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Good News!
For Every Car Owner
Goodrich haB repuced its prices on its celebrated
Silvertown Cord Tires, Fabric Tires and Tubes.
They are priced so low now that you cannot af
ford to send away for tires, as the difference in price
is very little, and when you compare mileage and the
Goodrich iron-clad guarantee, Goodrich tires are much
cheaper. Some of the new prices are
30x8 smooth, fabric, $12.00. Tube $2.15
30x3i CL smooth, fabric $14.00 Safety tread, $16.00
H. P. Hansen
Buy it Home
Save Agents Commission
The Audubon Granite and Marble Works has a big
stock of Monuments and Markers to select from.
Come in and order your work for spring delivery.
F. D. Lane Monument Works
Tharnish's Variety Store
It is a pleasure to us to be allowed to show
our customers our line of plain and fancy
dishes. We have just received a new stock
of imported china, hand decorated, that can
not be surpassed.
For Saturday only we are making a special price on
s® plain white cups and saucers, English ware,
at $1.98 for six.
"The Place it Pays to Trade"
itifininipiiiiwiiiauuHiiiiniianiiHisHiDi lllliailllHIlliHIl lUlinHmimiMBHIiB!!!:
Any width. Any length. Any style.
But all well made with solid or slat
bottom, well ironed and nicely painted.
We can furnish you the biggest value
in the country for the money.
Yours for Service."
1 A-No. 1 Quality
EXIRA Phone 52
Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Layland,
Mrs. Ed Lewis aod. children, spent
Decoration Day at the parental E.
B. Perry home.
Isaac Hunt, George Hnrit and
Fred Bechtold left t&lay for Spirit
Lake on a fishing trip to be gone
several days.
Ed 'F. Carson, manager of the
Joyce Lumber yards at Wiota, was
killed by lightning there yesterday
afternoon. He was OH bis way to
his home and was struck while on
main street. He leaves a widow
and five children.
H. M. Perry and wife who reside
in Omaha, were guests at the home
of his parents, E. B. Perry and wife,
over Decoration day. ^ey
turned home Monday.
7, 1
The Citizen's Savings bank of
Anita which closed its doors May
13, will resume business again soon
A new stock company has been
organized and shares have sold read,
ily. The company will take over
the business of the bank and no loss
will bp sustained by the depositors.
To School Directors
The school census is to be taken
between June 1 and 15, and sent to
the secretary. It will be necessary
to have this done promptly, as I
wish the secretary reports to be
ready July 1st.
Very respectfully
€o. Supt.
Rest Room
Open All Day
1507 Tracy St. Audubon, Iowa
Next Door to Dr. Brooks' Office
Notice of Probate of Will
District Court in and for Audu
bon County.
State of Iowa, Audubon County,
To All Whom it May Concern:
Whereas, on the 24th day of May,
1921, a paper purporting to be the
last Will and Testament of Minni
Tremel, late of said County, de
ceased, was filed in my office, and
was by me opened and read, and
the 23rd day of June, 1921, 9 o'clock
A M., appointed and fixed as the
time when the same will come be
fore the Clerk of the District court
at the Court House, Audubon,
Iowa, for final proof and probate,
as the duly executed last Will and
Testament of the said Minni
Tremel, deceased, at which time
all persons interested may appear
and show cause why the same
should not be admitted to probate.
Dated this 24th day of May,
Card of Thanks
We wish to extend our heartfelt
thanks to our friends and neighbors,
that came to our assistance, and the
many acts of kindness shown us, in
the sudden death of our beloved
Mother also for the beautiful floral
Continental Fire Insurance Co.
Cash capital, $10,000,000. Same
price as other companies.
Phone 67.
Dr. Carrie Brooks Wood, for
many years a successful dentist of
Audubon, has rented the office
rooms formerly occupied by Dr.
Newlon and will shortly begin
practicing in Exira. Dr. Wood and
family will be distinct acquisitions
to the town.
Mr. Lewis F. Smith, who is station
agent at Ingersoll, Oklahoma,
arrived in Exira Tuesday for a short
visit. We have been informed that
he is leaving this afternoon on his
return trip and that he isn't mak
ing it alone.
