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At thie last meeting of the Com
mercial Club it was decided to Cele
:brate the Glorious Fourth in Exira's
own popular way. On Monday July
the 5th'.. The 4tli. being on Sunday
.Many reasons were offered on both
e.des why Monday should be select
ed instead of Saturday. The princi
ple ones beiing offered were that a
large patronage being Advents
would reelect tho Saturday as their
Sabbath. Another that many of our
sisrter towns are said to be favora
ble in their own cases, to Saturday
while inrauy would attend at Exira
the City Beautiful if they oould do
so. 'A sentimental vote settled the
day, and endoised the committees
which we produce-below.
Finance Committee: J. W. Alsup
—•(J. 'M. Oarlsen, Ceo. W. Hunt.
Arrangements: J. W. Alsup, J. M.
•Oarlsen, Gteo. WNH-unt J. Oldaker.
Attractions: Edwin Delahoyde.E.
D. Co'-ton.
^Speaker: -W. H. Hoyman, T. M.
Ejassmiussen Rev. Grinyer.
Grounds Committees: John I. Hien
sley, John Vandebrake Geo. W Hunt
Parade: M. R. Terhune, H. P. Pet
eraen, H. P. Hansan.
iMusic: J. M. Diimack, )W. E. Var
bey, Glen Hunt.
Sports: Geo. N. Corl, Geo. B. G.ill,
flu 'M. Dimiick, GhriS' Petersen.
Decorations: Lady Eocsters
Printing and advertising: Peter
Has&enfeldt, Hugh: Smith, W. J.
I ^President of the day: W. H. Hoy
|QlpJl. I
Marshall of tine day: John I. Hen
Vocal Music: Bessie Witthaur,
jGeO'. L, Gore.
Program Connmittse: W. J. Lance
lot, J. i\V. Alsup, Jas. Carlsen.
By the thouglitfulness of the en
tertainment committee of our last
'Hourtli of July a large amount of
imorey was saved to our city by^en
gaging homie talent, in place of tal
e.it from outside sourcts, that nev
er gave general satisfaction. We re
fer to the entertainment put on by
the ladies of the Thursday Club
Hieir two rendiitons were care
fully carried out and were listened
to by all wl'.o could gst within hear
tng distance of the stage and their
efforts appealed to be accepted with
enthusiastic satisfaction.
Tlhe time is again at hand to pre
pare entertainment for another
Regulation Exira Crowd and the
question, what shall we provide is
jto| soon be determined. It is to be
hoped that something may be done
to retain the good money to be
p-pepit for entertainment as it wps
last year. If nothing better is to le
ikad we hope the committee, will in
duce the Higili Scliool to. put on
Itheir play.
Mr. a.nd Mrs. Sdionipier Biintner
of south, of towin, became the fond,
parents of a fine boy baby born to
titoem a few days ago.
Hhie child is the tenth in the family
seven of whaoh are boys, and three
are girls. Father Myers of this par
tehi was taken out to the home and
Christened liiiml. Mr. and Mrs. A.
iBxyllor ibeing present.
.Mir, Willi'am Bintner by this birth
in thie family, becomes the grand
father to thirty grandchildren, and
is one of tie proudest men in Exira
*A big barn dance w.as had at
F.ed Wahlerts Jr. last Saturday
nigtit which w.'S enjoyed by all wllio
aitenjiled. Painter Schmidt and Har
ry Campbell furnished the music
Tlhe young psople expect to keepi
these dames going, every two week*
t)ils summer.
Mrs. -Clifford Pcsten and baby,
wl'.o have been away the p-.st month
visiting relatives and friends in
Gravity, Fayette and Villisca, is ex
pected to return .to her bome here
Luring her absence the nu.sery
dep'cted on the brow of poor Clif
ford el cited the sympathy of all.
