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'.J 1
Piage Four
1 I
TliiS' list of forms aire in tihe
CORN BELT OP IOWA and are of
fered for sale by the Audnkoai
County Journal. Relieving- and
knowing that, all things considered
vre are ofleiing the besst homes
for the least money that can: bo
fonnd anywhere.
NO. 1—Contains just 34 acres near
a pretty little town. One r' mile
from school, about 30 acres of
good land and 4 acres rough
with timber. Improvments are not
•/'very good. A young or
tliard now producing about one
car load of apples each year
and will double production in a
jear or two. A large amount of
berries of all kinds for which the
.adjacent town furnishes a good
^market. About 20 acres are in cul
tivation, Price $130. pr acre.
No. 4—SO acres at $102.50 per acre
$2500 down, balance at five and
1 one-half per cent, unimproved.
good hea\y soil, lies smooth need
some tile, eight and one-half mile
from two good towns. school
house on the land. Short distances
'fiom German community where
Impio\ed farms run up to $175.
per acre. W:th a little tile and
buildings tin*, —:uld be a valu
able eighty.
No. 7—80 acres at $102.50 per acr
terms to suit purchaser. Two
miles from town. Smooth land
mostly with south slope, a quick
warm soil slightly sandy, very pro
ductjve. River cuts off 7 or 8
acres,from one corner the banks
are high and there is no low
or wet land outside of the river,
and waste excepting river bed. A
good four room house nearly new
other buildings small.
No. 9—73 acres at $130 with good
terms on balance at 6 per cent.
4 Two miles from one town 3 mile
,• from another. American neighbor-
hood, rolling land, some timber
soil, soime black loam. Good pro
iductive farm. Good stven room
house and large barn in excellent
is condition, fine orchard and wind
No. 11—80 acres at 95.00 per acre
terms to suit with five and one
half percent on inferred payment,
five miles from small town, on
1 good road mail route and teleplio
line, mile to school, mostly Amer
icans with a few Norwegians.
Best black soil smoothly sloping
to south to ere whdeh runs a
long south side about two third
r- lentil of farm. A1.! in cultivation
"but 8 acres pasture along creek.
Good five room house other build
K: ings poor.
No. 12—100 aacres at $95 per acre,
terms to suit at 6 per cent. Two
miles from town 5 miles from
another. About 80 acres level
.„ 7'
Lxira Produce
•*7 TH|
Frank Bates, Buyer
No. 17. 110 acres at $130.00 $6000
cash balance at five and one-half
per cent. Three and half miles
from country village just between
German and American neighboi
hood The very best of heavy
black loam soil, smooth, nearly
level, farms adjoi dng and outlet
can easilly be secured. Very little
of this farm can be called wel
however and every foot is tillable,
its richness will last always. A
complete set of buildings, on goot
road, telephone and mail route.
No. 23 acres at $130.00 per acre a".
encumberance $15,000. at 5 per
c-nt due in 1921. Seven miles fro
nice little town. American neigh
borhood. Best of soil, lies gently
rolling, about 20 acres too wet to
farm agricultural land. An extr
good set of buildings large house,
fine barn, built 1913
No. 24—160 acres at $127.50 unim
proved three miles from a town.
Best of black loam soil smooth
with south slope well fenced. The
price is subject to change with
out notice.
No. 48—371 acres at $115.00 pel
acre, good ter us Adjoining a 'Sta
tion five and one-half miles from
nice town all in one body, and liet
siuobu.iy with south slope, goo
soil very productive. About 5 acr
fine timber and pasture balance
all tillable.
A great many cattle have been
fed on the place and crops below
what the land is. A fine rivei
forms south boundary and part
is rich bottom land and part
upland We consider this a snap
fsumnicr Constipation jUiingprons
•Constipation in the summer-time
lis more dangerous than in the fall
winter or spring. The food you eat
is often contaminated and is 11101.
likely to ferment rn your stomacl
Then you are apt to drink 'much co
water duriing tli.e hot wvather thu
injuring your stomach. Coliic Fever
Ptomaine Poisoning and other ilia
are natural results. Po-Do- Lax wil
keep vim wel! as it increases the
Bile tihe natural laxitive which r,ids
balance rolling with some timbiri^16 bowels of the congested poison
River crossing one en.1 ol 20 acr
Soil a sandy loam, very warm
ai quick. Buildings not v°ry
good but will do for several
waste. Po-Do-Lax will make yc
feel better. Pleasant and effective.
