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Bray ton News Items
D. E. Shrauger and Will Johnson
of Atlantic were business callers in
Brayton Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Nelsen who
have been at the home of thjsir
daughter, Mrs. Peter Christensen,
near Corning for the past two
months, returned to their home last
Miss Mabel Rasmussen went to
Harlan Sunday to attend summer
Miss Bernice^Mc Govern who has
been attending school at the St.
Joseph's academy at Des Moines,
returned home Tuesday for the
summer vacation.
Wm. Gray and wife left in their
car last week for their new home at
Turtle River, Minnesota.
The family of Wm Clemensen
who were quarentined for scarlet
fever, were released last week.
Mrs. Ed Hansen was an Atlantic
visitor Monday. |ff§
Miss Tina Hoegh is assisting with
the work at the Jonn Vande Brake
home in Exira.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Freeman
and Mr. and Mrs. George Hardwick
drove to Avoca Sunday and spent
the day at the Ray Leonard home.
Mr. and Mrs. Garner Bartlett
and children of Osceola are visiting
his parents, H. M. Bartlett and
Mrs. Jacob Gwilliams and neph
Claude Hardwick went to Des
Moines last week on business.
Mrs. Gwilliams will dispose of her
property there and will make her
home in Brayton.
Word was repeived in Brayton
Tuesday of the sudden death, at her
nome near Orient, of Mrs. Silas
Clark for many years a resident of
this vicinity. She was a cousin of
J. W. Cannon of Brayton.
Lars Christenseo of Corning
spent Sunday at the home of his
fiigter, James Laraen,
Mrs. Soren Andersen of Council
Bluffs was visiting friends in Bray
ton the first of the week.
John Mc Kibben and wifet of
Audubon, spent Sunday with their
son Ernie and wife.
Mrs! Holt Cotton of Lewis is
viciting at the home of«her niece
Mrs. 0. F. Ide.
Hamlin News Items:1
While on his way to Audubon in
his truck Wednesday S. M. Petersen
encountered a vicious storm.
An apron and overall d&uiuc
the Woodman Hall Friday night
was an odd affair that yielded much
amusement and fun for a big crowd.
A crowd of ten among whom were
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Stanley and
the Misses Lola, Vesta, Gretchen,
and Wilma Mc Nutt spent Sunday
on the shores of Crystal Lake near
The John Crees shelling force
shelled about three thousand bush
clls of corn for Andy Andersen
Monday and Tuesday
Miss Margurite Law. teacher of
No 2 Greeley closed her school Fri
day with a very pleasing entertain
ment consisting of a splendid pro
gram and refreshments.
Albert Christensen, who is on his
way home froth.California, wired
that the Pueblo flood was holding
hiin up.
Miss Thelma Jayne is spending
the week at the home of her aunt,
Mrs. Leo Weeks.'
Lewis Bagley and John Horning
were maneuvering a bew Ford on a
business trip through south Melville
We never saw such a sweet bless
ing fall from such an ugly looking
thing as that cloun Wednesday. It
caught us on the way in from the
field and seemed to be bursting with
hoarse laughter over our confussion
and fright.
Two loosely organized bpll teams
played nine.innings to a tie Sunday.
Cramer of Audubon starred as
Apropos to this friendly jangle
over California and Iowa why not
reduce the question to a more tang
ible form and then go after it like
we use to in the old pioneer days
literary societiesjin the little proirie
school house. Here is the question:
"Resolved, that California yields
more benefits and hapDiness to the
human race than does Iowa."
Now, as a pointer for ihe Cali
fornia side, the next tima you go in
to a grocery store just take the time
to jot down the number of delicious
products labeled "California."
Again, did ycu ever notice how
many poor weary, raveled out
Iowans steal away to California to
regain health, vigor, and anew hold
life? Health is the one essential to
happiness. Without it you just as
well go to Texas and jump off.
Last Thursday Miss Sarah Thors
dale, a school teacher of Valley
Junction was brutally murdered.
Her body w:is not fouud until the
next day. A diamond ring and 75
dollars were missing. Within 48
hours Miss Dorothy Crail of Des
Moines, 15 years old was bound and
gagged and left in a deserted spot
as dead. Her body was found by
newsboys after having lain out all
night. She was taken to a hospital
where later she regained conscious
Mrs. M. O. Smith who was de
nied a divorce from her husband by
the district court at Audubon at its
last setting has appealed her case
to the supreme court, and the tem
porary injuction restraining Mr.
