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A continual well balanced ration
(prepared in apipet'zing form® would
ibe a largie factor toward ithe re
forms which are so necessary for
the betterment of the world. Our
healith and 'life defends wholly
on our diet which is largely respon
sible 'for our tampers and disposi
tions. How helpless would ,the mas
culine wort'-d be without wonue'n The
rearing of children is not our only
life giving and life-preserving mis
sion. From tha cradle to the gra^y
we hold ith-e -livtes and successes of
the people of tfra .nation in ouir
hands, lor if they are not fed thiey
droop and die but thousands only
half wiay live because they aire not®
properly fed, but a healthfujj and
veil balanced raition giives yflgor,
strength and a desire to djame and
do things which are making our
nation the most famous on the
earth. Behiind the nwn wh are
accomplishing the wonderful feats
and delving in nature's mysteries
stand the cooks who are supplying
them with the emergy.
To remove ink-stains from deli
cate fabrics moisten the stained
parts with water then apply equal
parts of salt and cream of tartar
keeping fabric well moistened. Re
peat the opeartiom until the ink
stain1 has disappeared. a-,.
•Be ait one-half cup butter and one
half cuip sugar together to ac reaim.
Add one egg well beaten thied add
owe-half cup black coffiee and one
ball cmp milk. Sift two teaspoons
baking powder and two cups flouar
together, add to this one-half cup
of currants well cleaned and stir
into the mixture. Turn into square
greased baking pan and sprinkle
top thickly with sugar and cinna
mon. Bake im moderate oven ttore
quar.ers of an h'ouT
Boil one-half cup of rice milk.
When swelled add thiriie well-beat
en eggs, a little butt:r, flavoring,
salt and sugar to taste, bet boil
till •very thick. When partly cool
pour out on the board, spread out
and lat cool until stiiff. Cut into
squeiies, roll in cracker crumbs
and fry a golded brown.
Two cups buttermilk, one tea
spoon salt, owe teaspoon soda (fullj
Stir In good corn mea'i until a con
sistent batter. Have frying pan
hot with a tablespoon drippings,
and a little butter. Pour in the
batter, cover and il'sit brown slowly
Then turn' out on a plate and put
The Maker of Widows
The reckless man, whether he
Is a locomotive engineer, an auto
driver or a motorcycle rider, should
be put where he cannot make wid
ows and orphans just for his own
amuse.ment. Two years a%o, the
Great North Western Railway
Company adopted what they called'
"Safety first" amd went to work
on all their employees weeding out
their reckless men and since that
time' there has been a de
crease of 35 percent of the death
rate and 33 percent of the injur
ies. Then trespassing has been
the cause of many deaths, during
the la^t twenty years 86,733 per
sons have beeni killed and 94,646
injured in this manner. Of this
number. 35,000 were boys under 18
years and 36,000 were tramps. It
Is not the machine that is dan
gerous but the operator.
Stand Up For Your Rights
It doesn't require a Sherlock
Holmes to detect the veiled mo
tive of the merchant who turns to
his own profit your willingnses to
be led. who capitalizes your lack
of firmness and conviction by per
suading you to accept* a substitute
or imitation, when hiis only motive
is a few additional cents in profit.
On. thte other hand, it is a compli
ment to the intelligence of tine
customer who rebukes with diigndty
the man -who says "Yes but here
Is something just as good." This
offence is especially grave when
well known preparations for re
storing heaiith are concerned and
it Is commonly known that suibsti
tiuites offered for Scott's Emulsion
contain alcodiiol, wines and opiates
•wheni in reality such ingredients
are detrimental rather than bene
ficial to health—and the oil used
in many Inferior brands, is made
rancid and impure from careless
handling and exposure to elements.
The moral is: stand up for your
itighjbs, and declare your indepen
dence. *w adv
The Housewife's Corner
another tablespoon of drippings j,n
the frying pan. Return the cake
with the top down and let cook un
til brown. Serve hot. ,•
One _arge tahlespoon lard, and
one tablespoon butter, one quart of
flour and a little salt. Mix with
water or sweet milk. Sweet imilk
makes them brown better. Beat wit
a rolling pin ifiifteen minutes or
more, until the dough blisters. Cut
into biscuits, pierce them with
a fork ani bake.
