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The Oskaloosa herald. (Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa) 1885-1919, November 12, 1891, Image 7

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Is there a reason why you should remain
an imalid. a discomfort to yourself and
those around you f You say you have lost
faith in medicine, and that doctoring does
you no good. Then you are to be pitied,
for it is net you hut the erroneous treat
ment you have received that is the fault.
However, do not despair, medicine haa not
lost iu virtue. Yet fo get well, you must
take the right medicine. Try Dr. Joint
Bull's Sarsaparilla. It has cured many
and may cure you. It is a quick rebuilder
of broken down constitutions. It strength
ens the nerves, It aids digestion. It gives
an appetite. It parties the blood, it
checks de- ay. It hesls soreness. It soothes
pain, it is refreshing. Yon wrong your
self if yon fail to give it a trial. Do so
now. Do not delay. „
sar-A gentleman from St Louis, Mo.,
who does not wish his name print**!,
writes: “Had I sooner known the cura
tive virtue of Dr. John Bail’s Harsapartila,
cay whole married life would have been
happier. My wife suffered from a miscar
riage, and baraae an invalid. No medical
treatment seemed to benefit her. and she
bad poor health for years. Some six
months faerto try
~ Iflllt jikfii ft miMnShlT
Yfl ftDu ITWf CyWfflw* «Wwi,
Oncianau. Ohio Ovsen 4 Bentley, Agfa
§& £ ... ' ffif
- i : "' ‘T- --'.St:
What is
Castoria in Dr. Samuel Pitcher’s prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years* use by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays
feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria rMleves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria is the Children’s Panacea—the Mother’s Friend.
Castoria. Castoria.
“ OaetorU la an exoellent medicine for chll- "Ceatorla Is sowell Adapted to children the*
drwn. Mothers here repeatedly told me of lie I reooauneod It ea superior loanypraecrlptfcia
good effect upon their children." known to me."
Dl Q. 0. Oeeooo, H. A. item, 1L n,
LowoO, w.— 11l So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, V. 1
* Gaatorl* a the beet remedy for children of “ Our phyekdnne In the children'■ dope#
which Inm ecquelnted. 1 hope the dey Is not ment here spoken highly of their expdf
far distent when mother* will oonetder the reel enoe In their practice with Ce«*fc,
Interest of their children, and nee Oartoria in- and although we only have among cm
stead of the rarioas quack eoetruma which are medical supplies what la known ae regular
destroying their lored cose, by forcing opium, products, yet we are free to confeee that the
morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful merits of Oaetoria baa won us to look with
agenu down their throats, thereby sending taxer upon it.”
to premature graves.” Uiltst Hi shf 11 Ann Dimvitn,
Da. J. F. KjgcKXhOm, Boston, Mam
Oonway, Ark. Alum a Barm, fVea,
The Cent*nr Compeuty, TT Mnrrny Street, Jfew York Cttp
Circulation Nearly Three Thousand.
At Two Dollars Per Annum.
Editor and Proprietor.
November 12. 1891.
Take down the old banners,—tenderly told them.
Wrap them In bunting and lay them away;
Spit on your bands and manfully bear It,
For dog on the luckl we’re not In It to-day.
But wait *tUl next autumn when Blaine shall be
> To marshal the troops and victory win;
Then the demos will need all our spare decora
To dry up their teardrops and muffle our tin
Defeat Is not bitter when one's In the right way,
Though sometimes a little unpleasant,’tls true.
Twill teach us to hustle a little bit harder,
And next year triumphant we'll pull lowa
Bam Walter Fum t» Yankee Blwle.
Jed Dorkum always used to say
When we asked him to come and play
Wltn us boys down to Harry Moore’s,
••I’ve goiter stay and do the choree.”
No recreation would he take
For all bis wealth in Jelly cake;
No glad fun In or out of doors.
He had to stay and do the chores.
We drove a wood chock In the wall
Bur Jed be paid no heed at all;
A circus passed through Lower Town
But busy Jed. hecouldn' go down.
The elephant went tramping by
And shook the earth and touched the sky;
The tiger howls, the Hon roars,
Jed stays at home and does the chores.
Much like Jed Dorkum are we all
Wno long for great things and do small;
We moil among the trivial sods
Within the garden of the gods.
While the dark clusters hang above
Rich with the juice of life and love.
We cannot reach and pluck them down.
These fair pomegranates of renown,
Whose juice life's early hope restores.
For we must work and do the chores.
Above us sternly loom forever w
The mighty Mountains of Endeavor,
And whoso on their sumtt stands
Looks on the sun-kissed table lands.
We grasp our mountain staff to climb
Their sky-enshrouded peaks sublime,
Up where the crystal torrent pours—
And then we pause to do our chores.
We start with courage In tbe'heart
To try the endlessness of art.
In hope that we may speak some day
Tpe word the spirit bids us say.
But e’er we speak the word aright
The shadows come and It Is night.
Put out the lights and close the doors.
For good or 111 we’ve done our chorea.
Buckleu’s Arnica Salve.J
The best Salve in the world for Cuts,
3ruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all skm eruptions, and posi
tively' cures Piles, or no payment required.
It is* guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion, or money refunded. Price 26 cents
per box. For sale bv Green A Bentley.
A good talker is one who never says too
A Little Girl’s Experience in a
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Trescott are keepers
of the Government Lighthouse at Sand
each, Michigan, and are blessed with a
daughter four years old. Last April she
was taken down with measles, followed
with a dreadful Cough and turning into a
Fever. Doctors at home and at Detroit
treated her. but in vain, she grew worse
rapidly, until she was a mere of
bones.” Then she tried Dr. King’s New
Discovery, and after the use of two and a
half bottles, was completely cured. They
say Dr. King’s New Discovery is worth its
weight in gold, yet you may get a trial
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Store. 6
Any man would rather be a fool than
look like one.
The First Step.
Perhaps you are run down, cant eat,
can’t sleep, can't think, can’t do anything
to your satisfaction, and yon wonder what
ails you. You should heed the warning,
you are taking the first step Into Nervous
Prostration. You need a Nerve Tonic,
and in Electric Bitters you will find the
exact remedy for restoring your nervous
system to its normal, healthy condition.
