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Go. Journal, Decembers Q*
Chris Thompson left yesterday for
a. visit with friends at Omaha.
N. Moore and two children of Iowa
City were over Christmas visitors at
the Sylvester Moore home.
Peter Petersen of Scranton spent
a few days the fore part of the week
at the I. P. Hansen home.
Thelma Roush came up from At
lantic Tuesday to spend a few days
with her aunt, Mrs. Dr. Fulton
Dr. W. E. Kimball, wife and -bfiby
of Des Moines spent Christmas with
the lady's father, Dr. A. L. Brooks.
A ladies gold band bracelet was
lost in Audubon the past week.
Finder kindly return to this office,
F. D. Searles is home from Max
ville, Kansas, after a ten days visit
with his brother Barney Searles and
Mrs. and Mrs. J. O'Brien returned
home Tuesday after a six weeks visit
at Minooka, 111., with their son Tod
Mrs. W. W. Waldron who is here
on a visit from Denver, was in Man
ning the fore part of the v/eek visit
ing friends.
Gladys and Orby Richards left
Tuesday for Anita to spend a few
days visiting Mr. and Mrs. Higgins.
Mrs. Carl Hoover returned to Aud
ubon yesterday from a week's visit
with Mrs. A. A. Zainer at Des Moines.
Wm. Beck a student at Blair Col
lege, after spending over Christmas
with relatives here, left yesterday for
J. A. Kesselring of Casey, was in
the city Tuesday looking after busi
ness matters.
F. H. Adams, local manager of the
Green Bay Lumber Co., went to Des
Moines yesterday to confer with the jng
H. T. Watts, wife and two children
of Des Moines and Mr. and Mrs. R.
J. Watts of Omaha were over Christ-
weeks ago. Mr. Burr was unable to
Henry and August
left Tuesday
which was held
sons, Henry
'htQr, Minnie!
funeral whi
go but his
and liis daught
to attend the
Wednesday afte
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McGuire of
Stuart have been spending several
days at the Mike McGuire home and
wit the lady's mother, Mrs. Cunning
Mrs. Joe Richards has been quite
sick at her home the past ten days.
She is considerably better today
which will be good news to her many
Mrs. J. S. Dennid went to Atlantic
yesterday for a few days visit with
her daughter, Mrs. J. C. Cummings
and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Sampson
of Des Moines arrived Christmas day
to spend a short time with his parents,
M. and Mrs. C. H. Sampson. Mr. Samp
son is now Assistant Attorney Gen
eral of Iowa and will be a candidate
before the primaries next June for
the office of Attorney General on the
Republican ticket. He has a host of
friends here who recognize his ability,
who hope that the fortunes of poli
tics may be in his favor and that he
will win the nomination.
W. H. Welch of Connell, Wash.,
ha!& been here the past week visiting
the Fancher boys whom he has not
seen in 35 years. He was raised with
the Fanchers near White Pigeon in
Keokuk County and has always been
a close friend. He has enjoyed his
visit to Audubon to such an extent
that he says he will never forget it
as long as he lives.
Mrs. C. W. Marlin and sous, James
and Albert, arrived from Topeka,
Kan., Christmas morning for a fort
nights visit with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. H. W. Wilson. Rev. Marlin
could not leave at this time on ac
count- of his being engaged in build-
head officers of the company. the pleasure of a visit to Audubon
Nels Miller, Mads Hansen and
Martin Sorensen went to Chicago to their many Audubon county
yesterday to spend a few days taking friends to know that Mr. Marlin is
in the sights of the Windy City. I meeting with splendid successas
C. A. Colee and family of Atlan- pastor of one of the Topeka Method
tic were in the city yesterday enroute }St Churches.
to Gray where they went to spend a Adolph Wolf of Yuma, Colo, and
few days at the H. H. Packard home. hjS brother William Wolf of Web
Miss Rosa Hansen went back to gter City, were in the city over Christ
her home in Callender, Iowa, y®s"|mas, guests at the home of their
terday after a visit at the Knud Jes-1 brother Charles Wolf and wife. Wil
sen home two miles east of Kimball-. ijam went back to Webster City Mon
ton. day but Adolph will probably remain
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hansen, of for a week or ten days. Adolph has
Creston came the last of the week
for a visit with Audubon relatives.
Mr. Hansen has been farming near
Creston the ''past year while his fam-
ily has been living in Creston. He they know the reason but Adolph
reports crop conditions very much! says they have another guess com
the same as here, though he thinks
their corn is of better quality.
mas visitors at the F. S. Watts, home. mm diseases are caused by our
how to eat to cure
At the family reunion on Saturday f(Kd
Aug. Burr received the sad 'news
Monday morning concerning the V&Vsr.
new church so he had to forgo
this time. It will be gratifying news
formed an attachment of some sort
or other at Yuma and you couldn't
get him to leave the place on a bet.
