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Mrs. O. F. Ide was an At
lantic caller, Saturday.
The Ladies Aid Society met
with Mrs. M. N. Nelsen, last
Theo Ordway went to Mac
lean, Nebraska, to visit his
brother, Reno Ordway.
N. D. Nielsen and family
are now occupying the house
vacated by A. E. Taylor.
Miss Lydia Blom spent Fri
day night in Atlantic with
her sister, Ben a Blom.
W. B. Smith went to Mac
lean, Nebraska, Saturday to
look after his land interests.
Christena Andersen, Agnes
Miller and Marie Freeman
were shopping in Atlantic,
Mrs. Ebbe Hansen was vis
iting at the home of her bre
ther, S. £„P. Daugaard last
Mr. and Mrs. L. jrfeath
were over Sunday visitors at
the home of their son, Lewis,
in Atlantic.
Mr. Isaac Shirey went to
Benson, Nebraska, Thursday
evening to attend the funer
al of his daughter, Mrs. Har
ry Bishop.
Miss Arlene Bartlett has
been visiting for the past se
veral days, with friends at
-Omaha and Council Bluffs.
Mrs. Bennie Hoegh, living
west of town, was operated
upon Monday for appendici
tis. Mies Opal Cannon is car
ing for her.
Miss Louise Jones returned
Saturday from Council Bluffs
where she visited her aunt,
Mrs. Wm. Hynes.
Mrs. Wilbur Bills and baby
were guests of her parents,
Bartlett and wife, several
days last week.
Miss Opal Cannon, who has
been at Camp Dodge for sev­
,fey wmrte
eral months, has been dis
charged and returned to
Brayton, Saturday.
Mrs. Jesse Nymand was ta
ken to the Atlantic hospital,
last ^veek, where sne submit
ted to' a serious operation.
Her condition is satisfactory.
Robert Nelsen, Chas. Juhl,
Merritt Bills, Martin Toft,
Willie.Rasmussen and Law
rence Christensen have been
discharged from the army
and returned last week to
their homes in Brayton oiid
vicinity, 7-:^
Kiropractic And the Flu
About seven weeks ago my sister
was taken sick with flu. In fact,
the whole family was down with it,
and after being under medical care
from 8 to 10 days and getting worse
all the time, my wife was called to
take care of her as they could not
get any help. Her fev^r was from
102 to 104 and getting worse all the
time. As soon as my wife got there
she could see it was a matter of life
or death. My wife said "If you
don't get a Chiropractor down here
I can't stay." Because she was con
vinced it was the only thing that
would save her so they decided to
try one, aftd M. 0. Kingsbury, Chi
ropractor of Audubon was called
and after 6 or 8 adjustments her
fever left and today she is a well
woman. Remember they would not
call the Chiropractor until every
thing else had been tried, because
they did not believe in Chiroprac
tic. But just ask them today. Their
phone number is 21 on 12 ElkHorn,
Iowa. Myself and family took ad
justments while we were taking
care of them, and I am certain it
was the only thing that kept us
from coming down with it, as we
all had the symptoms that go with
the flu. I also have another sister
at Elk Horn down with the flu and
it went to her lungs and developed
into pneumonia very bad. She got
some better after about ten days,
her lungs cleared some then I night
she got pleurisy so bad she could
hardly breathe. She was in such
pain and kept getting woise. She
said several times, "If she did not
get relief pretty soon she would die.'
The pain was so severe. The doc
tor gave her medicine every two
hours but couldn't stop her pain for
more than 30 minutes at a time.
She continued to get worse and the
». f-jtf
I'-- "Y,
Noti&JtaStKe Public!
About one month ago we soid our business
cept the REO TRUCKS, but up to date, the Ford Mo
tor Company have not transferred contract, there
fore, the deal is null and void. We are there
fore going right along, doing business at the same
old place in thesame FORD way. We also want to call
your attention to our repair shop. The men are all
back after a siege of the flu and now the roads are
bad now is a, good time to have that MOTOR
overhauled at a place where we do it the FORD way,
using only genuine Ford parts.
