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The Oskaloosa herald. (Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa) 1885-1919, October 17, 1895, Image 4

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September Session, 1895.
Oakaloosa, Sept. 2, 1895.
Board of Supervisor!?, of Mahaska
Count;, met la regular session. Mem
bers present W m.Madison, E. R. Batch
er, chairman, and M. D. Burket, clerk
of the board.
On motlou board adj mrned to Thurs
day, Sept. 12,1895
Sept 12.
Board met pui uant to adjournment.
Members all present.
Spent the day In examining and audit
ing claims
On motion adjo trned to 8:30 o’clock,
Sept. 13.
Sept. 13.
Board met pu>s iaut to adjournment
The treasurer 10 mstructeu to receive
taxes of E. U. Wood for 1893 without
penalty; aIBO receive taxes of Either a.
Morton of 1893, less $4 poll tax and
without penalty. It is ordered that Wm.
Mattisou is authorized to buy a wheel
chair for Samuel Krizer.a helpless child.
On motion board aaj jurned to 8:30
o’clock, Sept 14.
Sept. 14.
Board met pursuant to adjournment
The auditor is lustructea to abate
personal tax of B. W. AE. W. Chew for
1894, recommended by assessor as er
roneous; also abate poll tax agalUßt
Thus. Maloney la Garfield towusnlp;
also abate poll tax against Frank (Jona
Uu, In Oskalooaa city; also abate against
Mrs. ilickß lu the city of Odkaloosa,for
1893, by paying tax of 1894; also abate
poll tax against W. L. Baugh, J. F.Mc-
Giadeon, J R McGlassou and Frank J.
Minor on account of being members of
the state militia; also poll taxes against
A. VV. Allen and Sam Clifford as ex
soidiers and Mathew Chew tax ’93 and
’94, double assessed. O. L Sprague,poll
tax In Oskaloosa city to be abated; also
road tax in Oskaloosa township abated,
being double assessed.
Spent balance of day on claims and
justices’ transcripts.
On motion board adjourned to 8:30
o’clock, Sept. 10.
Sept. 16.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
The following ollicial bonus were ap
proved: J U. Lewis, justice, East Dos
Moines fwp ; Grant Thomas,coustaoie,
Gar held Twp The auditor is instruct
ed to put on the tax books a tax of
($600) Six Hundred Dollars against the
real property wherein or whereon per
sons, partnership, Incorporations en
gaged in the B»me and keeping for sale
intoxicating liquors and against the
owners of such real estate as returned
by the assessors in accordauce with the
provlsloas of an act entitled an act to
tax the tratlic In Intoxicating liquors,
and regulate and control cue same.
Fassed by the Twenty-Fifth General
Assembly of tbe State of lowa, and ap
proved March 29,1894.
Spent balance or day on justice peace
transcripts and claims.
On motion board aoj rurned to 8:30
o'clock, Sept. 17.
Sept. 17.
Board met pursuant to adjournment
Tbe auditor Is authorized to abate
poll tax against Charles Fletcher and
A. W. Pyle, account of belonging to
state minus; also poll tax ol C. B.
Brown, ex soidier; also reduce assess
ment of Matthew and Campbell for ’93
aud ’94, from S3OO to 81 50, double as
Spent balance ou . on claims and
miscellaneous business.
Ou motion board ad j mrned to 8:30
o'clock, Sept. 18, 1*95.
Sept. 18.
Board met pursuant to adj mrnment.
Puli tax of Geo. M. Midiver abated,
being an ex-soldier. Tbe application
of Andrew Miller to rebate liquor tax
axsess**d against +% of the *%. lot 6, he
>4 a* >4. 11a >4, see ylb 15 .after hear
t u g evidence in the case aud the board
being fully advised ki tbe case, order
said tax abated. The petition of John
Melvin 'j abate liquor tax assessed
against lot 8, sub division 7, lot 23, twp
75 16. There being no evidence pro
duced that liquor had been sold on said
lot, and the board being fully advlßed
In tbe matter, order said tax abated.
