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Pete Jorgensen was an Atlantic
business visitor Tuesday.
John Miller was a business visitor
in Atlantic last Thursday.
Miss Ellowene Dimick is visiting
friends Audubcm today.
Mrs. Luther Hensley visited with
her parents in Brayton Monddj
Ollie Conley, of Atalntic was up
to our ciity on, business yesterday.
M,TS. Nick MerteK is suffering
with a felon on. out! of her fingers.
A sister of Mrs. Carlson is in the
city visiting her sister and Jiusbana.
Forest Zornes arrived ixi town
Fridfuv and will make this his home
The teachers of our schools de
parted for their various homes last
1 a in an a
toed to Atlantic Tuesday on a bus
iness trip.
Bulgaria and Greece are now
fighting each other over the spoils
of the war.
Miss Bertiha Young held a picnic
yesterday near her school, it being
the last 'day
The John I. Hensley family were,
if let out of quarantine Friday for
scarlet fever.
A surprise party was held at thei
Roy Dryden home, south of town
Saturday night.
an el in
was a visitor at the parental home
over Friday night. ,,
The men at work constructing
the new elevator autoed to Andta
Sunday afternoon.
E. D. Cotton, wife and son, Joy
autoed to Atlantic Monday evening
on a pleasure trip.
Mrs. Charles Wilde and children,
of Audubon, attended the Memorial
exercises here last Friday.
Gerald Hensley came up from At
lantic Thursday where he had been
dodging the scarlet fever.
Frank Navratil went to Manning
Saturday where he attended to
important business matters.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hoover are
bightening up their pleasant home
in Greeley township, with paint.
Luther Hensley returned from
Chioao Thursday where he struck a
splendid market with his cattle.
A. W. Hairvey and family visited
itors and sight-seers in Omaha last
•week, going and coming by auto.
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Nissen visited
the first of the week with her
parents at the Alfred Miller home.
Mrs. Earl Griffen, of near Anita,
is visiting har parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Jerry Hoover for a few days.
Miss Amy Luke, of Atlantic, ar
rived in the city Monday to visit
with her parents out east of town.
Miss Dot Baylor went to Atlan
tic yesterday morning to visit with
friends, returning home in the eve
Fred Boehme and. wife and Fred
Bartelt and wife, were Sunday vis
itors at the Earl Griffen home near
Ray Faust departed last Fiiday .^^
Mrs. Nick Mertes received word
last week of the serious illness of
her brother and she hastened to
his bedside.
Jiensley home.
Wesley Donalds,en is a business
visitor in Audubon today.
Rev. Law-ton returned yesterday
morning from a two day's busi
ness trip out of town.
Fred Wilkins and wife were up
from Atlantic over Friday visiting
at her parental home.
Perry Hansen, of Delta, Iowa,
visited from Friday until yesterday
morning with his sister and broth
er in this city.
C. J. Adair is the owner of a new
Ford touring car which he purchas
ed of Johnson and Westphalen last
Tuesday afternoon.
August Dammann is building a
large house and barn at his home
near the Schwenneker farm in
Audubon township.
Miss Lillian Hunt, returned Fri
day from Des Moines where she
had been, spending the past ten
days visi-ting friends.
Galen Cotton returned Tuesday
afternoon from a tour through the
United States. He was absent from
town- about ten days.
P. K. Jensen sold a Rumley
threshing outfit to Chris Wolf last
week. P. K. is having his hands
full along these lines.
Messrs. Dr. Riley, George Gill
and J. B. Rendieman went to At
lantic Tuesday to see A. W.. Har
vey's fine track horse.
Miss Grace Rabson has returned
to her home after assisting with
the housework at the Spoo restaur
ant for several months.
Some young me were caught
seining in Wall Lake at Lake View
lasit week. Ten dollars each and
coat was assessed them.
Mrs. Grant Jones went to Audu
bon Monday to attend a party in
honor of the birthday of her sister
in-law, Mrs. Jesse Jones
Good Short Horn Bull Calf for
sale. Serviceable age.
10. F.. IDE,
tf Brayton, Iowa
Jack Johnson, the champion pug
ihist, was sentenced to one yeair
and one day in the penitentiary and
to pay a fine of $1000. for the
violation of the Mann act.
It is reported that a cow belong
img to Mr. Emil Petersen, living
southwest of Atlantic, gave birth to
three calves at once. The triplets
are all alive and doing fine.
We note from the Valley, Nebras
ka, Enterprise that Miss Hazel D.
Hardmaru wais one of the graduates
from the Valley High School. The
exercises occurred last week.
