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ThlA list of farms are in tihe
CORN KELT OP IOWA aiid are of
®epe)fl for sale by the Audubon
Comity Journal. Believing juul
knowing tliat, all things considered
we are offering the beist h^mes
for 'ie least money that can be
found anywhere.
NO. 1—Contains just 34 acres near
a pretty little town. One mile
from school, about 30 acres of
good land and 4 acres rough
with timber. Improvments are Hot
very good. A young or
chard now producing about one
car load of apples each year
and will double production dn a
year or two. A large amount
berries of all kinds for which the
adjacent town furnishes a good
-market. About 20 acres are in cul
tivation, Price $130. pr acre.
No. 4—SO acres at $102.50 per acre
$2500 down, balance at five and
one-half per cent, unimproved.
good heavy soil, lies smooth needs
some tile, eight and one-lialf mije
from two good towns. school
I house on the land. Short distances
from German community where
.'.-""Improved farms run up to $175.
per acre. With a little tile and
buildings thisl?fwo.uld be a valu
^V-able eighty.
INo. 7—80 acres at $102.50 per acr
terms to suit purchaser. Two
miles from town. Smooth land
x"_ mostly with south slope, a guick
.warm soil slightly sandy, very pro
..ductive. River cuts off 7 or S
./ 'acres,from one corner the banks
^Uare high and there is no low
•, or wet land outside of the river,
and waste excepting river bed. A
good four room house nearly new
other buildings small.
No. 9—73 acres at §130 with good
terms on balance at 6 pea* cent.
Two miles from one town 3 miles
from another. American neighbor
hood, rolling land, some timber
.soil, some black Joaxn. Good pro
}l%i, ductive farm. Good s«ven room
.. house and large barn in excellent
condition, fine orchard and wind
No. 11—SO acres at 95.00 per acre
terms to suit with five and one
half percent on inferred payment,
five miles from small town, on
good road mail route and teleplio
., line. Lti'e to school, mostly Amer
icans with a few Norwegians.
'Best black soil smoothly sloping
,i to soutn' to ere which runs a
long south side about two third
"/.lentil of farm. All in cultivation
but S acres pasture along creek.
Good five room house other build
ings poor.
No. 12—100 aacres at $95 per acre,
terms to suit at 6 per cent. Two
miles from town 5 miles from
V. 'another. About 80 acres level
balance rolling with some timber
River crossing one end of 20 acr
Soil a sandy loam, very warm
a'd quick. Buildings not very
good but will do for several
Toad, telephone and mail route.
No. 23 acres at $130.00 per acre at
I emcumberance $15,000. at 5 per
in 1 9 2 1 S
aiice little town. American neigh
borhood. Best of soil, lies gently
rolling, about 20 acres too wet to
farm agricultural land. An extr
good set of buildings large house,
fine barn, built 1913
No. 24—160 acres at $127.50 unimc
proved three miles from a town.
Best of black loam soil smooth
with south slope well fenced. The
price is subject to change with
out notice.
No. 25—160 acres at $115.00 per
,, acre, good terms at 6 per cent, un
improved, eight miles from nice
town gently undulating best heavy
black soil, fenced hog tight on
tnree sides.
No. 26—160 acres at $135.00 per
acre Encumbrance $12,000 at 5
Adjourned Session June, 1914
MicCrdstaJ, Judge Plrimary
election, Cameron twp. $4.50
A Nejitzel, judge primary
election., Ciameron twp.
