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the herald
iiitmM Printing Oompfy.
Thursday and Saturday
TW— Thmmmmmd.
~TWolh7lTa R* PKRANNV*
IRSK A 1-tHio A. IOWA:
July 2, 1886
"FrriT Jam Durton* advw
tIMUHHit and locals.
OVUM Col Vail define*
as the »ca erf nam* for Hell
Foe Sale.- W. Irvin*, al l***hton.
advert ism his butchering business for
sale at a barfpon
Bluff Creek -Kev Bauch will
pmirh at Bluff Creek on Sunday after
Boon, at three o'clock.
|*vke Lead. -Grv>eu A Bentley have
just received five ton. Bead their
many locals this week.
New Trunk*. -I. L Hull has an
other car load of the «l«ove-tnentioue»l.
as his locals tell you in this issue
The Golden F.aole ask you to read
their |trices on men’s. lans’ and chil
dren's suits, and furnishin* foods.
Work.— There will be work in the
second degree in Tri-Luioinar bulge to
morrow night, beginning at . S» sharp
Will BbwtaTK- Sapt- Bowen in
forms us that the Water Co. will soon
again clean out their filter at the works.
N EC K TIES. -The folks
mil your attention to their itsrktifs,
among the aU*«F lutrgains offered this
At Rose Hill.—TWe proprietors of
the roller rink announce a gay time
there for the Fourth, both da? and eve
For trees ami \ me*, fruit liearing or
ornamental. for fall <»r spring planting
see K K Kemlde A Os and get the
l>est of trees.
New Hors*.—On met Main street,
a cellar is being dug. over which l»r.
Heechler is going to eiect a fine, new
dwelling house.
Os* llorse Grocery.— Such is the
name Will Gaff »llett ha* chosen for his
place of business. Kead what he has
to say this week
The Inner Mas.-The wants of the
inner man may be supplied at the Os
kakwoa Market House. See what A
E. offers for this week
la Error. — We were in error in
stating that Prof. Chawner. of Penn,
would spend his vacation in St. I/wis.
He will remain at home.
Special Sale — C. H. IMiel|» adver
tises in another column a special sale
for this week, of low cut footwear of
everv variety, l/x* it up.
Flower* arrange in Umquets or
for weildmgs. parties or funerals and a
dire variety of house plants always on
hand at the Kemlde Greenhouse.
For Himself.- <leo. Watkins has
opened a harness and repair sh ip first
door east of Hawkins Bros. A Johnsons
livery lam. and requests a share of
public patronage.
Chariot RMm —Secretary Hedge
contracted yesterday with Mr McDon
ald for thorn pi»pular chariot races at
the countv fair. Better teams than
ever will he used
(Vmipinjr invite iou to attend their
•penal celebration. which lefins NOW
and will last a* h»ng chooar to
have it See their advert! cement.
Attention Company F.—Oapt.
Martin says there will lie rouipan?
drill every night this week, preparatory
to going to Ottumwa on the Fourth
Ever? uietubet is expected and desired
to he present.
The Old Rr.LiAHLK.-I>. W. I ©ring
A Ok are sciltng their linen ami alpaca
pimli at I'iat, iluaters ami ulsters f«w
gentlemen and ladies. at half what it
east to manufacture them. Read their
advertisement in another column. 45
Enjoy Yourself.— The ladies
of the MupttMi M K. church have ar
ranged few an ice t ream and strawlierry
•Of table at tlie church on the evening
of July 4, and LMmt cordially invite
you all to participate in an evening's
Rock Island— All freights will he
abandoned on the Itork Isl «nd n*ad
July 4. Passenger trains will make
their repular runs, as usual, and tickets
will he sold, commencing July 3. at
one-half fare lad ween stations -pm al to
return July A
None Better. Among the various
ways U» enjoy youraelf the evening of
the Fourth none will prove more
pleasant or enjoyable than to attend
the annual festival of tlie Cnngregu
tiooal Chun a. at the Palace Roller
Rink. Admission only HI rents.
Peculiar— W ill l.arey'slawn foun
tain sits under a large shade tree in
front of his residence, and when the
fountain is in ofieration. dozens of birds,
of all kinds, flock to the tree and in
dulge in a free hath. The sight was
both novel and pleasing to the scribe
Would Not.—Onr friend Burrell.of
the Washington Pnm, refused to travel
4m Sends 7 last, sad stopped over here,
attending church. This is the kind of
timber that made up the editorial ex
cursion. and we are glad that 11. A.
dropped la here to prove his sturdy
Puritanism !
On the Dead —We don’t propose
to say which one of our bicyclist# it
was that loaded himself, and wheel
onto a friendly hand-car seven miles
this side of Ottumwa last Sunday.
Nor which two of them cycled home
on the can. It wouldn't do to give the
boys away.
Oats Hmm.r Ur.—"Boo*" Spark*,
who assaulted A. C. Hrownlar. vn
bailed oat laat Saturday, bat voluntarily
gave kiawif up again Monday evening
and m now in jail Browniee'n condition
■till oootit-uaa criUcial Although be
haa been able to walk oat, be I* unable
to speak, and aertoya reealte may
AT PmncLLM tittovß. The pa
triotic people of Went Do* Mo*non will
1y the Eagle” neat Saturday la Pick
ereil’a Grove, near the mouth of Bluff
Craak. Bor J. M. Baugh. B. V. Soever*
and Oliver M. Down* will orate. All
who eaa poaalbly attend are invited, ae
a aplendkl day** rorreatire and enjoy*
meat ia Mured
fnu laraonw -ff. A. Walla A
Do, Drag Star* M, had a wow mirror
As 10 ft. pat la this week, where the
atteer bugs <ms was. And aa wo under
ataad they are U have two large
rwr, pat which if they
j I
Bates and wiia laid away la facaat
* hale hay
Mad Kimhro and wiia hart a! a little
daughter of gve msnrtfca. Tamaay. ft
UMNthar barfed a ma of twa yam
IM •* W* KWtw M MB
Person a u-Wm IleweU can bear
of somethin* greatly to his advanta*e
by tailing at the Oskaloom poet office.
For rth or July Picnics.— Meerer*
A Nsagte are well stocked with orang
es. leiuons. Ore works. Ore cracki rs. etc*
at the lowest figures
Business. -The V. W. C. T. U. will
have a business meeting at Miss Stella
Wilson’s on next Tuesday evening At
seven o’clock, where all members are
expected to be present.
