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‘Mil Supplement.
December 6, 1888.
—A writer in the Paris Figaro says
hat General Harrison is not an adept
n “that American custom, the shake
—The beat reading in the papers since
Thanksgiving is the report of the many
tinners given the poor in the great
—Evangelist Sam Small was a bitter
third party man before the last elec
tion. Now he says be proposes here
iftcr to vote where it will do some
—A Dakota sod shanty passed
through Atlantic, according to the Tel
egraph, on its way to President-elect
Harrison, with compliments of the two
—A trance lecturer at Keokuk, last
Wednesday night, said electricity is the
greatest artificial light and that the
disembodied spirit of Ben Franklin re
vealed it to Edison.
—Judge Kinne has resigned his judg
ship to become editor of the Leader at
Des Moines. His pay is to be $5,000 a
year; that is, he gets $3,500 in money
and $1,500 of stock.
—Struble’s majority for congress in
tbe Eleventh lowa district, 6,469, is the
largest given to any candidate in tbe
state. Dolliver of tbe Tenth was next
with 5,485. Conger of tbe Seventh next
with 5,413. Hayes, Democrat, of the
Second next with 5,384.
—A new way.of solving the Mormon
problem is talked of out west. It is
for Colorado, Nevada and Idaho each
to absorb a part of the obstreperous
territory, and, thus dismembered, bring
it into a state of submission to tbe
laws of morality and tbe United States.
—A valued subscriber writes us from
Ft. A. Lincoln, Dakota; “My wife and
I relished your article on “President’s
Wives,” but 1 confess that my notions
of dignity incline me very strongly to
an elderly, motherly woman] for that
exalted station. A mere child, with
out the subduing influence of years, or
the ennobling experience of mother
hood, is not tbe one to choose for so
commanding a social station. But of
course we take our risks when we
elect a bachelor.”
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—Francis Murphy has been preach
ing temperance by moral suasion for
twelve years, and has had 14,000,000
signers to his blue-ribbon pledge. All
the third parties and St. Johns aud
Fisks in the world can't show 9ucb a
—Toronto World: “Beyond all doubt
the apparently firm establishment and
money-making success of protection in
the United States was the chief among
the practical considerations which de
cided the majority of Canadians in
favor of the National Policy revolution
of 1878-79."
—Mr. J. B. Welch lets fly some live
ly reading in the last Legal Tender
Greenback, bearing on the Democratic
attacks on him for returning to the Re
publican party. The business end of a
tarantula or buzz-saw is mild com
pared with our friend Welch when he
takes his coat off and sails in.
—lt is said this last message of the
President, and the report of the Secre
tary of Treasury, will be largely a his
tory of the present administration.
We can imagine Mr. Cleveland at Oak
View as he writes the last words and
appends his famous signature, weep
ing, like Thorwaldsen did on finishing
his last work because he could find no
fault in it.
—Some certain papers are despite
fully using the Governor of Nevada,
merely because he remarked in his
Thanksgiving proclamation that “with
malice towards none and with charity
for all, we ought to be thankful that
the issues of the late political contro
versy have ended so favorably for the
future prosperity and happiness of our
people.” There is no impropriety in
such a little thing as that.
—This blunt truth comes from the
labor organ, The Chicago Knights of
Labor: “The Republican party is now
entrenched in a political power which
they will retain for the next quarter of
a century unless they are dispossessed
by a cyclone. And it is from that party
alone that the working classes can ex
pect any legislation, remedial or other
wise, during the period.”
—Rev. Mr. Gault, of Monmouth, 111.,
declared in a sermon recently that Sun
day marriages are illegal, contracts
made on that day being void. He also
said that “no conscientious Christian
can become a United States postmaster,
as he will be compelled to violate tbe
Sabbath.” Mr. Gault is either afflicted
with far-sightedness, or he is a relic of
witch-burning Puritanism, holding
over beyond tbe natural limit of life.
There are about 120,000 offices, more
or less of which will have new occu
pants some time after the Fourth of
March. These offices are worrvine a
great many people of both parties,
those who want to get in, and those
who do not want to get out. It is safe
enough to say for the benefit of all that
only about one-tenth of the anxious
expectants will have their hopes re
warded, unless some elastic process
shall be invented for indefinitely mul
tiplying the places, and that many of
the present incumbents, if they are
wise, will prepare to retire gracefully,
without much ado either in the way of
remonstrance or tears. Those who are
nearest Gen. Harrison agree in think
ing he will make haste slowly in re
spect to official changes. He believes
sincerely, with every other unselfish
Republican, in civil service reform in
its best sense, which means to give to
the public service that element of sta
bility which can only be realized by re
taining efficient men in place. That
he will disappoint many self-seeking,
ambitious candidates by a stubborn
insistence on this point is extremely
probable; but he will appeal to the
higher judgment and certain approba
tion of the public, which is a far bet
ter and a far safer guide.