election, Ciameron twp. O0
A O Neitzel, getting ballots
Dimick, getting and re
turning ballots for primary °&i:'
election, Exira twp 4?00
A Toipp, returning ballots
for primary election, Sharon
township. 2.00
W Tibben, judge primary
election, Audubon twp 4.75
Hugh Farrell, judge, primary
election, Audubon twp. 4.75
Wii'll Ivirkh.am, judge primary
election, Audubon twp.... 47 5
Levi N Walker, clerk primary
election, Audubon tw'p.... 4.75
Roscoe Turner, clerk primary
election, Audubon twp.... 4.75
Charlies Sunberg delivering
ballliits for primary election ffjr
to Lincoln and Hamlin twps 4.00
Hans Xymand, clerk primary
election, Oakfield twp.. 5.00
Christian Hansen, clerk pri
mary election, Oakfield
towinship p. 00
Chri.-tian Hansen, claimed
$2.00 for arranging booths
and cleaning schoolhouse
No. 17. 110 acres at $130.00 $6000
-, cash balance ait five and one^half
per cent. Three and half miles
from country village just between
Gfetrman and American neighboi
„t hood Th^jjpfjery best of heavy
black loam 6oil, smooth, nearly
level, farms adjoi ling and outlet
can easilly be secured. Very little
of this farm can be called wet
2 (however and every foot is tillable,
its richness will last always*. A
complete set of buildings, on gooc
El: Hansen, judge primary
election, Oakfield twp. 5.00
Niels Hoegli, judge primary
election, Oakfield twp.. 5.00
.1 1' Juhl, judge primary
eelction, Oakfield twp.... 5.00
.1 Dimick, supplies foil
primary election, Exira twp 25
of Ixulge, Exira, Iowa
rent for room for primary :S
election, Exira twp 7.50
Samuel McGaffin, judge pri
mary election, Exira twp.. 6.00
Clarence Masching, judge "pri
mary election, Exira twip.. 6.00
Dimick, judge primary
election Exira twp 6.00
Cotton, clerk primary
election, Exira twp. 6.00
A W Harvey, clerk primary
election, Exjra twip 6.00
E Gearheart, consitable pri
mary election, ExAra 'twp
$6.00 arranging election,
booths 50 cts, allowed 6.00
Knudsen, getting and re
turning ballots for primary
election, Douglas 6wp
Agri. College
Normal School
Capitol Extension
State Institutions
Agr. Col. Extension....
County Road
County School
County Legislature
Procedures of the Board of Supervisors at Their
June Session
he or a 5
for priimary election, Came
iron, totwinship 2~00
Albert Polzdne, claimed $4.00
tfo-r cleaning election room,
primary election, Lincoln
township, Rejected.
Ross, returning ballots,
primary election, Lincoln
township 2.00
Ross, judge primary elec
tion, Lincoln, township..
A Jensen, judge primary
election, Lincoln towinship 5.00
S Qhristensen, judge pri
mary election, Lincoln
W Asmus, clerk, primary
election Lincoln township. 5.00
A Detwiler, clerk, primary
election Lincoln township 5.00
Allen Briggis, constable pri
ma election, Laneo'ln
township 5.00
\V Tibben, getting and re
turning ballots for primary
election, Audutbon. twp-. 4.00
Knudsien, judge primary
election Douglas twp 5.00
A Mendenlmll, judge pri
mary election, Douglas twp 5.00
Johnson, judge primary
election. Douglas twip 5.00
A Shupe, clerk .primary elec
tion, Douglat twp 5.00
Andersen, clerk primary
election, Douglas twp. ... 5.00
Hans Alortensen, returning ,1
ballots primaly election. Ham
lin township
Cog Ian., judge primary
election, Hamlin twp 5.25
Searls, judge .primary
election, Hamlin twp 5.25
Hans Mortensen, judge primary
election, Hamlin twp 5.25
Pet.er Nissen, clerk primary
election, Hamlin twp 5.25
John Siaytoji, clerk primary
election, Hamlin twp 5.25
Wm Porter, returning bal
lots. primary election Gfree- §jtl
ley township 2 00
\V Ridgley, getting ballots
fir primary election, Gree
ley township 2.00
W Ridgley, judge prijiarv
election, Greeley twp. ri.OO
Wai. Porter, judge primary
election Greeley twp. ... ft.00
A Pardee, judge primary
election, Greeley twp.... 5.00
Walter Hensley, clerk primary
election, Gireeley twp 5.00
Fred Reynolds, clerk primary
election, Greeley twp 5.00
Eagan, constable primary
election, Greeley twp. 5.00
Des Moines stationery Co sup
plies for couimty engineer... .11.SO
El sy Jiane Mi'shel claimed $3000
damages for injuries suffered be
cause of negligence of coun/.y em
ployes Rejected
On motion''the Go'."""Auditor bhem
instjucted to issue a warrant on. tlg|
Poor Fund in favor cf Eben Eser
(Mercy Institute) Brush, Colo, for
Seventy two dollars ($72.00) for
the care of Jens Wewtergaard to
Auigust 11th 1914. *-s t"
On motion the Auditor was au
thorized to issue a warrant on the
County fund for One hundred dol
lars ($100.00) in favcr of the Ccuui
ty Auditor to be used in' paying Giop'
her Bounty.
