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The Oskaloosa herald. (Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa) 1885-1919, June 29, 1893, Image 4

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Is the best make and lightest running wagon sold
in Oskaloosa. Prices Right.
BQLD JOSEPH JONES, The Carriage Builder.
luttdHoufcf foC J ocoa
permit of its instantaneous preparation and render it
Highly Digestible and Nutritious. 4
Machines. A Bargain.
Second Hand Sewing Machines, from One Dollar up—and any thing takeD
In payment. CHRIS MALONE with W. W. STEWARD,
Call Early. High Avenue West.
. *•. *■
CftUC C YMDTDMC ■ A tire< C languid feeling, low spirited and despondent with no
wUmk 3 I Ini I wlfld aapparent cause Indigestion, headache, pains in the back, pains
aerosii lower part of towels. G rent soreness in the region of ovaries. Bladder difficulty, Freq
uent urinations, I-eucorrhoea, Constipation of bowels, and with all these symptoms a terrible
nervous feeling is experienced by the patient. The Orange ItlOHsoni Treatment removes all
these by athorough proceed of absorption. A LOCAL APPLICATION - Perfectly harmless, which
every ledy can use, herself. Medicines taken internally will never relieve the many form!
of female weakness. The remedy must be applied to the parts to obtain permanent relief.
Sold by all Druggists. Mailed to any address on receipt of price, SI.OQ
Prepared by Dr. J. A. McGILL & CO., 2 and 4 Panorama Place, Chicago, Hi
Sold by D. J. Morris, Oskaloosa, lowa.
j 1 HOW MANY 1
1 are damaged by ugly SCARS. If you own ffl
X vMgi MBBED live stock and a barbed wire fence then by »
-JL ttZitf-' all means own a remedy to cure and heal >|r
V A not wa * l it is necessary jl
S to raake an extra tri P to y° ur
X K dru h'gi st but buy to-day. Keep it
"l v in your house. Use it for all kinds 1
1 £ of Cuts, Sores, Buns, Lameness. lj
|1 rV R p ROF _ DEAN S S
s p£AR
Om Hundred and Seventy-Three Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars,
* /
In valuable Presents to be Civen Away in Return for 1
* POCKET KNIVEH 23,100 00
’ PICKS. 57,700 00
1 1 6.600 LARGE PICTURES (14x20 inches) IN ELEVEN COLORS, for framing,
no ad vertising on them 20.875 00
261,030 Prizes, amounting to $173,250 00
Tbe above article* will be distributed, by rnunltM, among partial wbo chew BPEAR
HEAD Plug Tobacco, and return to ua tbe TIN TAGN taken therefrom.
We will distribute ZM of theae prices in tfcta county aa follow*
To THE PARTY sending us the greatest number of KPEAR HEAD
TAGS from Ikii canaly we will give. 1 GOLD WATCH.
To the FIVE PARTIES Heading u» tbe next greatest number of
KPEAR HEAD TAGS, we will give to each, 1 OPERA GLASS... 4 OPERA GLASSES.
To the TWENTY PARTIES aending ua tbe next greatest number
of SPEAR HEAD TAGS, we will give to each I I’OCKKT
To tbe ONE HUNDRED PARTIES aending ua the next graateet
number of SPEAR HEAD TAGS, we will give to each i
To tbe ONE HUNDRED PARTIES aending us tbe next graateet
number of SPEAR HEAD TAGS, wa will give to each 1 1
Total Number of Prim for Hits County, 226.
CAUTION.- No Tag* will be received befora January Ist, IHM, nor after February lot,
l»i. Each package containing tag* must be marked plainly with Name of Sender, Town,
County. Slate, aud Number of Tag* to each package. All charges oo paekagaa moat be
READ.-SPEAR HEAD pnaaetwee more <|ualitie* of intrinsic value than any other
plug tobacco produced, Itte] the sweetest, the toughest, the richest. HPEAR HEAD Is
tOMeUutelv. positively and dfslineit vclr different in flavor from any at bar plug tobacco.
A trial will eoovlme the most skeptical of tbi* fact It i* the largest seller of any similar
shape and style on earth, which proves that it has caught the popular taste and please* tbe
people. Try it, and mrUetmoe in tbe epotest for prises. See that a TIN TAG fconevery
W cent piece of SPEAR HEAD you buy. Send in tbe tag*, no matter bow small the
uuaatUy. Very sincerely,
“ *“■ “-■» * m •* ** <“
MTT S£*o IIT TlfiS «£FORf JMUMY I, _ _4
Circulation Nearly Three Thousand.
At Two Dollars Per Annum.
Editor and Proprietor.
Oskaloosa, lowa, June 5, 1893.
The board of supervisors met in reg
ular session. Members all present:
W. B. Hadley, chairman, M. Picken, E.
R, Hatcher, and M. I>. Burket, clerk of
the board.
Minutes of last meeting read and ap
On motion board adjourned to 1%
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Members all present.
Worked afternoon on domestic an
imal claims and other miscellaneous
On motion board adjourned to 8%
o’clock, June 6.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Members all present.
Worked forenoon on claim list, etc.
On motion the contract for running
the ferry at Belle Fountaine was let to
A. A. Brundage, from June 1,1893 to
June 1,1884, for the sum of $450, from
sunrise to 8 o’clock iu the evening going
east, and 9 o'clock in the evening going
west, and parties going to and return
ing from religious services free.
On motion board adjourned to
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Members all present.
"Worked afternoon on claim list.
On motion board adjourned to 8%
o’clock June 7.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Members all present.
The auditor is instructed to abate the
taxes on lots 1,2,3, and 4, block 158, and
lots 3 and 4, block 157, lot 1, block 164,
and blocks 156 and 159, Scribner’s add.
to Eddyville, for the years 1889, 1890
and 1892, and to refund to G. W. Brewer
the sum of $4.20 on the above described
property for the year 1891, it having
been doubly assessed for those years.
The auditor is instructed to abate the
taxes on lots 20. 21 and 32, of the
'section 13-75-16, it being assessed by
the executive council of the state.
The auditor is instructed to refund
to John Q. White four and 14-100ths
dollars on 4 acres in se34, and
west 50 acres of the e}g, se>i section 13
-74-14, it being railroad right-of-way,
and having been erroneously assessed
to him. Recommended by the trustees
of Cedar township.
The auditor is instructed to abate
the taxes on the assessment of SI,OOO
valuation, assessed to G. B. Gould, taxes
of 1892, as erroneous assessment. Re
commended by the city council of New
Sharon, lowa.
Spent balance of forenoon on justices’
On motion board adjourned to \%
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Members all present.
Spent afternoon on justices’ tran
On motion board adjourned to B}£
o’clock, June 8, 1893.
J une 8,1893. —Board met pursuant to
adjournment. Members all present.
Spent forenoon on justices' tran
scripts and in cancelling warrants.
On motion board adjourned to 1%
1 o’clock.—Board met pursuant to
adjournment. Members all present.
Spent afternoon cancelling warrants.
