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News Notes Personal Paragraphs and
Other Doings at Home Worthy
of Special Mention
IMpnn Tulnilc 0110 rIvch relief
Try the Paragon Ham Hest on earth
I or sale at all groceries
An important business meeting of the
McKrnzie Democratic Club is called for
next Saturday tvening nt Masonic Hall
Members and all good Democrats arc ex
pected to be present
Our town authorities are making it un
comfortable for the spud sellers One
Henry Garrett is known to have left for
parts unknown to escape the law Almost
sufficient proof Is in possession of the offi
cers to warrant thenrrest of two or three of
iis associates In the crime
IC T Franks assistant elector of this
district a thorough young Republican and
a speaker of considerable note will make
two speeches in this county Sept iCth One
at Madisonville at t oclock p m and the
other at Ncbo at 7 45 p m Turn out to
hear him Helms something to tell you
In the St Ilernard Coal Companys dis
play at tho Hopkins County Fair were pho
tographs of two peach trees now on the
Sisk hill These trees are fully 35 years
old and measure three feet five Inches and
three feet six inches in circumference
The tiers are healthy and liore fine crops
of fruit this jear
The colored Republicans organized
Tuesday night n Republican league num
lering one hundred members The men
tion of Dr Kimbley for Congress
brought forth tremendous applause There
is no doubting the politics of the colored
voter In this district To a man they are
for Kimbley first last and all the time
There is no better timo than the present to
renovata our premises to remove every
thing of a decaying nature front j our doors
Sec that your drainage comes up to the
proper standard This is a season that
disease is likely to spread Itself Take every
precaution to keep your premises clean for
we know not what hour the cholera plague
will reach us
A difficulty arose Sunday evening on the
street In front of Robinson liros store
IM Austin and Jim Hone were the ones
who fell out over soma trivial matters
The latter gelling furious seized a brick
with the full intention of striking Austin
but Instead missed his mark the brick
going through the large show window of
the store above named Twenty dollars
will perhaps squaro the young mans ac
count for violating the town laws and for
damages done
II joii liavo any vlinoti send ua their name for
mention in this column Wc will
apprcclato the favor
Ma R McLcod is in Richmond Va
J Albert Clatk has returned from Chica
Earnest Stokes is visiting friends in Ten
R G Mcleodand wifeare in Cincinnati
on a business trip
J II Atkinson made a business trip to
Rvansvillo yesterday
Mis Fannie Withers of Henderson re
turned homo last Saturday
R M Salmon and wife of Ilslcy visited
relatives here on Sunday last
A W Howard of Nashville Tenn
was In town a few days this week
Miss MyrlisMcCarloy returned to liethel
College Hopkinsville on Monday
Miss Leo Landers ol Louisville is visa
ing the Misses Ulakcly of this city
Mrs Grainger of Springfield Tenn is
visiting tho family ot Wm McCarley
Hon Jno Feland passed through this
city Monday enroute to Hopkinsville
Ham Coleman Esq of Madisonville
was in tho city on business yesterday
Tho little folks were entertained hand
somely by Mrs Arnold last Wednesday
OMesdamcs T D Walker and G C At
kinson were In Madisonvillo shopping on
T J Nuun Esq of Marion was look
ing after his political fences in this connty
last Tuesday
Hon Jno Lee Payne of this city spent
tho day Tuesday handshaking with Madi
sonville friends
A J Stokes ia wearing a forlorn look
His wife Is visiting friends at Springfield
Tenn this week
Misses Addie Spencer and Drewie
Curry and Will Spencer and John Steele
of Hendersou county visited the family of
S E Stevens of this city last week
School Oucns
Our schools for white children opened
Monday under very favorable circum
stances The colored school will open next
week An increased attendance over that
of last year was noticeablo in both Paro
chial and public schools As wo grow in
population so must the attendance at school
necessarily Increase There has been no
change made in the teachers Those em
ployed arc the sama as last year
A w Ktatuie Shown at Hie County Fair
that Attracted General Attention
Until last weeks exhibit of cured grass or
hay at tlio county Fair by the St Ilernard
Coal Company many of our readers were
not aware of what amount of hay per acre
Hopkins county soil could produce when
put to a test We give below the different
kinds of grasses grown and harvested with
the yield of each per acre
