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Local Items
Doo. Clay h°v®
is quite sick
H. Minermam sold a fliine bunch
of cattle Monday.
Fred Branch was an out of town
•visiter u\er Sunday. ...
Mrs. B. J. Meclsel of Manning was
la Exira "Wednesday.
Chas Miilliman was a business vi
sitor in Atlantic Saturday.
The mew Chorus melt at Mir. Wit/t
hauers last Friday eventing.
Rev. Burger is the new minister
fit the Congregational Church.
Herman Bornholdt left Sunday to
?isit his father in Avoca.
This is the closed season for ti
tle hunting for American) heiresses.
Semd a dollar on subscription and
the Journal will sand a war map.
mother who lives east of town, iJS
The M:nerman family were visitors'
to here visiting friends 'afad relatW "ll"
-i Herbert Waittefrson wemit aver to
the Gtuthrie County fair this' morn-
Howard McCall has b^en
4)ut tie somewhat improved at
To tho Boys on the Farm, the Clerks In the Stores and Others who' Wish to Improve Their
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ographers. Stenographers make more money than those am any other profession, and they have
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'what is goinig on in.the inside. They^liave has comfidennoe, and for this reason are the first
to be promoted to the highest position
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nographers make from $60 to .$150 per month., amd any number get far more than this.
We offer you .a .^complete course tin all branches of Stenography and furnish you with a
Remington typewriter for practice work without extra charge. All supplies are also furbish­
ed free with our course amd you have no extras whatsoever.
If you wish to.turn, your idle hours into dollars
\"i «j-i't
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TypeiiTiters and all supplies \are zm
furnished free to out students. Low
V^""' fates of tuition on easy monthly
is in these parts visiting
and relatives.
,i.ow°' relatives here.
I Mrs. H. Lane is Buffering from
Leo Peterman of Atlantic was here
ever Sunday.
Grandma Meuers
triitih paralysis.
Miss Kathleen Delahoyde of Vio
tor, Colo, is iviaitlmg friends and
Tcni Sou rage made a flying trip
to Omaha the last of the week re
turning Sunday.
William Thielem of Carroll is vis
iting Ms sons oni his fine fa ran south
east of town.
Pied Barte was looking after
business and doing a little visiting
here last week.
Mrs. Holiingsherd returned from
Atlantic Saturday where she has
been for somet'me.
Ruth earae in from Bear Glrove
Fir.day, where shie is teaching. She
returned Sunday evening.
Peter Petersen Poulson and his
in oilier visited at the Niels P. Peter
sen home Monday. .^£,•.
Mir., and Mrs. Hans Peter Beck
sperut Tlhuirsday in Exira with the
Danish Sisterhood Lodge..
fVS'fV'.'. v*.. 'J
Mrs. Conmrardy's olas of sewing
girls had their pic
tunes tadcem* £}pt—
The Miisses Bertha aad' Veda
Mlnieirman were Audubon visitors
Baiturday. I
& Stamlej, Harold and Vdrgtimia Gfrdf
flth Vi fT€ over to Adel Sunday on
ft visit.
John Kurtemback of Wiota
here to visit his daughter
iWill Kommes.
Mr. and Mrs. Brady visited at
the John Baiters home near Wiiota
last week.
Mrs. Sutly and Miss MoCormlck
cf Omaha are visiting at the Meu
ers home.
Sirs. FOBS celebrated her birthday
Sunday. A large number of relatives
iwere present.
ti.'-- r.v-v.:
Janves G(ripfp of Rock Island, 111.,
Mr. and Mrs Jackman otf G|uth
rie County visited at the Hft Heath
home over Sunday.
Mra William Voss is voting her °fferedKby, fua°uc
John Miller moved his family In ?a^,aUd "T
house soruth of town Monday.
William Rudolph ouit on route 4
Audubon was a business
Exira Friday last.
•A wnetnicjr iie\v or old is the up-to- eleotiric li®hit system.
a^u yes.enday, to visit her afflicted satifactory to all.
In Anita Sunday by auto route.
6am Zykes from Columbus, KanJ ., 7TT 7
ty fair last..week.
I friemd, Mrs. Anna Petermam. vrerf-
Ed Van Qorder was down rom'
Audubon attending to business mat
ters and vteiting Saturday.
Mr. A. Schmidt, a special sales'
man of d- ugs gave a sale on jewel
ry here last woek.
Sheriff Sun berg attended the Os
car Hunt 8a'e Friday. The Sheriff
was viewing htis fences.
Mrs. Fulton returned home the
last of the week. She has beem vis
iting friends at Lake View.
The best way to obtain the great
est amount of .nourishment froim
eggs is to eat them.