The Indianapolis Journal, which is
edited by General Harrison’s private
Secretary, and which, while not likely
to be directed in editorial opinion in
any sense by the President-elect, is not
likely to express views antagonistic to
his, calls attention to some things on
this subject worth noting. It reminds
the clean-sweepers of Gen. Harrison’s
decided attitude as to civil service re
form, and expresses the belief that in
all changes the public welfare will be
the thing which he will consider before
party advantage. There is a class of
offices that do not come within the
scope of the civil service law. It does
not apply to any commissioned officers
who are appointed for a stated term,
nor to postmasters of any grade. This
at once excludes all officers appointed
by the president and confirmed by the
senate, *ll United States marshals, dis
trict attorneys, postmasters, revenue
officers, customs officers, all foreign
ministers and consuls, all territorial
appointments. The places embraced
in the civil service law are the depart
ment clerkships at Washington and
clerks and letter-carriers in post offices
where there are more than fifty em
ployes. The law does not prevent per
emptory removals from these places,
but it regulates the mode of appoint
ment.. Neither does it embrace the
government printing office nor the rail
way mail service, the latter of which
employs over 4,000 persons, and needs
an immediate over-hauling and im-
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proving. There are also over 50,000
fourth-class postmasters subject to im
mediate removal, aud there is no doubt
that many of them should not be al
lowed to stand upon the order of their
going but should be summarily re
lieved for the general good of \ he public.
It is the unexpected that often happens
in this matter of office-getting and office
bouncing, and there is no reason for
anticipating exceptions to this rule at
the present time. Happy is the man
who expects nothing and realizes his
highest expectation.
Kirhvllle Journal.
If there had been about two papers
like the Times supporting Weaver in
Mahaska County, the returns of Lacey's
majority wouldn’t have been in yet.
Another Brutus.
Fort Madison Democrat.
The Democrats of lowa have one
thing to thank the Lord for. General
Weaver is relegated to innocuous des
uetude. He has prevented Democratic
success in lowa more than any other
man in lowa. While pretending to
honesty and to being in favor of the
people, he has been—simply a republi
can for revenue to Weaver only—in
favor of higher taxes on the people and
free whisky. He has not made that re
cord in Congress, for he is a double
dealer, but he has through his Des
Moines newspaper. He is, thank the
Lord, ausgespielt.
The Same Old Trouble.
Kirkvilte Journal.
In passing through the Indian Ter
ritory,so the dispatches state.AlbertW.
Swalm, while on bis way to attend the
National Editorial Convention in Tex
as, was mistaken for the chief of the
Chickasaws, and the conductor refused
to punch his ticket, as it is a violation
of law to carry an Indian without a
permit. He was afterward taken from
the train and ordered back to the re
servation by soldiers of the regular
army, but after showing up credentials
establishing his identity he was per
mitted to resume his journey unmo
lested. He will take a different route
on his return.
When Modesty la a Virtue.
New York Tribune.
Great modesty would become the
Democratic majority reassembling un
der such circumstances. Its incom
petence to serve the public interests,
its wrangling about small matters, its
greed for spoils and jobs, its wanton
appropriations, and finally its igno
rance regarding the industries of the
country, have done for the Democratic
party. Mr. Cleveland has merited
censure, true. But the rebuke admin
istered to him in the change of votes
in New York and Indiana was actual
ly less impressive than the succession
of unexpected defeats in Congression
al Districts all over the country which
changed the Democratic majority of
nearly 20 into a clear Republican ma
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The guests went up the broad steps and
were ushered into the handsome parlors
Mrs. Remain received them; but the
great author was not to be seen. The
truth was Thanksgiving was an anniver
sarr of which he never spoke to a soul;
ana although he intended to be as cheer
ful and entertaining as possible to hie
friends, he had been overtaken by melan
uholy reminiscence It had all come from
reading a little old newspaper, too.
Lighting a cigar he walked out and
strolled toward the hills
If his stylish wife and admiring guests
had been able to photograph his mind just
then thev would have been surprised. He
was thinking of a Thanksgiving twenty
years ago He bad been very poor then;
but his early love, his first wife, was with
him. He was thinking as he strolled
back and forth on the lawn this morning
that that Thanksgiving was the happier.
The little poem he had just read jingled
through his mind It Beemed to have
been written especially for him:
We were paupeft, she and L,
And the bread was hard to win;
But our garret, near the sky.
Let God's purest sunlight in.
She was meanly dressed, you see.
In her faded cotton gown,
But her smile was heaven to me,
And I never saw her frown.
We were young, and life was sweet,
And we loved each other more
When there scarce was food to eat
And the wolf was at the door.
There was always hope, you know;
We could dream that skies were blue,
But my darling had to go
Just before the dream came true.
The verses drifted through Mr. Ro
maia’s mind like far off bells, making
sweet, sad music. He was back in “the
garret near the skv,” and the picture
seemed sweeter to his fancy than all his
fine possessions of today. He wished he
were poor again, if poverty could bring
back his early love and his youth. 'With
this thought in his mind he sighing
turned toward home.
In a shabby little house on a lonesome
hill was a gray haired, dim eyed man.
who looked out of a window and saw Mr.
Romain strolling idly by. Be, too, sighed.
“I don’t understand the rulings of this
world," he said. “There is Romain, he
has everything he wants. Money and
fame have come at his call. Twenty
years ago I was rich and he was poor
Now, I am growing old in poverty, which
I have not brought upon myself by dissi
pation or recklessness. If I could only
go back twenty years to another Thanks
giving," and he sighed again.
Mr. Romain went back home to his dis
tinguished guests. The man who envied
him turned to his table of pork and beans.
Both envied the past.
Mr. Romain was still dreamily hum
ming some lines from the newspaper
poem as he went up the steps of his
handsome house. They were these:
And we loved each other more
When there scarce was food to eat.
And the wolf was at the door.
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