Timothy grown on the White House
farm nine months from seed fertilized
with top dressing stable manure cut July
4 1891 weighed green 14450 lbs to acre
cured and weighed July 10 1892 7120
lbs to acre
Timothy grown on the Willis Smith
farm fourth year In grass no fertilizer
5440 lbs cured grass to acre
Timothy and red top grown on the
bet farm third year in crass fertilized
livaimllle AcconioHtlon oo m with lop dressing stable manure cut Tune
zj 1091 weigneu green 17044 lbs to
acre cured and weighed July 8 i8gj
9341 lbs to acre
Timothy and red top gro vn on Nisbet
farm third year in grass fertilized with
heavy coat stable manure cut June 29
1892 weighed green 23150 lbs to acre
cured and weighed July 8 1892 10949 lbs
to acre
Red clover grown on tho Mitchell farm
third year In grass nr fertilizer used cut
June 29 1892 weighed green 19260 lbs
to acre cured and weighed July 8 1892
8CCo lbs to acre
Red clover grown on the Mitchell farm
third year In grass fertilized with top
dressing stable manure cut June 29 1892
weighed green 23851 lbs to acre cured
and weighed July 8 1892 9337 lbs to
Timothy clover and red top grown on
the Nisbet farm third year in grass fertil
ized with ashes cut June 29 1892 weighed
green 17190 lbs to acre cured and
weighed July 10 1892 7449 lbs to acre
Timothy clover and red top grown on
tho Vincent farm fourth year In grass
fertilized with top dressing stable manure
cut July 2 1892 weighed green 17224 lbs
to acre cured and weighed July 8 1892
7535 lbs to acre
Timothy clover and red top grown on
the Mitchell farm third year in grass fer
tilized with top dressing of stable manure
cut June 29 1892 weighed green 14701
lbs to acre cured and weighed July 8
8167 lbs to acre
Timothy clover and rod top grown ou
the Nisbet farm third year in grass fer
tilized with ashes and stable manure cut
June 29 1892 weighed green 19274 lbs
to acre cured and weighed July 10 1892
8330 lbs to acre
Red Top grown on Willis Smith farm
fourth year in grass no fertilizer used
3506 pounds of cured grass to the acre
Red Top grown on the Willis Smith farm
fourth year in grass fertilized with top
dressing stable manure 5330 pounds of
cured grass to the acre
Red Top grownon the Vincent farm
fourth year In grass no fertilizer weighed
green 17207 pounds to Hie acre Cured
and weighed July 8 189 6108 pounds to
the acre
Red Top grown on the vincent farm
fourth year In grass fertilized with top
dressing stable manure cut July 2 1892
weighed green 14252 pounds to the acre
Cured and weighed July 20 1892 7116
pounds to the acre
Red top grown on the Vincent farm
fourth year In grass fertilized with stable
manure cut July 2 1S92 and weighed
green 15840 pounds to the acre Cured
and weighed July 15 1892 790a pounds
the acre
Moiled Down Individual Mention Religious
and Social Muncipal Matters Police
Pickings and Hast Hall
tolled Down
Observe tho corner stono exercises
Democratic primary election next Satur
The ice dealers did a rushing business
last week
Hishop Co have a cash delivery -in
their store room
Orlean Pritchett Is now a salesman in
the dry goods house of Hishop Co
It would bo well to repair the crossing
just west of the Hopkins County Dank
Tho Tri State Fair will be held at Evans-
ville leginning September 27 and con
tinue five days
Why not have a great demonstration at
the laying of the corner stone of the new
court house
Now is tho time to mako preparations
for n credible demonstration for the corner
stone exercises
E T Frank of Marion will address the
Republicans of this city Friday Septem
ber 16th at 1 oclock
Prepare for the fall festivities Let us
show the people what our city can do to
wards display and parade
The Madisonville Cornet Hand will
likely furnish music for the Christian
County Fair at Hopkinsville
Hendricks the Jeweler ha placed a
largo Seth Thomas clock In tin hall of
Hopkins College There will now be no
excuse for tardy students
The old building adjoining Nisbets
livery stable Is being torn away and the in
dications are that a new business block will
supplant the old blacksmith shop
R I Uradley and I Newman are at
tending the Fair at Carml Ills Mr
Uradley has charge of some racing stock
and Ike will dispense red lemonade to the
thirsty throng
Willie son of T H Smith and Arthur
son of James B Stewart two boys aged
about 10 and 12 years ran away from home
yesterday The father of Willie was in
hot persuit only two hours behind the fleet-
footed hopefuls late yesterday evening
Whisky and beer flowed freely last week
The bar tenders were actively engaged In
mixing drinks for both old and young and