A Freak.— Judge Battin left us a
cluster of trhlte strawberries, which
he gathered at the Lord property in
the west part of town. They are spon
taneous. of good sire and good flavor.
Rapid Growth.— lMr Herald— My
field of corn planted on the 12th of May t
is now. the 28lh of June, coming out
in tassel It is the •‘Pride of the
North." ! call that a rapid growth.
F.li Kktner.
West Center. There will l*e a
strawberry and ice cream outbreak at
the West Canter school-house, on Sat
urday evening. July 4. to which all
are invited. Proceeds for the benefit
<>f the Sunday School.
Well Pleased.— The proprietors of
the Bocky Mountain Grocery first door
east of the post office say they are more
t ban pleased wit h t lie pat ronage t hey are
receiving, ami ask your attention to
their locals in this issue.
Will Close.— The tanks of this
city will done July 3to remain cloned
over the glorious Fourth. The ex
ample might lie followed by the busi
ness houses generally, and earn the
gratitude of the hoys and girls by so
Picnic.— The Catholic folks will
have a picnic. July 4. at Dixon's grove,
south of the city, at which there will
lie several base tall matches for prizes,
foot races, and other athletic exercises,
with choice music snd refreshmenls.
It will lie a happy occasion.
“Thr Ei'rrk a.”— l nano! her column,
attention is called to a new patent
washer, of which G. 11. Ashhy is the
jiatentee. of whom, or of W. 11. Duke,
the manufacturer, arrangements may
lie made regarding territory. Success
to the •Eureka.'’
To sgot'K Men.—l have for sale one
red yearling thoroughbred short born
bull calf. His dam is a good milker—
the 29 lady Barmton. Price reason
aide. Residence 3 1 , miles southeast of
Oskalooea. J. H. Jenkins. 45w1
Open Air Concert.— The Open Air
Concert last Saturday evening was at
tended by the largest crowds since their
inauguration, and it was generally re
marked that the selections performed
by the Band were superexce!lent in
every respect.
New Telephones —Messrs. Brown
A Northup, at the City Feed Mill, are
connected with tl*e Exchsuige. Put
No. 54 on your call cards, and order
goods in that line from them. The
Stanley House is No. »V 4; please put
that on the list also.
Oort.—One of theconest little homes
in Oskaloosa. is that of Mr. and Mrs.
Benjamins Glare, as recently repaired,
and newly paiuted pure white with
green trimmings. Frank Glare has al
so impioved his home by the addition
of a new fence and fresh paint.
The New Postage Rate. -Yester
day the new postal law. regarding let
ter j*ostage. went into effect. I’nder
the old law ounce or fractional part
thereof could he sent for 2c; under the
new law one ounce or fractional |urt
thereof can be sent for 2**. This will
be a great saving h* the public, and
will, of course, he duly appreciated.
Fmhinu.—ln a Tourist’s guide re
centlv issued hv th»- Rork Island, we
find the following mention of our
neighlior as a resort for wary anglers:
' heart 4i. Mahaska county lowa. :r*»i miles
frvtn Chicago Water* !Muiufc river (the best •.
five mile*, and De* Motne« river, sews miles
from station Foil Buffalo. redbt»r*e. cat
.lo.xt numerous*. t>a.vs. salmon and suckers
Best NO4Uh« Ma>. June. Meptrniber. October
No hotel* Dor guides."
Bor and Match.— A four year old
hoy of.l sr Smalley's tonched a match
b» J. G. Seller’* hay stack last Tuesday,
with the usual result. Surrounding
property was saved by the neighbors
and the boy was saved from lieinp
roasted alive by the fire Iwing under con
trol lief ore communicating to tha stable
in which the young incendhvry took re
fuge to watch the effect of h.s bonfire.
Excursion. —The B. A W. R. il will
sell tickets to all points on their line,
July S ami 4. at one fare for the round
trip, tickets g«aal to return on or liefore
July 7. On July 4. the train will leave
i Mkalouaa at 4 o'clock a. m.. arriving at
Burlington at 10 a. n, returning, will
leave Burlington at 7. P. arrive at
Oskalnnaa at midnight
R. W. Prior
An Error— We were in error last
week in stating that Mr. H. R. Kendig
made the presentation speech when the
the menitieni of Mahaska Ixsige, of
New Sharon, presented OR 11. J. Vail
with a magnificent gold beaded cane.
H. K. was there and made his usual
good speech, but I>r. Conoway. the in
coming W. M . made the presentation
speech and it was. as we stated last
week, a good one.
Deorek or M. A.—ln the proceed
ings of I*eno College Commencement,
there was inadvertently omitted men
tion of the conferring of the Honorary
degree of Master of Arts upon Miss
Rons E. lew is. Class of *B2. now Pro
fessor of literature and History of
that Institution. This is the first in
stancs at Penn where an Honorary de
gree has been conferred, and is most
properly Iwatowed.
A Runaway Boy.—('.©melius Ver
werm. a native of Holland. Id years of
age. left bis home in Black Oak town
ship. Mahaska county. lowa. March 21st,
INB6, and was last seen at Bussey, five
days later. He has large dark eyes,
black hair, and at that time wore labor
ing clothes. Any information, by mail
or other wise, will be thankfully received
by his father. William 11. Verwers,
Palls, lowr Albis papers please copy.
Oskaloosa Hummer Event no Con
cert Owing to other engagements
Tor the 4th, the open air concert for
this week will be given on Friday even
tag, July 8. Program as follows:
«f the Wtlderaee*Quick March
Overture, ”Stiver Be9a "
Choral. -asvtor vtw tty lock. He "
Onaf March. Rehocca Oouuu4 t"
■My Dream. Wah ami
"ttgmai Una." Putt*.
•Mitheal rfragrfl.** March.
Grand Medley Overture. • Aa*er».-**« ”
k. of p. a*wt>.
Ci. AO* gft-Oa last Monday evening.