Surprising results follow the use of this
gre-at Nerve Tonic and Alterative. Your
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and the liver and kidneys resume healthy
action. Try a bottle. Price 60c at Green
A Bentley’s Drug Store 6
One who speaks well of his neighbors
does well by them.
If food sours on the stomach, digestion
is defective. De Witt’s Little Early Risers
will remedy this. The famous little pills
that never gripe and never disappoint dw
When troubles are the farthest from us,
they look the biggest
A Favorite Remedy.
Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy is a fa
vorite during the winter months on ac
count of its great success in the cure of
colds. There is nothing that will loosen
a severe cold so quickly, or as promptly
relieve the lungs. Then it counteracts
any tendency toward pneumonia. It is
pleasant and safe to take, and folly wor
thy of its popularity. For sale by J. H.
Pickett and Green A Bentley.
Some men can keep drunk when they
esnt keep anything else.
Statement of tbe President of
tbe La Belle Savings Bank.
'■For s long time I was confined to my
bed with inflammatory rheumatism. My
Joints were stiff and I could hardly move.
A little over a year sgo an agent sold me
some Hibbard’s Rheumatic Syrup. I used
eight bottles, and am happy to state I am
now entirely cured. My general health
bas never been better, and I have had no
return of the terrible disease.” J. II-
Long, La Belie, Mo.. Oct. 26, 1890. For
sale by Green A entiey. 2
Tbe acme of human wisdom is when to
lay down a poker hand.
A Troublesome Boundary Question
[Between Indiana and Ohio.
The Latter State Claims a Portion of
Hoosierdom lndiana Wants Part
of Illinois to Get Even.
Indianapolis, ind., Nov. 7.—The In
diana and Ohio boundary line question
has assumed a startling aspect. It is
alleged that Ohio is entitled to & slice
off Hoosierdom varying from 18 miles
wide at the northern boundary of the
state to nothing at the southern
line. It is not generally known,
but it is nevertheless a fact
that a survey party, sent out
by the national government, has
been at work on the problem for the
last two months for the purpose of
locating the boundary line between the
two states. The work has been under
the direction of Prof. Mendenhall and
has been personally conducted
by CoL Sinclair. The work
has been completed within the
last few days, and the surveying party
is now preparing its report which will
be ready to submit to the government
in about three weeks. The survey, it
is said, will probably establish the fact
that the true line as declared when Ohio
became a state commences 12 miles west
of the present boundary line at the
north and runs directly south to the
present line between Ohio and Indiana,
thus making a strip of 1,800 square
miles to which the state of Ohio lay*
claim. The strip described include*
the cities of Fort Wayne, Richmond
and Union City and a total population
of 800,000.
The agitation of this question com
menced about a year ago through a
resolution adopted by the Ohio legis
lature reciting the facts as stated and
asking the national government to cor
rect the line. The detail of th* sur
veying party to locate the line was or
dered by the government in compliance
with this resolution.
An inquiry info the causes that led
to the juggling of these boundary lines
discloses that at the time Ohio was
made a state there were poet trader*
located at Richmond and Fort Wayne,
whose trade with the Indians was
very profitable. If the line had been
run oorrectly these posts would
have been taken Into the new state of
Ohio and the occupation of these
traders would have been gone. The
post traders accordingly bribed the
survey party which located the line
and Richmond and Fort Wayne were
left on the Indiana side.
The question is considered here as a
highly important one, for should the
elatm of Ohio be pushed, Indiana, It it
claimed here, will insist upon having
as her right a corresponding slice off
Illinois. The state charter providesfo*
a certain width at thy northern boun
dary This, it is provided, is to be main
tained on the east and to be continued
ea the west until the line reaches the
Wabash river, whleh it follows to the
Ohio river, which constitutes the south
ern boundary of each state. The dlafca
will be pushed, it is said, by members
o i the legislature here all the more SS
the city of Chicago would be included
in the territory, should it be captured.
Chicago, Nov. 7.—Fernando Joneu
whose long connection with the rew
estate title business has made hies a
recognized authority on the question «f
land boundaries, ridiculed the
proposition that the Indiana line
could be moved so tkf
west as to include Chicago.
"The boundary line Illinois
and Indiana," said he, "has been sur
veyed and established by a oota
missloa appointed for that pur
pose by both states and the federal
government, and granite blocks have
been set up at several different points
as monuments of the boundary. It is
a settled principle of law that boundary
lines se established cannot be dis
turbed. The claim that the Ohie-In
diana line was falsely placed by the
Surveyors who were bribed by
the post traders—which is likely
enough—does not affect the Illinois
Indiana line, which has been accepted
by both parties and about which there
la bo charge er hint of fraud. I think
tt will be safe for some time yet to ad
dress letters to Chicago, 11L
lAld the Cope Stone.
Chicago. Nov. 7. —Just one year ago
the eorner stone of the new masonic
fraternity temple on the corner of
State and Randolph streets was
laid with imposing ceremonies. At S
o'clock p. m. Friday occurred the laying
of the cope stone of the great building,
bow towering upward more than twem»
iff stories in height The occasion was
B memorable one, and in the services,
according to masonic rites, about thirty
lodges participated. The programme
was an extensive one.
TB* Anaconda Min*. Near Butte, Most,
the Scene of s Terrible Accideut.
Burnt, Mont, Nov. A Seventesa
men were killed in an accident at tha
Anaconda mine, near here, shortly ut
ter midnight A cageful of miners had
come to tie surface and their places
were taken by nineteen others, who
were to take up the work just
abandoned by them. The cage was
started downward, when there was a
sudden snap, a cry of horror from the
abaft in which the cage had but a mo
ment before disappeared.-and then aery
went up from the men who bad a mo
ment before come to tha surface.
Tha rope had broken and the cage
with ita nineteen inmates was precipi
tated to the bottom of the mine. It
waa some little time before any as
ctatance could be sent them. Fortu
nately there was soma help far the
dead and dying men in the mine it
self. A number of miners who were
through work and waiting to be re
lieved were at the bottom of the shaft
waiting for rise cage W take them out.
Amidst them, narrowly missing toms,
the cage dashed. It broke, and before
their horror-stricken eyes were the
mangled bodies of the companion#
whom they were awaiting. Belief was
at once sent far, but there waa
little ♦but could be dona Seven tees
Of Che men were dead and the <*h«r
The Utter were
taken out of the ruin and tnn(H<i>.|jW
**r«*dovory. . ..
Bain Badly Needed in a Number of
Crops Menaced in Illinois, Indiana,
Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky,
Kansas and Texas.
