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Circulation Nearly Three Thousand.
At Two Dollars Per Annum
albert w. swalm,
Editor and Proprietor.
November 19, IK9I.
T -
—The year 1891 will go on record aa
affording the lowest average stage ever
seen on the upper Mississippi river.
—Lo, the poor Indian is blossoming
ont as a lawyer. Hirman Chase, a full
blooded Indian of the Omaha’s has been
admitted to the bar.
—Gov. Boies’ pledge that lowa shall
not be Micbiganized will be redeemed.
The Republican House will do it with
its little majority of eight.
—The political situation in lowa is
something like this:
“When you’re up you’re up,
And when you're down you’re down.
But when you’re ball-way up.
You’re neltner up nor down.”
—Story is the banner Republican
oounty with 1,557 majority for Wheeler,
while the darkest spot in the state is
Dubuque county with its 4,482 major
ity for Boiea.
—According to the latest report 6 500
persons were killed, 9,000 injured, 75,
000 hou«B totally destroyed ami 123,000
bsd'.y d*magtd by the recent earth
quake in
—We wish t'-e p>per up the road,
known as the Marshalltowu Tuneo-Re
publican would saw off part of its
name. It is a weariness ot the desh to
give them proper credit in quoting
from their columns.
—Fred Faulkes’ Gazette, which the
Democrats found such good quoting
during the campaign, now sepulchrally
says: “The Democratic party must now
make its bed of roses or dig its own
grave. One or the other is inevitable.”
—The Fairfield Ledger has a SIO,OOO
libel suit on hand, G. D. McGaw, late
Democratic candidate for treasuier in
Jefferson county, being the aggrieved
individual. It is the Ledger’s first law
suit in 44 years and it will not now be
fined for a little plainness of speech.
—Poweshiek county Republicans did
nobly. In 1889 the Republican plural*
ity in this county was 375, in 1890 it
was 312, and this year it was 459 on
the head of the and nearly 500
on the rest of the candidates for jtate
—When Democrats in close states
want to win in these days they kick
aside the old war horses and call upon
some renegade Republican to lead.
This was the case m regard to Boies in
lowa, Russell in Masachusetts, and
Campbell in Ohio.
—The Illinois small boy will soon
have all the fun he wants, for on the
first day of Deoember the act passed
by the last legislature offering a bounty
of two ceDts a bead for all English
sparrows killed during the months of
December. January and February,
within the state and by residents there
of, goes into effect.
—A short time ago the Czar of Rus
sia passed through Germany and re
fused to meet Emperor William, who
lately, on the of the silver
wedding of the Czar and Czarina, re
taliated by giving no heed to the event;
and all Ljrope is in a state of “fear
and trembling.”
—The Republicans of Clay county
get the Des Moines Tippecanoe bannei
for the greatest per cent of gain over
the vote of last year, the percentage
being 26 Tin banner will be presented
on the first Monday in January. Tho
Tippecanoe club will hold a meeting
December Ist, with speeches by Hon.J.
G. Berryhill a'd L. Young.
\ * %
—Gov. Boies didn’t let the {secretary
of State in on procla
mation again this year. Well, that’s all
right. The Secretary hasn’t much to
be thankful for. Let the Governor,like
another Bob Crachittt, wrap himself
up in the cloak of his own supreme tri
umph, and have all the turkey and all
the flxin’s!
—One of the questions likely to come
before the legislature this winter is
school suffrage for women. The moth
ers vote now in 21 states at school elec
tions, and being tbe ones on whom the
chief responsibility of the guidance
and direction of the children falls, no
body has more right to vote on these
questions than they. Let the mothers
have their say.
—The attempt to resurrect tbe pro
hibition constitutional amendment by
the courts has received its iirst set back
—Judge Conrad, of Des Moines, refus
ing to grant the writ of mandamus ask
ed for to compel the Secretary of State
to certify the same as a part of the con
stitution. The secretary had refused,
and the Judge sustained the Secretary
of State, bolding that in view of tbe
supreme court’s ruling the secretary
oould not be compelled to certify to the
constitutional amendment. A notice
of appeal was given and an effort will
be made to carry the case into the su
preme court.
—Tbe burden of opinion of the Re
publican press of the state on M the sit
uation” appears to favor re-submission
of the prohibitory question to the peo
pletjk.ll shades of opinion are expressed.
John Mahin,of the Muscatine Journal,
known as an extreme prohibitionist,
frhinka re-submission would be honor
able, and Sam Clark, of the Gate City,
tfrfnka it would be cowardly. Able
men favor local option, and other able
men want to surrender everything to
the saloon power and give tbe people
ust what they seem to have demanded.
But tbe majority sentiment as thus ex
pressed is undoubtedly for re-submis
sion, and out of all this brewing let us
hope something may come good for
both state and party, and not some
thing 111.
- — ,
Muscatine Journal; Some people
have an idea that with twenty-five out
of the fifty members of the senate, and
with the ileutonaM governor as pre
siding officer to have a casting vote in
ease of a tie, the Democarats can do as
they piea-e in the senate. This is a
mistake. Tbe lieutenant governor, it
Is true, with twenty five Democrats,
f«n control the election of senste offi
cers, but he has no vote on tbe passage
of bill-. The constitution provides that
“no bill shall be passed unless by the
assent of a majority of all the members
sltftiti to each branch of the general
aMembly." The lieutenant governor
u not elected us a member of the gen
eral assembly end there; ore has no vote
on a bill. it will require twenty-aix
members of the senate to peas a bill in
thi oudr and tbe Democrats have only
twenty-five members. (Senator Engle
will not vote with them on bills touch
ing prohibition, though he may on
aome other matters of a party nature.
XL# house, however, is safely Republi
can, and no Democratic measure eaa
thereto! e pass the general —ambly.
(Lao Aoaua.— lt la eaud that Feck
wood la soon to have a paper. It will
U started by Horace Gratley, wbo has
mads a ill* work of that son of basi-
Mss. and has filled more “long fait
waste* la this direction than any man
Our Present Building to be Torn Down.
Worth of the Finest
To be
-jsH The Golden Eagle, pN
Finding its Present Quarters Inadequate for its Increasing Trade, has made a contract, whereby an Elegant New Building will
be erected, and especially equipped for the most Enterprising and Progressive Clothing House in the State of lowa. The GOLDEN
EAGLE being compelled to vacate, as the building it now occupies must be torn down to give place to the new structure, has but a
short time left in which to dispose of its stock of $60,000, consisting of the frnest line of
Men’s, Youth’s, Boy’s and Children’s Clothing and Gent’s Furnishing Goods.
THE GOLDEN EAGLE can always sell Clothing cheaper than its Competitors. As these goods must be sold in a specified
time,we therefore spent the entire day, FKI©AY,WVEMBEK IS, marking every article as low as it can be possibly sold.
DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY OUR COMPETITORS REMARKS. They say “it is only an advertising scheme.” The Golden Eagle
has gained its reputation tor honesty and square dealing by always doing strictly what it advertises. Call m and examine our Stock
and pi ices and you will be convinced this is a bona fide sale. Respectfully yours,
It 1* a very glad incident of the mar
velous prosperity which has crowned
the year now drawing to a close, that
its helpful and reassuring toucn has
been felt by all our people. It has been
as wide as our country, and so special
that every home has ielt its comfort
ing influence. It is too great to be the
work of man’s power and too particu
lar to be the device of his mind. To
God, beneiicenland all-wise,who makes
the labors of meu to be fruitful; re
deems their losses by uis grace, and the
measure of whose giving is a much be
yond the thoughts of meu as it is be
yond his deserts, the praise and grati
tude of the people of this favored
nation are justly due.
Now, therefore, 1, Benjamin Harri
son, President of the United Estates of
America, do hereby appoint Thursday,
the 26th of November, to be a day of
joyful thanksgiving to God for the
beneiitsof his providence, for the peace
in which we are permitted to enjoy
them, and for the preservation of those
institutions of civil and religious lib
erty which he gave our lathers wisdom
to devise and establish, and us the cour
age to preserve. Among appropriate
observances of that day are rest from
toil, worship in public congregations,
renewal of family ties, around. Ame
rican firesides and thoughtful helpful
ness toward those who suffered lack of
body or of spirit.
In testimony whereof I have here
unto set my hand and caused the seal
of the United Slates to he affixed.
Done at the city of Washington, this
thirteenth day of November, in the
year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and ninety one, and of the in
dependence of the United States the
one hundred and sixteenth.
[Signed] Benjamin Harrison.
By the President:
James G. Blaine, Secretary of State.
Statk of lowa, Executive De
partment.—To the people of Iowa:
The past has been a year of great pros
perity with us. Nature in everything
that pertains to tbe welfare of our
state has been bountiful in the extreme.
We have been favored with general
health among ail our people and have
been preserved from public calamities
of every kind. To that Divine Provi
dence which controls the destinies of
individuals as well as those of nations
and of states we are each indebted for
the multitude of hiessings that have
fallen to oar lot. It is meet that in a
reverent way we return thanks for
these. Therefore, in accordance with
custom and because of a just sense of
gratitude to tbe Author of our being
for His kind care over us, 1, Horace
Boies, governor of the state of lowa,
do hereby appoint Thursday, Nov. 26,
1881, as a day of general thanksgiving
and prayer and hereby request that on
snch day tbs people of our state ab
stain from their usual vocations and
assemble in their respective places of
worship and around their own firesides,
and return thanks to a merciful Creator
for the blessing bestowed upon us, and
offer np prayers for a continuance of
that Divine pleasure which has so gen
erously protected us and Implore its in
terposition in behalf of the unfortu
nate in every part of the world.
In witness whereof I have hereunto
subscribed my name and caused to be
affixed the great seal of the state of
lowa this sixteenth day of November,
in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and ninety one,and in the
—■— one hundred and sixteenth
| seal. [ year of the independence of
< —,— ' the United States of America.
Horace Boies.
For Bilious Attacks
Sick' eadache,
aits' all disorders of
«»** stomach, liver,
and bowels,
Ayer’s Cathartic Pills
are the
Mfeat, surest,
and most popular]
medicine for
family use*
Dr. J. C. Ayer S 00.
I nwetl Mass.
'4?sW ■ - -,:'H
' ' - V
Miss Lena McCormick is a visitor at
the Me W liliams home.
Mrs. Sprague, of Kansas, is very ill
at the residence of her brother, Able
Mariah Thomas will remain a guest
at William Wharton’s for a few weeks
before returning to her home in Kan
Mrs. Anspauch, daughter of Mr.
Robert Wharton, who has been danger
ously sick is improving m health.
Mrs. Prank Boyer, and Miss Emma
Jones, of Oskaioosa, were in town last
Saturday, the former visiting her pa
rents,Mr. and Mrs. James Brady, and
the latter a guest of Miss Libbie Mun
Poster post, G. A. R., has perma
nently established headquarters at
Tracey, and will hold their regular
meetings hereafter at 2 p. m. on the
hrst Saturday after the full moon
in each month.
“Not guilty” was the verdict render
ed in the case of the state against Uai
Culberton and James Oroll, which was
tried here last week by a jury before
Esquire Whaley. The trial attracted
cousiderabie attention, and during its
continuance the court hail was crowd
ed with spectators. The state was rep
resented by J udge Crozier and the de
fendants by Lem. fkinkead, of Knox
ville. The offence was wilful disturb
ance alleged to have been committed
by defendants at the district fair last
September. At that time and place
Oroll had been arrested by some of the
officers of the fair charged with a dis
turbance and was taken before Esq.
Cooper, who opened a court then and
there to try the case, Culbertson ap
pearing for the defense. It was claim
ed by the defense in that case that the
proceedings before Esq. Cooper were
irregular and illegal, and while trying
ing to demonstrate that fact the coun
sel for the defense was ordered arrest
ed by the president of the fair, and
thereupon that court terminated its
session in as Irregular manner as it
opened, but with more confusion. For
this alleged disturbance tbe defendants
were after wards arrested and tried last
week. The trial lasted two days in
cluding two night sessions, resulting
in acquittal of defendants. Great
ability was shown by both attorneys,
but the law and the evidence were on
tbe side of the defense and hence the
verdict. Mac.
Mrs. Frank Harbour, of Highland,
Denver, Colorado, is here for a month’s
visit with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Price, of Wiscon
sin, are visiting relatives.
Hazel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.
C. Garland, is recovering from scarlet
fever, „
Mr. and Mrs. Dave McDonald have
a new boy. „
Mr. and Mrs. Ben. Beardsley have
moved onto their farm below Ottumwa.
J. M. Williams has bought their prop
erty here, and taken possession.
Mm Edith Giles, of Cedar Mines, is
a guest of her cousin, Mrs. E. J. Jef
Rev. Lloyd Williams and family
have gone to Oiifton lowa, where he
has charge of a church.
Mrs. George Warner has been enter
taining her aged parents, Mr. and Mrs.
James Plum, of Albia, the psst week.
Wm. Beardsley, is receiving daily
large supplies of holiday goods.
The Epworth League is busy prepar
ing for an entertainment on Thanks
giving night. Liva.
Last Thursday evening as A. W.Hol
linga worth and wife were returning
home from thedty where they had been
doing some trading, they were over
taken by some of their neighbors and
friends, who were on their way to the
Boilings worth home to spend the even
ing with them. This was a success
fully arranged about sixty
persona were in attendance. A splen
did supper was served to all present.
The evening was spent in social chat
with fine music and a general good
time was enjoyed by all. Mr. IL and
his good wife,who are among the many
readers of the Hnuu) over in Monroe
township, have our thanks for favors
shown us, and may they live long and
James Stout, wbo has been with his
son OharhM at Mullan, Idaho, the peat
summer, name home one day last week
looking bettor than we have seen him
for a long time. Bo came by fotu,
V r '
A Magnificent BUILDING to be Erected.
Merchandise Ever
Sold, Regardless of
Kansas, and stopped with his daughter
Anna and family a few days.
Last Friday, Nov. 13, was Comrade
Phil Grace’s 48th birthday, and invita
tions were quietly sent out to his old
soldier comrades and neighbors and
friends, by his good wife, and about
seventy-five persons came and spent
the day with him. A sumptuous din
ner was served. All report having a
very pleasant visit at tnis hospitable
home, and his host of friends wish him
many more happy birthdays. Our good
friends kindly remembered your re
porter, wno was deprived of the pleas
ure of being present, with a large selec
tion of splendid cake, for which they
have our thanks.
