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in California
Eh or journal:
As I write these lines on Sun
day. February 6th, I am down by
the ocean to sec the sunset. The
scene is most beautiful this even
ing and it is the dose of a perfect
day. The sea is always restless
here and as the breakers continu
ally come to the shore it is almost
like music to the ear. With a clear
sky above, pure ocean sand below,
the high shoreline to my rear, the
glittering ocean in front, the Santa
Ana mountains in the distance,
Catalina island beyond the waves,
and Old Sol setting behind the San
Pedro hills and bluffs it is a beau
tiful picture of nature and as we
enter the twilight the southwestern
sky could not be prettier. With
the thermometer standing at 74°
above at noon today and a regular
Iowa June day it seems like all na
ture was at her be t. I wish all
of the Audubon county people
were down here on the beach this
evening. The water is fine and
they could all go in. Not much
danger of drowning for it varies in
depth from one inch at the shore
to five miles aad better beyond.
So the only requirement is to stay
close to the shore. But say, with
all of Audubon county
the other friends too, it
some reunion.
We had the pleasure of visiting
the Busch gardens at Pasadena
just a few days ago. Adolpheus
Busch, the founder, was a brother
of Anheuser Busch I believe who
had a part in making old Milwau
kee famous. The Busch gardens
are a private park of two parts,
but are open to the public on pay
ment of a small admission. The
place is as beautiful as money can.le^on
make it and consists of lagoons,
waterfalls, walks, orange groves,
great trees, an old mill, birds, etc.,!
of a tree growing in these gardens
I might mention. When Napoleon
tree and presented to Adolpheus
Busch. This slip or cutting
planted in the Busch gardens and
which came directly from the o!d
tree planted on Napoleon's grave,
soon after his death. I prize it
highly as coming from the grave of
the greatest general the world has
ever known.
Just a few words as to luw last
Sunday was spent which is a sam
ple of every Sunday here for that
matter and is our busy day. I
simply mention this to give an
idea of the many places to attend
public meetings and services pro
vided one wishes to. In the fore
noon we attended S. S. and regu
lar preaching servicea. At 2 p. m.
we went to the Salvation Army
meeting conducted by a leader
from the state of Maine. He said
was a new sight for him to see
children playing out on the lawns
in February for he came from the
cold country up near Nova Scotia
where they only have wo months
of real summer each year. Fallow
ing this meetinti we attended a
good lecture and then at night
went to an evangelistic meeting
where, in addition to vocal music,
there were thirteen musical instru
ments used if I mistake not. How
ever, the vocal music by the
Wilde-Knight quartette was olie of
the mam attractions. If the reader
possesses a talking machine of any
kind, see if any of the records were
by Earl Wilde for he has sung for
many of the leading records. I
.surely enjoyed hearing the "'•'•original
for he is a wonderful baritone. I
have heard a few singers since be
ing here that were of the high class
variety that the ordinary human
being could rot understand. It is
torment to me to have to listen to
a singer that goes into convulsions
ago was
here and
would be
same pulpit up on the side of the
yard and. the rums back of the I
mission give it a look of vveirdness.
The mission holds within its walls
one of the best collections of relics
to be found in the west. It is built
of stone and has several bells up in
the tower, only one of which is in
working order anymore I am told.
I went up on top of this building
and secured a piece of wood from
the bell beam aa a souvenir. These
old missions grow more attractive
with age and they will always be
places of interest to the sightseer.
and all kinds of scenery of the fi-,To those who have never visited
nest degree. A brief description jthese Places
is simply one item of interest which'Wlsh
the wel1 18
today is getting to be quite a nice PumPlnS begins. In the mam field
tree. So I secured a small cutting we visited the wells were numerous
from it and am attempting to make
and then you don't know what sizes, many of which are worn per
they have said when they are fectly smooth and rounding by the
through. action of the water which hasun-'
Southern California is much no- doubtediy been washing over them
ted for its missions. A trip to the for hundreds of years. The ocean
old San Gabriel mission some days wa« rough here for the day was a
full of interest and instruc- wiid one and every ve da.-hingj
tion. The place is aptly called the against the rocks cast a spray into
Old Spanish Settlement of the long the air, which was indeed a fine
ago. It takes you back in mind to
the year of 1771 when the mission
was founded 5 years before the
Declaration of Independence was
signed. The building^as it stands
today is over a hundred years old
and its quamtness makes it very
attractive. The pictures on the
walls were painted during the six
teenth and seventeenth centuries.