Later—A marriage license was
issued this morning at Audubon Jo
Lewis F. Smith, of Ingersoll, Okla
homa and Golda M. Chase, of
Ed Bailey has sold the remain
der of his stock of groceries to
J. S. Small, who was busy Tuesday
moving it to his store. Mr. Bailey
has retired from the business, but
is undecided what his future occu
pation will be.
William Fries.
Emil Fries.
Anna Jensen.
Clara Larson.
Miss Miah Petersen is at the
home of her parents, south of Ex
ira, to spend her summer vacation.
She has been re-elected to the
Audubon schools, as teacher of the
second grade.
Misses Ruth and Ivah Anciaux
were visitors in Atlantic between
trains Tuesday.
Miss Alvina Christensen, of At
lantic, has been visiting her broth
er, C. C. Christensen, and family.
Mr. and Mrs. George Spirupt
did not leave for Wyoming as soon
as they expected, but their plans
now are to leave here this month
to spend a few months with their
son and daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Foley, of
near Audubon, are the parents of
a fine boy, born Tuesday, May
24th. Mrs. Foley was formerly
Veda Minerman, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Minerman, of
Mrs. Richard Hartzell left Tues­
day evening on her return trip to
her home in Canada, following an
extended visit here at John I.
Hensley's. She does not intend to
go direct to her home but will
visit for a time with her father,
Henry Deweese, who resides in
Jackson, Michigan. She was in
very poor health, and, during her
stay here, underwent an operation
at the Atlantic hospital from
which she is recovering nicely.
The Exira K. of P. degree team
which is classed with the best in
the state, went to Audubon Tues
day evening to confer the second
degree on a number of candidates.
The Exira team put on the work,
and were accompanied by a num
ber of other members.
Will May received word from
his sister, Mrs. Mollie Cossey, that
she recently lost the index finger
and a portion of the thumb of her
left hand, while operating a feed
grinder. Mrs. Cossey and hus
band reside at Otis, Colorado, and
she was compelled to go thirty-two
miles to secure medical aid.
Miss Blanche Bailey left Friday
morning for Otis, Colorado, to re
main indefinitely with her aunt,
Mrs. Mollie Cossey, *and husband.
Claudine Basham is spending
this week at the N. P. Christensen
home in Atlantic.
The Reason Why
Editors Get Rich
A child is born in the neighbor
hood the editor gives the loud
lunged youngster and the happy
parents a send off and gets $00.00.
It is christened and the minister
gets $5 and the editor gets $00.00.
The editor blushes and tells a story
about the beautiful and accomplish
ed bride. The minister gets $10
and a piece of cake and the editor
gets $00.00. In the course of time
she dies the doctor gets from $15
to $100, the minister perhaps gets
again $5, the undertaker gets from
$75 to $200, the editor prints an
obituary two columns and gets
$00.00. No wonder so many
country editors get rich. Have
you paid your subscription?
—Altamont Times.
Thursday Club Met at
Home of Mrs. Connrardy
The Thursday Club enjoyed a
delightful meeting at the home of
Mrs. Alice Connrardy, with Mrs.
Anna McAninch as assistant
After current events were given
the program of the day consisted
of: Character Sketch of Zane
Grey, given by Mrs. Varney, Mrs.
Bintner gave a reading, "A Week
in the White House with Harding,
Mrs. Oldaker recited that beauti
ful poem, "A Day in June." A
fine report of the Biennial Con
vention of Women's Clubs held at
Clinton was given by Mrs. Wilson.
The Club enjoyed a delicious
luncheon, during social hour, served
by the hostesses. ~y
Mrs. Ben Simpson, of Atlantic,
and Mrs. Lafe Simpson, of Bray
ton were guests of the day.
The Heart of the Home
Her face is all freckled—this girl
whom I know,
And her nose has a tilt in the air
And not even her mother, with
mother-love blind,
Can truly say she is fair.
Her hair is the color that may be
called red,,
And straight as a ruler hangs
Her eyes are pale blue, and her
forehead is low—
Though it never is drawn in a
Her sisters are graceful and bonny
young things,
And her brother is handsome
and bright
And all of them think in their in
nermost hearts,
Th^t their sister is truly a sight.