Take a dose to-night. 50c. at your
Fly Nets and Covers
Cord nets, buggy nets?, exf re^ m-tH. plioe
st.riug uetp, leather lpIp.
All kinds from $1.50 to 14. 0
Muzzles to lay your corn by.
J. W. Afsup,
Exira, Iowa
Curl' Johnson and wife
No. 25—160 acres at $115.00 per
acre, good terms at 6 per cent, un
improved, eight miles from nice
town gently undulating best heavy
black soil, fenced hog tight on
tnree sides.
No. 26—100 acres at $135.00 per
acre Ei.cumbrance $12,000 at
Iier-.ent :lue i922. 5 miles from
one station, six miles from an
other Gently undulating, lies ai
most perfectly, draining to the
west. No outside water running oi
it, best of soil. A very fine set
of buildings. Eleven room house
and one of the largest and best
barns in the country. Plenty of
fn.'e orchard cn this place,
splended windbrake. Here is an
exceptional fine bargain.
fcSKfcft. ,w
Glen Klein left Monday foT Sidney
Iowa to visit his brother Boy.
Frank Clark and wife who we/re
called by tihe serious illness' of
his mother, Mrs. J. M. B. Clark,
left Monday for their home „in
"Unpin *,
George Miller son of Mr. and Mrs
A'.ljer left Monday for Brush Col
remain for his health. He
was accompanied by Chris Aindersen
W. 11. Sinicox left Sunday evening
for Garner Iowa to visit his dau©li
•r, Mrs Ford and to attend a
tr.roe day base ball tournament
Mrs C.lias Boose and two (laughter
Vern Kissick and Jess Richards
went to Jttdfield, Mr. Kissicks home
Mrs. Jake Layland and mother
l:s. Conrad Lowe, went to Deo
Moines Saturday, where the latter
.vjll submit to an operation in t|!ie
•ieUiod'st 1 ospital.
Cora Steele, who visited here witl
ie/ sister, Gertrude Nelsen, lef
iaturdayy for Des Moines to visit
i^r sister, Laxinna Steele.
Mrs. Wm. Krahl and "daughter,
Laura, left Saturday for Gfcuthrie
Miivs Agnes Liter of Des 'Moi'iiei,
is viiting re.a. :i\ es at t.h.e M. D.
ow home.
Mrs Paul Iloitt.'ng visited Satur
day night near R::si with heir par
ents. i|
Theie was Da- ish church at Eden
Valley S'lHnda.y af emoon
Dick Lacy is beautifying his
heme place wit/i a coat of paint.
Sam oi dan is. ijainting the new'
bain on the Fred Horning farm oc
cupiied by John Crew.
A. Miller shelled and delivered co qj
in Dedliam Saturday
The Burger Bros' tluesliing rig
l'ro-m north c.f Leilhaui started on
theiir run in this vicinity Saturday
at the G(eon-ge Pelly farm.
.M D. Crow and fami-ly and Miiiss
Agnes Liter visited Sunday at .the
\V. II. llorni.ng home.
Fi'iid Bouet was in Dedham
business Saturday.
'I I Cafl I" Jj. L. ia «'|.iup.
The case of L. Cant el on Clarei
don Texas id similar to that of many
others who have used Chamberlain's
Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea ltem
edyHe says "After trying a doctor
for several months and usong diff
erent kinds of medicine lor nn wife,
who had been troubled waii severe
bowel complaint for several months
I bought a 25c. bottle of Chamber
lain© Colic and diarrhoea Remedy
after using the second bottle siie
was entirely cured." For ealo hy
Exira Drug Co.
Center, to visit her daughter, Mrs.
Peter Maley of Mechaaicsville vi
sited this week at the Joe Kopp
home, 'gsp
The local schools open Monday
September 7th. There stjill remain
two vacation to fill,
The pump at the deep well is agai
Irn comniiissjion and the new re
servoir is fill.
The Audubon base ball team was
defeatied Sunday in a very fast gam'
of ball bv the Elkhorn team. The
score was five to three. It was a
fine game, and enteresting from be
sited here Sunday with relatives a gining tio end. The two teams w'ill
meet again in the near futuire.
who have been visiting her auuiit, I the seasons pach Monday noon. The
Mrs. Matt Joh* son left Monday for are over fou.r hundred acdes of corn
tliQir home in De3 Moines
V' v,§
Mrs A. L. Brooks went] to Atlan- years old Monday and that evening
tic Sunday to meet her mother, Mrs. lie was given a su.rprdse party by
Underwood, who was coming froniil tlie members of his Church at St.