Smith from visiting the home has
been renewed.
Ben F. Simpson of Atlantic has
purchased a 1921, five passenger
Hupmobile, during the past week.
Mr. Simpson is the father of Lafe
Simpson of south of Exira.
Mr. Laurids Dam is very sick at
this writing and confined* to his
bed. Mr. Dam is the manager of
the Standared Oil buSiness in this
citv and has been unable to be on
duty the past week.
George Gill of Atlantic has
accompanied his sister, Mrs. Lewis
to Chicago, to attend the funeral of
his brother-in-law, Hudson Thorp.
The Elmer Covault family moved
yesterday to the house formerly
occupied by Mrs. Clara "Herrick,
and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Covault
moved to the house vacated by
Mrs. Frank Basham and son,
Jimmie, visited over Monday night
at the Theo Ordway home near
Fred Basham was initiated into
the Pythian Sisterhood Lodge, Tues
day evening.
Joel Basham returned Monday
from a week's visit in Des Moines
with his sister, Mrs. C. A. Foster.
Mrs. Alice Connrardy visited
from Sunday until Tuesday at the
Lafe Simpon home in the country.
Andrew Wells and family visited
relatives in Stuart and Dexter this
Mrs. Tom Mardesnen and chil
dren are quarrantined for smallpox.
Mr. Mardesen is staying out at the
farm. ~C
George Corl and family and
Freddie Nelson started this morning
for New York Mills Minnesota.
Mrs. Lissie' Gault, Miss J^ijama
Fitch and Miss Florabelle Houston
took supper at the Albert Binter
home Wednesday evening.
The P. E. O's held their annual
picnic at the Lafe Simpson farm
Tuesday evening. Judge Rocke
feller was the guest of honor.
The Thursday Club ladies will
meet in Audubon this afternoon at
the Geo Gore home.
imaiianiiHmmiBiuiaiin IDIiailllBIIIHlDIIBIIiailllHBll
*5 TP*
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tibben and
Florence and Helen Tibben went tb
Atlantic Wednesday to visit Mrs.
Bruno Lorenzn who is very ill in
the hospital.
Miss Myrtle Peppers returned
home from the Atlantic hospital
Tuesday where she has been for a
week. She was taken sick on her
way to Des Moines to attend
Mr. and Mrs. Clare Eaton moved
to Audubon the first of the wefek.
Charles Wheeler of Adair was
visiting friends in Exira Sunday
evening, v.:
Ed Northup and family drove to
Villisca Sunday to visit his father
who has been quite sick but is im
proving They returned home
The second band concert of the
season was given last evening and
a large crowd attended. Several
band boys from Brayton helped to
swell the number of players, and
the music rendered was A1. They
will contniue to give concerts each
Wednesday evening throughtoutthe
summer months.
H. P. Petersen and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Abel Stone, Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Christensen and Mr. P. A.
Jessen attended the military funeral
in Atlantic Sunday. *"/A( \-x
Pete Thielin of Templeton visited
friends in this city the first of the
week, i'
Mrs. J. W. Alsup and two daugh
ters are leaving today for Santa
Anna, California, to visit her father
who is in very poor health. Her
brother, Mr. Veuroix of Lexington,
Kentucky, arrived her yesterday
and will accompany them on the
Otto Akers, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Lincoln Akers, and Mary Ludwig,
daughter of Mrs. William Ludwig,
both of near Exira, hied themselves
away to Audubon yesterday where
they were quietly married. They
returned to the home of the bride*f
mother where-they are now reciving
the congratulations of friends.
A beautiful boquet of sweet peas
graces our table today, the gift of
Mrs. Conrardy who is a connoisseus.
of flowers and her sweet peas are of
rare beauty and fragrance. The
^fft is highly appreciated.
Howard Parrot, who has been
attending the chiropractic school 4t.
Davenport, is here visiting rela
Fire^of unknown origin destroyed
the garage at the home of Joseph
E. 'Morgan, four miles northeast of
Anita. The windmill also was des
troyed. The buildings contained
ttyo gasoline engines, power washer,
carpenter tools, timothy and clover
seed and-a quantity of popcorn all
of which were destroyed.^
Mr. and Mrs. Newell Jobes en
tertained. Mr. Jobes' sister, Mrs.
