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Audubon Caiii.ty Journal May 20.
Clinton Iowa, When living at my
old home, Delhi, Iowa, my mother
always kept Dr. Pierce's Golden Med
ical Discovery on hand as a family
Telnedy. She used it for any of the
family that needed it. There were
twelve of us children. I used it as she
^recommended^ it to me when about
liven me confidence, as well as the
that I have used it myself."
Mrs. Wai/tijr. Winkei,, 437
Oak St..
Clinton, Iowa.
Doctor Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
overy, purely vegetable and free from
alcohol or narcotics, is not a secret
remedy for all its ingredients are
printed on wrapper.
Take it as directed and it will
search out impure and poisonous matter
in the stomach, liver, bowels and kid
neys and drive it from the system
through the natural channels.
It will penetrate into the joints and
muscles, and dissolve the poisonous
accumulations. It will replace all the
bad blood it drives out, with rich, pure
tlood full of vital force. It will furnish
you with the kind of blood that increases
energy and ambition, that puts the
entire body in such perfect physical
condition that brain or muscles know
no fatigue.
It will clear the skin eczema, pimples,
rash, blotches will dry up and disap
pear boils, carbuncles and other evi
dences of tainted blood will pass away,
never to appear again.
Everyone should write to-day for a
copy of The People's Common Sense
Medical Adviser to Dr. Pierce's Invalids'
Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y. Send 3 dimes for
this cloth bound book "of 1000 pages.
It is a book for the home—necessary
./ in case of accident or sickness—treats of
Physiology, Anatomy, Sex Problems,
•Marriage, Hygiene, etc.
Come here for
the best motor
supplies at the
right price
Courteous service is always
in evidence at rtiia store with
the finest supplies that can be
It is in keeping with a pol
icy of handling only the best
that we carry the famous
limited States fires
"Nobby Tread," "Chain Tread,"
Anti-Skid Tires
For your
absolute protection,
upon "Nobby Tread" anil "Chain
H. P. Hansen, Exira
Father and Son
Two and a half million readers find it of
absorbing interest Everything in it is
Written So You Can Understand It
We sell 400,000 copics every month without
giving premiums and have no solicitors. Any
newsdealer will show you a copy or write the
publisher for free sample a postal will do.
Popular Mechanics Magazine
No. NHehlgan Ava., CHICACO
I r»Muc. ifiniuta
a sliclrh
description n.ny
quickly uncertain our opinion free wlietlicr mi
Invniitlnn Is nnitmbly patentable. CiMmmmira
tloiiBfltrlcllycoiilldenllul. HANDBOOK on Patents
.sent free, oldest fluency for nociirlnir patents.
Talents lalion tnrouk'li Munn
Co. receive
special notice, without ctinrRO, iu tlie
Scientific American.
A handsomely tllufltratcd weekly. J,nicest clr-
dilation of any ecicnUUc Jon rim. aerms, $3 a
jear four months, $1* Sold by all newsdealers.
Branch OllJce. 636 8t« Washington,
sEvery time it is used it gives entire
^satisfaction. My mother's faith in
J5r. Pierce's medicines has naturally
^Blla M. Stearns was a visitor at
the B.ayton scl.oal Wednesday.
I Mrs. Ida Oannon of Exira was a
guest at the Bartlett home last
Thiursdayi' *J ^4
Anna Andersen returned last week
to Council Biluffs after visiting at
home for several weeks.
Albert Hansen eon o£ Chris Han
Ben submitted to an operation for
appendicitis last Thursday at his
home west of town and is doing
nicely, .* 4
(Misses Brown and Willouglim- of
Exira were .guests at the 0. Ide
home Friday night. -v
George Hienshaw of Des Moines
was calling oni old tinne friends in
Brayton last Thursday.
