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The Fading Hope
The most porplexinq question of
the hour is how to curl") war-like
people agiuns its will and thus to
assure pciicc to the rest of the
world *"x
mi The ])eople are- the Germans,
who two thousand years ago were
among the most dreaded foes of
the Roman armies, and 111 whose
veins still seems to flow the lust of
battle just as it did then. In
every other respect, their progress
has been marvelous indeed but
they arc still lovers of war and if
the signs are read aright, they do
not mean to give it up merely be
cause of theii iccenl del eat
&•:?! When we remember that it took
all the rest of the world to beat
them, we can see the danger of al
lowing them to regain their
strength. A (iermany that is
peaceable will have a welcome
place in the family of nations but
a Germany that is warlike must in
some way lie kept weak and help
This gives us a clue as to the
real meaning of the enormous in
demnity that is being demanded
If we find ourselves a little lm
p'atient with France that she is so
relentless in her demand that the
utmost possible amount be wrung
from her fallen enemy, we shall
do well to remember that she is Ger
many's next door neighbor and
certain to be the first victim of her
rage in th» new war, which to some
already appears to te inevitable in other nations would be
the not very distant future.
Other Ways to Peace
In thejnninds of some there is
another and a better way ol keep
ing Germany in weakness than
that ol laying a great indemnity
upon her. It is to lorbid the man-!
ufactuie by her oi armament and nation
warfare, it is held she
virtually helpless and so would
never (hire to precipitate another
conflict. j,'
The plan would doubtless prove
eflective ii it could be carried out
but while it is true that she is sub
mitting to such a demand ju.
now, we may be sure that after a
few jears when the agents and sol
diers of the^ allies will have been
withdiawn, the will resume the
.manufacture ol the forbidden ar
ticles on some such scale as in the
It is obvious that 110 such de
'mand could be enlorced for long
and so this plan, like others thilt
have been suggested, seems im
wi Theie is still a third alternative.
Some hold that leniency and Chris
tian kindness on the part of the
allies wouldfactually work the de
sired transformation in the Ger
man nature and ideals, thus ac
complishing what can never be
done by force or diplomacy. The
trouble is again that it seems to be
a case where mercy might easily
lead to the destruction of those ex
tending it and so long as there is
genuine reason to doubt the result,
no nation can be expected to incur
the risk arising from the adoption
of such a policy, ^elf-preservation
is the first law of nations as it
should be and so long as Germany
adheres to her warlike faith, no na-
Problems, measures and
events of interest to her
as mother, home mak
er and citizen.
tion will probably be found trying
to make her cup of woe less bitter.
The Inevitable Plan
lew favored nations," but of all
sort ol league or association of na-
merits. Indeed, it is not just clear
that such an association would
of her by her victorious enemies,' need to have, any other business,
which apparently is to be fixed at for if armaments were kept really
somewhere between fifty and sixty'small, the danger of war would
billions ol dollars. Of course, it is likewise be small. Unprepared
actually a matter ol iustice that
those who suffered at her hands
should be indemnified lor their
great losses ot blood and treasure,
especially since she, herself, es
caped devastation but the more
powerlul motive with the allies is
the determination to keep her so
poor that she will not again be
able to let loose such an unspeak
able calamity upon the other na
tions of the earth.
Doubtless the preceding articles:,
11 I be eligible lor all teaching and ad
have already suggested the solu-1
the leading statesmen of all na-1
It is tiue that by controlling the
manufacture of the implements and
munitions of war future conflicts
could be averted but this does
nations are slow to enter wai. If
all nations were kept unprepared,
it is not easy to see how any really
destructive war could get started.
The hist move that such an as
sociation oi nations would have to
make would be to forbidthe man
ufacture of arms and munitions of
war by private individuals or firms
anywhere in the world. It is here
that the mischief really begins for
there is every, evidence that very
much ot the ill-will and bitterness
among nations is secretly stirred
up by the makers of death-dealing
implements in order to create a
market lor their wares.
At any rate, if such an associa
tion ol nations can be organized,
it is apparent that Get many would
be kept under control just as all
& fe
,-ji ii mimstrative posts.
ion of the German problem which
-W i'-
tions are seeing more and more Miss Ruth Montgomery, of Tos
0 a
mankind. the Japanese emperor. Tl.it Nipon
To realize all this, there is no ese believe that by drinking more
other way than to organize some
tions whose chief business perhaps teach them how7 to produce
would be the limiting of arma- Jersey cattle in tlie world
SslMSIW'liiiil The
A Step Furthtr
We know that the prevention of
luture wais is 'one of the great
tasks to which the women of the
are to devote themselves
would be cipie ol disarmament further and
make it apply to individuals us
munitions of war of every kind, hereafter. A question which times a grandmother, asking her water and Tour" clothed
Without the implements of modern lames is, Why not carry the prin- advice as to her duties. Here is
I? 1
well a& iiaiiou^r
The purpose of this would be to
reduce the wave of crime which
has almost got beyond control of
late. The plan that is being seri
ously urged in some quarters is to
take away from the people all pis
tols and revolvers and not to pei
mit the manufacture of these par
ticular weapons by private indiv
iduals or firms henceforth.