The board having made an examina
tion of the total assessment of the real
aud personal property of Mahaska
couuty for the year 1895, order that the
tax levy for the current year be tixed as
follows, to wit:
State 2 % mills
County 4 mills
County school 1 mill
Bridge 3 mills
Poor 2 mills
Insane 1 mill
County bond >4 mill
Orphans’ home >4 mill
So.dlers relief >4 mill
To-.al 14>4 mills
Also 50 cents on male dogs aud $1 per
nead on all female dogs, and In addi
tion thereto,such other levies for school
purposes as shall be reported by the
several school boards of the county and
ail city levies that may be certified up
for city purposes as provided by law,
aud 50 cents poll tax on each mate per
sod over 21 years of age except ex-sol
diers of the late rebellion. The county
treasurer Is instructed to transfer SI2OO
of domestic animal fund to the county
Resolved,by the Board of Supervisors,
of Mahaska county, that no more re
porters fees will be allowed for report
ing for coroners or jostice of the peace
without first being authorized to do so
by the county auditor and W m Mattt
ton, a committee appointed by the
On motion Board adjourned to 8:30
o’clock Sept 19,
Sept. 19.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Spent forenoon on claims and tran
scripts and other miscellaneous busi
On motion Board adjourned to 8:30
o’clock Sept. 20.
Sept. 20
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
This being tbe time set for hearing
the petition of C Dykstra for vacating
and establishing a road in Black Oak
township. Road to be vacated described
as follows: Commencing M 93-100
chains east of the east quartet comer
of section 26-76 17, running thence
north 58 >4 degree, west 20 8 100 chains,
to intersect the proposed new road, ant.
the new road to be established and de
scribed as follows: Commencing 30
links west of the east quarter, comer
of section 26 in township 76, range 17
west, then north 10 31 100 chains to in
tersect Pella road, road to be 40 feet
wide. J. F. Lacey appearing for peti
tloner, C. Dykstra, and J.B. Bolton for
remonstrators. The remonstrance to
the vacation havlDg been withdrawn
and the board being fnlly advised In
the case, grant the prayer of petitioners
to vacate and establish if without ex
pense to Mahaska county.
The petition of Lee Kent et al to va
cate the following road In Union town
ship is granted, notice having been
published and no objections having been
filed Road to be vacated described as
follows: Commencing on the section
line between section 5 and 8 77 15 and
runnlog in a northwesterly direction
and terminating at or near the north
west corner of ihe northwest quarter of
the northeast quarter of section 6-77-15.
The following consent peiition for a
40 foot road petitioned for by W. J.
Cox, E. S. Harris et al, is granted. Be
ginning at the southeast comer of sec
tion 9-76 14, running thence north one
mile to county line If without expense
to Mahsska county.
Spent balance of d-ty on miscellane
ous business.
On motion board adjourned to 8:30
o’clock Sept. 21.
Sept. 21.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
The petition of R. W. Moore to va
cate the following road came up for
hearing, described as follows: Com
uieuciug at tne soutneast corner of the
southwest quarter of the southeast
quarter of section 25-74 15, running
mence west 34 rods, thence north 78
rods and 13 feet. Notice having been
published and no objections having
been filed and the board being fully ad
vised in the case, grant the prayer of
The following consent petition for a
40-foot road petitl >ned lor by R. W.
Moore, described as follows: Beginning
at the southwest comer of the southeast
quaiter of the southeast quarter, run
ning thence north 80 rods thence west
34 rod*, all of said road to be on the land
of R. VV. Moore. The board being fully
advised In the case, grant the establish
ment of said road If put In as good con
dition for travel as road vacated with
out expense to Mahatka county or
Harrison township.
The following petition of Geo. W.
Smith, R. Cooms et al, asking to have
the following 66-foot road reduced to
40 feet, described as follows; Com
mencing at the southeast comer of the
southwest quarter of the southwest
quarter of section 8-76-15 and running
uience west to the southwest comer of
said 40 acres, tract to be reduced from
66 feet to 4o itef, so that the same will
conform la wldin, with the baiauce of
said road os it is now, located east and
west from the two points above named.
