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The Oskaloosa herald. (Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa) 1885-1919, October 17, 1895, Image 6

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Cloak Sensation
Beginning Friday morning and con
tinuing two weeks we begin the greatest
cloak sale ever att< mpted here Our early
sales have been very largo and there have
been reasons lor such big sales: 1—
Largest Stock. 2—Elegant, and Correct
Styles. 3—Perfect Fits. 4—Positively the
Lowest Prices
Nowjfor particulars.
If our prices are not
all the wny from 10
to 20 per cent lower
than similar garments
can be bought else
where we will make
you a present of the
garment. That’s fair
isn't it. Our well
knowm reputation for
reliability will be ful
ly maintained No mis
representation of any kind finds a piace here.
Ladies Leaver Jackets, large sleeves, late style, instead of paying
$4 pay ns $2 97.
Ladies Jackets, rough effects, late styles, instead of paying $5 pay
us $3.87.
Ladies Jackets, Black Beaver, bound all around with braid, instead
of paying $0.50 pay us $4 75.
Ladies Jackets, Imported Beaver, very stylish, Beams and front cord
ed with velvet, instead of paying $8 pay us $0 95.
If we had space we would tell you of Jackets at SB, $9.50 up to
$13.75 that cannot be bought anywhere else for less that 10 to 20
per cent more SeeiDg is believing.
The same great reduction will be made on Oapei, Cloth, Plush,
etc For instance,
We show $n elegant silk line 1, long Plush Cape, instead of paying
sll 50 pay us $9.75.
The same story is told on Furs. People tell us ours is the
stock of the town. Prices 10 to 20 per cent below others.
Our Elegant Long Fur Capes, sold elsewhere at sl2 50 pay us $9.75.
Elegant assortment in French and Electric Seal, Astrachan,Monkey,
Beaver Mink, Coney, Marter, etc
At the same timo we inaugurate a special sale of Dress Goods.
We have added new effects during the past weik.
Pretty figured effects at 18c
40 in Henriettas, the 05c kind, 47c.
40 in all Serge, the 05c kind, 49c
All imported Drees Patterns have been marked down to close
out at once. <ne price and that the lowest. Hadn’t you rather buy
goods where the right prici is put on the goods in the first place?
Mclntyre Bros. & Wilson,
One Price and that the Lowest.
S. E. Cor. Square,
Stoves & Hardware.
Riverside Cook Stoves and Ranges,
Riverside Oak Heating Stoves,
For Wood or Goal.
M, D. Gilchrist £ Co.
South Side Square.
H. L. BRIQQS, Mer.
And American Burleaqe Company in
Little Robinson Crnsoe
100 People; 3 Cam Scenery.
The Men-of War, The Shipwreck.
The Canibal Island.
The Tows of Hall.
The Ueorgcoue TmoaforK&tioa.
No Advance is Price*.
Ticket* SOe. 76c, end $ 1.00.
Reserved Beau os Bale Tuesday, Oct 16
at 9 a m.
OfITA DAY sure.“.^
m. M*l l#fl 1 »»«* «»• wlUabpwyoo
UJ luake *3 a 4*y : vmoluuily sere;
■wefuroi hOM-wo-k and weebyoa free;
■ M M you stork in the ttteMiity where ytm uva
*** * W9tki
w*** **• "** * rrnvfptt
4R.. " ■- '■ : “ ~tg§S§&£*
Mclntyre Bros. & Wilson
iKjpr iiii j
l /
ir '*&*>**. "*■ • * 'jjH
Oskaloosa, la.
H. L. BRIGGS, Mgr.
Oerby Winner
At Hprink cltbrtttd ndat tod Mud,
The 910,0(10 stable aoeae with the famous
race horse “Old Freeland,”
La Cigala, Ana wan, all Ablaze-
Flossie and the Drummer.
Gen. Grant’s Old Log Cabin.
The Great Bace Scene !
Magnificent Scenic Effects !
Red Hot Specialties !
Back and Wing Dancing.
Popular Prices—-80c, 7Se and SI,OO.
Reserved Seats on Sale, Friday, Oct. 13
at V a. m.
1 . .■■■=■.--= - -:■==
•It Will Pay You.— U you are eon
tern pi at lac the we of calendars tor
me as s means of advertising the
Herald job department can suit you
Ws hare about 150 designs, all tbs
•peak tar will gladly
-<i. , 4:-,
it Two Dollars re r Annnn..
Arrested.— The John Jonei>, color
ed, has been Indicted for assault to com
mit a rape at Evans, and has been ar
rested by the sheriff’s ctfi «rs, and is in
Hood's Sarsaparilla, taken at this
season, will make you feel strong and
vigorous and keep you from sickneis
later on.
Good Book —The library his been
honored by R >bt. Meredith with a copy
of his new bmk, “Around the World on
Sixty Dollars ” it will be found good
reading for all.
The Herald and Farm News aud
Womankind, 3 papers, one year, for
82 00. Get on the list early.
The Third.— The quarterly report
for the Third Regiment, lowa National
Guard, shows EB6 officers and men en
listed, a gain of 4 over the last report.
There have been about 20 men dis
charged for various reasons.
Sleep v Eye Hour, best in the world
81.00 per sack. W. A Servers.
