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Su ZJnbuslry ne Crirt
A Tempting Dish That Vainly Sought far
a Market
1 I was sitting at a lunch counter eat
ing a Ham sandwich Aleanman next
mo was also eating a ham sandwich a
row of men behind him eating some
one thing some another The keeper
of the restaurant Was calling out the
bill of fare for the benefit of a new
comer Tomato soup chicken pie
fried veal and lamb stew etc The
lean man next me said with a sort of
scornful emphasis Lamb stewl as
though he had previously suffered disap
pointment with that particular dish bo
he spoke louder than he Intended and
the waiter heard what the took for an
order and called out in emphatic tonoi
Lamb stewl This was an order to
hcrassoclata behind tho partition
The lean man stopped chewing for a
moment and gave me a sepulchral look
as much as to say Now I hare done
it lie considered the situation for a
ifaoradnt gobbled up the rest of the
sandwich and said privately t6 me as
-he slid off his stool I guess Id better
t jjot out of this he handed In his ten
cents for sandwich andcoffeefthd softly
departed In a few moments the waiter
appeared holding aloft a platter witha
nread plate napkin etc and in tho
blandest of tones Inquired Lamb
stow Nobody answered I contin
ued eating my sandwich and could see
in the dim distance the coat tails of the
missing lean man but I said nothing
Lamb stew Qlmme a glass o
milk said a short fat man near me
U hose is this stew please Dead si
lence the row of men kept on eating
Proprietor who had beeri in a stupor
w nke up to tho fact that here was a
dinner ordered by somebody unknown
u mistake as it were and he took up
the tale A tall man sitting below me
was Cating doughnuts and cheese Is
this your lamb stew inquired the pro
prietor What say Tho tall man
was a little deal Old you order this
ttew Two what Lamb stew
Oli no doughnuts and cheese Thin
hungry man nearly through with his
chowder This yours mister Noi
I didnt order no stdw Shipping
clerk eating cold ham with bread and
butter Is this stew yoUrWder
o what do I want of lamb stew
with ham The proprietor disappeared
behind the partition and stewed
there the waiters forming a ring
around the lamb stew I nearly choked
myself with my sandwich whilo the fol
low Ipjr colloquy forced Itself upon my
u Which gentleman wasit Idon
now Somclxxly colled lamb stew
anyway Well sake a mercy Next
time sec who it is when anybody or
icn The second appearance of the
lamb htew warmed over to morrow
Iioston Transciipl
Some Ludlrroui Ksuuplcs of Misapplied
Peculiarities of speech are sectional
md combined they produce a dialect
which is distinctively southern or west
em or NYu lnglnnd as the case may
bo Who would doubt that a Yankee of
Yankees inido this speech
I dont sposu there aint nobody
nnthin of no old felt hat no
The redundancy of negatives aloiuj
would betray origin the asking and an
swering a question in the Kame breath
end the familiar 1 dont spose which
iu the west would be changed to I
dont guess and in the south I dont
There is somethiuplcturesaue in the
bicvlty und construction of the sen
tences too consistent with the sur
loundlnj Tulto n kpecimeniln a hali
growu lud scantily dressed lounging
up to a farm house ond asking with the
Mow drnwl of his kind
I dont sposo you dont know of no
ton that dont want to hire nobody to
do nothinV
Then there is the peculiar misapplica
tion of remembered words which thrust
Ihcmselveb Into conversation as mis
fits w itli ludicrous effect Wo all know
what terror strikes the rural breast at
tiht of one of those missives bf hasty
news the telegram An old lady said
w 1th excitement
There must have souifthing terrible
huppehoil over at Pikes Corners for t
see a boy on a cyclopedia a riding over
there with a dispatch Detroit Prce
How j Good Quality of -Taper la Made In
Some of the paper products from oat
refuse according to the method pursued
In Scotland are by no means deficient
in the qualities of strength and service
ableness that characterize the product
of other materials used for this pur
pose The process consist in first Im
mersing the oat husks in a tank of
water in order to float off mustard and
other seeds with which they are fre