P. L. Kendig, wife and baby were
over Sunday guests at the McKanna
home west of town.
Mrs. Emma Wilson and children, of
Brazil, lowa, are welcome guests at the
McCloud home over in Monroe town
Presiding Elder Hughes preached
the ablest and most interesting sermon
that we have heard for years, last Sun
day evening at the M. E. church. He
was entertained at the King home
while here.
Last Saturday night about 11 o’clock,
as W. H. Moore was going home from
the G. A. R. Post meeting, and when
near 0. J. Jackson’s, some peison com
menced firing a revolver and shot at
least five times across tbe corner of the
corn field between him and Henry
Moore. The bullets whizzed about and
some came very close to him, one just
missing his horse. Such carelessness
with fire arms on the public highway
after night is uncalled for and any per
son or persons using them should be
dealt with according to iaw. We do
not think it was intentional, but such
carelessness is criminal.
Attorney Perdue went to the county
seat to try a law suit before Esq. Paine
Tuesday morning.
J. T. Holloway and wife spent last
week at Fairfield, lowa, visiting rela
Thomas A. Stoalabarger has received
a pension of twelve dollars a month.
This will help an old comrade who
needs it.
Our east school closed the fall term
last Friday afternoon and our primary
room closes to-day. The teachers,Mae
Jones and Emma Calloway, have given
entire satisfaction and are two of our
best young lady teachers.
Miss Jessie Btough, of Troy, lowa,
and her nieoe of Stewart, lowa, are
welcome visitors at the King home.
J.H.Stringfellow, one of Mahaska
county’s oldest and most reliable stock
men was down to-day.
Remember that Dec. 3 is the date of
the poultry show at the Hill; all the
arrangements are made co make it a
success,and the attendance will be large.
Fall particulars next week.
Amos Harrold, of Clinton, Illinois,
and brother of Mrs. Emma Waddell, is
here visiting with her and family.
Why not have the county Sunday
school convention at the Hill this year.
Work for it and get it. Republican.
We bad a snow on Saturday and
Sunday it rained and since then it has
been regular lowa winter. Farmers
are busy gathering their corn. While
some have finished others have just
commenced. Hands are very scarce at
SI.OO per day and board.
Albert Lyons has his dwelling in
closed at Wright. John Shipley has
his honse pretty nearly completed.
Dick Carpenter has the lumber on
the ground for his store house.
Wright is booming.
We are sorry that Miss Brown and
John Martin were beaten as they are
both worthy and competent; but the
whiskey did its work. Skirmisher.
Malcm many Uvea misembto, and often lead* to
eelfdestruction. Dtotre** afterMting.tlck heed
ache, heartburn, soar stomach, mental depres
sion, etc., are caused by this very common and
Increasing disease. Hood's Sarsaparilla tones the
etomach, creates an appetite, promotes healthy
digestion, relievos sick headache, clean the
mind, and cure# the most obstinate caeca of dye
pepela. Bead the following:
"l have been troubled with dyspepsia. I had
bat little appetite, and what I did eat distressed
me, or did in* little good. In en hour after eeting
I would experience a fain tee** or tired, aOgone
feeling, ae though I bad not eaten anything.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla did me an Immense amount
of good. It gave me an appetite, and my rood
roHahcd and satisfied the craving I had previously
experienced. It relieved me of that faint, tired.
ali« one feeling-. 1 have felt to much bettor sloe
1 took Hood'* Sarsaparilla, that I am happy to
weommend it." G. JL Pao*, Watertown, Ham.
KB. Be ran to gat only
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
•tothpaOdrocgtete. fl; *lxforja Prepared only
IyC.I.HOOPSOO.. dpothdoaries.Loweft,Ham.
100 Ooeee One Dollar
“ Shepp’s Photographs of the
The Greatest Book on Earth,
Costing SIOO,OOO.
A Wonderful Collection of Photo-
graphs. Every one Seeing it
will Went e Copy.
We take great pleasure in calling ihe
attention ot our readers to one of the
most daring, if not the most marvel
lous, achievements that has yet been
accomplished in the publishing world.
We reter to a new and most valuable
publication, entitled “Shepp’s Photo
graphs of the World,” representing re
nowned picturesque scenery, historic,
castles, views of cities, avenues, build
ings, monuments, copies of celebrated
paintings and artistic statuary, collect
ed from every corner of the world.
It includes every thing of any inter
terest through Great Britain, from the
Blarney Castle to the Giant’s Causeway
in Ireland, and from the Hills of Scot
land to the South Coast of England;
through Europe, from Gibraltar and
Italy in the Souin to Hammerfest in
Nor wav —the most northern town in
the world —and to Constantinople and
the Russian Mines in Siberia in the far
Through Africa,from the Suez Canal,
Egypt and the N tie in tbe East to Cape
of Good Hope in the South and life
amoDg the Natives m the interior, West
and North; through Asia and the Ori
ent, from the Holy Land, Arabia and
Persia in the West to India, China Ja*
Jian, Australia and the Islands of the
’acifis in the South and East.
Through Spanish South America,
from Terra del Fuego to Panama;
through the Central American States,
Mexico—land of the Aztecs; through
Alaska, Greenland, British North
America and Canada.
Through the United States, from the
Golden Gate in the west to tbe Rocky
Coast of New England in the east, and
from the L*ke Cities in the north to
the Cotton States in the south, forming
one of the flnest,rarest,wealthiest, most
beautiful, interesting and historic col
lections of Photographs ever seen.
The Photographs representing mas
ter paintings and works of art, taken
from the French Salon, Louvre, Lux
embourg, Uffizi, Pitti and Vatican Gal
leries, are direct and accurate repro
ductions of the famous originals. Their
value is so great that the wealth of na
tions could not buy them. No collec
tion like this has ever before been
found between the lids of any book.
Every photograph is carefully ex
plained in from four to six lines print
ed matter, in an accurate, concise and
most interesting manner. So great has
been the demand for this book already,
that the publishers immediately trans
lated the English explanations into
Swedish and German,printing the book
in three languages within four weeks,
and we understand that a Spanish edi
tion is now in course of preparation.
The work is issued by the Globe
Bible Publishing Co., of Philadelphia,
Penna. The publishers, who are wide
awake, and know how to meet the
wants of the masses, have placed the
retail price marvelously low, ranging
from $3.25 to 9700, according to tbe
style of binding, giving every one an
opportunity to purchase a copy.
Mr. J. P. Smith, of Oskaioosa, is the
local representative for this community
and we trust that this anuounoemsnt
to oar readers may prepare every one
to recetve him cordially.
MARRiAoa Lioaasas.
The following to a list of the marriage licenses
Issued hr the olerk stnee our last report s
No. Name. lUMdeao*. Age.
.... j Edward Crispin, Madison Twp as
SIBI j LleullaM. Kirk, Union Twp... SO
-uoai *• N. Mclntlre, Sheldon, 10wa.... 24
I Nellie Crozier. Bpring Creek Twp 30
aiwiJ Jno - A Netfert, Knoxville 88
BUW » Elizabeth Hanensteln, Olivet SB
PKKNO-DlCKKNH.—Married by Esquire
McKee, In Ottumwa, on Monday, Nov. 14, iaei,
Mb. Wm. Pxbmo and Miss bbllb Dunuura,
both of this city.
