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Audub.n County Journal June 17 th.
l! To prevent moths from injuring
luirs, woolen garments etc. brush
and air them thoroughly, then put
away in the customary drawer eldest
olosett, and place in the same re
ceptacle a two ounce phaal of chloro
form uncorked. This not only keeps
mo the out but kills the larva also.
Clean White Woodwork.
Put Boda on a damp cloth and rub
on woodwork. Then rinse with a
clean wet cloth and wipe dry. This
will take soot and dust from white
painted window sa,sli as well as in
side white woodwork.
To He-itore Faded Color
Flush goods and all articles dyed
witli anailiine colors which have fad
ed from exposure to the light will
look as bright as new if carefully
Bpomgied wi ll chloroform.
To Sew llraid On Skirts.
Slip a strip of pasteboard inside
of the due in on which tliie braid is
to be sewed, and move along as you
sew, to prevent the 6 tic
lies from
ehowiaig throughi the hem.
Two Pine Threads For Kiubroidery
If two fine threads are in the
needle instead of one coarser otne
for embroidery gives a much better
effect. The finer threads fall more
closely together and the work is
smoother. Ca.re must be taken to
keep tli am even.
I Pre-s AVoal Dress Goods
If moistened brown paper is 'laid
over the goods to be pressed no flint
w.ll adhere to the gocds.
When cooking cabbage or turnips
that have become rather, tasteless
add a small amount of sugar.
Shake the folds from the clothes
when they come from the Wringer
It saves time when hanging them
on tli9 line, and they iron much
easier if well shaken out.
Try a nejk pieje of beef for a
pot roast. It is cheaper, contains
anucli nourishment, and if well cook
ed is appetizing.
The contest is drawing very close
now and perhaps some of your
friends in the race would like to
have your help.
Remember th^re are eight big
prizes to be given away. Ask
some of the contestants about the
features, "special servic^" "two
for one" "special days," etc.
Exira Drug Company
The Housewife's Corner
1 Du'cli potntue Salad
Use cold bciiod potatoes. Cut
them in. cubes, add finely minced
o.i.n ti l.aste Fry several slices
jot bacon to get drippings, add as crumbs are brown
much vinegar as there is drippings,
allow to bodl up, pour over potatoes,
salt to taste and serve.
Sugar is food for the yenst plant,
and its addition makes the sponge
for bread light im a shorter time.
Sa'.t is used to improve the flavor
of the bread..
S alloped Potatoes
Cut potatoes in thin slices, put in
layers in a baking dish, sprinkle
with pepper and salt and dredge
with flour. Dot with bits of butter.
Pour hot milk in until the milk can
be sesn through potatoes, sprinkle
with bread crumbs and bake in a
hot ove.i for ajn 'hoar.
I Cream of Corn Soup.
Put one can of corn through a
meat chopper. Add two cupfuls of
boiling water au' simmer twentyfive
minutes. Rub through a sieve. Scaild
two cupfuls of milk with two slices
onion. Remove the onion and pour
the hot milk over corn pulp. Melt
two tablespoons of butter and mix
I with two tablespoons flour. Add to
the soup. Season with pepper and
Clias Van. Gorcier, Pres.
John McDaniels, V. Pres.
Ed. DelalioycLe, Casliier.
Exira, Iowa.
Transacts a General Banking Business
Collections Promptly attended to
Money to Loan on Good Securities
\Vil'ed Lettuce
Frv a slice of ham. with some
fat cn. When done remove the ham
leaving the fat gravy in the frying
pan. Have ready 1-2 cup vinegar
to which lias been slowly added a
well beaten egg, 1-2 teaspoon mus
tard, pepper and salt to taste. Pour
slowly into the ham gravy, stirring
we'l. Let come to a boil. Put let
tuce in and toss lightly with a fork.
Cover the pan two minutes and
Macaroni With Tomatoes
Break half a pound of macaroni
into inch lengths and boil in salted
water until tender. Drain and put a
layer of the macaroni in the bottom
of a greased pudding dish, sprinkle
with pepper, salt, onion juice and
gra'ed cliteee. Cover ail with a lay
er of stewed and strained tomatoes
that have been seasoned to taste.
Then put in ano'ther layer of maca
roni and so on until the dish is
full. Top layer should be of toma
toes sprinkled with bread crumbs
and good s'zed bite of butter Set in
a lr:t oven covered, for twenty min
utes, then uncover and bake until
Exchanges bought and Sold
3^ For the Children
T. ei Qreen of Miy anil June
I know a rl, a 1 1.* girl,
Wi.li K-uch a cheery smile,
To see it on. a cloudy day
I'd g'adly walk a mile.
S. kejfs it with li:er all the time,
In bright or dismal weather, ||S.
She is my qu:e.i of May and June
•And 11 the months together.. Ex.
15ab':- Hiding 1'lnce
"Bab's is it, a'.id got a fit
And don't know how to get over it.'
the boys sang.
Babs lickly tu: n:d and faced them
pushing back her curls..