drunkenness was prevalent It is proba
ble that more intoxicants were sold here
within the two weeks than in any two
months daring the prohibitory law
In view ot the fact that that the cholera
scourge is trending westward ana playing
havoc with it victims some precautionary
measures should be taken Dy the city au
thorities to prevent Its introduction Into
our city The streets are in an uncleanly
condition and should be given attention
bafore it is too late
Religious and Social
Services were held at tho Presbyterian
church Inst Sunday
Rider Itrunncr Is conducting 1 protracted
meeting at the llaptist church
Elder J T Cherry preached nt the
Methodist church Sunday morning nnd
Tho meeting nt Ucthtehem has closed
with one confession Elder Tuck conduct
ed the service
The military ball at Hotel Lucile last
Friday night was pronounced n success by
those who wero present
Sen ices will be held at tho Christian
church next Sunday Elder J S Fall will
occupy the pulpit in the morning No
preaching in the evening
Miss Laura Ilassard of Cleveland O
well and favorably known among the young
people of this city will attend school this
fall at Hamilton Female College Lex
Individual Mention
Jack Foley of Louisville was in the city
last week
H While of Evansville was in the city
Jim Maine of Greenville was in the
city Tuesday
Dr Sam Maker of Louisville is at home
for a few days
Miss Viola Wright of Owensboro is
visiting in the city
Miss Haltic Rycroft is visiting relatives
at Ft Dranch Ind
II E Vaughn has gone to Louisville to
attend a medical college
S Roscr left for Cincinnati Sunday to
purchase fall stock of goods
Miss Maud Wynn of Providence visited
Miss Uirdic crnagen last week
S D Herry and W J Nisbet were up
from Providence to attend the Fair
Munnell Wilson and Miss Mary Gaines
Earle left this morning for Birmingham
Irvin Moore left this morning for Lex
ington where he will attend tho Kentucky
Miss Madge Graham of Clarksvitle
Tenn returned homo Sunday after 1 visit
to Miss Emma Prcwitt
John Tucker r former resident of this
city spent Sunday with his brother Wil
liam recently removed to this place
The Misses Hollinger of Henderson
who have been visiting the family of W C
Hollinger of this city returned homo this
Misses Mamie nnd Nannie Jones of
Evansville Ind returned home Monday
after a pleasant visit to the family of M
R Cotton
Miss Annie Gill after 1 brief visit to
Mrs C I WnJdill was called home sud
denly on account of the serious illness of
her brother Hoyt
Col Their Man
Sheriff Tapp accompanied by 7 T
Craig loft Sunday for Ciarksvillc Ark
to bring to this county G It Kcllougb
charged with the murder of Napoleon Ad
cock They rdturned yesterday with their
man and lodged him in jail The case will
be called in the noxt October term of cir
cuit court
Accidcntly Shot
C F Cavanaugh a confectioner on Cen
ter street accidently shot himself through
the thumb last Monday He was In the
rear end of the building cleaning his re
volver when he unconsciously touched the
trigger nnd tho pistol was discharged with
the result as above stated Dr W K
Nisbet extracted the bullet
New Tohacco Factory
Tho contract to build Hodge Jarvis
immense tobacco factory on Lawrcnco
street was let Monday to Brian and Stewart
art otthis city The factory is to be erect
ed within ninety days nt a cost of 8900
This will bo decidedly the largest building
of this nature in the city It is encourag
ing to note that our contractors are coming
to tho front and our skilled workmen will
be given employment
Morris Wllenzick and M Glazer Hae n
Pitched Halite anil llrlni Mood
M Glazcr a merchant of this city
failed in business this week nnd sold his
entire stock dry goods to his brother-in-law
S Klyman who is proprietor of Kly
mans barrel house His creditors got
wind of the transfer nnd wero soon in the
city to press their claims Among them is
a new Jew firm of Evansville of whom
Glazer recently purchased a bill of goods
and who will likely sustain a loss Morris
Wilenzick a clerk in Morris dry goods
store accused Glazer of acting dishonor
ably witli his creditors and a strange scene
ensued A hickory cano and rocks were
brought into action and the two waged
war with n spirit of determination for a few
minutes Wilenzick receiveda heavy blow
on tho arm at the hands of his antagonist
who wielded the hickory very effectively
Glazcr was struck on the head by a missile
in the form of n rock which brought him
to the ground and caused blood to flow
freely This ended tho fracas and an ex
cited crowd surrounded the battle ground
Dr W F Ross dressed Glazers wounds
