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Audubon County journal. (Exira, Iowa) 1884-1993, August 13, 1914, Image 5

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A.udubo:n County .J'Ou.rna.1 Aug.ust .13
Winnie Siemehsem entertained tor
firienjd, Dena Nelson, over Sunday
Mr. W.olf came from Avoca Mon
day to attend the fun.siral of Mr.
Nels Petersen:.
Mr. and Mrs. Fired Wilkin'S ot At
lantic were lieie over Sunday visit
ing her .parents
Hi Walters of Audubon was a bu
ness visitor in Exira Wednesda
being called here.
.Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Campbell
Des Moines are guests of Mrs. Kil
•worth oB North 'St.
•Fired I-Iaiisen wh.o is working in
Guthrie Center wrs seen on our
streets last Saturdaj
We lear.i that Iiush.91
left tli:.- ci has au ed a
ti 'n al Trainer, Iowa.
William BLntner and wife were oil
of town visitors yesterday, going
south on the 7.55 A. M. i'
Charles Briscoe departed Tuesday
for. Chicago. He is expecting to ire
main. there indefinitely
Lauiids Hansen left Monday .morn
ing lor Minnesota on a buai-j
ness trip of several- days. .. I
Mis. li-el'e May came up
Atlantic this week to attend
tauciua and visit friends.
llaiold Cannon was again
quite sick Tuesday. He was just re
covering firom a sick spell.
\Mr. and Mis. Nick Martes
family started in their
Tuesday morning for Missouri,.
It is repoited that Muss Al. ce Hay
will, teach ait No. 3 salioc-1. jin Aiubj
bon twp. dur .n.g tlie fall term.
Marie, Rose and Clyde Holdings-1
head drove to Glramt la.,Monday and:
•will remain. un.tdl tlie- last o«j^n
tliiis waek.
Sylvia BooUi after a few days visi
liere *vitli friends at 'tlie Fred
Cotton lime went to her home
-'Anita Mouciaj.
dy following a hospital oipi?ratli&'n
died Saturday last. S
Hemry Petersen wlio resides west
of town lis building a new house o-n
Iris place. Carpenters Johnsooi and
Niissen are doing the work,
John Hill amd famiily inform us
that they expect to be residents of
our little city this fall, wlien they
will move to from their farm
\liss Nellie L'.ttlefiiald (returned
to her home near here, lasti week
from D,es Moines, where, she had.
been, aittending Highland Park Col
Peaches, per can
Apricot*, per can
Egg Plums, per can
Tomatos, 3 cans for
Corn, 3 cans for
Will Gano wa6 called liea-e
lrom New Jersey on account of tli
serious illness of his mother, Mrs.
Gano. He arrived heie
Never in the (history of nations
have there been such a civilizing
influence in the home as a good, Th
Be^t Waltham piano. At P. M.
Chi'istensen. Thats right. Read on.
Morris Jensen, wife and baby of
near this Mt.\ aa.l his brother Ji
of .v.i'tii liri't for W LHe Wis.,
spend two westt3. Vluy made ,ti ej
trip by auio.
Miss Hicks who has been a guest!
of her friend, Bessie Witthauer,:
left yesterd'-y for her .home nii the!
northern part of the state. She
returned- home with an .auto load of
Mrs. Ruse San berg was here from
Council Bluffs from Monday un
til Tuesday last week at the George
Pa'ge home. She had with her:
two children Carina aiul Earl West
whom shfe b'.'ot liere for.an outing.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tharnish
ne'ir Adair aio entertaining
Uiight ba!. sji'l who arrived
their home Satviday Auguft,
Th:s makes the third child in-
family ai:d they
ase. all girlf. Con-
Mrs. Carter, a sister of Mrs Asa
Green of this city, who lias been
taken' visiting here for several days com
•pleted her -viss.it and returned for
htr heme in Birmingham Ala., via
c"f Denver and. Kansas City where
and I she will make short stops visiting
auto friends and relatives.
Mrs. Roy McCla.in wife of §|§th«
City Marshal wa» taken to Iowa
City last evening to undergo a ser
ious operation at ,a hospital there.
I gj,e ])ag been very low fcr several
Arthur Smith a grandson by njar- js antiseptic and a few drops will
riage of Mr. aiudi Mrs. J. B. Connrar-
the knji'e tieatmfr.t is
thol tQ be the onl treatment
George Livingston, Walter Brook- that meant a conflict that filled the entire world with dreail.
mail, Gertrude and Zona Posten
Gravity la autoedi to Exira Sund
and spent the day with the ladies
uncle Clifford Posten and family,
Tiic-y -e urn. home in the evening"
accompanied by Mr. Posten who will.