quently more or less mixed and which
if not saparated materially deteriorate
the quality of the paper it is of ad
vantage too to have the water very
thoroughly stirred as this facilitates
the separation of the foreign seeds and
allows them to float to the surface The
oat husks having gradually settled the
surface scum and any floating matters
are drawn off by an overflow pipe at
the top of the tank or skimmed off by
any convenient Implement after which
the water Is well drained off by a waste
water pipe at thebottom of thi
and beneath a perforateiKfalsd bottom 1
or fitted with a stralnefwhlch retains
the husks The husks tfnay be left to
steep in tne water live to c hours after
removing tho cum as Jhls by soften
ing helps to loosen tho Hica from the
fiber and facilitates tin subsequent boil
ing process N Y Sun
Tbj politician who clamors for a
free interchange of opinions should
attend a sewing bee Columbus Post
No Bin said tho clairvoyant I
cant wait for my money This is a
cash trans action Washington Star
11 wiL Ajinug 1110 young anu old man a
fancy lightly turns to more thoughts
of loafing than loving Lancaster Ex
Afteii a young woman gets to be
thirty she stops calling attention to her
birthdays by giving parties Somer
vllle Journal
Frau Z Shall you be going to some 4
watering piace frau L Alas no
unfortunately my husband isnt suffer
ing from gout this year Flora
State prison convjets tny son are
made to wear uniforms in order that
they may be distinguished from the
thieves who are still at large Boston
April showers make May flowers and
wet feet make bad colds but Lightning
Cough Drops will cure any cough hoarse
ness or croup Mr Ino Casey ZenUW
Va says Lightning Cough Drops is
something wonderful I do not think thert
is any medicine in the world that will give
better satisfaction Will do all that is
claimed for it For sale by all dealers
Pasebxwski the pianist practices
from six to eight hours daily
Muk Culrjl Noveixo Davieb is one
of tho mostexpert of music conductors
and frequently officiates In this capacity
at concerts lri Cardiff where she re
TnEanonx Thomas has been elected
chief assistant of the bureau of music of
the worlds fair and it Is Intended to
show the world what the west has ac
complished in a musical way
A wbeath of solid gold was presented
to MsJean dHesxke the popular opera
singer at tho Metropolitan opera house
In New York at the conclusion of his
solo Sabre Dlnora at the final pre
sentation of Faust
Josef Hoftman the well known boy
pianist has grown to be a tall young
man He has completed one course of
study in Berlin and is about to begin a
two years finishing course under tho
celebrated composer and pianist Mosz
Rcbinsteix who Is again playing in
Europe with a possibility of 1 coming o
this country has adopted ah effective
plan to prevent encores iJefore he
comes back upon the stage In response
to applause ho has an attendant mount
the platform and lock up the plana
Tint czars crown is said tb bo worth
four times as much as Queen Victorias is
AOVXH of genealogical facts has dis
covered that Mmc Carnot Is related to
tho count 6t Paris
Pbivce BjsjLukiks physician has se
lected Nervi Italy as a place of winter
residence for the cx chanccllor
Tux king of Denmark puts on no frills
or stylo as he rambles through tho
streets of Copenhagen and would prob
ably attract even less attention than he
docs now if Tie didnt wear a plug hat
Tint prince and princess of Wales are
known as the carl and countess of Ches
ter when they travel on thecontincnL
It was as tho earl of Chester that the
prlnco made his celebrated American
SrtmoEOMs grave In Nonfood ceme
tery is marked by a single slab bearing
the Inscription C n Spurgeon Mrs
Spurgeon has suggested that the word
Waiting bo added and iho suggestion
la to be carried out
A bearing
orange tre6 from San Gabriel Is one
of the exhibits announced from Call
The Washington state worlds fail
building1 will be constructed in sections
at Tacoma and sent to Chicago next
New IlAursuittE which claims to b
the Switzerland of America has ap
propriately planned to erect a Swiss
Chalet for their worlds fair building
Wisconsin will have a 130000 build
ing at the fair llulldiug material to