The groom to the jovial and “wen fed" barber
under Mitch Wilson’s and to popular with his
trade, for a wife he has won a pleasant and
deserving young lady. Their many friends will
extend congratulations, and those who Indulge
win smoke at “Billy's expense. May their fu
ture life be as bright and happy as a gentleman
looks after Billy ha* applied his art on their
face in hto graceful and ague way.
FICKRELL.—Peter M. Plekrell, aged 4S, died
of stomaeh trouble following the grippe, Nov.
IS, at T ;40 A. St. at hi* reeldHoce 1% miles west
V alue.
The Toledo Weekly Blade end Gam-
The Toledo Weekly Blade, the most
prominent Republican weekly pub
lished.is the only political weekly news
paper in the United States that is edit
ed with special reference to circulation
in every part of the Union. It has sub
scribers in every state, territory and
nearly every county of the United
States. It has always above 100,000
subscribers, and during a late presiden
tial campaign had 200,000 subscribers.
People of all political parties take it.
Aside from politics it is a favorite fam
ily paper, having more and better de
partments than can be afforded by
papers of small circulation. Serial and
Short Stories, Wit and Humor, Poetry,
Camp-fiie (Soldiers), Farm, Sunday
School Lessons, Talmage Sermons,
Young Folks, Poultry, Puzzles, House
hold, (best in the world), Answers to
Correspondents, etc., etc. Only One
Dollar a year. Send postal to The
Blade. Toledo, Ohio, for a free specimen
copy. Ask, also, for confidential terms
to agents if yon want to easily earn a
few dollars cash.
Oscar Votaw and wife buried their
little daughter Rozella, aged one year,
5 months and 18 days, on Wednesday.
They have the sympathy of all in their
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, after spending
some time in Kansas and Nebraska,
visiting friends, returned to J. N.Ham
mond’s on Thursday. To-day they go
to Washington, la., where they will re
main for some time and then return to
their home in Youngsviile, Ohio.
E. H. Welton has *he piping to sink
a well one hundred feet deep. He says
he must have water and will go down
until he gets it.
Farmers have more difficulty in get
ting hands to husk corn this fall than
ever before.
The Unity people have re-carpeted
their church and put in new stoves,thus
adding beauty and comfort.
Mrs. James Gunsaulis is very poorly
at this writing.
Stock of all kinds is looking well and
in good shape to go into winter quar
P. C. Oocbran ships hogs to-day, pay
ing $3 25 to $3.35 for same.
0. D. Randall has treated his barn to
a coat of paint.
Nov. 17. w.
Tommy Ferree has been improving
since be was able to be moved home
since his accident. All hope he may
soon resume his place in tbe Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass gave asocial
party to their many friends Tuesday
night. All went away feeling tney
had a pleasant time.
Leroy Nelson and Jeese Osborn are
having a severe tussel with the whoop
ing cough.
Miss Angeline Harvey is steadily re
covering from her all summer sickness
and hopes to be able to take an extend
trip soon. Center.
Uni of Lotion,
Remaining uncalled for in the Post
Office at Oskaioosa, lowa,Nov. 18,1881:
Beekman, Gust McNair, Alousa
Furguson, N J Ozark Bros
Garner, Ohas, Petti tt, Geo
Henry, J ames Richardson, E ugene P
Leonard, J A a tan ti on, Harvie
Mathena, Ell Wheatley, J E
Whratley.J E
Abram, Hannah Greene, Eliza
Barren, Lettle, Henry, Mattie
Brown, Mrs J W Hopkins, Mary A
Bradbury. Louella Main, Mary E
Burrior, Tena Miller, Emely O
Davis, Alice Shaw, Highly
Walker. Mrs Will
Parties calling for any of ths above
letters will please call attention to ad
vertised list of this date.
Runaway.—The New Sharon Sun
says: “W. A. Bryan had a lively run
away while driving home from Oska
looea last week. As it was raining, be
left Mrs. Bryan to oome up on the oars
and he started home lathe buggy.
When near West Center school-house
the team became frightened at the cars
and upset the buggy, throwing Mr.
Bryan out and running home. No
serious damage was done other than
wrecking the buggy. N
in Oskaloosa,
peign of 1892.
FOB RENT.—To a small, quiet family, five
rooms at 602 East Fourth avenue. 35d6-wtl
WANTED.— To trade furniture for a good
four or live year old horse,
wi J. B. MoCcbdy.
FOB RENT.— Two houses, one ol seven rooms
at 416 North D street,ana one ot lour rooms
near South Spring mills,
wi Mrs. J. A. L. Gbookham.
\fONEY.-The person who left some money
IXJL on the show case at Green & Bentley’s ou
Not. 6,oan have same by proving property, dw
STRAYED— From the pasture at Givln, lowa,
one sorrel mare, weight, 850 or 900 pounds.
A liberal reward will be given by D. J. Morris,
Givln, lowa. wl
IF you wish to advertise anything anywhere
at any time write to GEO. P. ROWELL & CO.,
No. 10 Spruce St., New York.
WANTED.— An apprentice to learn dress
making. Apply to Mrs. V. O. Oooltdge,
over Neagle’s grocery. 13w2-59d3
ROOMS FOR RENT.—A suite of rooms In
Phoenix Block, suitable for office or house
keeping, with gas, water and modern conve
niences. Inquire of S. N. Beman, 813 A avenue
east. 53eod&wlmo
&u offers her residence, 210 Second Avenue
west, for sale at a bargain. House of nine
rooms, bath, hot and cold water, gas and all
modern conveniences. Inquire at residence or
of W. G. Jones. I2tf-67d6
EVERY one in need of Information on the
subject of advertising will do well to obtain
a copy of "Book for Advertisers," 368 pages,
price one dollar. Mailed, postage paid, on re
ceipt of price. Contains a careful compilation
from the American Newspaper Directory of all
the best papers and class journals; gives the
circulation rating of every one, and a good deal
of Information about rates and other matters
pertaining to the business of advertising. Ad
10 Spruce St.. N. v 298d1y
State of lowa, Mahaska County, S. S.
Louisa Kirkpatrick,
James M. Shaw «t nl.
Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of a de
cree In partition In the above entitled oause
heretofore entered in said cause in the district
court of said oountv, I will on the 12th day of
December, IBol,at one o’clock P. a. at the door
of the oourt house. In said oounty, offer and
sell at publio auction the following described
premises, to-wit: The west half (44) of the
northeast quarter (54) of section eight (3),town
ship seventy-five (75),north of range fifteen (15)
west of tbs 6th P. M., said county, upon the
•following terms, to-wit: One-third cash in
hand, one-third in one year and one-third in
two years. Deferred payments to draw inter
est at the rate of seven per coat and to be sc
oured by mortgage upon said premises.
T G. Phillips, Sole Referee.
