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Mrs, Wilson's Letter Should
Be Read by All Women
Clearfield, Pa.—"After my last child
was born last September I was unable
to do all of my own
work. I had severe
pains in my left side
every month and had
fever and sick dizzy
spells and such ]ains
1 during my periods,
which lasted two
weeks. I heard of
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Com
I pound doing others
lso much good and
I thought I would give
it a trial. I have been very glad that I
did, for now I feel much stronger and do
all of my work. I tell my friends when
they ask me what helped me, and they
it must be a grand medicine. And
You can use this letter for a tes
inialif you wish. "—Mrs. HARRY A.
R. F. D. 5, Clearfield, Pa.
experience and testimony of such
en as Mrs. Wilson prove beyond a
it that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
le Compound will correct such trou
by removing the cause and restor
Jthe system to a healthy normal con
dijfon. When such symptoms develop
as jbackaches, bearing-down pains, dis-
lacements, nervousness and "the
woman cannot act too promptly
in frying Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Cqmpound if she values her future com*
fort and happiness.
.X Surgical Chronology.
'•?M '^You are doing pretty well with ton
ells, I understand," said the first doc-
,. vV'
'^es," replied the second doctor
"Tim taking out a few here and there,
but' I'll never forget 1917."
."What happened then?" "'V
'-pest year I ever had for appen
d^tfes."—Birmingham Age-Herald.
V^hen the body begins to stiffen
ai^l movement becomes painful it
usually an indication that the
^l^iieys are out of order. Keep
these organs healthy by taking
M'Sl:( I. S
The world's standard remedy for kidney,
r, bladder and uric add troubles.
since 1696. Take regularly and
in good health. In three sizes, all
glsts. Guaranteed as represented,
for the name Gold Medal en ersry bos
and accept no imitation
Cuticura Soap
ithout Mug
P. D. Q.
it think, a 85c box of P. D. Q. (Pesky
Quietus) makes a quart, enough to
million Bed Bugs, Roaches, Fleas
footles, and stops future generations
lliing their eggs, and does not Injure
lothlng. Liquid Are to the Bed Bugs
at P. D. Q. is like Bed Bugs stand
od a chance as a snowball In a justly
heat resort. Patent spout free in
package of P. D. Q., to enable you to
them and their nest eggs In the cracks.
Look for the devil's head on ev
ery box. Special Hospital size,
(2.50, makes five gallons contains
thrpe spouts. Either size at your
druggist, or sent prepaid on re
ceipt of price by Owl Chemical
Works, Terre Haute, Ind.
Awful Siok
With Gas
Eatonie Brings Relief
"I have been awful sick with gas,"
writes Mrs. W. H. Person, "and
's can get to give me
Acidity and gas on the stomach
quickly taken up and carried out b«
Eatonie, then appetite and strength
come back. And many other bodily
miseries disappear when the stomach
is rlghtv Don't let sourness, belching,
bloating*' indigestion and other stom
ach Ills go on. Take Eatonie tablets
after you eat—see how much better
you feel. Big box costs only a trifle
with your druggist's guarantee.
1L I- ks.
For relief &ro to vwyyt
For rates, etc., write
Mudbiden Sulphur Springs Co., Jordan, Mum.
BABY CHICKS—98.50-100 lip parcel post
paid: greatest layers catalog free. FAK
Restores Color mad
Beaity to Gray and FtJi4 Hah
60c. and $L09 at DrarffUta,
HINDERCORNS Restore* Corns, Oak
Ioim. ««, stops all palo* eniurt* eomfortlo tka
wTtfrt'. lobmc. ete^ stops all pall
Jf AH. *sak«« walklar ««ay.
gist*. BlsooxCbemlea! Wi
arks, Fatelion*.
,! A
jW «y
«s'£ "-S &
ttv- ,,
Vienna Is
ity of
People Are Fashionably Dressed
and Spend Money Freely
in Luxury Shops.
White Bread and Fancy Daint'es Seen
Everywhere, but the Finances of
the State Are in a Chaotic
Vienna. Finance and economics
seem to have parted company In Aus
With its money situation chaotic,
there is at the same time a generally
acknowledged betterment of conditions
of living.
Travelers revisiting Vienna say they
do not recognize the city of a year ago.
The mass of the people are. better
dressed, and more plentiful food is
shown in their healthy appearance.
The green and sallow faces have disap
peared, and on the whole the Viennese
are nearly back to normal as far as
external evidence goes.
