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The Thursday Club will meet
this afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Anna VandeBrake.
Mrs. Leslie McMichsel and baby
went up-near Gray, Saturday, ana
will remain there at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Will McMichael for
a time. She has not decided yet
where she will locate.
Miss Beth Martin, who is attend
ing school here and staying with
her grand-parents, John Martin Sr.
and wife, took very sick with the
Flu, Sunday night, and Monday
morning was taken to the home- of
her parents, John Martin Jr. and
wife in the, country.. SeveraLof the
Martin family are, sick ..with. ,the
•Lonna Houston went to-Atlantic,
this| week,~.*where" he will he em*
in the Shrauger-Johnson
Miss Emma Sorenson, who has
been working in Davenport, is ex-j A few neighbors and relatives' 0%
pecting to go to Chicago soon, ^s. E. B. Pgrry, about twenty-two,
where she will be employed. in number, met at her home,
George Wieland brought nine
oads of hogs to Exira, Saturday,
and sold them to the buyers. liij
R. O,. Garley and family are
moving this week to the residence
in \yest Ejcira/owned.by Joe Shaw.
Mr. and. Mrs. Dick Simpkins will
move into the house vacated by R.'
Miss' Hazel Hardman/ tfbo is
teaching school in Atlantic, visited
here Saturday with her friend, Flora
-Reridleman and,visited the school.
Honest *Pete Christensen visited
here between trains, Tuesday, Mvith
friends and relatives.
Oscar, Jensen resigned his posi
tion at the depot, last, week, quit
ting work Saturday. Mrs. High
will be the new assistant at the de
pot. She is an. experienced hand,
aaving assisted her husband at
the work at their former home.
We have the time, machinery and
experience. If it's made out of
wood we can make it. Try us.-adv.
Mrs. Sam Gr^en left Friday af
ternoon for a fevf days visit near
Glidden with her son, Ace Green
and family.^||?She visited at the
Audu-, Saturday aiternoon
Mr. Isaac Markham is ii} Audu-, Saturday afternoon for, a surprise^
bon worjring.on the new Catholic "party in honor of her 6feth bi^thda^
H. -Stocking ho'me in s' Audubon
while enroute.
Mrs. Ray Faust has received
Word from her husband,that he
arrived in New York safely from
overseas. February 2()th. Ray will
probably return to Exira in a short
time now. -r.
T. W. Zinke and daughter^
Arlene, visited in Audubon
Sunday with her' parents, Mr.
Mrs. Peter Rubel.
Mr. and Mrs. Worth. Hartzell
visited in Atlantic from Monday
until Tuesday with relatives.
Roy Powers, who is making his
home with his grand-parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Hi Heath, is .suffering
considerable pain in one leg, which
is caused by ap injury he receivedf
sometime ago, .when he wasjsicked
by a horse. The young lad has
The ladies all took .well-filled bas
kets and a lunch "fit for a king"
was sewed/ and she was" presefitei
with many pretty and^ useful
The party was a complete surpnsi
for Mrs. l^erry. The afternoon was
highly enjoyed by all present apd
upon leaving they wished, the
iiostess m^ny more happy birthdaya
in the years to come.
Galen Cotton, who had been ov
erseas and returned to Exira,, last
week, is in very poor health at .thi^
writing. On account of lung tro\
ble, which he contracted wWle ift
France, he was returnedto the Un
ted States and later to Arizona. He
recovered partly and was discharg
ed last week and is now being cared
for by the family. Galen is a model
young man and popular with all
who know him&~: His til health is
regretted by the many friends who
hope for his early recovery.
'ThreV months
,man ordered a slide&rombone made
to order by the Helton Company.
He received this splendid instru
ment this week, xSGeorge. is an ac
complished musician and has long
wished for one of these artist's mod
els made by the -greatest trombone
players, in the world.—Me£how Val
ley Journal, Winthrop, Wash* ^J-
The marriage^ of Mra. Louise By
riel and Mr. Will Rattenboi^ tedfe
place Thursday evening, February
20th at the honje of the groom's
sister and brother-in-law, ,Mr. and
Mrs: Eric Olsen in Audubon. Rev.
