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The Oskaloosa herald. (Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa) 1885-1919, July 16, 1885, Image 1

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nr* imm t km. mt nr. MOO ’ rhe labor question of Oregon is that
•MtMMMikM.- 100 m ■ <■ "■ 'll 'll »■■ -aa -*i of the entire Pacific coast, as the one
■ II- lmi* mu , W ■ ■ M ■ ■ ■ ■ ■lf element that effects it ne xr the north-
MriMfAi T ■ 1 I A R ■ I ■ ■ I I boundaries of our western shore Is
I . . I jQ 1 ' I ■ ThTproblem* one n ihfch th h^S‘
L lit? ÜbKdiUUhd m i cIIUL. -SSbSs
.1. y . will of their own volition shake off and
Vit bcauustbb m. n> rend asunder the incubus tnat is fasten
iPlflMcian and Surgeon. “f jf* fangs into the body and sapping
m.— 4— i oi «a* bt« • trrr-ur lbe life of labor on the Pacific coast.
-"-r ti im. is —— 11 —‘ '
— ‘ ' we refer to the employment of Chinese
joerPHixa twnnkt. m. u. . • labor. It was a question that entered
■i— a**—— • aMttMfry —r» ** t and Logan, because of the pronounced
\\T u. rillaic ——-———————————— - ———-^—■ ——-———^^rmi———— ■ ■' "■ views of the former upon the Chinese
YY Uontiat- r . . | i ' i * ; question; one that must be fairly and
nl i.i*. ..w araowJ M JOM MOIVKY. LAUD. MBCELLAKEOUS BUBIVIXSS OOJJLEOE. MEDICAL j TEMPLAR PtL *T.” Raid on tLe Csuakr Smtlm lova'i Muabotare*. BEFORE MAM’S ARRIVAL squarely met by the government in the
for pnaalbl oMfMK—. mf Israel M Gibbs Broker. I_T OES * SHOBIK ®; W * ctiwl QntwmAa txr tka P*rm»- iTor Fork Tribune, June ft. Dubuque Time*. What Seisntiata Say of tfca Topo*ra- raise Up ill its own might, and with a
■7» ~i —nrraw " " * -U- Tolbert A Miller, Blacksmiths, | . _ . »«t Lmtlm th« Or»*d The Administration is rapidly break- The manufactures of lovva are now phy -.f America in Early Time*. keen Mailed knife make one sweeping
I)* Loam of all kind* Mpaiated. Marcaatlla at tbetr <»M r«m) waat of Poatoßca, will do J/j J C—mHwy mt lowm. ing up the beet Consular service the almost equal to those of the whole stroke that will send a shudder througb-
Surgeon Dentist. guprr twyat aad sold, kou-» otw r*rr*ar« saoaiaff aa tow m aar otter abop io Oafeatoa J/cAS * • f/} AW f I I f -~TT , „ country has ever bad. One of its latest United Slates in 1830. lowa is sup- Washington, June 28-The com- out tliecivilized world and drive the
oaw a Ir-taw* wjcl oa MW awa. T *“ u * tewa. mt m. »_ I ///J//A//rtA l/A lAN IT DL I RUE i Tk . *kl experiments is the removal of Colonel posed Ui i»e almost exclusively an agri- mg fiscal year’s work of the Geological queue from our country. In fact, lain »r
tk»a.aj.>o»A. low*. ®rer J. . Uoryaa a Jru* iniiy r ■ inrHin imn IfirUDV { YSKAloosa KN<AMPiiK*n\ no. l*. 1.0.1 €/ \*JC£c/€'S C£j6iy \— l | I ° W 15? if S. U. M. Byers, Consul-General at Rome, cultural State. It is so very largely. Survey has been mapped out by Major is already secretly organizing for the
_____ Iflfl I * ioi FT i I IRl] in r ill etwni'i—» odd ' OSKALOOSA, IOWA v u, • ft, pecial committee appointed at the last to make room for Mr. Alden, of The lienee, the sbowiug made by the een- I’owell and the plans have received contest, everv city of any size having a
J. TIANKA ■. o, •UIIB 1 1 UUfLI tl UIRU iULNv li !BTited»aattMdL IfTfUMW im I—. Yea, hot u B tnw, and that la tha baotey conclave of the Grand Oommandery of A err York Time*. Colonel Byers is a sus of 1880 is calculated to surprise a the approval of Secretary Lamar. To- secret organization whose ostensi Me
U l»hvaiciar. and <urweon ' „ S.L. Ham.C.r lal fi— m. »- j*- afc. lowa, to select ana locate permanent brave soldie who served in the Union good many persons. There are 6.821 iwgraphical parties will contiuue the purjaise is to drive out the Chinese.