The board having completed the bus
iness before them at this meeting, the
auditor is authorized to issue to each
member of the board as their per diem
and mileage, to wit:
E. li. Hatcher, 10 days and 20 miles,
Wm Mattison, 8 days and no miles,
$32 00.
Stephen DeKock, 9 days and 15 miles,
I Attest.J
M. D. Buukkt, E. R Hatcher,
Auditor. Chairman.
To the couuty Board of Superisors of
Mahaßku couuty, lowa.
I, the undersigned J. G. Harrold
county recorder of Mahaska county,
lowa, do heieny certify and report that
during the quarter year ended Sept. 1,
1895,1 collected as fees for recording
instruments of record as provided by
taw, the aggregate sum of three hun
dred fifty seven dollars and four cents.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto
affixed my signature on this 2nd day of
September 1895. J. G. Harrold,
County Recorder.
1, J. G.Harrold being first duly sworn,
upon my oath do depose and say that I
am the county recorder of said county;
that the foregoing Is a full, true ana
complete report of all fees collected by
me as such couuty recorder during the
quarter ended Sept. 1,1895, and that I
nave collected all fees for recording
instruments of record as provided by
law, filed and recorded in my office dor
log said time, so help me God.
J. G. Harrold.
Subscribed and eworn to by the said
J. G. Harrold before me and In my
presence, on this second day of Sept
1895 M. D. Burket,
County Auditor.
Whereas, The county of Mahaska
has outstanding certain bonds issued
Dec. 1,1895, ana warrants lssned prior
to April 4,1894. aggregating In amount
the sum of $53,000, bearing five and six
per cent Interest, and,
W here as, It appears to this Board
that it Is for the best Interests of the
county to fand such debt by Issuing
bonds so as to extend the time of pay •
ment, reduce the rate of Interest, but
uot lucrease the same, therefore, be It
Resolved , by the Board of Supervis
ors of Mahaska county, state of lowa,
that, under the authority granted In
section 289 of the code of 1873, and
amendments thereto, bonds of county
be, and they are hereby authorized to
be issued, to the amount of fifty-three
thousand dollars. Said bonds shall be
designated as “Mahaska county fund
ing bonds.” Shall be dated the first day
of November A. D, 1895, and bear In
terest from that date at the rate of four
and a half per cent per annum, payable
semi-annually on the first days of May
and November In each year until the
principal sum Is paid.
The principal sum and the Interest
thereon to be payable In lawful money
of the United States, at the office of
the county treasurer, In Oskaloosa, la.
Said bonds shall be of the denomina
tions of one thousand dollars each, and
shall be due and payable as follows:
$5,0i:0 on the first dsy of November,
$5,000 on the first day of November,
85,000 on the first day of November,
$5,000 on the first day of November,
$5,000 on the first day of November,
SB,OOO on the first day of November,
SIO,OOO on the first dsy of November,
SIO,OOO on the first dsy of November,
1905. without option of prior payment,
and be It farther
Resolved , That the chairman of this
Board and the auditor of this county
be, and they are hereby authorized and
empowered and directed, to have pre
dared blank bonds in accordance with
this resolution and to execute the same
according to law,and when so executed
to deliver them to the treasurer of the
county, taking his receipt for the face
value of the bonds so delivered, and be
It further
Resolved, That there shall be assessed
and levied each year upon the taxable
property of the county, In addition to
the levy authorized for other purposes,
a sufficient sum to pay the interest and
principal of said bonds at matuiity as
directed by law.
Ayes 3. E R Hatcher,
Noes none J Wm. Mattison
S DrKock
For the months of June, July and
August, 1895.
MAHASKA COUNTY \ Dlstr,cti C° ark
To the honorable Board of Supervisors
of said county: I herewith submit
my report for the months of June,
July and Aug,euding August 31,1895
To amount clerk's fees on hand
June 1 $ 794 19
To amouut clerk « fees
collected during Juae $ 6(5 90
To am’t clerk’s fees col
lected during July... 93.00
To am’t cleik's fe s col
lected during August 139 50
Total $30140
Total clerk s tees collected
from ,’July 7 to Aug. 31 $1,095.59
To amount probate fees on
hand June 1 $ 118.50
To amount probate fees col
lected daring the monthß of
June, July and August 33 00
Total probate fees collected
from Jan. 7 to Aug. 31 $15150
Respectfully submitted,
L M Hadley, Clerk.