Rasmussen of this city performed
the ceremony. After the wedding
feast the couple returned to Ham
lin, and. will be at home to "their
friends after March 1st on
groom's farm, south of Hamlin
The best wishes of the many
friends follow them io -their new
home. -'v-.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Eaton went
up to Audubon this morning where
they will -attend the wedding of
his sister, Miss Hazel Eaton and
Mr. Harvey -Stearns, which takes
place at high noon itoday, Thurs
day. The bridal couple will leave,
immediately jor a short honeymoon
trip, after which they will be at
home to their friends in Monte?
zuma, Iowa." The Journal( extends
congratulations and wishes them
heaps of success and happiness in
their future life. :t ,f
been compelled1to miss two weeks 'ast Saturday.
of school and it is feared he will Misses Mae Stone and Kate Es
not be able to attend for sometime., beck visited in Atlantic from. Fri
Friends wish him -a speedy recovery
Mrs. Mildred Hash has received
the encouraging news that her son,
Harry, is convalescing. Harry has
been in'a. very serious conditon for
Several weeks with meningitis at
a hospital in Newport News, Camp
Stuart, Virginia, and for awhile it
was feared he would not recover.
The host _of friend? in Exira are
pleased to hear of his convalescence
To the People of Audubon Cdufity
Having just, been released* ftom
our duties as Food Administrators
for Audubon County we hereby
wish to express our, thanks to all
"those who so .willingly carried out
the rules and regulations. Our work
was made much lighter thereby.
We especially wish to thank all
those who were actually assistants.
Co. Food Administrators.
Miss Anna Petersen, who visited
a fg^ days with her sister, Albena,
returned to* her. home near Exira,
day until Saturday with relatives.
DrWEsszirst, vTh.© Oit-ym HBestntifi^l
1885 EXI-RA, IOWA, THURSDAY^ FEBRUARY 27, 1 919 $ 1.50 P^R YEAR
Earl Thomas and wife moved
last Thursday into the rooms under
the telephone office. Earl has pur
chased a new U. S. Hoffman Steam
Pressing machine and will continue,
his pantitorium work. He will
have his shop in the front part of
the building, while they will reside
in the rear end of the building.
1fi[r. Willie Peppers* and his fani
ily are moving this week to the
house vacated. by Earl Thomas,
which'he recently bought.
Have we nesting places ready, for
the bluebirds? In a very- short time
they will be ready for housekeeping
and-we must have suitable homes
for them, if we would have them
stay with us.
A box 8 inches deep and 5 or 6
inches in diameter, set up on a pole
or in a. tree will usually attract
them. The entrance should not be
more than one arid, one-half inches
across, and should be 6 inches
above the floor.' -.-.A perch is riot
necessary.' Put the box eight or
ten feet above the ground.
How did" the birds know that the
winter would be mild? Who can
tell? Many of our birds did not go
south'as usual. We are informed
that robins, bluebirds and cardinals
were seen ""here in'v January arid
showed themselves quite frequently
the firsjt part of February.
Chickadees are-quite num.erous
this winter. Let us see if we can't
keep them with us through the
summer ly providing them with
suitable nesting places. Theylike
a deep'box, at least ten inches deep
by four inches across each way.
The entrance should be eight inches
above the floor and about one and
one-quarter inches across, So that
English sparrows could riot enter.
It should be placed from six to fif
teen feet above the ground.
Miss Gertrude. Basham, who has
been nursing a,t the John F. Nelson
home near Elk Horn, returned to
her home here, yesterday.
Mrs. J. W. Dawson returned to
her home in Audubon, Friday after
spending a few days at the home
of her daughter, Mrs. Willie Pep
pers and hearing them prepare for
their sale. 7
reside east of Ebdra. \We extend
heartiest congratulations to the
happy couple and wish them
bess and happiness.
Miss Mattie Beatrice Rydl and
Mr. Ralph L. Schwab were united from a nervous breakdown
in marriage Thursday afternoon,
February 20th at the Christian par
sonage at 2 o'clock. The ceremony
iwas performed by Rev. Matson.
Mr. Mrs. Schwab are both
residents of near Exira, and, we
mdeBtond they will obntihue few weeks had lrft the baby «.
Jack Kearney, who just returned
ia?t week frox» overseas, went to
Qakkuad, Iowia, Mbn^y. morning
to have a visit with his father. Jack
was a popular druggist here at the
time of the draft. He received a call
and obeyed its raandate. He was
attached to a medical corps at the
front in France and had' many nar
row escapes from injury. Sack'con
ceived the idea 'of gathering up sou
venirs and since his discharge and
arrival at his store here he has made
a fine display of them, which in
terests hundreds every day. To us,
who live so far inland that have to
content ourselves with -reading
about the war, its weapons and des
truction, these weapons give Us a
more comprehensive idea of hell
and* the Kaiser.
•^Y 45 ft
The Christian Ladies Aid Society
will meet tomorrow afternoon at
the home.of Mrs. Kirk Knox.
Miss Golda Watterson retulmed
to Des Moines, Monday morning
to resume her duties in a Millinery
Store there.