and Wilenzick was immediately placed
under guard
Hopkins College Regan Its Second Year Last
Tuesday Under Encouraging Cir
The fall term of Hopkins College began
last Tuesday A number of citizens were
present to witness tho opening exercises
which were conducted by President Cbas
E Stoakes The second jear begins under
favorable auspices
Seventy six students wero enrolled in the
literary department on the first day with
indications of its reaching one hundred be
fore the week closes Two new depart
ments have been added music and sten
ography The musical department will be
under tho direction of Miss Farley of
Ohio and has already given evidence of
being liberally patronized
There are now about nine members of
the faculty with Prof Stoakes as princi
pal together with the aid of Prof Hanson
Boring the school should bo a success
An cnterpriso of this nature will bring
moro intellectual wealth than most any
other institution that can be fostered and
we should use our efforts toward making
this one of the most prominent colleges in
Kings Comedy Company closed their
weeks engagement at Rays Opera House
last Saturday night
On their final appearance the play
Little Lord Fauntleroy was produced
before one of the largest audiences ever
assembled at Rays Every reserved seat
was taken and chairs were placed in the
aisles to accommodate the throng Little
Miss Winna Rogers as Little Lord
Fauntleroy was the object of universal
admiration and is 1 gifted little creature
On Friday evening the comedy drama
Miss Multon was the attraction The
Millionaire Thursday evening pleased
most everyone Fun and jollity prevailed
and a highly pleassd audience was the re
Mr King mado a neat little speech
complimenting our citizens npon their hos
pitality and patronage which should merit
the good will of our people
While here the company conducted
themselves admirably and succeeded in
making many friends
The Weston Brothers in their musical
comedy drama The Way of the World
will make their first appearance in this city
next Monday night at Rays Opera House
The Weslon Brothers Sam and Morris
are pronounced the Musical Kings and
together with the company with which they
are supported will no doubt amuse and
entertain a large Madisonville audience
We gi e below a clipping from the Nashville
Laughed till my sides ached
Funniest thing Ive seen in years
These were some of the remarks heard at
the Masonic theatre last night as the audi
ence dispersed after witnessing the first
performance of the Weston Brothers in their
musical comedy drama The Way of the
The audience was a very large one the
gallery being filled to overflowing and only
tho last row of scats down stairs being
emptv The contagion that a good audience
carries with it caught the company and
thero wasnt a stop in the fun tjf the eve
The Westons themselves are remarkably
clever comedians and in their musical
specialties are perhaps without rivals Each
of their acts was encored again and again
and they certainly had every right to feel
flattered with their reception on their first
Clothing at j T Alexander Cos
is simply out of siglu Call on
them for prices
Messrs Fetter Sc Sbobcr of Louisville
Kentucky publishers of Fetters southern
Magazine are doing something never at
tempted by any other publishers They
givo away a four hundred and fifty dollar
piano to the first person securing two hun
dred yearly subscribers and will give the
samo style of instrument to any person
sending them two hundred and fifty yearly
It is remarkable that such an offer can be
made and when one considers that the sub
scription price is only 250 a year it shows
by a simple sum that they make nothing by
tho transaction
However tho magazine Is so full of merit
that it requires no exertion to secure sub
scribers and this is a good chance for some
of our musical young people to get a hand
some piano for nothing
New fall clothing just received
at Mcleod Duiins
Judge Givens spoke at Dixon Friday
Messrs Towery and Iiourland spoke at
Pools Mills Saturday the 28th
W E Iiourland will address the people
of Sebree Saturday September 10th
Col Towery will speak at Free Union
September 9th and at Botvillc the 10th
Hon E T Franks assistant elector for
the State at large will address the people
of Webster county September igth Mr
Franks is a good Republican and nn orator
of no mean ability and rendered available
service in Ohio for Governor McKinley
last fall
Young men to tho front should bo the
battle cry in the present campaign for the
young men are for war and the old men
for peace Let every man try to convert