Springfield, 11L, Nov. o.—The
drought in central Illinois la assuming
dangerous proportions and unless relief
is soon had there will be much suf
fering and heavy damage to the
wheat crop, which, however, up to
this time seems to have stood
the dry weather remarkably well.
This is probably owing to the
light rains which have refreshed
the verdure, though producing
no visible effect upon wells and
streams, which are almost dry. In fact,
the smaller streams are entirely dry
and farmers all over the country are
boring deep wells in order to get water
for their stock. At only one time in
the last three months has an inch or
more of rain fallen in one day,
and that was on September 28,
when an inch and a half of water felL
There seems to be little or no com
plaint among the farmers at present
concerning the wheat crop, but all are
looking forward with anxiety, fearing
a continuation of present conditions
will prove fatal to it. The most seri
ous problem at present is the water
supply for drinking purposes and the
diseases which follow the use of im
pure water, which are already some
what prevalent in this city and the sur
rounding country.
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 9.—Secre
tary Bagley, of the state board of agri
culture, has advices from all portions
of the state regarding the extent of
damage done by the drought, which
has now prevailed in some localities for
three months, and reports that the
situation in southern Indiana is unpre
cedented, considering the season of the
year. The territory affected includes
nearly the entire southern half of the
state and in the majority of cases
there has not been enough rain in the
last ninety days to lay the dust.
In Sullivan, Lawrence, Jackson,
Greene, Washington, Orange, Scott
and Jennings and as far north as
Bartholomew many of the wells
are exhausted and the streams dried
up and hundreds of farmers are driv
ing their stock from 8 to 7 miles for
water and hauling water for domestic
use. Fnrther south the condition is
nearly as bad, though there 6eems to be
little scarcity of water for domestic use.
The only crop to be affected by the
drought is the winter wheat, ana this
is suffering perceptibly throughout
the territory embraced in southern In
diana. The grain sprouted well and
showed a tolerably healthy growth, but
the ground was so dry that the roots
did not take a deep hold, and the
recent high winds have carried
away the pulverized particles of earth,
leaving them exposed to the sun.
Owing to this fact and the absence of
moisture there has been no growth
within the past forty days, and many
fields will be a total loss unless oopious
rains should fall within a few days.
The condition has been rendered
more alarming by the appearance of
the Hessian fly, which is rapidly de
stroying what the drought has left. In
some eounties whole fields have been
destroyed by the fly, and its effects are
seen to a greater or less extent in the en
tire territory. Conservative estimates
place the damage to the crop in south
ern Indiana at 83 per cent, but it will
greatly exceed this unless relief should
come withing a few days. While the
weather in northern Indiana is very
dry in localities, there is yet no per
ceptible damage to the wheat
Oshkosh. Wis., Nov. 9.—No rain to
amount to anything has fallen here
within six months, and in consequence
a general drought prevails over this
section of country. There is no water
in the small streams and on a number
of farms the wells are dry. In many
Instances farmers are compelled to haul
water several miles for stock. The
water in the Fox and Wolf • rivers was
so low during the fall that no rafting
could be done at the usual places, and
In consequence the sawmills were com
pelled to shut down much earlier than
usual. Unless rain falls soon great
hardship will be the result
Columbus, 0., Nov. 9. —The rainfall
in the state has been deficient since
wheat sowing. After six weeks of
drought following seeding season there
was a week of copious rains. Drought
succeeded again, and is now affecting
the growing crop. Not only is there
danger of going short into the winter
season but should cold v'eather be de
layed there is danger of damage by
the “fly.”
Louis villk, Ky., Nov. 9.—ln most
sections of the state no rain of any con
sequence has fallen for about two
months. Forests and fields are parched
and ready to burn if touched by a
spark. Fires are numerous and hard
to check. Farmers are hauling water
in some places a considerable distance,
and many of the smaller towns are
pinched for a water supply. Stock is
suffering, fall grass is injured and early
feeding will be necessary. During the
two last weeks prayers for rain have
As to wheat, the continued drought
is having a very harmful influence on
the crop. The acreage already sown
is about equal to last year, but the con
templated acreage is 10 to 15 per cent,
short; the early seeding came up well
and in favored localities looks fairly
promising. The bulk of the sowing
was late on account of the difficulty in
breaking the parched land. The chief
trouble will be that the late wheat will
not have time to take root, and a hard
winter will freeze and thaw and kill
it out. Many of the fields are now
brownii g and unless rain comes very
soon the crop will be largely a failure
In some localities water is sold at a
high price. The owner of the Logan
Fort springs charges ten cents a barrel
at the spring, and haulers demand
about twenty-five cents more for it in
town. The scarcity of water in Ful
ton county, caused by the long dry
spell, is • getting distressing. A great
many wells and cisterns are dry, and
many others are nearly so, Nearly
every well in Hawesville is dry, and
the creeks and branches in the connty
have been dusty for three weeks
Topeka, Kan., Nov. 9.—Reports from
all parts of the state show that the
prospect for the next year’s wheat crop
is not very encouraging. In southern
and southeastern Kansas no raip has
fallen to speak of for over two months
and the ground is very dry. In that
section the earth was so hard that
farmers could not plow and were com
pelled to harrow the seed in on old
Stubblefields and those where the'eorn
had been cut and shocked. The result
is there was not sufficient moisture to
cause all the grain to sprout Never*
theleas the crop will be fair with early
rains The central part of the state
needs rain badly.
Bx> Antonio, Tax., Nov. Tha
country tributary to tha lower Rio
Brands has suffered from drought
gTeatly this year Cattle on the large
ranches in Starr and Zapata counties
era falling to the ground from shear
exhaustion and there they die tor a
great radius around tha water holes
on ranches the grass is completely
•tamped and eaten away, so that tha
animals are oompelled to travel for
miles from their grazing to the
water. In their emaciated condition
they cannot stand man” such trips, and
they die by the hundred in going to
water or back to their grazing. The
stockmen have offered entire herds of
their cattle at ft and ft.!VO per head,
but they cannot dispose of them even at
that price. They are losing everything
right along, for it is impossible for
them to drive the animals to better
pasturage, as the miserable oendition
of the cattle will not permit it
A WtoeoMii' Mill BwawL
Waupaca, Win, Nov. A -The Wau
paca Star flouring mill, owned by W.