On motion claims on- the road fund
were allowed as follows
C. W. Taylor dragging County'335^
roads- in Leroy twp $3."i.30
Hobait Clark dragging county
roads in Exira twp 20.00
Alvy Sigm.on, grubbing stumps
county road Viola twp.... 5.00
Frank Duval! dragging county
roads in Viola and Melville
twps "ilS.5
Oscar Miller dragging couinty
reads in Gireeley twp 20.30
Niel Neilsen grading county
roads, Riven- to River road
9 miles N. E. Exira 270.20
R. L. Robinson unloading
gravel Audubon Iowa
Oonin'ty Auditor
CHierk of the District court.
She-riff ...
County Recorder
Couinty Superintendent
Gciunty Engineer for 1st 2r 1914
The following estimates wore sub
mitted by 'the- Ocunty Engineer.
For gravel required for emergency
bridge work 200 yds 60ot yd F. O.
B. Pit
For cuilvert material for emer
genicy work 342 ldn ft cor
rugated pipq 542.9
For culvert material, for
emergency on twip and coun'ty
roads 694 lin ft cor pipe. .978.00
On motion Bo-aid adjourned to
meet again at one o'clock p. m.
One o'clock p. m. Board met as
per adjournment of a. m. Members
all present.
On motion, the board approved the county treasurers' semi-an
nual report as follows:
IOn hand [Collected Total [Disburs'df On hand
JJan.l, '14j |Junel '14
91. 96
5 13
5 13
2 34
1730 53
2786 661
percent due 1922. 5 mjiles from
one station, six miles from an
other Gtently undulating, lies al
most perfectly, drainimg to the
west. No outside water running
it, best of soil. A very fine set
of buildings. Eleven room house
and one of the largest and best
barns in the country. Plenty of
fine orchard on this place. A
splended windbrake. Here is an
exceptional fine bargain.
No. 48—371 acres at ?U5.00 per
to v1
$12769 57
676 46
676 46
337 70
1679 25
1679 25
1679 25
17188 92
9983 05
2907 48|
County Bridge
Bridge Bond
Domestic Animal
Permanent School ....
Temporary School
Soldiers' Relief
School House
School Bond
Township Road ....
Town Bond
Electric Light
Board of Health ....
Special Corporation..
Road Drag
Water Bond
Special Assessments..
Road Building
Interest on Deposits..
Not Apportioned
Bridge No. 24, Greeley—60
rods south of the center
of Sec. 30. Material—
Bridge No. 11.2,Greeley—
100 rods east of the N.W.
cor., Sec. 11. Material—
Bridge No. 11.1, Greeley—
10 rods west of the
cor., north side, Sec. 10.
Bridge No. 17, Greeley—
10 rods east of the S.W.
cor.. Sec. 7. Material—
Boiler pipe and concrete
Bridge No. 31.3, Leroy—
near cor. north side,
Sec. 26. Material—Con
Bridge No. 32.G, Viola—100
rods north of the S.W.
cor. 33. Material—Con
Bridge No. 15.5, Viola—
20 rods south of the
cor., west side, Sec.
1.6. Material—Concrete ...
Bridge No. 20.*!, Audubon—
20 rods south of the N.E.
cor., Sec. 21. Material—
186 48
12 10
12 10
5 92
23 04
23 04
23 04
4468 82
3578 34
3618 68
acre, good ter.iie Adjoining a sta
tion five and one-ihalf miles from
nice town all in one body, and lie«
smoc-.lijy with south siope, good
soil very productive. About 5 acrt
fine timber and pasture balance
all tillable.
A great many cattle have been
fed on the place and crops below
what the land is. A fine river
forms south' boundary and part
is rich bottom land and part ia
upland We consider this a snap.
On motion claims
On motion the Board examined
and approved the reports of the fol
lowing officers- for the first and se
cond quarters 1914.
On motion claims on the Bridge
Fund wiere allowed as follows.
Sampson, session* work 24.0Qr
mileage 3.00 committee work 38.