his neighbor and teach him to pay his
taxes into the Republican treasury where
moth nor rust doth corrupt nor thieves
break through and steal
Mr Towery will start on a stumping
tour through Daviss and McLean counties
soon And while our old war horse carries
the war into the enemys country the peo
ple and the press should bold up their
hands I Ie outers the arena of debate with
a halo of glory encircling his brow He
will not send or receive a flag of truce
He will not turn aside to make a friend or
to shun a foe
Your correspondent has issued tho follow
ing ten commandments to the voters of
Webster county
1 Thou shalt take time to go out and
hear public speaking
2 Six days shalt thou hear Towery
speak that thou may know how to vote on
the seventh
3 Thou shalt listen to Towery that you
may learn
4 Honor Towery that you may re
member what be says
5 Thou shalt not take bis namo in vain
for he tells nothing but the truth
6 Thou shalt take campaign literature
from Towery to read for it is written that
man shall not live by bread alone
7 Thou shalt listen to Towery atten
tively for be is a good speaker yet a very
jealous one visiting all sorts of iniquities
upon those who do not hear him But will
smile on all the attentive listeners with
the fullness of bis whole heart
8 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers
for by so doing some have entertained
angels unawares
9 Care for Towery perhaps he has
friends who know him in his innocence
and loved ones that cling to his parting
10 Blessed aro they who shall keep theso
commandments for they shall have aught
to the tree of life and enter In through the
straight gate into the city
C E Owen has guns for sale
The Seven Up troupe giving nightly
performances and n Sunday matinee Is do
ing the town at present
Mingo Salmon the popular wetghman
of the Crabtree Company paid this town
a flying visit Friday on his go car
The opening of a new coal mine at
Hamby above here by the Carbondale
Coal Company is again being agitated
Claude says that Rucker Ladd has been
much more prompt with the mall since his
girl has moved from off the side of the
spur track
J II Ladd is our very obliging freight
agent and mail contractor and by his kind
ness has won many friends In the Imme
diate vicinity
Thcsnur track of the the Crabtree Coal
Mining Company joins the main line at
this place and from twenty to thirty cars
of coal pass over it daily
Wm Butler is the proprietor of a new
saw mill at this place As timber is quite
plentiful in the neighborhood and lumber
in great demand wc predict that he will do
a thriving bvsiness
Dr Graham of St Charles says bis
practice nt this place has become so exten
sive that he thinks of taking up bis abode
among us for all time The doctor is well
liked by our people and as we dislike to
see him so far away but yet so easily ac
cessible by telephone we would suggest
that he come at once
Ilsley station Is situated about midway
between St Charles and Dawson on the
N N M V railroad and is a great
meeting point for trains of all classes your
correspondent having counted six trains
switching in here at one time The rail
road company promises to put an agent
here in the near future as one would be a
great convenience both to the company
and the community at large
The great and only Whopp Aexander
spoken of by your Crabtree correspondent
took in the shooting match here last
Saturday and carried away seventh choice
of the beef and seemed well pleased with
bis good fortune Whopp No 2 is now a
resident of Ilslcy and will assist Lee Sal
mon in the timber contract Quite an at
tachment seems to have come about be
tween the two Johns and himself as they
were out together hunting watermelons
three consecutive nights
We had a show on the 1st
Sam Lankford is on the sick list
Jas Lacey went to Madisonville the 3d
Col J N Carroll went to Earlingtontbe
But very fev of our people attended the
Davis Southard and John Miller took in
tho Fair
Mrs R M Salmon spent Fair week in
Rev Miller of St Charles occupiod the
pulpit Sunday
Mrs Walter Wright got chilled at the
show and lies been sick since
Foreman Harland made a business trip
up tho road he 30th and 31st
We asked the show man to close that up
per window but he would not do it
Deacon Gray could not come out Sun
day night and there was no meeting
Very well Deacon we wont mention that
collection as you wish ns not to do so
Johnny Harland feels proud of his new
saddle He earned It by selling papers
Wm Lacey went to St Charles on the
4th and brought Rev Miller to this place
Mr Harland and Grandma Spingler