•remain until Friday.
Tl\" "riple ailian :o.u))(
restore her health.
Infecttoii tfiiikl Insect Dangerufu rhousanids of l.i'\es and
I jpropoHy wjM be destroyed.
iMosquiioes flies and oth«r insects -j^,^
Bid Workman came Friday from
(Sreunfiei.d to aitind the funeral of
his b:othif-r Ja-oi's v.bicl- was held
Jiere- Sunday. which breed quickly in garbage Ru'.sia. France and Seirvia are ar
pailu ponds of stagnant water barns ranged on. one side against Austria
musty places etc.are carriers, of dis- Hungary and Germany on the oitheJ
ease. Every feme they bite you
which- some disease may result
Get a bottle of Sloan's U-niment.lt:
•insect bites or rusty naHs. Sloan'si
iLin.iment disinfeets cutsBruises and
I Sores. You cannot afford to. be with
While they last, 3 bijy
cans of beans for
The Meat Market P. Hasseofeldt
out i't in your home. Money 'back if!
not satisfied.Only 25c. at your drug
S1111111141' Coughs ai-e langerous|
Summer colds are dangerous.They
ldicate low vitaJOt-y and often lead
to serious Throat and Lung Trouble
New discovery will relieve the cougb
or cold promptly and prevent com
plications. It is soothing and anti
septic and makes yo'u fell better at
once.Money back if not satisfied.50c
and $1.00 at your druggist.
iu .inject poison into your system from
the infection caused by
Photo by American Press Association. ^-k-, pimmMmmMww
Men of the War
Here'are sSor»*ti the kaiser of CrrnrMiy and the caar of Russia with their
personal staff*' The kaiser is on the !"ft. Wlu-n this picture was taken It
was little thoiiEht that In a few months" time these rulers would give the word
IH! WIE (lllffE
Auisirla Miiugaiy, Germany tund
Italy. Have dec'.ared war against, a
part of 'the Triple Entente eompotsad
of Russia, England and Fr..r.ce over
the m.ast. flimsy excuie. A Servian,
a few wesks aipo Kill.d the heir
apperent (and liis wife) to the
:i ro.ne o" Austria Hungary and
fro-m tiiat act Sorvia h-s beein
brouight into war. Russia in conse
quence was by treaty bound to pro
tect her, wlvicn iin, 'turn insulted Ger
ma-jiy. War was d.'.clared .'by Ger
man: agai ius.t. Russia and t.his aeit
has brought in .tr.er 11 ations. Tlw}
fact ,« Te Triip-le Alliam.e awl the
Triple Entente a on a war Eoatiri
and have been waiting for am excuse
to try their strexnglli for years
millions of
B'taiids at this wrltjii
They are starting t'he w,ar but who
end It?
I'Duroipe must have our wheat or,
they starve.
As soon as the supremacy of the'
eas is settled, commerce will be
"If England' marntKiiis her nav-•
al power Englis'li s.hips will resume
their transpoitation of our crops.
If Germany is s/ucctssful, her
s.hips w.1'11 carry tlie girain.
England is of course our 'biggest
customer. Another tiling that w,ill
help will be the bill now before
congress amending our shipping law
Brat even, if there are not en
ough American -shits other Euro
peon nations will send others.
Not So Strange Ai'Ui' All
You may think it strange that so
many people are cured of stomach
trouble by Oil amber Iain's tablets
you would not however if you shold
give them a trial. They strengthen
and invigorate the stomach and en
able it to perform iits functions natu
urally. Mrs. Rosie Rish Wabash lnd
writes' "Nothing did me the least
good until I began usiing Ciiainbr
lains Tablets. It is decidedly the beetj
medicine for stomach trouble I have
ever usf d." For otfle by Exira Drug
Co. -444444445-
A sp.iiin may be cured in about a
third the time required by the usual
treatment by applying Chamberlain's
liniment and obsrving the direction
with each bottle. For sale by- Exira
Drug Co. 44444l
Where the Shoe Pinched.