the value of 13000tiasbccn donated
and the contract for erection has been
let for 917000
The commercial exchange of Des
Moines la has resolved In favor of
raising IJOOOO for the purposd Of secur
ing a creditable representation of that
city at tho exposition Brooklyn N Y
wants to devote a like sum to the same
The average marrying ago 6f French
men Is thirty years
Tub British mint coins twenty fire
toni of pennies every year
Ax the present day sacred piga roam
Inviolate about the Buddhist
Canton and elsewhere In China
The coal beds of China are five times
as large as those df all Europe while
gold silver lead tin copper Iron mar
ble and petroleum are all found in
TmJNlcaratfuan government is
ring the most liberal offers to attending
conree growertv It gives to a married
man 340 acres and to a single man 120
acres of good coffee land
The new British second- class cruiser
Sybllle has had her trial trips and prom
ises to bo avery seaworthy craft A
speed of seventeen knots was main
tained for six hours in a 1 eavy westerly
swell accompanied by a 1 lgh wind
Next to a good stove or range a good
clock Is of paramount Importance in the
Tax knives for kitchen use for cut
ting bread and for peeling vegetables
etc should be kept sharp
Foldiso towel racks set on the wall
near1 the Sink aro a great convenience
in drying dish towelsand dish cloths
C00KIKO holders of ticking may bo
made nearly as long as a towel so that
both hands can be used with them A
number should bo kept on hand and
they should be washed frequently along
with the towels
The most satisfactory cloths for
cleaning purposes are old flannel or me
rino underwear or old cahton flannel
These never show lint and can be
wrung out nearly dry from hot water
without losing their moisture and
Titeiuc are now living in Germany no
fewer than 039087 M tillers
Br far the deepest lake known In the
world is Lake Baikal In Siberia It Is
from 4000 to 5000 feet deep
TwExxr xusEE thousand travelers
received hospitality in the snow bound
convent pf flL Bernard during the past
Tnaborifllpl population of Japan
whoicall themselves Alnos numbered
in1588ffl09i Including 8475 men ond
8787 Women
Tins total wages In Great1 Britain for
1890 wastBOOOOOO oran average of
only 58 I0s per capita for the whole
number employed
It is stated that over 40000 persons
land at Joppa every year In order to
make a -pilgrimage to Jerusalem and
other spots celebrated in sacred history
A ncw letter card has just been
issued by the British post ofllco The
idea is to make it possiblo to send short
notes without the publicity of a post
card and at less cost than a letter The
letter Cord simply folds once across tha
middle and the edges can be gummed
Wobby kills
i 1 1 i nr if
more people than the
To hats an honest critic Is to have
faithful friend
It is hard to agree with tho man who
quarrels with himself
You cant tell how big man is until
you find out where his influence is going
to stop
Ir you dont want your boy to turn
out bad dont bear down too hard on
tho grindstone
Irwe had no trouble but real troubles
there wouldnt be a round shouldered
man tn tho world
You can still find a man now mil
then who Is CXPCCtlmr to mt to Heaven
on his wifes church membership
IT Is as bad to cover up the blind evo
In a horse trade as it is to rob a man
after you have knocked him down with
a sandbag
V May Y Have au Inl r PNnelary
CeiHtuuulCNtlaH Schrmt A Highly
iMtfrtellug IlyiinilKli Advanced by
a Frauds Astronomer
Oue of the boldest of the ninny bold
suggestions that luue been throw u out
by imaginative writers in the lust few
years is a recent one by Flummnrion
the French astronomer It is in refer
ence to a proposal nude some Mouths
ago to encourage tho formulation of a
plan for opening up communication be
tween the inhabitants of enrlll und tiioso
of some other n orld Hu arnca that as
the planet Mars is sewrul iiijliuii years
older in point of duwlopineiit than is
our world ill poopltt are further advanced
in the scale of intellectual progress than
we are and that tlley have he 11 making
signals to Us for the last hundred thou
sand years or so without our being
aware of tho fact
Tile reusjus for tho deduction may be I