On motion board adjourned to 8%
o’clock, June 9, 1893.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Members all present.
The compensation to be allowed of
ficers under section 6, chapter 43, acts
of the 23 general assembly, known as
the law for arrest, trial and punishment
of tramps, is hereby ordered continued
and fixed as follows: To trial magis
trate for all services one dollar ($1.00)
and to trial officers, except making ar
rest and mileage, the sum of 25 cents
(25 cents).
Constable bond of J. E. Burton, of
East Des Moines twp., was approved;
also Official bond of.l. 11. Hornback,
constable of Monroe twp. was approved.
Official bond of Geo. L. Smith, con
stable of Frairie twp. was approved.
Official bond of David Owens, justice
of peace, of East Des Moines, is ap
Spent balance of forenoon cancelling
wai rants and allowing claims.
On motion board adjourned to 1:30
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Members all present.
Spent afternoon in cancelling war
On motion board adjourned to 8:30
o’clock, June 10.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Members all present.
The consent highway petitioned for
by Thomas Johnson, G. L. Ellsworth
and M. Bartlow as follows, is granted:
Road to be 40 ft wide, teginning at the
se corner of ne north 40 ft, thence
west 80 rods, thence south 40 ft, thence
east 80 rods to the place of beginning
in sec 22, twp 75, range 17, Mahaska
county, if without expense to county.
The consent highway petitioned for
byR. W. Dye, J. W. Buckler, E. T.
Lakin, etal, as follows is granted: Road
to be 40 ft wide, beginning at the south
west corner of the nw 34, of the ne }4,
of sec 8, twp 74, range 15, and running
thence south % mile through the center
of sec 8 and "terminating at the nw
corner of the sw 34, of the se 34, sec 8,
twp 74, range 14, if without expense to
Mahaska county.
Resolved, by the Board of Super
visors of Mahaska county in considera
tion of the sum of S3OO in hand paid,do
hereby convey unto August Larson the
following described property situated
in Mahaska county, lowa, the north %,
of the ne 34. the ne 34, of sec 34, twp
75, north range 14.
On motion the above resolution was
unanimously adopted. Yeas, W. B.
Hadley, M. I‘icken and E. R. Hatcher.
Spent balance of forenoon cancelling
warrants and allowing claims.
On motion board adjourned to 1:30
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Members all present.
The auditor is instructed to abate the
last half of the taxes for the year 1892
of the Wells Furnace Co., as recom
mended by the township trustees of Os
kaloosa township.
As a county board of equalization,
the auditor is instructed to raise the
assessment on lands in the following
West Des Moines, increased 20 per
Scott, increased 15 per cent.
Prairie, increased 10 per cent.
Pleasant Grove, increased 10 percent.
Adams, increased 12 per cent.
No other changes on assessments as
returned by the assessors.
Spent balance of afternoon in cancel
ling warrants, settling with county
treasurer and other miscellaneous busi
On motion board adjourned to June
28, 1893. [Attest.)
M. I). Burket, W. B. lladley,
Auditor. Chairman.
The board having examined the claim
list and justices’transcripts the auditor
is authorized to issue warrants on the
following funds, to-wit:
Name. For what Allowed. Ain't.
Allen, It P, justices fees $ 2 50
Allen, B P, justices fees 2 00
Allen, B P, clerk of I'rairie
township 15 00
Allen, J C, clerk of Pleasant
Grove township 10 00
Allen, L J, trustee Oskaloosa
township 30 25
Anderson, J W, constable fees. 53 05
Acres, Black mar & Co, blank
hooks for county 104 95
Burket. MD, expense of ofliee. 858
Bartholomew, II 11, commission
and express on county school
books 7 80
Beman. Ozeila, reporting for
county attorney 0 50
Beman, Ozella, reporting 25^
days in district court 153 00
Briggs, Albert, 1 old wolf and 7
cubs 19 00
Beach, M W, assessing Spring
Creek township 150 00
Bacon, It P, coroner fees, 2 cases, 10 50
Butler, () J. 9 cub wolves 18 00
Baugh, T W, post mortem on
the body of A Scott, claimed,
•50.00; allowed 25 00
Bolton & McCoy, attorney fees
State vs C Farrer 10 00
Carr, ,J W, justice peace fees
State vs A Wiudahl 2 50
Carr, J W, justice peace fees
State vs C Lockard 5 00
Carr, J W, justice peace fees
State vs Certain Intoxicating
Liquors 3 50
Carr, J W, justice peace fees
State vs A Wiudahl 2 50
Carr, J W, justice peace fees
State vs Certain Intoxicating
Liquors 5 00
Carter A Hussey,mdse for county 300
Carney, M J, constable fees.... 85
- ■ -■
Champion,.! J, constable fees.. 46 35
Carroll, James, attorney fees
State vs Sackfield 10 00
Cleveland John, cleaning school
house and setting up booths
for election 3 50
Caster, J A, clerk of Union
township 15 00
Capel, J S, coal for jail 16 04
Cheeseman & Woodruff, mat
tresses for jail 12 75
Carney, M J, constable fees.... 165 15
Capel, JS, coal for court-house. 16 82
Carey, A. F, constable fees 2 00
Carson, George, commission and
freight on county school books 20 31
Cricket, Wm S, bailiff, February,
1893 30 00
Cattell, II G, assessing Sharon
City 110 00
Dickson, It ll,9cub wolves killed, 18 00
Dunberger, Ira, 8 cub wolves 16 00
killed 16 00
Deck, U G, assessing Harrison
township 160 00
Edward, David, constable fees.. 6 35
Eveland, F, justice peace fees.. 3 00
Evans, J 11, witness fees, Mock
& Stroud vs Marshall County, 305
Fleck, A B, clerk of Black Oak
township 15 00
Grace, llattie, reporting in jus
tice peace court 3 00
Galbreath, D,constable fees State
vs Windahl 85
Galbreath, D, constable fees
State vs Certain Intoxicating
Liquors 6 20
Galbreath, D, constable fees
State vs Certain Intoxicating
Liquors 3 35
Galbreath, D, constable feer
State vs Certain Intoxicating
Liquors 5 85
Galbreath, D, constable fees
