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Hamlin News Items
William Krohn has returned
from Colfax some benefitted, by
the treatment he took there.
A green-eyed cloud charged
down upon us Monday morning
and demanded an unconditional
Some very brazen' chicken
thieves have been operating near
Hamlin recently. It is whispered
that they are known.
Vern Adams hooved in to fill a
vacancy on the Frank Duvall
farm, *,
Frank Beers is out knocking
around on the old farm this week.
Andrew C. Nelson's Poland
China Hog Sale August 19th
A big social gathering at the
Clark Griffin home near Bayard
attracted a goodly number from
this vicinity, including the Stan
leys, a McNutt or two, and the
The Old Hamlin Ladies' Aid
will meet with Mrs. Jake Warner
H^edneBday of this week.
Mr Mrs. Harley Shelley, of
Stuart, visited with their bygone
friends and neighbors, Mr. and
Mrs. 0. W. Eddj% recently.
Orrin Eddy and family, accom
panied by Grandma Eddy and one
George Cook, a cousin of Orrin's
now sojourning in the vicinity,
went to Kirkman Sunday in Mr.
Eddy'8 big Studebaker to visit
Division No. 3 of Jensen's Con
struction Company is camping in
the Poor Farm lane near which it
has begun the construction of
three concrete culverts.
An imposing grading force
-slipped in and pitched camp in
jRalph Herbert's pasture just south
of Audubon Sunday afternoon. It
will begin work at once on the
first two miles of Primary No. 18
60uth from Audubon. It will
work southward two miles at a
It/* s
Don't Knock
Don't kick the Chautauqua else
you will meet the fate of the irate
„,rube who kicked at the cow and
missed her. The momentum of
his vicious foot jerked his other
«nd only support out from under
him and left him sprawling in the
The Chautauqua is a vehicle
-that carries useful knowledge fla
vored with amusement to the
masses. It is thus a phase of uni
versity extension that should be
eagerly fostered by every com
.munity. Now and then there
may be some special feature that
we do not like, but, when taken as
whole, the resultant is always
for good.* The ruthless critic
should fire from the viewpoint of
ultimate results.
Brayton News Items
Mike Anderson who has been in
the army for the past year, was
discharged last week, and has been
visiting his parents, C. P. Ander
sen and wife. He left Tuesday for
San Antonio, Texas, to re enlist
Mr. Jensen, of Harlan, father of
Mrs. Chris Larsen, was visiting
her one day last week.
B. M. Gross and "William Fries
last week purchased Anton Juhl's
threshing outfit and have taken
the jobs contracted by Mr. Juhl.
Mr. and Mrs. Lars Andersen, of
Omaha, spent Sunday with his
parents, C. P. Andersen and wife.
Several auto loads of Brayton
people went to Lake View Sunday
and spent the day at that popular
resort. •..!
James Simpson, of Omaha- was
the guest of his sister, Mrs. J. W.
Cannon, last week.
Charles D. Freeman arrived in
Brayton Monday from Des Moines
to spend his vacation with his
parents, F. L. Freeman and wife.
Mrs. D. W. Pov^rs and Miss
Marie Powers returned Saturday
from Atlantic where they spent
.three weeks with relatives.
#Mr. and Mrs. Marius Jensen
motored to Anita Sunday and vfs-
ited at the home of her brother,
Sam Horton.
Miss Hilda Cannon returned
last week from Menlo, where she
visited her brother, James Chan
non and wife.
Dale Heath, of Atlantic, is vis
iting his grandparents in Brayton.
Miss Frances Petersen, who has
been visiting friends in Brayton,
returned the first of the week to
her home at Fremont, Nebraska.
She was accompanied home by
Mrs. Harry Miller and little
daughter who will visit at the Pe
tersen home. v-r
Bred sows and a few boars at
A. C. Nelson's Poland China Sale
August 19th. 3
The picture show will open its
doors again Wednesday night after
having been closed for several
Mrs. Jesse Nymand, of Brayten,
and also Mr. and Mrs. George
Christensen, of Audubon, will
leave Copenhagen September 2d
for the United States, and will ar
rive about September 16th.
