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Will sell her residence property,
some farm implements and house
hold goods on Friday, January 3rd,
three blocks east of park, Exira.
Will hold Public Sale on Chris
Knudsen place, inside corporation
of Bray ton, Thursday January 9th.
Mr. Bid Workman went to At
lantic, Monday morning to attend
the funeral of his brother-in-law,
Albert Morrissey, who passed away
-at his home in Marshalltown. Mr.
Morrissey leaves a wife and four
children to mourn his loss. The
remains were' laid to rest in the
Atlantic cemetery.
Mrs. Dr. Hall departed Saturday
morning for Davenport, where she
will attend the Palmer School of
Chiropractic and complete the
course in Chiropractic, which will
take about ten months. The little
son, James Hall will remain at tke
home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Meuers
during his mother's absence.
Mrs. Godwin of Greeley town
ship was in the city, Saturday and
^informed us that' her, son, Tom
was now on. the staff of Aeronautics
in England and that her other two
sons, the twins, were separated
'-while crossing the country from the
encampment to the seaboard at
Hoboken, for overseas service. .We
trust she may receive a letter soon
and that he is well and happy.
Einer Nielsen, a son of Mrs.
Larson of Elk Horn, who was an
assistant engineer on the ill-fated
naval steamship Manola, which
went down in Lake Ontario on
December 2nd was one of the pum
ber drowned.
Einer was assigned to duty on
-the Manola from the Great Lakes
Training Station. He was one of
our finest young men. Mrs. Larsen
and all the relatives have the sym
pathy of the country.
Charles Tibben, son of Mr. and
Mrs. W. C. Tibben of near Exira,
and Miss Helen Roepke were united
in marriage, Sunday, December 22,
at the home of the bride's parents,
in Ida Grove. After a short wed
ding trip, the newly weds will take
charge of his parents farm in Aud
ubon township.
Mr. and Mrs. Tibben Sr. will
spend the winter in Texas and if
suited with the country may decide
to remain there indefinitely.
The Journal joins the friends in
wishing the newly wedded couple a
happy and prosperous future.
Lewis Witthauer, a brother of
Otto Witthauer, formerly of Exira,
phased away at his home near Guth
rie Center, last week.
A most happy occasion^ was the
celebration of the twenty-fifth annii
versary of-the wedding of Mr. a:
Mrs. A. P. Hansen of Exira, Io
Thursday, December 26, 1918,
numerous company assembled
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hansen
to congratulate the worthy couple
and wish them a happy future.
Three tables setting forty persons,
were reset three times in order to
accomodate all.
Among those present were: Mrs.
Peterson and family Mrs. Botilda
Hansen Mrs. Sophia Axelsen and
family Mr. Paul Nelsen P. C.
Knudsen and family Chris Han
sen and-family Mr. N. B. Chris
tenson Dan Larson and family"
Roy Christenson and family An
drew Nelson and family Adolph
Sornson and family J. W. Jensen
and family Wm. Esbeck and fam
ily Jens Larson and family Mar
tin Axelson and family Miss Chris
tena'Larson Miss Ida Christensen
Mr. O. H. Jacobson and family
Carl Lynge and family Walter
Scotland and family Hans Jenson
and family Mr. Henry Anderson
and family Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Knudson Martin Lund Mr. J. U.
Hanson. Several ..other families
and a host of young people were
Mr. Hansen came to this country
from Denmark with his parents
when he was five years old. As a
boy he herded cattle and not many
were his opportunities for obtaining
an education. However, he had a
determination to succeed and in
spite of difficulties he pressed on.
In 1893 he was married to Katrine
Christensen. To this union eleven
children were born all ofwhoni
were present at the Silver Wedding/
All has not been smooth sailing for
Mr/"Hansen. He has by hard work
and persistent application succeed
ed in making for himself a_ compe
tency. He has one of the beat
farms in Audubon County, which
is well improved. He has given
thosSe of his childran, who are old
enough, the opportunity of a col
lege education. He has been liber
al in- works of charity and religion.
Never' sparing himself he has been
a good neighbor and successful
Mr. Hansen has served in many
places of responsibility in the
Church and in the County. For
many years he has been elder of
the S. D. A. church in Exira. He
has been a member of the Execu
tive Committee of the Iowa con
ference of S. D. A. for ten years as
well as on the Executive Board of
the Nevada Sanitarium. For the
past nine years he has also served
as a member of the Executive
Board of the Hutchinson Seminary,
Hutchinson, Minnesota, of which
institution he' was one of the active
founders. Mr. Hansen, at the pre
sent, serves as President of the
Marne and Elk Horn Telephone
In making mention of Mr. Han
sen's success of life, his faithful
companion should not be forgotten.
