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V ' Tell of the Gifts to Campaign Funds
—Nearly 973,000 Spent in 1904
for Luncheons for Clerical
Force In New York.

New York, Oct. 11.—Waller It. Gil
lette, vice president of the Mutual Lift
Insurance company. testified before
the Insurance Investigating committee
Tuesdify that the Muttial Ufa lnsur
s ance company contributed $40,(100 to
the republican national committee's
campaign fund In tae lost election In
1904 ne also stated that the Mutual
Lite iMuranee company ,pald $711,601
last year for luncheons for Its clerical
force In illia city. This was at the rate
of almost s2&o a day. Vice President
Gillette -jabt that the Mutual Life In
(auranc company contributed $35,000
itp t'»v Republican national committee
•In 1900’ tind $15,000 in 189 C.
Dr Gillette testified that he paid
these amounts t>ersonally in cash, mid
later in the day Mr. McCurdy said .that
while he knew campaign contributions
• had been made he did not know the
’amounts. Ho Haid that no contribu
tions had been made to campaign
committees before 189 G, and that no
contribution to state or municipal
campaign had ever been made In this
or any other state. The conlrlbutlon
of to the congressional campaign
committee, Mr. McCurdy said he hnew
'nothing almut until It came out In the
testirtiony laal week.
An Item of $:!(»,000 for commit lee
fees, Mr. Gillette aald, waa for compen
sation of committee members, who are
not oOtceru of the company. Mr.
Hughe* pointed out that In 1901 9243,-
©OO wax paid for legal expenses, while
In 1902 it waa $:!47,0OO.
Gifts Justified, Ho Says.
He justified these contributions on
the same ground as did President John
A. McCall, of the New York Life In
surance company, in the contributions
bf that company, saying that the St.
Louis platform of ths democratic party
and the free silver Issue were a menace
to the policyholders. Dr. Olllette aald
be authorized these expenditures after
Consultation with president, vice pres
idents and some members of the board
pf trustees of the Mutual Life Insur
ance company. The campaign contri
butions, Dr. Olllette said, came from
the fund controlled by the committee
on expenditures.
Three Installments Paid.
The first witness was Robert Oil
phanl, chairman of the expenditure
committee of the Mutual Life Insur
ance company. Prom him it was ex
pected to learn what bec&mo of 975,000
charged to legal expenditures.
This sum was spent In three install-
ments of 925,000 each, the last Install-
ment being paid the day after the
presidential election last year. Mr.
ptiphant said there is no limit to the
money the committee on expenditures
may authorize to be paid out. The
Mutual Life Insurance company main
tains a confidential fund for legal ex
penditure. The details of payments
for this fund were not brought before
the board of trustees, but mnrely the
total amounts. Bills came to this com
mittee from the law department, after
being duly authorized by the executive
officers. The moneys were usually
drawn in cash. An entry of 925,000
on the books January 30, 1904, witness
■aid, was paid to him in cash. He waa
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Scrlous-Mcßae Telegram.
Toklo, Oct. 11. —A Mojl telegram
Kara the British steamer L<eho struck
a mine near there and was sunk.
Fifteen passengers and the entire
crew, Including two European engin
eer, are missing.
£ese cruisers nave seized the
ive and Hans Wagner, two
steamers bound for Valdlvi
stock, carrying contraband.
May be Sentenced to Long Term for
Fraudulent Banking.
\ , Sioux City, lowa, Oct. 11. —W. E.
Brown, president or the defunct
First National bank of Storm Lake,
was found guilty of fraudulent bank
ing by making false entries in bis
books and false reports to the gov
There were two indictments and
thirty-one counts, on thirty of which
Brown was found guilty. The mini
mum sentence is five years. It would
bo possible for the court to sentence
the prisoner to ten years for each
w 4
w _ _ <_ .■ —1 , _ , _
fvl 1 I M V
■■ i \ lO| ? i | i w ■—•-B / |
X lit/ v/oiVcllvM loci lICIaIU. -
... : <M^n "" *- vab l
I. I ■ ~ ■■ -- . —--- —* *■ - ... . .
«•••••••• • • t
V 1 w
o Gould Fielitn Eltcfi lln Directors e
o This Mornl g. o
• •
Rcrtpps Mcßae Telegram.
