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For many years druggists have watched
with much interest tue remarkable record
maintained by Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
the great kidney, ,'^er and bladder medi
It is a physician's prescription.
Swamp-Root is a strengthening medi
cine. It helps the kidneys, liver and blad*
der do the work nature intended they
should do.
Swamp-Root has stood the test of years.
It is sold by ail druggists on its merit and
it should help you. No other kidney medi
cine has so many friends.
Be sure to get Swamp-Root and start
treatment at once.
However, if you wish first to test this
neat preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
•ample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper.—Adv.
George Cohan Pokes Sly Fun at Ed
ward Bok's Outraged Sense of
the Proprieties.
Editor Edward Bok's protest against
the lares of London as they affect the
young American soldier led George
Oohan to say:
"Don't take Mr. Bok too seriously.
Be sees harm where no real barm ex
ists. The pretty London actresses and
the young American officers are haying
ft good time together—that's unques
tionable—but there's no real reason for
Mr. Bok to roll shocked eyes and lift
up shocked palms.
"Bok takes everything too seriously.
He'd have had a fit if he'd heard what
friend of mine did at the Savoy.
"Two actresses were lunching with
my friend when a messenger brought
one of them a note. The other, evi
lently recognizing the handwriting on
the envelope, said:
"That's from Gapt Bobby Gunn of
"Tes, dear,' said the first actress,
rm engaged to Bob, you know.'
"'Oh, are you?' said the other. 1
was engaged to him myself on his last
"The dear!' said the first actress.
I wonder whom he'll marry event
The Wrong Way.
"Ah, good morning, sir 1" sainted the
Cheery visitor. "My name is Glubclat
ter. Beautiful day, isn't it? Fine store
you have here. No doubt you are ona
nf the most progressive business men
nf your up-to-date little city, and—"
"Well, now, Mr. Glubclatter," a trifle
primly Interrupted the proprietor of
the Right Place Store In Petunia, "did
you invade me for the purpose of
telling me a bill of goods whether I
wanted them or not, or are you trying
to work around to the point of propos
ing marriage to me?"—Kansas Glty
Philippine ports
BS2 foreign boats.
in 1917 received
Many of the brave women who attend
our wounded heroes of this war art
women who have used Doctor Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, or who recom
mend it. The hospital, with its work
and long hours, imposes extreme hard
ship on a woman's strength. Every
woman should make herself fit forwar's
call at home or abroad. She should
obtain a, book called the "Medical
Adviser," either at her nearest drag
store or by sending 50 one-cent stamps
to Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Insti
tute, Buffalo, N. Y., for a book which
tells about Nursing, Bandaging, Anat
omy, Physiology, the Marriage Relation,
Knowledge of Sex.
Thousands of women in the United
8tates have overcome their sufferings,
and. have been cured of woman's Ola, by
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. So
too, for liver and bowel troubles,
nothing is so effective or pleasant as
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
Sioux CITY, IOWA.—"For the yonng
rl developing into womanhood Doctor
Favorite Prescription is a won*
derful tonic and builder. When I was
sixteen years old I Deed to suffer in
tensely and was very frail and delicate.
Two bottles of the 'Prescription' cured
me, of my pains and built me up into
strong and healthy womanhood. I am,
therefore, very glad to recommend it to
my friends who have daughters suffer
did,"—MRS. J. W. SCHMIDT,
as I
West 4th 8treet.
Phoenix Mineral
The Coal Saver
of people are using this
wonderful PHOENIX MINERAL and
find it
great coal and money saver.
Simple to use, treats coal in a minute coal
then has no soot, less smoke, no bad gases
nor clinkers, and few ashes. Therefore^
}i to a more heat It makes no difference
what grade of coal or coke you use.
Phnaniv Mineral
is guaranteed not to injure
rilUulllA nllileiol your stove, ranee or fur
nace or boiler, but rather makes them last longer
•sd heat better. Remember it produces to
more heat. One dollar can will treat one ton«»
ettber bard or soft coal or coke.
Defy Jack Frost with less coal and more heat
and save money. Send for test package. It will
demonstrate how these things are done. SENQ
ONE DOLLAR TODAY for this package to
Continental Chemical Co., Denver, Colo.
KVWe want alive agent in your locality.
Write for our proposition.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
The destruction of vermin is of im
portance in the production of swine.