a* narfcrt Hrr* «vrr Borer a temr. 1 09 boota • t * r r«‘ ****** of fanaa A A Aa—oo, ScHte. « J he «“™y. *nd on this account made him- manufacturing esublishments in the work already begun in Massarhusetts Is their cause just for an action that
««W. .w. won, wurt SuTo ‘TTii.'teTrJSu MAHMU Looea no. w, I. aO. l-r- «w*i Me *«. W. r cuSTw lWw »f lf Obnoxious to SecreUry Bayard and staUj. giving employment to 28,372 em- and New Jersey whither they have will check or entirely prohibit the itn-
MorAa ml pwioan. i* wm to buy. (rtra «• a can. imt taiMauj rr«r* stuurdar evaoiiw at tte Odd j TCLEGMpm of PACT ME NT, WUH SCVCRAt ItM.ES Havca. ot a terrible attack of inn am mm " ln for camping is .the present Administration. He was ployes, with capital invested amount- *»ecn invited by the State authorities, migration of Chinese? After giviug
- appointed Consul at Zurich, Switzer- ing to 533,H87.88»>. with annual products which co operate with the Government the question as careful on examination
I)* • AKDI ' la B*iw«w.yock. oteakK-w. lows. ' co<- ‘ m,,T j 9MOSTMMB tm Tm-W»!Tiaß n * PUCTICM i&WTtt. meoted Urn and ted reduced him ln >on of Past Grand Commander J. Scott Land, in 1871, and speedily distinguished amounting to *71,<>45.926. These have to the extent of defraying one-half the as our limited time and opportunities
1 Magnetic Healer nS3<SI2r bu W '* # U °* T **» ’ te*ur)' luj * W I Jenkins, of Clinton. himself as a most faithful, energetic U*en largely increaseil since the col- expense of the survey. It is expected would i»ermii, we say there is. -But,"
tkrw Wocii iwu? ... _. . _ .. ... ... .*. „ . It Is Tru* that the Rev Dr Dan- 1 ° Bfartow * **• K - , ' om - • and business-like official. After ac- lection of the aiiove statistics. that the work iu these States will l*e said one, “if they were not encouraged
g*” A£9&OT |iH AS. W. IHACY. I at arm Ha Ten. who had be«n laid quiring a thorough acquaintance with Of these manufacturing establish- completed within two years. and employ ed they would not come.”
Jk*T t !or» i railJuS p ~ |or c r i»B«iii s—a tor Im—- |c up tor foor or Are tuontin at a time with Special Committee the German and Italian languages, he ments 68 are agricultural implement . lbemap|>ed areas of the coal and Here is a key to the solution. There
v**n te found at home. t» r anus anti Town l POjiertY for OiTril ITn aaw jji^S?*sll!rta>ew I u>« aerereat RtemwaUsm, took “ Araio- *PP<>ttited at the last conclave of the was promoted a year ago to the office of factories, giving employment to 85Vf iron-bearing regions of the East will is one ci.iss favoring their importation
~uw ■ r PaLl a.wl vl VLI UjuA I Uut)i* j wacten ortoa« Iter—> PBoaoa and became a wea man. urand Lommanaery to view, select and Consul-General at Borne. Heposscssed men, and producing annually manu- be considerably enlarged. These are —those who employ large uutnliers of
) * , , SBie, lAXes laid, and D w. u howi, aa. wisco, A R i ? m * grounds for special qualifications for his post; he factored giMMls worth 81,171,820. Very th'ee *u number, namely, the Appa- laborers at certain vocations. Tbeyal
-1 hysn ian and surgeon. ConYevancinir Done. o«nr aod rr—apuc* oa Higa «trf«t. s block* | »■■»■■■« amertm*. www , Bakfr of chicaffa. wh«head ?? V * thelloßo ''t o f® - had made an exhaustive study of tier- few jieopie imagine that there is very Jachian district, extending from Mary- lege as reasons the cheapness of their
Oteatooa*. lowa, oflw oonteMM wwr ot . .mm of coart Houm, obArlckwr, lowa. »f I M*D llr was drawn owr w> wa wn a/^° U 8 a t “ rou ou r° man, Swiss and Italian exports to the nearly as much capital invested in the to Georgia and Alabama; portions labor and their perfect submission. It
huniiilj 1 * “ p (AtewwOikalMMßMiaMi Book. . ~ “ I I I\UL shoulder by Rb-umausm. too* r OLomandery our doings in the United States; he had exact knowledge meat packing business as in the tnauu- Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas, and has been stated that one European
of win*:-*. TrWwSoat* coarwsuoa at ommr ucMy a ■•nnui. L<lty 3DQ F dTIII 1 I \ ••ATsuirHOßos,’’»nd was cured P*w*uiaes. ... of the details and qualities and values fact ure of beer. But the figures show a portion of Texas. Geographical stir- laborer will do as much work as two
and mudoarw wat uii part* of tte cay. i* „ _ _ _ I by a botu? or it. in November last, pursuant to previ- of articles shipped from Italian ports that in the former the capital invested veys will also l>e continued in Arizona. Chinamen. This is not true, as we saw
-T. w M ra 7. a/r XV Vfirypymnr Qnn npoinonro » i aTKI ., . t w Tll *, nJ?*™!?** 9 * th s to America; and he WHS thoroughly is 51.955.5U0, and in the latter *1,1187,343. *ew Mexico, California, Oregon, Mou- it; in fact, it was almost the reverse.