briefly stated Lven without sujioiug
according to the Kuut Lniilacs theory
that Mars was thrown off from a ring
of nebulous matter much earlier than
the earth he must hare cooled down
more rapidly because of hissiilaller bulk
his diameter being less that 5000 mites
This reasoning is supported by the as
certained facts that his atmosphere is
far loss dense than ours aud his land
and water Surfaces are nearly equal
while with us the proportion is nearly
one to three It is inferred that both
oceans and atmosphere have diminished
on that planet much inoro thah tha 3 per
cent credited by soma witli having dis
appeared from the earth since the be
ginning of geologic history On Mars
the successive phases of planet life havo
been condensed into a shorter time than
is the case with us Its people are there
for nearer the maximum of possible de
velopment if they have not long since
rjauJd it and all animation will
mountain peaks for they are close to the
Mas and symmetrically disposed with
referenco to certain rectilinear canals
Furthermore several among them ap
pear to mark parallels of latitudo and
meridians and in examining them one is
inevitably reminded of goodetical signs
The close observer can distinctly trace
triangles squares and rectangles formed
by these luminous spots
Improbable as the reference may seem
to be it is likely that several of the as
tronomical observers who cau not think
Ot anything better to do with their tele
scopes will subjoct these spots to patient
scrutiny and record what they soo for
comparison with app nrmces 111 the fu
ture when some of llirso spots will have
Changed their position if tlley bo really
the result of intelligent design It
methodical chauges bo discovered In tho
course of a few years or oven centuries
it will be hurd to resist tho coucluiion
that the guess of the Parisian writer is a
correct oue and then will begin tho ef
fort to reciprocate Evidently this will bo
much tho worse job of the two ou ac
count of our relative position Wo can
best mako out the smaller details on
tha surface of liars when nearest to
him he being then iu opHisitidu to tho
sun But nt that time wo are buried in
the sunlight as suen from tho planet nnd
the distauce must bo at least double in
order to curry the earth sufficiently fur
away angularly to permit a distant
view from our neighbor iu spaco That
is each of the lumiunu mounds con
structed by us must huvd twice tho di
ameter or four times tho area of thosu on
Mart in order to bj vuible with equs dis
tinctness if the optic il Kver employed
be the same in each cibh If lion ever
it be supjiosed Huiblu that the Martial
folks havo leinw I how to construct tel
escopes which are correct iiidiugly uioro
powerful th in the bet wu have til it dif
ficulty vanishes in theory Hut who is
going to know tins And how long w ill
it bo ore tho fact U estubliMhud to the sat
isfaction of tho mobt curious among mor
In any event it must bo very many
years before the ailu il ex of sig
nals borwueu ourselves 11 11 1 tho inluihi
tauts of Mum cm become a fact if it all
Perhaps it will be so 111 my centuriis that
by the time we are prear d to talk to
them the Adhcili ir Hood will eomo
sweeping down upou us from tho
Southern Hoiiusili re and leave all tho
work to bo dune over hkiiIm in now lauds
elevated from Iteneatli the present ocean
level 011 the other bide of the equator
Perhaps which U fur the moit likely
doomsday iUelf will come beforo
this latest sciriitiflc dreim becomes a
waking reality But it is not wisu uow
to say such u thing cm never be ac
complished That suit of confident talk
is not now in order 111 it was iu p is t ages
when men knew far lesu than they do
now Chicago Tribune
A pain in tbe side or back and spots on
tbe face indicate kidney and liver disorder
Mr Geo P Eckes Lorentz WVa says
I had kidney trouble or over two years
Have tried different kinds of kidney medi
cine but got no relief I was not able to
ride horseback and scarcely able to attend
to my business I commenced using
Lightning Kidney and Liver Remedy and
before I bad used one bottle I began to
improve I have taken four or five bot
tles and am almost cured For sale by
alld eaters
Infants Carrlaga uiinkit
One yard of white elder dowu flamiol