Deer Trail Colo., to make her Patrick's rectoiy
a visit..
Adolpli Wolf who lias been at
Yuma Colo., the past month loking
ift|c!r some land which he has the-ie,
returned Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John/ O'Brien re
turned to Omaha Sunday." They
visiited here tli her uncles, John
and Walter Rotli *,
Mrs. Rasniussen, mot|he.r of Mes
dame'S C. P. Christensen and Jas.
Haals, left Saturday for Des Moines
lio enter the Methodiit hospital for
The local canning factory started
to be canned and the yield and qual
ity is exceptionally good. The runi:
will be on for at least five weeks
Father McDonald was thirty-'seve
Harry Taylor and Bert Johnson
had a littile auto mishap this week.
The car ran against aiL obstruction
in the road. The car was somewhat
damaged and tluy were. qiKte badly
The po.'ts and chains along the
west side of th6 park were removed
this week. -H
Mrs. Kate t'heets came Sunday frc
Harlan a .id icfi Monday evening for
a short visit with relatives and
f:i.nds at Atlantic, Casey and Guth
r:' Center.
Mrs L. J. Yag.gy ard two daugh
ters and Mrs. Ai.-thu-r Denger of
U-avenpcrl came Monday to: visit
their patents Valentine Leonard and
Mr. and M.-s. Fred McCcy are
ti'.ie happy paiei ts cf a boy which a
rived at their home Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Hugeissen liv
ing .ii Alberta Canada w7rite that
tuey are the paier.ts of a boy bor
c'.ie 2Gth cf July.
The price cf the magazine
$1.00 a year, but to get it going
right elf the reel with a big list
we are, puLt.i.r.g the pirice at
lor the f'rst year.
taking hold of every job to which
they are put with a determination
that gets results. They are a jo iy
good natured bunch and have made
friends with all they have come in
The boys that are. here arc stron
husky fellows. Adams the guard wit
the men is virtually losing his joib
as guard and becoming merely a
timekeeper for the bunch.,
'.i ..i
jowa is feolr.g to hate a Maga
zine—one that Iowa people will
sit up nights to itad, o*.e that
going to est IC'\va all the ti-mj
a-ul ot knock on anyth.ng.
lJecaus-' is g,ir..g to squirt a
over leva, the magazine will i.6
fhriit.-.iu tie Sqivit Gun" auti
will be lilied ir .in cover to covtl'
w.tli ge'iiuii:e ln.mor—nothing else-
so if ou do not enjoy fun, dona
The first issue will be off
press Oe'.oteir 1st 1 ut it goes
the press September 1st. so tjhose
who want to be certain of getting
the first issue should send re
mLttaace before that time.
Send '.0 tr.ets to the "Squirt
Gun", E lsworth Iowa, and we'll
have more fun than blowing bub
bles through a six inch gas pipe.
'15:e twenty men i,n the road mak
ing camp at Allies are to receive a
raise cf five cents per hour in wag
es as the result of their first
weeks showing at the Iowa State
They started work at twenty ct.
per hour with the understanding
that if the showing was satisfactory
lu,e.y would be la^.-ed and they wiJ!
be paid at the rate of twenty fnvo
cents per hour starting this week.
The men are f:e-tainiy enjoying
the freedom from restraint a*d are
E::di.ij Friday, August 9th. The
week was hot and generally
the average daily excess of temper
ature being about three degrees am
the rainfall was much below the
There /were! however many local
but generally light showers, which
afforded slight relief from the
severe diough and intense heat.
Corn in the northern pairt of the
state is hoUMi.'g own remarkably
well a.nd gives promise of a largr,
and early maturity.
In some fields corn is. beginning
to dent.
In the southern countries corn is
?teadilly retrograding a.nd' the the
crop is being cut two to four mil
lion bushels a week.
The .scarcit" of water is be
v.oming serious. The drough is also
severe qit pastilles, potatoes, gar
cens a.nd fruit and is preventing
any fall piowirg being done.