She has proved a true help-mate to
her husband as well as a devoted
mother to her children, winning
their confidence and love.. Friends
and even strangers are always made
welcome in her home.
The friends of the happy couple
gathered at the home at ll o'clock
in the forenoon bringing with them
tokens of expression of their esteem
for Mr. and Mrs. HaChsen Prof.
Andreason of College View, Ne-*k
braska, made an appropriate ad$
dress for the occasion touching up
on the secrets of a "Happy Home."
Their large modern home made
if ?F^si
ample provision for the entertain
ment of their many guests The
afternoon and evening were spent
in visiting old friends and relatives
while the young people present
played and sang many familiar
hymns, the day was enjoyed by
all and each in parjting expressed
their appreciation of the pleasant
hours spent in the home of Mr.
and M|^ A. P. Hansen.
May*the coming years Sfe* brim
ful of joy and and happiness for
this»extiellent couple is the wish of
the Joyrnal and the many friends.
Whiie nis mind was clouded by
constant disease, following a stroke
of paralysis about a year ago, Mr.
Hi Heath, an old resident here, in
flicted a wound with suicidal intent
Sunday morning. The 'old gentle
man had been for several days de
ploring his inability to perform any
kind of work until his mind became
clouded and he made a rash at
tempt to end it all by cutting his
throat. The attempt at self de
struction failed and five stitches
were taken to close the wound
Mr. Heath was taken to the nome
of his daughter, Mrs. Ola -Dorsey
near Anita, Monday, where it is
hoped that new surroundings may
help to restore his lost reason.
Famine Conditions
BggflFbod Shortage approching famine Point
Serious Food, Shortage
I Sufficient Present Food Supply
Bui Mure Serious
FHjjg Peoples already, recemnja.
DECEMBER, 1.' 1918."
A food map of Europe today sho^s
not a single country In which the fu
ture does not hold threat of serious
difficulties and only a small part which
is not rapidly approaching the famine
point. With the exception of the
Ukraine only those countries which
have maintained marine commerce
have sufficient food supplies to meet'
actual needs until next harvest, and
even In the Ukraine, with stores accu
mulated on the farms, there is fafaine
In the large centers of population.
Belgium and northern France, as
well a^ Serbia, appear on the hunger
map distinct frtou the rest of Europe
because they stand in a different rela
tion from the other nations to the peo
ple of the United States. America has
for four years maintained the small
war rations of Belgium and northern
Prance and is already making special
efforts to care for their increased
after-the-war needs, which, with those
of Serbia, must be included in this
plan, are urgent In' the extreme and
must have Immediate relief.
The gratitude of the Belgian nation
for the help Amefica has extended to
her during the war constitutes the
strongest appeal for us to continue our
work there. Tho moment the German
armies withdrew from her soil and she
was established once more In her own
Bxira, ,Th.© City Beaiatifiai
A meeting will be held at the
Oakfield Township Creamery on
Monday, January 6th at 10 A. M.
for the purpose of hiring cream
haulers for the next year.
Dr. Lantz was here from Anita,
Friday calling on friends.
The infant daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. John Wahlert, who reside in
the country, and painfully injured
when she fell into a dishpan of hot
water. We trust the little one may
recovery rapidly.
The new manager of the Green
Bay Lumber Company at this place
will be Lieut. B. F. Jensen. Ben
took his initiatory training in this'
yard going from here to Guthrie
Center as assistant manager,. then
to Atlantic': He has just returned
from an Officers Training School,
where he was commissioned Lieute
nant. Ben will fit into the right
notch .jvith the town and country.
Mr. Jensen and wife will move
•to this, city.'"
seat of government the little nation's
first thought was to express her grati
tude to the Commission for Relief in
Belgium for preserving the lives of
millions of her citizens.
Germany, on the other hand, need
nof figure In such a map for Ameri
cans because there is no present Indi
cation that we shall he called on at all
to take thought for the food needsxof
Germany. Germany probably can care
for her own food problem if she is
given access to shipping and is enabled
to distribute food to the cities with
dense populations, which are the trou
ble centers.
England, France, the Netherlands
and Portugal,, all of which have been
maintained from American supplies,
have sufficient food- to meet immediate
needs, but their future presents seri
ous difficulties. The same Is true of
Spain and the northern neutral coun
tries—Norway, Sweden and Denmark
—whose ports have been open and who
have been able to draw to some degree
upon foreign supplies.