Practically all swine are infested to a
certain degree with the common hog
louse, and unless the animals are freed
from this pest it is apt to retard their
growth. Although lice may'not be the
direct cause of death, still their pres
ence lowers the vitality of the hog and
predisposes him to attack from infec
tious diseases. One of the first req
uisites in preventing an outbreak of
cholera -is to put the hogs in as perfect
a physical condition as possible, and it
Is also obvious that the animals should
be in perfect health in order to fatten
rapidly and economically.
Common Swine Pests.
Lice are common pests among swine,
and vigorous and persistent treatment
Is required to eradicate them. The
farmer should frequently examine his
bogs about the ears, flanks, and insides
of the legs to see if they are lousy.
The lice may be readily seen traveling
among the bristles, particularly In the
parts just mentioned. The eggs, or
"nits," are small white oval bodies at
tached to the bristles. Dipping does
not as a rule destroy' the vitality of
these eggs. Swine should be dipped
repeatedly in order to kill the lice that
hatch out of the eggs after the previ
ous dipping. These lice are blood
sucking parasites, and by biting the
hog and sucking blood they cause a
great deal of skin irritation. Further
more, they act as a drain on the vital
ity of the hog, through the loss of blood
which they abstract. When lousy the
hog is usually restless and rubs on
posts and other convenient objects.
The coat looks rough and harsh. This
pest is transmitted from one animal to
another by direct contact, or by con
tact with infected bedding or quarters.
Mange, one of the most common of
Bkln diseases, is- caused by a mite
which feeds on the skin. I£ is much
more common and severe on young
stock than on the older animals, al
though the mature animals as well as
the young are likely to become affected
if the disease is Introduced into the
herd. Mange is characterized by the
formation of crusty scabs on the face
and neck and along the back, and in se
vere cases the mite n^ay be found on
any part of the body. The hair is stiff
and erect, giving the pig a very un
thrifty appearance.
All newly purchased stock should
be examined for lice and other skin
diseases, and if any are found the hog
should be treated before he is turned
with the rest of the herd.
Dipping to Destroy Vermin.
To free hogs from vermin they
should be dipped two or more times at
intervals of about two weeks, prefer
ably 15 to 16 days for lice. Several
dippings may be required before com
plete eradication is accomplished. Do
not fall at the same time to clean and
disinfect thoroughly the sleeping quar
ters. Cresol compound (U. S. P.) may
be used for dipping and disinfecting.
For dipping, mix the proportion of one
gallon to 100 gallons of water for dis
infecting, in the proportion of three
gallons to 100 gallons of water. Goal
tar stock dips and nicotln stock dips
may also be used to treat hogs for lice.
For use they are diluted with water
in accordance with directions sup
plied by the manufacturers. Gresol
compound, coal-tar dips, and nicotln
dips may be purchased at the drug
For mange crude petroleum is more
effective than the ordinary stock dips.
It is also destructive to lice. The vat
may be filled with the oil or half-filled
with water before the oil is added. If
one dipping does not effect a cure the
treatment should be repeated in one
or two weeks.
Use of Crude Petroleum.
Owing to the great variation in the
composition of crude petroleum from
different localities and the greater in
jurious effects of some crude oils than
of others, crude petroleum, if of a kind
not used before, should be tested on a
few animals before extensive treatment
is undertaken. Animals treated with
crude petroleum should be provided
with plenty of shade and water. They
should not be dipped in oil in very cold
or very warm weather. One of the
best varieties of oil for use on live
BtocK is Beaumont crude petroleum,
and oils of similar composition are
more likely to be satisfactory than
those which vary widely from it. The
specifications are as follows: Specific
gravity ranging from 22% to 24% de
grees Baume 40 per cent of the bhlk
boiling between 200 degrees and 300
degrees C. 1% to 1% per cent of sul
Another remedy for mange is lime
sulphur solution. This remedy is not
highly effective in destroying lice. It
nlust be used warm (100 degrees F.),
and the hogs should be dipped twice
with an interval between dippings of
seven to ten days. Lime-sulphur dip
may be purchased in concentrated
form, or it may be prepared at home as
follows: Slake ten pounds of quick
lime with sufficient water to make a
thin paste, and stir in 24 pounds of fine
sulphur (flowers or flour). Boil this
mixture for two hours in 25 or SO gal
lons of water. Allow the sediment to
settle in a tub or barrel. Draw off the
liquid into the vat (carefully avoid
disturbing the sediment), and add suf
ficient warm water to make 100 gal
lons. The dipping solution in the vat
may be maintained at the proper tem
perature by steam brought by pipe or
hose from a boiler.