Young Girl iglnm ing at her pedal ex
tremities) —Oh, dear! My feet are so
awfully big! Practical Auutie—But you
stand on them all right, don't you
Youug Girl—Oh. yes. but so do othei
folks too.-New York Tribune.
to have
en. rout®
Rome Aug. 10.—H lit
Regiments re p: ed
eroiscd Lai-.e Constance
for Alsace. Ar.e--t.iaa fleet of
13 battle hips rd !6 Torpedo boats
said to be go'n at full speed
toward the straits cf O'ra-r.to which,
D'n'ct.s Adriatic with the Ionian
Sea. The pro", a'1c pur] ore tilie
is iv
German criirisers which have'been in
that vicinity.
London Aug. 1 0—The occupation
of Li ge by the Germans is confirm
ed in a dispatch received here from'
Brussels ea. ly tlii morning. A
pontoon bridge built by the Ger
mans was shot away. The 25th ain.d
19t|h. German leginient which siuip
ported the biidge 1 nilde were mo
down by the quiick firing guns.
A wounded Belgian was asked how
the Germans had fared and replied
in one word, "an ihilated."
London Aug. 10 A correspondent
says aerial fleets were wed by bot|h
Belgiars and GTE-.mtns at Urge. TSk
fighting in mid air was deadly. A
huge Zeppelin sailed over Liege dur
ing the early ghting but was puir-
sued by a Be'glan aeroplanist who
risked and lost his life in des
troying it.
Paris Aug. 10 Im the capture ot"
uk hi arisen the French siezed a
great aeroplane factcry operated by
-i mated G-ermam i:.ain:-fact!i .: cr.
A ccrr-Eepc-nde.it to the Faga sai
lie heard two i: e-:i coming from
the avenue of the Tillenes Berlin.,
Thy heard cries of "Dwn with tl
Emporer" and "Down witih the
Crown Prince."
Rome via London. It is reported
here that cholera has broken out
among both the Austlnan a
aid the
Servian armj
Pans Aug. 11—It was officially ai
nomnced toanglit t|hat France has
broken off diplomatic relations wit
Austria. ILe Fcencli claim assurance
given by Aust|rja to the French Min
ister that no troops were talking
part in tl'.ie Franco-German, war.
The government has ascertained
tiiiat beyond a possible doubt cer
tain. Austrian troops were at pre
sent in Germany. The French Am
hassador was ordered home
Tlhe Germans occupy the city of
Liege while the Belgian tiroops hold
the forts. Strong lorces guard ail
•the approaches to Brusse.s
The north sea is again closed to
.the fishing tleetis which is signifi
cant because British and Germany
fleets are in the waters.
The Belgians claim they have tak
en 8000 prisoners.
Financial conditions in En.g—
Photo by American Press Association.
Kaiser Takes Great Pride In His Peerless Navy
The accompanying photograph was taken from the warship Ieutschl:uid
of the German navy. The German navy is the apple of the kaiser's ey« and
•was expected to give a splendid account of itself against its foes.
After several months of ractice with our welder, we are now prepared
to do all kinds of work, thereby saving our customers large repair bills as
well as valuable time. This class of work is not confined to automobiles, but
also saves large bills, and often loss of crop, to the farmer at planting, har
vesting and threshing seasons. We will weld anything of metal and guaran
tee our work—if we fail to make tlie weld hold we will refund the price paid
but will pay no damages." r:
With this machine we can also remove the carbon from your motor
without damage to it, making it run as smoothly as the day you bought it
and guarantee it to give more power and use lees oil, and if you are not satis
fied your money will be refunded. Ask any one that has tried it. One man
said his motor ran better than the day he bought it and had more power.
5 We have the largest stock of accessories in town at prices that are right.
Pa- Five
lar.d are returnrlrrg to normal. The
prices of fcou stuffs have risen
only slightly.
Big guns- are- being. rushed to
Quebec CamHlia. No ships are allowe
to leave the Quebec harbor.
The Kronpiinz W'ilhelm is takem
in Bermuda ly M. S. Essex wit(h
6000 tons of coal aboard. The big
one lis a rich prize.
Tlhe 22000 men being the Oamadia
contingent are getting ready to
go to England.
Its' tllie same old custom— warn
Iowa people wianit the bjg news ,tli.a
quickest, they look to the Reguiter
and Leaded" lor iti. It the on,e
Iowa paper tlhat
on the job, day
anxl niglift, getlting the latest tel-e^
graph newsi of the world
With the griea-tesit war. of the cen
tury ragning iinj Europe, mow is no
tjimci to put up with reading yestair
day'si newspaper todlay.
This mornings Register and Lead
er, Delivered- This Morning, rural
routes and all is wliat
$1.00 paysi tor tilie daily Register
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Skin Game.
The taxidermist makes an honorable
living at a skin game.—Philadelphia

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