C. Lord, burned Wednesday morning
at 9 o’clock. The cause of the fire waa
a defective chimney. Total
-\ . J*’':*’.. . ' '■ ' ’ _ - - ' -
Strong Witnesses.
Among the thousands of testimonials of
cores by Dr. Miles’ New Heart Cure, is
that of Nathan Allisons, a well known
citizen of Glen Bock, Pa., who for years
had shortness of breath, sleeplessness,
pain in left side, shoulders, smothering
spells, etc.; one bottle of Dr. Miles’ New
Heart Cure and one box of Nerve and
Liver Pills cured him. Peter Jaquet, Sa
lem, New Jersey, is another witness, who
for twenty years suffered with heart dis
ease, was pronounced Incurable by phys
icians, death stared him in toe face, could
not lie down for fear of to
death. Immediately after using the New
Cure he felt better and could lie down and
sleep all night, and is now a well man.
The New Cure is sold, also free book, by
Some second thoughts are generally pre
ceded by a headache.
It is quite the fashion now to take De
Witt’s Little Early Kisers for liver, stom
ach and bowel disorders. They are small
pills, but mighty good ones. All druggists
sell them. a-w
A good man is one who lives all right
whether he has religion or not.
I am an old man and have been a con
stant sufferer witn catarrh for the last ten
years. lam entirely cured by the use of
Ely’s Cream Balm. It is strange that so
simple a remedy will cure such a stubborn
disease.—Henry Billings, U. S. Pension
Attorney, Washington, D. C.
All men cannot be farmers but almost
any chap can raise an umbrella.
Worthy of a Trial.
if vou are troubled with rheumatism
or a fame back, bind on over the seat of
pain a piece of flannel! dampened with
Chamberlain’s Pain Balm. You will be
surprised at the prompt relief it affords.
60 cent bottles for sale by J. U. Pickett
and Green & Bentley.
The laws which control us most are
those which have never been written.
When Baby was rick, we gave her Oastarla.
When she was a Child, she cried for Caatoria.
When the became Miaa, ahe clung to Castoria.
Whan aba had Children, she gave them Oaetoria.
Happiness makes cowards of people;
wretched people are neYer afraid.
Are Your Children Subject to
1 Croup.
As a preventive and care for croup,
Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy has no ri
val. It is, in fact, the only remedy that
can always be depended upon and that is
pleasant and safe to take. There is not
the least danger in giving it to children,
as it contains no injurious substances. For
sale at 60 cents per bottle by J. H. Pickett
and Green & Bentley.
You can trade your reputation for a dol
lar, but you can never trade back.
Fob eight years I have suffered from
catarrh, which affected my eyes and hear
ing: have employed many phvsicians with
out relief. lam now on my second bottla
of Ely's Cream Balm, and feel confident of
a complete cure.—Mary C. Thompson, Cer
ro Gordo, 111.
It is easier to defeat an enemy than to
make him acknowledge it.
De Witt’s Little Early Risers never
gripe or cause nausea. Mild but sure, as
sist rather than force: best little pill for
sick headache, chronic constipation, dys
pepsia. d-w
It seems cruel to sue a campaign liar for
libel. It looks lik« discouraging enterprise.
Newspapers Endorse.
“Educators are certainly the greatest
benefactors of iheraee, and after reading
Dr. Franklin Miles popular works, cannot
help declaring him to be among the most
entertaining and educating authors.”—
New York Daily. He is not a stranger to
our readsrs, as his advertisements appear
in our columns in every issue, calling at
tention to the fact that his elegant work
on Nervous and Heart diseases is distribu
ted free by our enterprising druggists.
Trial Bottles of Dr. Miles' Nervine are
given away, also Book of Testimonials
showing that it is unequaled for Nervous
Prostration, Headache, Poor Memory,
Dizziness, Sleeplessness; Neuralgia, Hys
teria, Fits, Epilepsia.
The wisdom you get trom aaother man’s
experience never makes you look older.
Rheumatism Cured in a DAY.-“Mys
tec Cure” for Rheumatism and Neuralgia
radically cures in 1 to 8 days. Its action
upon the system is remarkable and myste
neus. It. removes at once the cause and
the disease immediately disappears. The
first do3e greatly benefits. 76 cents. Sold
by Gieen & Bentley, Druggists. 16yl
Some men get a reputation for bravery
just because they are able to conceal how
seared they are.
Catarrh, neuralgia, rheumatism and
most diseases originate from impure blood.
Cleanse it, improve it. purify it with De
Witt’s Sarsaparilla and health is restored,
strength regained. Sold by all drug
gists. d-w
Asking questions of a public speaker is
like standing on the track to scare the lo
Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy.
This remedy does not dry up a cough,
but loosens and relieves it, It prevents
coughing by producing a free expectora
tion, and by allaying the inflammation
and irritation of the throat. It is the only
preparation in common use that produces
an expulsion of mucus from the air cells
of the lungs, renders the mucus less ten
acious and easier to expectorate, and opens
the secretions. It completely undermines
a cold. It is specially adapted to children,
as it contains no injurious substance, it
is a great favorite for croup, and has never
yet failed. 50 cents per bottle. For sale
Dy J. 11. Pickett and Green & Bentley.
When a man realizes that he cannot be
famous there is some hope that he will set
tle down and be useful.
A beautiful skin, bright eves, sweet
Dreath, good appetite, vigorous body, pure
blood and good health result from the use
of De Witt's Sarsaparilla. It is sold by
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Article* of Incorporation.
The undersigned have this day associated
themselves together Into a corporation under
tne name of Brewer * Jones 8b oe Co., lor the
purpose of buying and soiling and manufactur -
mg Doots and shoes and all other articles usual
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The orlaelpai place of business shall be Oska
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The business of tbe corporation shall begin
Oct. 10, 1S01, and ooutlnue for a term of 6 years.
Tbe highest amount of Indebtedness of this
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fnls corporation shall be under the man age
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Bn WARD D. Bkjbwu,
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8 ALB.
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NriAMuyDftui. uw« ,
Fonseca Issues a Proclamation As-
Burning Dictatorship.
The Army and Navy Pronounce In
His Favor —The New Republic a
Short-Lived One.
UNDER martial law.