State vs Windahl 3 75
Gunn, D M, justice peace fees,
claimed. $96.50; allowed 76 50
Grandia, Jacob, assessing Black
Oak township 96 00
Gordon, F B, assessing Cedar
township , 96 00
Globe Printing Co., printing pro
ceedings of board and blanks
for county superintendent and
county attorney 53 05
Hawkins Bros., livery for county
attorney 2 00
Herald Printing Co., printing
orders, etc., for Oskaloosa
township 10 05
Herald Printing Co., printing
proceedings of board, bar dock
ets, etc 86 15
llellings, J A, assessing Gariield
township 130 00
Hoffmann Bros., laundry for
county 1 79
Holder, Lincoln, assessing U nion
township 104 Oo
Hoff mire, C R, assessing Adams
township 110 00
Ilume, Ed., justice peace fees
State vs Snyder 3 50
Ilarshberger, Geo., bailiff April
term district court 34 00
Illinois Printing Co., examina
tion paper for county super
intendent, claimed, $32.50 26 50
Illinois Printing Co., records for
normal institute 25 50
Illinois Printing Co., blank
books 35 00
Jones, Ed, justice peace fees
State vs F Kriser 3 25
.Tones, Ed, justice peace fees
State vs S Mcßride 3 00
Jones, W N, assessing Jefferson
township 100 00
Johnson, A, commission on
county school books 91
Kentiield, It 11, assessing East
Des Moines township 76 00
Kisor, M L, trustee Union town
ship 4 50
Lord, J E, justice peace fees
State vs G Hampton 4 05
Logan, Fred, copying bridge
specifications 3 00
Logan, Fred, clerk of grand
jury, April term 33 00
Mcl’all, G B, fees as mayor.... 172 50
Martin, A, special constable fees, 165
Martin, A, special constable fees, 270
Martin, A, special constable fees, 400
McLain, W, special constable
election 3 00
McDowell, J 11, justice peace
fees 22 50
McDowell, J 11, justice peace
fees 74 75
Meyers, J C, repairing pump at
jail 3 25
Mel one, John, sand for court
house 2 12
Moore, John, clerk of Jefferson
township 14 00
Norwood, J 11, clerk Scott town
ship 20 00
Norwood, J 11, clerk Scott town
ship 22 00
Newport, P, 2 wolves killed 10 00
Ottumwa B B Co, blank book
for recorder 18 50
(>wens, Richard, assessing town
of Beacon 50 00
Olson, J A, justice peace fees
State case 50 00
O’Hara, F P & Co, mdse for
court-house 1 70
< iskaloosa Edison Light Co. light
for county for April 32 50
Oskaloosa Edison Light Co, light
for county for May 32 50
Ferry, Ed, clerk of Oskaloosa
township. 65
I’rescott, T J, constable fees
State cases 45 30
Prescott, T J, constable fees
State cases 3 50
Parker, C M, printing for county
superintendent 4 88
Pfeifer, H, mdse for jail 7 50
Parker, G W, constable fees
State vs Hoit 95
Porter, N I), balance for asses
sing Oskaloosa city 300 00
Rogers, Eilie 11, salary as Co.
Supt. for April 100 00
Rogers, Etlie 11, salary as Co.
Supt. for May 108 00
Rogers, Eilie 11. oilice expense.. 18 60
Reed, F D, making plat for Os
kaioosatwp 8 00
Rowland, C B, trustee Monroe
twp 6 00
Reynolds, C V, assessing Rich
land twp 139 00
Rowe, Samuel, assessing Oska
loosa twp 60 00
Sipes, C P, repairing jail 3 50
Stone, J A, mdse for jail 12 18
Sheehy, Ed, clerk of Richland
twp 16 00
Smith, W J, justice peace fees
state cases 235 00
Shayler, Geo, assessing town of
Fremont 40 00
Steward,W W,trustee Oskaloosa
twp 31 00
The Courier Blank Book Co,
cash book and journal 3 00
Tharp, T E, assessing W. Des
Moines twp 32 00
Tharp, P. J, trustee West Des
Moines twp 5 20
Thompson, W B, grave stone for
soldier 15 00
Thomas, E P, justice peace fees
state cases 5 50
Thomas, Grant, constable fees. 610
Thomas, Grant, constable fees.. 2 90
Timbrel], J M, special venire... 4 80
Timbrell, .J M, fees certified by
W J Smith 69 50
Timbrell, J M, fees certified by
D M Gunn 23 70
Timbrell, J M, fees certified by
F E Smith 266 75
Timbrell, J M, special venire... 6 30
Timbrel!, J M, papering jail 4 45
Timbrell, J M, expense in Max
well case , 150
Timbrell, J M, office expense... 4 25
Timbrell,J M, venire April term 16 50
Timbrell, J M, grand jury sub
po*nas April term 96 60
Timbrell, J M, washing for pris
oners 25 00
Timbrel], JM, expense at jail.. 28 15
Timbrell, JM, orders of court.. 134 10
Timbrell, J M, fees Fulmer vs
Mahaska Co 15 00
Timbrell, J M, dieting prisoners 438 00
Vail, D, printing proceedings of
board 30 00
Vallandingham.J C, special con
stable 8 10
Walker G W,constable fees 82 30
Watts, Wm, assessing Pleasant
Grove twp 120 00
Walker, F T, commission on
county school books 44
Waring, E H, reporting in dis
trict court 12 00
Valued Indorsement
of Scott’s i
is contain
cd in let
ters from
the medi
cal profes
sion speaking of its gratify*
ing results in their practice.
Scott's Emulsion
of cod-liver oil with Hypo
phosphites can be adminis
tered when plain oil is out of
the question. It is almost
as palatable as milk—easier
to digest than milk.
i* **** * Sava*.», V.
Here’s the Idea
Of the Non-pull-out Bow
The greet watch saver. Saves the watch
from thieves and falls—cannot be pulled off
the case—costs nothing extra.
f f \\ The bow has a groove
I f ry, 'l 1 I on each end. A collar
I I Ir fi 1 I runs down inside the
VV. ,r '*** a J 1 pendant (stem) and
VIGO ' iSC/ tits into the grooves,
€£_ |-J firmly locking the
si bow to the pendant,
\ so that it cannot be
pulled or twisted off.
Can only be had with cases sSjSy
stamped with this trade mark.
Jas. Boss Filled Watch Cases are
now fitted with this great bow (ring). They
look and wear like solid gold cases. Cost
only about half as much, and are guaranteed
for twenty years. Sold only through watch
Waring, E 11, reporting April
term 15 (X)
Whitaker, F E, clerk of Spring
Creek twp 22 75
Williams, T J, assessing Madi
son twp 98 00
Walker, G W,constable fees 28 10
Washington Co, boarding Ma
haska Co prisoners 284 35
Weaver, II P, salary for deputy
clerk May 58 33
Weaver, II P, salary for deputy
clerk April 58 34
roon fund.