n* •*• * tJ> -k- dFaNKH, ulll fUJ lUE dllll UldilldlLu. rmroow a vTXTn « committee met at Cedar Kapids, and conversant with the general commer- Meat packing gives employment to tana and Idaho and in the Yellowstone Not one party who visited the large
Catarrh. Throat A Lung 1 hysician. - . p . . Q » I & & DRESSMAKING? cJSd^waK^TSntfii™ S hl interestß of the tw ° eouutnes. nearly three times the number of hands Several astronomical parties salmon canning factory of J. G. Megier
!a< Succtoiirt for CWroea- Pimmw fraoeraiiy. rPQ; HC} QIP L 1031] fifTPlll . ,* nd - Pr>tM ® *?**** **• I n*a since tern van without pain. * t D w ® < i n * e T’-!? e P ro ’ Fourteen years of experience trained that lieer making does, and its annual will also be sent out to establish start- A Co, at Brookfield, Washington Ter
f'CQl Luldlu Ql Ludil ngMl P^^dlsJoi'^r^f , ui?uite I It Is Trce that hundreds of other well- hi 1 h lch f him for the discharge of the business product is over *11,0U0,000, while the ing poiuU for the new surveys, to be ritory, but observed how dexterously
' ►•of bourTfX« fU} iui„ wnvrv pta Tn . „ u»«*d. «te Cmtecwpiaw «Sd c<mw- a* n -- mt _ known people have recci ▼«! from *• \r* lofho- o®° °un!«? t functions of that important commercial annual product of beer is 81.653.851. next year. The results of most i?acli of the 77 Chinamen employed did
Itosr n u>qhlu!k« free. jit MONEY TO LOAN poodewoe •otiettte. MfO Im T*Ka|Y)QQ mo«” tbe must wonderful n»uet from tbcir New f? WD c,t^^Z While office. He is recalled in order to en- Only 8288.UIX) worth of distilled liquors of the operations of the scientists have his part. We were mlorined by some
-r . _ rr*r —~ - - - mUiveor«Btt! toouiu. „ r ™ or , h QJI?Si M, l () w iaoow - 1,,r ». Ul-i O* III* JXa« 1 iIV/lUCwO rmigic and Rheumatic puimi wtiicb bod *ioag the resolution authorizing Ujto act.as able the President to cancel his indebt- were made in 188 U, and the product has HU . immediate economic as well as who employed them that thev would
A l ,;*"' • <»^ror,«i.««ao.a, w a.K c^ t . X th. must docTora we construed it in fact directed a eduess to the recreant Republican been growing leJs since that time. acienLtic value, and the publication of prefer them at the same orice'because
[)** D *'* T H , * I “?S^n^ n tb'e*Sit P *Md - Even if «o strange that at first too mar E^inT j° urnal that a,ded in bringing the There are 38 meat packing houses and the surveys, in which they are*mbodied of their submission. When this is
Uhysicians and >urgeons. tloaOOO tw 1100.000 IX7 TT T (Tl ilf Pfl 0 nnmnnn to wMeit a stenortteir artSJTi. hAraiy beiirre it, ais true uuu ATwubraoooe X. hL E,?L n H««ocraUc party into power. 114 breweries. in detail, are probably more eagerly united with the cost of production by
o»e* iwo door* north of snEpeon M. A ’saw a _ <m o IH fil Li k It \HK iIHK tte future; ni*o to nnnounoe wtn do for just what it has done tor otitere. yet aeeming it at least proper tnat we Mr. Alden is a versatile journalist, There are 280 brick and tile manu- sought for than any other publications their cheap labor, it is plainly evident
f* urßk « K wrnor ot wn—rf.ateeiooaa. £flOD6y TO ajO&D I tTliiiiluLL U l3ii.Hl f Dili on if you cm not r*-t uhlophobm of your dragrwt, should institute oomparisOTi with oth- who is entitled to the respect of the factories in the Btete, with invested ot the government. Of the more gen- where l lie inducements are to their im
ir.-of lKf 44 1 _ , ~ 1 Oi la ~ ® r Bu es upon either body of profeesiou. Wedo not desirelodo him capital of over half a million dollars, eral results which may come from the migration. These parties claim, with
At SIX “er lent Annual Books0!]0r8, Stationers, ~ . • !t If te Cut it. do not te water, the same was done and the re- any injc but cannot avoid saying and giving employment during the operations of a series of a years, of the good reason, that without this cheap
j.Loorvin. J. s. hodob 1 , Tmnrtwf n 3 nn( t Tlnmnntir BSw«d2iSef**** ki, *" taA tetordw«<mm suit was the unanimous selection of a that experience in the composition or working season to nearly 2,500 men. broad theories which may be refuted labor there would not have been the
a HOtHiR, luterest, AWD I lIHrIH IH * ||BHHX||| t ITHLOPMOROS CO IQ WALL ST acwroiu P*°L **?“ know “ “ Kingman s serio-comic articles does not qualify The carriage and wagon factories num- or confirmed, the scientists character- rapid development of industries on the
Physicians A Surgeons. j«w»rter*uran,i.!<*.**f two «nd .awards: 1 Wall Donne* TY/\n listen i K « , Ml—Ml—M—MM— W® for the discharge of the coinmer- her 208, employ 1,388 hands, on a caui- istically hesistate to in advance coast, the opening of commerce, inland