one yard wide paint a spray of wild
rosea a little at the right of con tor droop
tag toward tho center of blaukot liming
tho stems of the spray about threu or
four Inches from the top Place a clut
ter of three buds at the left nud a siu
glo bud below at the right having the
effect of dropping from the spray turn
the edge iu all round on the wrou silo
and baste it down Lino it with Cldui
silk blind stitch or fell it ou to tho wool
Finish with a white silk cord or if Mm
prefer knot pink and green worsted
fringe corresponding to the colon iu the
A woman who throws it xp1f nt a
mans head will soon Hud lier placo ut
Ids feet
There is not a better equipped printing
office than this in the county nor is there
one in the State turning out printing
superior to that executed in Ibis office
Our rates are the lowest All in need of
first class -printing no matter where you
are or what particular kind of printing you
want you will do us a favor and yourself
i kindness by writing us for prices and
giving minute details of work wanted
0 heart of mine shouldnt
AVorrjr sot
What weve misted of calm we conldVl
HTeyu know
What weve met of ttormy 1 aln
And of eorrowi drldng rain
We can better tnem acaln
If It blow
We have erred In that dark hoar
e uave Known
When the tears fell ultli tbe shower
All alone
Wer not shine and ehoner blent
As tbe fl rations Mmter meant T
Let us teiuiwr our content
With ble own
Fur we know not e cry morrow
Can be tad
Bo furgettlnc all tub anrrmv
ekvo IibI
Let us fold awn our fear
And pat by our foolish trnrs
Andthrouifh all Hisi iunlng eart
Just bo klud
Junius WMtcoraulUler
Such little complaints as heartburn
headache toothache sour stomach etc
are not often fatal but very annoying All
such troubles are quickly cured by Light
ning Hot Drops Mr A C Rayner Shops
W Va says- I have been afflicted with
heartburn and sour stomach for four jears
Pound no relief until I used Lightning Hot
Drops I can honestly say that Lightning
Hot Drops has cured me entirely 25 and
50c Dottles for sale ay all dealers
Tli Oimi ofTrwa
There is u now gmne whieli U called
tenia and which is an mhipuilion of Jap
anese iulo This is tho way It U pi eJ
according to a youug uom in u ho ciuims
to bo proficient
A screen eight foet high lins n circular
hols iu the middle eighteen incite in di
ameter called tho goal and liaiiigu net
behiud it Twenty feet hu ay is u roped
in area in which tho playors taidniiey
aro rauged in sides tho white aud tho
red At the end of the area farthest
from the screen are stores of roil and
whito bails less than two Inches in di
ameter and it is the business of each side
to throw its balls into the goal The
throwing is dono by meaus of au im
plement called a mmd a alemlnr tiim
havo bo tliro feet in length with a tiny not
disappeared there when our earth is still ot tlle Tlo balls are picked up In
-7 -
tbe theater of intend activo vitality 1
lTepco It may be inferred that the most
highly organized inhabitants of Mars
long since thought of the interplanetary
communication scheme which is yet a
novelty with us and have during many
centuries been vainly trying to mako us
aware of the fact If they really havo
been doing so they have acted in tho
moat simply suggestive way possible
Flammarian says that in tho newly
constructed maps of Mars there are ob
servable in several places small dots by
tbe side of which tho astronomer notes
the presence of luminous spots that shino
like snow under the rays of the sun It
is not probable that these soots are dua
tn tha nr6annea of innw alnca anm ara I uis which some oeonle think in its fft
situated ngar tho equator while others yor u 5 oxciting and amusing with
ore in high latitudes Nor can they bo 1S so laborious
Shilohs Consumption Cure
This is beyond question the most suc
cessful Cough Medicine we have ever sold
a few doses invariably cure the worst cases
of Cough Croup and Bronchitis while its
wonderful success in the cure of Consump
tion is without a parallel in the history of
medicine Since its first discovery it has
been sold on a guarantee a test which no
I other medicine can stand If you havo a
1 coughwe earnestly ask you to try it Price
10c 50c and 1 If your lungs are sore