Take two cups sweet milk, one
half cup sugar, one and one-half
teaspoons baking powder. Mix wdtt
a graham flour to a stiff batter.
Drop into gem tins and bake im a
quick oven.
One cup sugar, one-fourth cup of
butter, one-fourth cup milk, three
eggs beaten, one haeping cup flour,
Spread on three tind and bake in
a hot ovem.. Any kind of filling
may be used. iSPIS
Five cups flour, two cups molas
ses, two cuips sugar, two cups but
ter, four eggs, two teaspoons of
ground ginger and one teaspoon,
soda. Mix well, pour in shallow
bake pans and bak^ ow.ly. Cut in
squares and starve. Good hot or
cold. 4
B'eat one egg with one cup sugar,
add one-fourth cup melted butter,
one cup milk and two cups flour,
which has been sifted with two
teaspoons baking powder.. Bake im
a rather quick oven and serve with
Melt one tablesipoon butter ini a
frying pan, smoothe one tablespoon
flour into it. Add one cup choppsd
meat, one cup milk and the beatenj
yolks of two eggs. Let the mix
ture boil up then salt to taste.
Add the beaten white® of the two
eggs, turn Snito a pudding dish and
bake one-half hour in a pan of hot
Orators Have Free Hand.
Prof. Masterman, lecturing at Cam
bridge on modern England and the lib
erty of the subject, said there was
enough treason spoken in Hyde park,
London, on Sunday afternoons to fill
a German fortress. Instead, the ora
tors went hGme to tea. It :s a remark
able fact, however, added the lec
turer, that there is no state in Europe
where attacks on the sovereign are so
rare or so strcngly resented by the
people at large.
The Human Thermometer
"No, sir," protes ed the bottle-nosed
monthly nurse to he youthful father
"I don't say as your suggestion for
taking the temperature of the dear
little liinfant's bath with a thermomy
ter ain't sensible enough on the part
o' some nusses, but 1 don't require
anythink o' the kind. The hinfant
hisself is sufficient intimation to me.
If the water's too hot, he turns red
an' if it's too cold he turns blue. You
can't have anythink plainer than
Plain-Living Emperor.
Although the majority of royal per
sonages are noted for their lavish din
ner tables, there is at least one reign
ing monarch whose meals are of the
simplest. This monarch is the em
peror of China. His whole life is lived
in obedience to the most stringent
etiquette and his food is all regulated
for him by statute. So strict are the
laws governing the imperial household
that when he desires a new dish he
1-as to pass a special decree before he
can have it, and the court physicians
keep a strict watch over his appetite.
Should ne show a special liking for
any particular viand, tfie chances are
that they will persuade him not to
take it, under the pretense that it may
prove injurious" to his health.
Woman Bank President.
Mrs. Phoebe Rideout of California is
the latest rscruit to the ranks of the
women bank presidents. Mrs. Rideout
has just been elected to succeed her
late husband as the president of the
bank at Oroville. Cal., and also as
president of the banks at Marysville
Mid Gridley. The aggregate capital of
the three institutions is said to be
more than $3,000,000. Mrs. William
Langdom, wife of the jity attorney of
San Francisco, has been re elected
president of the Union Savings 'bank
at Modesto.
When making light bread save
•einough/ dough tot make two
baiters loaves. Add to it the white
of one egg and two tablespoon® of
butter. Miix well, roll out on a
board amd cut with a biscuit cutter.
Grease the 'top fold over and flatten
a little with the hand. Let rise
until veiry light and bake in a
moderate oven.
The sum of $68.69 was stolen from
the telephone station at Clarion.
Owing to the increased cost of liv
ing the city council at LeMars in
creased the salaries of city employes.
