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Applicants for Insurance Often
An examining physician lor one ol the
fywnificnt life insurance companies, in an
Jfl^npew of the subject, m&de the a*
tqntsfying statement that one reason why
to many applicants for insurance are re
jected is maaw kidney trouble is so com
SttOntolhe American people, .and the large
Xiajgritr of those, .whose applications an
declined do not even suspect that they
have the disease.
Cadging from reports from druggists
S*fc® «5» cppatanHf in dire#, towb with
public, there
„is ope preparation tint
been vcty successful in overcoming
1ta# conditleka. lie mild^ and'healing
influence of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is
eoon realized. It jBtands the highest for
rgmykahle record of success.
We find that. Swamp-Root is strictly
an herbal compound and We would ad
T^ ap readers who feel,in need ofa^cjl) a
remedy to give it a trial. It is on #a)s
at all drug stores in bottles of two aisee,
medium and laiye.
Howeypr, $ y«u wiSh first to test t&ls
IJ!*t preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer A, .Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for
bottle. W^en writing be sun and
ajentiop tbiapaper.—-Adv.
I Taking the Joy Out «f HoMdaye.
"Heritor, I/efuse to wax enthu*
lastic about this Alleged holiday spirit
theory," remarked little Willie ffi
.ftpow.-the four-yqaf-old pessimist of
fttotop.^V^he QlftrJ,0U8, ?ot|rfli jof
July, 'so-called/ lias been legally
fobbed of its adorable death-denting
cannon crackers and toy cannons. My
.llla^uslpnment of the Santa, Olaua
myth was staggering, thanksgiving
difr, having been removed from its
tUne-botnored epitfurlan status, has
.{wen rendered Insipid by the fortyd
dtajg price of turkey. Even the Joy
ims been amputated from New Year's
day by the operation of the prohibi
tion law. Verily, were it not, tnaf the
war has terminated, conditions are
suchps to make all the habituei o*
Olympus weep."
Artist—Just a little daub of mfne,
tadyr7X®u are .entirely, too modest.
I call that quite a big daub.

J?"'*1™. your bowel*. clean b»
J»kU* ®r. Pletc»'» Plrauit Fcllou and you'll
keep health/, wealthy and
At the first sign of
a cold take
Standard eeUnmedyfor 901
tup lift. —I.maavkmtm~bnalpup*aid
In 14 hoeee—tdieYesgrip la 3 day*. JCpssr
•i ,•
... !, ,,
Phoenix Mineral
The Goal Saver
THOUSANDS of people arc using this
1 wonderful PHOENIX MINERAL and
Aud it graft OMl wid money saver,
Staple to na^ t|i^oo^jn*^ut« coal
tiien has no soot, l(»s smoke, no b^d gases
nor dinkers, and few ashes. Therefore,
to more lieat It makes no dlffenooa
what grade of coal or coke you use,
[email protected]&
reduces to
heat One dollar can treat one too
Defy Jack Froat with leae coal .and jnore heal
•HEPOLUR TODAY for thia package to
Contmealal CkemiaJ€o.,I)enTer, Colo.
We want alive agent in your locality.
Write for our propoattion.
ThaCutter Laboratory
Beriwlay, Cad., or. Cblcjigo, 111.
'Thm Lmbormtory ThmtKitewt Horn"
The, flrst. tnegro churcih- in Iowa
was built in Keokuk, in 1847, a few
months after Iowa toecame a state.
Recently the quarterly session of the
executive board of the Iowa Negro
Baptist association met in the church
in memory of the early days of pio
[email protected] ]:i .- ,•
Oaher losel Yarowich, of Sioux City,
lias applied for a passport to return
to Russia to search for his wife and
child. .During the revolution of. Rus
sia, wl^ere he left them at Saratb,
he lost all trace of them. Now toe is
trying to make arrangement's to
search for them in Manchuria and in
Dr. E)dward A. ©teiner, professor of
applied CHirietian'ity at Grinnell col
Ipge, has Heen appointed to serve on
a governfiieit comml^Won of immi
gration and leaves at once for New
Excellent gingerbread can be made
Tritb. rice, and rye .flour.. .,
out for Spari
formerly of,the national j^uard to their
status prior to the present emer
gency, according to Maj. ^dwin E.
Lucas, adjutant general of Iowa, who
has returned from a meeting of adju
tant generate held recently at St.
Paul, Allnn.