Durable Dipping Vat.
Dipping vats are made of various
materials, but the most durable is ce
ment. The vat should be set in the
ground at a convenient place where
there is good surface drainage away
from the vat. A suitable size for a vat
in which to dip hogs is 10 feet long at
the top, 8 feet long at the bottom, 1
foot wide at the bottom and 2 feet
wide at the top. It should be
deep enough so that the hogs will be
completely immersed in the dip and
will not strike the bottom of the vat
when they plunge. If possible, the vat
should be located so that a 2-inch drain
pipe may lead from the bottom of the
vat to facilitate emptying and clean
ing, otherwise it is necessary to pump
or dip out the contents of the vat in
order to clean It. Do not use old, filthy
dip, but clean and re-charge the vat
before dipping again if the dip has be
come very dirty or If it has stood a
long time In the vat. The end where
the hogs enter should be perpendicular
and the entrance should be on a slide.
The other end should slope gradually,
with cleats to provide footholds for the
hogs for emerging after dipping. A
dipping vat is very useful wherever a
large number of hogs are kept. ....
Outside Coating of Grain Is Residue of
Wheat and Is Considered Best
•-•'•i-:-.. of Cow Feed.
(Prepared by th« United States Depart
merit of Agriculture.)
Bran Is the outside coating of grains,
and Is the residue or by-product from
the manufacture of flour. Wheat
bran may be derived from winter or
spring wheat, and there is little dif
ference In Its composition from either
From a physiological standpoint
wheat bran Is one of the very best
feeds for cows. It is slightly laxative
In nature, and generally tends to keep
the cow's digestive system In good con
dition. The price based upon Its pro
tein content is usually so high that
most commercial dairymen combine it
with other feeds in which protein costs
less per pound. Aside from the value
of the nutrients which it contains, it
has a special value in a feeding mix
ture, as it gives bulk and adds to the
palatability. Wheat bran may be used
when the rest of the grain ration is
lacking in palatability or is of a con
stipating nature. It is especially good
when the roughage Is all dry. The
best grades of wheat bran are light
weight, with large flakes. Some of the
large mills put the sweepings from
the mill Into the bran therefore, it is
usually best to buy the highest grade
of bran, provided the mills grading it
are reliable. The output of small
country mills is usually of excellent
quality. Bran contains a high pro
portion of phosphorus and potash In
its ash content.
Select Variety That Has Made Good
in Neighboring Field—Avoid Ml
', V" ^racuious Claims.
If you must buy seed, pay yout
neighbor a reasonable price for se
lected dried seed of a variety that has
made good in a neighboring field but
don't pay a stranger a fancy price for
seed claimed to give mlraculous yield#.
^aJLW^N^^i^^^^4^g Al^.fa^:k»a^a!3al. r-1,2#s A jxfi"«- vs^"-*- -ji"-~ ,A, ?-Iv a" ,*£ i^„V
Magician Finally Discovered Just
What Was Lacking in Magic
That Insured Happiness.
An old legend tells of a magician
who claimed that he had found how to
make a charm to insure happiness.
Then as pupils flocked to him he
set them to making a small mosaic
or picture out of various tiny col
ored stones. Each stone represent pi I
a single one of the elements that
make up happiness. When the mosaic
was done it was to be a charm that
would Insure happiness for all the rest
of life.
But, alas! though the mosaic was
put together ever so carefully, it did
not work as he had planned. One after
another his pupils left him in disap
pointment, their faces as sad, their
hearts as heavy, as when they came.
"It must work!" sighed the magi
cian. "I have studied the rules until
I know I am right. I have just the
right proportion of good health, suc
cess, wealth, education, leisure and all
the other things needed."
Then one day came a new pupil,
who put together the mosaic of hap
piness, and when it was done he took
it as a gift to a friend whom he loved.
And this mosaic proved to have the
desired charm, for It gave happiness
both to the one who made it and the
one who received it.
"Ah!" said the magician. "I have
found now what was missing in my
happiness mosaic. It can become a
sure charm only when it is made for
Not So Ignorant.
Immediately after the Zeebrugge
raid the proprietor of a saloon In Do
ver displayed a placard outside his
house bearing the words: "Naval raid
on Zeabrugge."