Most of Russia Is already In the
throes of famine, and 40,000,000 people
there are beyond the possibility of
help. Before another spring thou
sands of them Inevitably must die.
This applies as well to Poland and
practically throughout the Baltic re­
*-"i '"V"
Corp. Grant O'Donnell and "Al
bert Leist each received their hon
orable discharge from the army and
arrived in Exira, Tuesday morning.
They were also accompanied by
Jens Jensen and Pete Jensen, who
have been honorably discharged.
The boys were stationed at Camp
Pike, Arkansas.
hr. rlii JESI
As a fitting reminder of the sev
enty-third birthday anniversary of
Mr. Peter Jessen of West Exira, his
good wife made the event one to be
}ong remembered by inviting in
a number of their relatives, Mon
day, December 30th, to partake of
a big dinner prepared for the occa
sion and to spend the afternoon.
Those present were: H. P. Pet
ersen and family A. S. Stone and
family Martin Jessen and family
Chris Jessen and family Niss Jes
sen and family P. M. Jessen and
family C. A. Petersen and family
EIven-Petersen Ruby Stone Rev.
Rasmussen and wife.
The occasion was certainly a
haypy one as you may imagine af
ter reading the. names of those pre
gions, with conditions most serious in
Bohemia, Serbia, Roumanla and
Montenegro have already reached tho
famine point and are suffering a heavy
of death. The Armenian popula
tion Is falling each week as hunger
takes Its toll, and In Greece, Albania
and Roumanla so serious are the food
shortages .that famine is near. Al
though starvation 4s not yet imminent,
Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Tur
key are in the throes of serious-strin
In order to fulflll America's pledge
In world relief we will have to export
every ton of food which can be hap
dled through our ports. This means at
the very least a minimum of 20,000,000
tons compared with 6,000,000 tons pre
war exports and 11,820,000 tons ex
ported last year, when we were bound
by the ties of war to the European
If we fall to lighten the black spots
on the hunger map or If we allow any
portions to become darker the very
peace for which we fought and bled
will be threatened. Revolt and ananftiy
inevitably follow famine. Should this
happen we will see In other parts of
Europe a repetition of the Russian de
bacle and our fight for world peace
will have been in vain.
$ 1.50 PER YEAR
HUES, IlllCt
A special meeting of the Macca
bee Lodge will be held at the Dan
ish Brotherhood Hall, Monday eve
ning January 6th.
Did anybody here see Mike? He
was here and is gone again. Mitro
landed in Exira, Monday morning
and intended to leave the mnw
evening but his friends were too
numerous. He was compilled to
remain over until Tuesday evening
and then his. visit wasn't long
enough. Come again Mike* '1*
Uncle William Bintner, who was
operated upon many weeks ago for
appendicitis from which he seemed
to recover, is now afflicted with an
abscess, which is forming under the
wound. About two weeks ago he
was taken sick with the Flu, which
caused his relapse.
Mr. Bintner, "the grand old man
of the Nishdav has been a great
sufferer and all hope his worst suf
ferings are over.
nnjp own
Mr. and Mrs! William Murdock
returned Saturday from a few days
in Omaha visiting with her sister,
Mrs. Charles^Coddington and hus
Mr. Murdock returned to his la
bors in the John Nelsen hardware
furniture and Undertaking estab
lishment. He has been recupera
ting after a most strenuous season
in administering the last sad rites
to numerous victims of the deadly
inflluenza. Many kind remarks
have been, made of the efficient
management of the -funerals and
the kind sympathy at all time?.
Mr. Murdock has shown the be
reaved ones in the hour of partinr:
with^their loved ones. Such con
sideration for the dead is rarely
seen and we know the tender acts
are highly appreciated by all.
Mrs. George Scott spent a feu
days the fore part of the week with
her parents, Foley Herrick an*
wife. She returned to Audubon,
Tuesday noon.
We are pleased to announce to
the trade territory of Exira that
business deal was consumated in
Exira yesterday when Mr. Joh
Nelsen, one of the hardware mer*
of the City Beautiful, sold his buf
ness to Messrs. George Corl air.
Merle Terhune.
Mr, Corl -has been the -Maste
mechanic and business manager
the mechanical department of th
Nelson establishment for sometim
and is perfectly familiar with al
branches of the business.
Mr. Terhune, who has been man
ager of the Green Bay Lumbc
Yard here for several years, is •,
home in any branch of business be
ing the possessor of a fine busine?
education. These young, energeti
men are alive to all the wants an
heeds of our community and will:
all times keep their stock in tl
very top notch of efficiency. Th
firm will have something to say
the trade through the Journal ne..t
week. Watch.

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