Paris can hardly show a more fash
ionably gowned crowd of women than
that which turns out for the ring prom
enade in the afternoon or throngs the
high-class shopping district in the
Shops Display Luxuries.
The shop display of luxurious wares
of every description Increases until the
Arbelter Zeitung says it exceeds Vien
na's best days of before the war. The
same newspaper admits there is steady
progress and betterment in business
and general conditions.
The famous delicatessen shops are
reopening with almost their old-time
excellence. The windows are filled
with fancy dainties for which the city
was noted, canned stuffs of the finest
foreign makes are to be bought, Ameri
can crackers and biscuits are common
In the grocery stores, the candy shops
are restocked, and while last winter a
pound of sweets was virtually unpro
curable tlie finest fresh bonbons now
are to be had In any quantity.
White bread Is served in nearly ev
ery restaurant, and the bakery win
dows again display the famous Vienna
pastries and cakes. In the poorer dis
tricts even the butcher shops and gro
cery stores reflect the same condition.
Turning to finances, the current
statement of the Austro-Hungarian
bank speaks for it. There are at the
moment 46,000,000,000 crowns in circu
lation and 4,000,000,000 outstanding
treasury notes issued to the banks for
discount. But this cheap money is
Everyone Is Spending. &
Everyone seems to have it and to be
spending It. Enormously advanced
prices for everything seem not to have
affected tlia volume of business.
Printing presses are now turning out
about 5,000,000,000 crowns a month
to meet tlue government expenses. The
current budget shows a deficit of
50,000,000,000 crowns. The wealth levy
has produced thus far about 9,000,000,
000 crowns, half of which was paid lu
Kansas Town Has Most Elabor
ate Affair of the Kind.
Camp Merritt Is Destroyed by Flames
A view of the spectacular night fire which recently wiped out virtually all that was left standing of Catnp Mer
ritt. JSew Jersey. This was the third fire of mysterious origin to sweep over the cantonment.
war bonds, leaving enough cash from
this-source to meet about one month's
running expenses for the government.
Through its spokesmen and newspa
pers the government Is urging the need
of haste in the proposed credit plan
of the League of Nations by which
enough foreign capital is sought to es
tablish a bank of Issue whose new cur
rency on a gold basis Is expected grad
ually to stabilize the value of the pres
ent crown.
Services for lllinoisan Held in Shade
of Immense Hackberry He Owned
for Forty Years.
Assumption, HI.—Forty years of care
for a hackberry tree that grew,, in
his front yard provided Dr. R. W.
Johnson, who died here, with one of
the most unique places for a funeral
service that this state has ever pro
vided. His request was that the fu
neral be held in the old tree's shade.
Hupdreds of friends who gathered
at the funeral from Christian and
near-by counties found that the tree's
Immensity was not exaggerated. It
rises about 300 feet in the air and
spreads over the entire yard in which
the homestead Is located.
Its size has balked all efforts of
friends of the late Doctor J^unson to
measure It with exactitude. Both
kites and toy balloons have been utfed
without satisfaction.
Seven years ago the tree's height
was over 225 feet, and it Is said to
have grown phenomenally since. Old
settlers of Christian county say It Is
about the same age as Doctor John'
son, who died at the age of seventy
one. Forty years ago he acquired the
property upon which the tree grew,
and built a home. It had already been
growing then for 30 years, they said.
It Cost $225,000 and Pupils From
Seven Districts Are Trans
ported in Motor Buses.
Garden City, Kan.—"What is de
scribed as one of the most elaborate
and complete consolidated school
plants in America has just been dedi
cated at Holcomb, seven miles west
of Garden City on the western Kan
sas prairie. The plant cost $225,000.
Seven school districts joined to
construct the single plant where the
pupils may have the advantage of a
city school, including manual train
ing, domestic science and scientific
training of several varieties.
Six one-room schools of the old
type and a three-room school at Hol
comb were abandoned in favor of the
consolidate,d project
Chicago Business Men Revolt
Against Gay Clothing.
Department Store and Railway Office
Lead the Way and Others,
Chicago.—"The dolls must go."
This Is the feeling in business cir
cles and marks a revolt against the
extreme dressing and artificial make
up of many office and sales girls.
One big department store has
banned all dresses except black, gray
and brown. No knee lengths. The
girls in the Chicago, Burlington &
Qulncy offices read a notice putting
the kibosh on transparent waists,
stockings and paint. Even gum has
been banished.