Ford Motor Co, also advises us we will in all
probability get new Ford cars and trucks in a limited
way in the near future. So we believe it will be toV/,Y
your advantage to get your order in as early as pos- Xi
sible to get your car for spring. *#& tVV
We have on hand at present a Smith form, a it
Truck in good condition
:ion, for sale at a reasonable
Also, do not forget that when the roads are at(^A?$
all fit we deliver your grain and live stock to the local
markets the quick way.
For'd?! Gar&ge
'Phone, 81. Night 'Phones, 181 and 278. Exira, Iowa.
doctor put mustard plaster on her
shoulder and back, it blistered it all
over. Also had hot water bags on
all the time. No matter what they
did they could not make her sweat.
Simply couldn't get that poison out
"of her system. They called me over
the phone and asked me if I thot
Chiropractic could help her. I told
them it could just so she was not
too far gone. They then called Chi
ropractor Kingsbury and 30 'min
utes after the first adjustment the
sweat was just breaking out all over
her and the pain left enough so she
was resting easier. Today she is on
the way to full recovery. Another
life saved by Chiropractic. Two in
three weeks in one family. God
bless the Chiropractors. They cer
tainly deserve it. You can write,
phone, go and see them anyway
you want to, if you don't believe
me and I will stake my honor on
its truth, every word I have written
Why are you knocking when it is
your life they are willing to save?
Gen. Merchandise, Hamlin, Iowa
with local applications as
they cannot reach the seat of
the disease. Catarrh is a local
disease, greatly influenced
by constitutional conditions,
aud in order to cure it you
mnst take an internal reme
dy Hall's Catarrh medicine,
is taken internally and acts
thru the blood on the mucous
surfaces of the system. Halls'
Catarrh medicine was pre
scribed by one of the best
physicians in this country
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best blood purifiers. The per
fect combination of the in
gredients in Hall's catarrh
medicine is what produces
such wonderful results in ca
tarrhal conditions Send for
testimonials free. *1* Chene
«fe Co, Props, Toledo. O. All
druggists, 75 c. Hall's Family
Pills for constipation.
Physician Surgeon
Offlc. Phon.
tloua. Pbon. 57
OfBc* firit door east ol p_i__ i„_.a
fiorn.r Drig Stor*. upiUli. MlrB, iuw«
tii^e »r SJi* ^llK(1i.'iii(^ -*i/ .. «. A c.
The Blue Triangle clubrooms In
Petrograd were in half shadow. A
few scattered candles flung gleams as
persistent and as vague as Russia's
hope of liberty. A hundred Russian
girls and six young men were guests
of the first Youns Women's Christian
association In all Russia. It was- a
gala afternoon tea but it was dark
because the winter days end at three
o'clock and there is a restriction on
the use of candles and kerosene as
well as of electricity.
!the girls were making merry even
in the gloom of winter, the twilight
and the tragedy of war. One slender
white-faced girl with purple-shadowed
eyes was merrier than all the rest.
Her wit and ringing laugh were con
"Sonya is wonderful tonight," one
girl whispered to another as she
stirred gently into her tea the one
lump of sugar doled out carefully for
the party. The Y. W. C. A. secre
taries had been saving the sugar for
months—putting aside at each meal
one of the two lumps served with the
coffee in the restaurant, that there
might be a bit of sweet for this first
party. There was no bread.
"Sonya is not drinking her tea,"
her pale little admirer went on, "yet
she fainted this morning at the fac
tory and the forewoman said she was
"We're all hungry," was the mo
notonous reply. "It wasn't that."
Something stopped the laughter and
talk suddenly but the hush that fell
In the dimly lit room was as joyous as
the gaiety. One of Russia's greatest
singers stood by the piano and lifted
up her glorious voice filled with the
tears and heartbreak that people at
peace call thrills.
They went away early when the
music was done—these sad-eyed, half
starved little guests of the Blue Tri
angle—for danger lurks in the dark
of Petrograd streets, robberies and
murders—sharp little by-products ot
a nation's chaos .and a world at war.
Sonya lingered after the others
were gone. She was standing close
by the secretary-hostess', chair -when
she turned from saying good-night to
the last one of the other girls. The
laughter had died out of the girl's
eyes and the gaiety from her voice.