Mrs. E. C. Wilson and twin
daughters and Miss Ella Gude are
expecting to leave the first of next
week for Geneseo, Illinois for a
visit with Mr. Wilson's relatives.
Miss Bertha Minerman- is holding
a picnic today for her pupils at
the school, nine miles northeast of
town. She will teach the school
one mile soutihi other home .next
Nels Hansen, our druggist, is hav
ing a large porch built around the
east and south side of his cottage
in the Heights. It is certainly .go
ing to make a cozy home when fin
Mrs. Robert Watterson and Mrs..
George Fiehtemeier went to Clar
inda Tuesday of last week to see
their eons who are confined in the
hospital there, returning home la#t
morning for ran api s, ras photo was taken at the present'
ka where he will work this
wueic .time or twsuy-fiye years ago
Mr. J. C. Hardman went to Ord
•last week and bought a bliack Clyds
dtale stallion.—Valley, Nebraska, EH
Miss Kathleen Koob was one of
the graduates that received diplo
mas from the Atlantic High School
•last week.
1.1 sack of any brand of flour. Many
Mr. Joe Niles, of Atlantic was in other competitors were close rivals,
our city from Friday until Sunday It paid Merchant and Customer BO
visiting with friends at the John I. well that it is open for two weeks
longer.1' ..."
How natural it is for some to
furnish a photo to the printer of
the man and his wife who have.
braved the matrimonial seas for fif
ty years together. With some it
& dlffereMe wUethfir
j,a(j belie your present
looks as it is to write up your life
^|Lstor3 keeper not lors since cre
ateskan interest air his cus'o
niDrs^y offering tl.i. prizes for
the largest number of dozens of
«ggs brought to his store in a cer
tain period. One lady brought in
222 dozens, another brought in 191
dozens and the third brought, 159
dozen. The first lady was given
her choice of any dress patterns,
the second her choice, of any pair
of shoes, the third her choice of a
Mrs. E B.. Perry returned to
her home last evening from the
E. Lewis home wheire she had
been to get acquainted witih her
new grandson which was born to
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis May 26th. She
reports mother and babe as doing
George Spencer, the expert r.oof
man of Atlantic, desires t.o say
that he will return to Exira agiain
next week to finish up his roof
Tepairtng orders for the season. An
person needing bis services will
please leave the order at the Jour
nal Office.
Picture Palace Up-to-date
The show will be open to the pub
lie in the new quarters on' Decora
tion Day, May 30th, commenceing
at 3:00 p. m. Two shows will be
given during the afternoon-and-two
during the evening. Your patron
age will be appreciated.
Exira Markets
Hogs, Heavy
Hogs, Light
Cattle, Steers
Cattil.e, Butcher
Old Hens
Corrected weekly by
To The Public
I have purchased the Flour, Coal
and Feed business of S. L. Gordi
nier, and will endeavor at all times,
to keep a good stock on hand and
give the people of Exira and vicin
ity fair treatment, for I'm here to
stay. Thanking you for past fav
ors and hoping to merit a contin
uance of your patronage in the fu
ture, I am
Yours Respectfully,
Store building and Twelve Room
house at West Exira, Iowa.
Saturday, June 7th, 3 P. M.
This is a well located property
in one of the most thriving towns
in Iowa good store building and
twelve room house in connection.
This property is well built and well
located and ought to attract the
attention of men who are looking
for a place to do business or an in
vestment, owner non-resident and
will sell to the highest bidder on
pre.mises, Saturday, June 7th, 3
p. m.., rain or shine, at Exiraj Io-
J,.' j:.
Don't forget the date.
"v Des Moines, Iowa.
The Exira Studio i/ open every
Wednesday and Saturday from 10
a. m. to 3 p. m., by Mason, of Au
dubon. Good Photos at reasona
ble orices. tf
Cleaned PrestHerf
Hal* Cleaned and Ite-blovhed
At Biehop & Statzell's Barber Shop
Phone 77 E. Thoman, Mgr'
When a druggist reoommeuids a
remedy for colds, throat and lung
troubles, you may feel sure that
he knows what he is talking About.
C. Lower, DruggLct, of Marion,
Ohio, writes of Dr. King's New
Discovery: "I know Dr. King's
New Discovery the best throat
and luaig'trbediclne I sell. It cured
my wife
a severe bronchia" cold
after all other remedies failed. 'It
will do the same for you if you
suffering with a ccld, or any
bronchial, throat or lung eough.
Keep a bottle on hand all the tmie
for everyone tin th«e fa 'mi,ly to
use. It is a home doctor. Pr. ce
50 and $1.00. Guaamteed by
Exira Drug Company.