I hereby certify the foregoing to be a
full and true statement of all clerk’s
fees collected from Jan. 7,1895 to Aug.
31, 1895, Inclusive, as I verily believe
Witness my hand and the seal of the
district court this 11th day of Septem
ber, 1895. L.M Hadley, Clerk.
The following amounts were allowed
at the September meeting from tran
scripts filed:
H r Weaver, justice peace fees,
claimed $142 15 140 15
J W Bateman, constable fees,
claimed $123 25, 123 25
T J Frlce, sheriff, claimed $35 00 35 00
M E Broughton. Bpeclal con
stable, claimed 70 eta 70
j w. hinfsley’s transcripts
J W Hlneßley,j uatlce peace,claim
ed SI7OOO 170 00
Robt. McCord, constable,claimed
$124 35 124 35
J W Bateman, constable, claim
ed $6 30 6 30
C C Orvls,constable, claimed 85c 85
Chas. Waddell, constable, claim
ed $690 6 90
T J Frlce, sheriff, claimed $8 60 860
Ed Ferry, justice peace, claimed
sll9 00 90 50
Geo. Douglas, constable, claimed
s'oo 25 82 80
T J Price, sheriff, claimed $5 80 580
F F Davis, justice peace, claim
ed $142 40 138 20
A J Rhodes, constable, claimed
SIOB 90 108 90
N R Carey, constable, claimed
$46 70 46 70
J W Bateman, constable, claim
ed $12.35 12 35
J W Carr, justice peace, c'aimed
sl7 50 17 50
D Gal breath, constable, claimed
$24 60 24 60
R H Dusenberry, justice peace,
claimed sls 00 15 00
Grant Thomas, constable, claim
ed $2950 29 50
j. h. lewis' transcripts.
J H Lewis, justice peace, claim
ed $65 00 60 00
A F Carey, constable, claimed
S2O 65 18 90
N R Carey, constable, claimed
S4O 05 38 05
John Ogden, constable, claimed
$4 50 4 50
Lottie Armstrong, reporting,
claimeds7so 7 50
j. b. williams’ transcripts.
J B Williams j ustlce peace, claim
ed $36 50 32 00
S F Mitchell, constable, claimed
$54 65 45 85
j. h m dowell’s transcripts.
J H McDowell, justice peace,
claimed slls 00 110 00
A F Carey, constable, claimed
$98.85 93 97
Lena MeMllleo,reporting,claim
ed $3.00 3 00
John Simmons, reporting,claim
ed 8150 1 50
j. h. auoustine’s transcripts.
J H, Augustine, justice peace,
claimed $3 00 3 00
Sol Brown, constable, claimed
$755...?. 7 55
E F Thomas justice peace, claim
ed sl2 00 12 00
N R Carey, constable, claimed
$16.95 15 15
R P Allen justice peace,claimed
$lO 60 10 50
D Gal breath, constable, claimed
sl2 60 10 10
G Wls well, constable, claimed
$4 60 .» 4 60
Tom Moorish, justice peace,
claimed $3 50.. 3 50
Wm. McLain,constable, claimed
$3lO 3 10
B V Seevers, mayor justice peace
fees claimed $277.00 270 50
M E Broughton,constable,claim
ed $760 7 50
T J Frlce, sheriff,claimed sl2 38 12 38
G Woodruff, coroner, claimed
$37 90 37 90
J W Bateman, constable, claim
ed sllßs 1185
N P Harrington, constable,
( claimed $3 45 345
Board of Supervisors having examin
ed claims on file at September meeting.
the auditor is authorized to issue war
rants on the different funds as follows,
Name. Amt. Allowed. Claimed.