M|rs. L. Dorsey of Anita made a
visit to her parental home Satur
day, the Hi Heath home
Victor Chrietemsen and family were
enjoying his vacation with friends
at Elkborn Saturday and Sunday.
May Johnson a demonstrator of
the Velvetlna goods was calling on
the drug trade last week.
National Business Institute, 230 South
Qtentlemen:—Please send me am
enrollment blank and special terms
for your stenographic course.
La Salle St., Chicago
T. jv
12 1
George Van Aernam ran the ttoe
of a pitchlork in Ihis hand Sunday.
It is a very painful wound.
Orv. Howard and wife were at
the old home (Persin® residence)
for dinner and a ohat Sunday.,
Selia Bianohard and Esther Berk
hard of Anita were here visiting at
the "hospitable home of Dr. Lantz.
Mr. and .Mrs. Marten, a niece amd
nephew of Adam S ebent of Shemami
doah are ,visiting here for a few
The aged mother of Dr. Newlon
caane up from Atlantic and will re
main indefinitely dm the Doctor's
ho sell old.
Reginald Gtffen and Harold Shrati
er left ithe oity last week for Iowa
City and are now in school. -News
Ijene Porter and Arthur Stat
zell returned from a pleasant visit
among re'atives at S'uart Iowa, Fri
day last.
Cliff Carter of Adel whiie' attend
ing the Audubom County Fair visit
ed his 'brother, north of town amd
Thomas Coglan. '-ft
Mrs. Hars P. Beck went to A/tlan
tic Mipnday to visiut Mrs. Hans P.
Brown who is in, the hospital at
visitor tin that piace.
Claude Williams ani electrician of
Atlantic was in Exira Saturday help
wafi in
to do
I W. Harvey went to the Guth
|rae Coumty fair to acit as judge in
decisions have been.
of Audubon and
Rabson attended thie Audubon Coun the Connrardy home the lat er part
of the week.
Octo Jeneeou amd Harold Hamsem' Gecolia Thar'nlsh and Bern
are visiting at thie Maurice Jeneemi attended the fair at Audubon Wed
and Tom Pippin homes. mesday. Miss Tharndsh at the wheel
I is a safe chauffer.
Mioet everybody likes a little free
puff in the home paper, but how
few ever think to acknowledge their
appreciation to the editors
Undertaker George Qore and Ar
thur Hansen of the Fullertom Lum
ber Company departed for Mason Oi
ty on a business trip.
The Methodist Episcopal cantata
which has been in practise for sev
eral weeks, has been posponed om
account of fohie busy season.*'
Have you secured a war atlas yet
These beautiful maps are given fqr
one new subscription or a renewal
of the Audubon County Journal.
Mrs. James Pilmcr of South
Connrardy will be sorry to learn
of his indisposition. Hie has been
under the weather for several days.
Lester Peterman and Mjrs. Peter
mains nurse who came with Mrs Pe
terman from Colorado a week ago,
came up to Exira for an ontinig Sum
Mr. amd Mrs. Verm Culver of
Audubon were business visitors in
the City Tuesday, and as usual Verm
sold a big invoice of their mill's
Rev. O. M. Smith 'of Allerton is
in the city mingling with many for
mer frtendB and parishoners. The
Reverend is always welcome in
The Misses Minnie Wahlert and
Cecelia Tharnish attemidled the
Guthrie Oounty fair which tfs now
in session. The weatfier is admira
A linepi shiower -was given at tJhe
evening for the home soon to
be made happy by the marriage of
Miss Mary Larsem and Mr. Glem
Hunt. .£ y,
ilford Posten, the gentlemanly
lerk at the Petersen store fell down
into the store cellar Saturday but
came out of thie experience without
Mr. Herndon and v.ife and Mr.
Erice and wife, the men being
brack layers finished working here
and went to Atlantic to work Sat
Mrs. Susan Spoo and sons, Frank
amd Lee anid grandson, George all
wiemt to Atlantic Saturday, amd
spent the aiftennoon at the L. A.
Feiteirman home.
XVe acknowledge a pleasant call
from Olerk of the District Court, F.
M. Rice, Mr. Brown, Candddate for
Sheriff and Albert Fest, Candidate
for Treasurer.
Ex Sheriff Sherm Humphry, Coun
cil Bluf.s »Is visiting folks here. Hlis
first visit for many years. Sherm at
one time was a deputy Sheriff of
Audubon County.
Cakes, Doughnuts, cookies bread
amd candy will be sold at the old
harness shop Saturday. Everybody
comia and buy, and incidentally help
the High School.