Leo Broken. -Fred Odem, of West
Des Moines township, is nursing a
broken leg. He fell from a scoff >ld,
seven feet in height, and fractured the
left leg just below the knee. The bone
came through the flesh making a very
painful wound.
Bazar.— The ladles of St. James
parish will give their annual supper
and bazar. Friday, Dec. 6. <J Sc w
One Good —At all events there will
be no rotten glucose smell wafted over
south Mahaska from that factory in
our neighboring village of Ottumwa.
And they will also have their $55,000
cash on hand - and glad to have It!
That makes two ‘goods” and not
“green ”
$1 00 buys a sack of Sleepy Eye Hour
tt (Bw4) W. A. Seevers’.
Runaway —Mrs. Mel Freeman was
slightly injured In a runaway accident
near Penn college about 5 o’clock Sat
urday afternoon. A team collided with
her cart throwing the lady out and
damaging the vehicle. She was some
what bruised, but sustained no severe
In j aries.
We have some excellent bargains in
Mahaska county farm land. Call on ns.
tf Teal & Tucker.
The Herald and Farm News ard
Womankind 3 paperp, one year, for
$2 00 Get on the list early.
Debated Silver.- -The debate on
the silver question at the Oskaloosa
college last evening was fine—“strictly
out of sight.” Mr. Fred Atwater was
one of the speakers, and the large audi
ence was delighted with the manner in
which he treated the subject. Fred Is
well versed iu political affairs, and Is
also a fine orator. Arthur Sprague and
R'chard Parker handled their portions
with an ease that showed considerable
thought and preparation. A good sized
audience was In attendance.
TnE lowest, cheapest excursion rates
ever made to the south, will be made
August 6 and 20, September 10 and 28.
For full particulars call on
tf “ Teal & Tucker.
Hard Fall.— Jacob Kiser and bod
William, driving In a farm wagon, on
West High avenue, were struck by a
Narrow Gauge train about oue o’clock
Monday afternoon. Jacob, who is quite
aged, was thrown violently upon the
pavement, striking upon his left tem
ple and shoulder. He was rendered
unconscious by the force of the fall
Re was picked up and conveyed to the
cilice of Dr Jewell, where an examlna
tion revealed no fractures. The old
man was badly bruised and suffered
considerable pain, but beyond this his
Injuries were not severe.
The nobbiest, neatest and coziest
place In the city to refresh the inner
man. 215 High Avenue West.
District I. O. G. T.—The gold medal
contest Saturday night, held in the
Methodist church under the auspices
of the District I O. G. T., was interest
ing and largely attended. The medal
was won by Mias Mary Baxter, of
Beacon. The local silver medal was
won by Nellie Evans last Thursday eve
nlug. The opera house meeting Sunday
afternoon at 3 o'clock brought out a fair
audience. G. W. Hill, of Des Moines,
spoke and was well received. His words
created much enthusiasm and will prove
an Incentive to more aggressive templar
“Back Bay” Restaurant.
Oysters In all styles.
215 High Avenue West.
St. James to Move.— The last ser
vice for several weeks will be held in
the St. James Episcopal church Sun
day next. At the beginning of the fol
lowing wr«k work will he commenced
upon the extensive improvements
planued for that corner. The house
that stood on the south part of the lots,
and for many years did service ss a
parsonage, is being removed and re
modeled for a residence having been
purchased by Mr. Wray for $125 00.
The old church will he turned with en
trance to the east and made over into a
Sunday-school room. There will be a
basement built and a furnace put in
and when all Improvements have been
completed the building will be used
again for services until the completion
of the church building proper which
will be done during the season of '96.
Literally on Fire with Eczema from
Head to Feet. Screaming
and Clawing all the Time.
Added to this were Abscesses and
Suppuration. Local Doctors
and Remedies without Belief.
Entirely Cured by CUTICURA. Now
Stout and Hearty.
Our little baby, almost 21 yean old, was
taken with some form of Eczema when she
was about three months old. Her little body
. was one solid red from the
soles of her feet to the crown
JMBNWSL of her bead, and she seemed
to be literally afire, sc ream-
Cmf » inr and clawing all tbe time.
SI ym. 6 When she was about five
N 'V ♦ a months old, there was added
V sv* I to her affliction, abscessee
JX /v 9 and suppuration. We tried
/f\. J, .k tbe local M.D.’s, and some
r other remedies without any
relief. 1 bad read consider
able about tbe Ccticura Remedies, and one of
our neighbors bad used them, claiming that
they were as good as claimed. I concluded to
try them, ana after tbe use of three or four
boxes of CtmcusA, and about one and one half
bottles of the Cctiouba Resolvent, with the
Cdtiouea Soap, our little one is now entirely
cured, and is stout and hearty. Your Cl’tkxiu
Remedies are all and more than you claim them
to be. 1 always have a good word to my friends
and neighbors for your excellent remedies.
C. H. WOOD, White Cloud, Mo.
Nothing can be more encouraging to dis
couraged parents than the remarkable cures
daily effected among infants and children by
the Ctmci KA Remedies. Cures in childhood
mean a lifetime of freedom from torturing,
disfiguring, humiliating humors.