June 9. the O. H. K. Ctmo id, met at
the raa*fence of Mr. O. C. Scott, and
after n abort, plans nt aortal, they nr*
rnagod the following, an a manna of
continuing their fellowship, a* the
ITTga Kerb member of the rlma. la
the aeoath of April, of each year, ahall
write a letter to the President, stating
where they am, and In what barttmm
they are employed A synopsis of si)
them fetters taken together shall then
he written oat by the President, and
yam from the premat year, or ia Wi,
O. H H, theyare tohave a meakmie
Fair Notes. —Extensive prepara
tions are being made by the officers of
our Agricultural Society for a good
on the first week in September, and
every indication is in favoi of a splen
did entertainment. If you will the take
trouble to call on or address the Secre
tary, Porter Hedge, be will be glad to
furnish you with a premium list, or any
information desired. If you have the
name and address of any friend to
whom you wish to send a list, give it
to the Secretary, and it will be for
warded at once.
lowa Life.— The Secvaury of the
lowa Life and Endowment Associa
tion is now busily engaged collecting
assessment No. 9. Lise No. 8 has been
paid. The Association is in a flourish
ing condition. There were only nine
lapses on the last assessment, which
was a remarkably close collection, and
we would be pleased to make this even
letter. It is to the inteiest of every
member to look after this, and pay up
priHiiptly. You can not afford to neg
lect it. Julv 13, is the last day of pay
ment. J.G. Sellers,
454*1* M Secretary.
Bicycling. —Messrs. W. L Howe,
Will Neagle. W. D. Forsythe. Joe Wray,
Warren C. Johnson and Fred IxMimis,
of our bicycle club, made the trip to
Ottumwa last Sunday, over the wagon
road, in a little less than four hours.
They were received by the Ottumwa
wheelmen and royally entertained, re
turning again in the evening. It is the
intention of the < itt mu wa club to make
a return visit some time in August.
Bicycling is liecoming a popular recrea
tion. and our wheelmen are reckoned
among the la*et in the State. Certain
ly the exercise is healthy and not labo
Knkwts Picnic.— On Wednesday.
July 29, theCommanderers of this city,
Newton. Marshalltown, Des Moines,
and oth* places, will meet at Colfax
Hotel, foi picnic purposes. Dinner,
supper and a grand lianqnet will lie
had. returning here Thursday morning.
De Payens Cominandery has taken hold
of the matter, and it will be a success—
for the men of that rank never let any
thing fail. It will lie a gala day for the
Knights, and George Christian will see
tha\. there will tie a royal entertain
ment. The ladies will be invited, and
of course they will go in beautiful
The Fourth.— There will be nu
merous celebrations in the county on
the Fourth of July, which are duly an
nounced elsewhere. All the livery rigs
have been engaged by the younger peo
ple who have sought mates, and in pic
nic ways will pass the day in happiness.
Every young fellow, as he squeeres the
hand of his »>e*t and only girl, or sips
nectar from her rosy lips, should not,
in the moment of his joy, forget the
struggles of our grandads in walloping
the sogers of King George and winning
the freedom we now enjoy! Heaven
bless you all! and may our whole coun
try be happy.
Safe Blowing at New Sharon.
—New Sharon was visited Saturday
night hv burglars,evidently profession
als, and three safes drilled into and
blown open with powder. At Wat land
A Oattpll’s the outside door of the safe
was blown off. but only A3O in money
secured. W. P. Hawkins* lumlier office
was entered, the safe, lielongingto Mat
tison A Hitdw. opened, and the books
and }»apers scattered shout, hut no
money found. Kramer A Hammond met
with the most serious hiss. A large lot
of fine dress silks, valued at one
fine leather valise, and *8 in cash that
was in the till were taken. The burglar
proof chest iu this safe was not dis
turbed, and saved to the firm the STOO
in gold it contained. In each place
there seems to have lieen a hurried, but
thorough, search, and goods were scat
tered promiscuously about the rooms.
Theofiicers were promptly notified, and
ste|« taken to get upon track of the per
petratois. whose arrest we hope soon to
lie able to chronicle. A reWWd of $250
is offered, we understand, for the arrest
of the burglars.
PomtoVTICM Hours. — Some people
expect to find the |»ostofHce open at tail
hours of the day and night regardless
of conditions and circumstances. From
April Ist until October Ist the open
ing and closing hours are 7JO A. M. and
HOI) p. m. The Money Order window
o|iens at the morning opening hour
and closes at 5:30. Considerable grum
bling has Iwen heard of late because
of the office lieing closed so long for
the opening of the morning mails.
This cannot lie avoided, and if under
stood, would lie endured with a better
grace. At ten o'clock the largest mail
of the day is received and during its
distribution the K. A D. mail ftom
I Kith north and south arrive, and it is
a hard hour's work for four persons
from ten to eleven o’clock, to distrib
nte these three mails, all arriving as
they do, within an hour. W’e mention
this fact largely out of charity for the
next postmaster,—whoever he may be.
Sunday hours from 9:30 to 10JO A. M.
P. h. If you happen to find the post
office dosed a part of the day next
Saturday, please remember that the
FOURTH only comes once a year and
the hoys are entitled to a play spell.
Maha-ka Representation at Ft.
Madison.— W’e are indebted to Sheriff
Barr for the following report concern
ing Mahaskans at Ft Madison: J. C.
Fitzgerald is tending gate; time will
expire July 1; says he holds no ill-wiU
toward anyone, although he thinks he
did not get a fair trial; he will go to
Washington Territory, where he has
some property. John Livingston sweeps
walks, offices, etc.; is quite cheerful;
says be thinks be can live his time out.
Paddy Morgan is in tb* tool shops, and
Joe Smith in the chair shops; both in
good health. M. H. Scpher is in chair
shop; in good health; is doing well,
and is well liked by the officers; he had
a great many questions to ask about
matters at home; be never complains
of anything. Ren Henry is in the hos
pital. and is looking rather thin; on be
ing asked how he was feeling, said. “I
am about to croak;" but the doctor says
he is not dangerously sick. Frank
Rivers works in the tool shoo, and is
doing weil; be said he was “run in" the
other day on account of trouble with
another convict; says he has been pur
suing the wrong course, and expects to
change bis habits when his time is out
Rd. Gleason is in the tool shop; Ed.
Martin, A. J. Lee, and C. P. Grooms are
in the chair shop, and are all doing well
and ia good health. A. F. Hockstt is
is the chair shop, and b doing well;
thinks it i« too quiet John Ash is in
the shoe shop; looks cheerful; thinks
be ran outlive his time. Jacob Madi
son goes m the tool shop, sau T. W.