Boltom A Mocor, Attorneys l»w4
Notloe is hereby given that by virtue of a
special execution to me directed by tbe olerk
of the dlstriot oourt ot Mahaska oounty, lowa,
against thegoods,chattels,landa,teneinents.eto.
of Mary Evans and B. F. Evans de
fendants, in favor of state of lowa, plaintiff, I
will offer at public sale to the higheslbidder.for
cash, at the door of the Court House in the oity
of Oekaloosa, oounty of Mahaska, lowa, on the
I9tn day of December, 1891,a1l of said defendant’*
right, title and Interest in and to the following
described real estate, situated in Mahaska
oounty to-wit;
The west one-half of lot forty-seven,[l7] town
of Enterprise, old plat, (oomromonly called
Beaoou] in Mahaska county, lowa.
sale to oommeuco at to dock, P. s. of said
witness my hand this !6th day of Novembsr,
1891 J. T. THIMBU,.
Sheriff of Mahaska oounty, lowa.
Per J.M. Timerblu Deputy. I4w*
Notloe is hereby given, that by virtue of a
special execution to me directed by the olerk ot
toe district oourt of Mahaska oounty, lowa,
against the goods, obatUes, lands, tenements,
etc., of Nelson Minor, defendant, in favor of
Mrs. D Lane, plaintiff, I will offer at public sale
to the highest bidder, for cash, at the door ot
the oourt house lu the city of Oskaloosa, oounty
of Mahaska, lowa,ou tbe 19th day of December.
1991, all of said defendant right, title and Inter
est in and to the following described real estate
situated in Mahaska county, to-wtt:
Nefc, se)*, (except seven and one-half (744)
acres off ot tbefwest tide thereof section thirty
five, (35) twp. 76. nr No. 16 west, 5 p. in, con
taining 32} acres, more or less.
Bale to oomueuce at the hour of 3 o’clock r.
m of said day-
Wltness my hand this i«th day of November.
J. T. Timbrel,
Sheriff Mahaska Oounty, lowa.
Per J. M. Timbrel, Deputy. 14w9
Estate of Noah Parr, deceased.
In tbe district oourt of the state of lowa, la
and for Mahaska oounty, February term, A. D.,
To Martha Parr, Matilda Wymore.A. J.Parr.
John Parr. William Parr, Mathew Pari, Miss
A. Parr, Wm. Parr, Jr.. James Parr, J. C. Wil
liams. Ohas. Atkinson, Calvin Atkinson, Lottie
Atkinson, Kubv Atkinson, Dora Groves.
You are hereby notified that on or before the
20th day of November, 1991, a petition of 80l
Brown, administrator Noah Parr, will be filed
in the office of the clerk of the district oourt ol
the state of lowa, In and lor Mahaaka oounty,
asking an order to sell real estate lor the pay
ment of debts.
Anu that unless you appear hereto and de
fend before noon of tbeseoood day of tbe Feb
ruary term, A. D. 1899. of said oourt, which will
commence on the 9tn day of February, A. D.,
1993, default will be eutered against you and
judgment and decree rendered thereon aa pray
ed for In said petition.
J. F. * W. ft. Laoxt,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
To Suit.—The time of the Center
ville trains will be changed next week
( in order to make direct connections
1 with the Peoria passenger train.
gpBEsSJES* ’-i ' * '•
Phil Hoffmann.
On Saturday last, when the lint snow tell.
And Winter came on oold and gray,
Two sweet little children merrily laughed.
And gaily tripped past m their play.
The one was a girt,—a beautiful child;
Warmly dad in velvet and furs.
With arctlcs.and hood, and mittens, and muff,—
A picture o: comfort was hers.
The other a boy,—no strange.* was he
To poverty’s bitter command;
His clothes,—patched and worn, and shoes
broken out,—
No glove for bis cold little hand.
Yet happy he seemed as onward he sped.
Unmindful of cold and the snow.
And drew her along on a pretty new sled.
As she laughed and told where to go.
The thought touched my heart, (perhaps It Is
As past me they rushed iu their play:
"How true unto life the picture they make.
Of the world and Its wonderful way.”
Those who are the most unfitted for work
The heaviest buraens must bear;
And those who are drilled In the tactics of power
Are seldom oppressed with a care.
From early ’till late some grovel and toil,
That others In comfort may live.
To the hardest of labors—most taxing.
The least compensation we give.
But fate Is never unkind to the heart
That struggles through love for the right.
The darkest day In the morning ot life
May the brightest become before night.
As the years roll by, this boy of to-day,
Clad in garments his father has worn,
May rise to the heights that others have lost.
Who on plnacles high were born;
And true to the love of his earliest years.
May lift even higher than now
This sweet little girl who knows but to play;
And with honor and rlcnes endow.
November 16,1891.
At elevator on High Ave., and Cen
tral railroad, coal delivered promptly
to any part of the city. Telephone 51.
d&wtf J. H. Shear, Agent.
Treasurer’s Delinquent Tax List.
Notice Is hereby given that the following described
lands and town lots will be offered for sale for delinquent
taxes, at the office of the County Treasurer of Mahaska
county, in the city of Oskaloosa, on the first Monday In
December, A. D„ 1891, being the seventh day thereof, un
less the same shall have been previously paid, according
to the law In such cases made and provided.
Treasurer of Mahaska County, lowa
Treasurer’s office, November 11, 1891.
i L
Owner’s name -if g 33 ,
\ ! I « 1
Q oq fe £ fc*
Barr, Ira, se nw 22 40 11 05 128 12 38
Cedar Town Co Npt nw cor.