rcbestorback lame use Shilohs Porous
Plaster Sold by St Bernard drug store
Earlington and Geo King St Charles Ky
Millions of bushels of rutlnnstcd havo
been thrown awny in tho vrniw uifs
ot the South But now it Is utitx -d In
the manufacture of olcnginliu ducts
and promises to be the chief xnun e of
tnauy kindsof oils Thesligorfiirunces
for many years was liimod Into ravines
aud piled upou vacant fit Ida until it ImJ
accumulated in vast quantities but non
it is being mined ntim lesuielted iu
some instances made into nsUHtoa or
used in ballasting romU
Paper is made mostly from wnto mi-
J torials and it enters into the
tion of a thousand things from cig ir
ctto wrapper to a ar w heel Blood is
manufactured into door knobs shutters
and doors are midii from wood pulp
sawdust is a most useful article dint and
dirt ara transformed into niiilli llnnua
building materials w Idle tho waste pro
ducts of the gns house nre more valu
able if possible than the original sub
stance It was fnnin rly supposed tint
clay was ureful oulv for ptnlmiikinenls
and for making briiks or pottery But
now a most useful and Ixnutiful iiielilis
extracted tlurefrniii and clnv Units
rich in aluminium will soon he ns ihm
blans iron mines The enlillcKiie might
bo extended iiiddlnitely but this is suf
ficient to show th Tirirtr of uses to
which waste prod ou 1 h nr m
To Our Subscribers
Tbe special announcement which ap
peared in our columns some time since an 1
nouncing a special arrangement with Or i
D J Kendall Co of Enosburgb Falls Vt
publishers of A Treatiseon the Horse and i
his Diseases whereby onr subscribers were J
enabled to obtain a copy of that valuable
work free by sending their address to B J
Kendall Co and enclosing a two cent
stamp for mailing same is tenewed tor a
limited periou
this valuable work To evcrV
Horse it is indispensable and it treats in a
simple sianuer all tbe diseases which afflict
this noble animal Its phenomenal sale
throughout tbs United States and Canada
make it a standard authority Mention this
paper when sendin for Treatise
A Cltttr llorst
This story shows the intelligence of a
Kentucky roan who was left in an open
paddock fastened by means of a woodi u
hasp This he learned in a few dns to
take out with his teeth and drop on Ihu j
ground only to have it carefully
placed by tha atablo boy who dlspbyed
a wonderful intuition about dlscoveriii
it Finally when it becamo plain to liU
uorseisb understanding that there uus
nothing to be gained by such a perform
ance hs tried the experiment of curry
ing it orsr to the other side of the fence
and letting it fall into a neighboring
Now it to happened that hi owner
caught him in tho act aud relentlessly
went and fastened him in again thou
from a distance he watched to see what
would come next As he had expected
the horse diligently loosened the stick
again but now comes the queer part of
it Instead of putting it in auy of tho
old places he gavo one defiant snort and
laboriously sot to work to eat it nn
If his object was tho total annihilation1
The following item clipped from the
Fort Madison Iowa Democrat contains
information cll worth remembering
Mr John Roth of this city who met
with an accident a few days ago spraining
and bruising his leg and arm quite severely
was cured by one 50 cent bottle of Cham
berlains Pain Balm This remedy is
without an equal for sprains and bruises
and should have a place in every house
bold For sale by the St Bernard drug
store Earlington GeorgoKing St Charles
Ben T Robinson Morions Gap
A Story of the San
Dr Mayo tho well known nulhnr of
Kaloohh was at one tlmo acting
U surgeon on boaid tha United Stated
man-of-war Cyauo Tho vessel wn in
mid ocean when a craft In full stil hut
0 low down in the ho ltm as to bo
scarcely visiblo was siglitod Tho enp
taiu nfter a long look through tho spy
glass said
I wonder what vcs3ol Hint c in l f
Dr Mayo who was ono of a group of
officers standing by spoko up nud s ild
Oh thats tho Jojiali Quincy of
Tho captain turned looked at the doc
tor in astonishment but mndo 110 com
I say doctor said tho senior
I ant as tho other officers went below to
tho ward room youll ilnd It n mistake
to guy our commander Ho tins no no