Emil Humdahl, formerly of Fort
Dodge, was killed while fighting
in Mexico, according to news to
Vandals pillaged the cottage of
Judge Rainsier at Clear Lake, break
ing the windows. It later was dis
covered afire.
LeMars has the assurance that the
$50,000 public building which con
gress authorized two years ago will
become a reality.
Mrs. Margaret Murphy accidental
ly fell into a cistern at the family
home at Boone, but was rescued be
fore she drowned.
Hans J. Olson, aged 7Y,. wandered
away from the Mercy hospital at
Council Bluffs and was drowned in a
small pool of water.
Mounted carriers for the postal
service have bean granted Mason
City, according to an order which
reached the postmaster.
Dr. J. M. Shaffer of Keokuk, age
82, and widely known as an etymolo
gist and scientist, was stricken with
paralysis of the left side.
A six-story warehouse and store
room to cost $150,000 is to be erect
ed by the J. I. Case Threshing Ma
chine company''at Des Moines.
Mrs. M. O. Roland, a well known
teacner In tne Harlan public schools,
fainted and fell on a cement sidewalk,
sustaining a fracture of the ^w.
Warren McGuire of Fort Douge, an
inmate of the state inebriate hospi
tal at Knoxville, committed suicide
by hanging himself to a bed post.
W. A. Bedes, an employe of the
Boone ice plant, was seriously injured
when a big icicle fell from the roof
of a building, piercing him in the
Mrs. F. B. McFerrin, of Thurman,
wrapped a thread around a 32 caliber
bullet so it would fit a 38 caliber re
volver and shot herself. She will not
The Cedar Rapids school district
by a decisive vote decided to build a
vocational high school and two grade
schools, the total expenditure to be
Rev. Clark, pastor of the Congre
gational church at Forest City, re
signed and on April 1 will accept a
call at Marion to succeed Rev. C. A.
Charles Newman, of Clinton, a pa
per mill hand, was drawn into the
machinery at the Ford mill and so
badly injured that he died a few
hours later.
Taylor Forsyth, 21, of Moulton,
Iowa, a brakeman on the Minneapolis
& St- Louis railroad, was crushed be
tween cars and died at the hospital
in Mason City.
J. C. McGaheran, democrat, took
up his new duties as postmaster at
LaPorte City. Mr. George Bangor,
the retiring postmaster, has held the
office for eight years.
G. W. Riker of Russell has a watch
which he has carried since 1856, and
which was made in 1810. He says
that, regardless of its age, it still
keeps first class time.
J. B. Smith, 30, was killed in
Charles City when the key on a new
ly installed hydraulic press in the
Hart-Parr factory broke and part of
it hit him over the eye.
The proposition to issue $20,000
bonds for building a new school house
at Lorimor was carried by a vote of
60 to 13. The site for the building
was purchased last year.
Max D. Petersen has announced
that he will erect a new four-story
business building at Davenport, low
er floors to be used for store rooms
and upper floors for apartments.
Arthur Woodruff, the boy reported
missing from his home near Shannon
City, and for whom a reward of $25
was offered, has been located near
Lorimor and returned to his parents.
Charles Grimm of Mason City, for
many years th champion wing shot
of the world, disposed of his farm of
154 acres for $34,968. His brother,
Eugene Grimm of Clear Lake, was
the buyer.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Sheehy of Sac City severely scalded
himself while playing in the kitchen.
In some manner he tipped a pail of
boiling water, scalding himself about
the face and body.
J. A. Atte, a prominent farmer of
Sydney, died in a hospital at Coun
cil Bluffs. Atte was found uncon
scious in his room at a hotel. A gas
jet was open, but whether by intent
or accident is unknown.
Thomas E. Kendall of Humboldt
has been granted a patent on a hose
releaser, by which in case of a run
away by pulling on a handle the driv
er can release the thills from the
buggy and set the horse free."
While en route home Nicholas Shu
pert and a companion of Council
Bluffs were held up, and in a fight
with the robbers Shupert was stabbed
four times through the neck and
shoulders. His assailant escaped. The
men had cashed checks.