"I dou'c care—not a bit,' she said,
'•I'd just as lief be it £s not. But
the next time I'll hide in a peachy
place where even you boys cant find
me.." and turning she rapidly began
to count. "Five—ten—fifteen—twent
twentfi-thirty," and so on to the
"All aren't ready, holler I,'
With head cocked on one side, she
lister.e'l caiefully for any sound by
which she might know where the
others had h!dden) but everything
was quiet in the big barn save the
stamp, stamp of the hordes below.
"I ll bet they're up in the hay
mow, Hector," she said to the dog
following clcse at her heels, "thats
the very pla e," and she ran up the
ers to the hay mow.
'"Con.e on Hector," she cried,
'I'll bet they're here, and—but sud
denly she shot hsad first out of
It was the howling of the dog that
collected her scattered senses.. Whei
r/as she—in a box? It felt like it
for she could not use her arms.
Wiliere could she be? She felt a
tug and an impatient pull at her
hair wh'ch scared her almost to
death, and she screamed with fright.
Pcor Babs, she had fallen down
one of the hay chutes and the horse
below was eating her hair.
She sc eimed ag .in and again but
her vo'C3 buzzed about lier ears.
Then she found that she was get
ting strang.ly sleepy. Wasn't it
range she could go to sleep stand
ing on her head? She'd have a new
stunt to show the boys anyway.
D. owsily she wondered why Hec
tor still howled. Haw could s'ne go
to siesp in all that racket.
Tha r.ext thing she knew her aunt
was hugiing her tight and the rest
wtra standing around her with
scared fa es.
'•Babs, dsar," an 1 her aunt hug
ged her tighter, "don't you ever go
in the hay mow again If it hadn't
been for Hec or we would never
have found you."
Dizzily Babs sat up and grinned
at ring of white faces around her
"I told you I'd find a place xfliei'e
you'd never find me,' she said tri
for their meat, aid the men usually
cartri'.d a gun with them wherever
they went with the hope of getting
a deer, bear or other animal.
One day Abram's father concluded
to go deer hunting and asked the lit
tie boy if he would like to go along.
Of ccurse lie was crazy to go. So
they e:it the a'.'tsrnoon making pre
parations to start eirly in the morn
I hope we will cee a bear," Abram
said, I wou'.d like to be able to say
I hid killed a bear."
The day was jld and snow had fai-i JIXOJLE
len during the night. They started Harry started to go to school,
about five o'clock. They were an
hour reaching the place where the
deer were like'.y to be.
King GcO.ga cf England has 300
Beware cf t!:e man whose dog craw'
:der the barn when he Bees him ei
ter gate.
The fresh frurts are better medi
cines for physical and mental ail
ments than any mixture the doctor
or druggist can prepare.
It is easy to point out in what
way our neighbor is not doing just
right, but when ourselves blunder
it is not SJ easy to see the error.
The busy housewife plied the soap,
And as she toiled she heaved a sigh
"Ah, well,' she sa'd, 'I live in hope
hour and seeing no deer they went
further in:o the wood.
They had not gene far when they
heard a crashing ahead of them.
Tney pushed aside some brances and
looked, and there, standing with his
head lwgh in the air stood a beauti
ful stag.
lAbram was g.'eatly excited but
his fatlur had told him lie must not
shco: until near enough to kill as it
was cruel to crippie animals.
As they were not near enough to
thi deer to shcot they concluded to
separate and try to get behind him.
They were to meet at an old tree
directly behind him.
"Now is my clian.e" Abram thought
as he made his way cautiously
through the bushes and trees. "Fath
er thinks I am afraid, and I want
him to find out I a® not. What's
Abram l:g'.er.©a and wae frozen with
terror, for he distinctly heard a low
He did not entirely lose his wits
however and suppressed the scream
which rcse to his lips as he thought
of the deer which would take fright
and run away.
So he hesitated for an instant,
but his blood raji cold and his legs
would s:arcely support him he was
so scared.
The growl came again a little loud
er this time, and Abram dropped his
gun and shinned up a tree.
When he had reached a place of
safety he looked down and at the
foot of the tree, looking at him,
stood a big black bear.
Abram knew that bears sometimes
climb trees, and could hardly resist
the teaiptihion to scream and let his
faher know of his danger, but he
thought of the deer which would be
frightened and run away, and kept
Suddenly a shot rang out and the
bear turned and ran away.
As soon as it was out of sight
Abram scrambled down and ran to
see if his fa:her had killed the deer.
Now that his fright was over he
felt a 11 tie ashamed of not having
at le.'sst given the bear a shot.
He told his father about his adven
ture an' was surprised when he said
you did just right, my son. It was
fortunate that you were near a tree,
and you shewed great bravery by
keeping silent. If you had made a
noise the deer would have gotten a
iAbrem was comforted, but still
had the feeling that if lie had not
got scared he might have killed a
lly's Wish.
I wish I had a pony
To ride to schorl each day
I tell you I would have some fun,
I don't care what you say
.Ibram's J$eur And when I saw my best friend,
Many yea:s ago when this country* I take her for a ride
wrs new and were many wild aui- I'd ge: her on behind me
mals Abram lived with his parents' I wculdn't l:t ler slide.
in the ed:e of a wcod. In thosedays«
the set lers depended on wild game
•ou' 'i'tle children,
If I but had o.ie, siy
I'd go out for a buggy ride
Every singile day.