His sol'c'tude for the welfare of luis
wife and the lonesomeness caused
by the absence of wife and baby
produced such anguish of mind and
ibody that it was fsared by ^ome
that a term, at the hospital or a
tioa to the lakes would .have
be resorted to. But everything is
calm ard se.ene now that the trave
lers aie at home a.gain and that pro
ver.der under own vine and fig
tree 's thj o.der cf the day
Room 1 gave a pretty little exer
cise and little Elsie Ras'mussen ap
peared alone in a recitation of
which eve wcrd could be d'stinct
ljf heard in the fart est earner of
la g) roaim
Tlhe program was interspersed
w'.tli music wh/cli consisted of wie.ll
rendered instrumental solos by the
sses Paulire Sjoo and Marylea
Hunt, duet by Misses Anna Han
sen and Pauline Hensley ard a rous
ing Jolly Student Song by boys of
Room 5. Tlhe program on the whole
was a distinct pleasure to the aud
ience. The proceeds are to be used
to purchase books for the school li
Prof. Hoyman was called to S'tan
wo'jd, Iowa, 1 st Wednesday, to be
at the bedside of Iris sister, who
wi.-s qui'e ser'ously ill. He returned
home Fiiday. Miss Ella Steams,
County S.-perinte dant, had charge
of the sohcol during the Professors
The Professor is a very busy nvan
at til's time. The many duties that
demand's his services at the close
of a strenous term of school which
was brot about by the change from
the old to the new school house
wears on mind and body.
.Hi's great interest in the welfare
of his assistants and scholars is ap
preciated by all interested in
school affaiis.
In t'. course of digging a well
sli.aft on his pre party near Ware,
Mass., a farmer encountered quiak
s'-rd at a dep'ih of approximately
25 ft. tyeneath thie surface of the
,girourd and sank in it until his
llneed alore was visible when his
predicament was f'lnall' discovered.
Every prsible a.gejicy was called
upon to assist in the rescue work,
the fire department included, but
despite this l:e was buried for more
.tban 24 hours before he could be
taken from lr's precarious position.
The program given by the lower
grades of the Public School in the
auditorium' of the new s:Jiool
building last Tuesday Eve was very
•fine and it is unnecessary to say
that it was given to a crowded and
appreciative liouss. The Festival of
itihe Da's es given by Rocm 1 was
(especially fine as it was given by
such little folks and was delivered
withcut a Siitch. The Sweeping
Song and the Maypole Lr:il by the
:r ar.d boys of om 2 respect
v-e'y were splendidly handled and
howed fine training. The Fairy
Garden- ly Room 3, The Gi'icst Drill
by Room 4, and Tliq Indian^ grill
and Lullaby by girls of Room
were attra ve ard beautiful.
'r1 !1
rsfli •gfiPBWPWf I' I'll II IW'BWHJPWiwyiK) |)1II |U. hi
./-.:*v j.-i •. •.•• ••...: —. r- •-. ..
IBoost For Exira, Tlie Gity ZBeaixtifial
5 IMT.- Charles F. Sorensen out on
R. iF. D. 2 Exira, called Monday
morning whi'e on his way to court
Hie is c'ted to appear and 'serve
as juror dur.ng the May term' of tli«
Distr ct Court
•l1he hardship that this dees "to
the farmer wno is striving to get
j4ut li crop and care for his chores
whore no ihired ttnan can be secur
ed, is incalculable. In Mr. Soren
s=in's case lie wes unable to procure
ihelp so that his corn planting, *lf
not dor.e may work a big loss if an
frost should strike this coun-
to try in the fall. Then he has several
cows and lieife:s, to milk wJiich his
faithful wife will be obliged to do
besides ccr!ng f:r horsts and hogs.
The worst of all perhaps will 1je
that liis wife will stay on the farnii
a'oae until his return.
It is it.o be licped that tl?e judge
will be symipathetic enough in .his
S2 as to allow his dismissal from
jiiry du'y.