nwnw 6 1 50 29 79
Taylor, Wm, n*4 sene 14 315 100 415
Taylor, Mary L, nw ne l 523-5 760 92 852
Brubaker, WA, lot Inw nw.l9 6 253 47 300
McCurdy, JA. It 4 gov It 5...15 4*4 190 188 378
Hill, AM, nwnw 26 40 838 101 939
Hill, Kachel, B*4 sw 23 80 10 47 119 11 66
Hill, Rachel, sw*, sw se.. .23 35 392 56 448
Klchardson. Henry s*4 sw 10 80 680 38 618
Wharton, Adallne, w*4 nw 17 80 560 41 601
Broyles, JW, nw nw 24 4 0 655 83 738
Broyles, JW, ne ne 23 40 410 65 475
B fit MK K Co, B*4 se 15 80 827 101 928
Cox, Geo H, w*4 nenw ...35 20 452 65 517
Mcßurney, Jas M, W*4nwsesw.l6 5 60 29 89
Rogers, MM, nw nw 28 40 259 47 306
Nichols. JF C, n*4 ne ne 34 20 261 47 3os
. Malone, John A, se nw 3 40 10 38 119 11 57
Moore. Biddle, nw 26 166 23 85 236 26 21
Moore, Biddle, e* ne ne 26 20 274 47 321
, McKwen. MB, W*4 SW 5e....25 20 270 47 317
Shaffer, Henry, w*4 ne ne.... 8 20 623 «3 706
Small, J and M, swprswse .il 25 387 56 443
Bmall, J and M, eprw*4se. .11 19 391 56 447
Small, J and M, e 3-5 nfc uwne.l4 8 97 29 126
, Waters, KJ. si se se 5 30 7301 01 Bsi
’ Walt man, Ph ne se 24 40 205 29 234
. Andrews, JW, n* nenw. ...10 15 674 83 757
Henry, JK, swswnw....l2 10 30 29 50
Hull. Wm, lot 2 nwnw..l6 5 285 47 332
Knight, WF, e*4 9W 34 77 13 30 62 13 92
Nelson, Est Robt, s*4 ne ne 16 20 672 83 755
Pruet, Philemon, lot2nw 5e...23 6 664 63 727
Sbaw, Wm, sw nw 8 40 840 101 941
Tebbetts, CA, sw ne nw ne 13 SH 102 26 128
Allen, AW, lotlsesw.... 1 1 382 110 492
Beadle, Robt. lotsl&2 swne.22 3* 451 74 525
Beadle, Robe, lot 4uwse .. .22 ih 651 83 734
Carr, Thos, lot3nese —36 1 282 47 329
Peterson, Cba9, w*4 lot 2 sese.2s 3 169 38 207
‘ Radford, Lucinda, s‘/,iot4 swse.,22 297 100 397
~ Brundage, AA, nw sw 20 40 484 65 549
Brundage, AA, nV4 sw 8W....20 20 242 47 289
, Brundage, AA, eptne se —l9 5 91 29 120
[ Davis, JG, lotSne sw... 7 15 128 38 166
r Davis, JG, lot 11 nw sw.. 7 22 262 47 309
Davis, JG, s!4 ne SW 7 20 204 47 251
Davis, JG, lot 2. se sw... 7 32 326 56 382
Davis, JG, lot 7, sw SW . 7 23 195 38 233
" Davis, Busan, e*i«w nw ne. 7 5 240 29 269
• Davis, Busan, lot Ine sw 7 2 50 23 73
Arnold, BR, lots 2&3 se ne22 14*4 116 38 154
- Bradford,Jas, n* uw se 10 20 400 56 456
l Bradford, Jas, ept s*4 ne swio 2*4 44 29 73
i Brockway, GA, nw ne 24 40 12 16 117 18 33
i Brockway, GA, sw ne 24 40 720 92 812
- Drake, HH, sw nw 15 40 250 29 279
, Drake, HH, sw sw 10 40 320 32 362
. Drake. HH. nwnw 15 40 80 23 103
. Gable, GW, n*4 nw 32 80 19 CO 200 21 00
Gable, GW, etsesw 29 20 365 66 431
- Gable, GW. e 1-10 ne ne. Sl 4 93 29 122
b Hostetter, BF, lot lne 5e....22 16 576 43 619
, Hampton, WlUle, se sw 26 40 870 101 971
Hampton, Willie, eptsiswne.3s 12 108 38 146
- Kitterman. J, B*4 ne se 36 20 242 47 289
- Kitterman, J, lot2sese 36 8* 63 29 92
. Kitterman, GR P, lot 2nw 5e...36 16* 134 38 172
Kruse, M. nese 1 40 18 25 191 20 16
- Kruse, M, lot 3 e*4 ne... 1 16*4 733 92 825
i Moore, Lottie, w*4 sw 15 80 640 41 681
- McClain. Caroline, sw 3-10 se sw22 10 120 28 146
- McClain, Caroline, w 7-10 ne nw27 28 363 32 395
s Moore, Biddle, nw se 22 40 320 32 352
Moore, Bldale, lot 3ne 5e...22 8 30 23 53
- Ruby, Jabez, lot mswne . 4 2 117 155 272
- Van patten, AJ, lot In se 5e...1l *4 355 66 411
i Shaffer, KU, w*nls4 se sw23 2*4 99 166 254
! Crook ham, H, nwnw 6 29 470 65 635
Minor, Nelson, eXnese 35 35 12 80 137 14 17
Poe, Wm H, ne nw 7 40 168 26 194
i Jackson, JP, pt senesw..3s l 48 29 77
, Van Gorp, C. se se 9 39 10 73 119 11 92
• Van Arkie, J, e*4 ne 32 78 14 04 155 15 59
Broyles. JD, SW 15 160 25 64 254 28 18
I Evans, Jas A, ne sw 9 40 215 29 244
i Evans, Jas A, nwse.. 9 40 215 29 244
. Evans, Jas A, ei sw se 9 30 160 26 186
Evans, Jas A, e*4 ne 9 80 682 41 728
• Ferguson, N, s* se se 18 30 492 65 657
. Btelnvaugh, Isaiah, n& nw 7 75 918 110 TO 28
- VaU, JnoJr, ej ne 36 80 600 38 638
Bally, Ann, nenwne 10 10 85 29 114
Graham, EW, e*4 nw 26 80 630 41 671
Graham, E VV, w| wj ne 26 40 315 32 347
Graham. EW, sw se 23 40 100 23 123
Graham, EW, se sw 23 40 350 82 382
. Graham, EW, s*4 ne sw 23 5 45 23 68
. Holden. JL, nene 22 40 982 1 10 10 92
Holden JL, s 13-40 se se.. 15 13 199 38 237
I Moore, Jno, sw se 3 40 533 74 607
. Moore, Jno, si se sw 3 20 216 47 263
i Moore, Jno, se ne 3 40 751 101 802
I Moore, Jno, e*4swne.... 3 10 109 88 147
McMalns, Cora, w*4 nw 34 80 10 20 119 11 39
Mincer, Jacob, sl-sswnwse 4 2 42 70 112
j Rakestraw, B, wpt e*4 ne ne 4 5 50 29 79
Ratcliff, WN, eX se nw 18 35 14 02 156 15 57
Watland.Est Thos, sw nw 6 35 525 74 599
Watland.Kst Thos, nw sw 6 34 442 65 507
Whitehead, JM, sX nw nw nwio 9 682 101 783
; Whitehead, JM. sesWsw. ...3 10 690 101 791
Hull.EstJacob, w|ne 7 so 746 92 838
Parkhurst, BL, n| se 36 80 11 86 59 12 46
1 Bbaw, AB, e*4 nw....... 7 80 22 40 237 24 77
Watland.Kst Thos, se ne m. 1 40 340 56 396
- Bluings, JL, e*» nw 3 76 842 47 889
, Bluings, JL, e*» sw nw.... 320 178 26 204
Buckman. Ellen, eH se 4 so 30 10 499 35 09
. Buckman,Ellen, uptnene.... 9 20*4 12 31 253 14 84
Engle, Jas, eptswsw.,.lß 11*4 382 56 438
1 Goodoy. ME, si ni si se se36 6 65 29 84
Gabel, JA. ne se l 40 920 1 10 10 30
. Gabel, JA, e*, nw se 1 30 190 38 238
Gabel, JA, e 14-40 se se.. 1 14 134 38 172
Gabel, JA, nw se se 1 10 114 38 162
Mllledge, Otis Sr, s*i ne 8 80 30 26 299 33 94
Mtlledge, Otis Br. n*i sw 9 79*4 16 60 173 18 33
Mllledge, Otis Hr, sw uw 940 639 74 606
Mllledge. Oils Br, tHse&w .... 929 306 68 3SI
Mllledge,OUs Br, nw nw se .... 9 10 128 38 166
McCulcheon, C, B*4 sw SW ....11 20 380 66 438
Markham, JM, »*, uw 34 so 10 06 119 11 24
Marknam.JM, n*4 n*45w....34 40 461 16 626
Leanard, Wid, eptnwsw ..16 2*4 275 46s 743
'floe, M, nene 63836 410 36 446
Tice, M. nw ne 6 38.14 410 36 446
Ttoe, M, nenw., 6 37.91 222 28 261
' Van der Waal, P H.sw se. 19 40 789 92 881
Van der Waal, P Ha* sw 19 40 716 82 807
Van der Waal. P H,el4 sw 5w.,,.19 10 96 29 124
, Van der Waal. P H,s* se se 18 10 38 28 67
Vogelaar, Tunis, s 1-40 ne ne..32 1 17 29 46
Van Cleave,Mary K.lot l senw... 15 B*4 323 66 379
Van Cleave, Mary B,sw ne 15 40 836 iOl 19 37
Van Oleave,Mary K,s*4 ne nw 15 20 466 66 821
Van Cleave,Mary K.s* nw ne 15 20 342 86 228
Van Cleave,Mary K.ue nw ne 15 10 209 47 266
Warren, Wm. ne se 16 40 21 87 382 28 69
Wilson, John, epne ne se. 2 8 180 47 227
i 1.