tion of humor nnd fairly detests jokes
Dr Mayo smiled but felt n little ner
vous for of course ho no more know
the name of tho distant vessel than he
did that of tho man in the moon An
hour later tho stranger approached al
most within hailing distance and ta eho
passed the captain road on tho stern
Josiih Quincy Boston
Lwctor he cried in ninazement
how on earth could you know f
Merely by tho cut of her jib sir ro
plied Dr Mayo calmly
Sinco that he has firmly believed that
nothing is too strango to bo inferred to
as a coincidence
Oh What a Cough
Will you heed the warning The signal
perhaps of the sure approach of that more
- -
tins net and slung toward tho goal This terrible disease consumption Ask our
would probably bo very tasno but tlicro
Is another provision which is that
players of one sldo may interfere with
the othors and do all they can to prevent
tho halls from being thrown This at
onco introduces an element of skill as
the ball once in the net of tho wand
can be manipulated and maucourered
and a great variety of throws aro open
to tho players Tho picking up of tho
ball is a pretty aud dexterous action
while it is almost impossible to bo un
graceful in throwing it The oxtremo
lightness of the wand the maximum
weight to said to be four ounces ren
ders the sport much less violent than ton-
selves if you can afford for the sake of sav
ing 50c to run the risk and do nothing for
it We know from experience that Shilohs
Cure will cure jour cough It never fails
This explains why more than a Million
Dottles were sold last year It relieves
croup and whooping cough at once
Mothers do not te without it Tor lame
back side or chest use Shilohs Torus
Plaster Sold by St Bernard drug store
Earlington and Geo King St Charles Ky
I Clorcrliscmctti
B s
It U a Mimlm shop with no uclc or wax Uirrad
to hart tbe recti made ot tha ben an calf stTllih
ana easy end btenute tr matt more Mon qrikU
fmUUlAaMflHU iMtijAifiiH It Minlili nit
mwM hoe costing f mm SIJUJ to 100
eSK UO Jennlne Hand sewed the flntit calf
HHfm ahoe ercr offered for SUUi eqnala FrescU
Imported aboes which cost from ai to SHOO
SA 00 Hand Itrwed Welt Khor One elf
atjllih comfortable aad durable Thebest
shoe errr offered at this price i same erado m cus
tom made shoes costlna from tCM to ftM
C7 30 Iollec Hhoei farmers itallroad Hen
9a and Letter Carriers all wear themi nnacalr
seamless smooth Inside bearjr three soles exten
sion edge One pair will wear a year
0 SO fine cnlfi no better shoe errr offered St
wi this price i one trial win conrlnce thoso
who want a shoe for comfort and serrlce
SCO iC3 and 8200 Workwomans shoes
Psfas aro rery strong and durable Tboss who
bare clren them a trial will wear do other make
Dnucl 8400 and 8173 school shoes in
ajyjO worn by tha boys everywhere thejr sell
on their merits as the Increasing sales snow
C iritc 8JU0 Unnri sewed shoe best
v AJunKuiTer7yitsneni
IadleaV 230
of the hasp there is no doubt ho accoin 1 fes
plished it fully All of which coos to h
prove what a splendid disregard of splin
ters and a little ingenuity can accom
lust as sure as hot weather comes there
will bemore or less bowel complaint in
this vicinity Every person and especially
families ought to have some reliable medi
cine at hand for instant use in case it is
needed A 25 cent bottle of Chamberlains
Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is
Just what you ought to have and all that
you would need even for the most severe
and dangerous cases It is the best the
most reliable and most successful treat
ment known and is Dleasant to take For
sale by the St Bernard drug store Earl
ington George Kine St Charles Ben T
Robinson Mortons Gap
Try the Paragon Ham Best on earth
For sale at all leading groceries
equal rrenca
ea snoes cosun g irora suuu to taju
J00 nnd S173 inoe for
Can it on See tint W I DousU namo and
price aro stamped on ibe bottom of each shoe
Ttulrt on local arlTertlWN dealer nppljlnjf too
XV Ii llOUUliAS lirocktonnia7fiol4li7
JOHN COUGH Agent Earlington Ky
The Most Successful Itemed erer discov
ered as it Is certain In Its effects aad does not
blister Read proof bcloir 1
jSMtay Kendalls Spavin Cure
lover of the
LrrTLS Rock Ark Auz it to
Da D J Eexbill Co