mado a business trip to Madisonville the
John Knoe ate too much musk mellon
Wednesday night nnd is now dangerously
Mrs K M Salmon lost a gold watch
while returning homo from Earlingten last
This has been an off week with the Major
He has been too busy to make any sort of
an item
Sickness in the family called the Rev
Taylor home and the meeting was closed
Wednesday night
John Miller said he killed a cat and ask
ed us to put it in Tub Bee but we wont
do it for he is too willing
Mrs Bob Hart of Mortons Gap came
hero to visit her father D G Wright and
was taken very sick at the home of her pa
Richard and John Palmer with their
wives accompanied by Ben Gilliland and
wife of St Charles visited Mr Harland
and wife last Sunday
K M Salmon went to Hopkinsville on
the 31st and remained over to hear Adlal
the Civil service reformer Adlal and R
Ms father were schoolmates
The Divine Master set an example of
true humility when be camo into the world
in a stable and it will become one who
preaches His gospel to speak desparingly
of hospitality generously given because of
the unprctentiousness of its surroundings
Here is arr example of patience and fidel
ity worthy of a better reward Three
young gents repaired to tho appointed ren
dezvous thrco evenings in succession only
to be disappointed that many times There
must have been a hitch in the arrangements
somehow boys for surely the fair ones
would not willfully fool you so often Try
try again
At the show Beau Brummell and the
luminous haired youth were tho great at
tractions for the young ladies of course
one of whom became so absorbed that she
stepped off between the seats and fell to
the ground What a coincidence The
luminous haired youth stepped off the music
platform into soace at the picnic and the
young lady stepped of between the seats at
the show
And we propose to outline means by
which that orgau can be obtained Let a
general Invitation be extended to the parents
who send children to Sunday school and to
all church goers to attend Prayer meeting
Thursday night the 15th Select a com
mittee of ladies to solicit subscription from
the neighbors around and a committee of
gentlemen to see the men at the mines
The 1 st of October will soon be here and
with it the cents We believe if the
miners are all called together and the mat
ter properly placed before them very few If
any of them will refuse to give the first
car of coat at the three cents for the organ
We believe that Supt Salmon will willingly
advance the cash for the coal when sub
scribed This with what lie ladies could
collect would be amply sufficient to buy A
flics organ without creating any debt Wc
would suggest that enough money be re
served to have printed on a nics card the
names of donors together with tho amount
donated the card be framed and hung up
in the Sunday school Let the solicitors
make known this feature for wo think it
will help to Increase their collections We
ought to have the organ and we can have
it if we say so Then let us go to work
and have one We feel assured that every
one will be well pleased with the result
Announce the meeetlng Deacon for the
15th When the 1st of October comes let
every man commence the three cents by fill
ing a car for the organ He will have the
conciousness of doing a good deed nnd wil
feel the better for It
Operator Steele is now holding down tho
day Job as operator here
The fighting fraternity will be a source
of great profit to the railroad companies
the present week
It Is understood that two more crews
will be put on the increase of business re
quiring an increased force
Conductor Thos Browning had charge
of tho Fair train and proved to be quite a
favorite with tho traveling public
Foreman OBryan Train Master Dcv
eney and other officials attended the Fair
at Madisonville a few hours last week
Never before was any Ticket Agent kept
so busy selling round trip tickets to the
Fair as Agent Schneider was last week
The train put on last week to carry pass
engers to and from the Fair ground proved
a great blessing to those patronizing and
a financial success to the company
The promotion of Thos Featherstonc to
a position in the despatchers office is a
merited one The boys along the line join
us in congratulating Tom on his good luck
Few of tho agents along tho Henderson
division found time to attend the Fair
Agents Oconnor and Walker made a brief
visit there Friday and Saturday
The Ohio Valley was taxed to its utmost
capacity to accomodate the politicians who
went last Friday to Herndon to see and
bear Mr Stevenson the Demecratic can
didate for Vice President