. Toledo, Oct. U.—The Gould faction
bondholder* this morning elected *lx
Wabasu dlrbctora. Tho nomination*
made yesterday were -laplncod by w»c
following, who were chosen: Thomas
M. Hubbard, TE. T. Jotfery, John ’A".
Terry, Winslow Plerco, Robert M.t.at*
loway, Edgar T. Well*.
Package of Currency Delivered to Him
Monday Evening Hae Di*ap
pear*d-—Wa* Trusted
Pittsburg, Pa,, Oct. ll.—The startling
discovery wus made late Tuesday- that
the Adams Express company has been
victimized to the extent of 9100,000,
supposedly through the peculations of
an employe. The following official
statement of the affair Is given for
publication: ‘At El sp. m., Monday,
October 0, a bunk of Pittsburg, Pa., de
livered to the Adams Express company
at Its office at No, 010 Wood street,
Pittsburg, a package of currency con
taining 9100,000. of this amount 98<V
000 was in 9100 bills, 910,000 In 9-"»0
bills and the remainder. 910, 0 w, in *.<,
910 and 920 Mils. The 9100 and the fW
bills of the Farmers Deposit national
bank of Pittsburg and the Bank of
Pittsburg, N. A., were In ibe main en
tirely new; some had been slightly
used. The 95, 910 and 920 bills were
Old currency. The package containing
this largo sum of money was consigned
to a bunk la Cincinnati, O. This pack
age was received and receipted for by
Edward George Cunliffe, who was then
acting In the place of the regular
money clerk, who was 111.
“Cunliffe left the office at the usual
time Monday evening and Tuesday
morning when he failed to report for
duty a hurried examination was marie
of his department and It was learned
that about 91,000 of funds entrusted u
his cure were missing. General Agent
Hlner, oi the Adams Express company.
Immediately called In detectives and
placed the matter In their hands, Lat
er developments brought to light tht
fact that In addition to the 91,000 miss
ing, the bank package, containing the
9100,000 had not been received si th«
money forwarding office at union sta
tlon, this city.
“Inquiries made at hts residence, No
314 Lucerne street, West End, Pitts
burg, showed that Cunliffe arrived
home at the customary time ,*ion<la>
evening, and after changing his clot her
bade his family good-by, saying to hh
wile that be was going out for 1 lit
evening, and nothing further has beei.
hoard from him. Cunliffe has been
employed by the Adams Express coin
pany since March 1, 1904. Previous it
that time he was employed In tht
Pittsburg service of the American Ex
press company, the Electric Expresi
company and fhe United States Expresi
company, of llurtford, Conn., and bori
a good reputation, fie was methodical
accurate and an excellent clerk. A
warrant has been issued, charging Cun
llffe with larceny,"
Charges Growing Out of Diamond
Robbery Dismissed.
Special to Dally Herald.
Red Oak, la., Oct. 11,—Tom Denni
son of Omaha is a free man. After
fighting any connection with the big
diamond robbery through the supreme
courts .even that of the United States,
and a two weeks’ trial at this place,at
an expense, It is estimated, of $30,000
he walks out Into the world once more
without a single legal paper held
against him.
County Attorney Oreeoiee moved
the dismissal of the case for tbo rea
son that there was not snSclent evi
dence to hold him. Judge Oreea so
ordered. Dunnlson was la the court
room and as soon as the judge grant
ed the order ho was the recipient of
many congratulations by bis friends.
Wealthy lows Man Dias at His.Homs
Los Angeles, Calif, Oct. 11,—Dr.
W. W. Ordway, reputed to be one of
the wealthiest men in western lows,
died here today of paralysis result
ing from wounds inflicted by thngs
during one of tbe numerous holdups
that be was tbe victim of." His death
ia thought to have been hastened by
the recent attempt to burn his home
and steal $130,000 m government
. . , i. v
i • $Jg Apl
-if l U”■ v: .'v?,-.
in California.
Special to Dally Herald.
•Davenport, la., Oct. 11,—-Tho Mutual
Wheel Company flro at Moline which
started yesterday afternoon Is still
burning. Six people haw been over
come fighting the flames. Tho esti
mated loss Is thirty-five thousand dol
lars. ,
Fire on Government Island thla
morning burned the golf house and
arsenal stables and aeven horses. The
estimated loss Is seven thousand dol
lowa Forces Elect Officers and Choose
Sioux City For Next Meeting.