Hant waa given a saw, which Is in hlr
line, be being a sawsr by trade. Tha
new Warden. Major G. W. Orosley. is
wall liked by all the convicts, sad in
evidently a success.
prawns . MAT M« - MAEAIAW
'jk Lr»ss2r3!
. * •«* *-' wi .., - -
Johnnie Hawkins is borne from the
H. W. Seevers *•« in Grinneli the
past week
Emory Rice was in town a day or two
tbls week.
Wm. McQuiston. Jr., is home off tbe
road for the summer.
E. Bach is over in Marion county
this week looking after wool.
Frank Ebay is visiting his parents
for a couple of day* this week.
Mrs. J. H. Sheak is suffering from a
most severe attack of throat trouble.
Mrs. G. H. Higgins returned borne
yesterday from a two weeks’ visit with friend*
Mrs. George S. Mye/s and two daugh
ters. of St. Louts, are visiting her sister. Mrs. N-
B Week*
H. B. Drake and family left yester
day for a two weeks' rtslt with friends at
Mouitoa. lowa.
Mrs. Wm. Bowen is home from a
two weeks' visit with her father, on Staten 18-
laud. New York.
Misses Ozella Beaman and Carrie
Khiers spent last Sunday at Miss Beaman *
home, near Tain tor.
K. K. Parkhurst and daughter, Mrs.
S. M Ward, of St. Louts. Mo., are visiting
friends in the city.
Mias Nell Kalbarh leaves to-day for
Newton, where she will be the guest of Miss Pet
Wilson a short Ume.
J. C. Fletcher, of Fletcher. lowa,
joined his family here yesterday, and will stay
uutil after the Fourth
Miss Bessie Robb is visiting friends
In lies Moines, and Mlm Jennie goes soon to
Albia to visit relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R Street, of Omahs,
Nebraska, are guests of the home of Mr. and
Mrs. L L Hull, this city.
Prof. Du rye* reports a pleasant visit
at bis borne, and a rare treat In having his
mother come back with him.
Miss Lida Henderson returned yes
terday from a very pleasant visit with Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Keotßetd, of Uarfleid township.
Capt. L. J. Allen, of the Oskalooea
boiler works, will spend the Peurth with his
sons in Chicago, while Mrs. Allen visits a sister
in Clarinda.
Mrs. Wm. Barngrover and Mrs. H.
E. Adams, of Humboldt. Nebraska, sister and
twice of Mrs. W. H Wray, are gtK'sts of tbe
Wray home In this eity.
Herliert F. Smith, an Oskalooea
reared and i vised boy. uow connected with tbe
Wabash Railway office* in SU. Louis, will spend
the Fourth with his parents here.
Dr. D. A. Hurst and wife go west on
the C., B. &y. to-morrow. The doctor willlat
to»d the corner-stone ceremonies at Clarinda.
while Mrs. Hurst will go to Omaha to visit her
Mr. M. G. Carleton, of Jackson, Midi,
formerly of this city, returned last Saturday to
assume the duties and responsibilities as editor
and manager ot IVemocracy’s newspaper ven
ture. the IW.
Mrs. H. P. Duryea, mother of tbe
professor, accompanied tbe W. C. T. U. delega
tion lo Eddyville last Saturday, and returned to
Burlington Monday. She bad an enjoyable visit
and leaves many friends here.

John Rice returned home last Friday
from school at Notre Dame. lud , where he
spent tbe College year. -He was accompanied
home by tbe irrepressible Joe. He meets with
a hearty welcome from tbe boys.
Miss Eva Waggoner writes from
Ashland, Oregon, that she has found a “tired
teacher’s paradise." and will enjoy its sweets
until near school opening. She Is with the Td
rnanv who were \ Lsttors here last fall.
Mrs. James F. McNeill and her sis
ter. Hiss Annie Hlbbs, left yesterday for the
latter’s home at Springfield. 111. Hiss Hlbbs
has been a guest at the McNeill home for about
a year, and has made many friends here.
Mm. H. R. Trask. Harry, and Miss
Minnie, left Monday for Kewanee. Ills., for a
mouth's visit with the Lymans. H. R. accom
panied his family as far as Burlington, and
from there went north with his sample ease.
Ijist week we sent Mrs. J. E. Buxton
and “the children” to Spirit iJtfce. but when
they reached Mocliakinock they changed their
pians. and delaying their departure for a day.
started for New England. where they will spend
a month with friends.
Mr. McDonald, of Beacon, lowa, em
ployed In the Waggoner planing mills. allowed
bin right hand to come in contact with a circu
lar saw, last Tuesday afternoon, severely cutting
ail four fingers Fortunately no bones were in
jured. and he will lose no Sogers.
We were pleased to have a call from
Patber I>. W Walton and bis friend and guest
Mr. Clark, of Canton, Ohio, last Monday Mr.
Walton, as Is well known here, lost his eyesight
four years ago. but though thus terribi. flirted
Is cheerful and greatly loves a ebat with bis
friend v
H. A. Burrell, of the W ashington
prow, on his return from the Oregoo Editcri*!
Excursion. Muudayed Id this iiH-lropoU*.
Brother H. reports * fine time on the trip, and
his facile pen will no doubt itlve his readers the
full benett of all the knowledge trained while
awa> from home, and none are more competent
■ t the task.
Misses Grace Seevers and Julia Way
look a happy parly of little folks to New Sharon
last Tuesday for a picnic at the home of Mrs
Rose Kalbach. The following Juveniles com
posed the party lo and Zoe Fletcher. Hattie
Briggs. Warren. Helen and Annette Kalbach.
Mabie and Henry Undly and Johnnie and
Christine Bchlnnlck.
Ilr. Mary Smith, who came among
us last spring with a view of permanent resi
dence. has accepted a position In the hospital
at Detroit. Mich., ami entered upon her duties
there two weeks ago. The doctor U a pleasant
lady, and made many friends while here, who
regretted to have her go We understand It Is
her Intention to return to Oskaloosa at the end
of a year.
The picture-making publishers have
Started on the rounds of the lows press a por
trait of Albert W. Swalm. the editor of the Os
kaloosa Herald, and the President of the lotra
Press Association. Mr. Swalm makes a good
picture. He looks like a preacher of the Meth
odist denomination, and the fact Is. that be re
ceived his theological training which so well
ffts him for his preseut position In that church.