Charles E. Cameron president of
the Iowa atate fair, Expects to prove
that President WOodrovr Wilson is
not^,the only flfle nwlib can 'have" suc
cess with the hoodoo "13" to contend
with. Mr. Cameron was elected to
the presidency of the state fair for
the thirteenth time and he expects
that this will exceed in every way,
and Cutter's G*rm
«r Cutter'a Blackleg Pills.
Aalc him about them. If be
basn't our Kterahire, write to us for
Information on these products.
8L Owtacat 28
asd W, Taleom 28
Colds Grow Better
surprisingly soon, throat Inflammation disap.
pears, lrntatibn is relieved and throat tick*
fids stops, when you uso reliable, time-tested
*& '-"/fl'j. V* Cfif. itvn. -AJ. £Wp jfVfc
Late Incidents
CSatherctd fi'om
Over the Stat*
G. R. Struble, 83 years old of €edar
Rapids, formerly. representative from
Tama county, and at one time speaker
of the lower house of the Iowa assem-.
bly, died at Tama .recently.
,York. City. The co^amiseion will in- after shooting a detective who tried
vestlgate the immigration laws now g^p them.
pending in congress and Will make
recommendations xonceming'them.
,since 'he has been the head
of the big show.
Many of the 2,0ft0 5. A. T. C. men
at the University of Iowa will keep
is believed. The policies are now •con,pnnj'"
annual and renewable, and cover
death and total disability. The ^*1*
form, as requested by the soldier.
Another attempt to amend the pri
mary laws of Iowa will probably be
made by the coming general assem
bly. Except for the prompt execu
tion of the presidential preference
primary, which was almost, unani
mously thrown into the discard after
its first and only tryout. in the spring
of 191S, no other changes were made
in the primary lav by the last legis
lature. There was erery indication
during the earlier part of the session
I that important changes would be
made, but divergence of opinion
killed action.
The following lowans have been re
ported during the last week as killed
in action or died of wounds or dis
ease: Lieut. Mathew D. Bckerman,
Des Moines James F. Boothe, Prairie
James M. Dungan, Logan Tom D.
Dvorak, Cresco Charles A. L. Clarke,
Melrose Clarence L. (Hughes, Iowa
City (Burney A. Domuth, Dioomlfield
Brnest' B. Peterson, Dayton Cprp.
Frank Marcheck, Mystic Carl 5Jer
man 'Kroneger, New Albin Fred
Ninke, Rockwell Oty Harry E. B.
Otto, Mapletop. Mat/bias Werner, Mc
Intyre Arthur Anderson. Patten ILee
Brannon, Sirmingtaam James C.
Ware, Centerville James O. Thorp,
Knoxvllle Leo j. James, fiiurton
Corp. Clyde L. Moulger, Troy An
drew W. Marsbback, WorthingtC)n
John H. iReylts, Hull ILbulfi' B. Tliro,
Ourtwiflue Serg. Horace S. Marsball,
pas Moines Cheater W. Desilva, Des
law provides that not later than ,n013' rcpnblican leader of .. the
live years after the termination of!
oines Carl 8. McConkey, Des
Corp. John IR. Moss, Missouri
Valley Jobn C. Knutson, Fertile
Irwua p. Lyons, Chajfer Oak i?!reeie3r
H. Golly, West OaMpBin Lewis H.
Bhlere, Boone iamjlk J. Qhrsitoph
erson, Reinsen I^yton^v-foinetab,!'
Allison Fred JIcGraph, Manly Mar^'
tin Hill, Oilman Joel A. Parspn,
Wefbfo Roy B. Pidrel, Oakley Jease
Galen, Ft. Dodg^ William E. Bane,
Burlipgton Fred F. Opining, Breda
falter H. Jacobson, Lake Park Cjor
nelius B. MJCabe, Oskaloosa Glen
D. Ruby. Oskaloosa Adolph iH. Schul
er, Atkins 'Edwin L. Lowin, Gutten
berg Walter Davenport, Glidden.
The $6000 monument honoring civil
w|jr bjero^s erep^ed in t^e.iQto^r
cemetery, has' Juit been completed.
The monument was started some
.time ago, 'but one of the blocks of
granite forming the base was found
to be cut wrong and a new one bad
to be ordered from Vermont.
On the first hunting expedition with
his n«w gun, Bernard Vonse, IS ypars P'ard of tl
old, of Logan, accidentally shot and torey and
killed himself recently. The lad bad
bought the gun and was anxious to
try it out. A piece of mud lodged in
the barrel, and in trying to remove it,
the bov discharged the gun.
the republicans.