The Iowa Public Welfare league
has been opened in Des Moines for
the purpose of securing farm hands
and registering farms and owners.
I In registering farmers will state the
claBS of help wanted and the wages
paid, and the farm hands will stat«
age, experience, habits, nationalise*
Vnd localif" preferred.
I s---
in b&Y? 4'
Truly a Forgetful Man.
The most forgetful man has been
found. He lives in a little town in the
upper part of York county. He fell
ill with symptoms indicating appendi
citis and submitted to an operation.
To their great surprise and embarrass
ment the surgeons found that the ap
pendix had already been removed. The
patient afforded the necessary expla
nation when he recovered from the
ether by stating that he remembered
then, "come to think of it," that he
had been through a similar operation
.two years ago.
improved Electric Heating.
The ordinary parlor stove is used
by Herr Guizah of Berlin as a re
ceptacle for an electric radiator, con
sisting of a wire or carbon of suitable
resistance,, and in this way is con
verted into an electric heater more
satisfactory than those hitherto tried.
Too great local drying of the air is a
usual fault of eiectnc heating. With
the new arrangement the air circula
tion produced by the stove rapidly I
distributes the heat and at the same
time gives ventilation and prevents
excessive drying. The ordinary cur
rent consumption warms an average I
room in about an hour. With the large I
tile stoves so common in Germany the
haat is retained a long time, and the
cost of keeping the room comfortable
is moderate.
George Weighton V.S.
Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist
Calls answered day or night.
Phones—Day 455 Night 95
Office under Advocate Office,
Audubon, Iowa
Physician Surgeor
Phone S3. Haute
cakes, made wMh
ROYAL Baking Powder
af© delicious, health
easily made.
0«c« ttr«t door of '#*0.1..
Drur Store, upetatr* EXIT®, lOftl
Ohi-onic Stomach Trouble Cured
There is nothing more discour
aging than a chronic disorder of
the stomach. Is ltnot surprising
that many suffer for years with
such an. ailment when a permanen
cure Is within their reach and may
be had for a trifle. "About one
year ago," says P. H. Beck of Wak
edee, Michigan, "I bought a packag
of Chamberlain's Tablets,and since
us:ng them I have felt perfectly
well.I had previously used' any
number of different medicines, but
none of them were of any lasting
benefit." For sale by all dealers.
None but first class companies
represented in this agency. All
leaden of known reliability from
liaine to California, foremost busi
ness getters, and readable Loss
pay firs. Our bread and butter de
pends on our Companies' fair deael
Ing with our policy holders.
Two Rrizcs for Men, Who Want to
Quit Renting and lOivn an Iowa
Farm of their Own.
The Journal wishes to call the
attention of its readers to two
tip-top farms which are offered just
now on poor men's terms.
Both are located in one of the
most productive parts of the state
of Iowa, being about fifty miles
northward from Waterloo. One is
three miles from a town nearly as
large as Audubon, the other is less
than four miles from a much finer
city than Atlantic. Both are well
improved both lie exceptiona'ly well
being neither hilly nor flat, and
both have deep, rich black corn
soil. "r"
One contains 175 acres and is
held at $100 the other is a
quarter section held at $120 and
possession of either can be given
March 1st if desired. Either can
be bought by a good reliable man
with a cash payment of $3,000 or
even a little less,and with five and
one-half percent on the entire bal
For more information regarding
them, call upon or write the
'Journal.-- -.
$1 per set or three
sets for
$2.00, cash
Bring in your harness
now and get them oil
ed before the spring
rush is on.
Phone 1 6 1
Exira, Iowa
Campbell's Varnish Stain
Will make them so. It is also good
for all kinds of
Floors, Furniture & Woodwork
Easy to apply. 13 colors
Made by Carpenter-Morton Co.v Boston
Present this Coupon at dealer's store ar\d re
ceive one of the Campbell Broom Holders free
Exira Drug Company
A Large Farm (Offered Exclusive
ly by Uie Journal, at a Price
Which Sounds like Five Years
The Journal wishes to eall the
attention of Its readers to a most
unusual bargain in a 400-acre farm
in our own. section of the stace.
which is now being offered at a
prion and on terms which will en
able the piurchaser to make it pay
for itself easily.
