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of Food
Made with different Baking Powders
From a Series of Elaborate Chemical Tests:
An equal quantity of bread (biscuit) was made
with each of three different kinds of baking powder—
cream of tartar, phosphate, and alum—and submitted
separately to the action of the digestive fluid, each
for the same length of time.
The relative percentage of the food digested is
shown as follows:
Bread made with
Royal Cream of Tartar Powder:
Roy Coll, who has been quite ill
lor some time, is quite a bit better.
Miss Eva Benton and Laura Tib
iben visited with Susie Heckman last
Miss Laura Newman is helping
Mr®. Charles Faiga with" her house
hold duties.
E. B. Voes has the contract
for the farm building, the big barn
on the Theo Sehwenneker farm.
Charles Faga has just completed
a lairge barn on his farm that he
purchased last year.
Miss Helen Tibben is home after
a year's attendance at the Exira
Chris Heckman Jr. and family
were visitors at the George Kness
home Sunday.
Theo Sehwenneker is building a
big bairn oni his fine farm in the
east part of .the township.
Miss Nellie Littlefield is expected
home this week from Shenandoah'
where she attended school the past
Mir. Jake Wahlert is having a
windmill put up on the farm occu
pied by Howard Shoesmith.
Every familly without exception
should keep this preparation at
hand during the hot weather of the
Bummer months. Camberlain's Col
ic, Oholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
iB worth many times its cost when
needed and is almost certain to be
needed before the summer is over,
lit has no superior for the purposes
for whioh. it is intended. Buy it
now. For sale by all dealers...
Per Cent. Digested
Bread snade with
phosphate powder:
Per Cent. Digested
Bread made with -. •.
slum pov* der
^67% Per Cent. Digested
These tests, which are absolutely reliable and
unprejudiced, make plain a fact of great importance
to everyone: Food raised with Royai, a cream of
tartar Baking Powder, is shown to be entirely diges
tible, while the alum and phosphate powders are found
to largely retard the digestion of the food made from
Witte Brothers marketed hogs in
Exira Monday.
Follie Littl-efield is painting
house and out buildings. .•
Undigested food is not only wasted food, but it
is the source of very many bodily ailments.
Howard Shoesmitli marketed hogs
An Exira last Saturday.
Charles Newman lost a fine cow
from clover bloat last week.
Miss Edna Luke visited with,
friends anct attended Decoration
Services in Exira Friday.
J, ,,
Sunday evening, June 1st, the
young people of the D. L. church
surprised the Rev. Ravn. They had
a good time by playing a few clean
Miss Came Nelson visited at
the home of her brother, Andrew
C. Nelson over Sunday evening. f|§|
Corn painting is nearly done west
of Exira. Many farmers are plow
ing the early planted pieces.
(Too late for last week)
Mr. Chris Sorensen, west of town
was on the sick list last week.
Miss Florence Nelsen, daughter of
Nels J. Nelsen and wife, is visit
ing at the home of James Johnson.
Mr. Andrew Christemseni is put
ting in new batteries on the Marne
and Elk Horn line
Miss Minnie Nelsem, of Exira, is
visiting her brother, Lars Nelson,
southwest of Audubon.
Mr. Andrew Jensen, mail carrier
on Route 2, is taking a vacatio
and his wife is taking his place
Nels Gregersen, northwest of Ex'
ira, celebrated his birthday last
Saturday evening. A few friends
were invited in to spend the eve^
Miss Emma Nelsen, daughter of
Mrs. N. A. Nelson, northwest of
Brayton, celebrated her birthday
May 27.
A fat old genttleman was bitten
in the calf of the leg by a dog. He
at once rushed to a justice of the
peace and laid a complaint against
a man in the neighborhood whom
he supposed to be the owner of
the offending cur. The following
was the defense offered at the trial:!
1. "By testimony in favor of the
general good character of my dog
I shall prove that nothing could
make him so forgetful of his canine
dignity as to bite a calf.
2. He is blind and cannot see to
Even if he could see to bite, it
would be utterly impossible for him
to go out of his way on,vaccount of
his severe lameness.
4. Granting his eyes and legs to
be good, he has no teeth.
5. My dog is always muizzled, and
chained in the yard.
6. My dog died six weeks ago.
7. I never had a dog."
Now is the time to get rid of
your rheumatism. Try a twenty-five
cent botitle of Chamberlain's Lini
ment and see how quickly your
rheumatic pains disappear. Sold by
all dealers.
As we arp entering uponi our
Light and Power undertaking in Au
dubon County, it seems proper to
outline at this time, in a measure,
the policy we hope to pursue in the
While it is cur purpose to re
build and upbuild in the most thor
ou.gh manner, the lighting system
for Audubon, Exira, and surround
ing country, we realize, and trust
our friends and patrons will also
realize, that all features or phases
of this undertaking can not be ac
com.plished at once but it is our
aim to undertake the most essen
tial features first, and to follow as
rapidly as possible with all others
in the order of their manifest im
portance and, during this time we
would ask for the kindly forbear
ance of the people, as we feel con
fident that it will not be many
months before our progress will
prove a source of mutual satisfac
tion. -i'J" %'***$£
1 S /H
It is our definate plan to estab-'
lish a twenty four-hour service not
later than May 1, 1914, and earlier
if our progress in completing the I
system, together with the Exira
lines, shall warrant oing so
And, with the day service in view,
we shall rigidly abide by a straight1
meter basis as the only proper and
equitable method, which applies as
truly to electric lighting as weights
and miasure.' do in grocery and
dry goods lines. We slull, howev
er, furnish meters of the most relia
ble late type at absolute cost to our
patrons, which in the ordinary res
idence size would be about $6.90
each, and while we prefer that each
patron shall own his own meter, we'
will assume all cost of repairs or
replacement, due either to wear,!
damage by lightning, or other nat
ural causes, thus the customer
merely carries an investment of
about $7.00 which to the lighting)
company would mean thousands.