»uinu«nd*ii caiu. d*j or oght. oe<* i* 1 w *tk arivUng* of payi*c si«w nod noov* in *» ™ j j 8.1)9?* I flT*£L 1)11000 Pfinrio w bicb we have taken »iberty to cial functions of the office to which he tal of 81,5<A,iU5, and produce annually test and experiment. ami foreign, that now exists with
*** rw ** t»iofk. J>r. coAn’t [ o*l wnu. if te*imd. * 9 LIl UUu llUlillu cv name *Templar Point, and by Ufle has been appointed. A capable busi- 81212,1 V€ Our mill omducts (not in- The picture iu outline of the young Chinese labor. Be this as it may. we
u^Z'^SZ^om!&tn is 15Hf JOHN P. HIATT. 1 1 xi- . tt- i S—W sfS® A*!?. V U ® neM man ’ who is with tariff eluding lumber) are something to be continent in quaternary time, just be- cannot but think that with tl.ecrowded
— 117 YY PSt riicril Nh I From which to Make Selection*. m -if _ _ ___ _ _ owws to this property have been fur- questions and practical questions of proud of. Thev number 713 establish- fore the advent of human life, into condition of labor in the eastern states,
~ ■■■ --- COWBTI & Hftmhlfttnn’s j M \ Dill—lOf mshed the committee, of which trade, and has a special knowledge of ments, give euiploviuent to 2,147 hands, which as one of a series these gentle- all neeessnry would have been furnished
ATTORXIT*. utenioonn, town. i* All the New and Leading Styles. MwilCv ■ l) ■ Millwb this report flid are made qualities and values of articles export- have a capital of 8<.890.859, and their noen are now painting the details, has if the Chinese had not come. This
^ rt 1 a Two d?*®* have ed from Italy to the United States, is annual product is 819,089,401. This is but few familiar features. The great development might have been uioreex-
Mr ADSiraCI wince. 0. IjADYNSKI. wa r made, the first conUining an agree- the official needed at the United States our largest single manufactured prod- mountain systems were already up- (>ensive, hut the consumption by this
• Attorney-at-1 j»w, tSOO.OOO in lona at« per mat int«r«nt oo th« OLD KKUALt I _ Pricra *r« mu eh lower thi« ye*r than ever te tnsnt upon the part of the Grand Com- Consulate in Rome. Literary qualities, net. Nexttoit is meat packing, ,ol- biteu aud were vastly more rugged labor woubl'ave increased the price of
ana Notary Fwbtic. a<w* Hill. low*. iso yean ti**; borrower tena* tte o*r- *% . 0 M c k *««• *'! ache all over!” What a commoq •*- mandery to commence permanent im- intellectual pleasantries, and even a lowed by sawed lumber, which has 328 a,,d higher than now. The Southern other commodities until all would have
iTr«»»r o'ii Kflfll JO AlHlfi I9DII lU PlnFflr \J£rS. E . JH. ThoitUJiS . P r «*woq:w*d how much it rqeaqs to fqanq n ’' ,ei^“ tß S? smattering of Italian can lie dispensed mills, capital average of now the Gulf of Mexico, had pos- been equalized on a higher plain.
nnwNs _ DllUl a UIIUD ■aitlldbUllOl. J * ‘ tAr. • poor sufferer! These aches q.ve J date This was Inserted because the witb . poetical business abilily, ex- handk etiployed/ 2.989. total annual session of an immense strip of the low the other hand there are two
k .1 WMiwfcwMteHte wnfAiumi lotto H*» raopMied hi* «tep m hi* oM aund second M "(Opw* Hou*e. cause, and rqor* frequently thaq is gener- by the citizens prrience in trade and special informa- product, 86,185,628. There are only 12 er country and of the_great valley am classes very positively opi»osed to this
M-,« - planing mills reported for 1880 (which the Atlantic coast. The i acific slope Chinese labor, though in many respects
waeew Blnefc. Anleoee. lowa. ***»* LllldS Bfld TOWfl Lots W «»M te »i«e»i m eii mj old cwa*ora«r* Kdneus. No disease is more Damful or waß natural that they should de- dispensable. We have no quarrel with it strikes us must be an error and far was aißegion of steep glaciers. The com (>eMe<i to associate with and ern
*< cf all k JONAS. inMteXa?cJn?iowl • ORAHI. tenous th«, nTrXnSu i. *ls® "pine binding obligation who >s reputed among bis IJo w the real number.) These are re- Gr«it Basin was an inland ocean, or Hov them. These two classes are other
M A *iwr x ln .„ ” ! pt aS eH^ivi« should be entered into assuring them friendß u/be an amiable and bright as emplov.ng inly 100 hands, rather two great inland seas were talkers, including American and
Attorney s-at 1-aw. , ABBRACTB OF TITLI MAPI Oil BHORT fins sewid work a sp*cialtt. proeuptjnd ettectnrea, of the occupation and imDirovement of companion. But it goes without say- !, n d producing annually 8256,800 worth found within it, of one of which the EurojH«in. merchanU or reUil dealers
>«k*i-w*. I'»«- “ ,w NfiTICI. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE I LJI 6L aa*L ICU IZT “®* ?f OU, !r*' .iJ 1 * 8 not b* •c- ing that the removal of Colonel Byers, ot planed (mu tier. Of < mrse these last Lake is a petty remnant, in any kind of wares and merchandise.