Acres, Blackmar A Co, blank
books for Co $ 88 25
Alepaugh, E W,damage to horse
failing throughCo brldgeclalm
ed S3O 00 20 00
Arnold A Fitzgerald, dieting
jurors 7 00
AF W Paper Co, toilet paper.. 16 00
Boyer, F D, mdse for jail 4 50
B rd,J W,repairing loess at court
Douse 1 30
B ocb, MW, assessing saloons. 400
Burnside, Wm, mdse for jail 41
Beechler. GN, mdse for county 15 25
Bridges A Dodds, mdse for jail. 450
Baidauf, Sam, mdse for court
house 1 42
Bacon, Henry, book stand for
auditor’s office 2 10
Barr, Ira, clerk Cedar twp 10 00
Covel,U D Mrs,mdse for county
offices 14 70
Carney, MJ, constable fees 2 1 75
Cruzen.J B.trustee Madison twp 800
Caven, N, indexlog for recorder 150
County Clerk, L M Hadley,costs
In foreclosure 56 99
Davis, CL, trustee Adams twp. 10 00
Egbert, Fiddler & Co, books for
recorder’s office 21 75
E llson Light Co, lights for July
‘ and August 65 00
Green A Bentley,mdse for court
house 2 45
Guthrie Coal Co, coal for court
house 14 65
Grace, Hattie, reporting for Co. 82 95
Grace, Hattie, printing jury
tickets 50 CO
Grantlla,John,trußtee B Oak twp 4CO
Gentry ,J R,clerk Oskaloosa twp 975
Globe Printing Co, printing for
county 55 80
Gunn, D M, bal due ou settle
ment as justice peace 321 95
Haskell, W W, printing abstract
supreme court etc, State vs
SMateer,etal 4150
ilammond Bros A S, blanks etc
for Co sup 86 63
Howarth, Dan, coal for jail 7 59
Howarth, Dan, work ou jail in
court house 50 37
Herald Frintlng Co,printing for
Co, blanks, etc 1.” 241 35
Hadley,J H.clerk of Monroe twp 18 00
Harper, W F, assessing Fralrie
twp 140 00
Hedge Bros, mdse for Co 9 60
lowa Union Telephone Co, tele
phoning to July 1 15 55
Illinois Frintlng Co. mdse for
sheriff’s office 9 75
Johnson, J Howard, trustee Os
kaloo atwp 19 50
Jones. T, copying jury list 22 50
Keef, Joanna, in the estate of
Jerimlah Brick 68 P 6
Mitchell, S F, constable fees 2 95
Marie, Emms J, reporting iu state
case 22 50
Mattison A Son, Wm, mdse for
county 46 80
McCurdy,G WLtrustee W O twp 600
McCurdy, J if, md6e for court
house 35 50
Nicholas A Wilson, book bind
ing for Co 29 00
Neagle, TF, shoes for prisoners 200
New Sharon Sun, printing pro
ceedings, ete 69 17
etc 15 20
Oskaloosa snoe Co,mdse for jail 525
Oskaloosa Gas Co, gas for court
house 17 60
Oskaloosa Edison Light Co,light
for Co for June 32 50
O L & T Co, livery for Co 7 00
O’Hara, FF & Co, mdse for Co. 185
Frescott, T J, constable fees
claimed $135 56 50 00
Fond, N W, repairing for court
house 2 25
Porter, ND, assessing Oak twp 850
Preston, BW, atty fee for Co.. 25 00
Pickett, J H. md6e for Co 2 40
Patterson, Fioratel, salary as
Co Supt for June and July... 208 00
Patterson, Florabel, office ex
pense 14 20
Price, T J, dieting prisoners— 964 24
Price, T J, sheriff fees 234 80
Rowland, C B, trustee Monroe
twp 4 00
Roberts,F, repairing sewer at jail 100
Roberts, F,repairing water pipes
at jail 1 50
Ray & McDonald,court calendar 10 00
Razall Mtg Co,blacks for clerk s
office 15 10
Steward, W VV, trustee Oak twp 30 50
Steward, WW, mdse for jail.... 800