00 mileage 7.65 62.&5
R. P. Ol&rk session wiork 20.00
mileage 5.10 committee work
Dick Powers went tp Manning
Monday to do a job of lathing.
P. F. Howell of Avoca is the
guest of J. F. Jenkins and wi.fe.v
Harry Jones has been visiting
hie mother and sister for a few
days-. •.,v".
Mrs Sam Budd and daughter Eva
of Atlantic are visiting her father
D. B. Beers.
Miss Martha Voss of Exira spen
Saturday and Sunday with Made
line Essiington. 1
Miss Alma Leigan closed a success
ful term- of school in Audubon Twp.
lasitji Friday ...
Miss Anna Andersen came from
Council Bluffs last week to visit her
mother and sister.
Mjss Lola Brinkerhoff of Exira
was the guest of Marie Free-man
Saturday and Sunday.
Plluma and Lela Koob from near
Anita were guests at the Dr. Koob
home over Sunday
766 27 17464 57 18230 84 16150 36 2080 48
1257 211 1710 19 2967 401 947 11 2020 29
1227 29 1180 01 2407 20 937 25i 1470 05
6409 53 2102 17 8511 70 2795 60 5716 10
1500 37 2400 00 3900 37 3900 00 37
1224 03 1720 84 2944 87 913 85 2031 02
248 64 681 47 930 11 200 78 729 33
3090 08 30014 73 33104 81 32075 19 1029 62
909 59 8798 70 9708 29 9321 30 386 99
435 95 1133 44 1569 39 1530 08 39 31
143 76 1503 65 1647 41 1567 68 79 53
404 34 31277 40 21681 74 21323 87 357 87
05 118 26 118 33 115 00 3 33
655 21 3470 96 4126 17 3834 97 291 20
187 49 956 83 1144 32 1084 46 59 86
306 03 1518 25 1824 28 1697 47 126 81
110 16 723 99 834 15 819 46 14 69
16 76 81 17 57 17 27
6 60 87 12 93 72 88 48 5 24
238 70 44 50 273 20 25 00 248 20
406 00 406 00 406 00
73 09 5205 75 5275 84 5156 17 92 67
3405 26 3405 28 626 43 2778 85
539 08 539 08 522 43 16 65
63 14 694 24 757 58 734 20 23 18
.11 00 11 00 11 00
6051 lfi 6051 16 5905 50 145 66
270 67 270 67- 270 67
300 00 300 00 300 00
78 85 41 29 120 14 38 91 81 23
268 50 1072 00 1340 50 1340 50
24639 39 171405 58jl96044 97,161919,14i 34125 83
On motion, the board adopted the following Resolution of Neces
BE IT RESOLVED, By the board of supervisors of Audubon Coun
ty, Iowa, that it is deemed advisable and necessary to construct the
following described bridges and culverts:
Description 1
Width Depth L'ngthi Drainage
That the board of supervisors will meet at one o'clock
on the 29th'day of June A. D. 1914 at the Court House in Audu
bon, when it will hear protests, if any, against the construction of said
I, Otto Witthauer, county auditor, hereby certify that the fore
going Resolution of Necessity, was adopted by the board of super
visors of Audubon County, on the 10th day of June A. D. 1914.
the Bridge
Fund were allowed as follows.
Joli-n Dauigaard repairs on bridge
No. 25 Oakfield twp $16.50
John Weighton- micel bridge
material Viola and Camer
on twp 49.20
111. 011
$ 335.00
4 SOAi
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the board of supervisors will
meet at 10 o'clock a.
the 29th day of June, 1914, at the office of
the board of supervisors in the Audubon County Court House at Au
dubon, Iowa, for the purpose of considering objections to said pro
posed resolution, and that notice of said proposed resolution and the
passage of this resolution be published as provided by law.
County Auditor, Audubon County, Iowa.
116.00 mileage 48.45 189.55
E. F. Johnson session work
24.00 mileage 000 commit
tee work 136.00 mileage
67.05 227.05
On motion, the Board adjourned
to meet again on- the 29-th day of
June 1914.
County Auditor. 1
Ohm. Board of Supervisors.
Mrs George Jessen was ta*ken sud
denly and seriouly ill Sunday from
neuralgia of the stomack.