Mr, and Mrs. Peter Beck and
Peter Poulsen, of Atlantic, visited
at tbS Hans Andersen home here
John Gearheart and family, of
Corning, are visiting this week
with his parents, William Gear
heart and wife, at Oakfield.
Mrs. Harding's Social Sec
retary a Great Musician
"V A I
Miss Laura Harlan, Mrs. Hard
ing's social secretary, has been
prominent in Washington society
for many years. Her father, the
late Justice Harlan, served oh the
U. S. supreme court for thirty-four
years. She is ah accomplished mu
sician ahd linguist, has a pleasing
m&btter and a distinguished bear
ing- f,
Miss Harlan has been cloing sec
retarial work since the death of
her father in 1911 and has acted in
that capacity for society leaders,
wives of Cabinet members and
members of the diplomatic corps.
During her father's lifetime the
Harlan home, was a center of socia
activities and the entertainments
given are still remembered. She
has a pleasing voice and used to
sing at musicales for charities of
which she was a leader.
Weights and Measures
A fathom is six feet.
A cnbit is eighteen inches.
A span is nine inches.
A palm is three inches.,
A rod is five and a half yards.
A league is three miles.
A meter is 39.37 inches.
A cable length is 128 fathoms.'
A furlong is 40 rods or 660 feet.
A degree is sixty geographical
A barley-corn is one-third of an
A kilometer is 3.280 feeit and
... .r
ten inches.
A statute mile is 5,280 feet a
nautical mile, 6,080 feet.
A barrel of flour weighs 196
pounds a barrel of pork, 200
Remedies for Ivy Poison
ing Proven Successful
In the early stages of ivy poison
ing remedies having a fatty or
oily base, such as ointments,
should not be used, as the grease
or oil tends to dissolve and spread
the poison, according to specialists
of the United States Department
of Agriculture. Instead they ad
vise simple remedies such as local
applications tf solutions of cook
ing soda or of Epsom Bait, one or
two heaping teaspoons to a cup of
water. Fluid extract of grindelia,
diluted with 4 to 8 parts of water,
is often used. t''
Solutions of this kind may be
applied with light bandages or
clean cloths, which should be kept
moist, and should be changed and
discarded frequently t© avoid in
fection. During the night,, or
when moist applications can not
be used, the poisoned surfaces
should be carefully cleaned and
dried and left exposed tc the air
How True! How True!- A1
tho' We Hate to Admit It
The statesman throws his shoul
ders back and straightens out
his tie,
And says, "My friends, unless it
rains the weather will be dry."
And when this thought into our
brains has percolated through,
We common people nod our heads
and loudly cry, "How true!"
The statesman blows his massive
nose and clears his august throat
And says, "The ship will never
sink so long as it's afloat."
Whereat we roll our solemn eyes,
applaud with main and might,
And slap each other on the back
the while we say, "He's right."
The statesman waxes stern and
warm, his drone becomes a roar,
He yells, "I say to you, my friends,
that two and two make four!"
And thereupon our doubts dis
solve, our fears are put to rout,
And we agree that here's a man
\\[ho knows what he's about.
Land Values for Taxation
Will Not Be Raised
Valuation of Iowa land for pur
poses of taxation will not be raised
at this time, but will remain upon
the 1919 basis, according to a re
cent decision of the Executive
Council of Iowa. This decision
was announced after a hearing in
which the Iowa Farm Bureau Fed
eration presented arguments
against any program of advance,
ment calculated to add to the pres
ent tax burdens of farmers.
The hearings occupied several
days. Besides the Federation rep
resentatives of the railroads, tele
phone companies, express com
panies, public utilities and various
other business interests were given
opportunity to present their res
I pective claims. The Federation,
•. T-
You'll like the amusements
this year countless features,
all clean and wholesome.
Des Moines
rather than tightly bandaged. In
the later stage, after the toxic ma
terial has exhausted itself, zinc
oxide ointment and similar mild
antiseptic and astringent applica
tions hasten healing.
speaking in the interest of the
farmers of Iowa, was represented
by Attorney J. G. Mitchell, Presi
dent Hunt and members of the
committee on taxation.