Special to Daily Herald.
Marshalltown, la., Oct. 11.—The
groat council of the lowa Improved Or
der of Red Men this afternoon chose
Sioux City as the next place of meet
ing and elected the following officers:
Groat bachem— R. O. Prlebe, of lies
Great Senior Sagamore —O, W.
Wheeler, of Denison.
Great Junior Sagamore Stewart
Eason, of Marshalltown.
Great ProphM—John Dtnoon, of
81oux City.
Great Chief of Records—Frank K*
Day of Des Moines.
Great Keeper of Wampum— F. E.
Lumkln of Fort Dodg*.
Great Representatives—W. B. Kof
fer of Des Moines and w. R. Maine
of Davenport.
To Extend American Interests
New York. Oct, ll.—Charles R. Flint
sailed Tuesday on the Kaiser Wilhelm
11. for Ml. Petersburg, where he will
continue the negotiations looking to the
extension of Important American Indus
trial interests with which he-d* con
nected, and their affiliation with Rus
sian corporations and Individuals now
engaged In the same lines. Mr. Flint
will stop a day or two In Paris and Ber
lin en route.
Shoots Kansas Mayor,
Harper, Kan., Oct, 11,—J, J, Akin,
proprietor of a shooting gallery,
made the rounds of the busi
ness district firing his revolver at
random and chasing persons off the
streets. Mayor W. G. Muir was shot and
seriously wounded, and Fred Lyons, a
Mr. Myer and the town marshal were
•lightly wounded. Mayor Muir will re
cover. Akin was finally overpowered
Deputy Sheriff Killed,
Hagerstown, Md., Oct. 11. Thomas
W. Hardy, of this county, a deputy un
der Sheriff H. A, Dowln, was shot and
killed Tuesday near Weaverton. Tbe
murder Is supposed to have been com
mitted by a negro who was on a freight
train which Hardy was attempting to
board, presumably to arrest the negro.
The Interurban
County Surveyor E. If. Owens, who
with his assistants is surveying and
platting the right-of-way of tbe Bux
ton Interurban line, today reached tbe
river on the southern route, having
laid off tbe necessary right-of-way
needed for building the line. They im
mediately abandoned work for the
present, and pulled back to Oskajooea
in order that Mr. Owens might hurry
out tbe plats of tbe right-of-way to
Beacon, for ose of tbe company,which
will at once begin the work of getting
right-of-way for tbe road.
Tbe Interurban Company is losing
no unnecessary time In tbe work and
having secured the plats of tbe right
of-way, will at once set out to pur
chase. |T»e company hopes to rush
the line to Beacon as rapidly as poest
-- ' •> ■
dcripps-Mcßae Telegram.
Chicago, Oct. 11.—Arguments on the
demurrer by tho packers was resumed
this morning. During the discussion
tho definition of the word monopoly
wax brought to issue. Tho court ask
ed If .there Is an Illustration In busi
ness <d a practical monopoly. The
attorney* for tho packers replied to at
the Standard OH Company bt one.
Judge Humphrey questioned the attor
neys on both sides. He wsa Impartial
It. finding fault with the arguments
and both sides took encouragement
from his rulings.
King of Winter Makes First Visit
But Corn fs Safe.
Special to Daily Herald.
Des Molnea, Oct. 11, —The first frost
of the seas** visited Des Moines and
All northern lowa last night.
According to Director Sage of the
lowa corn Is now safe within the
protecting arms of maturity and frost
protectnlg arms of maturity and frost
can do It no Injury.
Ysllow Fever Patient Dies.
Marlon, Ind, Oct. 11,- Horace Mey
ers. 21 years old, who was taken 111
with yellow fever last Friday, a few
hours after he had returned home from
Madison parish, fxmlsfana. died Tues
day afternoon at the pest house, three
miles north of the city, it was the
fifth day of his Illness, Meyers’ condi
tion has been grave since Saturday,
but until Tuesday It was believed be
had a chance for recovery. phy
sicians ars of the opinion that he died
of yellow fever, bur. do not believe any
other cases will develop. Residents ars
not alarmed.
Wife-Beater Slain.