Bold throughout the world. Price, Ctmcuaa,
She-; Boar, 2*c.; Resolveet, sl. Pottxa Daue
AMD Cmmm. cost., dole Proprietors, Boston.
«r M How to Corn Skis Diseases,” mailed free.
ni||PLKS, blackheads, red, rough, chapped, and
rim oily skin cured by Ctmctaa Soar.
stops the pain
***" *
• -a \
i||!SßEpp ’ *''■- ’-l
Bdltor vaA Proprietor.
“Back Bay” Restaurant.
Plug Tobacco
A Great Big Piece fop
10 Cents? 11
Injuries Received In the Carbonado
Wreck Prove Fatal.
Al Weaver died this Tuesday morn
ing at his home In west Oskaloosa, at
4:45 o’clock, from the Injuries received
In the Carbonado wreck Wednesday
last. Saturday Weaver passed a very
bad night, and it wsb thought that he
could not survive until the morning.
He was delirious and at times waß
violent. Sunday he rallied and grew
much better and stronger until Tuesday
night, when he seemed to be sinking.
He went Into a deep sleep and passed
away quietly and without pain. He
bad been more or less ilighty since he
wbb hurt. He seemed to know relatives
and friends, calling them by name and
conversirg with them; but he did not
know wht re he was and coaid not recog
nfze his home surroundings. Deceased
was 45 years of age ard leaves a wife
and two daughters. The remains will
be shipped to Dillon, Wednesday morn
lug via the lowa Central north,at 7:45,
for Interment by the side of his children.
Over 6,000 People la State of flichigan
Cured in 1894 by this New Preparation.
Stuart’s Dyspepsia Tablets, the new
discovery for stomach troubles, is claim
ed to have cured over 6.C00 people In
the state of Michigan alone in 1894.
These tablets have become so popular
with physicians and people who have
any form of Indigestion that they have
the endorsement of such physclans as
Dr. Harlandson and Dr. Jennlson as
being the safest, most reliable remedy
for sour stomach, chronic dyspepsia,
gas, bloatiDg, palpitation, headache,
constipation, and in all cases where the
appetite is poor or the food Imperfectly
It is safe to say that Stuart’s Dys
pepsia Tablets will cure any kind of
stomach troubles except cancer of the
stomach. They are not a secret patent
medicine hut composed of vegetable
and fruit essence, pure pepsin. Golden
Seal, ginger and the digestive acids.
They are pleasant to te be carrl
ed iu the pocket, and they ~ because
they digest thd food promptly before it
has time to ferment and poison the
Druggists everywhere ee)l Stuart’s
Dyspepsia Tablets, full eized package,
at 50 cents. A hook on Stomach dis
eases and thousands of testimonials
ssnt free by addressing The Stuart’s
Co., Marshall, Mich.
(64 pages) for men and women who are
affiicted wun any form of private dis
e *se peculiar to their sex,errors of youth,
contagious diseases, female troubles,
etc, etc.
Sead 2 two cent stamps, to pay post
age, to the leading specialists and phy
sicians in this country. DR HATH
AWAY" & CO., Cor. 4oh and Nebraska
Streets, Sioux City, lowa. Ilw3m
Des Moines Miners to go Out.
On Monday the miners of the Dea
Moines district, la delegate conven
tion, voted to Btand by the district
demand for an advance of 10 cents per
ton for mining coal, to take effect Oct.
16. The committee previously appoint
ed to wait on the operators reported
some willing to grant the raise now and
others November 1, and others as soon
as the miners are able to fill existing
contracts. Unless the advance is made
on the 16th the miners will strike.
Aim of Life —Life is worth liviDg,
because there is a definite purpose in
God’s love for the human race. Christ
brought the life and love of Goa into
vital touch with helpless man. In
Christ, Almighty power became om
nipotent love, and that love taught men
the real value of living The love of
God for man is not an aimless passion;
neither is it a manifestation of purpose
less sentiment. His love has a purpose,
which is as definite as it is far reach
lng, viz. to make us his children here,
and, in the fullest development of
the fature world, to transform us in
moral character to the'perfect likeness
of Christ. Under the inspiration of
these truths life is transformed in char
acter and swayed by the noblest ideas
and highest purposes that ever entered
human souls.—Bev. T. S. HendersoD,
Methodist, Brooklyn, New York.
Report of Prloe school for the month
ending Oct. 4,1895: Number of pupils
enrolled,22; average number belonging,
15; average dally attendance, 20; names
of pnplls neither absent nor tardy dur
ing the month,Gertie,Belle and Frank ie
Stevens, Blanche and Walter Lytle,
Frank and Lena Crnzen, Bernice Bart
lett. Emma Calloway, teacher.
County Work - Mrs Candace Lham
on Smith, who is working in the inter
est of tbe lowa Christian Woman’s
Board of Missions, will lecture in the
Christian churches at the following
places In the county: Rose Hill, Tues
day eve, Oct. 22; Indianapolis, Monday
eve, Oct. 28; Union Mills, Tuesday eve,
Oct 29; New Sharon, Wednesday eve
Oct. 30; Peoria, Thursday eve, Oct. 31.
Mrs. Smith has spent nearly five years
as a missionary in Japan, is a very tal
ented lady and never fails to charm and
move an audience by the sweetness of
her manner, simplicity of language,
grace of delivery and fevor of heart.