An immense crowd of people were safely
transported to and from Herndon on the
2nd where they went to hear the Demo
cratic candidate for Vice President espouse
the cause of that party
Several of the boys aro now taking in the
North and West on the hunt of jobs We
wish them success both in securing posi
tions and in the steps they have token to
ward reformation of droppiug the drinking
L Neil who is now enjoying the title
of train dispatcher a position he has won
by good and faithful servico for the com
pany is just such a man ns tho compnny
should always recognize by advancing to a
higher position
There Is said to be 1000 street railways
in the United States of which 400 aro now
run by electricity and the prediction is now
often being mado that before many years
our steam locomotives will bo replaced by
the came motive power
The many friends of Supt Dickson are
much pleased to sea that his abilities as a
harmonizer and a settler of disputes is be
ing recognized as the following clipping
indicates Major B F Dickson super
intendent of the St Louis and Henderson
division of tho L N leaves for Tcrre
Haute this morning to act as arbitrator for
the E T H railroad In tho case of the
appointment of a yardmaster at that point
The men will appoint ono and the two
will appoint a third Evansvillo Journal
The tendency of the people in these days
is to attach railroad and other corporations
and brand them as monopolists worthy on
ly of condemnation So when we hear of
a man possessing true manhood enough to
stand up and give tbese so called robbers
th eir just dues we feel like clapping our
hands in the way of encouragement Be
low will bs found what Prof Francis Way
land of New Haven has to say on the sub
ject The Reading system now controls
5588 miles of railroad traverses an area
containing nearly 10000000 population by
means of 1718 locomotives and 113206
cars annually carries 40000000 passengers
moves 50000000 tons of freight and earns
about 57000000 while with its affiliated
companies it has a capital and indebted
ness of 511000000 and employs 83960
wage earners among whom it annually
distributes 37000000 directly supporting
more than 400000 people Theee arc days
of great aggregations of capital and gi
gantic financial and commercial combina
tions That which may be accomplished
by consolidation and association of recip
rocal Interests will not bo obtained in a
like degree of efficiency through individual
efforts however well tbey may be directod
or skillfully conducted This is the key-
bole of our National organization and is
the mainspring by which our union of
States has advanced to her present com
manding position among the family of the
Nations American history can point to no
element In the story of her progress more
productive of National benefit than the
consolidation of ber railway interests
There has been no exception to the invari
able rule that the combination or in other
words the strengthening of her railways
has resulted in a benefit to ber people
olorcb peoples Column
All communications and matters ot news per
taining to Itit a column should be addressed to
J II Hawiins EarllnRton Ky
Ulysses Hays is very sick
Peter Blue of Evansville is in the city
William Killebrew has a very sick child
Spence Ratliff is happy its a girl baby
Edward Holland left Monday for St
Nearly everybody went to the Fair last
Billy Lunsford was in the city Monday
on business
Nick Ferguson of Dulins mines was in
the city Sunday
Dont forget the date of tho excursion
22d of this month
Mrs J B Hawkins visited Mortons
Gap one day last week
Mrs Lindy end Calvin McLain left
Monday for Louisville
Mrs Hammonds has returned from a
business trip to Nashville
Miss Tcnnie Kelly of Mortons Gap was
In town one day last week
Miss Lizzie Osh6rne has gone to Spring
field Mo to visit her aunt
Miss Edie Binson has returned home
from a visit to Clarksville Tenn
Hams Shoulder Breakfast Bacon
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i 1 Hlte Mpf 5 -
f SswM mKu la
- t y t xXL
Drop Leaf lutiry Cover Largo Dnmrr Mikel King
Peit on trial Jluy only of Manufacturer Save Cnnvner Commissions Cet Nn
Mnvliiif Send for n Machine with the name of a builneaa tuau as reference and we will
lil utie at once or address for Circulars and Testimonials
iPr lstr l iMf iatMi
in8fiJEft9I m I
ii iMiJUimrt
mmmm m minmmrwmm
aloTniG ntuaii o ATTMia tLteinictiT wili cuf Tgu rii tow im hcaith
rvtl FAnriouiAftf orcatit own avia mam on c 4U0DfaDCTR0ITf HICH
Rev Barker of Vienna 111 preached
at the Baptist church Monday night
Martin Minters of Dulins mines was