But you S83, I can't afford one now,
I'll get one after awhile
IM lii'cli him to the bobsled
And sleigliride fcr a mile.
There's many children that I'd like
To take out every day
I'm sure I'll get a pony
Wfhen I get big like Ray.
Gladys Hinshaw.
After waiting for more than an [Harry quickly shinned up a tree.
Some talking machines are made,
but mcst of tl.em are born.
A loafer never allows himself to
ge: out of practice.
instead he went to a smiling
Along came an angry bumblebee,
There'll be 110 Mond.iy by and by.'
The best sto.k any farmer ever
had was a .oi stcck of sense.
He who builds no castles in the
air, builds no isstles anywhere.
Ds.onteht urs more lives than
thunder some milk.
The Log.interry is a cross be
tween the red raspberry and the
w.ld mountain blackberry of the
Pacific coast.
S:me foiks a:e such strong advo
cates of peace that they wou't even
fig':t weeds.
l'esple who live in glass houses
should uudress in the dark or go to
bed with their clothes on.
Jumping at chances is apt to
lxnd a fellow on the scrap heap.
One day at a time, tis a whore
some rhyme,
A good one I've by: one day at
a time.
"Vcu can say same liir.g behind Un
cle Jims back right before his face,''
said Anna "fcr Uncle Jim is deaf,"
Why do you sign your name
SS'orah?" asked a teacher of one of
her Chinese boy pupils. Don't you
ow it is a girls name. "Oh, no,
Korah is the name of the famous'
American who built the ark,'.' was
ths reply.
Some people are too intellectual to
be intelligent.
Evc.n a crlor blind man can tell
a greenback when he sees it.
Dysipepsia is the mother of many
a d'sagreeable disposition
As s:on as a man becomes satis
fied with himself and what he has
done, he has ceased to improve and
has begun to degenerate. George El
liot '.
... —h).— 'i rr
People who are ioo fresh are always
getting into a pickle.
Ca^ie Many Cliildren's Ills.
Worms, by thousands, rob the
child's nourishment stunt its growth
oause Consipation, Indigestion, Ner
vousaesi Irregular Appetite, Fever
and sometimes Spasms. Kickapoo
Worm Killer gives relief from all
these. One-fourth to one of these
pleasant candy lozenges, taken as
directed kill and remove the Worms
regulate your chiilds bowels and re
store its health and vitality. Get an
original 25 box from your Druggist.
Don't endanger your child's health
and future when so sure and simple
a remedy can be had. 3
Breathes there a man with soul
(60 dead, who never to himself has
said "That editor has quite a head.
I'm glad I take his paper. He's got
a raft of grit and sand, he prints th
•news of all the land, he boosts the
town to beat the band and tthat's t1* keeping
town to beat hte band and thatS
nronfr ran*r Ho, «naU n,„
the spot, by heck, when things are
in a jumble. He writes the ads that
(bring the dough, he chases all the
gloam and woe, he tells us ail we
want to know— and yet lie is quite
humb'e. He never gets a bit stuck
rap, he's worked since Hector was a
pup to earn his daily bite and sup
tmd have a little over. I know we
jw.e him many plunks, so let us
sihame tlie other skunks and fur
nish him with kale in chunks, wlier
with to live in clover.—E. F. Mcln
Yojur Cough can be St pped
Using care to avoid draughts, ex
posure sudden changes, and taking
treatment of Dr. King's New Discov
ery, will positively relieve, a* in
time will surly rid you of your cold
The first dose scotli?s th£ irritation I
checks ycur cough, which stops in 1
a short time. Dr. King's New Discov
ery has been used successfully for
45 years and is guaranteed to cure
you. Money back if it fails. Get a
bottle from your Druggist it costs
only a little and will help you so
much. 3 I
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Page Threflk
By Taking Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Cleveland, Ohio—"My left side
pained me so for several years that I
expected to have to
undergo an opera- ig
tion, but the first
bottle I took of
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Com- S
pound relieved me of
the pains in my side
and I continued its
use until I became
regular and free
from pains. I had ,y
asked several doc-
tors if there was anything I could gj
take to help me and they said there^
was nothing tliut they knew of. I am |,
thankful for such a good medicine and
will always give it the highest praise.''"::
—Mrs. C. H. GRIFFITH, 1568 Constant
St., Cleveland, Ohio.''
Hanover, Pa. —"I suffered from fe
male trouble and the pains were so bad:
at times that I could not sit down. The
doctor advised a severe operation but 4
my husband got me Lydia E. Pinkham's 5
Vegetable Compound and I experienced
great relief in a short time. Now I feel
like a new person and can do a hard,
day's work and not mind it. What joy
and happiness it is to be well once more.
I am always ready and willing to speak
a good word for the Compound."—Mrs.
ADA WILT, 303 Walnut St., Hanover, Pa.
If there are anv complications you
do not onderstaiiu write to Lydia_ £.
l'inkliam Medicine Co. (confidential)
Lynn,Mass. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman and
held iu strict confidence.
.W O E N
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