A very welcome rain started in
Wednesday morning that came just
"nick of time" to save our
purched meadow and perishing gar
de wiiih all other vegetation, foe
t^eeni that w: desper rooted. Corn
(and potatoes that were up receiv
ed a visit, troni Jack Frost. It made
thtni) lcok sick indeed and fears
a st 11 .taitained that the crops,
fc.at are aavfm.i-d are injured. The
f.u't crop thi.t gavie such promise
arcij a: thing of the past and fur
ther proves that Iowa under natur
al conditions is
a fruit nor au
Nearly vegetable sta'e, but both
dJts we 1 under artificial propaga
tion. But—Ch My! the corn we do
rase in 'Iowa, Oh Iowa."
Serera'l An.er'cans were'killed re
cently in the Yaqui R'ver Valley of
Mexico. The Yaqui Irdians be:anie
eir-'ged be au?e of land concessions
gr intcd to America colonists and en
deavored to wipa out the foreign
fe'ements in their valley.
Tiie cable which, convieyed the in
fsri^iation was referred to the State
Department. W.l:at will be done a
bout the matter is not yet decided.
L^.ter "spatches state that the
fig.ht'ng hrs ceased and the Indians
have left the valley, but with the a
vo .ved intention of returning to fin
ish th3 work of destruction.
At fi o'clock last e\ening at the
piist paisoi:ag?, the Rev. J. A.
Har ey cf the Bxpt'st el.
air oh united
in miarriage Carl Joseph sen of
Greenfield and Miss Martha Peter
sen, Ex'raj. The ceremony was wit
pe'sad by tie father of the groom,
A'nton Petersen, sister of the bride
and Jacob Chris'ensen of this city.
Thi? yonug psop'.e are well and fav
orably known in the'r respective lo
cilit'es and have a host of friends
Who we'sh them well.
—Atlantic News Telegraph May 15
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Knox autoed
to Audubon Saturday, and visited
her s'ster, Mrs. James Nelson.
.W.idila there they met Mr. and Mrs.
John Knox and brougiht them to
Exira for a few days visit. The John
Kncx family have bee residing in
Minneapolis for several years but
are now enroute to Glenwood, la.,
•where they wall make their future
home. Mr. Knox will have charge of
the Fullerton Lumber Yard there.
ft* u-MaMs
y/' .'ii 1
George W. Ilce^h, son of Nels P.
Ho gh, arid a we.l known man, died
at 6:45 'Monday evening, deatih be
ing the result of Blight's Disease
from, which he had suffered for ov
er a year. His last illniess had held
*li bedfast abcut six weeks.
Deceased was aged 39 years and
20 days .juid leaves, a wife and four
ch.ld en, t'.:e o.ildren being Evelyn,
Raymond, Han©y and Mildred. He
is also survived by h's parents, Mr.
a:d Mrs. Hviegli, and the following
brothers a..d sste.s: William. Hoegli
MTS. Hans A. Hansen, Walter
Hoeg'h, Artliur N. Hoegih Benja
min Hoesh, Mrs, Walter Haneep
lard Edward Hces'h. His wife was
(M ss Ainna Hcgeisen, to whom he
was married about thirtteen years
(ag^o. The home is four and a half
miles southwest of Brayton.
Hiere was a short funerai ser
vice et the hone Wednesday at
o::e o'clock ar.d the funeral s?r
vies proper held at Oakliill church
at two o'clock and the interment
made in the church cemetery.
Mr?. John G. Thompson) west of
it:wn is expected home from Em—
manual Hos.p tal Omaha this week.
Tlhe lady has been there for sev
eral weeks tv.iing treatment, and if
rw»' re manlier right has had sever
al operations.
Her recovery, while quite slow,
iis of a substantial nature and we
tr. $t ie re urn to .her family will
stiir'liaften her lecoviery which at
one tinia ssea-.ei doubtful. Mr
Tho mips on has had a very strenuous
and anxious season.
Mu Ii sympiatl is felt for him
and all rejo'cs that his helpmeet
wiil a an 1 reUcred to him.