Bryan, E E. mdse for C Ander
son 3 40
Baker & Foster, mdse for poor. 35 75
Beal, IN, mdse for C Anderson 516
Baker, Richard, work at poor
farm 19 00
Baitsell, J A, mdse for poor 15 05
Baker, Richard, work at poor
farm 19 00
Bradbury, D, use of horse for
poor farm 10 00
Capel, J S, coal for poor 18 04
Cruzen & Porter, mdse for poor 41 00
Cruzen & Porter, mdse for poor
farm 16 88
C R I & P It R, ticket for pauper
to Chicago 8 56
C R I & P R R, ticket for pauper
to Des Moines 1 92
Cheesman & Woodruff, 2 coffins
for poor 13 00
Dutton, S J Co, mdse to p00r... 46 00
Dutton, S J Co, mdse to poor
farm 8 88
Davalt, Eugene, work at poor
farm 17 15
Davalt, Eugene, work at poor
tarm 12 60
Davalt, Eugene, work at poor
farm 9 50
Davis A Siebert, mdse to poor.. 5 00
Gaskill, O R, mdse to poor 6 95
Hawkins, Bros, conveying paup
er to poor farm 2 (X)
Henry, J N, potatoes for poor
farm 6 00
Henry, J N, hay for poor farm. 6 12
Howell A Hammond, mdse to
poor 75 50
Hull, L L A Co, mdse to poor
farm 5 20
Howard A Son, mdse to p00r... 13 00
lowa Central It R, ticket for
pauper to Griunell 96
Johnson, W 11, work on poor
farm 5 00
Jones, M A Co, mdse for poor 52 (X)
Nossman, A J, assisting county
physician to amputate leg of
A. Valleby, claimed $25 00... 10 00
O’Hara, F P A Co, mdse to poor
farm 20 00
O’Hara, A Co.mdse to Mrs Land
ers ‘A) 00
O’Hara, FP A Co, mdse to poor 15 50
Redman, Rube, service of horse
at poor farm 10 00
Robinson, G M, caring for Lu
cinda Olinstead 13 72
Steward, WW, mdse to poor farm 325
Steward, W W, mdse to p00r... 8 50
Smith, ER, work at poor farm. 250
Seitzma, Ida, work at poor farm 13 00
Seitzma. Ida, work at poor farm 13 00
Shultz, F It, coal for poor farm. 3 37
Sheppard A Co, mdse for poor.. 62 19
Stone, J A, mdse for poor 14 65
Stumps, Joe, mdse for poor 23 50
Trustee Oskaloos-a Twp, cash to
Mrs Wells 5 65
Yallandingham Bros, mdse to
poor 11 (X)
Yallandingham Bros, mdse to
poor 5 00
Yallandingham Bros, mdse to
poor 23 00
Young, J F, grape vines for poor
farm 2 50
iiltlDGE FI ND.
Burnside,Wm A Son, lumber for
jail 7 74
Carlon, G H,cement walk at jail 62 4o
Haworth, Dan, bridge work and
piling 299 23
Haworth,Dan,l3o ft bridge north
of Eddyville.approaches, etc.. 285 45
Haworth, Dan, 1 40 ft bridge at
Muchakinock 372 50
Haworth, Dan ,3 20 ft bridges and
1 16 ft bridge 301 60
Haworth,Dan,l 48 ft iron bridge,
approaches, etc 468 16
Haworth, Dan, 120 ft Hat bridge
% mile east of Cedar, 2 heavy
approaches and 112 ft approach 204 80
Haworth, Dan, iron piling and
120 ft bridge on Des Moines
river bottom 266 58
Haworth, Dan, 1 A) ft bridge in
Spring Creek tp and approaches 131 00
Haworth, Dan, 1 20 ft bridge be
tween Harrison and Sprii g
Creek twp 72 00
Iron, File and Bridge Co, iiutt
piling for Eddyville and
Muchakinock bridges 339 60
Iron File and Bridge Co, iron
piling for Spring Creek bridge 125 (X)
Okeland.Oly, fixing county bri'ge 125
liiggs. Tracey, 1 16 and 1 20 ft
flat bridge 118 00
Dusenbury, B R, 1 hog killed by
dogs, claimed $20.00; am t al
lowed S2O; to be paid 15 00
Ellsworth, F J, sheep killed and
damaged by dogs,claimed $25;
allowed sls; to be paid 11 25
Elliott,W F,horse killed by dogs,
allowed $75; to be paid 56 25
Mattox, C R, 1 shout killed by
dogs, allowed $4, paid 3 00
Pilgrim,J R.sheep killed by dogs
allowed $24; to be paid 18 00
Perkins, S E, sheep killed by dogs
claimed sl2; allowed $7; paid 525
Turner, A, 1 hog killed by dogs,
allowed SB. to be paid 6 00
Whitehead, J F, sheep killed by
dogß, allowed $29, to be paid . 21 75
Cook, L & Son, bell spring for
Wilkins,AC,insane commissioner 15 10
Specimen Cases.
8. 11. Clifford, New Cassel, Wl«., was
troubled with Neuralgia and Rheumatism
his Stomach was disordered, bis Liver
was affected to an alarming degree, appe
tite fell away, and he was terribly reduced
in flesh and strength. Three bottles of
Electric Bitters cured him.
EdwardShepberp, Harrisburg, 111., had
a running sore on nis leg of eight years
standing. Used three bottles of Electric*
Bitters and seven boxes of Bucklen’s
Arnica Salve, and his leg is sound and
well. John Speaker, Catawaba, O , had
five large Fever sores on his leg, doctors
said he was incurable. One bottle Electric
Bitters and one box Bucklen’s Arnica
Salve cured him entirely. So’d by Green £
Bentley’s druggists.
Great Rain Storm. Wednesday
evening the heaviest rain storm of the
year raged here—the fall of water being
phenomenal. The lightning was of the
most vivid character. The storm was
of cyclonic character southwest. At
Stransbury, Mo., four were killed by
lightning; and in Polk, Nodaway and
Atchison counties much damage was
done. At River Falls, Wis., just as the
afternoon performance of Itingling’s
circus closed, and the people were pass
ing out a terrific bolt of lightning struck
one of the center poles of the tent and
more than fifty people were prostrated.
Seven were killed instantly, many more
injured, and the balance are now re
gaining the use of limbs which were
temporarily paralyzed by the shock.
The scene of consternation which fol
lowed the bolt surpasses description,
and a serious panic was narrowly avert
ed. As soon as order was restored the
unconscious and wounded were taken
care of, and four full grown men and
three boys, all dead, were removed.
Tim World’s Fair
Can not remain such without the
blooming look and radiant complexion
which health alone imparts. Parks’ Tea,
by clearing the blood of Impurities,
makes the complexion regain the hue
of youth, Sola by Green & Bentley,
Jim Jones, he was an editor; that is, he
tried to be;
He bought himself a hand press, an’ he
started in to see
Jes’ what there was to editin’, but when
he’d canvassed ’round,
Some fifteen hundred editors in that same
town he found.
They all knew more about it than Jones
could hope to kaow;
They told him: “You must run her, Jones,
jes' so an’ so an' so!
Be sure an’ boom the Baptists, they're
bound to help you out,
An' give the good old Methodists a big sal
vation shout!
“Give every man a notice; be sure an’ put
it down
Whenever Major Jinks is seen to perambu
late the town;
Put in a few free locals for all the stores,
an’ give
Each man a free subscription, if you want
your sheet to live
Well, Jones; he done jes' as they said, for
fear they’d make a row;
But the more he tried to please ’em all, the
more they told him how!
Untii at last he took his book an’ laid it on
the shelf;
Then run the paper in the ground an’ fol
lered it himself!
—Atlanta Constitution,
Safe, Quick and Effective.