Lloyd Drew was visiting last
week W'th his parents at Carson.
lie returned Saturday.
s* f-Vs i*i 4
.Percy Freeman, of Neola was in
Brayton last weak visiting liis
mother, Mrs. George Freeman-
Oliver Cannon of Zion. Ia. was vi
siting at the Isaac Smith and Jv \V.
Cannon homes last week
G-ssis Smi.'th went to Des Moines
to attend summer school at High
land Park College. -1
Wim*. "Newman lest a horse
colt |One day last week.
Mrs. L.3e Hayes and Mary Hayes
returned fromi Davenport, la. recent
ly where they have been for sever
al weeks for treatment. We are glad
to say they are miuclh btetter but
are„ a little weak yet.
Miss Freda Tanner is assisting
Mrs. Lse Hayes with her household
duties for a few weeks.
Mr. Nelsoin of Audubon bored a
\v°ll for Charles Terry last weak.
Guy Lile assisted Mr. Tanner
•with li^s corn planting one day last
!A number of young peoiple w|ent
to a surprise party on Howard Mc
Call last Thursday evening, it be
ing his 21st. birthday. The evening
wias spent in pilaying games and
eating a fine lunch. The guests de
parted at the usual hour wishing
Howard many more sucdi occasions.
Mr. Jqhnson and son hauled corn
to J. M. Diniiek one day last week.
•Mr. and Mrs. Sam- Dutler were vi
siting at the James Eagen heme
Grandfather Simmons arrived
Wiednesday from California to visit
a while wiith his children and other
'relatives and' friends. It has been
(about 4 years since he was here
and in that time he says he hasn't
Been a sick day. He looks well and
•Floyd Yates wife and children of
near Panora came to visit her broth
Chas. Simons and also to see her
father from. California. The
latter accompanied them home but
wiill return again soon.
E. Williams and nephew took din
ner with Charles Simmons and
father Sund 1 y.
Ewiiig Wright ha,s purchased a
Fo.d We prLSume it is a canafford.
'Remember the date, May 23rd. is
teachers and exteachers meeting at
Union. Everybody invited.
May 29 there will be a memor
ial program at Bowman church and
•on May 30 there wtill be memorial
services at Union Baptist church.
Remember the dates.
A good crowd of young people at
tended the services Sunday evening.
lAll are invited to take part in the
services and we wiant yau to feel at
(home with the rest of us. Try to be
on time and let us have a good
lively meeting. .,
SEED CORN—1. have a few bush
els of seed co:n that was selected
last fall and put up in screened ouip
boards and thorougihlly dried under
a g-ood roof. If you. need It call at
the Journal office or at the house
near the off.oe. Irving Wilson.
W it
D. B. Bears spent Friday iv.ght
at the Ralph Goodwin home in
Wiota. ,r
L.inna and Lola IiTin.kerhoff and
Mabel Hansen spent Sunday nig'ht
at the Henry Hanten home.
Mrs. Rts oe fcsslngton and daugh
|ler Madeline were shopping in O
maiha Saturday.
|Bmiil Klenver shipped one car of
fat cattle to Chicago Monday. They
were a nice bun0I1, averaging 1450
lbs per head. Mr. Klenver went to
Chicago with them.
Grlswold p'.ayed ball here
day wit-h our team and carried off
the honors by a s:ore of 9 to 3.
Isaac Smith was called to oma
fia Monday by the serious illness
of h's brother, Joe Smith.
The Nelson Implement Co. sold
Ford cars to W. B. Sniiith, Arthur
Andersen, Peter T.hielen and
Rasaiussan, Monday.
A mee'ing was held Monday night
and it was decided that Brayton
would hold Its annual celebration
on Saturday, June 12
George W. Hosgh passed away
at 7:301 Monday night after a lin
gering iilnees. Mr. Hoegh is a son
of Nels P. Hceg'h.
Peter Haahr and sisters, Augusta
and Julia came from Audubon Wed
nesday and attended the wedding
festivities at the Simon Christen
sen home. sv. $
Mesdames Hans and Nels Morten
sen and children war.e Audubon vi
sitors Saturday.