Old men and women, feel the need
of a laxative more than, young
folks, but it must, be sate and
harmless and one which will not
oause pain. Dr. King's New Life
Pills are especially good for the
Vesta Ringle, of Atlantic, came up
Friday to visit her friend, Esther
Messrs. Jule Westphalen, Walter
Larsen, George Gil! and Bert Swain
autoed to Guthrie Center Decoration
Day to see Otilaaa High play Guth
rie Center High for championship cf
Iowa and Nebraska. Omaha won.
The two-year-old son of '1"" Jolin
Coleman had the misfortune to
catch his left foot in the cog wheels
of a horse-power, mangling the
foot very painfully. Dr. McDermid
was called and found it nscessary
to amputate the great toe.—Fonta
nelle Observer.
Miss Ruth Faust left here last
Friday for Lusk, Wyoming to vis
it her brother, Hal Faust and wife
and to a'ttend a term of Normal
school in that city. She will be
gone about three months. Miss Ruth'
will teach here next fell. I
Charl Simmons, from out on rt.:
one, Exira, called at the office Mon
day and was happy f.rom the fact!
rhat ha had finished planting his
fifty acres of corn and had not I
hired aday work so far this spring!
Mrs. Summons and himself do all the
.""$7 50
8 0 0
0 50 to 8 00
4 00 to 7 00
10c per lb.
and out independent
!y of foreign help.
H. Wlesbauer and George Riblet,
of Erie, Pennsylvania, passed thru
Exira last Thursday over the River
to River Road on their way to the
Pacific Coast, via Denver and San
ta Fe Trail. They reported the road
very bad through Illinois but the
River to River road from Davenport
to Exiira to be in fine condition.
Last Friday morning a severe
storm came up which at some
points not far away did consider
able damage. In Audubon County it
appearn'. to do the most damage
near Kimballton where many trees
were uprooted and others snapped
ff. Two or three silos were top
pled over in the path of the storm.
The Pottowattamie bar docket is
being printed for twelve and one
half cents per page. The Shelby
County docket is charged for at
more than a dollar a page. In Pot
tawattamie the docket is not giv
en out as a sop to the party pa
pers. How does that compare with
Audubon County? Who knows
Many mothers think their chil
dren are suffering from indigestion,
headache, nervousness, waakness,
costivemess, when they are victims
of that most common of all child
ren's ailments—worms. Peevish
ill-tempered, fretful children, wlio
toss and grind their teeth, with
bad breath and colicky pains, have
all the symptoms of having worms
and should be given Kielcapoo
Worm Killer, a pleasant candy lo
zenge, which expels worms, regu
lates the bowels, tones up the sys
tem, and makes children well and
happy. Kickapoo Worm Killer is
guaranteed. All druggists, or by
mail. Price 25c. Kickapoo In
dian Medicine Co., Philadelphia and
St. Louis. a
Ten stage drivers, about the last
of their sturdy tribe in Illinois, will
be without occupation when a fif
teen mile stretch of railroad is open
ed this afternoon between the vil
lages of Palatine and Wauconda,
twenty five mi es northwest of Chi
cago. The new line is officially
known as the Palatine Lake Zur
ich and Wauconda railroad and
was almost wholly financed by farm
ers living along the right of way.
aged, for they act promptly and ©aS'
dly. Pricfe 25c. Recommended bylto Omaha to answer for breaking
Exira Drug Co.v
"Tom Concord," am alleged safe
blower captured recently in' Des
Moines for Omaha officers is said
to be Guy C. Concord, a member of
gang who blew up a bank safe in
Ackley, Minnesota, six years ago.
Sheriff Griffin, of Albia, claims
that Colcord killed a horse-trad
er in Cherokee in the summer of
1911, hauled his body in a w,n.gon
to Ottumwa and made away with
corpse. moved to Hamilton
for a long time boarding at the
home of O. A. Petty and frnp there
lie worked out in, various directions,
robbing stores. The sheriff claims
that late in 1911 after having rob
bed stores in Hamilton, I^ovillia,
Hynes, Hocking aud other points
Colcord ran away with Mrs. Petty
and that she has been with him ev
er since. The prisoner was t.akeni
I into a safe.
Be Sure That
Read This!
During the Month of June you can
make your own prices on any arti
cle in the store. This means that
you can save money if you buy in
June. We tell you the price of the
article and then you make the dis
counts to suit your own fancy.
Come in and get wise to the
fact that we have real bar-
J. C. RILEY, Jeweler
Picture Palace
3SM§SalBy£l^jS^ aSS^
Every night, 8 6c 9
p. m.