<«« a ftwi non ot ■*« Mwote (mu«h. mr c LADTSaxi Wa If a VIlWuKa HiMIILCK M cepted, and so the second one was pre- w f,o |<essesses peculiar qualifications figures represent only the cost of the This region and that to the south, now Wherever the Chinese have established
I u WILUAMB. j P « fc j^. 8 *i umpe 1_ I " Ivl mat mm cured to be executed. Thw is accepted for the office, in order to create a va- laljor of planing, or the difference in *o sterile and dry, was then one of tliemselves thev have their own head
w. Attornev-aMj»w. I _ aiaxiea. ioa ~ |Yf Tl'RTt IVTflTfe V H by the committee, and both deeds are cancy for a member of The Times’ staff value l#*tween rough and platml lum- «reat humidity and where not covered qmuters for trade and generally pat
and sotarv Public, rront up wra. tn r> n-iHanno __ j ***• Vl# 1 p DiALsn in H with this report. ill return for its recent political serv- i« r . lmie|>endent of these are 27 sash, with water was very fertile. An ice roniz-' each other. ReverselyAmeri
enrkbun*'* new buiidin* otk'Uoo**. i*. mr j xv©SIu,6IICC RII (1 vTBrQOII crwraAcron *on mw Hi Vm— VV ith these words our work may be ices, and possibly as a sop to secure its door and blind factories, employ ing 621 sheet extended over the northern and cans buy where they can to the best
~~ , nx m U* Ik 1 Tin tK hni * he 9; but we cannot support in this year’s State canvass, is hand’s, with an annual product of 81, puddle country, covering the great advantage.whiehcarriesaconsidera
* Haskell on StCRHI Heatlllfi:. rinmblllff, 1 A "T TVT Ql I I k |#Ya • ch»se the report without some words not a step in the direction of Civil Serv- >16072. lakes and the bordering regions to the hie portion of their tnule to the Chi-
Attorney»-at-ljiw. | ll n ni i n n i { I 111 of commendation without particular- ice reform. There were in 1880, H*' printing ami south for hundreds of miles. Con- nese. Laborers find in them an elemeut
omeu m Pteraix block low* IfTIQ hQPIH MID IQ hHP VQ 0 *" p ’ No remedy has yet been discovered “Sf 1 , ,• ... . .. . t .. The Consular service under ltepubli- publishing establishments, giving em- tiimally moving southward this sheet witli which they cannot compete. They
I pc— prorapuy attnnted io. , * u |OIDtI 11 iUI ill 11U l U Til uuiO* BAR TTITHin tqatis so effective in all HTONEY AND Thedaud is a gift to the fiaternitv can administration had been steadily ploymeut to 81,125,(W6 of capiul aud deposited its cargoes of detritus cent- are becoming skilled in the arte so as
turn a hoffman i „ 11 ; 1 . I - LIVER COMPLAINTS, malaria. DYSPFP th«geoerooß taMkds of the good improving for years when Mr. Evarts wo hands, with au annual product of “F-'’ aft ? r century, forming the subsoils to successfully command a share of
J . . I w SlAetr anduei iti* sjirmia X P«>P le <* tb «» l * v « little city Of Spirit iJame SecreUry of the SUte. He 399289. ‘jf what are now the Eastern, the Mid- that skilled labor once denied them.
Attornev-mt-Law, i pop prepared u,a*u .. mi - paid special attention to it, introduceil The Uuudry products amount to die and Northwestern sutes, and These two classes, therefore, present a
and ><H*r<ruM>c. oB«c | Mark pouthof s mt* to *n>t p»k>mih. xd-i mi re—enable k* w ood Fa nip*. s**rcr pipe. Go* pixtnr**. ac. _ . . J^T*! o** 0 ** * J** v * p*nty of our much loved order. It is a system of promotions based on effi- 61594.249 and give employment to heaped up a terminal moraine, still formidable barrier to the importation
Roor-pnimrk ™ Mo. 114 W.«t High Street, CftP qII Vi|lfin ftf Epnill 2' soccess those » royal gift and venUble |{em one ciency an d success, made it a rule to i.pjfi hands. The cheese and butter distinctly traceable as a range of bills and immigration of Chinese.