Owner'* name 5 • . gf .
i * 8 | 1
Klkendall, A D 6 6 8 834 74 • «
Lundy. Wm K, 1 8 10 38 332 13 79
Saterlee, Mary 8 8 4 8 10 70 BT2 17 42
Elevens, Dellla C 8 8 200 38 238
Elevens, DelUa 0 7 8 22 28 61
Unknown, 4 7 86 78 166
Adair, WB. 84 62 123 IT6
Barden, 88. 84 96 86 180 28 286
Beaudry, OM, ...246 946 247 270 11 40 1 28 12 66
Ellsworth. JW, ...: 180 483 108 612
Hawley &Davanport 74 76 48 28 68
HawleyaDavcoport. 76 24 66 66
Holden. CB, 239234 236 600 47 647
McMullen, MJ. 14 106 68 146
McMalns. Charity 226 240 47 2 W
McAdams. KO, 68 20 78 7 88 28 12
Bmlth, Catherine 176 177 178 138 98 «
Unknown, 18 313 88 401
Wymore, feobt, 48 48 891 101 8 *
Bowen, H * Co, e*4 88 68 » “
Parcell, Lyua J, Hatfield’sadll4 486 M ••
BSur^‘ ,r50n, ””..?. ,, .®S 4 5 <6 426
Woodiolk. Robt, « •« M 4 *
JB - a,ow Wu» ■» » «»
Royal Baking Powder
Leads All.
“The Royal Baking Powder is absolutely pure,
for I have so found it in many tests, made both for
them and the U. S. Government. The Royal Bak
ing Powder is undoubtedly the purest and most
reliable Baking Powder offered to the public.
Late Chemist for U. S. Government
“All chemical tests to which I have submitted it
have proved the Royal Baking Powder perfectly
healthful and free from every deleterious substance.
It is purest in quality and highest in strength of
any Baking Powder of which I have knowledge.
“WM. McMURTRIE, E. M., Ph. D.”
Late Chemist-in-chief U. S. Deft of Agriculture,
Washington , D. C.
v ¥ *
“The strength of the Royal is shown to be 23 per
cent, greater than any other.
“As a result of my investigations I find the Royal
Baking Powder far superior to the others. It is pure,
contains none but wholesome ingredients, and is of
greatest strength. ..p x. VALA D E ,
“Public Analyst , Ontario , Dominion of Canada .”
The latest investigations by the United States
and Canadian Governments show the Royal Bak
ing Powder superior to all others in leavening
Statements by other manufacturers to the con
trary have been declared by the official authorities
falsifications of the official reports.
Bown, Beneth, 35 414 130 644
Evans, Widow, 2 3 324 56 380
Hart, Archie, 24 300 47 347
Jones, Mary, 28 270 47 317
Brundage, AA, opu*4 l 60 29 89
Brundage, AA, T and G add 8 4 8o 29 59
Beuscooter, PW, op 5 2 483 235 718
Benscooter, JF, o p 5 6 1 110 38 148
Culbertson, C, o p l 8 3 12 29 41
Culbertson, C, op 12 3 4 2 42 29 <1
Kills, Ell. T and G add 8 5 26 29 55
Hammons, AJ, T and G add 3 4 5 112 38 160
Hammons, A J, T and G add
Ping, Eliza, op 23 4 5 26 29 56
Beher, Francis 8 add 5 92 198 38 236
Gray Wm, WUl’s add,2 3 4 2 287 29 316
Shields, Sarah A, 8 add 7 100 82 29 111
York, WA, Williams ad 5 2 99 86 185
Blake & Newman 16 7 8 160 38 198
Blake & Newman 8 9 20 29 49
Blake & Newman 19 9 20 29 49
Cummings, LG, 7 10 87 123 210
Dowell, B, 19 10 156 70 226
Gatlin, FE, 5 10 269 256 525
Barvis, Jackson ...17 10 240 29 269
Holliday, JP. 107 232 468 700
Lacey & Everett, 101 93 468 561
Stanton, A, 45 46 102 38 140
Weatherwax, R, 69 27 115 142
Johnson, Gunder Winders adds 6 5 400 56 456
Jackson, Hannah, ' Winders add 2 8 390 56 446
McDowell, Martha, Winders adds 6 2 340 32 13 72
Ong, Wm P, opn 20 ft... 5 10 17 80 182 19 62
Ogborne. EEALH, Snells Add.. 1 4 144 38 182
Power, Hannah, Naylors adds 6 1 195 26 2,21
Btenson Mary, Snell's add..s 6 5 293 47 340
Blanton. Eliza, op 4 12 143 38 181
Turner, Lewis, ope** 3 11 195 23 217
Turner. Lewis, op 6 6 780 44 824
Turner, Lewis, Snells add... 8 3 90 23 130
Turner, Lewis, op 3 4 14 45 23 68
Woods, M J, Naylors add
n*iOUt lot. . 5 390 32 422
Dean.Rr, It3s*inenw24 37 07 403 41 10'
Turner, Lewis, pt sw ne 13 5 318 32 350
Unknown, it I6nw se.. 13 78 29 107
Unknown, It 5 n*4 nwne 24 78 29 l 07.
Baer,Sophronia, L add * 8 8 606 83 6 89>
HuU, AS, L add 5 6 7 100 29 129
Hull, Jacob, Ladd 7 7 51 139 100
Lathrop, Lora, L add 2 8 202 187 389
Miller JM, Ladd...s 67 8 11 325 225 550
McLean, Maria, op 1 2 3 92 29 121
Tucker, WSaH, Ladd 8 7 51 139 190
Unknown, L add l 16 50 127 177
Unknown. op 1 4 71 148 219
Winters, WB, Ladd l 7 90 139 229
Mitchell, NW, Wadd..3 45 6 l 540 74 614
Ashby, GH, W00L1.3 819 101 920
Abraham, Mrs Mary ,0 p w* 4 21 26 60 263 29 23
Brown, Mrs Sarah. Burn’s 8 D
Mont 2nd... 1 5 12 70 293 15 63
Brown, J H Jr, Westervelt’s
add 5 684 83 767
Baxter, D, NW&Co’s ad 14 7 98. so
Benjamin, Mrs M W,o p 2 24 25 93 254 28 47
Bishop, JE, Stafford’s ad 3 2 599 74 673
Bundy, J J, Mullhalten’s
add 1 1 996 110 11 06
Caul, John, Mark’s 2d ad 5 4 997 110 11 07
CoryeU, EJ, Houiz’B2d ad 17 15 96 l 64 17 60
Davis, JC, heirs, Mark's add. 3 2 695 41 736
Daniels, Isaac, Daily and
Bearle’s add 2 4 599 74 673
Evans. Martha A, op 2 7 399 56 455
Farr, Mary T, Mendenhall’s
add 8 13 93 62 14 55
Grover, C E, Mulhalien’s
ftdd .. 9 5 7 54 44 7 98
Gray, Mrs Belle, Nmde&Be’rleis 398 32 430
Haggard, A M, Myers Mod ad (.