Speers, VV J,for Children’s Home
Society 100 00
Souter, Jae, trustee W Oak twp 30 00
Taylor, Geo E, expense after
Reas by 15 00
The Courier B B Co,blank books
for Co 40 00
Watts AFllgrlm,rep water closet 60
Wilson, M, office expense 4 00
Young, Milt, trustee 03k twp .. 10 75
YouDg, O N, trustee Spring
Creek twp 0 00
Axtel, W S work at the poor
farm 24.00
American Coal Co,mdse for poor
farm 10.00
Andrews, B F assisting county
physician 10 00
Axtel, W S cutting corn at poor
farm 3.15
Burnside, Wm & Son lumber
for poor farm 10 58
Beechler, G N mdse for poor
farm 10.56
Beechler, G N mdse for poor
farm 2.10
Blunt, Frances keeping orphan
child one year 100 00
Baidauf, Sam mdee for p00r... 40 91
Boyd, David expense of taklog
girl to Glenwood 20 00
Bridges A Dodds,mdse for poor 56 00
Bridges & Dodds,mdse for poor
farm 17 20
Baidauf, Sam mdse for poor— 17 02
Baylor, R A coffin for p00r.... 600
Cone, C C Dr autopsy Nathan
Jonpp. H»lmed $15.00 JO.CO
Campbell A Cox, mdse for poor 60.50
Cruzen, Lewis mdse for p00r... 156 60
Crnzen, Lewis mdse for poor
farm 19^5
Cannon A Gunn, mdse for poor 5123
Clendennon A Barnes, mdse for
poor 1-25
Chase A Marshall,mdse for poor
farm 50 49
: ChapmaD, O D threshing grain
at poor farm 25.62
Cbeesman A Woodruff,mdse for
I poor, 5 coffins, etc 34 75
CEI&PR R,tickets for paup-
I er 10.43
Dickson, M M mdse for p00r... 20.66
Dutton, S J mdse for p00r..... 56.25
Delong, E H cutting grain at
' poor farm 3100
I Ervin, RJ& Co mdse for poor. 400
Evans, C D mdse for poor 3 00
j Emerick, H A paperlr g poor 1
S house 12 30
j Foehlinger, Chas two ccflins.box |
1 robe, etc for poor 18 00
Fraker, G E mdse for poor 7.75
FurgDon, Wm sheep lor poor
farm 267 50
Fitch, E L Dr setting and dress i
ing limb for poor,claimed sls. 10 00
Gaskell.O R mdse for poor 499 (
Green & Bentley, mdse for pour
farm 6 95 I
Griffin & Reed, mdse for poor.. 2 00 ,
Golden Eagle, mdse for p00r... 2 40 )
Garret & Son, mdse for p00r... 39.00
Garrison, A J assisting county
physician 10 00
Glaze, Frank mdse for poor 19 00
Howarth, Dan coal for poor 33 95
Hammond, J W room rent for
poor 44 00
liower, C E mdse for poor farm 11 57
Hoover, C A coal for poor 9 60
Howard Bros, mdse for p00r.... 75 00
Howard Bros, mdse for poor
farm 17 05
Hendryx A Co mdse for poor.. 19 50
lowa Central li li, tickets paup
ers 52,25
JordsD, C W mdse for poor 22 50
Jones, C M mdse for poor 93 80
Jackson, Sam mdse for p00r.... 18.50
Ktmmeli, W W medical attend
ance to pauper claimed $lO 00 6.00
Longshore, C S taking pauper
to poor farm 2CO
Morgan, J E Dr medical attend
ance to paupers claimed sl9 50 1100
Mattison, Wm & Son mdee for
poor farm 550
Montgomery Bros, mds« for
poor , 39 50
McNair, W F dieting pauper... 100
McCurdy,J B coffiap,robe,hearse,
etc, for paupers 46 50
Montgomery, John cariiDg for
pupers 10 CO
Neagle, W 1 mdse for poor 33 75
Oukaloosa Shoe Co, mdse for
poor 5 75
O'Hara, F F & Co mdse for
poor 19 10
Farry, H G Dr assisting county
physician 10 00
Forter & Wheeler, mdse for
poor farm 22 35
Flersoll, C E Eheep for poor
farm 82 50