cn a plan would, it seems, re-
Just as by controlling the arma
ments of nations yve can reduce the
danger of war, so by controlling
Angeles, Cal., has forsaken a life of
the armaments of men we can re-i the butterfly existence of modern I
duce crime and fince both proj- times and live up to her opportu
ects promise so much for human ni(ics in laying the foundation of
society, they seem worthy of the. ,erv children's character, there
best thought of the best women would be small need of prisons,
everywhere. jails and alms houses.
.'" It is a self-evident fact that a
Infirmities of age and increasing' ,,
voting mother usefulness 111 the
deainess has caused Dowager
Queen Alexandra of Great Bcitain
to forsake societv.
In the newly-organized Univer
sity of Rio de Janeiro, women will
children's Toys
to design and manufact-
ure tGys for p00r
children. She de-
clarcs that her new vocation is
much more
not apply to Germany alone for tive than playing bridge or danc
there will never be .real safety un
til the manufacture of such articles
is controlled in every other nation
as well. Moreover, the control
must be permanent, not tempor
ary and it must be
the interests not of-one, or ot a
interesting and attrac-!flybloWK
Going to Japan
Mrs. Sue T. Henning of Shelliy
ville, Ky., known all over the coun-j
administered try as one of the leading livestock] Famous Country Sausage
women in the United States, is go-!
'Japan a,t the invitation ol
the race will become hardier,
tlicy want Mrs. Iienning to
and has been a leader in state and
local .civic movements.
and that
this control would not' terminate
within a lew years but would con
tinue indefinitely.
A Talk with our Wives, Mothers,
and Sisters
Mother's Opportunity
Harriet, a young mother who
the gist of the answer she received.
My r'iar Harriet You indeed
have a heavy responsibility in the
duje gieatly the number of mui- own acts, never give way to. anger' ,1)Uled
delb hold-ups and burglaries and or worry and never nag, for you This
cheek the operations ol professional are your children's model and their
cununalb generalljr, lor most of made of action is patterned after
these persons use the pistol as their yours.
chief implement or tool and use it "Bearing this in mind the cuiti
tor the sole purpose of killing their vation of the virtues in the fertile
fellow men. Indeed, it is hard to soil of the young child is interest
how they could ply their trade ing and exceedingly important for
successfully without the aid of this the results are sc far reaching.
"I do not believe a child inherits
faults but rather that early im
instrument of death. Pistols and
revolvers are not used for sporting
purposes as are rifles and shotguns, pressions, impressions made in the
Criminals have them for the pur
pose of killing others and other
people have them that they may
defend themselves when attacked.
The function of these is to kill.
Then why not do away with them pure, noble and fearless character,
altogether, or permit no one to If the child's early years are passed
have them save by special
mission duly recorded?
rearing of your children.^' All solution.
first months of the child's life,
have a marked influence on his
character in after years.
"This is the mother's opportu
nity to lay the foundation for a
per-! in an environment of love, joy,
peace and trust he will imbibe these
rooral virtues, the impress of which
will go with him through life."
If every mother were to avoid
home depreciates with her activi
ties outside of the home.
Housewife's Corner
A random record of helpful
suggest on si for busy home
Use for Sulphur
At the last firing, when smoking
meat, throw a handful of sulphur
on the fire there will be no insects,
I have known this to be practised
for twenty years and never the
least suspicion of flies. Simply
thiow a handful of sulphur on the
fire after the smoking is finished.
norany o11)cr
rake 10
Mrs. Minnie JMinnich of Wei- had a good supply of tumblers for
lington, wife of a locomotive engi- the table.
neer, says she "got into politics to
help defeat proposed compulsory I ^'henpvei I buy a pattern to be
military training." She ipst a
pounds of finely ground
iiesli pork, add to it 3 tablespoon
fuls-of salt, 5 tablespoonfuls of sage
which has been rubbed to a powder
through a fine sifter 6 tablespoon
fuls of black pepper, 4 tablespoon
fuls of ground yllspice. Mix the
seasoning very thoroughly with the
meat with a large wooden spoon.
