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Piage 6.
Look Them
VMk Day Schedule
No. 1019 -due Exira 6:17 A. M.
No. 1018 due Exira 7:20 A. M.
South, connects witli main line
Bast at 8:12 A. M. West 9:40.
No 1021 due Exira 9:40 A, M.
No. 1020 due Exira 12:45 P. M.
No. 1023 due Exira 12:45 P. M.
No. 1022 due Exira 4:10 P. M.
'1 South, connects with main line
East 557 Flyer
East 643 Local
Bast 755 Flyer
5 I
I S:,
Dr. L. J. Oldaker
Over P. M. Christensen
Residence 89 Office 39
Eealcstatc and farm loans at
per cent.
Abstracts furnished.
Farm Loans
Lowest rates. Complete
set of Abstract of Title to all
lands and town lots in Audu
bon County.
Physician Surgeon
Officc Phone 53 House Phone 017
Office firit door of nB.
Corner Drue Stor», upitiln C*irfl# 10 W 6
Physician and Surgeon
Over Palace Theater Phone 150
Veterinary, surgeon and dentist.
Assistant State Veterinarian.
Calls attended day or night.
Office over Ed Cotton's.
For Greeley Farmers Mutu
al Fire and Lightning
Insurance see
fflred Wahlert Sr. Exira, Iowa, Win.
IL. Clark, Hamlin, Iowa. M. J. Mae
IcnoDi, Audubon. Have other agents
l« Audubon, Guthrie and Adair
bounties. Also Wind and Tornado
fnauranoe Written.
I you want a neat and pretty Job
pt re®aiirlng done on your shoes
&ake them to Gerald Hensley in
J. W. iAIlgup'e Harness shop.
-, You would be surprised to
know the number of suits
that are worn thre or four
seasons and still look new.
This is due to proper care
—the care we give.
Nuff Sed-Look your clothes
over and telephone 173—
That's us.
!West 755 Local
Woet 908 Flyer.
No. 305 due Exira 12:30 P. M.
No. 806 due Exira 1:41 P. M.
W. O. Griffith, A©t.
obtained through the old established 1
"D. SWIFT & CO." are being: quickly
bought by Manufacturers.
Send a model or
sketches and description
of your invention lor FREE SEARCH 1
and report on patentability. We get pat
ents or no fee. Write for our free book
of 300 needed inventions.
D. SWiYT & CO.
Patent Lawyers. Estab. J889.
k307 Seventh St., Washington, D. Cj
Hemy Savage,, of the Audubon
Republican was hi Exira between
trains Saturday, collecting up old
accounts and soliciting etc. Henry is
a pretty fellow but is Savage all
the time just the same.
Mrs. John Porter returned home
Monday of last week, from Stuart,
Marslialltown, and Griswold,, where
she visited two daughters, Mes
darnes Lizzie McXary and Eva Por
ter and one son, Jolin Porter and
Report came yesterday that Mrs.
Austin Bernice Guernsey, who liaid
been dangerously ill but liad recov
ered somewhat, lias taken another
relapse and is again in a critical
Miss Rose McNally, an experienced
murs© is caring for Alvin Holmes,,
who underwent an operation Sunday
Gteorge Knox and daughter Mirs.
(Sherman, of Adair, was at the All
vin Holmes residence since the
ssee Leila Blanohard and Esthe
Burkhart came up from Anita, Fri
day for an over Sunday visit with
tlieir friends Dr. and .Mrs. Lantz.
Saturday afternoon, Joe Vetter of
Anita, came up and remained until
Monday a'so.
Mrs. Dr. Lantz went to Anita,
Tuesday, for a visit until the lat
ter part of the week-- with her
The students f.om Exira, who are
attending different colleges, will ibe
.home within the second week of
Mrs. A. A. Seib'rt returned home
last Thursday fiom Chicago,, where
she was at the bedside of her
daughter, Mrs. A. Guernsey, who,
iwlien the former left,, was not as
well as relatives and friends would
like to have her. ,.