Rio Janeiro, Brazil, Nov. 7.—Presi
dent Deodoro de Fonseca has been pro
claimed dictar
tor. The troops
/fT" ik are now guard
yM ingali the
|iu ■ streets and pub
lie buildings. A
/£\ Y'*”| strict censor
, \ I ship of all tel*
egraphic me s -
£ vifik' Bages has been
established and
details of the
AF state of affairs
PffiSspjy” are not allowed
In Bio Grande
\ w do Sul the news
* has caused a
Fonseca. most unfavor
ble impression. Great anxiety is
felt as to the result of Fon
seca's proclamation and the disso
lution of congress. It is officially an
nounced that the president has con
vened the nation to elect new repre
sentatives at a date to be determined
upon later.
After the trouble between Fonseca
and congress, which resulted in the dis
solution of that body, this city was the
scene of riots caused by the ordering
of the troops under arms.
Martial law was proclaimed As in
previous cases a striot oensorship of
the press was established. All com
munication by telegraph was
stopped. A spirit of revolt was
manifested in the army. When Fon
seca was informed of this fact he
went at once to the troops and made
them a stirring address, promising te
guard their interests and to protect
them in all their rights. His words
had a good effect The unruly spirits
were completely brought arouhd to his
side, and at the end of his address
loudly cheered him.
The chiefs of the army then re
quested Fonseca to resume the func
tions of a dictator, saying that the
emergency demanded it. He appeared
to demur for a time, but at length gave
his consent. He then issued a decree
relating the cause of disagreement
between him and congress and de
fending his position. At the same
time he declared that congress
had gone so far in its attempts to in
terfere with his prerogatives that he
thereby dissolved it It had no longer
any excuse for existing, he said, since
it was passing laws that were contrary
to the constitution. This occurred on
The troops Wednesday morning
?iarched to the palace where President
onseca was holding a conference with
his military commanders. A conference
of the ministers was also in progress.
At 9 a. m. Fonseca’s decree was made
public. He said the dictatorship was te
last until the political revolutions were
at an end and law-makers learned to
keep in progress with republican ideas.
A dictatorship, he added, was the best
thing for the disturbed country. Be
disclaimed any intention of prolonging
it after peace had been restored
throughout the country.
Telegrams received from Porto
Alegro, in the state of Rio Grande de
Bui, declare that the authority of the
dictator is not recognized there. Alegro
has a population of some 80,000 inhab
itants. Rio Grande de Sul is one of the
most prosperous and independent
of all the states. It has a pop
ulation of nearly 500,000. The re
publicans in it say that thqy will not
tolerate a dictatorship and are demand
ing armed opposition to Fonseca. They
say that he wishes to restore imperial
rule, with himself as emperor, ana that
he has grown tired of republican gov
ernment. The navy has pronoflneed in
favor of Fonseca. Rio is now quiet
It is believed that the revolt will be
put down and that peace will be re
stored at an early date.
Fonseca, in his manifesto, says that
he will govern in accordance with his
constitution. The national guard has
been mobilized in the province of Rio
Qrande. The troops are in their quar
tera An outbreak is feared owing to
the influence of the opposition. Com
mercial interests in Rio are not af
It is said the government is ready to
maintain order by every means; thatt
th* constitution will be respectedff and
that the government will also be an
swerable for all natienal engagements.
The governors of the leading provinces
have congratulated President Fon
seca upon bis success in maintaining
order. The general situation is un
changed. The crisis arose from con
gress accusing President Fonseca of
having unwarrantably assumed sov
ereign power. The freedom of the
press is suspended. The embargo has
been removed from cipher telegrams,
but press telegrams and newspaper
comments are subject to a rigorous
Washington, Nov. 7. —The depart
ment of state has received a cable
gram from Minister Conger confirming
the report of the dissolution of con
gress and the declaration of martial
law in Brazil. The disturbed state of
affairs in Brazil is viewed with deep
eoncern here in view of the importance
of American interest in that country
and our close trade relations with it
There is reason to believe that the rev
olutionary movement is being foment
ed by a considerable party which
seeks to reestablish a monarchical form
of government in Brazil, but it is not
generally believed that the reactionary
dement is strong enough to uproot the
new republic.
Tbe Brazilian government has re
organized its diplomatic and consular
service, reducing expenditures very
considerably by abolishing the lega
tions at St. Petersburg, Vienna and
the Vatican. The government has alsb
consolidated the Venezuelan legation
With that of Mexico, the Bolivian lega
tion with that of Peru, and the lega
tion of Portugal with that of Spain Tha
United States legation is elevated to
the first-class, and tbe staff of the min
istry is increased by the addition of
second and third secretaries, with a
fdree of clerks.
Exhibitors Making Applications for Ao-
commodstlons at the World’s Fair.
Chicago, Nov. 9. —Exhibitors are
more anxious for space in the world’s
fair buildings than they were at the
Philadelphia centenni&L More than
1,700 applications have already been
received, and at the present rate 200
more will be in the hands of depart
ment chiefs before January 1. During
the same period only 800 applications
were received for the centenDiaL Alto
gether 34,000 applications were sent to
Director-General Goehorn by prospec
tive exhibitors at the centcnniaL Of
these 20,000 came from foreign coun
tries and the remaining 14,000 from do
mestic exhibitors. The officials of the
exposition believe that fully 100,000 ap
plications will be made for space, as
many manufacturers who have written
for blanks have not returned their ap
Stories of » Pert*-of- Action Influx from
America Into Great Britain.
Dublin, Nov. 9. —The police in this
city and other parts of Ireland, Eng
land and Scotland have received
information as to a probable in
flux into Great Britain of mem
bers of the Irish party-of-action
in America. It ia said that Ameri
can detectives in the employ of
the British police authorities are sta
tioned at Queenstown and elfie
wberd with Instructions to care
fully watch every incoming Atlantic
steamship from American ports. In
addition the police force has been in
creased at every port in Ireland, and
the prominent Parnellltos are being
steadily shadowed. In a word the re
vival of the Fenian operations is sua-
Fair Men to Meet In Chicago.
Springfield, lIL, Nov. 9.—A call has
been issued for the ninth annual con
vention of the International Associa
tion of Fairs and-Expositions, to be
held at the Sherman house, Chicago,
November IT and 18. The Western
Fair Circuit association will also hold
its annual meeting at the Bbermaa
ho— November 19.