Frlce Bros, J J mdse for poor.. 23 00
Forter A Wheeler.mdse for poor 42.45
Roberts, Marinda board and care
of Mrs LitMe from June 1 to
Sept 1 13/0
Slebel A Co, mdse for poor 22 30
Seibert, JFA Co mdse for poor 77 50
Steward, W >V A Co, mdse for
poor farm. 20 60
Steward, W W A Co indst for
p00r......’ 40 35
Sheppberd, C C mdse for poor.. 20 00
Sheepiey A McAuley, mdse for
poor 4180
Smith,Geo work at poor farm.. 2 50
Spencer, Mrs H L money ad
vanced to poor 7,00
Watiand A Freligh, mdse for
poor 74.75
Williams Bros, mdse for poor.. 109 50
Weintz. Jacob mdse for poor.. 2150
West A Lytle, mdse for poor
farm 45 98
Andeway, John,lumber and labor
on county bridge 9 57
Andrews, J J, repairing county
bridge 3 15
Butt, Mark, lumber for co bridge 19 30
Boston, JH, work on co bridge 275
Crill, JH, flooring county bridge 300
De Kock,Stephen,com mitte work
on bridges 34 64
DeKock, Stephen S, repair ou
county bridge 1 25
Ellis, F M, lumber and work on
county bridge 30 CO
Harper, A, lumber for co bridge 600
Hatcher,E R., committee work on
county bridges 28 00
Little, Harry, tiling for county. 92 00
Mattison, Wm, committee work
on bridges 12 88
Moyer, J N, hauling and break
ing stone for grade Glendale
bridge .* 20 00
Frlce ,T M, bulldiDg two culverts
for county 75 00
Riggs,'Tracy, bridge work for co 561 85
Seevers Mfg Co,bridge work for
couDty 3,655 30
Utter, G, lumber for co bridge.. 530
Beaudry, EB, Insane commis’r. 45 00
Haskell, WW. Insane commis’r 21 00
Price, T J, taking Insane to asy
lum at Mt. Pleasant 282 55
Smith, Alice, fare for boy to
Glenwood 4 00
Beard,C C, sheep killed, claimed
$10; allowed $10; to be paid.. 7 50
DowDey,M S. sheep killed by dog,
claimed s43;alloweds43;to be
paid 32 25
Hanna,OM, sheep killed by degs,
claimed $16;»llowed sl2; to be
paid ‘ 9 00
Smith, D S,sheep killed by doge,
claimed sl2; allowed sl2; to
be paid 9 00
Towns, AA. sheep killed bv dogs,
claimed S3O; allowed S3O; to
be paid 22 50
Davis, Floyd,to services rendered
in the examination of the body
of Mrs Conklin 600 00
Beaudry, E B. post mortem on
the body of Mrs Conklin 75 00
Jerrel, B O, autopsy on the body
of Mrs Conklin 75 00
Woodruff,C, post mortem on the
body of Mrs Conklin 23 00
Sentenced to Death.
Freeport, 111., Oct. 14.— The jury in
the Frank W. Harris murder trial
brought in a verdict of guilty, and he
was sentenced to be hanged. When
A he clerk read the verdict, Harris
tainted. The crime for which Harris
must suffer was the murder of Charles
VV. llengel. May 9 last. Harris ai
ex-professional baseball player, anc
well known all over the country. \
Makers of Bungles Fall.
New York, Oct. 14. —J. B. lirewster
A Co., incorporated manufacturers of
carriages, with a warehouse at No.
489 Fifth avenue, made an assign
ment Saturday to John A. Car
ver. The capital stock of the company
is 8125,000 and the assignee says that
the liabilities will probably be found
in excess of that sum.
The flowers of some sensitive plants
are as sensitive as the leaves.
Eveky saint in the calendar is said
to be provided with a floral emblem.