Miss Mabel Hcod clcsed her
Sihool lie wi a picnis Tuesday
ia tha FreSer cksen Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Renip return
ed to their home in Montezuma, Ia.
last Thursday after a few days vis
it at the Glias. ggins home.
Miss Marie Boldt of Audubon at
tended the Christensen Munks
g.ard wedding last Wednesday. She
relumed hoa.e Thursday.
Watoel McXutt was an Audubon
visitor Thursday of last week.
Mrs. Chas. Hdggir.s has been in
Audubon at the home of her sister
Mrs. Fedder Schmidt since Thurs
day and a nurse taking care of her.
l9h^ has 'been s'ek for some time
with Neuralgia hut is considerably
be'-ter at th's writing.
^The painters finished their work
at th© depot and departed Friday
leavi. everything shining with new
Har.s Join:son was in Omaha a
fiw days last week on business
Mrs. Robert Garnett attended the
funeral of Hazel Settlemire Thurs
Mal©l and Irma McXutti went to
Des Mtines Friday to visit a co.usin,
Glend'Pyle McNutt who is a student
of Dr. ke Univeis ty, and attend the
May Pe.tivai.
Says tlhe Litchfield (Ml.) News
Herald:—Not leng a®o a man came
mito tills office and stopped his pa
iper because he said it wias ailwaya
ptpifo'ting a lot of tihlnge about the
same peopije and he said h.e was
sick of it. NOiW w(hen something
goes wrong wii'tili tlie country the
government appoints a commission
to investigate and fdind out what
is the matter, and the first thin#
a commissi om investigates the man
who made the holler to see if the
holler was a reasonable holler. So
we appointed a comiimiission. consist
ing of ourselves to inveisstigate tbis
jmian. We just fad'.owed the man's
career ever since we knew hi.111.
Tine first t.'.j.iiig tllnat hiappened to
till/at man: was that he wias born but
lie had nothliwg to do with it. How
ever, we mentioned liiim, although
tol's parents were entitled to th(e
cred t. Wll.en lie was iu oihls early
WANTED—A live, energetic young
man for work in local territory.
Act quickly. Address A. Holden,
Launium, Michigan. A
July 22 pd.
WANTED—Men who desire to earn
over $125.00 per month write us
to-day for position as salesman
every opportunity for advancement.
Ce.tral PetroLum Co., Cleveland,
May 20. pd.
E3TRAY—Kstray from my premises
a Ch'ester White Sow, weight a
bout 200. Finder piease notify Scott
Ilo.kenberry and re:eive reward.
T. F'. 1
SEED CORN—^A limited amount of
choice seed corn for sale. Irving
Wilson, Exira.
T. F.
YOUR HOG CATCHER is now ready
Come and get one. N. L. Beck
T. F.
BULL—One pure bred Registered,
Short Horn Bull. Call or pihione.
r. F.
SEED CORN—I have a few busht
3is ct seed coin that was selected
.ast fall and put up in serene cup
boards and tborougihily dried under
a gocd roof. If you need it call at
this Journal office or at the house
near the office. Irving Wilson.
OR IAN—'Second hand organ to sail
at your own price and terms
to suit. What am I offered for it?
and- and—now look here friends
we have raised our family by its
Going, going, third and last call,
musical notes and everyone is a
musiiloian. We have tried to har
monize our vocal chords with its
tones until we are seriously contem
plating "taking the road." It wiill
"slop the pigs" and "pail your cows
"wash the dishes" and "churn the
cream:" Leave your offer at th,e
PO TS FOR SALE—150 gcod oak
pas's for sale at 16c each. In
qu re of Ma:tin Jersea,
m20pd Esira, Iowa.
PASTURAGE—We can handle about
twenty head of catt'.e or horses
more. Call or phione Lawrence A.
Jensen. On the old Gault farm '.
