think that a girl must be lazy to
be nice. »f
If the peace in Mexico should dis
apoint the ammunition makers,
they can still take heart from the
refusal of the Los Angeles girls to
dance with the Japs. IMS
A school text book makes trouble
in Japan because it dims the Mika
do's glory. In our country we would
consult the opinion of the small boy
before the President's.
At the request of several readers,
this newspaper proposes duringithe
next few weeks to review briefley
the reasons why our people should
patronize home trade.
The Dutch have hauled down our
flag on Palmas but the impression
prevails in this country that the' is
land did not pay Uncle Sam 'for
keeping the flag yole painted. 5
The D. A. B.'s are against Brig
ham Young's picture tin the Utah
battle-ship's service, in spite- of
Brigham's heroic efforts to reduce
the surplus of unmarried women.
Don't fail to attend Terry's Uncle
Tom's Cabin show in Exira Satur
day, May 13th. Grand parade at
noon, band concert at 7 p. m. Doors
open at 7:30 p. m. Performance at
8:00 p. m-
The country proposes to find out
who did this long 1 ist of dyamite
jobs. They are the cowardly acts
of dirty sneaks who want to kill
people in the dark without giving
them a chance to hit back.
Some people think that the mere
fact that they are labor union mem
bers proves-that those fellows dyn
amited the Los Angeles Times. Oth
ers think the mere fact that they
are union men proves that they
Bonano is the pure meat of choic
est bananas, the delicate, sugary,
juicy varieties we never see up
North—ripened in the suushine of
the Tropics—peeled, dried, roasted
and granulated by modern ma
If You Fail To Attend
Terry's Uncle Tom's Cabin Show
Saturday, May 13th, you will miss
the treat of your lite. They will
exhibit in monster waterproof tents,
seating 2000 people, so there is
plenty of room for you. Come!
For Sale
1280 acres of land near Dickson,
Alberta, Canada. This land lies in
a Danish settlement of 60 families,
2 miles of a Lutheran Church, post
offlce and store, best of black soil,
clay sub-soil. I will sell this in
one body or divide it into or
sections. Terms to suit.
W. K. Carey,
rail Anita, Iowa
Foley Kidney Pills take hold of your
system and help you to rid yourself of
yonr doagging backache, dull headache,
nervousness, impaired eyesight and of
all the ills resulting from the impaired
action of your kidneys and bladder. Re
member it is Foley Kidney Pflls that do
this. For sale by all druggists.
5 Ou*
-i» 4 6
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Jensen have
the care of a very sick baby.
E. D. Powell returned home last
Friday from Texas where he had
been on a land seeking tour.
MisB Byrd Connrardy ^ave a
dance in the K. P. Hall last Friday
evening to which a large crowd at
John Nelsen sells the Jenny Lind
and New Departure line of Cultiva
Mrs. Roy Prather and child came
down from Audubon last Saturday
to visit her parents, Elmer Heath a
few days.
Mr. Herbert Thielen returned
home Monday from Carroll where
he has been visiting his parent?,
Wm. Thielen and wife.
Hearthe Cowboy's Quartet and
the Jubilee Singers in "Terry's
Uocle Tom's Cabin Show" in Exira.
Saturday night, May 13th.
Good Rural New Yorker's Seed
Potatoes for sale, one miie west of
Carl F. Nelson
The Misses Maggie Mertes and
Marie Dutler spent Sunday with the
latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Dutler in Melville township,
Mrs. Charles May came up from
Atlantic Tuesday of last week to
help care for the little child of Mr.
and Mrs. Maurice Jensen who is
very sick. She returned home Mon
See the Woven Wire Hog Fence
that John Nelsen sells. a4
Mrs. James Gregg and son, Wal
ter viBited from Thursday until
Friday with relatives at the W. J.
Lancelot and E. C. Wilson home.
They went from here to Gray, Iowa
where they visited relatives until
Saturday when they returned to
their home at Farmington, Minne
needn't cry and look so aad:
I love you. Pusay, dear, the aama,
I truly do—as I loved you
Before this cunning kitty came.
But things are changed a little now.
You know, and, 'cause he's a little tot,
I've got to 'tend the moat to him—
Tour nose la out of Joint, that's whatt
Scientists Discover Copan Burled In
the Forests of Honduras, Was
Once Busy Center.
You were doubtless taught that St.
Augustine, Fla., 1b the oldest city In
America, and
far as settlements by
Europeans are concerned that Is prob
ably correct, but scientists know of a
oity so old that there 1b no telling
when it was built, and they often
speak of it a* "the oldest city in
America." This "city" Is Copa'n, bu
rled In the forests of Honduras, near
the Guatemala boundary line. It Is
not a city In the modern sense of the
word, for It Is only a heap of rutas,
but there 1B enough to show that at
some time centuries and centuries ago
it was a busy center of population.