Some of his Audufepn friends think
Read the Hygientet Maigazinie
and learn' how many of our com­
four generations were represented,
and it goes without saying t.hat the these diseases. The Hygieaist Ma
reunion was a happy and joyous af- gaztne ie edited by Dr. R. R.
air. A Daniels, a contributor to this
Get a
death of his niece, Mrs. Fred Kahler, ztnie at your new® dealer or send
of Grinnell who died at a hospital in ten cents to The Hyglenist Pub
Iowa City as the result of an opera- Co., Majestic Bldg., Den
tion for a tumor at the base of the
brain, which was performed nine
of Mag
•r y" :'l
W. A. Nutt and wife of Clarion
were among the outsiders who spent
Christmas with "Audubon relatives,
having come to eat dinner at the par- .... ...
ental, Aug. Oelke home. While in
F. H. McFadden who purchased the transacting business in ouir comimi
furniture and undertaking business
from G. W. Hoover last month, will
take possession of the business on *mt completed some mad work in
Saturday. The task of invoicing the the west part of the township
stock begins today. Mr. Hoover will
remain with Mr. McFadden for a Alice Kesteir is here from Ames
short time to assist him in getting
started in the business and to look
Well Printed Letterheads, Envel
opes and Billheads Indicate
Lissa Moore visited from Friday
until TjKsday with her parents in
the city Mr. Nutt paid this office a very ntoely with hler school work
pleasant call. He worked in the print- and is now one of the teachers
ing offices of Audubon during his jn jjle public schools in Jefferson
younger years, but is now and has
been for several years the head man
in the office of the Monitor at Clarion.! Everett Smith oif AWduhon, was
township. She is getting along
oa& last week He
after the undertaking department. oatilon at the parental hjomja.
P'r€Sent spending her va-
Perfect Printing
I 4.1 LAV u.
Dan FullerUm, an olid resilient
afithis county but now living In
Can^doi, was a caller on friends
in Cmeron this past week.
Mrs. Robert Gireelee d'ils posed ofi
her pioperty at pu.bl.'ic auction last
Friday aind heild a ve»y good sale.
Two firms are buying liogs In
Ross at present which' is QUiiite an
improvement over no buyer at all
like we have had iit 'during the
past season.
A Danish service was conducted!
in our township at the chuirCh
on Christmas.
Oliver Lovelace is back home
spiandiiing Ms vacation. He is art
tending the Agricultural college at
'Ames and w}H scon com.pl]ete has
We are informed that Pern An
an has sold his tractor and
expects to purchase a larger one.
He did consider able road work
the past season in addition to
sholl.ng, tliresihlpg and some farm
wonk. Every year we note that
gas and steam power are displacing
the horsa and it appears at pre
sent as though.- the tractor might
soon play quite an important part
din ouir general farmipg.
Grandma Boers who was a resii
dent of Cameron for many years,
Hheodore Jordan has been qur.rte
sick for a few days being umaMe
to attend- school ncvw.
A I'^rge c.owd gathered at the
lha 1 in Gray Friday evening,
wihere a nee program was ren
dfe.ed aind a Christmas tree was en
loy.df by all. ,-v
In a caire.ully kept record of
the weather I note that during
the past fifteen years we have hay
eleven gcod Ohrstmas days and
during aM that, time I beliieive, wip
only expertenced two days thait the
thermometer Cttll below zero th
Christmas of 1902 and that of
1914. rvfuer all this its Oi pretty
good record.
Rear This in Mind.
"I consider CLamber.ajn'B Cough
Remedy by far the beet
In the market for colds and croup,'
•ays Mrs. Albert Blosser, Lima, O
hlo. Many othe 8 are of the same
opinion. For sale by Exira Drug
Oo. il
Merril North.up and. Lester Ma^
son of Audiubon visited their
friend, Oeciil Creiee several Uays
last week.
Tom Coglon was a business vis
itor at John Slayton'e Wednesday.
John Slayton and family sjient
Christmas with, .his parents north
of Audubon and- helped thean Cele
brate tlieir fifty-fifth wedding
Ed Dryiden's spent Sunday
the Jacob L&yland. home.
San ford Daivls spent last week
with his brother, Clarence and fam-
I 4
Nate Mooie and children aire
here from Iowa City visiting wiiith
his p.:re.nis, Sylvester Moore and,
wife. Nate is still working at lias
oil trade tliiat of a carpenter,
and has so :ir progressed that he
commands excellent wages.
The Gieo DiinnJck and W. M- Crees
families ate Cihriistmias dinner at'
t/lie John Ddrndck home in Exiira.