Ineludeai What Is Qelng On at Waakt
and in Other Seotlana
•f tiw Cawntry. r"
Four American aviators were killed
When two airplanes crashed togemer
in the air at West Point, Miss.
The One Hundred ai),d Fifty-^ghth
Infantry, Arizona national g^ia'rd, lias
been detailed a.i a guard of honor dur
ing President Wilson's stay in Paris.
Congressional hearings and action
en railroad .legislation will start in
congress immediately after
1,5^,000 casuaJHes In
throughout the United States are pre-j Italian war
paring .to insure the return pl soldiers
Emilio Gugliemetti,
5 ,the
announced in an address at
New York
The condition of the winter wheat
crop forecasts a Jleld of 760,000,000
bushels or 15.5 jbushels per acre, ac
cording to the United States board of
agriculture. .t
bill pern)ittiqg all inen, WhO,
served In the nation's .lighting forces
gurinjg the war to retain their uni
forms after they are mustered out,
•\yas pafsed by the house and sent to
the senate.
up the $10,000 insurance policies dipping bowrd at ^t£ dur
taken out during the war, it
Five Japanese steel freighters of
from 0,000 to. 10,000 tons capacity
the hot-
In an election in which'the ballot
ing was the lightest in years, Boston
remained in the saloon license column
by a vote of more than twovto one.
Two Officere df a Brooiklyit, JI.7: Y.
bank were killed by two highw aymen
who escaped in a taxicab Wltli $13,000
to the United
nouse. has announced his candidacy
for tqwoke^ of tli^'b^use. in the tosxc
More than twenty-five wireless sta
tions in:Mexico were unger German
cpntrol durlng the irar, JX|ward I^tlly,
vice-prei»idept of toe Marconi Wire
less company of America, told Oie
house merchant marine committee.
The Colorado public utilities com
mission issued an order granting au
thority to t"he P^nirfir Tramway com
j)any, which operates in Denver, io
charge 7 eentq car fare and 1 cent ad
ditional wben a transfer is asked,
a a a
Pra|Ct boards will be disbanded. at
iba and of th|s mbnth and ^tate
branches of the council of national d»
fense wlll ceace functioning as fed
eral agenclas as aoon as posslble, the
KickM by a German goard at
lAQgeusajaa prjsop ..unUI. the lower
part of his body w^s paralyzed tem
porarily, Herbert Jones of the 110th
American Infantry arrived at Berne
with other released prisoners, on the
way to France.
a a a -.:
A^Pter four days of gathering views
of leaders In France1, President Wil
son's closest advisers say he has seen
no reascin to btange bis belief that
,the. i^3datton of a l^agup of nati,ons
1» inseparaWe from the actual peace
tireaty iteelf.
A year, jpoatibjy t^ro years,, will be
required he^oije Unltfd States can
retarn to nonnal,.]^eace conditions and
•Va will.
"It so pytlT*Secretary oC the
Navy Daiiiicis declared in an address
at Annapdils, -Ind. jy.
a a ap
The senate has adopted provisions
of the revenue bill reducing letter
postage to 2 cents, ifixlng war excess
profits taxes at frpm 30 to 80 per
cent,. individual income surtaxes at
to 66 per cent, taxes of $0.46 on dis
tilled jplrlt beverages and $2.20 on
non-beverage spirits and revising tax
ation on various forms of transporta
tion. 'l''
Defeat of Rdsslan bolshevik fofee?
^Tith a loss.of 1,100 prisoners apd
t*"«nty cannon ,by the Don Cossacks,
in the Vorowesj region, was repiortied
to the State deipartment.
a a a
In a clash between the armed navyl
American steamship Mon
exican customs guards, at
Tamplco, one Mexican was killed, a
Mexican soldier mortally wounded
and a chief gunner's mate, named
Berry, In charge of the Americon
guard, less seriously hurt.
»wtimiiii»*iii— Iiiiiwii.iaiim»wwtiwbm.iyiq
Two hundrrd thousand men must
1h- recruited for the navy next jneiir to
take the places of moo who will be
Field Marshal von Maclynsen, com
mander of the German forces in Ku
mania, lids been interned by the Huti
garian government.
Ownership by the government of tha
telegraph and telephone systems of
the, nation was characterised as "im
perative" by Postmaster General
Burleson. v'
Sliver chevrons will be worn by exhausted.
soldiers who. failed to reach the front,.
Chief of St^ lifarch annoahced.