Every one is invited to be present and
enjoy her address. These lectures are
free; but a collection will be taken for
missionary purposes.
Children Cry for
, v
Election Proclamation—lß9s.
State of lowa, Executive Department.
By the Governor:
For a general election to be held Tuesday,
November 5,18%.
Pursuant to law, I, Frank D. Jackson,
Governor of the Btate of lowa, do hereby
proclaim that the general election to be
held on the Tuesday next after the first
Monday in November, it being the fifth day
of that month, of the year one thousand
eight hundred and ninety-five, the offices
hereinafter named are to be filled, to-wit:
By vote of all the electors of the state:
The office of Governor of the State.
The office of Lieutenant Governor.
The office of Judge of the Supreme Court.
The office of Superintendent of Public
The office of Railroad Commissioner.
By vote of the electors of the several
senatorial districts designated below: The
office of Senator in the General Assembly
from each of said districts, to-wit:
The Second district, composed of the
counties of Jefferson and Van Buren.
The Third district,composed of the coun
ties of Appanoose and Davis.
The Fourth district, composed of the
counties of Wayne and Lucas.
The Fifth district composed of the coun
ties of Ringgold, Decatur and Union.
The Sixth district,composed of the coun
ties of Taylor and Adams.
The Eighth district, composed of the
counties of Mills and Montgomery.
The Eleventh district, composed of the
counties of Warren and Clarke.
‘ The Fourteenth district, composed of the
county of Mahaska.
The Fifteenth district, composed of the
counties of Marion and Monroe.
The Sixteenth district, composed of the
counties of Madison and Adair.
The Seventeenth district, composed of
the counties of Audubon,Dallas and Guth
The Nineteenth district, composed of the
county of Pottawattamie.
The Twenty-third district, composed of
the county of Jackson.
The Twenty-fourth district, composed of
the cour ties of Jones and Cedar.
The Twenty-fifth district, composed of
the counties of Johnson and lowa.
The Twenty-sixth district, composed of
the connty of Linn.
The Twenty-seventh district, composed
of the counties of Webster and Calhoun.
The Twenty-eighth district, composed of
the county of Marshall.
The Thirty-first district composed of the
counties of Story and Boone.
The Thirty-second district, composed of
the county of Woodbury.
The Thirty-third district, composed of
the counties of Buchanan and Delaware.
The Thirty-sixth district, composed of
the connty of Clayton.
The Thirty-ninth district, composed of
the counties of Butler and Bremer.
The Fortieth district, composed of the
counties of Allamakee and Fayette.
The Forty-first district, composed of the
counties of Mitchell, Worth and Winne
The Forty-third district, composed of the
counties of Cerro Gordo, Franklin and
The Forty-sixth district, composed of
the counties of Ida,Cherokee and Plymouth.
The Forty-seventh district, composed of
the counties of Kossuth, Dickinson, Clay
and Palo Alto.
The Forty-ninth district.composed of the
counties of O’Brien, Osceola, Lyon and
By vote of the electors of the several
representative districts: The office of Rep
resentative in the General Assembly, the
apportionment being as follows:
For the First (Lee), Twenty-first (Des
Moines), Thirty-first (Pottawattamie),
Thirty-seventh (Polk),Forty-third (Beott),
Forty-fifth (Clinton), Forty-eighth (Linn),
Fifty eighth (Woodbury), and the Sixty
ninth (Dubuque) districts, two represent
atives each.
For theßecond (V anßuren) .Third (Da via)
Fourth (Appanoose), Fifth (Warn),Sixth
< Decatur), Seventh (Ringgold), Eighth
(Taylor), Ninth (Page), Tenth (Fremont),
Eleventh (Mills), Twelfth (Montgomery),
Thirteenth (Adams), Fourteenth (Union),
Fifteenth (Clarke), Sixteenth (Lucas),
Seventeenth (Monroe).Eighteenth)Wapel
lo), Nineteenth (Jefferson), Twentieth
(Henry), Twenty-second (Louisa).Twenty
third (Washington), Twenty-fourth (Keo
kuk), Twenty-fifth (Mahaska), Twenty
sixth (Marion), Twenty-seventh (Warren),
Twentv-eigMh (Madison), Twenty-ninth
(Adair), Thirtieth (Cass), Thirty-second
(Harrison), Thirty-third (Shelby). Thirty
fourth (Audubon), Thirty-fifth (Guthrie),
Thirty-sixth (Dallas). Thirty-eighth (Jas
per), Thirty-ninth (Poweshiek), Fortieth
(Iowa), Forty-first (Johnson ),Fortv-second
(Muscatine), Forty-fourth (Cedar), Forty
siith (Jackson), Forty-seventh (Jones'),
Forty-ninth (Benton), Fiftieth (Tama),
Fifty-first (Marshall) .Fifty-second V Story),
Fifty-third (Boone), Fifty-fourth (Greene),
Fifty-fifth (Carroll), Fifty-sixth (Crawford)
Fifty-seventh (Monona and Ida), Fifty
ninth (Cherokee),Sixtieth (Sac),Sixty-first
(Calhoun), Sixty-second (Webster), Sixty
third (Hamilton), Sixty-fourth (Hardin),
Sixty-fifth (Grundy), Sixty-sixth (Black
Hawk). Sixty-seventh (Buchanan), Sixty
eighth (Delaware), Seventieth (Ciayton),
Seventy-first (Fayette), Seventy-second
(Bremer), Seventy-third (Butler),Seventy
fourth (Franklin), Seventy-fifth (Wright
and Hancock), Seventy-sixth (Humboldt
and Pocahontas), Seventy-seventh (Buena
Vista), Seventy-eighth (Plymouth), Seven
ty-ninth (Sioux), Eightieth (O’Brien and
Lvon), Eighty-first (Osceola, Emmett and
Dickinson), Eighty-second (Palo Alto and
Clay), Eighty-third (Kossuth), Eighty
fourth (Cerro Gordo),Eighty-fifth (Floyd),
Eighty-sixth (Chickasaw). Eighty-seventh
(Allamakee), Eighty-eighth (Winneshiek)
Eighty-ninth (Howard), Ninetieth (Mitch
ell), Ninety-first (Worth and Winnebago),
districts, one representative each.
