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Local Items
Mre. Sheran Knox arrived
•., |d
on day to visit her mother,
cumstances be excusable.
Mrs. Mollie Hunt ,is now occuipy
Hg the Sol May property near .the?
Athletic Park.
Mr. N. South left Tuesday for
Council Bluffs to visit a few days
-with his brother.
Manley Wrigh.t went to Hamliu
i' yesterday to visilt a short time at
the Dryden home.
Herman Baier was in Cumb&riand
i.'( from Saturday until Tuesday visit
fi. jnig his better half.
Mi-. E. D. Powe 1 left this morn
ing for Canada, where he will re
fide the comMig fiiimmer.
Mr. Clyde Dimick left yesterday
for Des Moines, .for a short vi«it
with relatives and friends
Miss Smith of Cooni Rip.ds visit
ed over last might with her sister,
Mr®. Ber.t Swain and family, depart
lag this morning for hJir home.
i'1 Mis. Clifford Posten arrived here
from Omaha. Monday morning for a
"•l two monthi's vis'-t withi her par
ents, A. A. Seibe.t and -wife. Sha
hae been suffering for sometime
•?!j. with appendicitis.
Next Sunday as Easter and it is
asua ly comvmor&ted by mating eggs.
If the children acronud the house
have bsen successful in hidinig a
•quantity amd you should eat too
•znany, then It will, u®der the
The Directors of the Cduri'y Fair
will meet .to pass o,n th.a new arti
'i cles of incorporation on the first
Saturday in April, the Fair Associa
tion having worked for the last
four y:ars wiith an expired inco-r
poratiom. For the sake of economy
we would suggest to the manage
ment that their printing be either
passed around or that it be put up
to the lowest bidder. It is with a
Bpirit of fairness that this is sug
gested tor miu.olj of th.a patronage
of the fair comes from the soutiv
and as a certain amount of prjnt
i€d material nuust be provided it is
•on fair to divide the orders. Dur
inig the eight years of the preseint
imanag,emnt of the Journal, this
paper has been favored BUT ONOE
with supplying .the Annual Fair
(Book and them the outside adver
tisirog paid for the three thousand
book av.-quired so that the society
paid nothing for their printing.
House File
210 by Bart
Provides for the regulation of
moving picture film and stereoptica
views, estab ishing the office of
State Censor, who shall devot-. his
entire time and receive $1500
annum for his services. H's
«hall be to condeimini all film
•cenery that is sacrtlig^ous, ob
#ceaie, indescenit or immoral, and
io sanction thie use of all that in
estimation is good and to issue a
certificate granting the use of the
good. This is a step in the right
The Mother's Favorite
A cough medicine for children
«hot ld be harmless. It should
pUse nt to take. It should be ef
fectual. Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy al1 of this and is the mother
favorite everywhere. For sa!e by
All Dealers.—adv.
10 Per
Spring Clothing
As an opening inducement)
For Saturday Only
George, the King of Greece, wias
assassinated, last Tuesday. As the
good king, (if a good king ever
lived) was at the zenith of triuniiph
naving doubled his population and
doubled hiis territory during hi®
reign, and tying to abdicate, he
was mercilessly shot ,through' the
heart by one of his countryman,
who gave his name as Alleko Sh.toas
Mrs. Saralx Elizabeth (Miller) ste
p'henscn was bor.n in Jonsville Rich
land Co., Ohio, July 4, 1850. Sha
moved with her parents to Linn
Co., Iowa, in the year 1851 and d'fir
parted this life March 11, 1913, at
the age of 62 years 8 months and
7 days.
Elizabeth' Mi'Ker was the daugh
ter of Aquilla and Temperance Mil
ler, the oldest of a family of ten
children, thres. of whom survive her
W. E. Miller of Seattle, Washing
ton, A. E. Mill.er and s. T. Thom
as of Cedar Rap'ds, Iowa, and
her aged father whose home is
wi his daughter, Mrs. Thomas.
El.zabeth Miller was united in
marriage to Henry Steiphenscn, Feb
ruary 8, 1883, at Cedar Rap d«, Io
wa, coming to Audubon County,
wh&re they have since resided. To
this union was born seven children,
Ralph M., William H. and Mrs.
Samusl Bsnton, Mrs. Clyde Boehme,
Roy A., Dora A., Mary E., and two
grandchildren all of whom survive
her and Jive near with the excep
tion of William, who just recently
moved to Canada.
M.s. Stephenson united with the
Chr stian Church in Cedar Rapids,
Iowa, at the age of sixteen, and
was a faithful follower of her be
lief. She united with the church
under the pastcrate of M. A. Mc
Connell, who wa« one of the old
pioneer preache.s of Linn -County,
Iowa,.' Although she lived where
she could not attend her
yet she lived that quite »nassu.min
chr'stian life. A life that will be
an example to her children and
friends. Her last skknees was a
lingering one but through it all the
u.tmost patience was shown, never
a murmur of complaint. Surround
ed by her family' she bid them all
good-hye and passed in'o the great
The funeial was held from the.
Ex ra Christian Churchi conducted
by the Rev. S. M. Smith.
A correspondent to the. Manning
Mon tor relates th's srtoy.