We show Western, Comic and drama
tic Pictures of first class and nothing
Matinee every Saturday at 3 p. m.
Come and bring your friends, it is
instructive and educating.
C. Evelaind, of Bath, 111., says "I said improvements shall guarantee
had eczema twenty-five years and that the same shall endure, with
liad tried everything. All failed, out need of repair for five years
When I found Dr. Hobson's Eczema
Ointment I found a cure." This
oiintment is the formula of a phy
sician and has been, in, use for
years—not an experiment. That is
why we can guaantree it. All drug
gists, or by mail. Price 50c.
Pfeiffer Chemical Co., Philadelphia
and St. Louis.
Weeping Winnie waited wearily,
wondering why wayward Willie wav
ered. White, wan, wishful was Win
nie watchful, wise, wily was Wil
lie. "Willie," whispered Winnie
"why wait we whilst winter winds
woefully whine? We will wander
whither we will, won't we? We'll
walk where wondrous waterfully
whirl westward where weather
weeping willows wave where
wretched, writhing worms wriggle
where weary woodman work where
winsome warbling water wiggle,
tails wade." Willie went wading
when weary of Winnie's wearisome
waddle. Woe, Willie.
"Proposed Resolution of Necessity.'
Block C. On North Side of Wash
ington Street to commence adjoin
ing sidewalk at N. E. Corner, Block
2, and terminating at a point ad
joining sidewalk at S. W. Corner
Block 2, and also commencing ad-
A rv-j
Every body invited ',
Admission lOcts. Children 5 cts.
The constant itching, burning, red
ness, rash and disagreeable effects
of eczema, tetter, salt rheum, itch,
piles and irritating skin eruptions
cairn be readily cured and the skin
made clear and smooth with Dr.
Hobson's Eczema Ointment. Mr. J.
joining sidewalk at S. E. Corner
Block 3 and terminating at a poimt
adjoining sidewalk at S. W. Corner
Block 3.
The expense of making said Im
provements to be assessed against
property abutting thereon according
to the law governing the same
And the contractor who shall make
from the date of its acceptance by
the Town.
Be it further resolved that the
Town Council shall meet at 7:30
P. M. on the 30th day of June, 191
at the office of the Mayor for the
purpose of considering objections
to said proposed resolution and
that notice of said proposed reso
lution and of passage of this reso
lution shall be published as pro
vided by law. .v
Be It Resolved—By the Common
Council of the Incorporated Town
of Exira, Iowa, That it is deemed
advisable and necessary to make
improvements by guttering and
curbing wherever necessary with slope toward the west.
Portland Cement Concrete. The improvements are fair. The
Curbing to extend upward to con-j house is not large, but in faiir con
nect with sidewalk now in place an dition and set in a nice grove. The
gutters to be four (4) feet in width baffn is about 40x56 and in fair
Curb and gutters to be 6 inches in
thickness and to be constructed ac-
cording to Specifications now on with tank. The buildings are in
file in the office of the Clerk, on|sured for ?2,000. The farm is near
the following named Streets in ly all fenced and cross fenced
the To v.-ix o? E::ira, Iowa, towit:— It is a bautifu! and very fertile
On the south side of Washington farm, and in a locality where land
Street commencing at and adjoin-lis selling at 87.50 to 100. or more,
ing sidewalks at N. E. Corner Block1 Moreover, is one of the best in
6, and terminating at a point ad-j the community. But it is offered at
joining sidewalk at N. W. Corner $87.50 per acre on the following
terms $3,000. down 13,540.
in cash or secured paper March 1,
1914, when possession will be giv
en $7,680. to be paid in four
equal annual installments at 5 1-2
percent. Balance long time,
Passed May 19th, 1913. m22
Approved May 20th, 1913.
T. M. RASMUSS0X, Mayor.
For Your Big Boys
We offer for sale at a real sac
rifice price an improved 402 acre'
farm about twenty-five miles from
the Iowa line in southern Minne
It is in a section where corn is
a staple and highly productive crop
and where small grain grows bet
ter than in most other parts of the
Corn Belt.
This farm is located one and one
half miles from a good small rail
road town. It has rural free deliv
ery, and there Is a school on the
The soil is a very rich black
loam, which is in many pairts of
the place from four to six feet
deep, and which is u/iderlaid by
clay Low places are tiled oiit
with large, everlasting sewer pipe,
so that all except perhaps -four acr1©
are excellent plow land, the remain
der being fine hay ground.
The lay is from level to very geiit
ly rolling. There is a very gent)e
condition. The granary is in good
shape. There is a good windmill
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