Dr. Dildaker received woird that his
mother was very sick at the old
home at Weimar Iowa. The doctor
and his wife started immedtiately
for that city.
Mr. Frank Cullins the superin
tendent of the groiery department
of the Ed Cotton store, was called
to Omaha Saturday his father, be
dmg ve s'ek.
kota is here vis.t.mg at the homes
of Mrs. Leroy and Mrs. Lizzie Han^
sley. The ladies are relatives.
Asa Green's baby is improving.
The little one was quite sijck amd
the young parents were quite alarm
ed at Its condition, for awhile.
The many friends of Uncle John
Tlif War Atlas's are going quite
rapldlv LOW. n'Oe aolJar either for a
new subscription or a remewafl will
secure one. Send in a check and the
Atlas will ccaae.
Don't forget that George andi
Harry Paige's Sale is next Tues
day Oct. «th, one-half mile north oi
Greeley Center. Everything win be
sold. George has sold his fann.
Sister Ethel Mlary Riley is expect
ed here from 'Chicago tin, a few days
to visit her pnents. and other mem
bers of the family. It has beem
some time since her previous visit.
Grandpa Williams of Atlantic, so
well known here, t)he respected
of town, is reported very sick. Has
of town, is reported very si'ek. His
son made Iraste to be wiith his par
Et-thgr Knudsem, Arthur Axelsem
Clarence Soremnsem, Cleam Nelsen,
ad James Hansen, went to
chisom M£nneeota last' week,
will take studies at the new
ish Seminary thie re.
HANSEN'S Drug Store
OUR new fall si clothes
"-yrfi. IA. W
wants will be supplied if you
pay, a visit to this store. Why ,1 not
make your selections while the lines
are complete!
in all the desirable
fall colors and fabrics,
in novelty plaids and
plain clothe. Some
with fur collar and
cuffs. Gape models,
•f ai ft
•f„*i t-i -.TTfUj wmwuv ivuns hub aim uays jonn
father of Frank Williams, ^ust west
Mr. James Laughey and Miss
Golda Mi. Spitler both of Gtuthrie
Center and who are well known to
eastern Audubom Co. people were
united 'Im marriage in Atlantic Wed
nesday Sept. '23rd.
Messrs Mat Tliielen, Boy Her
rlck, John Dimick and Ed Dela
hoyde attended the flair ait G|ut)haiie
Center to day. The weather is icleal
and the orowd from this siaotion of
the country is enormous."
Ray Boltem and his wagon return
ed to his home town, Exira, after
the Audjbon Co. Fair amd reports
good treatment at the fair. We are
pleased to know that Ray was so
reminded. He deserves it.
Mr. amd Mrs. James Chammom
have moved, into their property in
the oity. That whiich they recemtly
purchased of Ed Cotton. It will
make them a cozy home where
they cam take life easy.
'.(1. ?,
$8.50 and up.
All fur coats,
$30 to $50.
Large assortment
fur muffs from
$2.50 to $10.00
-Mrfe' "Charles Houston has trans
ferred her residence to Iowa City,
until cold weather at least, where
she will be the company of her
daughter Florabelle who is at
taining knowledge at the Iowa State
Qur newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Glen
Hunt accompanied his parenits to
Wlhittier Cailtl. starting last Tuesday.
They will remain in Whittier a
boiut a monith dm spendinig their hon
ey moon, aJ&d will returmi in Novem
Charley Jacobsen, the grand o*ld
"Deitchman" of near Casey but who
has mamy friemds here gave us a
partin&Bglamce Saturday. Charley
certainly looks fine amd jgays John-
sjeauoying himself in his new
1 L_
Albert Wetland of Durant, (Ok
lahoma came up to sedhis unole
Rev. Father Weiland whom he had
mot met fior some time. Albert and
!h«s family kept house for thie grand
old man whemi he had charge of the
parish here.
Eighteen dollars was realized by
the ladies aid of the Congo Church
with their waffle supper Saturday
afternoon. Pretty good and shows a
good spirit by outsiders considering
that only fifteen cenits was charged
for coffee and waffles.
Many thought that Knud Hansen
formerly of the Petersen store and
who went to Denmark at the out
break of the great war now raging,
on a visit to his parents was
taken over for the army, but It
ES a stake. Knud is free, so far.
Look out for the Ptu.bli,c Sale of
George Paige & Son October 6th.,
1914. See bill later.
Charley Jenkins was transacting
business om our streets Saturday.
Large variety. of new
fall skirts in basque,
tunic and accordion
plaited effects. Priced
$4.00 to $8.00
z1 -$3
S vLjki*
Very newest shapes
including the tri come
and the quatre-corne.
Many new sailors in
black and white,
., $1.50 and up.

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