Clara Sizer spent Sunday at the
R. W. M.uiMenger home.
Geo Wedgihton Jr. visited friend^
at the W Crees home one
day last eek.
Mrs. Christensen's grandson who
toas been staying wAtlu her went
to Gnithrie County Wednesday to
spend the holidays wiiith his par
W'alter Jensen and wife visited
from Friday untli Sunday at the
home of htir paeirnts, P. N. Laur
ddsen and wife.
Eid. Diryden and family spent
Christmcs wiith friends at-' the
Park hotel in Exiira.
W. M. Crees and family
Sunday afternoon callers,'
John Slayton home. -f\'
settling here nearly thirty years of dizziness, headaches, constipa
ago, but of late years a resident. tion. and biliousness are sure signs
of Rcss, diiel at the John Naities' that your liver needs help. Take
home in Ross l.cst Saturday. The Dr. King'6 New Life Pills and see.
funral sar.ice \ws conducted by I bow they help tone up the whole
Retv. Clintcn Smith at the Evangel- system. Fine for the stomach too.
ical church in Ross, Monday af- Aids digestion. Purifies the blood
ter-nc.cn nd the remains were and clears the complexion Only *25c
lad'd to rest in the Cameron Geai- at your Druggists.
ter cemetery.
Many People Don't Know./t5
A sluggish liver can cause a per
son an, awful lot of misery. Spells
A nuni.Lec tf our folks art-tanded tha Mrs. Clarence Davis has* had an
Ch.istmis tree .n Ross Saturday attack of la grippe this week.
niigu.t c-t the German Evangtiieail
Thte poliit'cal officers otf this
township wlill meeit" at the Center
school house next Friday to close
up t'he year's business. All thicse Frank Mendenhall of Audubon,
bavin.g olaiims agjainst the to.wn- visiting at Oscar Johnson's
ship can settle samie ait tliiB mieeting
wlu'ioh is cal .ed far one o'clock ,sMrs. Annie Edwards and fami'l'
p. m., December 31st. and John Lit tie fie and fam-ii'iy
took their Christmas dinner with
There will be usual services at Mrs. Sarah Littlefield in Exiijra.
our church next Sabbath. The pas-j
tor c.ntetmplates going, he eixpccts Hunter Perry of Omaha, son of
to send, a sup-pily ttie E^jea E Perry, spent from Friday un
Valley pullipiU.
Monday' with the home folks.
Clarence Perry and Adam Troxal
hauled hoigs Monday.
Bert and Ben Johnson are haul
ing their winter supply of wood.
ton, a
at the
Almeil Wigges and wife, Harry
Wdgigies and wife, and Dick Chase
and family spent Christmas with
their mother, Mrs. N Bartlett.
School is out for a two weeks
vacation at Ham I,in Center/.
Marius and Meta Mikkels-eii spsnt
Sunday with thair sister, Lizzie
and family.
DaWd Christensen has beeii sick
itar seme time but is iinproying at
this wir-i'ting.
!i| s^Ok
them a trial. They only
quarter. For sale by Exita'
Co. I
Harold Cannon,
of Andrew Jensen
Little Lois Turner, daughter of
Roecoe Turner and w.lfe is quite
ill with scarlet feven.
Mrs. Joe Klemish went to Exira
Tuesday, and had some dental
work done
Clara Mendenhall of Cr:s
niece of Mrs. Oscar John-
spending uhe holidays with
tbe Johnso11 and
Saniith families.
i-. Laughter Aids Digestion.
Local ms
Pete Jorgensen went to Ajiidubon uary 6th. Axlmiasilou 10 and 20c.
Wednesday and sold his farm.
'Giffords orchestra at the Cluris- TfaUrSOiVf I^Q*
tian chiurch Friday evening, January
7 th. Aldimission 25c and 10c
"4 tl
:wl December 21-2,8
wemmmmm By Mail
You may hand your $2.00 to your postmas
ter, publisher, rural route carrier, newsdeal
er or any authorized agent.
Georgia ^jelle Hall went to Casey
iWedinesdaj to visit a short time
Revival meetings are no-w in p,ro
giress at the Congregational church
Mrs. Clifford Pcsten has
on the sick list the past few
Miss Beudah McCladn is
recovering from a severe
Each senile is art.btically arrangec
and the enssmble of colors wonuetr
fully blended, giving the effect'
of a master-.pi.Eice of old-workl'
painting Jn wihich the characters
are madje alive-
All of the scenes were reproduced: $
by a veritable army of compe
tent workers in the different de
•partmuits, all eo-opei'L.ting' under
the general g.uidance of men puo
fessionally familiar with the lljble
narrative, thus preserving. for us
the very atmosphere of Bibiicail
times and' customs.