The valuable curative properties of All
cock’s Porous Plasters are due to the
employment of the highest medical and
chemical skill. They are purely vcgetab’e,
and in ingredients and method haveuev**r
been equalled: safe, quick and effective in
their action; they do not burn or blister,
but soothe and relieve while curing, and
can be worn without causing pain or in
Do not be deceived by misrepresentation.
All other so-called Porous Piasters are im
itations. made to sell on the reputation of
Ask for A i.lcock’s and let no solicitation
or explanation induce you to take a sub
Used in 1492.—The Bollinger jewelry
house has on exhibition in its west
show window a clock of the time of
Columbus. The works are of wood and
the mechanism is of the simplest kind.
Mrs. Bollinger says it is an accurate
time keeper and doubts if our latter
day inventions have improved much
upon this old time marker.
Fifty cents is a small doctor bill, but that
is all it will cost you to cure any ordinary
case of rheumatism if you use Chamber
lain’s Pain Balm. Try it and you will be
surprised at the prompt refief it affords.
The first application will quiet th« pain
50 cent bottles for sa!e by Green & Bent'ey
Drug Co.
New Okdek. —An order was issued
Commissioner Lochren, of the pension
bureau, and approved by Secretary
Smith, with a view to preventing fraud
in making application for a pension.
The order requires that in the prepara
tion of testimony in support of claims
in pension cases, that all statements
must be written, or prepared to be type
written, in the presence of a witness,
and from oral declarations then made
to the person who prepares the testi
mony. It is believed that the printed
forms heretofore used permitted un
principled attorneys to make applicants
swear falsely.
The Ladies.
The pleasant effect and perfect safety
with which ladies may use the Ca'ifornia
liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs, under ail
conditions, it makes it their favorite rem
edy. To get the true and genuine article,
look for the name of the California Fig
Syrup Co., printed near the bottom of the
lowa Day.—lowa day at the world’s
fair will be September 21. Secretary
Chase, Governor S. B. Fackard and
Henry Stivers, of lowa Columbian
commission, held a meeting at Des
Moines to make complete arrange
ments and general program exercises
that will be held in the lowa building.
The musical program will be given in
the festival hall. A chorus of one
hundred lowa singers and cadets from
the State Agricultural college at Ames
will be there and assist.
Now Try This
Jt will cost you nothing and will surely
do you good, if you have a t ougti. Cold,
or a-y trouble wi»h Throat Chest or
Lungs. Dr. King’s New Dscovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds is guar
anteed to give relief, or money will be
paid hack. Suffers from La Grippe found
it just the thing and under its use had a
speedv and perfect recovery. Try a sam
ple bottle at our expense and learn for
yourself lust how good it is. Trial bottles
free at Green & Bentley’s Drug Store.
Large s'ze 50c. and 81.08.
One Way.— The Anamosa Eureka
has the following note from one of its
leading citizens, who is doing the Fair
at Chicago in Camp Lincoln. We give
it as one method of showing how the
Fair may be done pleasantly and cheap
ly: “We arrived here at 4r. m. yester
day and camped. We six have a tent
uivided into three compartments. Wife
and daughter occupy one with cots one
above the other. Cots are of woven
wire with a tick stuffed with shavings
such as goods are packed in. New
sheets and blankets. The three kids
and I nave double beds, one above the
other. Huggins has a tent right by it.
I think we will be happy. Our supper
and breakfast cost us 20 cents each.
Rates are 50 cents a day transient, $2.50
a week for parties of six.”
Dr. M. J. Davis is a prominent physician
of Lewis, Cass county, lowa, aod has been
actively engaged in the practice of medi
cine at that place foi the past thirty-five
years. On the 26th of May, while in Des
Moines en iouteto Chicago. he was sudden
ly taken with au attack of diarrhoea, Hav
ing so'd Chamberlain’s Col c, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy for the past seventeen
yearsand knowing its reliability, be pro
eured a 25 cm: hot le, two doses of which
cow-pletely curedhim. The excitement and
change f water aud diet incident to travel
ing often produce diarrhoea. Fyery one
should procure a bottle of this Remedy
before leaving home. For sale by J. 11.
Davie Martin— Our people will re
member the arrest of Old Uncle Davie
Martin, some years ago, here, for the
murder of his wife, during a drunken
bout. He was sent to the Anamosa
penitentiary for life, and we met him
last week daily. lie is happy, in charge
of the stables, and quite content with
his lot. Being among the horses he has
an avocation that suits him, and he
could not be driven from the place. The
warden is exceedingly kind to him, and
the old man wants to be remembered
to a large number here whom he named
over. He has sorrowed and repented
over his mad act, and now, believing in
forgiveness, looks to his end with peace
He is over 70 years of age, and in good
health generally.
O Why in Strictly Pure
VV iIV r White Lead the best
* paint ? Because it
will outlast all other paints, give a
handsomer finish, better protection to
the r/oo J, unJ the first cost will be less.
If Barytes and other adulterants of
white lead are “just as good " as
Strictly Pure White Lead, why are all
the adulterated white leads always
branded Pure, or
“ Strictly Pure
White Lead ?”
This Barytes is a heavy white powder
(ground stone), having the appearance
of white lead, worthless as a paint,
costing only about a cent a pound, and
is only used to cheapen the mixture.
What shoddy is to cloth, Barytes Is
to paint. Be careful to use only old
and standard brands of white lead.
“ Southern” “ Red Seal ”
“Collier" “Shipman”
are strictly pure, “Old Dutch” process
brands, established by ametime of use.
For colors use National Lead Co.’s
Pure White Lead Tinting Colors with
Strictly Pure White Lead.
For Bale by the meet reliable dealers in
points everywhere.
If you are coins to paint, It will nay you
to non J to ue Tor a book containing inform .
Um that may save you many a dollar; it will
aily cost you a postal card to do so.
> St. Louis Broach,
Clark Avenue sad Tenth Street,
Bt. Louie, Me.
includes the great temperance drink
lit gives New Life to the Old Folks, (
4 Pleasure to the Parents, K
jk Health to the Children. W•
for AU—Good AU the
bXfiukA ascent package makes Fiveoosh. ,
Alignment of Teachers.
The following is the schedule of the
Oskaloosa public schools for the year
1893-4 :•
111011 SCHOOL.
Room 11. Mr. G. H. Stem pel, Principal.
“ 11. Anna E. Shepherd.
“ 10. Gilman A. Drew.
“ 8. Bess Shumate.
“ 7. Mae Evans.
“ 6. Viola Ilinkle.
“ 5. Minnie Trask.
“ 4. Mary England.
“ 3. Floy Crickett.
“ 2. Lizzie B. Washburn.
“ 1. Cora D. Uhinehart.
“ 8. Mr.P.A.McMillen,Principal.
“ 7. Glencora Kindig.
“ 0. Alcina Andrews.
“ 5. Eloise Coleman.
“ 4. Dora White.
“ 3. Mame Robb.
“ 2. Miss Eva Owen.
1. Wilda B. Kindig.
“ 0. Mr.A.L.Comstock, PrinciDal
“ 5. Clara Haynes.
“ 4. Mary Dobyns.