Mr. Mitchell had fortified his po
sition by a searching survey of ag
ricultural conditions covering
every county in the state. His
evidence and "exhibits" were in
controvertible, and he was able to
present the case of the farmers in
a sane, business-like manner never
attempted before in connection
with the problem of tax equal
The decision of the Council is a
distinct victory for the Federation
in particular and the farmers in
general. The trend of the times is
unquestionably toward boosting
values with the idea of keeping the
levy down. Valuations of rail
roads, public utilities and some
other kinds of property were ma
terially increased, and there is
every reason to assume that land
values would have been advanced
if the Federation had not made
Buch a convincing showing to the
effect that farm lands are already
carrying a disproportionate share
of the burden.
Incidentally it adds another
item to the growing list of things
accomplished by the Federation
for the farmers of Iowa. •v
Every One Ought to At
tend Farm Bureau Day
Arrangemerts for the special
Farm Bureau Day Monday, Aug
ust 29th, have been completed.
Needless to say that everybody is
invited and will be welcomed
Farm Bureau headquarters will be
maintained in the Agricultural
I building turoughout the fair. A
{big tent, located- convenient to
I headquarters, will be provided for
the program of music and speaking
on -the special day.
President Hunt of the Iowa
Federation will preside at the
meetings. Jim Howard and John
Coverdale have promised to come
out from Chicago and take part in
the speaking program. Standing
as they do upon the high point of
Federation activities they will
Work and Prosper
A Frank Message to Farmers and Business Men
mm A A _•
It is the sincere belief of the State Fair management that prosperity lieS
just ahead for all whq phn with foresight and work hard.
The 1921 State Fair is planned for yon who are anxious to make the moit of the
coming year. The fair will be a great school.
To the keen business man and farmer it* exhibit halls and meetli}i& will furalsty
countless idea* and helpful suggestions for the laying of successful plans for the
A trip to the fair will be a paying investment for YOU.
LIVE STOCK—Blue ribbon horses, cattle, swine, sheep, poultry (torn our biggesi
breeding estates.
GRAIN—PRODUCE—County and individual farm exhibits from all Iowa.
MACHINERY—70 acres of farm and business equipment at the new prices open air
FOR WOMEN—Baby health, needlework, cooking, pageants and style shows.
».ss ,•
-Baby beef, pig, sheep, poultry exhibits} demonstrations and
Auguist 24—September
1 •/.
"They Don't Answer"
Frequently^ subscribers report they failed to
receive telephone calls and yet were "home all the
.Sometimes the person did not call at all, but
said he did.—We've checked them up and know.
Also, .people forget numerous trips to the
basement, the attic, or the front porch, out of
hearing of the telephone bell.
Further, the calling party often hangs up
before he gets an answer.
If you have a party-line, the operators report
your line "busy" if the other person on the line is
using his telephone when some one calls you.
speak of matters of nation-wide
importance. Beyond that these
men need no introduction in Iis^wa.
Mrs. Florence Richardson of
Mahaska county will speak on
Farm Bureau topics from the
standpoint of farm women. Sena
tor Capper has agreed to come
from Washington if he can man
age to break away from the grind
under the capitol dome long
enough to make the trip. Secre
tary H. C. Wallace can be counted
on, for nothing shoft of physical
disability or a jail sentence could
keep him from attending the Iowa
State Fair.
The program will include a
round table discussion, in which
everybody is invited to partici
pate. The state iair management
will furnish a band for the day and
there will be other music, vocal
-.iv„ iv„v ..
and instrumental, suitable to tile
You can knock him cold, but he'll
still come back
The instant he can go it,
And though he's beaten in each
The Son of a Gun don't know it.
You can lick and lick him, but
what's the use?
He never will realize it.
You can get his goat and cook hiff
But he simply won't recognize it.
He won't acknowledge his own
However you try to show it,
Now, how can a man like that be
He can't—if you want to know it
Colored Outings at 22c per yard
'^0 lx iV4
''i** iV
l. „.,vH

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