Uhe Reverend Richard M. Sher
man. Secretary of the Educators'
vouch-safed some very interesting
information regarding this pairtic
u,lair subject. We take great pleas
aire in submitting same herewith:
"The use of the mov.fag piouiiie
in the field of lu(Location has
Fili.m and Service Corporation, has
been foiund to be of so great vult
ue that we cannot wondier at its
use in Bible instruction."
"In the Middle Ages, the Church
responded to the necessity for
teaching Biible truiths by arrt.uging
and producing the Miracle Plays,
Laughter is one of the most
healthful exertions it ils of great
help to digestion. A still more ef
fectual help is a -dose of Chamber- the Mystery Plays and later, the
Iain's Tablets. If you should be! Morality Plays. Thus these truths'
troubled with indigies.tion. give
people who are uinable to read.
"The Passion Play, which
School wijl'l open next Monday afte background, thoughtful men are
a wieek's vacation far Christmas. .meeting the need through the wise
use of this wonderful new pictur-!
Helen Lars-en l.as been on the ing. ....
sick list but is seme better. "Cinematography will ere
itihis coming year. Make up
your mlind at once to have
Policy of Insurance
on your property, -household
.goods, stock, store and fac
tory. We write up flire risks
on all lines mentioned above,
and will, cheerfully furnish
any further information 'de
PATTY, The Insurance Man
The Bargain Period
This Is the Week You Send Your $2.00 for
'The Des Homes Capital
$ i-••'if'
,J 'IT\ P-
•yfis -t* lie
Miiss Vleda Miinerman has been
having a tussle witth la grippe the
past weeik.
Pathe announces a photo diraiuua
in nine thousad feet of beautiful ^oin townsTiip creamery w.il.l be
naturi-l color film depicting the the Creamery January 5th.,
main events iln th1 Life of Cha-ist.
taught to the mass cf the:
^Drug, jeeil g!veia once im each
since 1635, is a relic of these
or days."
"in our own day, While COIUint- Beit, Safest, Afwnjra RelYabteT
less duties aaid pleasures:%^wouild
press these same truths into the
be fully reoc.guiaed as the proper
bought "a ho.rs.(' and most useful handmaid of sa
literature and ediucation.-'
W'i'l 1 be shiown Thursday, Jan-
Will be shown
Aiamission ana 10c xiuuuaowti ^.H
Admission 10c and 20c
Tine annual meeting of the Audiut-
1916 ait 12 o'clock.
v.-\ C. Tibben President.
A *7
To wih/om it may concern. -,'afc
This is to certify that I have
given my son, Wayne Davis Ms
time, and will not be re&ponsiiblje
for any debts he may contract
on and after this date.
W. D. Davis, Exira, Iowa.
December 30th., 1915. Mr
An autolmobilp Glove. Owner find
same at Joi:mal office. Charges
25 Cc.nts.
Pain leaves almost
as if by magio when
you begin using "5
Drops," the famousold
remedy for Rheuma
tism, Lumbago, Gout,
Sciatica, Neuralgia
aoTTkindred troubles.
It goes right to the
spot, stops the aches
and pains and makes^"
life worth living. Get
a bottle of "5-Drops"
today. A booklet with.
each bottle gives full
directions for use.
Don't delay. Demand'
"5-Drops." Don't ac
cept anything else in
place of it. Any drug-
giat can (apply yon. If you live too far
from a drug store send One Dollar to
Swanson Rheumatic Cure Co., Newark,
Ohio, and a bottle of "5-Drops" will be
sent prepaid.
L»k y^tir' i'rriRcM :or Crtl-C'HES-TER 9
decade PILLS iu Rr.u and
GOLD metal. boxes, scaled with Blu
RJbbori. T.-iic no CTHHII. Kwy oF yon^
ItruKBlxb and onk for 4:I1I*C1IE9.t£U9
IIA.\lONI H.VANl) riLL^i, for tncQtT*fiv9
years recorded ns fiest, Safest, Always Reliable.
trj RI,
^Catarrh CaGnot Be Cureck
tvith T.OCATv AITUCATION'S, r.s thej)|
cannot reaci. tlir L-al of tl.o disease. Ca
tr.rrh a Wuud cr const.tutional disease,
cure yv-'o ::msi take
a re at a re
'alien internally, avid act: directly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is not quuok medicine. It
was prescribed by one of the best phy
sicians In this country for years and is
a regular prescription. It in composed of
the best tonics known, combined with the
best blood purifiers, acting uirectly on tho
mucous surfaces. The porfc-ct comblna*
tion of the two Ingredients Is what pro
duces such wonderful result* in curing,
catarrh Send for testimonials, free.
P. J. CHENEY CO.", Props., Toledo, O.-
W'i ^'4

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