He wear* a smooth face and long hair, but this
does not interfere with the facility of his pen
or the geniality of his companionship Daren
port DrmoeraL
J. M. Lyford is home from Portland,
and enthusiastic over the re union with com-
rades of “many a long march and weary watch."
Moo says be had no idea how fast men grow
old. and that a sadness oppressed one who gazed
Into the faces of his comrades to find there
traces of pain and suffering, and to notice both
bnlr and beard whitened with age; yet every
one seemed lo grow young again, eyes glistened
and cheeks flushed an he received the hearty
baud grasp, and listened about the camp Are to
to the always interesting incidents of the great
Gleanings by Herald Reporters.
There waa a Rev. Robert Stew’s
lately, at which there were over T# present. Ice
-ream and strawberries were served in abund
ance, and with good music, Instrumental and
vocal, alt mMagad Ummsatvaa.
rhe whttn and colored boys of Kxoeiator
ptaymt a matched gams of base ball for fio, at
whfc., the whites scored 5». ooioced. as la a
game, beacon vs. Rxeetator -Kxcelsior. U; Be*
SEfs Rxeelatar vs. Mucbakteock, two gaaea.
Excelsior wianing the Am and Moehakioock the
**ro!ere waa a social at Mr. George Ramsay’s
Tuesday evening of last week, at which about
one hundred gattarad It was gotten uo ky Mr.
Ramsay and Leonard Joses, of No. S shaft
There waa music in the hesae and out of doors.
of Rescue; Sr fcviah folks will bold a ptcalc
west of K«mvior. In a grove.
Mr rbomaa, who driers team tor Jcha Smith,
was kicked by a mule, and bad hte leg broken,
an arm hurt, and a wound above the right eye.
if£v«d stair, as Mr. Tbomas hnd sut one
'"||^^Slty , to*h^e , fr«?* > trip toCMeago
rberriss iluS neighbor
Mother Coakley Is vislUnj to Altoona with her
putting out a map*# grave el
*omStTjam Bwhs’s tittle twins has Mm very
-ia l vasg>iM%tt.«tthsm
SCSejreVu going to spend the Fourth r
Feoria arlff eefebrate.
*** Jews Rim.
tug* aa Mmas tttt wm
e. 1 :;"
good weather it will elaar the fnmt Saudi
grata looked exeeEent and gram vary heavy-
Between the river aad town we m w_ a.fow
n( fwj] wueat th pi looked ftae. It tbore
he better o« in the
county With Urn exception*
fiat land the eora was In good oomßtfon., Wa
behind the counter selling goods. He hse au
excellent trade, and is one of the beet salesmen
in the county. He Is still bolding the fort ae
• Nasby,” bat has on the -wedding garment,
fur be thinks be will be included among those
of ofensivetpartlsan'blp. ’ We mused seetag
"Skirmisher” for which we were very sorry.
H. A. Smith and wife, of Indiana, are ' dotting
with their ebildi-en. Ezra and A. D Smith and
Mrs. Jaasee Burke. Mr. 8. was formerly a res
ideet of this vicinity, and still own* several fine
farms in tbe township.
We see by the New Sharon Star that our old
friend and comrade. M. D. Borket. wtU be a can
didate for count; auditor this fall. Mark was a
member of Co. A. 33d lowa, and a No.. l soldier.
We hope the voters of tbe county will look up
hts record and give his claims a fair considera
tion. Flirt.
June n.
Frtgnnw- hr the OsUkratisa at
friwsat, July 4th-
Processioo to form In Fmaoot at 1# o’clock
a. M , led by the silver eor set and martial bands,
in tbe following order: „ „
Ist. The veteran soldiers of Fremont and vl
tUty. . .
•3d. Carriage c-outaming speakers, chaplain
3d. Proceasloo of girts repreaeotiag tbe differ
ent States of the Union.
4th. CiU/en* in carriage* and on foot
Line of march to be dmtanated by marshals
of the day Marshals Akerman, Oaves aad
Hour for arrival at the grounds, le wA. u ;
music by tbe silver cornet and martial bands.
10:40 A.M. iipenlng exercises; prayer by Rev
O. J. Mt-Faddiu. Chaplain.
10 45 a. m -Muslcny the Fr*n»ont Glee Club.
10:50 a a.—Address* welcoaseby Hon. G. B.
Me Fall Mayor.
it a. uT-ReadtuK of tbe Declaration of lode
pendence by Ukl B. MeFaM, Jr.
1130 a. M Oration by Hon. W. 8. ken worthy,
of Oskslaaw .
I‘3 Jor. a. Dinner, ooebour; adjournment.
I jo c Ha*mu(Bu s march in full uniform,
with masks.
J :»r. m. Music by sliver cornet band.
l 40 r. a.— Music by martial band.
1 5o r. a. -Musk by Fremont (ilee Club.
2r. M Oration by Prof. J. W. Johnson, adi
tor of the Globe.
2Jo r. J*. Music by cornet band.
2:40 rm. Oration by Old- McFall. Jr.
3r. ■. Music by cornet band.
310 r. m. Oration by Rev. O. J. McFaddtn.
3 30 p j*.- Music by cornet band.
3 40 r. m.—Volunteer toasts.
4P. m. Closing address by P. Akerman. Chief
4:io p. m. Line of march to town.
Fire works at nighL
By order of ( omniltlee.
Our small city is very quiet, work being dull.
Health generally good.
Gardens looking fine.
Wednesday. -Juue 17, the usual quiet of our
city wa* disturbed by the marriage of Miss Nora
Sullivan, tbe respected and accomplished daugh
ter of T. C. Sullivan, and Mr. M. Harrington, a
resiieeted and well known conductor of the C..
K i. &P. R. 8.. Rev. Father O'Carrol! offlelating
After liie ceremony they returned to the home
of the bride’s parents, where with the invited
guests they partook of a sumptuous repast.