By vote of the electors of the First Judi
cial district, composed of the counties of
Lee and Des Moines:
The office of District Judge in said dis
trict, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the
death of J. M. Casey, and now temporarily
filled by A. J. McCrary.
By the vote of the electors of the Thirty
fifth Senatorial district, composed of the
county of Dubuque:
The office of Senator from said district,
to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death
of I. W. Baldwin.
By vote of the electors of the Thirty
eighth Senatorial district, composed of the
counties of Black Hawk and Grundy:
The office of Senator from said district,
to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death
of J. M. Bea.
Whereof, all electors throughout the
state will take due notice, and the sheriffs
of the several counties will take official
notice and be governed accordingly.
In testimony whereof,! have hereunto set
my hand and caused to be affixed the great
seal of the state of lowa.
Done at Des Moines, this second day of
October, in the year of our Lord, one thou
sand eight hundred and ninety-five, of the
Independence of the United States the one
hundred and twentieth, and of the State of
lowa the forty-ninth.
By the Governor.
W. M. McFamund,
Secretary of State.
State of lowa. Connty of Mahaska.
Office of the Sheriff of Mahaska County,
lowa, Oct. 10, 1806.
To the Voters of said Connty:
Your attention is oalled to the above pro
clamation of His Excellency, the Governor
of lowa, and to the following:
That at said election, in all the precincts
of said Mahaska county,there will be voted
for, under the provisions of the election
law, candidates for the following named
For Senator, as above named.
For Representative, as above named.
For Treasurer.
For Member of the Board of Supervisors,
For Sheriff,
S /v;/
For Superintendent of Schools.
For Coroner.
For Surveyor.
Whereof all voters will take due notice
and govern themselves accordingly.
Given under my hana this 10tn day of
October, 1895. T. J. Prick,
Sheriff of Mahaska County.
Chairman Malcolm announces the
Secretary McFarland, Oct. 26, at
Muchaklncck, evening.
Judge Blanchard and Miss Pat
terson at McMain’s school house,
Union township, Friday evening, Oct.
H O. Conaway, at Talntor, Oct. 25,
Hon J A Garner, at White Oak
church, Saturday evening, Oct. 19. Also
Thursday evening, Oct. 17, at Roches
A goodly number of the S. S. workers of
Des Moines township, met at M.E. church
in Givin Tuesday. A constitution was
adopted and the following officers elected:
President, Wm. McClary; secretary, Lin
Seevers treasurer, I. B, Cox The follow
ing program was carried out and much in
terest shown in the treatment of different
subjects and discussions following:
Devotional Exercises.
‘ Importance of Sunday-school Work,”
Bev. Hanawall, of Beacon.
“Duties, Responsibilities and Qualifica
tions of Sunday-school Officers,” A Tandy
and J. A. Smith'
Devotional Exercises.
“Need of Consecrated Workers,”A F.N
“Order of Exercises in Sunday-school,”
F. T. Allison.
“Need of the Colored Sunday-school,”
B-v. Griffith.
Question Box
“Soul Winning,” Bev. Shultz.
The. attendance at the afternoon session
was increased. Many practical points
were made as to importance of S S. work.
The formation of the character of ouryouth
and fitting for life and deciding eternal
destinies is made in 8. S. Each office
should aid in making a successful school
by a faithful compliance of duty and aiding
the superintendent. The assistant super
intendent should be one in fact and not
one alone in name. Thoroughly conse
crated workers will not look to great ac
complishments at a distance, but will be
gin at home, and by patient, faithful work
lead the lost and neglected about them in
to the fold of Christ. The order of exer
cises should be such as to command
promptness, attention and energy, and
while well defined should be subject to var
iation. More attention should be given to
the teachings of spiritual truths and appli
cations, rather than to the historical fea
tures of the lessons. Christ meant little
children when he said, “Suffer little child
ren to come unto me, etc and the young
should be early won for Him. Soul win
ning is dependent upon the power of the
Holy Ghost. h.
Notice of Refcret’s Sale.
State of lowa, )
Mahaska County, j 3B
Louisa J. Funston, et al,
Franklin J. Funston, et al.