Oents tt Is with tho greatest aaturacuon that t
Inform you that Iharecure1 the foUowingdlseases
Swecner Hhonldcr Joint Intnengrjtltls
otot JamenrMH Hlioc lloll Lameness la
Fare loot I am working on Illp Jolnc
LsmriieM and win cure that all with Kendalls
BparlnCure It is the best Liniment for msnor
beast 1 baro erer used 1 recommend It to all horsa
owners Horses that I haro worked on are valuable
but without your Liniment would bo worthless I
hare friends who used it for riprnlns and
Jlrulsea and cured them Thersay it Is the best
they ever used Tours truly B 0 8 WELLS
Kendalls Spavin Cure
Mosto Viito Colo Deo 21 1S89
Ds B J KrrDAix Co Eiioburgu Falls Vt
OenU In tbs jetr 1831 1 treated with Kendalli
Sparta Care a UoaetSpavlu of seven years stand
lng nearly as lance as a hens egg and completely
stopped the lameness and romored the enlarge
ment JlaTe worked the horse very hard ever
since be nerer has shown any lameness neither
can i soo onr ainerence iu mo size or too nocr
lours truly
Price SI per bottle or elx bottle for
SB All druggist hare it or tan get It
for you or it tetlt be tent to any ait
drei on receipt of price by the proprie
Enosburgh Falls Vermont
4 -- 1 jStj
wxm j
C MIsMd hU Opportunity DONT Ml
lib Yours Header Tbemsjorliyotgldcltbslr op
twrtanUUs and from that etais lire In porsrty sod dls la
obKsritf 1 11 arrow In f rieiptlr It tle li of ititny as thsy
i Dos back on ion fortrsr sou oppertaulty I jfe Is pass
tnal lUkch out Us op sod dot
nltyftMdseiirsprotprilrpromrrtne rests ItwMtald
by a poUoioplitr tliat too Uoddsis of ortnns offars a
golden opportunity to oacn perton at torn panod of Ufa
unbrace tue cliao sod ilis poors ont hr rfchsi fall to do
so and abo departs never to return Uow sball yon flod
tbo golds opportooltrf loYMtlgats a rery chaocs that
appoars worthy aad of fair promUo tbat Is what all soo
saiifalnaado Hera Is an opportunity neb as It not often
with a tha roach ot laboiioir peopl Improved It will gtre
at leait a grand start la lift Tuo COLDw opportunity for
many lanere Jiuney 10 oa niai rapidir aao nnaraoiy
l All
do th work and lite at homo wbaroTtrron are Ereo b
glonars aro eaily earning from toSlOptr day Yos
can do as well If yon will work not too hard but lodostrl
ooslyt and yea ran Increase toot lDcotne as yoa goes Yon
can giro soai a Urn only or all yior time to ho work Easy
to laarn Capital cot required tt start yon All Is com
pa rati rely new and really woodtrful tt lostract and
show on bow ft Kail or on known anions onr work
ra jioroom to aiplalaber V rite and learn all free
return mull Uowlso to daisy Addreas at once II
H Uetl fc Co llox 80t Portland AX nine
delicti istmtnts
Always in stock a full line of ELEGANT DRESS
GOODS Our line of goods in this department were
never before so pretty or so cheap
Ginghams in quantity and quality that will surprise you
Cashmeres and Challies in great variety and cheap
The finest line of WHITE GOODS ever offered to
the people in this section of the country and which will
be sold at exceedingly low prices Call and see them
Flannels of every description and of every grade at prices
never before offered in this market
Large variety of Underwear Ladies Summer Un
derwear from 25c to 50c
A full and complete assortment of beautiful RIBBONS
and LACES The best selected and largest stock of
these goods to be found in Hopkins county
In this department we have no competitors- the small
dealer follows in our wake Here you can find anything
and everything necessary to the well being and comfort of
the most fastidious Call and investigate
Full and complete line of FINE BOOTS and SHOES
ranging in price from 100 up
Special line of MUNSELLS SHOES best made
We carry the largest line of Groceries Canned Goods
Glass and Queensware and miscellaneous articles pertain
ing to a first class grocery
Fresh vegetables of all kinds in season
We carry an extensive stock of FURNITURE and
can supply the wants of all Small orders receive the
same prompt attention as do the larger ones
Country Produce of all kinds taken in exchange for
goods If you have poultry butter and eggs to sell bring
them to us We pay the highest market prices
Bernard -Cod Co
tt A

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