I was in a side room at the old
babtismal font where ten thousand
Indians have been babtized Saw
the first bible that was used at the
any church of today. The grave-!
The oil wells of the surrounding
are a
ness 18
matter of interest to
the new comer at least. In a recent
visit to the oil wells I note the busi
to fche
1 would
ter of
pump is installed, same is connect
ed upwlth an engine or motor and
and 1 took notlce that almost
it grow and if I am successful, Pump was working, which fact indi
Cameron township «rill have a tree.cated
that wells in this
alnght and a
P^S P*P°Mtion.
'I was hoping to see Greeley town-
ornamented with oil derricks
next summer, but I note by the
Audubon County papers that the
oil boom there seems to have col
The average rainfall here is about
ten inches and there has been about
six inches to date. The barley
fields are green und look fine at
present. The reader will under
stand that vegetables and truck
crops usually grow on level land or
in such places as can be irrigated,
while the barley crop is quite often
on roughland and usually makes a
crop by the sainfall. In the Impe
rial valley south east of here barley
is heading out now and alfalfa is
sometimes cut during ten months of
the year. That is a great country
for hogs too. The rainfall there is
very slight and the weather hot
during the .summer very unlike Long
Beach which has an equable climate
that is almost perpetual summer.
from San Francisco to Mexico, there
is only twenty five miles of beach
which is free from rocks and pos
sesses a firm saud bed. At the
sight. I was at a lonely little cabin
on the ocean shore which was one
of the snuggest, locations I ever saw
and at the same time, the loneliest.
The little house, on the bank just
above the water line, and surround
re an an
was a happy contrast to the busy
city which for nearly three months
has been our home.
mission. It was printed in Latin
in the year 1499 three years before This fact alone would be of no par
Columbus discovered America, ticular interest to anyone else, but,
Services are still held regularly each
Sunday. The pastor stands in t.he 'las
There is a writing called "'Acres
Since arriving here I have be
come somewhat acquainted with
an old whaling captain by the
name of A. E. Folger and have had!
a number of short visits with him
110 me
wall and the old organ with its rich instruction. A whale was
I melodv would be welcomed in most
as a
of Diamonds" but the other day departed last week for St. Paul,
be employed its a
while out on a pleasure stroll we
came across a place of supreme
be a el be a
acres of rocks. in fact I am in-1 Confirmation services will be held
formed that of the entire coastline *1,1
place 1 mention, the
.shores are perpendicular and very
1 1
high. Then off to the northwest of
here the .shores an
S00^ deal for he
about thiity yeais on a
vessel and his talk is full
Long Beach a few years
wilich NVas
sixty-four feet long
sixty tons. The slcel-
now on
information that where they
t0 sink a well a
13 erected similar t0 our wooden
Bonaparte died and was buried on windmill towers, only of course very
the island of St. Helena west of
Africa, his Grand Marshal planted ^u'res machinery of wonderful
a weeping willow on his grave. A length. After reaching oil which
small slip was later taken from this
£or the
seems t0 be a
drillinS re"
P^ty sure thing here
informed by the captain that
whales have been captured one
hundred and eighty feet in length
and weighing four hundred tons.
The whale's mouth is very large,
but his throat is so small that you
could not get your fist in it. Then
how about the 'whale that swal
lowed Jonah? That a fish was
prepared for this is the Bible
statement and seems to be the cor
rect solution. The captain gave
me a description of Napoleon's
grave on St. Helena. However,
the body was formerly removed
from the prison island. On this
island is a set of steps or stairway
which is the longest in the world,
consisting of eleven hundred dis
tinct steps. His description, too,
of the islands west of South Amer
ica where Daniel Defoes' story of
Robinson Crusoe was founded, was
fuil of interest in view of the fact
that nearly every one has read
this book. There are several of
these islands and on one of them
are several caves which are the ba
sis of the story of Robinpon Crusoe
and his man Friday. It is a pleas
ure to dig up these old happenings
which are now a matter of history.
This letter is too long, but our
stay here will soon be over and
these letters which I have enjoyed
sending back to the many old
friends will be at an end and this
land of flowers will be only a
Mrs. Walter Meyers is very sick
with sciatic rheumatism, with which
she was stricken last we«k.