Chose Women This is the most .delicious coun
Pour women legislators, elected try sausnge that is made. The
to the lower house, sit in the Kan- ground allspice gives the meat an
sas legislature. Mrs. Minnie Grin- unusually fine flavor. This sau
steacl of Seward county was re- sage sells readily and brings a good
elected the others are serving price in city stores.
their first terms. They are: j:
Miss Nellie Cline of Larned,4i£ Instead of jelly glasses, I bought
elected from Pawnee county on the ordinary tumblers, not thin ones,
democratic ticket although the but plain, clear glass at $1.30 a doz
county went republican by over en. In these I put my jellies and
1,000 plurality. She is a law part- jams, sealed them with paraffin,
ner of her father having been ad- and tied a bit of wrapping paper
mitted to the bar in 1912. on top. The next winter I always
used ohQn 1 recut
^rot»her in tiiG World "W^v witipping ptipcij pin the pints to
Mw. Ida SI. Walker of Norton.' -ft* pi. «nd ha„g
was formerly president of the Kan-
is Federation of Women's clubs *lele
The Problems of
^carefuHy from
^le ins'de °f
AVhen burning vegetable refuse
in the stove, put in a handful of
salt and there will be no unpleas-
ant odor(from it
felt the weight of her responsibility,
addressed a letter to a friend who winter washdays put
had raised a family and was several lianclful of salt
freeze un the line-
When you cle 11
mothers do. You also have a'
wonderlul opportunity, lor the. Salt makes an
mother's rank first in the business mic. Dissolve a bit of salt in
of training the rising generation. water for bathing tired eyes. The
Schools and colleges continue the solution should be woak, of course,
work which the mother has begun,
build onto the foundation' which ^'Pc
"First, then, it is necessarv that
Res. Phone 194W
closet door,
t'ie^ rema'n slll0°th
and are
handy. I take tjie exact
measurements of all straight pieces,
such as cuffs, and mark the sizes
on the pattern. This saves time
and the handling of many extra
a bij
will not
furniture try
it, with
makes excellent hail-
the mother has laid. wiung oui.of salt water, and see
8 cleifiti cloth
ifc in the
have absolute control of your salt thickly 0,1 fresh
howeve] must bc Uone
"Why so melancholy, old man?"
"Miss Brown rejected me last
ni ht."
"Well, brace up there are'others.'i
"Yes, of course, but somehow I
can't help feeling sorry for the poor
Johnny-"Did Moses have dys
pepsia like what you've got?"
Dad—"How on earth do I know?
Why do you ask such a question?
Johnny—"Well, our Sunday
school teacher says the Lord gave
Moses two tablets,"
ink and ave it awhilc
Uiately or it will be useless,
Mrs. Biggins—I
stouter all the time
Biggins—Yes, when I married I
little realized I was getting a wife
on the installment plan.
EXIRA Store Phone 10 IO
Regular Prices
Avoca Flour
Corn, 2 cans
Red Marrow Beans, per can
Rice, 3 lbs. for
Pineapple, per can
Rye Graham Wheat Graham
Corn Meal
Phone No. 73
Money in the Bank
at the close of the year is a good measure of ytmr
success in material things. Have you paid yourself a
divideud this year by putting away a portion of your
earnings? If not, plan to be a dividend earner next
year by means of a savings bank account.
jv Four per cent per annum paid on savings deposits,
compounded semi-annually. You may start with
ONE Dollar or mere.
First National Bank
Exira, Iowa
Member Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
apital $35,000.00 Surplus $7,000.00
EXCtfflNQE ST/iTE banis
Farm Loans
lowest rates. Complete
set of Abstract of Title to all
lands and town lots in Andu
bon County.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Medicine.
Halite Catarrh Medicine has been taken
by catarrh aufterers for the past thirty
five years, and has become known as the
most reliable remedy (or Catarrh. Hall's
Catarrh Medicine acts thru the Blood on
the Mucous surfaces, expelling the Pol
son from the Blood and healing the dis
eased portions.
After you have taken Hall's Catarrh
Medicine for a short time you will see a
great improvement in your general
health. Start taking Hall's Catarrh Medi
cine at once and get rid of catarrh. Send
for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Assistant State Veterinarian
Office in rear of First National Bank
PHONES: Office 16, Residence 16
Res. Ph .1 '.*
"Safety-first, of all!"
Continuous, Conservative and Successful
I ,t Banking. We invite your patronage.
jf 's h,
f*-® Chas. Van Gorder, President
fjzEdwin Delahoyde, Vice President,
Leake, Cashier
Brake, Asst. Cashier
J. M. Carlson, jlsst. Ca,shier
Dr. W. K. Riley,
Physician and Surgeon,
Office Over First National Bank.
Phones: Office 62 Residence 31.''iuv
Ovtir P. M. Christensen's store.
Office Phone 39 Residence Phone 9
After you eat—always take
Instantly relieve Heartburn, Bloat
ed Gassy Feeling. Stop." food •soui inc
repeating:, and all stomach miseries'
Aid. digestion and appetite. Knfiiia utwac
"WI.*" ""d„Btror"r- Inereaics Vllulhy and
i/ATOMC ill the beat remedy. Tuaaof till
aandB wonderfully bcnefit.'d. Only
or two a day to use it. Ponitively gun
ran tc
we will refund mouey, UetaU
box today. You will see.

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