A sailor noticing the wrongly
spelled word, dropped In, called for a
drink, and said to the proprietor:
"You've got that word 'Zeebrugge'
spelt wrong."
"Hov I?" said the proprietor. "Well,
you're the fortieth man that has called
In to tell me so, and none of them
were teetotalers, so I think Til let It
stand as It Is."—London Mall.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle Of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for Infants and children, and see that It
Bears the
Signature of
In Use for Over 30 Years,
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Along the Focd Lines.
England tried to overcome the fruit
shortage by using vegetable marrows
for jam. This suggestion might be
taken up by housewives of the United
States now that sugn- is more abun
dant. -£ar rots, pum]':lns and squash
can be used for jam uaklng.
Growing Bold.
Mr. Peewee—He asked me how
many there were in my family and I
said there were five.
His Wife—Let me see. There's me
and—two—three—four— Henry, you
must have counted yourself.
flow's This
We offer $100.00 for any case of catarrh
that cannot be cured by HALL'S
en internally and acts through the Blood
on the Mucous Surfaces of the System.
Sold by druggists for over forty years.
Price 75c. Testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Its Lack." t,
"This Is a big world drama which is
being played." "Yes, but it isn't draw
ing any royalties."
Keep clean inBlde as well as outside by taking
a gentle laxative at least once a week, such as
Doctor Pierce's Pleasant PelletB. Adv.
Some defeats are only installments
of victory.—Jacob A. RIls.
The Way of It.
"That man leads a very trying
life," "Is he unfortunate?" "No he's
a judge."
.i'J-' •&s't
The world knows no better climber
than the Rocky mountain sheep.
VmiM Granulated Eyelids,
I 111!r Eve» Inflamed by expo
sure to San, Dost and Wind
Pl/AC quickly relieved by Murine
Jenkins Evidently Had No Immediate
Necessity for Any of That Fa
mous Liquid Glue.
Jenkins, who had gone to the store
that sold everything, happened to no
tice, while the assistant was serving
him, a dollar lying on the floor near
by his foot—a whole round, silver dol
Quivering with excitement and
glancing cautiously round to see that
no one was watching him, he dropped
quite accidentally, of course—one
of his gloves on top of the coin, Then,
hending, he proceeded to pick up his
•-'love but the dollar did not accom
pany It. The elusive coin still re
mained where it was—upon the floor.
He made a second attempt to get hold
of it, but with the same result.
Then, just as he was contemplating
the wisdom of a third endeavor, a sales
man came up to him and said:
"Good evening, sir! May I be al
lowed to show you a bottle of our fa
mous liquid glue? As, no doubt, you
are aware, its sticking powers—" V\
But Jenkins had fled.
Should Have Plenty of Sugar.
The sugar beet crop of 1918 Is re
ported as 10 per cent greater than that
of last year and the sugar cane crop
about 25 per cent more than last
Cutlcura Complexions.
Nothing better thi.a Cutlcura Soap
dally and Ointment as needed to make
the complexion clear, scalp clean and
hands soft and white. For free sam
ples address "Cutlcura, Dept. X, Bos
ton." Sold by druggists and by mail.
Soap 25, Ointment 25 and 50.—Adv.
Tou should use GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsules immediately.
The oil soaks gently into the walls
and lining of the kidneys, and the lit
tle poisonous animal germs, which are
causing the inflammation, are imme
diately attacked and chased out of
your system without inconvenience or
.You Are Dying By Add
When "you have Heartburn. Gas, Bloat, and that Full Feelinj
after eating. TAKE ONE
the GAS driven out of your body—THE BLOAT GOES WITH IT.
EyeBcmedy. No Smarting,
just Eye Comfort At
Your Druggists or by mail 60c per Bottle.
For Book ol the Eye free write is
Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago.
Sold by drngpi&ts Renerally—If your druggist can't supply you a big box of Eatomc for
60c, seud us this adv. with your name and address and we will send it to you—you can scna
us the 60c after you get it- Address Eatonto Bemedy Co., 1018 S. Wabash Are., Chicago, 111.
healed by the
Spanish- Influenza can
be prevented easier thaa
,it can be cured.
At the first sign of a
shiver or sneeze, take
Standard cold remedy fcr 20 years—in tablet
form—safe, sure, no opiates—breaks up a cola
in 24 hours—relieves grip in 3 days. Money
back if itfails. The genuine box has a Red top
with Mr. Hill's picture. At AU Drug Stores.