Carrot, 111., Oct. 11.—Oeorga D. Kndl
cott, living near Crossvllls, 111., on
Tuesday killed John Brewer In a fight,
In which Endlcott waa attempting to
rescue Mrs. Brewer from the attacks
of bar husband. Endlcott, who is a
atep-fatber of Brewer’s wife, heard her
cries and went to her assistance.
Brewer pulled a knife, when Rndieott
secured a poker and beat him to death.
The coroner later exonerated Endlcott
Witte Again Thanked.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 11,—Further Im
perial thanks are given to Count Witte
in a rescript published Tuesday, and
high tribute Is paid to the services h#
rendered la the conclusion of peace
with Japan, it indicates grateful ap
preciation of Count Witte’s services to
tbe empire, and Is s considerable blow
to the Intrigues against him.
Davenport, Oct. 11,—Harr/ < orrin,
of East Moline, who fell down an ele
vator shaft here last night, died this
The work of tbe county surveyor has
been to lay out tbe ngbt-of-wsy and
to secure th# * descriptions of the
same, and will be completed when he
draws the maps or plats of the Rae.
Tbe work to,the river has taken
about two weeks, and the surveyor
will probably be about two weeks
more in completing the survey to the
end of the line. This will not be
taken up, however, until the plats for
tbe Beacon Hne are all flaished.
Whether the same work will be
done on the north line Is not knows
by Mr. Owens. It fs possible, that
should a decision of the company as
to the route be made, such a right of
way survey would be useless along
that line.
• eeeeeeeeeeee
• •
e Relief From Yellow Jack te Prom- e
o feed New OH ene. o
• •
•New Orleans, Oct, 11.- Frost has ap
peared aa far aunt It an Fort Smith,Ark.
Arrangement* are being completed to
abandon tho tight on yellow fewr
which will bo atoppeu by troat. Komi
gating and quarantine employe* arc
being dismissed. Up to noon today
thero wae one death and three new
ca«e« reported.
Stung by Dleparagtng Remark* of
Hi* Conception of Two Angel*
In Feminine Form, He De
stroy* Them,
New York, Oct, 11- Otuzon Horglum
sculptor of the Angel of the Annum-is
tlon add of the Angel of the Hcsurra
tlon. which were Intended to have
adorned the walls of the great cat he
dral of St. John the Divine *1 Morn
Ingslde Heights, announced on Toes
day that he had destroyed the two hg
ures. Mr. Horglum did so because of
a dispute which had arlsdn as U
whether the figures should be rmtscu
Hns of feminine. The sculptor hae
created his conceptions of fhe two an
gels In fhe form of women and hli
work had »<een sharply criticized or
that sr-ore.
Mr. Horglum said that he hart re
celved a final opinion of one of th<
church authorities that the fignrer
must Ire masculine, and he added: “I
went to the csihfdrxi yesterday and
with a chisel and millet smashed f.h*
angels Inin Mrs, Ab hough i have d on*
nothing In Ibe past year Into which
1 have put more care arm though I, and
although i felt like tin Veriesf van da
la thus completely wrecking what i
knew to be works of le-suty and jxrwcr
I did so to pm a stop to s useless dfs
cussloti and to prevrni any use belny
made of the figure* other than had
been originally Intended, t am abxo
lutely astounded that any elergymai
could stand In the presence of jjn „r 4<
Images of a purely religion* and spirit
usl character and see nothing In then
but sex, and now that the whole im
pleasant matter i» over, I am just u
sure that the feminine side of our raci
must continue to be our chief source 01
artistic inspiration and will so remain
absolutely unaltered by all pedsnth
So Says the President of the W. C.
T. U. of lewe.
Special to Dally Herald.
Des Moines, Oct. 11,—The resolu
tions committee of the state W, C. T.
V. In convention at Grace church,
took into consideration the recent
presentation to President Roosevelt
of a case of beer. The Pennsylvania
W. C. T, IT. censured the president
for accepting the beer. Tim lowa
ladles refuse even to do that. Thez
.say that the president never knew
that the case was being stored away
In bla cellar and that when he did
learn of it be ordered the beer sent
back to tbe manufacturer.
"Teddy Roosevelt Is all right on
the beer question," said Mrs. Dun
ham, the state president.
A. B. Learner, of lows City, ie Clotted
Stats President.
Special to Dally Herald.
Burlington, 1*„ Oct. 1 r—Tbs Evan
gelical Lutheran Synod of lowa elected
tbe following officers this morning;
President—A. B. I-earner, lowa City.