Then the Maya Indians of Yucatan
and Central America were at the
height of their civilization. They
built cities by constructing the bases
of great pyramids out of blocks of
stone of enormous size. These blocks
were taken from quarries some times
'two miles distant, were conveyed to
the "city" and placed In the wall In
Jperfect order, and yet It 1b not known
,that the Mayas had any machinery
ifor handling such heavy material.
The pyramidal abase of Copan is
built up to considerable height, and
upon the flat top are placed the pal
aces, the altars and other smaller
pyramids. From all evidence Copan
was In ruins when Cortez conquered
Mexico In 1C21. The Spaniard and his
soldiers passed wlthlp a short distance
of It and did not see the town at all,
so it must have been deserted even
then. And yet tfte ruins of Copan
bear evidence of having lain there,
burled amid the luxuriant foliage of
Honduras, for ages, and only some
crude Inscriptions on the rooks can
give a clue to the history of the won
derful place. TheBe Inscriptions and
carvings still defy solution. There are
statues and Images made of rock, but
they are meaningless. Copan's history
Is unknown and so scientist* are
Vont to speak of it as "the oldest city
In America."
Foley Kidney Pills area true medicine
They are healing, strengthening, anti
septic and tonic. They act quickly. For
sale by all druggists.
12 to 38 inches in diameter
-v u*
I An Unexpected
Dick Huntington was seated at his
desk, looking over the mail.
Dick was president of one of the
largest clothing stores in Chicago.
He had begun as errand boy and had
been gradually promoted until, at the
last meeting of the board of direct
ors, Ire was elected president. Short
ly after taking the office of president,
he shifted Robert Patterson, one of
the floor walkers, to the position of as
sistant manager and purchasing
Bob was now In Europe, having
gone there a month before to secure
for the firm the latest styles In cloth
ing. He was expected back within a
short time, and, as Dick was anxious
to set the men to working on the new
styles, he awaited Bob's arrival with
no small interest. Being at the head
of the firm, his greatest desire was to
make this year the greatest in the
history of the clothing business.
He was busily engaged looking oveiv
his mall that morning and had nearly
finished, when he heard a rap on his
door. At his request, the door was
opened, admitting a messenger boy.
He handed Dick a telegram and left
the ofllce.
Dick glanced at the telegram anil
found it to be from Bob. He hastily
tore open the envelope and read the
following message addressed tii:him
"Will be back Thursday. Married.
Everything O. K. fibh."
Dick, after reading the message, "sat
back in his chair and had a hearty
laugh over the news. He rang the
bell for +he stenographer.
Dorothy Wilcox entered the private
office. She was a pretty girl about 25
years of age and she came from a
l.ighly respected family.
"Miss Wilcox, I have just received a
telegram. It contains the best piece
of news I have heard for a long time.
Bob Patterson is coming back next
Thursday. He will be accompanied
by his wife."
To Dick's surprise Dorothy let the
shorthand book fall from her hand
Her face grew almost as white as her
The news had almoBt stunned her,
for she and Bob had Becretly become
engaged and were to have been mar
ried In August. She loved him and
had always believed that he loved her
but now, while he was in Europe, he
had met another girl and married her.
Could she bear the shock?
It was hard for her, but she was de
termined not to break down over It.
She took the shorthand book which
Dick had picked up and, taking a seat
at the desk, made ready for dictation.
The next few days passed quickly
and before Dick knew it it was Thurs
day. The train upon which Bob was
to arrive was an hour late and did not
pull in until 1:30 in the afternoon.
Dick had requested all the employees
to be at the station at the arrival of
the bride and groom and give them a
warm reception.
He had appointed Miss Wilcox, not
knowing of her relations to Robert, to
act as head of the reception commit
tee at the gate. She did not wish to'do
this, but Dick was one of those men
who is always kind to his employees,
but when he said a thing he wanted it
done. Therefore, dreading it even as
she did, Dorothy decided to obey her
employer and do his bidding.
About 1 o'clock the employees of
the firm began to assemble at the sta
tion. They kept on coming until, at
1:30, they were all there. The car
riage arrived, decorated for the occa
sion. A large sign was fastened on
the back, reading, "Just married," and
several strings of shoes were dragging
after it.
The employees formed in two lines
from the gate to the carriage. One
of the lines was headed by Miss "Wil
cox and the other by the floor walker.