But the soul of this girl is beautiful,
And her voice is as sweet as a
And her goodness of heart and her
B. F.JENSEN, Manager
wisdom of mind
Are seen in kind actions and
And the mother has ever a fond
word and smile
For this child of her daily de
And the father's eyes glisten with
tenderest love
As he kisses and bids her good
And, oh, they would miss, and
miss her full sore,
If out in the world she would
For the girl with no beauty of face
or of form
Is most truly the heart of the
Woman Can Carry Her Valuables and
Indulge in Laugh at Light
Fingered Gentry.
keep their
In which
is not al­
ways a very con
venient place, al
though it Is safe,
foit*4the money
has* a -tendency
to slip down,
and then the
owner has to dig
perhaps as far
as her shoe tops
to get Vt. To ob
viate this disad
vantage Leonard
Careless of St
Paul, Minn., has
invented a purse
which is attach
ed to the pend
ent. garter and
may be fastened
either inside or
outside the stock
The inventor
has just re
ceived a patent
the details of
be understood
upon tlils device,
which will readily
from the diagram.
Her Husband—What do you
want with a horse? We have two
cars and you don't ride horaeftack.
Mrs. Goodsole—I know that But
horses are becoming so scarce each
member of our Good Deeds club
has pledged herself to keep at least
one horse to feed the starving horse
*.» "i.-"u*uumnnR
A Cozy Bungalow
for Town or Country
This attractive little home with its
two bed rooms is large enough for a
medium sized family in either the town
or country.
—J Study the floor plan carefully. Notice
the cozy arrangement of the rooms. There
isa^are five large rooms and a bath. You will
find, too, that a front hall is a great con­
venience in stormy weather.
The living room, dining room and kitchen are so arranged as
to save needless steps and labor for the housewife. Both bed rooms
have large clothes closets and are easily ventilated.
This is Curtis home design No. 2032 and is finished
throughout with CURTIS Woodwork.
Here, indeed, is an ideal house for the man of small
income who wants a home of his own.
Come in and see us about this house. We will
give you exact information as to the cost
of building this home on your lot,
and will furnish the plans for
building it.
Green Bay Lumber Co.
Scrap Book
Use and Abuse of Narcotics Cannot
With Justice Be Laid to the
White Race.
The use of cocaine and tobacco
narcotics was begun by the aborigines
ldBTpefore the new world was dis
covered by white men. Cocaifle is 9
derivative of cocoa. Natives mixed
it with dried cocoa leaves, lime or oth
er alkalis, or shells ground fine. Tills
was chewed by the natives along the
west coast of South America. The
practice of mixing alkalis with narcot
ics was also practiced by tobacco
chewers in sections adjoining the
"cocoa chewers" land. Then it sud
denly made its appearance on the Pa
cific coast of North America. Just
Siow this happened is a puzzling eth
nological problem, as the two coun
tries are so widely separated.
Taking snuff was correlated with
the chewing habit. Smoking was the
most widely distributed method of us
ing tobacco. Three original ways
were localized: with the elbow pipe
Tou stayed at home? Ah, is It any
Written or said you did not do your
•iQr: share?
The silver chevrons!—east them not aside
But wear them, wear those honor stripes
with pride.
Tou stayed at home, bu^ilf you only knew
How we, across the seas retted on you I
Were we unmindful) that, with hearts of
Tou re-enforced us, though you never
in the greater part of the United a
States, Canada and the eastern part
of South America with the cigarette
in Mexico, Central America and the
western United States, and the cigar
in the West Indies and the greater
part of the Amazon countries.
Had itj been oura^in vain attempt to
Tou would have come, to help us to our
Tou did come over, for your hearts were
And thus, more than you know, you did
your share.
Whose merit, if by fate's decree we
Whose fault, if you by fortune were not
Chance smiled on us, and so, In battle's
We took the part you would have gloried
They. say we, fought fuU well—we fought
and won.
Is tkat not Just the thing you would
have done?
If we went bravely through the nether
Tou, who are like us, would have done
as well.
Then share with us the glory, for we
Tou helping us, enough to go around.
—Capt. Vernon A. Vrooman, U. S. A., In
-New Tork Times.
sure won©.
I see Mr.
Pride has Joined
the army.
Ooodl If he
doesn't advance
rapidly, he'll be
different from
all the other

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