T. F.
90 ACRES 2 1-2 miles from Water
loo, 40 acres close to Waterloo,
2 quarter sect ors in So. Dak., a No
Dak. farm, acreage near Waterloo..
What have you? G. H. French, Wat
erloo, Iowa.
July 8 pd.
twenties he got married. We m.en
^"onied that, inahiding the nanne of
the bride, tilie preacher etc., in fact
Ave mentioned everything but tilie
preacher's fe?, which, was not wortii
mantion/'ng.. We never mentioned
the fact that lie ever won amy pre
miums at the county fair, because
de never esaii.bited anytfli|in,g. Wle
Ipev.er mentioned hiie name in the
A SNAP—SO acres in Steele county,
•ays fine, gcod soil, small im
provements, f.ne surroundings, $65
per acre. Write for list. C. Sorte
berg, Ken yon, Minn.
July 8 pd.
NEW YORK FARMS for sale—Pric
gratifies and location satifies, so
40,000 each week look for my rare
bargains that they can depend on.
140 acre farm with 25 cows, team,
farm machinery^ hens and seed
grain price $40 per acre. 25 acre
farm with 5 cows and hems$ price
$S00. 100 acre farm with 10 cows
team, hens and farm machinery
price $36 per acre. 65 acre farm,
buildings wortihi $4,000 good land
pri.e $3,600. $500 cash and $100
yearly buys any of these farms. R.
R. fare paid otne way to purchaser.
Write for photos. E. Munson, 2426
S. Salina St., Syracuse, N. Y.
July 8 pd.
M. Rietf, Exira.
E 3'GS—Barred Rock Eggs from
Mammoth prize winning Bradley
and Latham Strain. Prices 75 cts. a
sitting of 15 $4.00 per 100. Mrs.
Ed Young, R. F. D. 1, Exira.
T. F.
HORSE—One good work horse for
iale cheap. N. L. Beck, Exira.
T. F. y.
HAY—We have several ton of good
timo'thy hay lor sale $15.00 a ton
ia tte-ljarn. Near the depot. Wil
-n & Johirson t- s,.
July 8 pd.
State of the south finest clim
ate on eartih buy now 556 acres
of best grade land 240 acres in
cultivation ISO a.res pasture, bal
ance woodland white oak, hickory
500,000 feet piir.e timber power
site l:cationi spring and running
sti.eam six dwellings, barns best
Georgiiia soil fine frullt land, truck
ing, wheat, oats, corn, cotton cat
and hog raising a bargain at
$23 per acre. H. J. Peagler, Butler,
or a
July 15 pd.
FAiRMS FOR SALE—Two well im
proved farms 140 and 320 acres,
close to town, Blue Eartih County,
JTiinniesota, $125 per acre. A. H.
Shiroider, Mainkato, Minn SS M27
FARMS—100 Improved Farms to
ipick from in Central Minnesota.
War In Europe is America's oppor
tunity. Make it yours. Write Baker
Land Co., St. Cloud, Minm.
July 8 pd
hurry and get some of this good
central Minnesota land, for it's go
ing fast. Becker, Mahnomen, Nar
min, Ottertale, and adjoining
Cheapest and as good as the best
in the state. Write for prices and
mips. S. E. Moceis Land Co. De
troit, Minn.
July S pd.J v*'
FOR SALE—Michigan farm and
fruit lands in Mason, Manistee,
Lak3 and Wexford counties 50,000
acres to select from prices $10 to
$30 per a re and seven years' time.
Write for 72-page illustrated book
let f.©3. George W. Swigartj own
er, K-1247 First National Bank
Bldg., Chicago, 111.
July 8 pd.
easy terms about twenty well im
proved farms in beautiful German
Cathoiic Stearns Co., Minn., at $65
to $100 per acre. All have good set
of buildings and near church and
school. John J. Alunann, Richmond,
July 8 pd.