Re ererd Looney of the Union
Baptist church of Greeiey twp. was
asking fina.nciial aid cf our busi
ness' men, for the purpose of putr
ting the church property ini repair
The Reveier.d oartainly took a bu
(siness way to get the funds for
this work, as there are few indeed
that, would refuse to (guve a little,
for such a worthy obejet.
The Reverend is alive to the in
terests of his parishomers and his
efforts ito advance their i.mterests
in worldly matters as well as spirit
ual are commendable.
Hattie Witthauer was liost-
tess last Thursday to the ladies of
the Treble Clef Club. After tl© pro
gram was given, election of officers
took place. It resulted as follows:—
Mrs. Nettie Jensen, President.
Mrs. Miuriiel Hensley, Vice-President.
Mrs. Minerva Graham Secretary.
Mis. Ge-evieve Harvey, Treasurer.
The refreshments were served in
pi^n'c rm, ea'li p:rson haviing tak
)en tl.ieir own basket of lunch. It
proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable
nusetiiEg for all who were'tliere.
Built of hollow tile and concrete,
a reproof cornirib, with a capacity
of arp oxima'.e 1,000 bu., has beei
cjnstiuo'ed at Rudd, la. The foun
itioa and flooring of the structure
is mad a oil concrete, while the lat
ter is supplied with drain pipes so
that any water that might be driv
en la during a rainstorm, would be
dra'ned out bet'ere it could work an
injury to the gia'n. A picture of tlie
coincrib is a feature of the May
Popu ar Mechan'cs Magazine.
"J j-"
Quicker than ever will the pat
rons on Rural Free Delivery Route
number 4 Exira receive their mail
from this time forward. The faith
ful driver Mr. Harry Hockenberry
has puchased tiie jack Coe car and
will henceforth carry the mail over
the route in the machine.
This will save several hours
driving as before and the mail will
be delivered much earlier in the
We congratulate' Mr. Hockemberr}
on liis good fortune and excellent
judgmeatt, for by this, he will save
much timte that may be devoted to
other work.
Mr. Coe we understand has pur
chased a "Saxon/" c.ir with which to
do his country plumbing at which
ihe is quite skillful and has much
to do in that line.
In connection with the preparatior.
of a re^o.t on the oiil and gas fields
of tl.e southern Appalachian region
a gfsneial re onnaisjance exaniina
ipatiom of the oil and gas developi
its in Wayre and McCreary coun
ties, Ky has been made by M. J.
Mann, of the United States Geologi
cal Survey, in cooperation wit'll the
Kentu.ky Geological Siurvey. The a
mount and nature of the material
brought to light by tie work lias
warranted the publication of a re
port on this region by the Federal
Survey prior to completion of the
wo-k in the eut re Appalachian re
gion. Tlhis rgpoit has bean publish
ed by the United States Qeologic-il
Survey as Bulletin 569.
Most of the drill'mg to the Bea.ver
Creek sand" is. done with drilling
machines. The wells are shallow,
ranging from abcut 400 to 1,000 ft.
Tine st of d.illing a well to the
B.aver Creek "sand" and of putting
ii. to pumpi'iig langes from, about
$1,000 to $2,000. A large item of
tli ccs'. is liaiili ig, for the oil field
especial')- those in southern part
of Wayre County, are remote from
rJLlrcads, ai:d most cf the oil-vviell
suppl es are brcugl-t into the fields
f.o.ni Burns, de. a railroad station 20
toi 40 niles start,
A ccpy of til:e report may be ob
ta'ned f.es on app'.ication to the
Direc'or of the Geological Survey,
Washington, D. C.
To the N:np:r^il.
At a t!c, la. May 17—Judge Rock
afellow in'the d'stii.t court liere
ruled that the estate of the late
Mrs. Los S.e.vart of Audubon, must
pay to the Presbyterian church of
Ames Hie sum cf $ 10,000 which
was subscribed by the late Mrs.