Miss Nora has been an active worker In tbe ed
ucational cause, and has taught successfully In
the Beacon *nd other schools: hence we regret
her departure from tbe field. ae happy couple
were tbe recipients of a numb*. of valuable and
useful presents, among which were the follow
ing Cnamhcr set. Annie and Mary Hull!van,
Eddy vllle; caster. Tade Shea, groomsmau; set
knives and forks. John W. Price. T. Mahoney
and John Sullivan; hanging lamp. Julia Sulli
van bridesmaid and sister of bride; set stlrer
tea and table spoons, fan and sharing mug. Mrs.
and Mr. Ja« Lugne. sister and brother of the
bride, Girin: china tea set. parents of groom.
ML Zion, la : »>ed and bedding, parents of bride;
bed spread. Allie Shea. Eddy vllle; 1 dozen linen
nankin*, Julia Hull Ivan. Monroe: lamp. Mrs. Ben
Kraus; bed spread, Sadie Hays. Pella; fruit
basket and table doth. Mr and Mrs. J. Hurley
cake stand. Mrs. T. Davis; lamp. Sarah. James
and W. Williams; cake stand. Sarah Logue. di
ver butter knife and fan. Mrs. Paul Evans; work
basket. Mrs T. Jones; cake stand. Nellie Jones;
Lied spread, Julia Patton; cake stand. Mrs. J.
Day. Oskaioosa; set glass ware. Hattie and
Mary Goliber. Eddy vllle; labledotli. Mrs. John
uuirk; card basket. Bmma and Laura Ream;
toilet set, Mary Mack. New Sharon; Turkish
rug. Ms. Grey, Des Moines; fruit dish. Mary
Thomas; tidy and sugar howl. Mrs. Mahooev;
Bur towels. Mr. Baldauf.Oskalooea; tablecloth.
is* Siteeby. Pella; bed spread, Miss lame.
Pella:Turkish toweb.Mlnule Patton: pair vases.
Mary Shea, ehina cup and saucer. Mr. and Mrs.
Blanchard; Turkish towels. Mrs. Mary Smart,
and other articles too numerous to mention.
June s*. A.
Quite extensive arrangements ara being made
tor the plcuic on fourth of July at Union Mills
The generality of farmers are about ready to
Bow tuelr corn through for the last time. They
tve been making good time tor the last few
days. Corn is growing rapidly.
About next week the sound of the sickle will
be beard in our rye fields.
The other evening, last Thursday we think,
about 11 o'elock at night, the wheat buhrs at the
mill began to mu rather slowly, and Mr. Swish
er the miller, shut down for the night In the
morning, Mr. Braden began to make an exami
nation of the water wheel, and soon called to
Mr. S. to come to him. for he thought he bad
found a dead man lodged in the wheel, but la
* estivation proved it to be a catfish. which
weighed T 7 pounds, the largest ever known to
have I teen caught in North Skunk.
Fanners are l>rginning to feel rather tired of
selling cream at ten cents per inch If a better
figure don't present Itself soon, we fear that It
is going to direct the farmer’s attention to some
more Hicrative way of disposing of his surplus
Mrs Needham, of Sigourney, was visiting lasi
week at her father’s, isarauel K now lion.
Jun. ». w -
West Harrlwa.
Hot davs but cool nights; rain needed
Prospect for a crop of corn pretty gi*"L It is
mostly clean, but some Adds .ire grassv. eultl
vat ion being hindered by replanting Ollier
Belds were injured by worms, and about two
kem of our otn piloting bw bffn d«*-
iiroyed by ants. We would like to know If
otters were ever troubled In the same way by
these little pests, and If there Is any remedv.
Early potatoes will be a heavy crop, if not cut
short by dry weather We never knew so large
an acreage planted before.
The «h.*ot at Fairvtew dosed last Friday
rather abruptly, cutting the term short by one
week We thiuk that a certain Kansas widower
had something to do with It. Ask the school
uia aiu or Wifi Chick.
The rest of the schools in the district will close
on the 3d of July. The teachers have given gen
eral satisfaction, we believe. The schools of
Muchy and Excelsior have beeu too crowded.
The loeusts have not yet come as predicted,
but mi Hi ns of grasshoppers have appeared •«
the srene of action, and gc g for vegetation
lively. They ar*> from hto V w;h in length.
Health of community good. ». vs scarce.
jume z». Buck its.
The weal her for the last week has beeu ail
tbe fanners reuulred.
The corn has made » wonderful boom the past
week. I beard several of our best farmers say
that we have tbe best prospect for com take the
country over we have had for live years. It
Is being laid by rapidly now to get ready for the
happens the small grain crop till It
is ready for the sickle, it wttl be Immense.
Mrs. B. K. dark hi still conAnod to the sick
room, but Is Improving lowly.
l»r. Field lias been calling to see # H. NeLson
for a day or two. Did not learn what the trouble
*Mr K. Smith’s children are having a brush
with sore throat. Dr. Whltacre has -hem In
Ch Dick Redman Is having a tussle wl'h billlous
fever. He Is coovalestng under the treatment
f mT went to Chicago last week,
with some s toe k for Mr. Nel sou/and from there
2 Columbrana. Pa. the place of bis
birth, to attend a family reunlou, and speud a
couple of weeks visiting friends.
Mrs. J W. J ami gan came down on the train
veatenUv morning, on her return from tbe
ed?u>n• • ieursl<>u to the Pacific coast, and
staved with mother Alklu until to-day. whew
she left for her borne in Montezuma.
Mrs. C. A. Brown, of Beacon, is also a guest
°*m!s» Belh- l Alhtn went to Monroeßaturday to
meet Mrs. Jamlgan. and returned with her
nmrnlwg. . . . , ,
Mr E. M. Voorbees has tits truuk packed to
take tils departure to-morrow for Grimes. lowa,
about 15 nHM northwest of Des Moines where
be has engaged as a clerk in a dry goods store.
rS ESEc preached here agafn laat »un
da>. Age does uot seem to have disabled him
any yet. as he can preach as well as ever.
JtUf *>. w - *-
Tin- 41 h will be remembered with speeches,
songs readings and at night wltt Are works
handled by comfietout hands. All are luvited.
Bring your dinner*.
Cora has door more In the past week than the
whole summer before. SnuJl grain Is very for
ward and promises a good field.
We have been terribly threatened by rain,
but have had uone la a week past
Mrs James Ktringfellow Is spending some
time with her brother J. H. Norwood. sCelsac
com pained by her children Blanche and Walter.
Rev* McCune. at Olivet, and Rev. Hcott. at
Burr Oak. dispensed the Q—pst to the watting
people. Good congreaalloo at each jdace. Me
Cuneln two weeks and Scott In three.