"More and more employers are spec
ifying how a girl shall dress," said
L. R. Troll, manager of the American
Railway bureau, which furnishes of
fice help to employers. "A great many
are reticent when it conies to stat
ing just how a girl should dress, as
The pupils are transported to the
school by motor buses driven by
teachers, who receive $20 a month for
this extra work. The buses have a
capacity of 30 to 40 pupils each.
The Holcomb consolidated school
district has an area of 124^ square
miles. The school population at pres
ent Is 375. The now plant has a capa
city of G0f grade and high school pu
The consolidated school group con
sists of seven buildings In all, with
others to be added later, a first-class
farm for Instruction in practical
agriculture, and a large athletic field.
In addition to the main high school
building and a grade school building,
there is a large garage for housing
the motor buses, a cottage for the
superintendent, and a cottage for the
Cough lozenges are to be supplied
free to worshipers with troublesome
coughs In a London church.
Tests Wine in Divorce
Case, Asks Nominal Fee
Omaha, Neb.—J., T. Bohan,
Omaha real estate man, was re
quired to sample 700 gallons of
old wine. Acting as "referee" in
the divorce case of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Henos, he was requested
by attorneys to ascertain If the
wine was In good condition. In
the divorce case Henas, accord
ing to attorneys, had agreed at
the time of an out-of-court prop
erty settlement to take "every
thing In the cellar." The wine,
which the Henas couple had
made together, was five years
old. Some of it was seven
years. Bohan reported the wine
In "excellent condition" and
stated that his fee would be
Under the doctor's care It has be
come not only a landmark, but one
of the most beautiful and immense
trees of the state.
Doctor Johnson was one of the pio
neer physicians of central Illinois, hav
ing practiced In Christian county 45
years. •.
Plants Beans 900 Years Old.
Sallna, Kan.—Rev. M. M. Stoltz, li
brarian at the Kansas Wesleyan uni
versity, has received from Frederick
Brorson, a graduate of the school,
some relics from the ruins of Mesa
Verde, In the national park, which
will be placed In the university mu
seum. Among them are. some corn,
corn cobs and beans'that were taken
from between rocks where scientists
say they have been for 900 years. The
cobs look as If they had been picked
this year and the corn and beans are
in a perfect state of preservation,
Doctor Stoltz has planted some of the
corn and beans and he declares that
he believes they will sprout and grow.
In France the maximum penalty for
cruelty to animals is a fine of $3.
they consider It none of their busi
ness, so when they call me over the
telephone they simply specify 'quietly
dressed' young women. When I talk
to them in their private offices they
tell me how undesirable the flashily
dressed girl Is.
"They notice a lot of things, too.
There is a special objection right now
to the light gray silk hose which the
girls are wearing."
Miss Josephine Bessems, manager
of the Women's Occupational bureau,
gave instances of many girls who had
failed to get positions because of their
flashy clothes.
"For a railroad office where the
girls do not meet the public a ging
ham dress is best," she declared.
David Hallinan, manager of the La
Salle Employment bureau, has dis
covered that the girls wear modest
dresses when they come into his of
fice looking for a job and then as
soon as they are hired they put on
flashy attire.
"There are some slaves to style who
never will give up their extreme dress,
though," he ventured.
Explorer Decries Mannish
Garb of London Women
London.—British women ere
losing womanliness by adopting
the dress as well as the habits
of men according to Airs. Rosita
Forffes, the famous explorer.
While clergymen are denounc
ing women for drinking, smok
ing and swearing Mrs. Forbes
deplores most the custom of
cutting off the hair and the adop
tion of mannish garb.
"Women should keep their
womanhood," said Mrs. Forbes.
"It is certainly better to be a
perfect woman than an iniper
tect man."
ALLEN'S FOOT=EASE. the antiseptic
powder to be shaken into the shoes, stops
the pain of corns and bunions, and gives
quick relief to sweating, callous, tired, ach
ing, tender feet, blisters and sore spots. It
rests.the feet, keeps them cool and comfort
able. Shoes and stockings wear twice as
long when you walk In comfort.
Another Way.
"Did you hear about that home
brew blowing up?"
"Yes," replied Uncle Bill Bottletop,
"If the appropriations for prohibition
enforcement don't hold up, maybe we
can curb the liquor evil by bringln'
It under the regulations provided for
handling high explosives."
Golf Ball Kills a Crane.