a Malcolm. “STEwabd HEIBB* FARM. t« Oakaionaa. low*. j £*III (j Ik I IIU U ll 1 uTdill which nature provided for t*i« that will Be more folly ajMSBOBted as appoint men of practical business product of 188 U was 81.736300, which through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, We have occasionally written of the
J utiimu ji i uo- ! V* d .. Btt F H,,rto * I iaimuu miuuu cure of d.sease It strengthens aqd in- art.shall from time Io time give as- capacitv for Consuls, directed t'lem to has immensely increased-probably Ohio, lllinma, lowa, aud thence north- importation of Chinese. Notwith-
Caiwticsw 'j ""T T vgontes whole kystem. sisUm>e,in adorning the natural beauty seud fmiuent communications on com- doubled since that time. There were ward along the present line of the Mis- standing our laws to the contrary, this
* I J *s**°«- A Y Hon. Tteddeu* ku x c*, tte BUnfßted Oon. of this lovely locality. Thegrounds mercial topics to the SUte Department 167 clothing manufacturing esUblish- soun through DakoU and up into the is done considerably. In many cases
- IT—=: MA • Toow.an»*m are themore prominent ofalf others f or publication, and promoted in many Qien ts, employing 892 hands, and pro- BntishPossessions. itislittlebetter.ifany.thanwasAf
rv.LTON a Mct'or. I u ‘ I u^sl 8 Bheet ? f w , Bter * ways the efficiency the service. Presi- during 81,508 ,3f* worth of clothing. Great tongues of ice shot off from rican slavery. We were told of several
taped it i* believed to be - These figuresare both instructive and this sheet far to the southward, while instances where Chinamen own each
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T~ H blaipcmabßl waakAxzxAtexxA mrivu v/Ltai tTinnsniM |< ra tte ce.trai of low. lUiiap, Track. .55™ °°- * e , D( * „ fonfidenUy r ask that the augurated, had been recruited largely census is a wonderful mine of informa- wai-ied bare. There were, in fact, two his mother in China for 820). The
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jc.m WS -E I LUMBER. lit, n. PnTfP , “. f r.r. me ?.“ “h ““p,la?,on. A recent writer discuss- sheet, and during the interval We were informed that in Mme In-
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Ock.Kv*.. I—. I ” Tfnnmtr flnlln Paw fl/ila I flj * ’ LI I H. s. Winslow , posts tbe best business offices in the uroviding his family with the com- ”J e southeastern limit of the sheet, they are continually held and hired
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Aiu*n»eys pi-law. ; „ . , _ Tte utxi*r*i*»ed hp*ihr~ yoou*.sbort Hom C o t: ” A A fraction, bcßUtifolly located at BniHt , C e are removed to make room for iK.nulation oi farmers mechanics, aud abundant. Through the forests along try; though, lor the information of
££ r£ S * , ‘°**‘ “““ i Oskaloosa, lowa, O P ® i II & Lake, on which will be oerma- political partisans. Every sincere re- mmuifm-timers, is the l>est for any tb « of this ice sheet roamed our lady readers who may desite hus-
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c. p. skill i— a Scwrr. | Mr. E. VERNON, Prop., fro* niinoi* tail at farm J 4 mu* aortn of Fair ■ o O a R w manderv is to be upon of the system of promotions in the Con- gives a market to the surplus produce, huge hairy and more than elephantine sionally marry American women. We
cjkarls a BOinr. j wr**n«l* J • a ffl ¥. . B ■g sick Head«-be and rdiere all the tronbka tnci- kdecting Spirit Lake for its annual <,ular and Diplomatic service of Great emolovmcnt to surplus labor, enhances mammoth; the horse, a smaller animal might couiuv-ml them for their choice,
AttomeTs-at-I-kw, -*> mewmor w S - II g «-o * - conclaves. Britain that led to tbe adoption oi the the price of real estate, and introduces th*n his rehiUve of ha.iug but we could not admire the tastes of
—I NoiarMpPuni* ' CNB-Smoo-—«of STEAYI F\ T mVFS rtf N. W. HUSSEY. SS 5a 3 M- > e rm„«nJ2t swnepnnciple in geaeral in the home better elements of society, and insures t l" the women Yet we few China-
Brcotter'* oSiv. <Ummi Bark bao4u*r. CjAiU DiiUiA>£in, | || g H n p, > • aw« *acca** ha* been ahown in caring departments of the British service, genera! prosperity. The best markets rudimentary form one or two of the men with shorn locks and dressed like
untatoota. lowa i*u rrc— iim in Twm™ Hr»l M O ..SO • R *»«j j m_u But this fact does not deter the Demo- H re those at home, either for the farmer, toes of his primeval ancestors; the a “Melltcan mau.”
1 • übekt RI«P K TT--__ vw.in b,2 CL ~ f 1 MJL *w4 Xfnlipw cratic Administration from doing its mechanic or manufacturer. It saves ?reat buffalo two or three tunes larger The Chinese liecome an eyesore to
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Attumj-at-lAW, I f Daaiar in 1 f J <d 9 There is anv amount of fun in court- that has been greatly improved by the cultural implements should be made tuore nearly resembling the peccary of selves. In Cortland thev have secured
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Attomey-at-I-aw. " VfMk WORK. N Hj 5 HILA II I^^ ESt wanteti™ cJuside“ Tntil Henegmle newspapers are to be re- of ’everything for sale are distinct tore.eiil within a few thousand dingy hole as for a w bite stone front.