“ 3. Lura Wright.
“ 2. Marian Ross.
“ 1. Kate Palmer.
“ 7. Mr.ThosAnderson,Principal
“ fi. Bess Robb.
“ ». Clara Green.
“ 4. Flo. Bryan.
“ 3. Lida Sharra.
“ 2. Emma Ogborn
•* 1. Kate Byers.
Nannie Reynolds.
Mary B. Bristol.
Lou. J. Hawkins.
Mollie Galbreath.
Mrs. V. K. Logan Teacher of Music.
Are you insured ? If not, now is the
time to provide j ourself and family with
a bottle of Chamberlain’s Colie, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy as an insurance
against any serious results from an attack
of bowel coroplaiut during the summer
months it is almost certain to be needed
and should be procured at once. No other
remedy can take its place or do its work.
25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by J. 11.
Next Meet.— The next state con
vention of the Epworth League will be
held in Webster City, November 1, 2
and 3, 1893. About 400 delegates are
expected to be present. The secretary
reports that lowa has over TOO chapters
and i>o,ooo members and that the rate
of organizing is seven chapters a week.
Mas been so highly recommended to
us that we have taken the agency for it
and now ask our friends who are suf
fering with a cold to give it a trial and
if it does not give satisfaction your
money will be refunded. Every bottle
is sold on a positive guarantee. Price
50 cents and 81.00. Sold by Green &
Freight Thieves.— An organized
band of thieves has been discovered in
Ottumwa. Their business is to rob the
warehouses and freight cars of the
railroads, and their operations have
been very successful for many months.
It is claimed that forty boys and men
are implicated, and that among the
number are many employes of the rail
road companies.
Usually has a bad liver. He is bilious,
constipated, has indigestion and dys
pepsia. If there is no organic trouble a
few doses of Parks’ Sure Cure will tone
him up. Parks’ Sure Cure is the only
liver and kidney cure we sell on a posi
tive guarantee. Price SI.OO. Sold by
Green & Bentley.
Struck. —The house of C. F. Woods,
1201 West Second avenue, was struck
by lightning Wednesday evening,knock
ing the family of six down, but doing
no harm to them. The house was
slightly damaged, but the kitchen stove
was broken. The house was filled with
an awful stench of the sulphurous sort.
It was a very close call.
Chamberlaiu’s Cough Remedy
Is famous as a
Preventive of pnentnonm.
Famous as a
Prevent've and cure for croup.
Famous for the relief it affords in cases
Of Course There Is.— The Fremont
Gazette says that “One of the junior
members of the lirm of Frankel & Sons,
Oskaloosa, was in town Friday receiv
ing and shipping wool. Several large
lots were taken in. We believe many
farmers make a mistake In not keeping
a Hock of sheep. There is good money
ip it, considering the labor and expense.”
Should have pretty teeth in thpm, but it is
not unusual to see between rosy lips, teeth
discolored and decaying through neglect.
• his distiiguring defect should be repair
ed without delay, by using frauraijt SO
ZODO.VT, which removes every particle
of tartar from the teeth and renders them
snowy white. This admirable aid to
beauty is perfectly harmless and exhales
a most delightful aroma, and is in every
respect pr ferable to the ordidary tooth
pastes and powders. Try it and see for
Of the many attractions outside the
World’s Fair in Chicago, there are but
few In which there is so much interest
centered as there is in the Libby Prison
War Museum. In 1889 this celebrated
prison was removed from Richmond to
Chicago and converted into a war
museum. The project was undertaken
by a syndicate of the best known busi
ness men of the city whose enterprise
was conceived in a commercial spirit,
but has attained a national reputation.
A project such as this was never before
heard of. To move a brick and stone
building the size of Libby more than a
thousand miles, across rivers and
mountains, was an enterprise that many
of the best known contractors in the
west refused to undertake at any price.
But the move was made with success.
Then the famous old structure was filled
with war material that represents the
work of a lifetime and the expenditure
of half a million dollars. The great
collection is conceded to be second to
none in the country and includes much
of the most valuable material that the
greatest civil war the world has ever
known has left to posterity. The col
lection includes thousands and thous
ands of relics of every description,many
of which form important links in the
history of the Nation. The old build
ing itself is fraught with interesting
memories and the story of the cele
brated tunnel escape of Feb. 9, 1864,
never fails to interest the visitors. One
hundred and nine union officers made
their escape through that tunnel,which
formed one of the most thrilling events
in the history of the war.
I have not used all of one bottle yet. 1
suffered from catarrh for twelve tear*,
experiencing the nauseating dropping in
the throat peculiar to that dig a*e. and nose
bleed almost daily. I tried various reme
dies without benefit until last April,
when 1 saw Ely’s Cream Balm advertised
in the boston budget, F procured a bottle,
aud since the first days’ use have had no
mors bleeding- tie soreness is entirely
gone—D. G. Davidson, with the Boston
budget, formerly with Boston Journal.
Parks’ Cough Syrup
A High Liver
Whooping cough.
Famous as a safe and pleasant
Medicine for children.
Try it. 50 cent bottles for sale by
Green & Bentley Drug Co.
Pretty Mouths
Libby Prison War Museum .
TUNE 29, 1893.
The Organization Completed, and
Officers Chosen.
The Oskaloosa Railroad Reading Club
is now. upon a firm foundation, with
the following corps of officers:
President—E. L. Shinkle.
Secretary—S. M. Strouse.
Treasure—H. D. McDowell.
Committee on Rules and Regulations.
—Frank Davis, H, R. Kendig and E. L.
About sixty members have been
secured with almost no effort, and as
soon as the rooms are finished and the
club is in running order this number
w ill be greatly increased. The company
heartily endorses the organization of
the club and show's its approval by giv
ing material aid. The suite of rooms
over the passenger depot'are given free
of charge and light furnished. Besides
this generous donation the company
will give furniture and reading matter,
and aid in various ways. The members
pay an initiation fee of fifty cents and
twenty-live cents monthly dues. There
is now in the treasury a sum sufficient
to purchase all necessary newspapers
and magazines, and a numbt r of books,
w'hich will be the nucleus of a library.
Both rooms will be furnished, and a
membership entitles a person to this
benefit at no extra expense. It is not
difficult to see the immediate and last
ing good that will result from this club,
and too much credit cannot be given
to the men who were instrumental in
its formation. It will not only benefit
the members and the railway employes,
but it will advertise the road and be a
source of profit to our city.
If Your Skin
Is rough and pimply, or covered with
blotches and sores, and you want a clean,
smooth skin, ard fair complection, use
Sulphur Bi’te's. ’• he best medicine in
such cases l ever sold —E. Schkffr a
Co., Druggist, Lawrence, Mass.
They Failed. —At some time in
every man’s life comes the opportunity
when he can show of what sort of clay
he is. ilere was a chance refused by
five young men near Jefferson: “F. A.