Those £mn overseas- will wear goW
The supreme military tribunal at.
Vienna Jhos antKuaced that 11,400 per
sons were sentenced to death by Aus
trian inliltinry tribunals during the war
and executed.
«r a
Wages of railroad employees prob
ably will remain at tbelr present level
if congress decides to prolong govern
ment cdntrol for five years, the rail
way administration has announced.
The 8enate has adopted a provision
to the war revenue -liill imposing a 10
l»r cent tax on pr^ts frorp child la
More than 2,000 American soldiers
In France, suffering from shell shock,
were cured by news of the signing of
the armistice, Surgeon ^General Ire
land told the senate military com'
5'i r.y
An intiuensn vaccine said to differ
fvom any, other hithertov offered ^he
medical profession is now being man
ufactured for free distribution ,by the
School of Medicine of the University
of Mls^ui at Columbia.
The American delegates to the p»(^
That T2l4,repts hd hour is the low
est living standard wage for an Amer
ican family is the opinion of Frank P.
Walsh, formerly chairman of the em
ployes division of the federal war la
bor board.
Vv 4
Thi AmeVlcan Red Crops' will use n»
part of Its war relief fund for thn
powers George E. fecot.t, general man
.acer of the organisation, nithouucec! at
The farmers of Winneshiek county,
Iowa, believe tliey will have set a reo
ord in donations .tp the Red Cross
when their contributions. In the form
or a tralnload of hogs, are sold at the
Chicago stock yards. 3
congress, it is said, have resolved to ment has also been opened, to permit
advocate the sinking of the surrcn- a return to the old system of. trading
dered enemy warships and resist any in wheat on boards of trade, for cash
proposition to distribute thetn on the and future delivery, as it Is expected
basis of naval losses. that the government may lose as much
a a a as $1,000,000,000 because of it? action
Establishment of a national commis
sion to enforce the nation-wide prohi
bition law when It becomes effective
next Jnly 1, was recommended in. res
olutions adopted by the national tem
perance council at Washington.
President Wilson spent his first
Monroe H- Rosenfleld, who wrote Jh guaranteeing a price of $2.26 a
Tm the Man Who Broke the Batik .bushel to wheat growers in 1919.
at Monte Carlo," and other songs
and other
which were played and -whistled all
over the country a score or more
years ago, died at New York.
a a a
church, laying a wreath on the tomb
of Lafayette and having a brief con
ference with Premier Cipmenceau and
another with Colonel E, ,M. House.
a a a€® ',:.v
"Annies of all nation^ w|U be raised
through conscription in future. Tha
volunteer system is a failure," said
Provost Marshal General Crowder, qn
dci whom the draft act was admlnis*
tered, in an address at New York.
a a a
Des Moines paid tribute 'to Chief of
Police Charles Jackson at the largest
funeral seen in -the city in years.
Jackson died fro^ a bullet Wound re
reived i^ a gun fight in which. he. I^OOv
killed "batch" Cross, notorious des
a a a
.mtw-ro, j|ii
letters beini received. by .members of
confTass, tbat atrohg a^poaition
Trial and punishment of William
Hohenxoliern and "every one asso
ciated with him in commuting brutal
atrocities in the war" Is demanded In
a joint resolution introduced in con
gress by Representative Darrow of
a .-!•
ment control and providing for a sur
vey of telegraph company properties,
was Introduced in congress last week,
a a a
Ifvery capital ship of the American
navy now In Europe, including the
dreadnought squadrons which have
been "operating with the British main
fleet during the war, will return to
home waters this month, Secretary
Daniels announced. y:U'•
ignokejwn pleas quimu's
Patience of U. S. Officials Ex
hausted by Wails.
Notes to Washington Government
I Called German Propaganda—Will
1 Not Be Given Out.
Washington, Dec. 28,-y-Offlcial pa
tience in Washington with the suppli
ant attitude which Germany has adopt
ed toward the United States has been
Officials are so exasperated with
•the persistent pleadings sent by the
Qermau government to tbls govera
mient alone that another aj^peal to
President Wilson received Friday for
leniency toward the German people
will not even be made public.
"In my opinion," an administration
official said, "this new appeal which
has come to the United States despite
repeated injunctions to Germany hot
to address official communications of
this character to the United. States
alone, is but a part of the German
propaganda being conducted With the
hope of. arousing sympathy in the
United States.