'TTjsU'?- ~ vfr--r'r
Troops on Guard in Every Part ol
the Bepnblio.
Places of Amusement Closed and No
Assemblies Permitted —Fonseca’s
Opponents in Danger.
Lisbon, Nov. 9. —Cable dispatches re
oeived in this city from Rio Janeiro
contain the information that all the
theaters and other places of amusement
have been closed by order of the au
thorities. The soldiery are patrolling
the city for the purpose of preventing
any assembling of the people. All
the public buildings are being
guarded by troops and the state of
siege is being prosecuted with vigor. A
commission has been appointed for the
summary trial of persons charged with
being enemies of the republic, and
upon conviction on that charge they
will be banished from the country.
Rio Janeiro, Nov. 7. —President de
Fonseca assumed the supreme com
mand barely in time to prevent the
fruition of a conspiracy to restore the
empire. This conspiracy is known to
have strong European support, and
has been directed in Brazil by
adherents of the ex-imperial
family, who were leniently permitted
to remain in the country. But for the
president’s action they would probably
have attempted a coup d’etat within a
few days. As it is the Brazilian
authorities are aroused to the ut
most vigilance, and both the army and
navy are loyal to the republic. Several
arrests have been made, and all those
to whom treason can be brought home
wiU be dealt with severely. Others
under strong suspicion will be ex
pelled from Brazil. Entire tranquility
prevails, and it is believed that there
will be no outbreak.
President de Fonseca U in good
health and has the loyal support of his
ministers and the executive authorities
in all departments. It is reported that
tlhe Count d’Eu, son-in-law of Dom
Pedro, i® at the bottom of the present
effort to undermine republican govern
ment in Brazil.
The count is said to have been in
communication with Brazilian restora
tionists, and has been watched in be
half of the Brazilian government more
closely than he supposed. It is not
thought that Dom Pedre has any share
in the conspiracy, or even a knowledge
of it There is considerable agitation
ip the provinoe of Rio Grande da
Sul, wherfe the events at Rio
Janeiro are considered to be but
a prelude to the restoration of the em
pire. Northern Brazil is decidedly In
favor of an empire, and only in central
Brazil is the republic popular. This
may lead to Dom Pedro's grandson be
coming chief of the state under a re
gency of three prominent citizens rep
resenting the northern, southern and
central provinces, and insuring the
unity of Brazil.
President Dsodoro de Fonseca’s ac
tion in assuming the dictatorship is
very generally approved here. Little
doubt exists in the minds of the best
informed people that a conspiracy ex
isted for the purpose of overthrow
ing the government, and it
was realized that only such se
vere measures aa were taken would be
sufficient to frustrate the schemes
of the conspirators. While martial
law is in force in Rio, and under the
president’s proclamation will remain
bo for sixty days, everything is as quiet
here as it was before the trouble, and
there are no signs, outward at least,
of any further outbreak.
The daily papers in Rio de Janeiro
have little to say of the situation of af
fairs, generally reserving their com
ments. Houses of such of the senators
and deputies as are known to be in op
position to. the dictator are closely
watched by the polio*. Several of the
ministers in President Fonseca’s cabinet
have resigned their portfolios, but
active steps are being taken to speedily
present and adopt measures which will
insure the economical working of the
government, and thus gain the con
fidence of the people. Several of the
governors of the provinces have sent in
their adhesion to the dictator, who an
nounces that he will be able to assure
a resumption of tranqullty throughout
the country in a short time.
Paris, Nov. 9. —Dom Pedro, ax-em
peror of Brazil, said Friday that he
knew little of what had happened dur
ing the last two years in his unfortu
nate country. During a long life all
his strength, all his devotion had been
given to insure the progress and pros
perity of his people; he had sac
rificed everything rather than plunge
the country in civil war. When
news of his deposition was conveyed
to him at Petropolis he need only have
shown himself at Rio and the revolu
tion would have been at an end; he
had but to go down among the people
alone and unarmed, but the idea that
his presence might lead to conflict
and bloodshed affected him so
that he preferred exile. His decision
he was convinced was the greatest
proof he could have given of his love
for Brazil. Another proof not less
convincing was Ids absolute determina
tion never to make any attempt to re
establish the throne. He never had
any personal ambition; never enter
tained any other wish than that
et promoting the welfare ®f his
eountry; desired to be nothing but
pastor populi. Whether Brazil re
gretted his paternal government and
admitted that the new regime was the
work of a faction actuated only by
personal motives he knew not. All he
did know was what he read in the pa
pers, but he might say that in exile he
loved his people more than ever, and
should the Brazilian people call upon
their old emperor, he would forget alike
age, infirmities and sorrows, and un
dertake at once the risks of the long
voyage, in order once again to stand
in the midst of his children and devote
to their welfare what was left of his
vital energy. He should be amply re
warded if he were able to sleep his last
sleep in his beloved country.
Cattle Cars Become Unmanageable, Dash
Down a Heavy Grade and Collide with
Another Train.
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 9. A cattle
train on the Louisville, Evansville A
St. Louis road became unmanageable
on Edwardsville hill, 6 miles from New
Albany, Ind., at 2 o’clock a. m.
and dashed into .the city at the
rate of a mile a minute, colliding with
a yard engine, turning it over on its
side and running to the yards of the
Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati A
St Louis railroad, where it struck
a train standing on the main
track, demolishing both engines.
Engineer Peter Hurley had both lege
broken and was internally injured.
“The property loss will amount to *30,-
000. The accident was caused by the
bursting of the compressed-air cylinder
of the brakes, and the brakemen were
unable to stop the train by means of
the handbrakes.
Plavin, a McCarthyite. Elected to Fill It
for the Btlanc* of the Term.
Cork, Nov. 9.—The official figures
of Friday’s election for member of
parliament to represent this city as a
successor |to Parnell are as follows:
Martin Flavin, 8,669; John E. Red
mond, Parnellite. 2,167; Sarsfleld,
unionist, 1,161. Flavin’s plurality,
The McCarthyites are rejoicing over
the result, and the Parnellites are sul
len, but apparently not despondent.
Appearances indicate that the de
feated faction intends to omake
Cork lively if there are -any bands
or bonfires. The Parnellites declare
that they will not give up the fight,
but will continue to contest the con
stituencies in which they have any rea
sonable number of supporters. It is
said that Redmond may oppose the
seating of Flavin on the ground of undue
clerical interference.