Mrs Carl Dahl is very ili at her
•home south of town with bronchial
troubles 'and complication.
Misses Gladys Chamberlen and An
na Andersen spent Monday with
friends in Audubon.
Fred Pratt and wife from near A
nita were guests of his cousin Earl
Brown and wife Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Nels Hansen of
Atlantic attended the celebration, i-n
Brayton Saturday and were guests
of her 'brother Dr. K-oob.
Mrs Tellas Leigaa and son Marion
of Atlantic have been visiting re
latives and friends ,in Braylton.
JiUke Moyer and Walter Graves of
Auduibon are building a garage 24
by 40 for L. E. Simpson out on
It he fairm.
Ghas White of Audu'bon and Chas
Lambert of south of town both
the keg of najls Jiune 13 each gues
sing the same number.
Mrs. Geo. Arnold and children o'f
Blencoe ia. are at the Jenkins home
for an indefinate stay. They were
led here by the death of Mrs. M
irion Jenkins.
•tf" T--&
Mrs. Maud Everett of Avoca was
•in, attendance at the funexal of Mra.
Jenkins remaining over Sunday to
attend the funeral of her relative
Mrs. Clark.
Miss Agnes Miller came from
Des Moines 'Friday to visit her pa
rents and attend t|he celebration
She returned to her school w-orlc
on a
Wialter Brown while working o-n
the new barn being constructed on
tihe C. L. BSsom farm was struck)
on the_ shouilder' by a falling board
severely injmring it, and laying him
up for a few days. W
Mrs Sorensen. of Omaha has been
visiting her sister iM-rs Ed Nelson
wiest of town. Mrs Sorensen will be
remembered as Clara Bendixett,
who, with her parents J. P. Ben
dixen and wife resided here.
Will Nielson is home from Liiir
coln Neb where he recently graduat
ed. His brother Sidiney Nelson and
wife and sister Miss Kate Nelson
attended the exercises last week. ,V.
Miss Louise Jones entertained
seven young 'ladies from Atlantic
last Wednesday and Thursday. Tho®
Marshall, iGladys Li 11 deman Florence
Reynolds, Dorothy Mast el la Obera
Brown and Mildred Berg of Ft. Col
lins Colo-. „v
The annual meeting of the Oak
field cemet.ery association will be
held at the Oakfield school house
June24 at S.00 ,p. m. for the pur
pose of election of officers. "•$
By Order,
\V. B. Smith.Sec.
Rev. P. C. Larson of the Correc
tion Grove Church will preach in
the Braytoir Church Sr.nulay even
ing, June 2S. on the subject "Mis
understanding.' The- sen-vices will
begin at 8.00 p. 111. and every one
is welcome.
Mr. and
O. F. Ide went to
Ames last Wednesday to attend the
graduating exercises -of the College
their son Clias. being a graduate
from the class
electrical engin-
eering. Mr. Id.3 accompanied liiis
parents home for. a ivisift before go
ing to Denver Colo, where he Iiasj
accepted a position with the Den
ver Gas and Electric Company.
Jim Olsen is working for Hans
Mrs. Hans Agaard and childreni
visited in Audubon last Thursday,
Mr and Mrs. Nels Rattenberg vii
sited last week at tihe Geo. Kyfonm
Sorn, Christen a aiwl Anna Ratten
berg visited Sunday at the Jens F*
Petersen home.
Several of the young folks from
ere attended the celebration at
Brayton Saturday.
Anna Petersen visited in Audubon
from Saturday until Sunday with,
her friend Mable Bsbeck.
Knud Petersen was quite sick last
week but is some better now. fy
Mrs. Knud Petersen, arrived home
last a a vi ii in
Miss Anna Rattenberg is helping
•Mrs Zinger with her house worlc
this week.
Andrew Hansen unloaded a car of
coal for the Blue Girass Creamery
Co. last week.
Mrs Andrew Agaard has been quit
low for the past few weeks but is
.some better at this writting.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Zaiger and
Anna Rattenboi-g attended The show
in Audubon Saturday evening.
Since the war with Mexico ia
about to a close they have no
need for barb wire to keep tha
"Yankee® out" so we will offier all 'j
you want at $3.00 per cwt.
John Nelson.,

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