Mrs. L. F. Klever, who has been
very sick the past lew. w§eks, is
able to be around again. Mrs. Delia
DeEU is doing the work at the Park
liotel during Mrs. Klever's con
Mrs. M. O. Smith is not recover
ing from her sick spell as rapidly
as her friends wish. She has been
bedfast for over a week, suffering
Mrs E. B. Perry expects to
to Omaha, tomorrow, and will take
the baby of Mrs. Vera Earl to her
mother in that city. Mrs. Earl is
employed in Omaha, and for the
Evi~ w. mrttmA the oate of her aunt, Mrs. Perrya .3
Clarence Tibben received a bad
wound above the left eye, last
Thursday afternoon when he was
kicked by a horse. Aphysieian wasl™3
called, who took two stitches in the
wound, and at last reports he'was
getting along nicely...
Mrs. Bob Dafford, who resides]
hear Bray ton, visited from Satur
day until Monday with her rela
tives, Mesdames George and
Fausfcand Kirk Knoxf
Mrs. Edith Miller,- who had been
here visiting her uncle and aunt,
Mr. and Mra. E. P. Jaynes, depart
ed Saturday for her new home in
Wessington Springs, South Dakota,
where she recently purchased pro
perty. She has been residing in|a good show
Washington County but disposed
of her property there.'''
Miss Golda Watterson spent the
day, Friday, with Mrs. Ida Peden
Oluf Jensen was down from Aud
bon Friday visiting relatives.
Mrs. Jake Engle was able to be
out again, Saturday, after a three
week's illness with the Flu.
Mrs. Minnie
Hensley returned
Friday from Omaha, where she was
caring for her daughter,
nie Bauder, who was very sick but
recovering now.
J. T. Kearney was entertained at
Sunday dinner at the home of Rev.
and Airs. Baldwin, last Sunday.
*Mrs. George Hoegh' and Mi's. L.
P.' Rasmussen of Bray tori were" in
Exira, Friday, and attended the
program at the school. They made
this office a pleasant call.
Oscar Jensen was a business visi
tor in Council31uffs from Thursday! Refreshments will be served.
until Saturday. Lillian Dyer, Secretary
Herbert Watterson is quite sick nllin A
l&hrthe Flu, this week. LA nil yr
Mr%. Chris Kjar, who hasi been %e
very sick with the appendicitis,
slowly recovering.. As soon as She
is able she will undergo an opem-
tion for the affliction.
Mr, and Mrs. Paul Zaner left
Friday for their home in Mobridge
South Dakota, after a few weeks'
visit here with relatives and.,nu
merous friends.
The U. S
Mrs. Bonnie Stepon is doing the
housework at the O. A. High home,. ,, _.
while Mrs. High is working at the ""Pf
is sending out posters
kinds urging the erection
buildings. One poster'says "Dur
ing the war it was patriotic not to
build. Now we can best show our
patriotism by building." Take t^e
advice of the Government and take
your plans to the Green Bay Lum
ber Company, who will furnish you
"free of charge a set of blue
from any architect in Iowai,* I at 3 P. M.
Tlieda Bara in the superb
Fox production
"The Serpent"
Don't forget that we- are ma
go I king every effort to give you
a top-notch show on Satur
day and we must, have your
patronage in ord[er to show
the iiublic these high-class
^pictures. On February 9th
"The Serpent" was shown at
the Majestic theatre in Des
Moines, so you can see that
sre not
AAIIAH orHn fwA fn I Hliy WD0II 8QOW8 8.T0
compared. Gome! Saturday.
MONDAY, March 3
The Bluebird production
"Scandal Mongers"
Six reels
Goodness! What jwill happen
next? You don say! Why,
I heard so and so, and some
one tpld someone else, etc.
But you all know this will be
so don't miss it.
Alice Lakelin the Universal
"Come Through?'
This was played at the "New
York Broadway Theatre and
we are sure you won't want
to miss this interesting show.
Shows start at MO
Admission 10c and 15c
Our instructress, Mrs. Swarzman
of Anita, will be here Thursday,
March 6th^^ Meetings will be held
in the hall afternoon and evening.
dcsj„, to
express our sireer.
thsnts to those wb„. u8
during the sickness and death of
our mother: and also for the
tiful floral offerings.
H. P. Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jenseor
The ladies of the, Congregational
iAid Society will serve a chicken:
th« C?urf'
Inesday evening, March 5th. Com
I a 5 3 0 S 3 5
Department of Labor cents. A cordial invitation is ex
of different I tended to the public.
of new
Sunday afternoon, in the Congre
gational Church, Dr. R. A. Jacob-,
sen will give an address entitled
"A Menace to Mankind."
All males over sixteen years old
prints 1 are invited to this meeting to begin-

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