As to rates, we are not prepared
at this time to announce a defin-|
ite rate, as this will be somewhat
affected by our coal cost and plant
efficiency, but we feel safe in say
ing that the rate will not amount
to more than an average of 12 1-2
cents per thousand watts or kilo
watt hour.
Supplies and Wiring: In the mat
ter of house wiring and supplies
pertaining thereto, it is our pur
pose to furnish nil material and
labor at the lowest possible piriee
consistent with quality. We always
aim to assist our patrons in choos
ing the most economical equip
ment, while we are prepared to fur
nish very elaborate fixtures if cus
tomers so desire.
As soon as we get the machinery
now in transit set up, and in run
ning order, we will be ready to be
gin on the construction of the Ex-I
ira line, and shall be prepared to
furnish at lowestpric.es, electric flat|
irons, fan motors, sewing machine I
motors, washing machine motorsJ
and other small motors, as well as'
all other electric heating, cooking,
vaccuum cleaning devices, etc.
And we shall not be satisfied un-
It is oiur purpose as much as at
lany time, to have the line to Exiira
c/ompleted and ready for operation
by (November 1st or sooner.
til Audubon, Exira and adjacent
towns and country, are supplied
with the most satisfactory electric I
service in this part of the state,
and we would ask for the kindly
co-operation and encouragement of
all, and we feel confident that it
will work out to the mutual advan
tage and improvement of the com
The above article is printed sim
ultaneously in Audubon and Exira
papers, and for the benefit of Ex
ira people, we wish to say, that at
no time since we began to figure on
the Audubon lighting proposition
had we left Exira out of our plans,
and wish to explicitly state that
the lighting of Exira as as much a
part of our plan as the lighting of
Audubon. As stated, however, we
must first construct our central sta
tion at Audubon, before undertak
ing the line to Exira, but all our
plans in the selection of machinery
and equipment are made directly
with the view of not only lighting
Audubon but Exira, Hamlin. and
other places as well as the
surrounding country. And the
large cross compound Corliss en
gine and. direct connected dynamo
which is r.ic.w en the way from
the East is one of the finest, and
of tl: highest type that will te in
use h: this part of the state, and we
trust ti:at no one ini Exira contem
plating the wiring of his htouses or
business place, will feel any reluc
tance in having Mr. Peterson or
any others who will work for us,
wire same.
R. G. W1
Audubon, Iowa.
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Ayer's Hair Vigor
keeps the scalp clean
and heahhy. Promotes growth. Checks
foiling: Does not color.
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Of S
inceriiy Clothes
The splendid work of Chamber-1
Iain's Taiblets is daily becoming
more widely known. No such grand
remedy for stomach and liver trou
bles has ever been known. For sale
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Would not give Lydia E.Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound
for All Rest of Medicine
in the World.
Utica, Ohio. —:!I suffered everything
from a female weakness after baby
came. 1 had numb
spells and was dizzy, I
had black spots be
fore my eyes, my!
back ached and i!
was so weak I could
hardly stand up. My
face was yellow,
even my fingernails
were colorless and I
had displacement. I
took Lydia E. Pink
ha a
Compound and now I am stout, well and
healthy. I can do all my own work and
can walk to town and back and not get
tired. I would not give your Vegetable
Compound for all the rest of the medi
cines in the world. I tried doctor's med
icines and they did me no good."—Mrs.
Another Case.
Nebo, 111.—"I was bothered for ten
years with female troubles and the doc
tors did not help me. 1 was so weak and
nervous that I could not do my work
and every month I had to spend a few
days in bed. I read so many letters about
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound curing female troubles that I got
a bottle of it. It did me more good than
anything else I ever took and now it has
cured me. 1 feel better than 1 have
for years and tell everybody what the
Compound has done for me. I believe I
would not be living to-day but for
Nebo. Illinois.
\Lr r*
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refinement, whose discernment
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force to their opinions, highly
praise the wonderful corrective
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berlain's Stomach and Liver Tab
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through the ordeals of mother
hood to the declining years, there
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icine. Chamberlain's Tablets are
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with SPECIALLY low fares on certain
dates during the season.
Choice of Several Routes
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of srenic and historic interest.
Through Sleeping Cars
-«-i ™M88
For particulars nbnut low fares, spccial train service, etc.'
vJj-, pisi
NANCARROW, Agent, Exira, Iowa.
R*Y, Assistant General Passenger Agent,
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for all kinds of
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Trlf tie Journal job

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