Saturday waa a busy day in Hal
bur. Many Earnme wire in town
liinc'.'uding County Stupe visor Sh n
kltb irg and Fred Rose. Afiter ,tran
sacting their busncsis they got
ready to return home. Thru some
mis', indei stand,inig th- nfolebarg thot
h-a was to ride home wiith Rose a.nd
Rose with Shenkelbe: g. They went
to the hitchtfng pes.4. ,and. Shelnkle
berg begani unhitching a term ths.t
he thought bleong to Rose while
Rose thought his good fr.i:nd was
'Utttieitng 'his own, iteam. Getting jn
to t'-. wagon one asked 'the oitber
to drive the team. As they -were
godng down t'h© a'reeit Heniry Lueke
called to them askimg w.her© they
got itheir new .teaim. On .eaoamina
tion they found thear mistake and
tried to get the team back to he
post before ing dis over^
Sup rv'sor Sh -nkleiberg and
school director Rose ar.- now ex
plaining how it happened and treat
rag .their friends who enj the
Note—If it had happemed in Aufl
inbon we probably wou'd not ii*\e
noticed it
Ralph Carper wa.s a Gray visi or
lasft Saturday afternoon..
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Buckner vis
ited in Audubon Thursday.
Ray Clark has teen, hauling ne\»
furniture from Audubon this week-
Ph.l Crow returned Sunday from
a weeks visit at Exira and vicinity.
School started at •Ca-mcron Cen
ter Monday with Daniel Hecker »s
Air. Andrew Peterson and wife
visited Sunday at the Waitc.r Jen
sen home.
Little Ella Gust is suffering from
an attack of wkoopmg cough at
this writing.
There wilC be a box sociable in
Gray at the Woodman Han on
March 29th.
Mrs. M. D. Crow and Miss Btliel
Eckles were Gray shoppers, Wednes
day evening.
George Garber, mail hauler front
Gray did not make hiis routa Satur
day on account of the storm
Martha Johnson, returned Sunday
from a week's vis with her uncle.
Herman Zaiger near Hamlin.
There was no church, at Eii"
Valley as Rev, Mc,Vey its im Neb
raska on a visit with his family-
Will Moore a-nd the Misses Eolith
Pederson, Hazel Anderson and 'M'
lissa Moor© were Sunday visitors
at the Aflbert Fest home.
Miss EtheO EckJ.s finished a very
successful term of school at Came
ron No. 1, ia®t Thursday, and re
turned to her hoone im Audubon.
Gretchen Horning of Sioux
City is visiting relatives and
frdend® ini this vic inity coming dow-r
to attend the wedding of her broth
er, Paul.
Keep coughing: that's one way.
Stop coughing: that's another.
To keep th£~cough: do nothing.
To stop the cough: Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Sold for 70 yean.
Ask Your Doctor,
BE IN .-• 'j
of HO A^s-M-iatinn of
Prominent Amercari Phy
fsiriniiR SpHtiaii(«ts Gi in.'
Free M'flical Servii-et?
moDday, March 24th
Startling sdosuree relative to the
most remarkable treatments known.
Dr. Aitken is visiting the. principal
town* in Iowa Licensed by the State
t' the treatment of diaeaee.s de orm
iticH: ailments and maladies of various
'Virms without surgical operation.
Hy this developed system no more
operations for appendicitis, gall stones,
kidney stones, tubercular glands,
tumor, itre, pile-. Among the fiivt in
America to do away with the knife
Mood and pain in the treatment and
•lire of these serious and dangerous di
Rheumatism, diabetes, bed-wetting,
leg-uloer«, sore eyes and disea-es the
Monmeh, liver, be trt, catarrh, broi,
i-hitis partial loss hearing, kidneys,
bowt-ls, ladder, all Heated by their
ceessful methods, developed after
years ol special practice and ex per
This doctor and nerve specialist
treat buccehsfullv neuralgia, constant
headaches, sciatica, nervous debllitV
:uid other diseases related to the ner
votis system
Because of bis vast experience in the
treatment and cure of chronic blood
diseases, scrofula, diseases of the skin,
falling of the hair, hydrocele, varico
cele, swelling of the limbs, enlarged
veins, paralysis, and all diseases of men
women, and children they are emin
ently fitted for the high position hey
have attained in the extensive practice
of their profession.
It your case is incurable, the doctor
will give you valuable advice that
will relieve you mid stay the disease.
The\ are curidg rhe diseases they un
dertake and you may some day regret
it if yoi dontgive thein a chance
The doctor Aitkin will givi- free
treatment (exc pt a small charc- for
in diein s) on this rticular it. and
I liis only to thosr- who are interested
and r-'slly sick
much as giving his va'uabl
rvices fre« to th* sick he will expect
those treat to tell the results 10
their friends.
[f you have kidney or b'adder iro i
bl bring a t'O.ounc* bottle of your
urine foranalyiis.
Married ladies Must come with their
husbands and children with their par
Wash Goods
S 5
We are now making a preliminary showing of women's
rearing apparel for Spring 1913 The most admirable
collection of strictly correct garments ever offered in this
section, Style, quality and moderate prices are the three
features you will find to be in your favor, and just now
we are in a position to give you our best service. We
would like it if you would inspect our Spring Hats, Coats
and Dresses.
Having decided to close out my entire line of S
and Gents' Turaisbings
81.50 Bed Spreads t—• 12c Cotton Bats
Calico, per yard...... .04c
Ladies' and Children's Shoes at 1-2
A few Boys Overcoats, 1 2 Men's Collars
$1.50 to 11.00 Drees Shirts Work Gloves
if IS
Goods, Shoes,1
1 4
at GREAT BARGAIN PRICES, just to show
you they are REAL Bargains I will list a few:
A* 12fa'.
Chi'dreti's Underwear.. 1-2 price
81.00 4lbCotton Batt» .65c
in and investigate and you will find these ars
the greatest bargains in town.
"W- It
1-2 price

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