J H. Norwood had a horse badly lashed on a
wire fence. Amdlier testimony against If.
Burr Oak school clones ou Wednesday. July 1.
Miss Jen Delong testtdr.
Home of T. M. Price’s friends eat Ice cream
with him the oilier night.
Olivet Is putting on city aim. tbe boys meet
and play poker with a Ave cent antv.
We hear that aunt Sarah B. Robertson Is
ha* put a new root ou hi*
bourn. . Hl* daughter Mary xpeot a euuple of
»rfk< with biro. . . . .
Maggie and Mary who graduated at Pe*"
College June 24. ara now at home to efaeer *
“It Barn ex family have a couple of ooualns
visiting from Ohio. „
MrTUuod is visltiug hi* relations. Um Moody’*.
J. A Phillips. Supervisor In rood 5.1 s doing a
very good hut extremely rough work. Level
It down a little John.
n Wm lf^i^M h him a brother and
nephew, who are going went At out with six
**M < ?*s'Tu!'y DeLong start* werf ou the 2tfth to
make her home In Nebraska
jumt H *a*. Was Baolb.
Whit* Oak.
Jt.enoa CM. U UM, «t» MM
tVT»hEI<« IIU«. Ml WMM Oak MM
rfrma nnet PHrlttW
meat witt ua ou that oeesai on N u*, let all the
Ssp ttaU wore the bhrattUl; •^#**2.“*
Farmer* busy eultivattag #rfß Bom have
tt eatesram
f v ; *'r % • .■ |
much to the town, as w«U as give the family a
comfortable homo.
Mrs. Alien and Mrs. Robertson, * Oskaloou.
cuse down to Mr. Bister's last Thuisiu.
Misses Lowe and <* Oskaiooea.
are visiting at the Martin and Bukin home*
Miss BeaU, * Delta, Sundayed here with her
iMMdM tbe Slgafoos
George Embard moves Into the Rock; house
this week. We welcome him to our midst
J. A. White Is still keeping company with the
fever He Is having a loog spell, and we hope
to see him shout soon.
Miss Rose Beatty Is on the tick list.
Grandma Smith has just returned from a visit
to her son to Marion county
Roy Robinson, of Oskaioosa, was down Bator
rt n Hook has so addition to hts family—a
girl. _
Gertie Heinzman has come home from Ottiun-
Mr Sbaler tost a valuable hone last Saturday.
One of the teams belonging to tbe livery barn
here got away from HarveyEntiburn last week,
and ran a mile tbe other side of Kirk vllle with
out doing uy injury Twxy.
Say! did you see those #5.00 all-wool
suits at tbe Golden Eagle? They are
a bargain for #IO.OO.
We keep constantly on band Repairs
for all Reapers in use. Repairing done
on short notice.
L. L. HULL is making war on High
Prices id Harness and Saddlery goods.
Be sure to price bis goods before you
purchase. Remember money saved is
money made. 45wl
All leadiug brands of Cigarette
tobacco kept by the Rocky Mountain
Grocery Store. 45wl
of all kinds, at
Spanish Mackerel loose, and in 10 t>
45 Rocky Mountain Grocery Store.
Copperas, Chloride of Lime and all
other Disinfectants—cheap at
45wl Green & Bentley's.
“Sweet Nectar” tobacco.
45 Rocky Mountain Grocery Store.
One Horse Grocery and get a pound
can, full weight Guaranteed Baking
Powder for twenty-five cents. 45wl
Golden Java Coffee.
45 Rocky Mountain Grocery Store.
Rocky Mountain Grocery Store is on
Main street, one door east of the post
ortice. 45 wl
“Chips” tobacco.
45 Rocky Mountain Grocery Store.
Lubricating Oils, Black Oil, Zero
Oil, Light Engine, Heavy Engine. W.
8. Lard, Machine Castor, Mineral
Castor, and Genuine Castor. A big
stock at low prices st
Green A Bentley’s,
Wholesale and Retail. 45wl
Fruit Jars and Fruit Jar Trim
mings at 8. J. Dutton’s. 45wl
If you are a judge of teas, and want
t he best, call at
45 Rocky Mountain Grocery Store.
Duu’t fail to see the SS.UO Suits at
the Golden Eagle. 45-1
Davis* No. 1 full Roller Patent St.
Joseph, Mo, Flour, at
45 Rocky Mountain Grocery Store.
A Gar Ix«d of nice trunks at Hull's
cheaper than any one else dare sell
them. 45 wl
2 lb Basket roasted Coffee, Something
New. After having tried it once, you
will use none other. Sold only by
45 Rocky Mountain Grocery Store.
Try our Heavy Engine Oil—good
wearing body and cheap.
45wl Green A Bentley
Jake Leedom, an old timer, can be
found at the Rocky Mountain Grocery
Store, and be don’t want his friends
and others to forget it. 46wl
of all kinds, at
Cash paid for produce.
45 Rocky Mountain Grocery Store.
Five Tons fresh strictly Pure Lead
just received. We can save you money
on Paints of all kinds.
Green A Bentley.
Wholesale and Retail. 45wl
T *alm l©af Fine Cut to be had only
45 Rocky Mountain Grocery Store.
I sell tbe Celebrated Crackers made
by Shaver A Dows, Cedar Rapids, lowa,
tbe best cracker in the market.
Families wanting fresh and choice
groceries, can find them at
45 Rocky Mountain Grocery Store.
.See Hull’s jwtent Collars they are
daisies. 45wl
9A- Green Coffee.
45 Rocky Mountain Grocery Store.
We are agents for the Bachelor l*ar
rel churn, and the Union churn.
45wl S. J. Dutton.
“Prescott’s top grade" pure Havana
filler 5c cigar and the Palm Leaf, at
45 Rocky Mountain Grocery Store.
The Golden Eagle has knocked the
bottom out of Neckties, by offering
their entire line for 25 cents. Call and
see them. 1
French and California Prunes.