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im<m uhi a* q. s. >pi sue cosnx tai aistf sv t vraunu aistf owikm** lowa I wkoonc* try them wtu Snd tte—littia pill* ijfr- see some one he thinks he could love a is left to shift for itself. The Admin- Germany. tables, lotteries, soup houses, opium
■ f w. E- VERNON. »>«Nt (Wtemoa. low*. L b ' 4 Es sbade^or two Young girls iMration, while making the dishonest y —————— J. S. Mace, of Chillicothe, Ohio, dens, interspersed with meat markets,
I)HH! ki.KF.FK. L— •« w tnEowiitenii ttem^Bnt aftwallajekk-d timid and shy in earnest, ami Tf & fei- pretence of conducting the business Tb® Mannar* of Boy*. writes the following: “This is to certi- vegetable stores, etc., are located In the
A PRICE LBT FAiurTT V rtDnnFDTFQ S m A A Ll P low is not pretty certain be has found principles, turns out business-like and fv that 1 suffered for one year severe m.wt favorable portions of a city,
■M '■•lteka akwil Attawd t* any tawai ' —' JrAiMLlijl VinULJbIULD. A O #0 • 11 W * precisely the angel be is Looking for experienced Consuls an<i replaces them Roys at a certain transitory age are chronic rheumatism. After trying buildings and stores that would be a
QaDTmwo Jb \T n o rrln’n FOB W H lit t 5 H¥f f • he can manage so as to have the refill with creatures of its own who have apt to l>e awkward. Outdoor exercise remedies suggested by most every one crejlit and ornament will not exist
JSTtaor* aoOeevers « Il0ai?10 8 Fr«shramily and Fancy TfS rH U S al of her for a year or more, and at contrived to make themselves useful, a „d sports do much to make them strong w.ihout reviving any benefit, Iwas J»*e Ghmese must go isbecominga
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nawai mna poynp T tut CfOC#flo*f jpof M Cuter# Little Pin* nry mu] aa4 out of the reach of a breach of promise oratic party. amonß those who are growing fast After using it a short time I found coast, and if the general government
Jawu 4UOU. Damn. Dan*. PRICE LIST. OuSMtiware and CiMflwars |A « Ql) |VI ” JT eaay to lake. Chieortwo pill* BakaaSoaa. au i t w hen he happens to mei some ■■■■-"- (espe<'ialtv if they read or study a good myself greatly benefited and eventual- does not soon, in a peaceable manner,
O Altornevs-al-laiw 13 lbs Standard A > agar 1.00 FTBVIEIOM Of All Kinds j'* w „ Baettemjfnriaia at »«■**; tre forti Sold him to be better suited to his taste. the shoulders round and stooping, and ble in kidneys aud urinary affections. I V*®t»T l u * than
i.w*. win i>rart<r® >n ail H lbs Extra C Sugar. UN) \ 05 A 4# by dragMa retry what, ot aant by maC It is different with a widow. She hieago TrUntne a slouching, ungraceful carriage. Un _ wa - that Wlll 111 ore radical than
8 Ibstk»d Grew Coff« 1.00 FIIESH VEGETABLES, ffl t® J M 2 rt CARTER MEDICINE C 0. t New Ysrk. gets rid of all her shyness at the earli- The most substantial item of “im- m these things are corrected no boy . Italy’* B®*ntLfwi Women. pleasant.
a Ouk.. Bank. Bruci <*« ti 8«* 8 Ihs Good Brown Coffee 1.00 in itew umob, gw u> ™ 111 (J wv " 11 est convenient opportunity, and finds provemeut in business is the sentence can be thoroughly strong and vigorous. [fv.** the satuniau fUrinr i
llbOan Best Full Weight Baking A. W. MARTIN STEIN , 5 m fH fc ! Z out the principßTfhings she desires to of Jamw Fish to ten years m prison Biting the nails is one of the most an- . In lo ItelUn A Turning Point.
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Attomeys-kt-Law. ... p ltlfT xii Tad Tra 6n laa 5 -rj i ow on aixtv or ninety- dava’ fieht better behind the bars than behind the ; 4 j* „i nl . >s » unendurable for a nervous Fbe women, and he naturally a firm in an inland town was sent to
Goods, per can 10 L. Cook SC Soil* (Q c © J f a without, seciitv b«t tSSf "*** X? !t mm ™* Bo /“** mo n tha pwion to sit in the room with one of
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BAM KING. 30 Bare White Russian Soap LOO n* mnk. • bpbualtt or pßi uj ira p .a»«ra»p m/ZnHTwnN him seized up before he comes to mar- deprecated by conservative people as these days of professional manicures "I ? first visit to a large city. He was
All Standard Brands ITug Totwac- Plow Rpanp r and ftU kinds of i Q mm TT m T mmm T m T m T I I 1 f |l tl > '■* ket, and when she looks as if she were “disturbingeonfldence and doing much mothers ought, at least, to see that mtieVare hear the words not G'e lmpjirtanw of hm ei-
FrSit- co, per lb rIOW, Reaper, ana ail kinds 01 -« J /J I J •! H very artless creature, and fights shy injury to the trade of the country. It there are no ragged nails hil: raw fiug- . h^ l ‘Ji2^?n t a 2SSSj: had ajrague offing