No plant will produce flowers un
less there is iron in the soil in which it
Every ancient hero and god had a
flower specially consecrated to his
The Venus fly trap produces juice
that to nearly all insects is a deadly
The marigold goes to sleep with the
sun and remains quiescent until sun-
The saffron is valuable as a dye. It
grows wild in many parts of south
In all mythology and folklore white
flowers are supposed to spring from
A flowering plant is said to abstract
from the soil two hundred times its
own weight of water.
The coral flowers, so called, are ani
mals. A coral reef resembles a bed of
Some plants, as the peach tree, send
forth their flowers before the leaves
have started.
Double flowers are generally the re
sult of cultivation and always an
abnormal growth.
The rose among the Romans was the
emblem of secrecy, hence the phrase
sub rosa.
In all mountainous countries flowers
are found growing up to the line of
perpetual snow.
The catalogues and floral dictionaries
give the names of seven hundred and
fifty kinds of roses.
Lemuel H. Andrews, of West Gads
den, Fla., has killed 1,278 rattlesnakes
during his life.
Dr. Mei.don, of Dublin, Ireland,
thinks that he is the heaviest bicycle
rider in the world, lie weighs 878
It is said that Bismarck derives an
annual income of $175,000 from the
various industries in which he is in
terested/ -‘T
Senator Morrill, of Vermont, “the
father of the senate,” is now 85 years of
age, and has always eschewed stimu
lants, worry and late hours when pos
There is a report that Mr. Leiter, of
Washington and Chicago, intends to
buy a magnificent country seat in
England. Not for himself, however;
it is to be the future home of his beauti
ful daughter, the wife of G. N. Curzon,
the English author and politician.
The duke of Sutherland has added
to his love for yachting a taste for
engine-driving. He is actually having
& private train built for himself. He is
an expert engineer, and delights in
locomotives. On the first of the
new train the young duchess is to be
permitted to drive the engine.
An epidemic broke out among the
silk worms of Spain during the middle
of this century, which for a time
threatened to destroy the entire Euro
pean silk culture.
Kiosks are to be erected in the pub
lic squares of Copenhagen containing
public telephones, conveniences for
writing and an office for receiving let
ters. besides the usual newspaper and
bootblack stands.
It is a significant fact that emergen
cy hospitals in New York add their tes
timony as to the benefit of Sunday clos
ing. Sunday, instead of being the
busiest day, is now the quietest.
A shark recently washed ashore at
Midlan, B. C., had two distinct tails,
three perfect eyes, and what appeared
to be the rudiment of a fin or flipper
hanging to the under jaw.
A writer in the Fortnightly points
out that divorce is more common among
the Turks than in the United States,
and that when a Turkish wife is di
vorced her husband has to restore
every piaster of her dowry.
It is proposed in England to build
warships in docks instead of on slips,
and thereby reduce the expense and
danger of launching.
An Austrian mountain battery divi
sion recently managed to get two bat
teries, guns, horses and full equipment,
from the Zillerthal in Tyrol to the top
of the Pfister Joch, which is seven
thousand three hundred feet high.
Every soldier knows that a horse
will not step on a man intentionally.
It is a standing order in the British
cavalry if a trooper becomes dismounted
he must lie still. If he does this the
whole squadron will pass over him
without doing him injury.
Desertions from the French foreign
legion have, it is said, been numerous
of late, owing to the rigid discipline of
the corps. A list of absentees has been
published in some of the newspapers,
and it includes the name of one British
subject, an Irishman, among the others,
which are principally those of Ueroan
or Swiss.
The Adonai Shotao has one organisa
tion ah'd 20 members. Their place of
worship is val ucd at 16,000.
The Seventh-day Baptists have 106
societies and 9,123 members,with church
property Valued at $204,010.
The Church of God has 479 organiza
tions and 22,511 members. It claims
338 church buildings, valued at $643,-
The Cumberland Presbyterian church
claims a membership of 164,940, and
has church property valued at $3,515,-
The Colored Methodist Episcopal
church has a working force of 129,883.
They own church property valued at
The Universalists claim 956 societies,
832 churches and a membership of 49,*
194. Their church property is valued
at $8,054,333. ’

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