Thus arranged, they awaited the ar
rival of Mr. and Mrs. Patterson!
They did not have to wait long.
The train soon pulled in. Now was
Dorothy's test. Would she break
down? She felt as if she could not
stand a moment longer. Her heart
was nearly broken it beat wildly
within her. But—she would at least
hold out until Bob was driven away
in the carriage. With this decision,
she waited silently.
Presently, Bob was seen approach
ing the gate. He was alone. Where
was his wife? Everyone was puzzled.
When he came to the gate, he was
surprised at seeing everyone waiting
for him. What did it mean Why this
celebration? He was quickly asked
where his wife was and he was taken
unawares. His wife? Where had the
news originated He asked for an ex
planation and was told of the tele
gram which Dick had received. He
soon solved the problem. A friend In
Europe, wishing to play a Joke on
him, had sent that telegram. He was
Dot-married. It was all a Joke.
"Dick," he said, "there is no Mrs.
Patterson—at present—but there Boon
will be one," and to the surprise of
all, he walked over to Dorothy and,
taking her by the arm, led her
through the two lines of employees
and Into the carriage. He directed the
driver to the parson's home, and, in
Bid* of an hour, Dorothy, who, a short
tlm£ before had believed her heart
to be broken, was being held tightly
in her husband's arms, the happiest
woman In the world.
A Difference.
He—My political reputation Is snow
Lawyer—Before or after falling?
'Uncle Tom" Was Here
Terry's Uncle Tom's Cabin Co., ex
hibited under canvass in this city last
week Wednesday evening and drew a
crowded house just as they always do
when they come here. The different
features of the play were carried out
and there was no room for criticism.
One of the big features of the show is
their fine military band and their
concert on the street in the evening is
always looked forward to. Their or.
ohestra is also deserving of praise and
the time taken up between acts was
taken up with cake walks, songs, etc.
Terry's Uncle Tom show visits Ashton
every year and is always welcome
again.—Gazette, Ashton, Illinois.
Registered Holstein Freisian Ball For
,c Sale.
Being through with service I offer
my coming three-year-old bull for
sale. Call and see him and his get.
eowtt Sam Sorenson,
For Corn Planters call on John'
Winfrey & Chantry, leading drug-'
gists of this town, are enthusiastic
ver the new German remedy, Ad
lerika. They report that a Single
Dose relieves gas on the stomach,
sour stomach and constipation al
most Instantly and that one dose a
week prevents Appendicitis.
For Sale
A few good Poland China Sowa
Will farrow soon,. Pedigrees fur
nished. Call or phone to
If you need draying done, call -V
Ed Bartlett, Phone 93.
High Grade Short Horn yearling
bulls for sale.
Exira, Iowa,
Route 2.
Terry's Can Come Again
The big tent was filled by an appre
ciative audience last Thursday eve
ning when Terry's Uncle Tom's com
pany made their bi-ennial appearance
here, and if they should elect to return
next year they are sure of a good at
tendance. ItBeems that people never
tire of Uncle Tom and little Eva.—
The Advocate & Tribune, Iudlanola,
Good Nevs
S. G. Weaver,
Exira, Ia.
-J'V-.vt •—r*.
The most complete lines of Wall
Paper, Room Moulding Paints and
Varnishes at Hansen's Drug Store.
Oscar Hunt.
Have you tried Tom Lohner's
Flour at $1.25 per sack. tt
For Sale
One two-year-old Hereford—Bean
tf R. P. Clark,*4**'
Farmers—bring in yourplow work
Volm'er Hansen,
Some Extra Good walnut posts,
pd mil Ed Millimao.
A bay mare pony weighing about
800 pounds. Notify
tf Peter Norgaard, .f/*1
Brayton, Iowa "v
R. F.
The biggest stock of Lawn Mov
ers in town at Joba Nelsen's. a4
For Rent
Eighty acres of pasture for rent.
Wm. Doffing,
Exira, Iowa
All new and up-to-date patterns
in Wall Paper at Hansen's Drag
For Sale
Exira, Rt. 4.
Do You Have The Right Kind of Help?
Foley Kidney Pills furnish you the
right kind of help to neutralise and re
move the poisons that cause baokaohe^.
headaohe, nervousness, and other kid
ney and bladder ailments. For sale by
all druggists.
It is now time to think
of ordering or buying
your HARNESS for
spring. We carry a
large stock and can
make up any kind you
Remember we make
our own Harness out
of the best oak-tanned
leather, and guaran
tee every strap of it.
Repairs and Oiling
attended to promptly.
J. W. Alsup
Phone 161, Exira, la.

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