45 Rocky Mountain Grocery Store.
Fly nets and sheets, sweat pads and
hammocks. Retailed at Wholesale
prices at I* L. HULL’S Mammoth
Saddlery House. Remember this is
Business. Call and price them. 45-1
Examine our Samples of Machine
Oils, 50 barrels to be sold at bottom
prices. Green A Bentley. 45wl
Call and see the Oskaloosa Tanned
Whang I>eather Gloves for sale by
37 M. L. Levi.
One Cent Penny Plug—loc for 9c to
be had only at
45 Rocky Mountain Grocery Store.
Mls> ANDBBBON will wl! gowfto *1 corf for
the next AO day*, beginning Monday DU*t. She
ha* as tHortscoi of Millinery and Fanny
Goods Ladle# Muslin Underwear and Furaleh
log Goode, children’* and Infant's Dramas and
Rob** Call and sacure a bargain. 4SwS
Farmers will find it to their interest
to go to Green A Bentley for Machine
Oils. 45wl
Remember I do not claim to sell
everything cheaper than anybody else,
or to sell the best flour kept in town,
but I do sell as cheap as the cheapest
and as good as the beat, strictly for
Turkey Smoking Tobacco, full 1
pound packages- -ach package con
tains a pipe worth 10c. 25 emits a
Rocky Mountain Grocery Store. 46
nursery GOODH.
Would say to the people of Mahaska
County, that I am prepared to furnish
you with Nursery Stock of all kinds in
Fall of 1886, at prices lower that ever.
Can refer to one hundred men that
have purchased stock of ma the past
season. Will guarantee satisfaction aa
1 select my stock personally from a
reliable Nursery at Des Moines. Have
lived bars fifteen yean and expect to
stay and do a fair and square business.
An order given to any of my salesmen,
will raoaive the bart of attention from
Mto If you will gtvs me a trial I will
convince you that I mean what I say.
Gallon or address,
B. B. Weight, Oskaloosa. Ia
4* Smo. Look Box 261
When yon want a fiswt-ctos* job of
Horae Shoeing my si^
1 Grand Fourth of July
Willard & Weeks
L. Cook & Son.
“Make a price that will clos* immediately
5000 yards of 6 inch Sash Ribbons sent you
this day ”
We make the price 24 cts per yard; goods
10,000 yds full Standard
Plants (just to make things hum) at
4 cents.
20,000 yards of 4-4 Fine
Sheeting at 16 yds for sl.
Try it and if you dont like it you can
bring it back.
And as a finish we Offer:
iO pcs of a well known
popular brand of 9-4 blc’d
and 10*4 unblc’d Sheeting
at 19 cts per yd. Cannot
be duplicated under 25 *
30c a yd.
Certaiuly you c m
celebration, as for
you get $1.50 in return.
Willard & Weeks Company’s
Where you always find Bargains even
better than advertised.
We Still Maintain the Lead!
W r ill give you all a Fourth of July celebration on a lot of Men’s All Wool Suits, at
prices never before offered.
SO Men’s Fine Cassimere Suita at #3.00 worth- SO.OO •>*»»» >’»“'« “ worth
50 Men’s Fine Worsted Snits at #3.50 worth - 7.00 100 Dor. Men’s Colored Shirts at 35c, soW elsewhere for 50
25 Men’s Fine All Wool Snits at #4.50 worth 8.00 100 Do*. White Shirts, Linen ttosou.s, so,- others sell at 75
100 Men’s Fine All Wool Suits at #5.00 worth *IO.OO to 12.00 All style* of Linen Collars at lOc retailed at.
50 Men’s Fine All Wool Snits at #6.00 worth #12.00 to 16.00 100 Do*. Striped Hose at 5c a pr, no one can sell at less than 10
Onr *8.50 Suits are positively worth 20 00 100 Do*. Mixed Hose at 5c a pr, no one can sell at less than 15
Men’s All Wool Pants, different patterns at #3.00 worth .. 4.00 100 Dos.Kockford Hoseat lOc a pr, uoouecan ell at less than 20
Dont Fail to Come to Our Necktie Party.
We have marked all of our Fine Satin Lined Neckties, which we formerly sold at 50,
75 and SI.OO, to 25c. This embraces all of the evening shades, and none
worth less than 75c. Remember, satin lined and not
cambric lined, as advertised by others.
Men’s Crushed Hats in Brown, Blue, ine and White at 50c, woith $1.25.
Secure your Bargains early Before they are all Gone.
The Golden Eagle One Price Clothing House,
West Side of Public Square,
ogg-tTpoa*. - 10-W-A..
nmwp A-TST-v.
A large wholesale house writes us as
aro worth 75c.
With this we Offer:
No r ioord has or ever will be Established to beat Ours in
One Price Clothing House
afford to assist
every dollar you spend
Great Bargaie Gale
White Dress
New and Handsome line just received this week at Prices Greatly
Reduced. Our Hue of
Are reduced in price from 15 to 25 per cent.
We have a very fine line to select from.
Any person desiring to purchase goods in these liues will do well
to examine our stock.
Yours truly,
will again distribute among his customers a large list of prizes.
Head the following:
First Prize, S2O in Gold.
2d So in Gold. 14th. 1 pound Black Tea.
3d $2.50 in Gold. loth. 20 bars White Russian Soap.
4th. H packages Arbuckle’s Coffee. 16th. 20 bars Monday Morning t^oap.
sth! 6 packages Panama Coffee. 17th. fi cans Cream Peaches.
«th. 10 pounds Green Rio Coffee. 18th. 6 cans Lord Baltimore Peaches.
7th. 10 pounds Browned Rio Coffee. 19th. 6 packages Muzzy Starch.
Bth. 20 pounds Granulated Sugar. 20th. 3 pounds Mixed Candy.
9th 20 pounds Coffee A Sugar. 21st. 1 sack “Brown s Best Flour.
10th. 20 pounds Coffee C Sugar. 22d. 1 three-hoop Wash Tub.
11th. 1 pound Young Hyson Tea. 23d. 1 three-hoop Bucket.
12th. 1 pound Gunpowder Tea. i 24th. 1 two-hoop Bucket.
13th. 1 pound Oolong Tea ! 26th. 1 lb. Ur. Price's Baking Powder.
in this
Drawing Occurs Monday, Nov. 2, 1885.
THE PLAN. Every purchaser of SI.OO worth of Groceries
will receive a Ticket.
All my Groceries ore fresh, new, and of the l**st quality,
and will be sold as cheap as the cheapest.
Parasols and Pans
D. W. Loring & Co.
Dress Lawns,

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