There is a heap of difference between
the idle husband and the ideal one.
no outside cure for 'T'
Puts a ...
Stop to all
Kill Dandruff
With Cuticura
All droggista: Sbap 25, Ointment
and 50. Talcum 25. Sample each
(free of "Cirttcwa, Bcpt. E, Boston."
Liberty Bonds Bought
and sold tor cash. Write for quotations. Send
Eonds by registered mail.
11S. La Salle St., Dept. D. CHICAGO. ELL.

Good Medicine18
All druggists 6ell them.
for the Entire
cents. Nabrsted. 8ZJ Wabash Ave., Chicago,. IlL
W. N. U., DES MOINES, NO. 51-1918.
Do yon feel tired and "worn-out?"
Are you nervous and irritable? Don't
sleep well at night? Have a "dragged
out," unrested feeling when you get
up in the morning? Dizzy spells? Bil
ious? Bad taste in the mouth, back
ache, pain or soreness in the loins,
and abdomen? Severe distress when
urinating, bloody, cloudy urine or sed
iment? All these indicate gravel or
stone in the bladder, or that the poi
sonous microbes, which are always in
your system, have attacked your kid
Don't ignore the "little pains and
aches," especially backaches. They
may be little now but there is no tell
ing how soon a dangerous or fatal dis-:
ease of which they are the forerun
ners may show itself. Go after the
cause of that backache at once, or yoa
may find yourself in the grip of an in
curable disease.
Do not delay a minute. Go to your
druggist and insist on his supplying
you with a box of GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsules. In 24 hourf
you will feel renewed health and vigor
After you have cured yourself, con
tinue to take one or two Capsules
each day so as to keep in first-class
condition, and ward off the danger of
future attacks. Money refunded if
they do not help you. Ask for the
original imported GOLD MEDAL
brand, and thus b» sure of getting the
And prevents others having the disease no matter how
exposed OO cents and $1.15 a bottle, 95.50 and 911.00 a
dosen bottles. All good druggists and turf goods houRes.
Spohn Medical Co. GosHen, Ind. U. S. A.
Canada eme
5th Street, Des Moines, Iowa
Canadian Goverhment Agent
Rids you of the Excess Acid and Overload and you will fairly
Md may be instantly
relieved and qaickly
the gre&textem
Cranberry Cream Treatment.
Sold faj all drucftiBtt,
86c and
$1, or hj ull, pott paid. Add. CruohM, Box W, Girard, k—f
Batos reasonable.nisheslrete^eUMS^Bestserrioe#!
Old Folk's Coughs
relieved promptly by Piso'a. Stops
throat tickle relieves irritation. The remedy
tested by more than fifty years of use is
—that's what thousands of farmers
say, who have gone from the U. S. to
settle on homesteads or buy land in Western
Canada. Canada's invitation to every industrious worker to settle in
Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta is especially attractive. She wants
fanners to make money and happy, prosperous homes for themselves
by helping her raise immense wheat crops to feed the world.
You Can Get a Homestead of 160 Acres Free
or other lands at very low prices. Where you can boy good farm
land at $15 to $30 per acre that will raise 20 to 45 bnshels of $2
wbeat to the acre—it'seasy to become prosperous. Canadian farmers
also grow wonderful crops of Oats, Barley and Flax. Mixed Farm*
ing is fully as profitable an industry as grain raising. The excellent
grasses, full of nutrition, are the only food required either
for beef or dairy purposes. Good schools and churches
markets convenient climate excellent., Write for literature
and particulars as to reduced railway rates to Supt of Im
migration, Ottawa, Canada, or to
Reduces Bursal Enlargements,
Thickened, Swollen Tissues,
Curbs, Filled Tendons, Sore*
ness from Bruises or Strain^
stops Spavin Lameness, allays pain.
Does not blister, remove the hair or
jay up the horse. 52. 50 a bottle
at druggists or delivered. Book 1 free.
ABSORBINE, JR., for mankind—an
antiseptic liniment for bruises, cuts, wounds,
strains, painful, swollen veins or glands. It
heals and soothes. $1.25 a bottle at drug
gists or postpaid. Will tell you more if yoa
write. Made in the U. S. A. by
W.F.YOUNG. P.O. FoStOTiDpleStH SprlncR eld, hast.

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