6( ,e\vart durii her life tinia and
her death cccuried before the s.ub
S^ripttion was paid. Tlhe executor
of the estate fought the gift, but
U-'e court held that the intention
of deceased was to pay the money
a that it was obl'gatcry upon the
estate to do so.
A Reunion was held at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lewis, last
Su.day. The children weie all pre
mt ar.d spent the day very pleas
antly. The home coming of the
oil ldren was a great pleasure to
/Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, who endeavor
ed in every way possible to make
it one long to be remembered by
all who were there.
These p.e?ent were:—Mrs. Sol Pe
termian and daughter of Nevada
M'.-s. Goor^e Freaman of Brayton
Mr. ar.d Mrs. Ed Lewis and family
of rnear Anita 'Mrs. Will Woodward
of Atlantic,
frf, "'S'tU J,?' at
The roller skate is "coming back"
It never really went out, as far the
cilnildren are concerned. Now how
ever young ladies liave taken it up
not in skating rinks, by the way,
but in the open air, for exercise
and fun on the sidewalks and
smcotli pavements of city streets.
On any fine evening on the best and
most exclusive streets in the resi
de, ts districts of (Chicago, groups
and couples of girls from 18 to 22
may be seen gliding along over thie
smooth surface of the walks. *Eha
fad ihias struck many of the smaller
places in different parts of the coun
try and already the village kill-joys
are protesting and calling for laws
to prohibit skating on the sidewalks
It was ever thus. No sooner does
youth find a new way of amusing it
self no matter liow innocent than
seme long- faced, vinegar-blooded
reformer is out with a protest and
a demand that the young people be
presented with the alternative of a
bandoning their fun or becoming
criminals by the infraction of a
prohibitory ordinance. There was at
:e time a well-grounded prejudice
against skating rinks. These places,
nowadays, are usually so well con
ducted that they are comparatively
safe. But there can. be no just ob
jection to the young girls bringing
the bloom of health to their cheeks
by suchi beneficial exercise as rol
ler skating on the sidewalks of then
home town and i.n company iwtLfh,
the same girls with, w.hiom they as
sociate at other times. Let the re
formers purchase roller skates and
use them. It will work off some of
the bile and give them a brighter
outlook on life.
An Exchange was given by the
l:d es of the Treble Cief Club last
Saturday tfternoan, in tli.a Fred Cot
t::n s^oie building. The articles for
le were all disposed cf at a good'
ipri. e. The Club realized a good re
suit from the sile. A fine supper
was served
It is a pi'eisure to see the out
de patron'ze these Exchanges
til. are gct'on up for the purpose
of soliciting a for the churches
and Clubs of the City. Usually long
before the p:opie are fully supplied
for the'r Sunday's dinner the con
tr.butiors are exhausted.
Th's shows the gocd ll the City
Be iutiful holds toward her churches
ar.d her C.uts and at the same time
the Church'and the Club appreciate
the sei tiirent so quietly expressed
and in su a substantial manner.
The message -ce:.t to Germany by
Prts'dent Wiilsnn last week relative
to our position in the Lusitania lior- I
ror and the si king of other A
merican si its with the attendant
loss of many American lives is one
of the most able documents, eminat
ing from the executive chamber
during tihe pre3eut administration.
It will go down to future genera
tions and into history as the senti
ments cf a great nation in full neu
|ttral sympathy with a friend whose
acis, whether real or imaginary lias,
caused the less by murder of about
a hundred of luer subjects. Politely,
a without irritation, demanding
full apology the suse of a mode
of warfare inconsistent with the bu
ne and pleasures of neutral pow
eiis, and especially the loss of her
ze. s. The paper voices a respon
sive chord iu the hearts of A
George Fieliteme'.er received la.
letter from h.is wife, who is visiting
her children in Pennsylvania, in
which she says si.e is having a mostv
pleasant visit. She is expecting to
rsma'n a month longer in that state

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