up Sunday and spent tfio day with his
Hannible Brock of Providence was In
the city Sunday the guest of Albert
Several of the Odd Fellows attended the
funeral of Wash Bolds at Madisonville
Rev G W Lane of Mortons Gap
preached at tho A M E Zion church
Sunday morning
Wm Patterson and T J Morton of
Mortons Gap wero down Sunday the
guests of Mr Dunlap
Miss Ross of Madisonville passed
through hero last Sunday on her way home
from Dawson Springs
Rev G W Lane of Mortons Gap will
preach at the A M E Zion church next
Sunday morning and evening
V ash Bolds of Madisonville departed
this life Monday morning at 5 oclock and
was buried y the Odd Fellows on Tues
W A Llttlepage of Hopkinsville is in
our midst canvassing for his paintings
which aro very nice Young people learn
of hint
V H Ross chairman of the Afro
American league has issued n call for a
convention to be held at Madisonville
September 30 to convene at 9 a m
A little trouble in Logtown last week
disputing over what I did say and what 1
didnt say Speak only what you know and
testify to what you see with your own
natural qyes
Rev W W Dorsey preached his fare
well sermon Sunday night for the confer
ence year and left Tuesday for Louisville
to meet with the annual conference of the
A M E Zion connection
An excursion train will be run from Ear
lington to Henderson September 22 Fare
for the round trip only 125 Messrs
Green Perkins and J B Hawkins have
tickets for sale Better buy your tickets
early and avoid the rush
Rev W W Dorsey has a Just right to
feel proud over the treatment he has re
ceived from the members and friends of
the A M E Zion church for they have
supported him in his ministerial efforts
with an unstinted zeal and it is apparent
to all concerned that the pastors love is as
great for the members as that of the mem
bers for him Last Sunday night the
friends gave a token of their high esteem
of his worth as a Christian minister and a
worthy citjzcnk but it roust not bo forgotten
that his better half has played an import
ant part with her discreetness of manner
like a perfect lady that she Is Fifteen
dollars worth of presents and 1 10 in silver
wero presented to the couplo as a token
but not as a test of the respect that they are
held In our community
General Debility
General debility is a complaint quite
prevalent and one of the most difficult fort
which to find a cure Thero is
cine known that is so successful In treating
general debility as German Liver Syrup
Acting directly on the digestive organs it
promotes good digestion Imparts a relish
for food and insuring the nutrition
sary to build up and strengthen the entire
systsm removing all impurities from the
blood and restoring perfect circulation I
tho worn and weary sufferer is rapidly
awakened to a sense of cure 50 cents and
and 1 00 bottles at Robinson Ilros drug
AX IKFS1S giro Instant
rciicr una is un luiuiiiuio
Cure for files lrkil II
Druiftriitsoriutill Hiimphs
rre e Ai Mmw A K InIS
llox ZUCl Now Vuilc CUV
o I uiiljff itlon nilUmneit ITcatlftelie CHtU
patloii DytpcptUCbroii Liter Trouble
l JHsilnCBB Had Compleldn Vymtm tcrj
GtruUe Itrcutbf BiiJ nit ltorlr r tbo
SUmaeli Mter ml Itourl
IUpanj Tubule contain ncthlntr In Jar loan ta
f tltHtnott diMiraWcoiiKtUutlftiu rifnmultuuktf
nkfe ettcct jal lire Juiirutliatd retrf
honbYilminiifts Atrial ImUIu ut l TlliM
b 1 tceM otlt CtioU Aildre
Has loci all Worm Romodlos
North Side ot Drug Store
If you want a first class Shave Shampoo
or Hair Cut this is the place
Childrens hair cutting a spedalt
Chamberlains Eyo and Skin
A certain euro for Chronic- Soro Eyos
Totter Salt Rhoum Scald Head Old
Chronic Sores Fovcr Sores Eczema
Itch Prairio Scratches Soro Nipples
and Files It is cooling and soothing
Hundreds of cases have been cured by
it after all othor treatment bad failed
It Is put up in UH and CO cent boxed
For sale at
St Bernard Drug Store Earlington
1eorge Kings St Charles
lien T Robinson Mortons Gap
TKt Crsit English Remedy
lurur n4 Ant
Promptly ami perman
ently cures alt forms of
Nervous Weakness tunv
slons Spcnualoribea 1 111
potency and all cUects of
Abuse or btcesses tiern
prescribed oter jj is in
thousands of cases is the
only Reliable ami Honest
Medicine known Ask
druggist for Woods liiosophodine if be otitis
some worthless medicine in the place of this la
his dishonest store Inclose price in letter asd we
will send by return mail Ilice one paclite li
sis I Ono will please sis will cure IMmpiiltl
in plain scald envelope to sumo AIJu
Ijl Woodward Ave Detroit Mirh
Sold in Eailwglon and by a si class UU UI

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