Kuminston, single, and aged 22, a clerk
at the Head house, was drowned while
bathing in Raccoon river Sunday after
noon. He yjas in company with half a
dozen young men, who refused to go to
his assistance when he called for help,
and drowned in five feet of water.
These young men were not of the right
clay. A bit of an effort, a small risk,
and a life saved ! They stood in cow
ardly shake, made a noise, and lost a
life. They refused the chance that
would have shown what their mettle
was, and must stand the judgment that
will come on them.
Wm.E. Durgin, of the Boston Loan Co.,
257 Washington Street, says: I r«commend
Sulphur Bit.ers as the very best medicine
I have ever used. There is nothing like
them to give an appetite tone up the sys
tern, and do away with that languid leel
ing which is so frequent among those con
fined indoors.
Many Plans. —The numerous plans
that are afoot for family, neighborhood
and organization picnics on the glorious
Fourth will depopulate our city on that
day. The livery stables report that
many rigs are already engaged for the
day and that a horse will be a horse,
should the day be a pleasant one. And
by the way, how can the day be more
pleasantly spent than in the shade of
the leafy woods.
How’s This!
We otter One Hundred Dollars reward
for any case of catarrh that cannot be cur
ed bv Flail’s Cal a' rh Cure.
F. J, CIiKNKY & CO.. Toledo. O.
We. the undersigned, have Known F. ,J
Cheney for Hie past 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in ail business
transitions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their firm.
West <x Tkuax, Wholesale Drug
gists. Toledo O.
Waliiixo, Kjxxax Jr Marvix, Whole
sale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of Ibesyaiem. Testimonials sent
free Price 75 cents p‘-r jottlo. Sold by
all druggists.
That Relay.— The much talked of
relay bicycle run between Springfield,
11)., and Des Moines, which was post
poned on account of the impassible
condition of lowa roads, will probably
start from Des Moines July 27. The
run will very likely be made from here
to Ottumwa in place of Pella. The
date proposed offers the advantage of a
full moon, which in point of time made
is very great. Official announcements
will soon be made.
Rheumatism Cured in a Dav.
“Mystic Cure” for neuralgia and rheu
matism radically cures in 1 to 3 days.
Its action upon the system is remark
able and mysterious. It removes at
once the cause and the disease im
mediately disappears. The first dose
greatly benefits, 75 cents. Sold and
guaranteed by Green & Bent ey, drug
gists, Oskaloosa, lowa. 27w8mos
Every Body En route.— World's
Fair traffic is steadily on the increase.
The close of schools and colleges has
lent a big impetus to the rush toward
Chicago, and the opening up of the
vacation season has also contributed to
swell the ranks of the sight seers. Peo
ple who profess to know say that a low
fare would increase the travel 200 per
cent in fifteen days.
“Hackmetack,” a lasting ami fragrant
perfume. Trie" 25 and 60 cents. For sale
by Green & Fentlet Drug Chilmo*
Guaranteed Cure For Rheumatism.
The first bottle of Dr. Detchon’s
“Mystic Cure” for rheumatism and
neuralgia is guaranteed to benefit or
money promptly refunded. You take
no risk. Try it. It usually cures in 1
to 3 days. 75 cents. Sold and guar
anteed by Green & Bentley, druggists,
Oskaloosa. 27w4mos.
Organized. —The retail furniture
dealers of the state were in session at
J)es Moines and formed a state federa
tion with the following officers: Presi
dent, J. B. McCurdy, Oskaloosa; vice
president, I). C. Wilbur, of Marshall
town; secretary, C. S. Hopkins, of Lake
City; treasurer, Albert Lee, of Des
Moines. The object is to protect and
promote the welfare and interest of
members by establishing more intimate
relations with each other, by taking
measurers for mutual protection of
members through information to be
furnished of all persons known to ob
tain property by deceit and fraud. They
resolved to tender thanks “to J. B. Mc-
Curdy for the extra interest he has
taken in our organization and the
ability with which he has presided over
us.” Des Moines made them all feel
very much at home.
POUNDS, 20 1.
• - \J>4Saas
18 to 50 inches high; Pickets 2V, and estbies *f> /, inches apart. These pickets are made of a
plurality of wires, making them stronger, tougher and will stand more romrh usage than any
picket mndeof a single wire five times its weiirht. Our STEEL WIRE FENCE BOARD
454 inches wide has no equai for a barbless Held fence. Sold by hardware and implement
dealers. Write for circulars.
For Sale by Cruzen & Porter, - Oskaloosa, lowa
_ Obt mnCTIOH STRING* fr« with mr bnUl*.
Caro* UONORRHCEA u>4 GLEET la Cn to Eooa 4*f%
*Ol4 kr *ll DRUGGISTS, ftoaltaan, A44roM for f1.M.5
The best Sahe in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no payment required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion. or money refunded. Price 25 cents
per box. For sale by Green &, Bentley.
No matter how expensive a w atch may
be a part of it is alwaj s sejond hand.
Ignorance of the merits of DeWitt’s
Littie Esrly Risers is a missfortune. These
little pills regulate the liver, cure headache,
dyspepsia, bad breath, constipation and
Francis Murphy’s son Tom has got
Hartford men to sign the temperance pledge
One word describes it—“perfection ”
We refer to DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve,
cures obstinate sores, burns skin diseases
and is a well known cure for piles
The man who dos“n’t yell runaway
team misses a great opportunity.
The wind from the North blows sharp
and keen, and bad effects of colds are seen.
One Minute Cough Cure so safe ami sure,
will quickly perform a wonderous cure.
The miiiu*e P.ide takes a hand *n the
discharge of a duty, Virtue goes on a
DeWttt’s Witch Hazel Salve cure* hoi s.
DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve curei burns.
DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve cures sores
DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve cures ulcers.
A rosewo d coffin for the dead don’t
make no amends for a day’s unkiudness
or injustice to the livin’.
All the ta'k in the world will not con
vince you so quickly as one trial of De-
Witt’s Wi’ch Hazel Salve for scalds, burns,
bruises, skin atlcctions and piies.
Some people think that one good in
teotmn weighs more than a dozen bad
Nothing so distressing as a backing
Cough. Nothiug so foolish as to suffer
from it. Nothing so dangerous if allowed
to continue. One Minute Cough Cure gives
immediate relief.
The preacher or speaker that can’t bile
down, generally biles over.
1 ittle vegetable health producers: De-
Witt’s Little Early Kisers cure malarious
disorders and regulate the stomach and
uowels, which prevents headache and
Thomas A. Edison recently said that he
uever owned a watch in his life. “I never
want to know what time it is,” so he says.
All that honesty, experience and skill
can do to produce a perfect pill, has been
employed in making DeWitt’s Little
Early Kisers. The resuit is a specific
for sick headache, biliousness ana con
There is nothing easier to believe than a
pleasing lie about ourselves.
Captain Sweeney,U. S. A., San Diego,
Cal,, says: “Shiloh’s Catarrh Remedy is
the first medicine I have ever found that
would do me anv good.” Price 60 cents.
Sold by Green & lientley Drug Co.