After the d'smi6sai of the school
term, Mriss Pauline Hensley will
leave for the home of her sister
Mrs. Siroibeie near Lorah, where
she willl spend the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Ail Vorhees are ex
pscttd in the city this week to
spend the summer with her father,
Stephen Gano, and sister, Mis9
Mrs. George Milliman is recover
ing very s'.owly from her severe
illness,, now beir.g able to sit up
some of the time, altlio too weak
to stand on her feet.
Exira is fortunate in getting the
ability that Prof Leach can bring
to the music lovers of Exira.
This is Colo
rado Year
Switzerland is ringed
in with armies. The
Tyrolean Alps are battle
fields. Turn now to our
own Rockies Spend
your vacation in Colorado.
Rock Island superb
trains, including the
famous "Rocky Mountain
Limited" and the
Tl best of all that is good in
music wiM be taught by Professor
rado Flyer" make the
trip a joy.
Low excursion fares
all Summer.
Automatic Block Signal•
Finett Modern All-Steel Equipment
Superior Dining Car Service.
Ask ticket agent for illustrated
literature telling what to see and
do, and the approximate cost of
such a vacation, or write
Aas't Gen'I Pass'r Agent
Des Moines, la.
JPilis Best For Liver.
Because they contain the best
liver medicines,
matter ho%
bitter or 'nauseating for the
sweet sugar coating hides the
taste Dr. King's New Life Pills
contain ingredients that put the
liver working, move the bowels
freely. No gripe, no nausea,,' aid
digestion Just try a bottle of Dr.
King's New L'.fe Pills and notice
how much better you feel. 2,"c
at your Druggist.
Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Stroebe'e
came up from near Lorah. last Sun
day and spent the day with her
numerous relatives.
Hie team hitched to the b.us. be
longing to George Milliman, took
a swift run. for home last Thursday
morning and as they turned into
the alley wivich lead to the home
stretch, the bus struck the tele
phone po!e.„ breaking the top in
many pieces. The old bus is now
making the rounds until a new on
is supplied.
Miss Linna Brinkerhoff vistte'd 0
ver last Thursday night with friends
in Audubon.
J. H. Maharg of Audubon, wag in
our city Monday, visiting with our
politicians and numerous friends.
Mrs. Fred Wilkins, of York, Neb
raska, arrived in the city Sunday,
for a ten day's visit with her par-1
ents, Mr. and Mrs. John. I. Hen
sley and, family.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Simpson left
the latter part cf last week for
Rochester, Minnesota, where they
both entered the hospital for med
ical treatment, Mrs. Simpson with a
severe attack of appendicitis and
•Mr. Simpson with nose rtouble. B.
F. Simpson and wife ofl Atlantic,
are attending to the duties on the
farm and caring for the Simpson
children. fJL.
Miss Cliristena Lauritzen won
first prize and Miss Anna Petersen
won second in the buttonhole con
test held at the Connrardv dress
making school the last of the term.
The Meny Widow Club met wiui
Mrs. P. M. Christensen Wednesday
evening of last week. Last Tuesday
evening it was held at the Bgbe.
home. Puzzies, games and refresh
ments were indulged in at both
Miss Mary Daugaaid returned to
her home njar Brayton, last Thurs
day evening after-Assisting with
the household duties at the J. K.
VandeBrake home.
Prof. Leach is a life trained mu
sician and we hope Exira will en
dorse his methods.
yWHO'S GUILTY? is its name, and
it will get off to a flying. start,
Saturday, May 2 7th. at Palace
lied Meats Are Unimportant.
It is true that certain of our
fcods contain uric acid notably
.the meats, more especially the red
meats. However, the uric acid""and
allied substances taken with the
food have been found by careful
experiments to be comparatively eas
ily eliminated by the bo'dy and in
I reality to constitute a minor cause
of rheumatic disorders. Thus red
meat is a rather unimportant cause
of rheumatism..
Meats and Uric Acid.
Do meats in general cause lllieu
matism? While, as we have shown,
above, uric acid and other rheumat
ic poisons may be caused in two
wiays from several kinds of unused
food, uric acid is formed in the
body with greatest ease from m.aat
and especially from certain- kinds
ot meat food. While all meats
which are not properly burne'd up
by the tissues result in more or
less uric acid, veal and all imma
ture meats, liver, kidney, sweet
breads, and brains, also caviar
and fish roe, as .well as bouillons
and meat extracts, all contain ma
terials which result iin the forma
tion. ofuric acid with greater ease
.than other meat foods. This is to
say that while overeating 011 al
most any food may cause rheuma
tism, overeating on. meats will
more readily cause the 'disorder.