HERE'S A SNAP—160 acre farm in
Ce. tral Minnesota, (near Bemid
ji) 33 a res under cultivation, 20
acres fine meadow, some good tim
ber, so'l the veiy test, no swamps.
Two males wire fence, good frame
house, barn, granary, hem house etc.
This farm is splendidly located
only six miiles to R. R. station and
is well worth $30.00 per acre. To
sell quick, am offeriaig $23.00.
O half cash, balance easy terms.
Immediate possession. No trades
and no commissions paid sub agents
Walter C. Myers, 602 Boston Block,
Minreapol's. Also have som good
improved farms and unimproved
lands in Northern Minnesota.
July 8 pd. -vt
640 ACRES—for sale by the quarter
or half section 35 miles southwest
of Aberdeen at $35 pier acre. Lajid
is partly under cultivation, no
buildings, soil of the very best for
earn or other grain. Country is well
settled and above price is from $5
to $10 pier acre below surround-
list of comimittees, because he nev
er attended anything. We never
/mentioned lids name in the list of
ionors, because he never donated
las mmcih as a doughnut.
Page Seven,
ing land values. For further parti-J
eulras write, Chelsea State Bank,1
Chelsea So. Dakota.
Ju'y 22. ,1, pd.'
FOR SALE—560 acre farm well
impioved 4 1-2 miles from sta
tion in soufhwestern Minnesota, at
$60 psr acre also lia\e 280 acres,
well improved, 2 1-2 miles from, sta,
tion in southwestern Minnesota, at
'5. The soil of both the above
farms is of the best, and the prices
a.re about $10 per acre below sur-t£/"
rounding land values. For further5""
particulars please write B. W. Shou
weilr-r, Fairmount, N. Dak
July 22 pTd.
Those who re cemetcry lots
cleaned and put in shape for decor-,...
ation day by the Ladies Booster hi
Clab, p'ease lea\e your dollar at Dr
Oidaker's offi e.
If you want a neat and pretty Job
of repaiiring done on your shoes4®
take them to Gerald Hensley over^*
the Bisaop and Statzell barber shop.
MONEY—The mint makes it and urn
der the terms of the Continental
Mortgage Company ytfu can secure
it at 6 per cent for any legal pur
pose on approved real estate. Terms
easy, tell us your wants and we will'
co-operate with you. Petty & Com-.
pany, 1419 Lytton Bldg, Chicago 111
July 22 pd.
I am prepared to do Paper hang
lug, Paintingi Decorating, Staining"^'
and Frescoelng. Let me figure with
you in any of this line of work.
Call Walter Larsen Phone 99.
Dr. L. J. Oldaker
*5WJf r*r
Over P. M. Christensen
.- store ..
Residence 89 Office 39
Farm Loans
Lowest rates. Complete
set of Abstract of Title to all
lands and town lots in Audu
bon County.
Physician Surgeon
Office Phone 53 house Phone (17
Office first door east of nvl1_
Corosr Drue Stors, upstairs CXira, IOWB
For Greeley Farmers Mutual Fire
and Lightning Insurance see
Fred Wahlert Sr, Exira, Iowa
Wm. L. Clark, Hamlin, Iowa
M. J. Masterson, Audubon.
Have otlier agents in Audu
bon, Guthrie and Adair coun
ties. Also Wind and Torna
do Insurance Written.
tainly have bean treating tihis man
Shamefully, but we wiill agree to
run a nice obituary wlhen the time
If R. A. Lantz
Office I11 near part of First Na
tional Bank. Calls answered day or
Phone No. 150
If your land wll not grow clover)
or alfalfa seaid a dollar to tin®
Journal on subscription and your
date will be advanced a year and a)
package of bow to test your soil
with', tine litmus paper to make the
tsst with wil'l te sent you.
Try a few acres of Alfalfa by alt
mifiama. 't.... "t .•.'s-vn.i
i-) -.
)i1 5,1,1

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