Writin’aflatttru’ epitaph is like waterin
a last year’s garden.
SHILOH’S CURE, the great cough and
croup cure is for sale by us. Pocket size
contains twenty-live doses, only 25 cents.
Children love it. Sold by Green A Bentley
Drug Co.
A g r od musician tyill never beat his
creditors, but be is sure to beat tjme.
need for dyspepsia. Torpid liver, Yellow
skin or kidney trouble. It is guaranteed
to give you satisfaction. Price 72e. Sold
by Green A Bentley Drug Co
The clock trust is the latest, its object
being to put a stop to tick in the business
KARL’S CLOVER ROOT,the new blood
punlier, gives freshness and ciearuess to
the complexion and cures coustipation.
25c., 60c. and SI.OO. Sold by Green A Ben
tley Drug Co.
We eonld not improve the Quality if paid
double the price. DeWitt’s Witch Hazel
Salve is the best Salve that experience can
produce or, that money can buy.
If you can atford to be annoyed by s'ck
headache and constipation, don’t use He-
Witt’s Little Early Kisers for these little
pills will cure them.
No boy believes in soiling napkins when
he can just as well use the back of bis
It is said that every man has his price,
but every one knows of a lot of men who
oould’nt be given away.
“Orange Blossom’' is a painless cure for
all disease* peculiar to women, hold fresh
by D. J. Morris.
The Gikls Take.—ln the art hall of
the Woman’s building at the World’s
Fair hangs a collection of photographs
of remarkably pretty Utah girls—all
Mormaus. But the interest the photo
graphs excite is nothing to the rush to
see the real live Mormon girls in an
other part of the same building. Utah
has been making silk for 30 years, and
Morman girls have come to the fair to
show how it is done. One of them feeds
mulberry leaves to hundreds of worms
on a large tray. Another reels upon
spools the silk from cocoons. Two
others manage a hand loom, and visit
ors see the silk woven while they wait.
The silk looks well. That it wiil wear
well is shown by the exhibit of shawls
made by Mormon women 20 years ago.
The first silk dress produced in Utah,
and worn by the favorite wife of Brig
ham Young more than thirty years ago,
is shown. People look once at silk
making and several times at the Mor
mon girls before they pass on.
\ 1 \ \ \r ! brioiout some of that ar^ApTA
SL i\ \ \ fu CLM/S SOAP We’ve Dio usio ft
V ! \ A Jw ndbt sir?art,df)d H?eWimh?in'folks
w /f L \( I ' sat/jistas fcudas I w dihHVen?
• /// lltfy Wont p«Krn?e about ditton a
IS\ <f*\> </\
■: :Tn THT FT- TO' ”: A
■i 1(1 <1 Wt H" ■Pt-i-t-I-t-
& MB i • * \
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria.
Bucklen’s Arnica Salve.
Oak trees cannot be raised in a hot-house.
BOILERS at low prices
Our Boiler Shop is equipped for making
boilers in two sheets as shown in
the cut. No seams in fire, no laps to
catch scale and mud ; bottoms smooth
and easily cleaned. All work hand riveted.
Write for prices.
The Murray Iron Works Co.,
Pullman Bullet Sleeping Gar?
And Elegant Day Coaches
Direct connections at St. Paul for points In
At Kansas City for
At St. Louis for
The Only Line to PEORIA without che*®'
Direct connections with Through Trains
to principal cities In
To secure the Quickest Time, Lowest Rates ane
Best Accommodations, purchase tickets via
f, A lair, ecew. WMMW msmt
«*CQUAIIinB WITH the geography of this country will jbtah
CMcap, M Islai & Pacific By,
rh« Direct Bout* to and from CHICAGO, ROCK
and PUEBLO. Free Reclining Chair Cars to
DODGE CITY, and Palace Sleeping Cara betwaat
of Through Coaches, Sleepers, Free Reclining Chat:
Cars and Dining Cars daily between CHICAGO, DEL
OOLN. and between CHICAGO and DENVER
or Kansas City and Topeka. Excursions daily, with
Choice of Routes to and from Salt Lake, Portland, Lor
Angeles and San Francisco. The Direct Line to ant
(Tom Pike’s Peak, Manitou, Garden of the Gods, the
Sanitariums, and Scenic Grandeurs of Colorado.
Via The Albert Lea Route,
Fast Express Trains da. J between Chicago *nc
Miltnea polls and St. Paul, wi h THROUGH Reel In inf
Chair Cars FREE, to and from those points and Kan
mi City Through Chair Car and sleeper betwear
Peoria, Spirit lake and Sioux Falls via Rock Islana
The Favorite Line to Watertown, Sioux Falls, thr
Summer Resorts and HutF’ug and Fishing Ground* a
the Northwest.
For Tickets, Maps, Folders, or desired informattot
apply to auy Coupon Ticket office, or address
Manages. Gen’l Tkt A Paaa Aft.
aoo uun
Exdomib »r tmk Highest Mime. , AuTMosiritf,
2 Tv a INHALKR will cure yost. A
, |mm . J wonderful boon to sufferers
’e/ Um V from Colds. Sere l lirewt.
Influenza. Kronchltta,
/k orHAV rKVKB. Jfdrtl
ixnnfdiutt rtlit/. An efficient
remedy, convenient to oarnr
IB pocket, ready to use m first indication of <S)ld.
Cestlssed Use Efl* -ts Pernssest (pH.
Satisfaction guaranteed cr money refunded. Price.
menthol!” sisS'lrra'Js
Eheum.nid Sores, Burr , Cuts. Wsndsrfkl real
•dvfur PII.JKA. Prle eta. at Drug- Q *| M
gfita or by mflß Prepaid Address as above, uklj
For *ale by J H. Pickett.
guv Headache and relieve all the troublea hut
Cent to a taUloaa state of the system, such Ml
Dlzxineee, Nausea. Drowsiuese, Diatraae afUfl
eating. Pal*in the Side. Ao. While theiffmoal
gasuarkahie euooeafl haa been shown in curing ,
Byet Carter** little Liver Pin* flf
luable in Constipation, earing and B*
.isannoyin*complaint.while they tIM
disorders o/thaetomach Atinmlatn tbA
wgulato the bowel*. Bwn U U*>| OflJf
[Afihfllhay wooldbeafcaaetprtoeteastnaKiMvfcE
! Stt/lW from this distressing complaint; but fort*.
Safely their goodness doe* notend heos,*nd those
Wrhooncetry them will find these little ptUsvalo.
«hU» in *o many way* that they will not be wlh
>n: a - to do without thorn. Bat after aUatokb***
T« the ban* of *o many Hva* that harel* wheo
iwe make our great boast. OaxptUaourwlt wfcife
Others do not. T|MI _
I Carter's Little Liver Pfflfl SHI ▼wy Maail and
vary sa*y to taka. One or two oiUs make a dam.
They are strictly Tepatabie and do not gripe off
by draggfelaflvfeywhflsh «*•**» by mtSL
iiuiLMLLSiiu Soli mSw


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