"I, for one, would not become a
party to helping In this Genhan game
by making Germany's latest appeal
public. To publish- the text of Ger
many's latest appeal 'wodld In iny
#Rjnidn, ?erve ^no- p^ep^se except to'
aid the Get-man propaganda."
The convlctloh Is growing In all of
ficial quarters that Germany Is just
as bad a loser as she was bad as a
winner when fortunes of war ifavored
ber, and she committed every brutal
^xcess. Now that she has been hum
bled, the German government. has
leaped to the other extreme of appeal
ing for pity and mercy.
The appeal which reached the state
department Friday ,was received
through Swedish ehantiels, the com
uiunitation having been handed to
United States Minister Morris at
Stockholm by the' Swedish foreign of
fice on'behalf of the German govern
The document, It was le'arnVd. is fL
i'epetitldn'of prevtouS notes addressed
to Qiis government Individually, and In
violation of the rule stated to Ger
many by Secretary Lansing that the
German gpyernment. should address
all the associated governments.
United States Restrictions Are
moved and Ban on Futures
May Lift.
Chicago, Dec. 28.—Cheaper fl^r,
with a corresponding reduction in. the
cost of bread, will be the probable
outcome of an order issued by the
United States food administration can-
^alr pHte S^edul6s! A. move-
Brltlah Steamship Baltic Arrives at
New York With Troops From
New Yoftr Dec. 23.—Bringifng^lmme
2fi42 officers and men of the American
expeditionary forces, the British
3team!Bbip Baltic of the White Star
line docked here.
Grain, Provisions, Etc.
Chicago, Dec. a.
Open- High- Low- Clog-
«Corn— ing. eat. est. ing.
1.48 1.4T 147
1.41 1.88% L&K
1.37% 1.35% 1.86%
1.S7V4 1.35* 1.35%
Dec. 1.47
Jan 140
Feb. 1.37%
ftareh ...1.87%
,rch 71%
developing amq|i|r the states railway
and utUlty commissions to Director
General McAdoo's plan to -extend gov
ernmerit control of the railways -until
January, 1924.
a a a
FliOUK—The United States food t^mln
istration flour standards^jure, as follows.
Per bbl. hi Jute, 98 lb. sack basis:- Barley
$pur, »8.09O$.B0 con» -flour, SS.OO^S.GO
white rye. flour, $10.00: dark rye, ,|8,00
epslng wheat, $10,50^10.75: tgwdal brands
ix& winter, $10.30(^10.90: soft win-
QSp.00 No. 1 light
XXV& pOXTuTRY—Turkeys, 32c fowls',
MOVo MOstars, lflc spring chickens, 23c
Isr*^ rmqm
Western Canada offdrs unequaled
opportunities for development in this
In -tbe Canadian plans are be«
lh& laid, for the development of elec
trical pW«r which dan be produced
cheaply. There is an a.bnn^ffce of
coal and water power th^t could be
nsed in. jleVelopibK .tMte useful energy.
Wbat ,cbeap. "t&s
way ww^ llld
vaiopmant ot ibdnstrf^i Enterprises
cannot be estl^nated in 0g^r«s.
More extensive devMbpmeht of tha
water power at Niagara, on the St
Xawrenca and at. wjlterfnlla ,all over
the country, is rjeady _to laupphefi.
Peace will sae Q4W mlrie' fields
opened up, and ft is dually c«rtn'in
that shipbuilding, rallwfey. e^lBmant.
steal production, an^ mf?iy of tha in*
dustrles will go fdrward with a
Canadian lndustrieS will. be required
in the reconstruction of Eurojpc. abd
already tbe Canad'ian Goveraipent bas
sent across the seas a cbmml^slon for
the purpose o| seoirihg orders. Can
ada took jin ,cSrJy and prominent part
will be fo^nd eqaaUy acttve. She.fiMla
that by the. valor and loyaltir br ner
people she has earned ja large anan
of the bnslnesa ,and pvp^erity. that
will follow the war period, and aha
proposes to get it.—Advertisement
Officer's Sarcastic Fling Fall .Decided
ly Flat Before the ^eady Wit of
.Complaining Private.
It isn't often the^t
exactly half, sir."