It is a very productive farm and
highly improved. The soil Is black
and rich. The lay is rolling, but
not hilly or rough, it being not
greatly different in this respect
from many farms in the vicinity of
Exira. It lies within twenty-five
miles of Exira.
The price will be given to anyone
Interested as well as a detailed de
scription of the place. Suffice it
to say it is being offered at quite
a bit less than $100 per acre, and
the terms are exceptionally easy.
The Journal invites every man
who is in the market for a farm
of this description to call and gfet
the partioulars regarding this place.
It is a chance of the kind that is
rare and becoming rarer.
Are You a Cold Sufferer
Take Dr. King's New Discovery.
The best Cough, Cold, Tha-oat and
Lung medicine made. Money re
funded if it fails to cure you. Do
not hesitate—take it at our risk.
First dose helps. J. R. Wells, Floy
dada, Texas, writes "Dr. King's
New Discovery cured my terrible
cough and cold. I gained 15 lbs."
Buy it of the Exira Drug Company.
No Need to Stop Work:
hen the doctor orders you to
smp work it staggeirs you. I can't,
you say You know you are weak,
run down and failing i.n health day
by day, but you must work as long
as. you can stand. What you need
is Electric Bitters to give tone,
strength and vigor your system,
to prevent breakdown and build
you up. Don't be weak, sickly or
ailing when Electric Bitters will
benefit you from the first dose.
Thousands bless them for their
glorious health and strength. Try
them. Every bottle is guaranteed
to satisfy. Only 50 cents at The
Exira. Drug Store.—adv.
Both in Use
and Cost
And it does better
work. Simply follow
your customary method
of preparation add a
little less of Calumet
than when using ordi
nary baking powder.
Then watch the result.
Light, fluffy, and even
ly raised the baking
comes from the oven
more tempting, tastier,
more wholesome.
Calumet insures the baking of an
expert. Ask your grocer to-day.
Pure Food
Yoti don't save money when you buy
chtap or big-can baling powder. Don't
bt misled. Buy Calumet. It's more
economical more wholesome gives
but results. Calumet is far superior to
sour miUt and soda.
/. The Forty Year Tost
An article must have exceptional
merit to survive for a period of for--a
ty years. Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy was first offered to the
public in 1872. From a small be
ginning it has grown in favor and
popularity until it has attained a
wo ld-wide reputation. You will
find nothing better for a cougb or is
co'd. Try it and you will under-,
sti-nd why it is a favorite after a®
period of more than forty years, its
not only gives relief—it cures. For 4
sale by all dealers.—adv.
State of Ohio, city of Toledo, I
Lucas County, (3S
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he It
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney
& Co., doing business in the Citv of To-
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and ev*
ery ease of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by the use of HALL'S CATARRH CURB.
ledo, County and State aforesaid, and-'
sum of ONES':
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my piv.o'Tu-e, this 6th d:iy of December.
A. D. 1SSS.
(Seal) A. W. ULEASON.
Notary Public, ii
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
and acts directly upon the blood and mu
cous surfaces of the system. Send for
testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O.
Sold by all Druggists, 73e.
Take Hall's Family constipation.
Mothers Can SafeJy Buy
Dr. King's Neww Discovery and
give it to the Idttle ones when ail
ing and suffering with coughs colda
throat or lung troubles, tastes nice,
harmless, once uesd, always used.
Mrs. Bruce Crawford, Niagra, Mo.,
writes: "Dr. King's New Discover,
changed our boy fiom a pale weak
ck boy to the picture of health.
Always helps buy it at the Exira
Drug Store.—adv.
Surprise Your Frleauls
For four weeks regularly use Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They stimu
late the ldver .improve digestion,
remove blood impurities, pimples
and eruptions disappear from your
face and body amd you feel better.
Begin at once. Buy at the Exira
Drug Co. Store.—adv.

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