In the district court of said county.
Pursuant to the order of court made in
the above cause the undersigned referee
will sell at public auction at the door of the
place where the last district court in Ma
haska county, lowa, was held, the follow
ing described real estate situated in Ma
haska county, lowa, to-wit:
The southeast Xof northeast of sec
tion 22, township 76, north, range 17 west,
Mahaska county, lowa.
The northeast % of the southeast % of
said section, township and range, except
five (5) acres in southeast corner thereof
The northwest J 4 of the southeast J 4 of
said section, township and range, except
one and one half (IJ$) acres on the north
side thereof and west of the Pella road.
Said sale will be held November 9, 1895
at one o’clock p m ,at the court house door,
Oskaloosa, Mahaska county, lowa.
Terms of Sale.—One-third (X) cash on
possession March 1, 1896; one-third( }£)one
year, and one-third (%) in two years. Six
per cent interest.
j B. V. D. Boovaart,
Referees J J. A. Rinehart,
11 w 4 ( Ephraim Smith.
Penn College Notes.
H. E Pemberton, of class ’94, visited the
college on Tuesday.
Herbert Johnson, an old student who is
employed at Toronto,Canada,by the Davis
View Co., was a frtquent visitor during the
fore part of the week.
Bev.WillardFuller,of theßaptist church,
led chapel on Thursday.
The Chronicle staff is now complete.
Frank Else is editor-in-chief; Elmer Jones
business manager; the associate editors
are: Mary Burnside, Henry Vore, Vincent
Shlnkle, Flora Hanson, Nora Howard and
Boyd Bode. The paper will appear on or
about the 20th of each month.
Prof. Windle assisted in administering
chloroform to Engineer Wearer.
Thursday was prayer day for girls all
over the eountry. At Penn meetings were
held at 7 a m. and 1:15 p m ,both of which
were well attended.
Hog Sale !
I will offer at public sale at Oskaloosa
fair grounds. Tuesday, October 29, ’95.
31 boars and 30sows 1 f March and April
farrow. In making this announcement
of my first Poland China sale, It give*
me great pleasure to offer you as aristo
cratic blood lines as are known to the
breed, and as fine a lot of individuals at
ever went under the auctioneer's ham
mer. It has been my aim to breed a hog
with finish enough to catch the eye of
the fancier,and growth and bone enough
to please the average farmer. To know
I have not missed the mark, come and
be convinced.
Stie at 1 o’clock, sharp. Free lunch
at 12:30. Usual terms.
J. H. Willis, Auctioneer.
Joe Roberts,
II w 2 New Sharon, lowa.
List of Letters
Remaining uncalled for In the post
office at Oskaloosa, lowa, for the week
ending Oct 14,1895:
CummlDgs, Frank Parrln, Eugene
Finley, Dock Rice, Samuel
Seomes D A
ladies’ list.
Livingston, Myrtle Stratton, Mrs
Plum, LaurA Van Vlarsb, Julia
- White, Mrs Isaac
Parties calling for letters from this
list will please call attention to adver
tised list of this data. The above let
ters will be held two weeks from date
and then sent to the dead letter office.
O. B. MoFall. P. M.
The Herald and Farm News and
Womankind, 3 papers, one year, for
$2.00. Get on the list early.
Auction Sale.— H. B. Goodrich will
sell at the Jacob Vernon farm, Fella
road, one mile west of Oskaloosa, on
Oct. 22,1895, beginning at 10 a. m, 20
cows, 3 calves, 4 hogs, 2 yearlings, agri
cultural Implements of all kinds,
wagons, buggies, harness, milk cows, a
good piano, and many other articles.
Hot lunch at noon. James Willis,
V. -
Benefits Three (Jenerations.
“I have used Lydia E. Pinkhani’s
Vegetable Compound in iny family ten
years with the best of results.
“ Before taking it 1 had falling of the
Womb; such bearing-down pains, back
ache, and kidney trouble. I had had
eight children, and was approaching the
change of life.
“ I took the Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vege
table Compound and Liver Pills; was
cured of all my troubles, and passed
through the change all right, and now
am fifty-four years old and well. My
daughter had catarrh of the. bladder, and
it cured her. I send you my picture with
my grandson, whose mother was cured
by your remedies. I will recommend
four Compound to every body.”—Mrs.
t. Kklly, PauUogue, L,l,
ggJSjg l "
Full Particulars of the Story County
The foil particulars of the calamity
at Summit coal shaft, In Story county,
are as follows: The men were In the
just at closing time. The engineer
had built a big tire In the furnace which
hoists the cage and left for his supper.
While he was gone the timbers adjacent
to the furnace caught lire, and the
flames reached the cable attached to
the cage. When the engineer returned
he attempted to hoist the cage with the
men, but the cable broke and they fell
to the bottom of the shaft. The fall
was not over three feet and they were
uninjured, The mine was Ailing up
with smoke from the burning wood and
there was no other mode of egress for
George Payne was foreman of the
little gang of miners, and they follow
ed him to one of the cells thinking they
would bank themselves in and prevent
the smoke from entering. The cell was
only ICO feet from where the wood was
burning, but belore they could enter
and build up the barricade they weie
suffocated. Toe iiißt news of ihe acci
dent was brougnt to Story City about
seven o'clock, immediately a rescuing
band was formed, and at the mine they
found the panic-stricken friends of the
imprisoned men standing at the open
ing of the shaft, from which dense vol
umes of smoke were pouring. As soon
as the smoke cleared away a cage was
rigged up and volunteers went into the
mine to learn the fate of the four men.