Hans Hansen was a business
visitor in Anita, last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Aagaard, of
west of town, were Sunday visitors
with H. M. Mortensen and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. John Vande Brake
celebrated their ninth wedding an
niversary, Friday, February 11th,
and entertained a few friends at
their home, in the evening, in honor
the event
Miss Helen Nelson, a daughter
of Mr. Peter Nelson of near Exira
where she
che Damsh Lutheran
Exira.at 10:3(?
sloping and are I
covered with cactus and bushes. It
is seveial rods from the shore to the
water and this space is covered wnh
a bed ol rocks of all thanes and
returned to his studies Saturday.
E. B. Voss received word from
his brother-in-law, Frank Weisbrod
of Des Moines, that he is much
better and is able to sit up again.
The Eastern Star Club met last
Friday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. R. A. Jacobsen, with Mrs.
Jacobsen and Mrs. Bishop as host
Mrs. Kate South is here from Car
roll this week, visiting her mother,
Mrs. Mary Tharnish and sister,
John Nelson spent the most
of last week in Iowa City visiting
his son, Oscar, and in Des Moines
visiting his daughter, Helena. Both
young people are attending college.
Misses Edna and Katie Esbeck
returned Monday from Milford,
Nebraska where they visited fi iends.
Enroute home they stopped in Om
aha to see their sister, Agnes.
Perry Hansen came from Murray,
Iowa, Saturday, for an over Sunday
vi it it is is A a an
ther, Nels. He returned Monday,
Misses Allen and Had ley were
visitors in Omaha over Friday and
Archie Van Aernam has, during
the past week, sold the Cafe he re
cently purchased in Anita to the
former owner, D. C. Bell. Archie
received in the trade an eighty
acre farm in Adams County.
The five year old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Jesse Metheney of Stuart,
Iowa, passed away last week after
a short illness. Two brothers and
his parents are left to mourn.
Mrs. A. J. Jacobsen arrived here
recently from Lake View for an ex
tended visited at the home of her
son, Dr. Jacobsen and family.
Harold Kommes is having a
siege of the chicken pox this week.
The Old Reliable Greeley
Mutual Fire Insurance Ass'n
Organized 1888 Reorganized 1917
Wm. L. Clark, Agent, Hamlin.
Fred Wahlert, Sr., G. L. Artist, J. C.
ribben, Nathaniel Benton, John Petri,
B. A. Railsback, Agents for Exira.
J. C. Tibben, President.
F. J. Thielen, Secretary.
«$• «j.
& A
church in
morning, and
o'clock p. m.
is expected.
n,ext Sun^y
in Hamlin at 2:30
A large attendance
or as in he
country over Saturday and Sunday!
.at the homes of her sons, John and
uni, and Wa,(er fumi,
^Leonard Kline came from Cedar
Rapids, Friday, to at tend the funeral
of his little brother, Richard. He
",/* *s*
iy« ,/
Let jus Help You
Our Success Depends
gpn Public Confidence!
The success of this company depends on our
operating along lines that meet with the approval
of the public.
'a- u-
HI We strive for full publicity regarding our
.business. We believe the people have a'right to
know what v/e are doing and why we are doing it
t° know how much money we take in and how we
spend it.
If you are planning on building a house
or a barn or any other structure this sea
son and are figuring on what the material
will cost you, come in and let us help you
figure it out. We are accustomed to that
sort of work and can tell you in a short
time just how much it will cost you. Even
if you're not going to build right away we
will be glad to make you an estimate on
your bill. •,
But don't wait until you want a big bill of
lumber we will be glad to have your or
ders for one or two or more pieces and
will always make the price just right.
Fullerton Lumber Co.
H. P. HANSEN, Manager
Buy at Home
Save Agents Commissions
The Audubon Granite and Marble Works has a big
stock of Monuments and Markers to select from.
Come in and order your work for spring delivery.
Our accounts are kept according to the best
lmown methods, so the people at any time may know
through their governing' bodies, how we are
conducting our business.f
D. Lane Monument Works
All kinds of feed and coal
Christensen & Kyndersen
if- I
We aim to s*ll our service at the lowest rates^
I at which it can be produced and yet obtain sufficient 1
money to pay good wajes to our employees, a I
reasonable return to our investors, and keep our I
1 equipmentJn good condition. „J
,1 ,t

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