Secretary—J, A. McCulloch, Bur
Treasurer- W. R. Bailey, lowa City,
Statistical Secretary—Oeo. W. Sny
der, Council 8....i5,
Bed Weather Blocks the New York-
Philadelphia Contest (' -
Special to ihuty Herald.
Philadelphia, OcL 11,—Tbe tb.
tbe series of world champion* ulp
games between New York and Phila
delphia was called off this afternoon
because of rain. Bad wwather pre
vailed all day and few bets were post
ed on tbe game.
ScrippeMcßae Telegram.
New Tort, OcL 11,—Tbe insurance
investigation commission adjourned to
next Tuesday out of respect to the
memory of Speaker Nixoo, of tbe New
Tort Assembly.
K*'A'' !!'»•
While Thie Country Leade All Other*
In Trade, It Fey* th«
Freight to Foreign
Ship Owner*.
Scrlpp* McKac Telegram.
Waahlngton, V. C., Oct. 11.- Secre
tary Hbaw ad 'ressod tho National
Hanker*’ convention Unlay, speaking
upon tho beat means of promoting
foreign trade. He said In part:
The- nation* of tho earth *oll to
each other • 10,000,000,000 worth of
merchandise per annum, ono-olghth
nf which originates In the United
State*, and one-ninth of this grand
aggregate our ports for ultimate
conaumption. Within the laat half
century the United Slate* has not
only assumed an Importance among
commercial countries, but in the laat
decode she has become tho greatest
commercial nation of the world. Not
only do her exports exceed thoro of
any other country, out her domestic
commerce 1* two and onb-balf time*
a* large aa the aggregaD Interna
tional commerce of the round earth.
While the eighty and more commer
cial count ribs are selling, the one to
the other, merchandise worth %V)/
000,000,000, the American people sell
to each other merchandise practically
*26,000,000,000. 'These stupendous and
Incontprt'berislble figures, make some
of us proud, some arrogant, They
should make ns all thoughtful and
prevent any of us from becoming
recklessly critical.
The time is corning, gentlemen
—with our Increasing population more
largely urban than ever, with factor-
Im inti ltptylng more rapidly than
farms, with limitless manufacturing
resources, and matchless aptitude for
product loo—when fhe United Staten
will need new and important mar
kets. The world may come to u* in
it* own ship* for the products of
our farms snd the raja products of
our mince, hut it will not come in its
own ships for the finished products
of our factories. The time lx coming
when we will need International
bankers and International merchants
and International merchant marine.
I am well aware that this fs sup
posed not. to bfi a popular theme,
but ( did not accept your courteous
Invitation for the purpose of discuss
ing subjects on which ail good men
agree, I accepted tor tho purpose ef
bringing to your consideration ques
tions which public speaxors usually
avoid, to tbe end that you may think
them over, talk them over ny your
firesides and in your place* of busi
ness, In fh* hope that w» may some
time, and a* soon a* possible, agree
upon nome course, some policy, that
will restore our flag to ner detwrved
place on the seas and give to Ameri
can enterprise Its share of the carry
ing trade of the world.
lam well mwa ry that mere are
some, and they arc not confined to
any one party or any one locality
they are prominent in both parti**
and are found on the shore* of New
England ano on the pratriee west of
the Mississippi who urge that we
need do nothing more than graceful
1y surrender a portion of our fH.Ofifi/
(Continued on Pag* 4.)
Washington, D. C„ Oct. IL-Secre
tary Sbsw is likely to g*»t tbe support
of both the Kentucky and Virginia del
egations. This is the Information
that rsaefies here on the heels of the
secretary's return from bis Virginia
campaign. It Is significant that Secre
tary Shaw is tbe only presidential as
pirant who has been invited to speak
In the Old Dominion. Representative
Slump, the only republican member in
Virginia, and tbe bead of the republi
can/organization in the state, Is the
man who invited Secretary Shhw to
speak and on Stemp wll defend the*
delegation in 130$.
It is stated on good authority here
that Biemp will turn the detegetlon
over to Mr. Shaw aad more than this,
that Internal Revenue Commissioner
Yerkes, who Is now the head of the
dominant faction in the republican
party InKen tacky, windrow him the
v irgin ryo^
M Trum V OwfvflwC wzw iw.

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