They were found almost In a heap, one
body laying across the thiee others.
The indications are that death ensued
within a half hour after they entered
the cell. Great rocks and ohunks ot
c >al had been moved np to the passage
way that showed how hard the im
prisoned men had worked to save their
The bodies were brought to the sur
face and removed to Story City, which
place was in a fever of excitement
over the accident. The suffocated men
were quite well known. Their namec
are Alfred Peterson, single; Alexander
Osterlund, single;Lngebrit Enge,single;
George Payne, married; leaves a wife
and three children.
The engineer, lu speaking of the ac
cldent, Bald the furnace had always
been considered perfectly safe. On
many occasions before while going to
his meals he had left more Are in the
grate and an accident had never hap
pened. He could only account for it
by explaining that as was his usual cus
tom he had banked the Are and the
gases under the ashes had caused a
slight explosionl n the grate and one of
the coals had been thrown out, passing
into a combustible crevice of the tim
bers. and thus started the blaze.
Excelsior Coal Company For Sale.
800 acres of choice farm lands owned
by the Excelßlor Coal Co, adjoining its
mines at Carbonado.
If you want a farm within stone’s
throw of Oskaloosa at very low rates,
and on reasonable terms, grasp this
chance of a life time by calling on Geo,
H. Ramsey, superintendent at the
mines or address
H G Hangan,
Land Com., C. M & St. P. Ry. Co.
Milwaukee, Wia.
“Back Bay" Restaurant.
Short order meals and lunches prompt
ly and daintily served.
215 High Avenue Weßt.
Ciieap Coal —The school board has
let the contract for the fuel needed for
the schools to Deaver & Co.,for $1 37 per
ton, screened and delivered lump coal.
The mine is on the east side of town,
and the coal has a good reputation. It
is the cheapest lump coal ever contract
ed for in this city for local consumption.
The live buildings use a good deal of
coal when the frigid element of our
climate gets in its perfect work.
Rest place in the city for ladles’ lunch
Courteous, attentive and prompt.
215 High Avenue West.
In matters of the estate of R L.Fleming',
Notice is hereby given that on or before
the 9th day of October, 1895, there will be
on file in the office of the clerk of the dis
trict court of Mahaska county, lowa, the
final settlement and petition for discharge
of George Sheesley, administrator of the
estate of R. L Fleming, deceased, and the
same is set for hearing on the first day of
the next term of the district court, to be be
gun and held in Oskaloosa on the 3d day
of December, 1895, at which time objectiors
can be made to the approving of said set
tlement and granting the prayer of said
petitioner. L. M. Hadley, Clerk.
J. F. & W. R. Lacey,
10w4 Attorneys for Administrator.
In matters of the estate of C.H. Williams,
Notice is hereby given that now. the
30th day of September, 1895, there is on
file in the office of the clerk of the dis
trict court of Mahaska county, lowa, the
final settlement and petition for discharge
and for a transfer of funds to foreign ad
ministrators, Sarah A. Cooper and Jas. T.
Williams, administrators of the estate of
C. H. Williams, deceased, and the same is
set for hearing on the Ist day of November,
1595, of the next term of the district court,
to be begun and held in Oskaloosa on the
Ist day of October, 1895, at which time ob
jections can be made to the approving of
said settlement and granting the prayer of
said petitioners.
Dated this 30th day of September, 1895.
9w3 L. M. Hadley, Clerk.
Notice is hereby given to all persons in
terested that on the 16th day of October,
A. D., 1895, the undersigned was appoint
ed by the district court of Mahaska county,
lowa, executor of the estate of Virginia R.
Williams, deceased, late of said Mahaska
county, lowa. All persons indebted to
said estate will make paj ment to the un
dersigned,and those having claims against
the same will present them legally authen
ticated to said court for allowance.
Dated October 16, 1895.
L. C. Blanchard, Executor.
Ilw3 L. M. Hadley, Clerk.
Notice is hereby given to all persons in
terested that on the 27th day of September,
A.D.1895,the undersigned was appointed by
the district court of Mahaska county, lowa,
administrator of the estate of Mary J.
Pettichord, deceased,late of said Mahaska
county, lowa. All persons indebted to said
estate will make payment to the under
signed, and those having claims against
the same will present them legally authen
ticated to said court for allowance.
Dated September 27, 1895.
J. W. Hineslby, Administrator.
9wß It. M. Hadley, Clerk.
Notice is hereby given to all persons in*
terested that on the Ist day of October, A.
D., 1896, the undersigned was appointed by
the district court of Mahaska county, lowa,
executor of the estate of Delilah
Hilleary, deceased, late of said Mahaska
county, lowa. All persons indebted to
said estate will make payment to the un
dersigned, and those having claims against
the same will present them legally authen
ticated to said court for allowance.
Dated October 1, 1895.
Ed Bond, Executor.