012 w3B ft if 355 32 387
Henry, Est T B, Myers Mod ad i
o 1 11 and 18 f 399 11 431
Henry, Est T 8, MyersMo i ad i
O 1 12 » 342 32 315
Hicks, Anna, Houtz’sadw) 2 4 18 53 191 20 44
Kale, A, WO 3 3 10 00 50 10 50
Keller, Mrs Emma, Power add.. 14 A 855 loi 856
Lewis, 8, Crook’s add 2 3 5 13 97 146 15 43
Lindsey, Mrs M, Street’s ad si 2 4 12 52 173 14 25
London, Lewis, Lacey’s add
s*4. 61 62 796 44 840
Long, John, NW&Co’s ad
lot 2 In 77 13 24 1 46 14 70
Mitchell, Geo R, NW&Co’sad 3 792 9 2 884
Murray, Ed, D and B add? 8 5 10 15 285 13 oo
Mtebols. Thos, Houtzsadd 7 11 798 92 893
Gwen, Carlton G, o p e*s 5 11 76 48 13 54 90 02
Owen, Carlton G, opol 9 n9olt 3 815 169 984
Patterson, Nancy, WO 7 2 13 98 146 15 44
Priestly, Wm. Kemper’s ad
»*4 w*4 11 695 41 736
Ross, Wm H, Myers Mod
O 1 8 10 9 69 1 10 10 79
Ross,Geo A,in trust.TalbotPs ad
W*i sw 2 200 38 238
Ross. Geo A,in trust,Mark’s add 2 5 •84 83 767
Ross,Geo A,in trust,W 0 1 2 570 74 644
Shaw, Levi, Mont’s add 7 8 lo 20 70 209 22 79
Sinclair, Bam, Houtz’s2d ad 28 is 96 l 64 17 oo
Sinclair, Bam, Houtz’sadd 6 11 399 32 431
3tmel, Max, W 0 1 3 729 44 773
Sloan, Mrs Nancy, Mark’s 2d ad 4 l 996 110 ll oo
Stanley, John J, opol u— 3 96 oo 14 46 no 55
Sterling, LT, opolio — 3 9 97 l lo hot
Stoddard, LUlie, N and 8 add
Unlversallst Church. Mont add..l 2 6 16 65 173 18 38
Waddle, Elizabeth, L and C add 6 5 599 74 673
Whltacre.Mrs Mary.W OOLln
52 feet 8 200 38 238
Woodard, AJ, Mont’s add .6 2 15 32 164 16 96
McAlUster,Eltz’betb Iw pt lot 4
and Harrod, CV, (sw nw 18 599 74 653
Stoddard, LUUe, lot 3sw nw. .18 141 38 179
Brown, J A, lot 10 ne nw t
lot 4 nwne J 24 268 130 388
Fenwick, T M, wiwiwi lot i
13 o! sw sw J 13 848 101 949
Fenwick, J H, wiei vi .lot i
13 Ol 8W SW fl 3 848 101 9 49’
GowgUL Thos, spt lot7ne nwl3 598 74 672
Myers, J W, s pt lot 6 nw
nw 24 398 32 430
Ney, George, nntlot4swl3 10 47 1 19 11 66-
Sheppard, FM, w| w 166 ft i
lot 3swsw 113 799 M 883
Unknown. lot 10 nw ne
PW 24 143 38 181
Hannah U. Harris,
„ vs.
Unknown Claimants of Property.
In the District Coart of the State of lowa, in
and for Mahaska county,December term, a. D..
To Unknown Claimants of a tract of land com
mencing at the S E corner of 8 K | of section 13,
twp 78, range 14 west of SP. M. lowa. Thence
west 20 rods, thence north 80 rods, thence east
20 rods, thence south 80 rods to beginning.
You are hereby notified that on or before the
29th day of October. 1891. a petition of Hannah
U. Harris will be hied in the office of the Clerk
of the District Court of the State of lowa, In
and for Mahaska county, claiming of you that
she Is the absolute owner of above described
land, that she obtained It by purchase from
James Bridges, and that she and her grantors
have held adverse peaceable and uninterrupted
possession thereof undercolor and claim of title
for more than 80 years, and praying that the
title be quieted in her. Also stating that on or
about March Ist, 1849, one Jacob John obtained
a patent deed to said land from the government
of the United States and the record fails to show
any conveyance from him. That the said J aoob
John la now deceased, that bis widow, children
and heirs at law have, or claim to have an In
terest In the real estate herein described, and
that they obtained title thereto by lnheritauoe
from the said Jacob John, deceased, and plain -
tiff states that the names and residence of said
parties are unknown to plaintiff, and that sh<
has sought diligently to learn the same.
And that unless you appear hereto and de
fend before noon of the second day of the De
cember term. A. D., 1891, of said court, which
will commence on the first day of December,
1891, default will be entered against you and
judgment and decree rendered thereon as.
prayed for in said petition.
L. 0. Blanchard,
UW Attorney tor Plaintiff.
Motto* of Application for Permit.
In the District Court of the State of lowa tn<
and for Mahaska oounty. December Term*
In the matter of the application of Henry
Smite, a registered pharmacist, for a permit
to buy, keep and sell Intoxicating liquors.
Notice—To whom It may concern:
Notice is hereby given that the application
of the uudcrslgued, Henry Emits, a reg
istered pharmacist, No. 8298. doing business
under the firm name of Henry Smlu, of Oeka
looaa. In county ot Mahaska, State of lowa,
praying for a change of ptaoe to buy, keep
and sell intoxicating liquors from middle one
third lota, block il, OP,to middle one-third
lot 8, block 13,0 P, city of Oskaloosa, In
county of Mahaska. State of lowa, will be on
file Is the offioe of the clerk of the District
Oourt of said oounty, on or before the 90th day
oi November. 1891. and that said cause will
oome on tor hearing In said oourt at tun De
oember term of said oourt, to be begun and
held at Oskaloosa, on the Ist day of Decem
ber 1891. Hknsy Emits,
ldltwa Applicant.
■ ■
Skunk Kivkb Pearls.—H. a. La
Bu«,the jeweler, has on exhibition in
his show window Ar« beautiful
taken by Allen Smith, from clams
found in South Skunk river. Mr. 1a
Eue pronounces them valuable* and
they are dainty little charms. Old
Skunk is all right if its name is a little
•t of
s /

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