"Will you give me a note to the
factory superintendent," she asked,
"telling1 hirn I'm attending classes
here at night?" She spoke in French,
for she knew no English, and the sec
retary, no Russian.
"Yes, if it will help you." The sec
retary was glad to give her such a
note but she was curious. "Tell me
"If he knows the girls are going to
night classes he won't put us on the
night shift. He will let us work days
so we can come. Yesterday I asked
for the night shift. Today. I have
changed my mind."
The secretary wondered. Sonya
had not been in any of the classes.
Had the bright little party given her
an interest in the work of the associa
tion? Had the friendliness of the
American secretaries' reached her?
Was it the music that had given her
aD Impetus to study toward something
beyond a factory?
"What is it that interests you?" the
secretary asked her. "You are not in
any of the classes now, are you? What
Is it you want to take up?"
"This morning I looked out the fac
tory window," and Sonya's voice're
minded the secretary of the call of a
night bird before a storm. "Down in
the courtyard was a crowd and three
men wecg killed. Killed by the po
lice—the bolshevik police, while I
stood there aud watched. They said
they were anarchists. One was my
brother. Another was my sweetheart.
I came here tonight to forget. But I
cannot forpret. Always I will remem
ber. I want nothing now but to car
ry on their work, and to do that I must
study and learn—I must learn English
and many other things. I want to go
iu all thtj classes. If the foreman at
the fiictary knows I do that, lie will
help. He will let me work days."
In the dark, the hunger, the cold,
and the terror of Petrograd, the Blue
Tnanjtle Is sending out its shining in
vitation to the bewildered women and
young girls of Russia. It is offering
a little oasis In the midst of the
chaos where they may come and rest
and relax, play games, listen to
music, study English, French, stenog
raphy, bookkeeping, or music, and as
one tired girl expressed it, forget for
the moment that they are In Petro
grad. Most of the girls who gather
at the sign of the-Blue Triangle are
bookkeepers and stenographers, but
scattered among them are factory
girls, domestics, and girls who never
have worked.
"In Petrograd and elsewhere In
Russia," says Miss Clarissa Spencer,
world secretary of the Y. W. C. A.
who started the work in Russia, "girls
formerly employed In government of
fices come to us who have struck
against the bolslievists. They're out
of jobs. They're hungry. One girl
told mo she couldn't take gymnasium
work. It gnve her such an appetite.
But they refuse to return to work for
the bolslievists."
Miss Helen Ogden, one of the Y. W.
"C. A. secretaries who was forced to
leave Petrograd on account of the Ger
"man advance, writes home that: "It's
like living on the screen of a melo
drama to be in Russia. Bullets and
\shooting are almost as familiar street
sounds here as the clang of the street
"^car and the honk of the automobile at
home. Here we learn to live and work
under frequent shooting and street
battles and to flee only when we are
^told by tiie authorities that we muat."
(&* V"r'! I
great generals,
time, greeting our
frenzied joy.
The Mightiest Seven Reels of Thrilling Patriotic
,Panorama of World History Ever Filmed
from Authentic Sources
with your own eyes
all that a thousand
cameras saw thru four years cf
v/ar, consecutively arranged in
"a complete pictorial history,
SEE ^e's"ium
of the
the hands
gees fleeing from their homes
—the oncoming flood of ravag
ing fiends.
and all their
Paris in war,
boys with
CCU the wonderful British
Navy—see Russia in
the throes of revolution.
DR. Q. D. SillPHEKb,
Phone Douglas 3420.
Assortment Box No« 1, 100 lbs.
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Haddock 811,50
our boys—YOUR BOTtf
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on the land, on the sea, in the
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at a
stroyers in action—
dropping depth bombs—mak
ing the seas safe for the trans
our "air forces—inti
mate views of our lead­
ers over there. See Uncle Sam
building his bridge of boats.
See victory near. See the whole
war to date. Bring or send all
your family. This chance may
never come again,
Will be on the screen at Palace Theatre
Wednesday, December 25th.
Mat, 2:30, Evening Shows, 7:30 and 9 p. m.
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If yon are an American don't fail to see the history of the
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