Keeping the, Poisons in tlie IJuil.v
Rheoiimatism is caused, not alone
by gene-rating large quantities of u
ric acid and poisons in the body,
but iit is necessary that these ma
terials be retained in the system.
In fact, as long as the uric acid is
carried out of the body, which is
usually the case with young per
sons, there is little danger of rheu
matism. Just here let us remember
that if the urine on analysis is
found to contain little or no uric
Copyright Hart S«tial&>er & Mais
acid this doss not necessarily indi
cate that the person is not generat
ing and retaining within the sys
tem large quantities of the poison.
Overworked Kidneys and Liver.
Wihat are the factors which lead
to the retention in the body of the
rheumatic poisons? The most im
portant is an overworked condition
of the liver and kidneys. Both of
these organs are capable for many
years of burning up and eliminating
large quantities of waste material
of all kinds. Ohild'ren. and young
persons who over eat and under-ex
ercise generate and eliminate -conr
siderable ol' the rheumatic poisons.
While the organs are young they
can keep the system relatively clear
of urdc acid, but at aboait the age
of forty, as the organs begin to
break dowin. under the excessive
work, the uric acid and similar
ipodsons accumulate in tlie" system,
and rheuimatic disorders develop.
Exerfcise Prevent:, Uric Acid
Lack of physical exercise is a
nother cause, not only for the man
ufacture, but for the retention of u
ric acid in the system. Thus rheu
imatism develops as we abandon the
physical activity of youth.. Physical
exercise quickens the pulse and
.prevents the unic acid from being
deposited in the smaller blood ves
sels it accelerates the body fires
and forces the burning of the
waste materials it increases
I !,
O O N 8
Hart Schaffner & Marx
a it if
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the world over, WALK-OVER win
dows are being studied by people
fgfit who insist on knowing what is au
thoritative before they buy shoes.
•nation through the skin, llungs and
Paralyzing the Liver and Kidneys..
Still another cause for the reten
Itioai of uiri,c acid in the system is
the use of tobacco, coffee, and al
Ooliol. J^'ll of these check the func
tions of the kidneys and piravent
them from carrying the rheumatic
poisons out of the body. This is
particularly 'true of tobacco and al
icoliol. A daily analysis of the u
irine of anyone who is eliminating
uric acid will show a marked de
crease in the amount thrown, off
Kni the day® when evien a smalt a
imournt of alcohol drink is used. In
[email protected] respect, beer and wine are
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TJie Skin.
lA!udubon ©o Journal, May 25, 1916
iv S 1
HEY'RE models designed
for particular young men
that is young men who
want to be stylishly dressed
iflwithout having clothes that at
tract attention by their "loud-
Iness" or freakish fashion, agt
Quality,'dignity, and extreme
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describes Varsity Fifty Five
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Summers Straws
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f.. fh I-"
"The Pictures that will stop this war."
The skin plays an. important part
in eliminating uric acid and othefr
poisons. Hiowtever, overclothing tl4
skin with heavy underwear, especial
ly woolen,, and neglecting Its sys
tematic care decreases its activity,
and permits the rheumatic poisons
,to accumulate.
How the Germ Diseases Begin..
Old Soldiers Free
The things which we have above
enumerated as being the cause of
rhetuimatiam. of the uric aciid kind,
are the causes of rheumatism of the
germ type as wtell. Every factor
wihich contributes toward the man
ufacture and retention, in the sys
tem of waste material, also lowers
the general health standard, depletes
the dieeasa-ireeisti.ng power and o
pens the way for the germ. In fact,
the most important factor in bring
ing about the germ diseases is the
presence in the body of an excess
of waste material. Pyorrhea, tonsdli
tis, and germ processes in the nasaJ
tissues, are not the cause of rtoeui
Unatism of the germ type, but like
the germ processes in the joints,
Palace Theater
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Prict 50c and $1.00
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6. C. Hanford Mfg. Cat,
are the result ot the general dis
ease-favoring condition of the body.
.it: ..•4»J'.i.

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