ASteher, of Ostend, Minnesota, and
nephew, Mr. Archer of Adair, Sun
day last.
l- l'A
We think the price is down now where
you can afford to feed Tankage.,
$52.00 per ton at the car next week.
Leave your order early
We take your produce through Northup
and Northup. and Farmers Produce Co.
Christensen & Kyndersen
S. W. Wright, a resident of Aud
ubon for many years, died sudden
ly last Thursday evening from hard
ening of the arteries. He had been
ill for months. At the time of his
death he was fifty years of age, and
leaves a wife and three children.
J. C. Hardman and family of
Ashland, Nebraska, have been in
Atlantic the past week visiting
their daughter and family. They
formerly resided here.
Round Oak range, almost new,
in excellent condition, for sale cheap.
Inquire at Journal office.
WANTED—Stock to pasture.'
O. E. S. will hold Memorial
service Sunday afternoon, Jnne I2th
at 2:30 at the Masonic hall.
Care of the Sick
Patients confined to. bed for any
length of time often find the bed
which seemed so desirable changed
into a place of torment. "Bed
weariness" is hard to bear in any
case of illness, but doubly hard for
persons who are really helpless.
One of the most distressing
annoyances of a patient confined to
bed are bedsores and while not al
ways avoidable much can be done
to their prevention by faithful care.
Those sores are caused by pres
sure on the skin, they are more
likely to appear on the thin skin,
aged or depleted patient.
The weight of the body if contin
ued on the same spot for a length
of time interferes with circulation
any tissue to which the blood is
not .bringing the necessary food
supply tends to become weakened
and, if. the condition persists, to
break down altogether.
The direct cause then of bedsores
is pressure and pressure is aggra
vated by moisture, wrinkles in the
bedclothes, crumbs or hard particles
of any kind.
Prevention of bedsores depends
upon keeping the skin dry and clean
and upon relieving pressure by
special devices and frequent turn,
ing of the patient. The parts ex
•posed to pressure should be washed
a.t least twice daily with warm water
and soap and powdered with a good
5jf I
f'"* J"
toilet powder.
Small pillows should be placed
under the patients back and
shoulder and between the knees
$nd ankles when he lies on his side.
Rubber rings are useful but
should be removed at intervals.
Ordinary cotton batting wound
with strips of muslin may be made
into rings and used to remove
pressure from heels, elbows and
shoulders. These cotton rings are
less heating than pads and give
better support.
If, in spite of all efforts, the skin
does break, a peculiarly difficult
|j investigate G&B
Ri&ht Now
PEARL for Screens!
OIGHT nov? $ou ate beginning to
think about screens—so n&& is the time to
7 The reason is simple. Rust, not
So—play safe—see us. We sell genuine G&B
The Universal Car
kind 6f open wound results which
must be treated and dressed accord
ing to the doctor's directions. ...
*, 'lA
New Prices on Ford Cars Just Announced
by Ford Motor Co^ Detroit
Touring Car with Starter, .. ?'/^575,0Q,
Runabout with Starter V??***? 530.00
Coupe, Starter, Demountable rims 'f 790.00
Sedan, i!
,F. O. B. Exira
Ford Garage
Ford Authorized Sales and Service.
To School Directors
The.school census is to be taken
betweei^ June 1 and 15, and sent to
the secretary.. It will be necessary,
to have this done promptly, as I
wi^h the secretary reports to be
ready July 1st.
Very respectfully
Co. Supt. bj
Wire Qodi—aristocrat of all
screen materials. This material is the best bearing and best
looking screen of- its kind. It so -far outlasts painted and
galvanized cloths that there is no comparison.
I 0
ruins screens. G£rB PEARL* Wire ClotK is
near rust proof as metal can be made. That's the whole story.
It requires no paint—no repairs and'is the best looking'?*
material that etier screened a porch or door or window.
Clean and sanitar?, too.
Tkere are lots of screens tkat look likes
PEARL but don't Wear anywhere ne^r the same,
with the 2 Copper Wires in the Selvage and the G&B
Round Tag on every roll. -1
W. E: Varney
-W i-
ft ,iO
I .i 5
ri i*
Prices on Ford cars are now down to pre-war pric
and within reach of every man's pocket book.
And we are also able to make delivery soon after.r
date of sal6.'
Come in and see us.
I V1
•r 1—
$ llSf
•k ft
1 V'
I c*15*

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