I'ana, III.—John W. Preiss, promi
nent amateur golfer, while driving
across a water hazard killed a sand
hill crane fiylng In the path of thf
MI""I ^11""
Curtains are hung over the window
and a pair of Inside shutters partly
closed add to the setting. A plant In
a small pot rests on the window sill
outside the window. The whole Is
lighted by electricity, the lamp being
out of sight, outside and above the
The Indirect lighting, the window,
the flower and the curtain combine to
destroy the feeling that you lire In a
room with no outlet to open the air
and adds a cheerfulness that could be
obtained in no other way.—Chicago
A Serious Game.
1 1
"I suppose you know the game of
"yes It's to sell their books."
Affectations are the high heels of
small Intellects.
Get Ready for Hot Weather
By Purifying the Blood
"'t Many people simply melt in sum
mer. They can't work or enjoy life.
They lack vitality. Ten to one
their blood is impoverished.
Rich, wholesome blood is the
basis of vitality. If you
have it, you sturdily
withstand summer tem
peratures. But if your
blood is poor, loaded with
poisons that should be
cast out, you are limp
and useless in "shirt
sleeve" weather.
Is your money safe?
Deposit in a South Dakota
State Bank where
all deposits
Baus reasonable. Highest references. BeatMirlaM
Chicago Man's Ingenious Idea for
Improving Appearance of Room
Without Open-Air Outlets.
neat little Illusion that gives to
an Interior room without a window
the appearance of having a couple of
windows has grown out of the housing
shortage. In one of the remodeled
houses the owner has had a window
frame with glass In it set In the wall.
There is a space of a piece of stucldlng
and then a suggestion of a blue sky.
show you the way
••'ijni^irin/nfimbers of people
Tan, Ut*t Scots, PimpUs. «tc.
Physician—What you need Is rest
Patient—But I cun't get a govern
ment Job.
Many a man curses his luck who
never had any.
who could not or should not $
drink coffee and who were
on the lookout for something
to take its place have found
complete satisfaction in'
Postum has a smooth, rich
flavor that meets every re
quirement of a meal-time
beverage, and it is free from
anjr harmful element.
Economical-Made Quickly
"There's a Reason
jvtade by Postum Cereal Company,Lie.
Battle Creek, Michigan.
«us. ©M
by State
Law. Certificates of deposit
issued, 5% 6 or 12 months.
Mellette County State Bank
White River, South Dakota
venient, cheap. Lasta
all season. Made of
metal, can't spill or
tip over trill not soil
or injure anything.
Sold by dealers,
prepaid* $1^6.
Guaranteed effective.
BAfiOLD SQMERS, Do SUSb Ave., Brooklyn, N.
Watson I. Colemaa
Patent Lawyer, Washington
D. O. Adrlce and book xrae
By Usino ths
Directions in 16 languages In every box.
Bats. Mloe, Cockroaches, Ants and Waterbngf
destroy food and property and are carriers of disease.
Stoarns' Electric Paste forces these pests to ran
from the bulldlnff for water and fresh air.
85o and 11.50. "Money back If It falls."
U. 8. Government bnys It.
Bank Failure!
bt.fi. n.BESLRl
lieuian CUcaa*.
W. N. U., DES MOINES, NO. 30-1921.
To ayoid this, get from your
druggist S.S.S., the famous vege
table blood tonic and alterative. It
is just the thing for poor blooded
After starting S.S.S.,
write us about your con
dition and we will send
you expert medical ad
vice free. Address Chief
Medical Advisor, 839'
Swift Laboratory, At
lanta, Georgia.
Eugenie's Struggles With Unfamiliar
English Must Have Been Amusing
to Her Hearer#.
Dr. Ethel Smith, the well-known*
composer, who was for 30 years an
intimate friend of the late Empress
Eugenie, tells the following amusing'
story concerning their first meeting:
"The occasion I am speaking of,
when I first came Into personal con
tact with her, was a meet of the har
riers, which took place, at her speclar
request, at Farnborough hall. She
came out onto the gravel sweep In
front of the house, and her manner
was more gracious and winning than
any manner I had previously seen, as
she bowed right and left to the awe
struck field, saying repeatedly:
"'Put on your 'ats I pray you, put
on your 'ats.'
"The master then was presented,
and she really and truly did remark
to him—as, if you come to think of
It, she naturally would—'I 'ope the
'ounds will find the 'are near the
'ouse."'—Chicago American.
--if '-TS

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