The Secretary of War Places HU Reel«-
nation In the Hands of the President—
Mo Time Set to Take Effeot-
Burlinstok, Vt, Nov. 6.—Ho*. Red
field Proctor arrived here Wednesday
night from Washington. Before
leaving the national capital he
wrote his resignation as secretary
of war and placed it in the
hands of President Harrison. No time
was stated in the letter for the resigna
tion to take effect, but the expectation is
that the president will formally accept
it shortly.
Both the method and results when
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Pf'.-'-VT-' p £ (v :
Fire at Evart, Mich., Thnraday did
damage estimated at sßo,ikO.
It is estimated that $185,000 changed
hands on the result of the election in
New York. *
Mrs. Bridget Haley took a smat
lamp into the cellar at Cincinnati. It
exploded and she will die.
The sixth annual assembly ef the In
ternational Christian Workers’ asso
ciation opened in Washington Thurs
Four stockmen were killed and an
engineer was seriously hurt near
Waco, Tex., by a rear end collision of
stock trains. •
The old soldiers of Minnesota have
decided to attend the world’s fair in a
body. 'They will go into camp with
the veterans from other states
T. M. Jones & Co., stationers at
Dallas, Tex., assigned, with liabilities
of $29,000. Clewer, Harrison <fc Co.,
electrical supplies, also assigned, with
liabilities of $10,009.
Julio Campo, an alleged South Amer
ican general and commissioner to the
world’s fair, is under arrest at New
York, charged with robbing a corpse
of a wallet containing money and jew
There is an epidemic of typhoid fever
at Portland, Me.
The president has recognized Paul
Thai as Russian consul at Chicago.
Louis Lucian Bonaparte, a nephew
of the first Napoleon, is dead at Rome,
aged 79 years.
The International Peace congress
opened its session at Rome Tuesday.
Gne hundred delegates are present
An (giknonD man was stabbed to
death in a row between Finns and
Swedes near Newberry, Mich., Tues
day morning.
The executive committee of the Na
tional Education association has de
cided to hold the next annual conven
tion at Saratoga Springs July 18 to 15,
1 $92.
Bobbers entered the store of t A. 8.
Jolander at Holman, a village near La
Crosse, Wis., killed a watch dog and
blew open the safe. The amount of
money secured was small.
Typhus fever is spreading among the
famine-stricken inhabitants of several
provinces in the government of Kasan,
in Russia. Stringent measures have
been adopted to cope with the disease.
Frank McLain w&§ arrested in To
peka, Kan., Wednesday for the murder
of his 9-months-old son.
Minneapolis expects to get the next
republican national convention as a re
sult of McKinley’s election.
Fire Wednesday destroyed the car
stables of the Rapid Transit line at
Newark. N. J., causing a loss of $60,-
At Lexington, Ky., Wednesday, the
Kentucky Running association made
an assignment. Its liabilities are esti
mated at $63,000.
A man named Windom shot and killed
the T-year-old son of Prof. Floyd Baily,
near Wilsonburg, W. V*., iflistaking
the be T ’s head for an animaL
The 'ernational railway, to connect
the Untu d States, Mexico and Central
America, broke the first ground at
Brownsville, Tex., Wednesday.
A train conveying a large number of
soldiers was derailed at Ivan-Gorofl,
Russia. Three of the soldiers were
killed and fifteen were injured.
William Caswell, a former resident
of Eau Claire, Wia, and Chippewa
Falls, la., was thrown from his horse
and killed at his home near Knoxville,
A statement prepared at the treasury
department shows that the increase in
circulating medium for October was
$33,810,12ft; increase in bullion and
money in the treasury, $9,182,403.
President Barillas of Guatemala has
guaranted absolute liberty to the
press. The change of heart has been
occasioned by his terror that he would
b* deposed before his term of office ex
It is reported that nearly 2,000 of the
Russian troops on the Pruth have per
ished of typhus. When the bulk of the
force was removed some distanoe in
land, the sick were left almost without
help, and these are perishing daily.
At Milwaukee, Wis., about 708 labor-
ers working for the Villard syndicate on
electric railroad lines struck against a
reduction of twenty-five cents in their
wages Wednesday, and work on the
railway improvements is at a standstill.
Geraldine Ulmar, the American prinia
dona*, has had a sad accident in Lon
don which will probably disfigure her
for Ul«- On Sunday she was playing
with her dog and the animal sprang at
her face, bit her mouth dnd uose and
tore the flesh badly.
Mott Smith, it is said, is likely to
succeed the late Minister Carter as
the Hawaiian representative at Wash
The funeral of Henrr A. Carter, min
ister from the Sandwich islands to the
United States, was held at New York
Albert Sloan was found guilty of
manslaughter at Fairfield, 111., in kill
ing Lloyd Warren May 19 last and
sentenced *o ten years’ imprisonment
William Bender, of Long Prairie
Minn., who killed his wife last June,
has been convicted of manslaughter.
He will get twenty years’ imprison
Ed Chenoweth, on trial at Winches
ter, 111., for the murder of Harry
Thompson, was acquitted by a jury.
The crime was committed at Buffalo
last fall.
Near Altona, 111., Friday, Mrs.
Haines was killed, her husband and
Mrs. Sutton were dangerously and a
daughter of the Haines’ was slightly
hurt in a runaway.
The suits against Capt Samuel
Birens, of Kansas, ex-treasurer of Ma
son county, 111., who was charged by
the supervisors with being short in his
accounts 813,000 to 820,000, have been
Thopias Fortune, the colored editor
of the New York Age, was awarded
*826 damages from a restaurant keeper
Friday, who refused to sell him liquor
and afterward assaulted him.
The Attorney General Does Not Think
Indiana Will Lose Any of Her Terri
Washington, Nov. 9.—Attorney Gen
eral Miller says he does not believe
anything can come of the efforts being
made to take a slice from the eastern
side of Indiana and attach it to Ohio.
Officers of the geodetic survey have re
cently been examluing this border line
at the request of the state of Ohio, but
the survey has been more in the line of
scientific research than in anticipation
of an actual change of the boundary
line. The attorney general says that
in any event the question Of boundary
ia one for the states to determine and
that the federal government can have
nothing to do with the question.