Threshing continues under favor
a'j'.i c: vrfciis and is well advanc
FcllowiiiK is a summary sho*v
i-'S "verage condition of crops on
Au-sust fk'st as compared with the
average of past years on that date,
except fruit which is compared wit!
last years crops as shown by re
ports of township Assessors,. Corn
97 per cent pastures 84 potatoes
80 flax 91 apples 25 plums 85
and grapes 87
200 YEARS 0L0
"Grit last week told of an hils-J
toric oLd1 Turtle which is more than
-00 years old, and is owned by P. I
David the delegate to congress from
Jt was brought to Honolulu by
ia English sea ca .tai,n i.'n 1812 a.ntd
is a good
IS'.tors standing on it. The crea
ture can walk with five
/.and'rg on its back Althougli two'
:3:-.!"n and gives every evidence of
a' le to live to a ripe old
age. The eld boy s,hould be put tin
he ImnspcHat.'cn service on the
Audubon County Journal August 13
A Traveling Man Cured
P. B. Counterman, a traveling man of
Joplin, Mo., writes: "Twelve years ago
I was a great sufferer from stomach trou
ble. I tried nearly ev
ery medicine I could
hear of, among them I
used fifteen bottles of
one popular prepara
tion, but never found
anything that did me
any permaniiit good
until I took Chamber
lain's Stomach and
aiC'j begins to absorb poison from hoea. Since then no one can seO me
the baicked-up waste matter.Use Dr. an-thing said to be just as good
King's New Life Pills and keep well During ajll these years I have used
There is no better safeguard against jt and reeomimemdtd it many timee
illness. Just take one dose tonight and it ha® never disappointed any
-5c. at your druggist.
Liver Tablets, which
hp.ve effected a ln-rr.ia
nenr cure. It has rauv
bi'i-n live sincv I
tviok these tablets, and
1 have had no more
unach triivl.-le dnr
.--.Ii .rtnattim.'
"I f-T irw
men. ar.i hav
the roan {i*i c.i'
Of lllr |'*i i' I
diii vre. .'
cause oi
rs i.
•inv of rli-
w-"R O'l
To1 _.•
The phys.cian on chronic, disaeises
will vist our city..
Wednesday August 19 l|j
And will be at t?ie Pairk Hotel
until 12 o'clock noon one-half day.
Dr. Potterf president of the staff
of the Boston, Electro Medical In
stitute, is making a tou-r of tho
He will give consultation exam
ination and all the medicine neces
sary to complete a cure FREE. All
parties taking advantage of this
offer are requested to state to
their friends the result of the
Cures DEAFNESS by an eii|1irely
new process. t"*.
Treat all curable cases of catiarrh
throat and lumg disease, eye and
ear, stomach live.- and kidneys, gra
ve!, rheumatism, paralysis, neural
gia, nervous and heart disaese, epi
lepsy, Bri'ghts disease die ses of
bladder blood and skin diseases goi
ter and stammering cuaed
Piles and rupture cured without de
temtiom from business
Astjhma cured in a short time.
If you a,re improving umder youir a
.family physician do not take up
'our valuable time. The rich and the
poor are treated alike. Idlers and
curiosity serkeirs will please stay
away. Our time is valuable.
Remember, Not a Penny will be
earlier Queenis charged for the medicine requiired
troQ wiu of e.ing. 110 make a cure of all tiliose taking
ui es bac is shiny from
atn en^
tilils trip. Office hour at
9 o'clock A. M.
r,r old it is in the best of
people, Positively married ladiieev must be
Island lines or on the Kim-1 The Twenty Year Testi.
jai.trn L-ranch. We believe he!
.. Some twenty years ago I used
.vo-iK k«p the track. I
Catastipatioii Causes Sickuesst'
Don't permit yourself to become
ensi pated as your system immedii-
accompanied by their huisbands. Re-
member the date.
Wednesday Aug. 19 at the Park
Hotel uiatjl 12 o'clock noon Exira.
I Chamberlain's Co ic Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy" writes Geo. W
Broch publisher of the Enterprise
Aberdeen Md. "1 discovered that it
was a quick and safe cure for diiflirr-
—'one." For sale by -Exira Drug Coy
Saturday, Aug. 15
Exira Drug Company
A complete line of leading makes in GUARANTEED WATCHES,
REAL QUALITY JEWELRY, and plated or solid SILVER
WARE. Dependable Watch repairing. For the first time in this,
same plan as in the big cities. Bring any catalogue and challenge our
prices and qualities, which we back with our personal guarantee.
on the

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