LC. Burauat, /K*-s*sam. Earthen ware, 3 gallons for 26 Farffl Machinery CD II isi*’ LJ */ rlk.' o*l* II of bim whenever he happens tosita Waß known that there were a good ers among theii children. A habit of ar a.ie not oulto kindlvasGi whmn'thaw «nl« !fTurL S iFt*l!nM X »lSi
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Tk« Farmers k Trader* Repairing- ll tiß chances to one that he will never affnirs would not bear the light, but it tapping the floor with the foot, or the But in Nanle* we moat he aibmt and »Ha
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NAIIUNAL HA.N K, Good * VFT.atei to nr® i. .ii It'S'ki Smil i&cJ si «p to her and put the question fairly of trade by exposmg them. I- erdinand ally, but onee fixed is exceedingly diffl- ?fa the lofn hl!wK A K. ri »l5 B n! mil? iteSSSS
OF k>wa. licßquare. 6yl r a M 3«5- ISlSLmnnlVll*: 1 ' 'UIIJOL and sijuarely, and when he has done so Warn is not doing so thriving a bust- cu ft to overcome. “Eternal vigilance” Sof lSt KST .Ua SuTv
” I > a flB H; THE GREAT watbr routb to thb she is not going to tremble and blush ness mhe was a little more than a year should be a mother’s watchword, for p-jJI but vet within easv rL»h i tUnuinnvr^fnn'
CAPITAX 1100,000. U Cook & Son. oo Olk SUMMER RESORTS of tte QOLDEM and ask for a week or a month in ago—business with him is very much the true secret of curing bad habits is [hevoung man l»e careful »„d'ifhe LnSll tra\elvrs uni well tte Vim
pm, tors- OBOOniB. => & a l. NORTH-WEST. which to make up her mind. -She will “depressed -Im-on the whole is it not in „ e ver aUowiug them to be formed, murtrire ™“t u,itome<l trave,t,rs - <u,d sup-
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r. W. FfcUHpa. r«*e U, uD^VCLci OC DO D • to Mskke for Patent \ jki saei .£ 53 il2 £ STEAMERS ,/tkis fore be hM had time to catch his exposure and failure had to come, and fitness or naturalness. A real boy is \ S v riv she ii" a mini Soier’ it^ itmil 7am
J.B WSM—w. “•? Wl/ i nmr„ ■ —CI OC3 ; shkul hcvesisii noun ts breath he will find himself nailed to the health of the community is im- worth half a dozen fops or dudes. Ituf t h e InlivementT* Lo loi,e «itis c«r "J- kno *» I ' im "w. heex-
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BANKINO HOUSE «r«i« j |* 2 © ZtC ™* *** rn®r»««. (IF. r..- DaOvUdvcr. t Sdl Financial affairs in Mexv-o are Sycanimt Whether it was of yore a sym- ing, with a “sacred concert" on the next
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irn if Cj Cm P R lES -tIORKBOSTEL. te. ac Qcm 3jj r prir*c ‘hat we once boasted of the sweet will be affected by them, but even sup- the furniture or close a door without ?T® can not tell. It is certainly one of The young man’s face reddeued and
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Tkt Oidtft Bank i> M&kukt Couty. «mf. h re* m 4mm S £ S|| Uouku,. from the lips as the waters that bore different, and no hirge quantities can mUirtiJm 2f l fhe^r , rei»^ e tjx , rii!l.''7n»m Consumptives and all, who suffer |He opened the other letter. It con-
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WHirpatare tmp,MW nag mm m* a «~a» _____ _ DpippO flf Cjllfl I IICTIFOIIPO Te S »-i 2 **ls 2 our pride has been paralyzed, and tbe There is no sign of any increased enter the r.xnn- to entertain a*visitor Lungs, can find a cerUln cure in Dr. “Dear Sir.—ln order that you may not
BEST FLOUR! 111100 Ul UIU luollldllbo _• £3 O ll* lowaed *to«i aTedon ? lt :.JJ h i , ® h f re ® strength in iron, and the tendency of when the rest of the houi-hold is oc-cu- K ' n *'* discovery for C\m- pass a lonely Sunday in a strange city,
Z»r>««r ®n all tte wiarigai *wtn**»»th> en l t - O mla£ - rH - many of them were inclined to view coal is decidedly downward. Themore ..ipa I*, v <ni shv it ia ton much for a sumption. Thousands of permanent we enclose a list of churches open to-
PBI»« bmsm sad ah eEjmTT&rspsßsai* rattetara T.STu ZTZe&ZrSZ/ZZOZ* W ™ £ m IS jJttX:." " fjftw*a an'aV these names with pleasant ridicule, and Sjmarket fortext.le fabrics is tested Kw'to cures verify the truth of this stated morrow near your hotel in any of
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wSZXue¥?Z£.ZL£Z£ i pe ~ m . ‘SnTaT^wUS^SSd ■■ '.= e. STLh nobt, melUfluoussounds which Tikedecor- a heavy stockto draw on. and thise "cun' of wonderful cures. Thousands Our rooms and libraries are.aim, open
*~-*«,ta>a.tera Kvorythitlg Frftgh. 0 - ~w n -»..9tMCT.aL oualy baptised Naiads guards the manufacturers who have recently sus- do them without thinking Goodman- of om« hopeless sufferers now grate- at your disposal. You will find friends
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