10w8 1.. M. Hadlst, Clerk.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of
an execution to me directed by the
clerk of the district court of Mahaska
county, lowa, against the goods, chattels,
lands, tenements, etc., of
W. J. Jackson, defendant,
In favor of Daniel Davis, plaintiff,
I will offer at publio sale to the highest
bidder, for oash, at the door of the court
house in the city of Oskaloosa, county of
Mahaska,lowa,on the 9th dayof November,
1895, all of said defendant’s right, title and
interest in and to the following described
real estate, situated in Mahaska county,
Commencing five hundred and sixty(s6o)
feet east of the northwest corner of lot No
eight (8) in block A, Power addition to the
city of Oskaloosa, lowa,and running thence
south one hundred and thirty-seven (187)
feet, thence east fifty 150) feet,thence north
one hundred and thirty-seven (187) feet,
thence west fifty (50) feet to place of be
ginning ; being a part of the southeast X
of the northwest - r 4 of section 19, township
75, range 15 west sth P. M.
Sale to commence at the hour of 9:00
o’clock p. m., of said day.
Witness my hand this 9th dayof October,
1895. T. J. P&ics,
Sheriff Mahaska Co., lowa.
Pm W, R Bhiooit, Deputy, 10*9
—. •... ik-. * ....
“Back Bay” Restaurant.
® w
- a
Visit the New Store,
ii" Hub Clothiers,
Cash and One Price to All.
A Bright, Clean, Beautiful Stock, New
and Stylish Goods in every Department.
The Latest and Best of Everything at Prices
all can afford to pay. The like of it was
never seen in Oskaloosa before.
Dont Miss the Opening
There are no “Back Numbers”
No Shelf-worn, Out=of-Sty!e
Merchandise HERE!
We have the New Fashions
and Correct things in Cloth
ing and Furnishings.
Nobby Neck Wear,
Stylish Suits,
Elegant Underwear,
Handsome Overcoats.
Everything a man needs
Cheaper than you ever saw it
and Fair Treatment Ouaran
teed every Customer.
riorris, Anderson & Hoore
will be here to receive you, and
all heartily glad to welcome
you to the New Store.
i The Hub Clothiers, Main, lowa, |
The Up=to=Date Dry Goods, Cloaks, 5
Furs, Millinery and Fancy Goods House. j
Souvenir Sale 0F i
Now Going On. j
Positively Saturday Eve It will Close. I
ill TO LOAN!
At Lowest Rate of
On 5 to 10 years’ time, giving borrower
privilege of making payments at any
time, thereby stopping Interest on your
loan from date of payment
Beal Estate, Loan, and Insurance Agt.
Office North Side Square,
Oakaloosa, .... lowa.
FOR BALE.—-Farm of 46 acres, 2 miles
north of square; well improved, good
buildings, 8 good wells; a bargain. Call
on premises, or address I. H. Steddom,
Oskaloosa. 51tf
FARM FOR SALE —lB4 acres five miles
west of Oskaloosa; good iarm in every
way; plenty of water. Enquire of J. F.
Stoker on premises. 10ml
FRESH CO W.—l have for sale cheap the
best family cow in this city; six years
old, half blood Jersey, (dw) F. D. Riid.
FOR SALE —My house and lot on South
Market street, one of the finest paved
in the city. Everything in the best of
shape. (13d tf) E. H. Bacon.
house, eight rooms, cellar, well, etc.,
barn and other outbuildings on Searle av
enue. Cheap as I want to leave town.
Ilw4 P. M. Meuii.
For SALE.—My restaurant business
in Oskaloosa. Call upon or address
wtf Dbnnis Robinson.
For SALE.—Two billiard tables and
one pool table. Inquire of August
Ahrweiler, Carbonado, lowa. Ilwß
“Back Bay" Restaurant.
The “old reliable” 25 cent meal. Beat
In the elty. 215 High avenue west.
The 14 S. Qov’t Reports
Bbow Royal Baking Powdaf
wparior to all othar*
This is to be a great week in Millinery.
We are fully prepared to show all the latest
things. Special offerings for the next two
weeks. Our well known Low Prices will
prevail. We will be pleased to see you.
Mclntyre Bros. & Wilson.
North of Court Boose.
oskaloosa; iowa,
One lot of Trimmed Hats 98c.
One lot of Trimmed Hats $1.48.
I )v)
Don’t Put
It Off
If you are go ; ng to buy
for fall or winter, might
i as well buy early and get
" a whole season’s wear and
“ comfort out of your cloth-
S ing. Good goods can’t be
, sold lower than we’re sell
* ing them now, and -fefc
= pick out of this splendid
new stock ought to be
worth something to you.
e A This Label on a Garment Insures
Perfect Fit and Satisfaction.
It Stands for the Best that Money
Can Buy or Skin Produce.
Do You Want
A Home ?
To Buy a Farm ?
To Sell a Farm ?
To Exchange ?
To Change Climate ?
To go on an Excursion?
We have some choice Mahaska farms
for sale. Also lands belonging to the
lowa Investment Go at reotlvar’s prioea
on easy terms.
We will give yon low excursion rates.
If yon can’t oome to see us, write us.
Tucker & Teal!,
.. H
■< 1 ,
\ 1
\ /

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