Th*> National Bank at Carry, Pa., ClomO
by Order af the Kxamlner.
Cobby, Pa., Not. B.— A sensation
was created here by the suspen
sion of the Corry national bank.
The news spread quickly and cre
ated great surprise and excite
ment, as it was believed to be
perfectly sound. Inquiry revealed the
fact that the bank had been closed by
the order of the bank examiner. The
bank’s president is T. A. Allen, and
the cashier Clarence Harmon. The
capital stock is 9100,900, the surplus
910,500 and the undivided profits 90,-
750. No statement has yet been made
of the liabilitiea
Three Persons Killed and the Principal
Building* Blown Down.
San Fbancisco, Not. 9.—The powder
works at Clipper Gap, 0 miles aboTe
Auburn, were blown up Friday morn
ing. The explosion was terrific and
jarred buildings in Auburn City per
ceptibly. Three tpeu were killed and
several wounded. A man named Ham
ilton, keeper of the hording house, was
blown to atoma The three principal
buildings were destroyed.
CoM WMiktr in Oanuay.
Bmuh, Not. 9.—Cold weather pre
vails throughout Germany and the
ground is covered with snow. A poet
man was frozen to death between So
tern and Turkesmahle.
nuakeitviaf IB K»* York.
N*w Yoiut, Not. B. —Got. Hill hu la
■u*d a proclamation appointing Thara
day, November S*, aa a day of tbwka
e V*
Wipin OINTMENT «**?
cv»v Vorm 6 ,f SKIN DISEASE
HiilKOSSEfWny From Simple Hciple* to obstlnjte RcZKMAi
Send for “ Hint* for Kitchen and Sick*
Boom,” a handy bocU for the honaehold. FREE,
It shells both In ear and shuck without cracking the
corn, and will positively outclean anything that shells
jps corn. Shells Clean from the cobs at the rate of 2,500
to 4.000 bushels per day.
Send for Illustrated Circular “B.”
Three Rivers, Mich.
Dollars for
Your Thoughts!
We need TWENTY or MORE original and striking designs for Newspaper Adver
tisements of SANTA CLAUS SOAP.' The manufacturers, Messrs. N. K. Fairbank
& Co., authorize us to pay
Ten Dollars Each
for approved drawings with appropriate reading; or $5.00 each for designs or reading
matter only. This offer is open to all who have facility in illustration. The competition
will close December 10, 1891. About January I, 1892, we will pay for accepted designs,
and return the others.
Directions. — Make drawings with black ink on heavy white paper, or card board. Do
the work in outline. Elaborate shading will not print well. Space in papers will be about
four inches square. Draw to larger sctde if you prefer, but have design square. The idea
is most important. If that is good we can have it redrawn and still give you credit. Avoid
doggerel in which soap rhymes with hope, &c.
Points. — Santa Claus is a pure, high-grade Soap — made for laundry and general
household use — a favorite wherever known. Generous praise will be well bestowed. Sold
by all grocers, wholesale and retail.
Do your best, and send results promptly. Address (only)
N. W. AYER & SON, Newspaper Advertising Agents,
November, 1891. Philadelphia.
Try my 25c Tea. It is a
Winner. My W.A.S.Tobacco
and Queen of Dakota Flour
are gaining favor. Give
them a trial.
-© BUGGIES. ©-
I have a few good second-hand Phaetons, Buggies and Spring
Wagons for sale cheap if taken quick.
Also a few new Buggies ot Eastern Make on which 1 will
give you a bargain if you catch on quick before they are gone.
I sell the Ketchmn Farm Wagon, Good Harness, Whips, etc.,
also do Buggy Repairing.
Remember the Place, one block west ot post office.
will build 300 Buggies this winter.
Buy A Lot in tte World’s Fair City
• Just]For Luck. ®
They are cheaper than Oskaloosa city prop
erty and that is below real value .
We have some very desirable lots adjoining Blue Island and
Harvey, suburbs of Chicago.
Fifty-four passenger trains in and out of Chicago daily, and
twenty more will be put on next fall.
all high and dry, and east and west fronts.
PRICE S 105.00 per lot; $lO cash, balance $5 a month; on
interest. 10 per cent discount for cash. A liberal discount toi
a block ot live or more
An Abstract and Guarantee Bond with each lot by the Title,
Guarantee & Trust Company, ot Chicago, a corporation of sl,-
600,000 capital.
It’s a rare opportunity for a fine investment of small amounts
and easy terms.
For full particulars call on,
C. P SEARLE & CO. Agents.
The Wells Furnace
The Wells STEEL, HOT AIR FURNACE is unsurpassed tor
ease of handling, economy of fuel, durability and cleanliness.
By continuous circulation of air perfect ventilation is afforded.
Our furnace is made of the best quality of sheet steel, all points
so securely riveted that the escape of gas or dust is absolutely im
possible. The only smoke and gas consuming furnace made
We guarantee it to do all we claim for it. We have a perfect
system of hot water heating for laundry, bath, toilet and kitchen
purposes, which we attach to the furnace when desired. When
our hot and cold water system is used, we furnish Bath Tubs,
Water Closets, Wash Basins, Sinks and Pipe, and do all plumb
ing work. We are also prepared to do any and all kinds of iron
work for buildings, GALVANIZED IRON CORNICE, Sky-
Lights, Windowaps and Shutters. Cast iron Columns, Door-
Steps, Cresting, etc. Anything in sheet or cast Iron. Our Sky
Lights are equal if not superior to any ou the market; We have
one of the best equipped foundries in lowa, in charge of Mr. Geo.
Greasby and are prepared to do all kinds of moulding in iron or
brass on short notice. d27T eod wtf
J. B. McCurdy & Co.,
Furniture, Undertaking, Upholsteriug, ’and Picture Framing
North of the Court House.
Store Telephone - - No. 17. Residence Telephone - No. 12,
Residence, No. 716 east High Avenue.
lhe and Moet Cow- mm? $ «* r »
pleU prfntmj ofiee in Central IHUi *"?**<'*» amd <*H.rea*maU*
lowa. price*.
Oskaloosa Herald
BT And Consequently is the JB
Best Advertising Medium.
TbiWuiitßiuld. I Tsk Daily Huau».
Kstablistwa iB6O I Bai&blulled MW.
*. < .V' V % 'A

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