"ir mixed,
i$2i(66»:00 No, 3 tlsiothy andJt?o, rqiov
mixed, jm.00r» .No. J.
lUTTBI|i—Creamery, extras, 67j
Hfiftti, 4MMQ''.se(ff^,
EQO®7-Freeh. firsts, ra9®tc car lots,
new oues, 4000c ordinary firsts, GtObc
Mecellanpous, lots. ija»e« included, aof«c
citees wturnsa, ®®«2c: storages packed
Jl^, |M8^^raMgeratpr8, 43?
urn foniiall btfon it
trefttmra^iii ntoeaury
Turkeys, 8»o:
fowls, ropBters. JSc springs, 209
24c ducks, Zlc geese, 28®SS9c.
pOTAITOfeR-rBJBTly Ohlos, bulk, $1,550
1.60 sacked. $17001.15.
OAWIiB—Cholce to price steers, .$18.50®
20.25 good to choice Pteere,. $17^0©18.50
medium to good steers,- [email protected] plaln
to tnedijim ipteers,, [email protected] yearltnK8
na bulls, [email protected]: .butcher bulls, $7.00®
6.00 veal calves, [email protected]
HOGS—Fair to choice .light butchers,
$17.3^17.60: choice light butchers, $17.50®
17,85 medium weight butchers,
lbs,, $17##7.6B heavy hutchqrs.
lbs., [email protected] mixed packing, $17.10®
17.E0 heavy packing, $18.70017.10 rough
packing, $18JS0®16.75 pigs, fair to good,
$1S.25016.25 Stags, $15.25016.85.
8HEBP Western lambs, [email protected]
native lanibs, good to choice, [email protected]
yearlings, $9.00912.25 wethers, good to
choice, $8.00010.25 ewes, fair to choice.
fLU6&2Si.lfiS£S& iagbg, M.MQ1100.
4fter the War a Period of Pros
It is evifflefit that the Government of
the Domlnioh in its programme of re
cODStruction and development la un
dertaking a work of trependoui im
portancd. There #111 ba availabie the
labor far w^k that tea
since 1914. abd the rehabilitation of
tmliigwr *«id
energy of most capable .heads. The,
traoiaitldn period from wkr to peace
will be rapid and thorough, and. in
stead of Canada sinking lnto a state
of lethargy, there will be a ccmtiaaed
period of wakefQlne^s that will give
employment to the unemployed, and
render to the capitalist and producer
ample return for bis money, effort
and enterpilafe
The agricultjural .jg^tentiqlltles. of
the great Canadian West poiness illim
Itoble sjcres of the beat of soil, capable
pf producing, millions of bush^a pf
ttie best of grain. The cost of grow
ing this Ja, lower than any place on
the cdnttnent. There wOi be a jcra&ter
d%|^dhth^ eyer^or^^^ t^a
and tSe: ,^^Ha"
industry 7?1U. be,one pf t&e chief,de
velopments, and the enconirageinent of
it xrlll lie in.tfie continued high prices
ttjat beief. products will bir)ng. Euro
pean countries have been depleted of
ciattle, ami the demand for beef, icattle
and dairy products wlU, tax the. efforts
of the producer or yaars to come.
has any
chance .to give an officer as good as. he
gets, but the following from Camp
Kearny would s$em to indicate that It
sometimes happens.
The orderly officer was asking for
complaintq, when up sprang a private
who decjared that he had not received
his'proper ration of butter.
blars iod this o»V van no e^c^ption.
Noticing a tiny morsel of butter on
one of the .jdotighboy's boots he re
marked scathingly:
"Don't get your proper radon of
butter? There's half of it on your
boots!" ...
"YfS, a^r," ^etorted the prlvate, re
garding Uie tiny spot gravely,
Get N&fr Kichl^ I
The IddneyS He, the most,.overwArked
organs of the -human body. «sd when they
fail in their work of £Qteriiur out and
tlw ^poisons-developed in the
begin to bspp^.
You can aunqst certain^ find immediate
SP]i«f &un>UUiHaari«a oil (J«®#ulea.
For more than JtOO years this nmous prep
aratipn has bMn an urtfailipg remedy for
all kidney, bladder and urinary trouble*.
It it the pu"-
It it the pui
«, original Haiariem Ofl your
great-grandmotner used. Abopt -two, cap
•ul^ eagh da^.will keep you toned up and
it at an
J—CI- C- .. JV» wuvu Qp
if®Hn5 n®0, it at aw dww store, and
".ft d^es not give you almost immediate
relief, your money will-be,refunded. Be
you get the Q0LD MEDAJb brand.
A Mixed Jury.
"How did she happen to lose
"Some of the ladles on the Jury
didn't think she was as beautiful as
ber lawyer triad to make out—Louis
ville Courier-journal.
Milliner—"I know tbat hat would
please your husband." Customer—
"Not unless you took $20 off th«

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